1000s Have Developed Tinnitus After Covid Shots – Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola

  • At least 16,183 people say they’ve developed tinnitus after receiving a COVID-19 shot, and this is likely an underestimate
  • Dr. Konstantina Stankovic, director of the Stanford Medicine Molecular Neurotology Laboratory, is leading research to uncover how COVID-19 and COVID-19 shots may be affecting auditory function and triggering tinnitus
  • She says her email is bombarded with reports from people who developed tinnitus after getting a COVID-19 shot
  • Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota, also developed tinnitus after a COVID-19 shot; he’s been suffering from tinnitus for two years as a result and says he receives emails nearly every day from people with similar stories
  • Molecular mimicry, which occurs when similarities between different antigens confuse the immune system, is one potential mechanism that could explain the link between COVID-19 shots and tinnitus
1000s Have Developed Tinnitus After Covid Shots | The Most Revolutionary Act