Can the U.S. Adjust Sensibly to a Multipolar World?

Counter Information

By Medea Benjamin – Nicolas J. S. Davies

May 06, 2023:Information Clearing HouseIn his 1987 bookThe Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, historian Paul Kennedy reassured Americans that the decline the United States was facing after a century of international dominance was “relative and not absolute, and is therefore perfectly natural; and that the only serious threat to the real interests of the United States can come from a failure to adjust sensibly to the newer world order.”

Since Kennedy wrote those words, we have seen the end of the Cold War, the peaceful emergence of China as a leading world power, and the rise of a formidable Global South. But the United States has indeed failed to “adjust sensibly to the newer world order,” using military force and coercion in flagrantviolationof theUN Charterin a failed quest for longer lasting…

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