US seized Iranian tanker days before Tehran captured US ship


April 29 2023

Source: Agencies

The United States claims that it was enforcing its unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

Renamed Adrian Aryra 1 supertanker hosting an Iranian flag sails in the waters in the British territory of Gibraltar, August 18, 2019 (AP)

ByAl Mayadeen English

The United States seized an Iranian oil tanker just days before Tehran detained a tanker carrying American cargo in the Gulf of Oman,Reutersreported on Saturday.

The Islamic Republic announced on Thursday that its naval forcesseized a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tankerin the Gulf of Oman, which was headed for the US after it violated international and navigation laws.

Iranian state news agency said on Friday that the oil tanker ignored radio communication for eight hours before colluding with an Iranian boat, which caused injuries among its crewmembers, while three went missing in the sea.

“Before using force, we tried to call…

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