What Is An Off Grid Complete Solar System Parts Cost With Battery Backup, For 10kw Of Power?


What if a person or family built their own separate off grid solar power system, with a total of 10K of power?

How much would it cost in parts alone, without factoring in labor or contractor costs?

In 2021, the total cost was a little over $15,000 in parts, complete with inverter, battery banks and all of the infrastructure needed for a completely independent power system on the home site.

(2) Our Complete Solar System Cost With Battery Backup! 10kw Of Power – YouTube

The amount of solar power generated in summer compared to winter is roughly double, so for a 100 percent solar powered off grid home, a family would have to design it to generate 200 percent of what is needed in summer, and have a lot of excess power generated during the summer months, just to make it through the winter. This is why it makes more sense to have a grid hookup, and sell the excess in summer, while making it through the winter without buying any grid electricity.

A solar, wind or water powered system can also be designed to charge up one or more electric cars, and a grid connection helps here too.