The Rage of the Wind: As Fascism invades Europe again – Remember their Atrocities in Gran Canaria

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from thefreeonline on May 21,2023 by Tulio Riomesta at RecueRda RepúBlica, read en Castellano aquí

The 4 men went down the narrow alleyway of the San Roque neighborhood with their hands tied behind their backs.

The Falangists did not stop hitting them with the butts of the Mausers. The landlord’s son Bonny’s weapon cut the skin just by touching it.

The Count’s nephew stayed back in the house of old Anselmo Fariñas to abuse his two daughters, fourteen and fifteen years old. Lucia, the youngest, couldn’t stand the multiple rape and bled to death.

Brutales asesinatos falangistas en Canarias / Más de 20.000 cuneteados …..

The destination of the four trade unionists from the Workers’ Federation was the municipality of Telde, where they were going to be thrown that same night into the Sima de Jinámar.

Fariñas found out from the comments of the uniformed officers about the death…

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