Charles III: the Difficult Legacy and Political Significance of the New King’s Name

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Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 31 December 1720-30 January 1788, painting by the Circle of Louis Tocqué  (1696–1772)
Charles Edward Louis John Sylvester Maria Casimir Stuart (31 December 1720[b] – 30 January 1788) was the elder son of James Francis Edward Stuart, grandson of James II and VII, and the Stuart claimant to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1766 as Charles III.

The current King Charles III, House of Windsor, is a descendant of the Scottish Stuart King James VI and I (James Charles Stuart; 19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625), just not through the original line of succession, which included Charles I, II, and Charles Edward Stuart (III): (He is probably a descendant of Charles I and II through other lines.)

Coronation Chair (1296) with Stone of Scone-Stone of Destiny:

St. Edward’s Crown, first made for Charles II (1661): “

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