Nazis in Ukraine — It’s Worse Than You Think

Der Friedensstifter

An entire generation is being brainwashed with Nazi hate — and it needs to stop.Nazis in Ukraine — It’s Worse Than You Think(archived)

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This video from before the war shows the indoctrination of Ukrainian children from a young age teaching them to hate and want to kill— Polly Tickal (@BubblesToBurst)April 11, 2023

German channel Deutsche Welle, the song is Chervona Kalyna – the anthem of the Ukrainian Insurgence army that operated under the command of the Nazi SS.

It’s the same song they sang when OUN/UPA massacred 300,000 Poles and burned Jews and Slavs in concentration camps during— Cyan Eyed (@osiris_neits)April 21, 2023

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