Before mRNA covid “vaccines” were given to the public there was NO scientific proof they were safe, a new study finds

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The World Council for Health (“WCH”) Health and Science Committee recently published a paper on the potential harms of the mRNA platform used in covid “vaccines.” The authors of the paper found that the mRNA platform is fundamentally inappropriate for use and was never proven to be safe for any “vaccine.”

The paper was authored by three researchers, one of whom was Dr. Tess Lawrie, and was published inMultidisciplinary Scientific Journalon 17 April 2023.

“We did this review,” Dr. Lawrie explained, “because we wanted to see what research had been done to demonstrate the safety of this very unusual ‘vaccine’ platform prior to its utility and mass administration aimed at preventing covid infection and transmission.”

Before giving or taking a brand-new drug that uses an unusual technology it’s reasonable to ask: “What is the evidence base to support the use…

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