Our Solar Power System Break Even Calculation! Small, Medium Or Large Systems Compared


What is it worth to be totally self sufficient in terms of electricity?

Energy independence from the grid is worth a LOT.

Energy costs are going up

What is a system like this worth when the power grid goes down, during a storm of grid mismanagement?

A system can be built for CASH, little by little, by saving money and then buying parts.

A solar power system can be added on to over time, and/or improved.

It is ok to start small and do it little by little over time.

The payback time for this system without a tax credit is 7 years.

With the tax credit, the system payback system is around 4 years.

After that, it is all gravy, with ‘free’ electricity for the next 25 years or so.. which is the lifetime of this system overall.

Compare investments, and see what that power is worth over the next 25 years

(2) Our Solar Break Even! It’s NOT What You Think! – YouTube