The Nazi Streets of Ukraine

Since the West-backed Maidan Putsch seized power in Ukraine in 2014, they have embarked on a massive de-Russification and pro-Banderization campaign, tearing down statues and monumentsreplacing plaques, and renaming towns and streets – getting rid of anything  dedicated to Russians and Soviets, and frequently erecting honours and memorials to WW2 era West Ukrainian Nazi collaborators, who are glorified for fighting those Russians and Communists, despite their bloody massacres of Ukrainian Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Russians, and Leftists in their place.

This policy has been accelerated even further in recent days as Zelenskiy has recently put into force directives that Ukraine must be completely de-Russified by the end of the year.
A Ukraine where before the West-backed Maidan Putsch in 2014, 20% of the population was ethnic Russian and over half of the country spoke Russian on a daily basis.

This is a West-backed & funded geopolitical project to rewrite history and manufacture, by fire, jackboot and blood, a virulently anti-Russian Ukraine, forcing the national identity conception of the Galician West of Ukraine where Nazi Germany was welcomed in WW2 – over the whole of the country.

In the latest round of erasing and reconstituting Ukraine’s history and identitythe Kiev city council has now renamed Stolyetova  Street in Kiev, Ulas Samchuk Street in honor of Ulas Semchuk a rabid ideological anti-Semite and fascist , and Nazi collaborator.

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