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Is it Safe?! Black seed oil, otherwise known as black cumin seed, or nigella sativa, is regarded as a skin savior, being a gem in the skincare world. But its therapeutic benefits date back thousands of years ago. What is black seed oil? Maju black seed oil. Black seed oil is also called black caraway or fennel flower, it contains a diverse chemical composition and is rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids, and nigellone, which is a compound that has antihistaminic properties that may help with symptoms of allergies.

More interestingly though, black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that may also have tumor-reducing properties. And thymoquinone seems to be the main active ingredient in black seed oil. Black seed oil for skin benefits. What is black seed oil good for? Black seed oil for acne scars. This is because it is packed with Vitamin A and amino acids. Black Seed oil helps to reduce acne scars since the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil reduces the appearance of spots, reducing the redness and scarring caused by skin inflammations around the scars.

But also, the thymoquinone has been studied to increase not only antioxidant effects of the skin but also stimulate tissue growth which can help with the appearance of the scar sites. Black seed oil for eczema. Is black seed oil good for you? Black seed oil can help soothe eczema, which is characterized by dry and itchy skin. In a randomized controlled double blinded study in 2012, they took 60 patients, giving them an ointment with black seed oil, which turned out to be more effective in soothing eczema symptoms compared to a Eucerin ointment to as far as suggesting that the black seed oil ointment’s effects may even be on par with Betamethasone cream, which is a type of corticosteroid that is meant to reduce the severity of hand eczema when applied topically twice a day for four weeks. Black seed oil for wrinkles. Black seed oil uses. And lastly, it may help with filling in those fine lines and wrinkles. This is because of the vitamins A, B, and C, which help the skin retain moisture, maintain elasticity, and fight the damaging free radicals that age you faster and make those fine lines even worse.

And really black seed oil works great for all skin types. You even have The Calcium that’s present in the oil to work with the epidermis to produce sebum – which is the natural skin coating substance to help with moisture. It is also rich in vitamin B9 or (Folic Acid) which is known to boost moisture and alleviate skin dryness by strengthening the skin-barrier function. How to use black seed oil? Make sure your face is properly cleansed first. If you have dry skin, massage only a few drops into your skin twice daily, morning and evening, let it get absorbed for about 15 minutes before applying other skincare products on top. But if you are more on the oily side, try using it once a day and build your way up as needed.

If youre doing it at, as your nightime routine, go ahead and use it as the last step of your routine and leave it on overnight. Is black seed oil safe? Currently the FDA labels black seed oil as Generally Recognized as Safe. And as more and more research comes out about black seed oil, like for cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss and so much more. It becomes exciting to get to know more about it.

Black seed oil for memory

In the 2018 Human and Experimental Toxicology study, how black seed oil showed it ‘s ability to improve cognitive decline and how it could potentially ward off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

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(1) How to Use Black Seed Oil for Acne Scars, Eczema, and Wrinkles – YouTube