Fluoride: The New Lead!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Lead Industry’s Denial Tactics Now Used by Dental Interests

By: Chris Neurath, FAN Science Director

Highlights: • Similar loss of IQ from fluoride as from lead • IQ loss seen at doses from fluoridated water • Same industry denials, personal attacks on scientists • Industry tactic: blaming the victim • Fluoride is the new lead, but worse

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) report on the neurotoxicity of fluoride confirms what experts have long been suggesting: that fluoride is the new lead in its ability to lower IQ in children. Over the past five years, experts in toxicology and epidemiology have equated the harm to developing brains from fluoride to that from lead.

NTP Final Report Confirms Similar Loss Of IQ From Fluoride As From Lead

The NTP’s final report on fluoride neurotoxicity supports these experts’ conclusions. NTP found an average loss of 7 IQ points in 55 studies that…

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