The Hollywood Red Scare, 75 Years Later

Los Angeles’ Skirball Cultural Center’s Blacklist: The Hollywood Red Scare is an extremely comprehensive extravaganza unfolding the historic injustice of the motion picture purge from roughly 1947-1960, when conservative cancel culture embodied by a vicious Congressional Committee collaborating with greedy, cowardly movie moguls persecuted about 300 filmmakers of conscience and consciousness for their allegedly subversive “thought crimes.” Through a wide-ranging exhibition in ample gallery space the stunning show visualizes what screenwriter Alvah Bessie called the “Inquisition in Eden” with stunning photo murals, illuminating explanatory wall texts, displays of 100-plus Blacklist artifacts, newsreels of the House Un-American Activities Committee’s (HUAC) hearings, an animated clip and much more. The do-not-miss exhibit, which runs through Sept. 3, also includes screenings of feature films and documentaries by and about blacklisted artists.

The Hollywood Red Scare, 75 Years Later –