Zelenskyy is a Dead Man Walking

  Iain Muir   29 April 2023  3 min read

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As Zelenskyy continues to drive Ukraine further into complete destruction, it’s only a matter of time before he is either killed in the process of conflict or at the hands of his own people.

The moment will come when Zelenskyy will have to leave the country or risk being captured or strung from a Lamppost in Kiev by his own people. If we in the West have had enough, the Ukrainian people must certainly have had enough. He has achieved nothing and lost everything.

Western Nations don’t want to be in conflict or at war with Russia. We are past that stage in our evolution, yet here we are. 2023 with a raging conflict bringing death and destruction to our doorstep. And not just any old death and destruction. This could easily go Nuclear. It wouldn’t take much as we’ve already reached so many danger points.

Sitting safely away some 7,000 miles to the West are those responsible for this whole disgusting enterprise. The US administration with its practically Mummified President, Joe Biden, and his Troupe of Neandertal warmongering Zombies. Nuland, Blinken, and numerous more like them. War Criminals, and not just for what they have brought about in Ukraine, but all around our World. The constant stream of conflicts of which Ukraine is simply another disposable country on the list.

Scotland Today online – Zelenskyy is a Dead Man Walking

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