Marijuana Mythbusters

Despite the ever-growing evidence of the broad and transformative benefits of cannabis reform in states across the country, opponents of replacing cannabis prohibition with sensible laws and regulations frequently make claims that, at first blush, sound alarming. However, upon a closer examination, their key sources lack credibility and distort the truth.

Misinformation and scare tactics remain very real obstacles as we’re fighting an increasingly uphill battle to continue advancing reform across the country. Below we dispel the top ten myths that prohibitionists often perpetuate.

MYTH: Marijuana is a gateway drug.
REALITY: The so-called “Gateway Theory” has been debunked repeatedly.

Most recently, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reported in February 2017 that there is no substantial link between cannabis use and the use of other illegal drugs.[1]

About half of all Americans have used cannabis at some point in their lives, but the vast majority never try any other drugs[2]. If using cannabis caused people to use other drugs, there would be far more users of other drugs.[3]

MYTH: Marijuana makes you lazy and/or stupid.
REALITY: There is no conclusive evidence that cannabis use results in lowered IQ.

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