SNL’S Pathetic Ukraine Virtue Signal – YouTube

In a move that many are applauding but the more discerning are labeling a transparent example of virtue signaling, Saturday Night Live opted to forgo the usual “cold open” this past week in favor of a performance by a Ukrainian choir.

It’s notable that SNL has never done anything similar for victims of the United States’ or its allies’ wars of aggression in Iraq, Yemen, Syria or elsewhere.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the cringe-worthy moment and SNL’s general support for a neoliberal agenda.

(1) SNL’S Pathetic Ukraine Virtue Signal – YouTube

The US illegally invaded Syria, while currently illegally occupying about 1/3 of the country and stealing it’s oil. The amount of land the US military occupies in Syria exceeds the land that Russia occupies in Ukraine, but that is no problem for the ‘rules based ‘order’, which is NATO, and the US Empire.

No sanctions, no charges, no ICC arrest warrant for all of this illegal war mongering, invading and stealing of resources, because the ‘bully’ cannot be challenged, even after committing an act of war by blowing up the gas pipelines owned by NATO Germany.