Bioengineered & Genetically Modified Food, Poisons in Food & Apeel Coating by Bill Gates

Bioengineered food items are becoming more common. Dr. Jane cautions consumers to check product labels. Products may indicate they contain bioengineered ingredients, but no specifics given on what may have been genetically modified or the quantities. Apeel produce coating, funded by Bill Gates is made from plant mono and diglycerides – associated with inflammation and heart disease. It also contains other potentially dangerous chemicals that can cause neurological issues and other health problems. Consumers need to be vigilant in researching what they put in their bodies. We cannot count on manufacturers to fully disclose genetically modified or dangerous ingredients.

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DrKLouiseD So I see that according to their own documents they are using the industry method of using a metal in a specific reaction to transform a CIS lipid to a trans lipid. The different inorganic chemicals listed are highly toxic, and acetonitrile contains cyanide. I have used all of them in the lab to extract hydrophobic toxins from plant materials. This is very, very troubling and I thank you for bringing these details to our attention!