Betting on Ukraine victory was ‘suicidal’ – Seymour Hersh

Antinuclear Feb 23

The West didn’t even want Kiev in NATO because of corruption concerns, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says.

The US and its allies should have attempted to reach an agreement with Moscow as their belief that Ukraine can win a conflict against Russia is“suicidal,”iconic American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has argued.

Speaking in a YouTubeinterviewwith the Consortium News outlet on Friday, Hersh accused the Biden administration of making“so many bad mistakes,” adding that“it’s impossible to believe just how dumb this leadership was.”

“It was suicidal to think you can win that war, that Ukraine can win the war [against Russia]. There’s just too much corruption. That was a very, very bad decision. We should have been pushing for peace, we should have made an agreement,”the former Pulitzer Prize winner insisted.

US President Joe Biden basically“blew off NATO in…

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