A War-Like Situation: Britain’s NHS Workers Strike Continues

The Most Revolutionary Act

The UK establishment (both major parties) have been sneakily defunding the NHS to provoke disenchantment with the system.

A Devastating Combo Of Austerity And Inflation Under Tory Leadership Has Led To A 20 Percent Cut In Real Wages Over The Past Decade For UK Healthcare Workers.

In England on May Day tens of thousands of nurses went on strike and walked out from their work at the NHS. In London alone there were over a dozen picket lines as anger, despair and the struggle for a better wage were shouted out on the streets. The government offered the nurses a 5% pay increase which some union members accepted. However, with the inflation continuing to rise in the UK this offer was turned down by many union members too.

Nurses, who are highly skilled workers are burnt out and some are leaving the job…

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