History, on this day : Ukrainian terrorist massacre in Donetsk

Der Friedensstifter

(Eduard Kornienko)

One year ago, 18 days after the beginning of the Russianspecial military operationforliberationof Donbass,demilitarizationanddenazificationof Ukraine, the Atlanticist forces deliberately targeted civilians with aTochka-U ballistic missile, aimed at Donetsk city.The air defense managed to intercept it, but the debris were enough to kill 22 victims.

The attack was not special, Ukraine had not implementedMinsk peace agreementsandis deliberately striking at civilians in Donbasssince late May 2014.Which was one of the reasons for the Russian operation

Lugansk, June 2, 2014 (Screenshots)

As usual, Ukraine did not state what may have been the target, did not even take credit for the war crime.Facts have shown that the Atlanticism terrorism is common retaliation for military setbacks.The day before, Russia had destroyed with cruise missiles a military base in Yavorov vicinity, close to Poland border, where Western mercenaries were gathering and…

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