Ukraine’s neighbors ready to pay off Zelensky to stop conflict – Seymour Hersh

Antinuclear May 23

EU nations have privately urged the president of the war-torn country to end the fighting, a US official told the veteran journalist.

Poland is leading a group of European nations that are secretly urging Vladimir Zelensky to find a way to settle the conflict with Russia, veteran journalist Seymour Hersh has reported, citing a“knowledgeable”American official.

According to US intelligence, other EU countries that want to see an end to the fighting include Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Hersh wrote in an article published on his Substack page on Wednesday.

“Hungary is a big player in this and so are Poland and Germany, and they are working to get Zelensky to come around,”the unnamed official claimed. Those countries have made it clear that“Zelensky can keep what he’s got if he works up a peace deal even if he’s got…

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