PART 2 – Smoking Guns: Nord Stream Sabotage ‘Secret Teams’ Revealed, by Freddie Ponton


An incredibly detailed analysis and explanation of the Nord Stream sabotage. From Freddie Ponton at

Get comfortable as you are about to embark on Part 2 of our investigative report into the Secret Team behind the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage operation. Despite facing the large swell of propaganda coming from the legacy media and their sudden renewed interest in the Nord Stream attack, we hope readers will appreciate the evidence-based, more realistic picture presented here regarding what an actual CIA-backed covered operation entails, as we identify the likely players, aiders and abetters from participating NATO members states.

After having laid down the foundation of our investigation in Part 1 of the Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, in Part 2 of our investigation we’ll refocus on the actual operational, technical and logistical aspects of this US-led NATO mission which must be considered if we are to properly identify those…

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