The Fire Starter Saboteur – always causes trouble everywhere they go. They need drama, fighting and conflict in order to feel safe because drama, fighting and conflict has become their normal. (movie influences….Bad Mom’s, Dirty Grandpa etc)

2. The Child Mind Saboteur – can only think short term about their decisions and behaviors because they’ve never made their proper rite of passage from child to adult. This saboteur is always in a  perpetual state of crisis because applying child-based thinking to an adult existence, always ends in non-stop perpetual disasters. (movie influences….any Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell or Melissa McCarthy film)

3. The Financial Saboteur – wants money but also hates it. Gets money but destroys it. Sees money as dirty, bad or the root of all evil. Sees poverty and struggle as noble, the high moral ground and more spiritual. Always ends up requiring money from others anyway because of their programmed fear of wealth. (movie influences…Titanic, The Equalizer, The Marksman etc)

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