Ukrainian diplomat fears ‘terrible summer’ ahead


The country’s troops may have to pay a “terrible price” in a planned counteroffensive, envoy Vadim Pristaiko said

Ukraine could suffer heavy losses during its much-anticipated counteroffensive against Russia, Vadim Pristaiko, Kiev’s ambassador to the UK, warned on Thursday.

In an interview with British broadcaster ITV, the diplomat said:“I know that it can be a very terrible summer and the price is terrible.”

Pristaiko also said Kiev’s Western backers have piled“too much pressure”on Kiev and have built up“too much expectations”about the spring campaign.

When asked to comment on why Ukraine maintains its position on not revealing its losses in the conflict, Pristaiko replied:“internally, we understand how many of us are already killed and lost.”

“We understand that it will be extremely difficult to fight with a nation that is 16 times bigger than us,”the envoy said.“But we are determined to do…

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