Germany criminalizes Ukrainian peace movement


On June 22, the German peace movement held a rally in Berlin on the anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Among others, Heinrich Bücker took the floor to call for Germany to maintain good relations with Russia.

In the midst of the Ukrainian War, it was not the best time for such demands. A court had convicted him of “approving the crime of invasion of Russia”.

No German ever had to sit in the dock for approving the U.S. invasions of Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, let alone the bombing of Serbia in 1999, in which the German government participated enthusiastically.

On February 25, 50,000 people gathered again in Berlin for the “Rise for Peace” (Aufstand für Frieden), called at the initiative of two women, former Die Linke party leader Sara Wagenknecht and veteran feminist writer and editor Alice Schwartzer.

More than half a million people…

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