June 25 Energy News



¶ “Overview – Brexit charts uneasy future for renewables” • The “world’s most complicated divorce” will have a huge impact on the UK’s environment and energy policies and on climate policy in the EU, the world’s largest political bloc, with a combined population of 500 million people. [SeeNews Renewables]

06-25 brexit cco Brexit CC0 1.0 Universal by PublicDomainPictures.net


¶ The Australian Renewable Energy Agency says the final round of bidding for its large scale solar funding shows technology costs are still falling, and will likely continue to fall. ARENA may be in its last grant funding round before funds are stripped by the Coalition government. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Dong Energy is to go ahead with the 448-MW Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. The company said the project, which is expected to be fully commissioned in the first half of 2019, will consist…

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Coal Country Clobbered by Climate-fueled Cataclysm

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

The sad fact about the working class people who have supported right wing politics historically in the US, is that they are themselves so often the victims of the policies their political heroes advocate.  This is certainly true in areas of environment and climate, and yet another of those increasingly common “one in a thousand year” events in West Virginia illustrates vividly.

NBC News:

Huge floods ravaging West Virginia have killed at least 23 people, stranded hundreds and left tens of thousands without power overnight, officials said late Friday.

The threat of pop-up showers and overflowing rivers was still a concern late, and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said that search and rescue efforts remained a priority to help people trapped in swamped homes and cars. He said 200 National Guard members have been deployed in eight counties with about 300 more authorized to help with ongoing relief.

The storm system dumped…

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Hillary Clinton Pushes GMO Agenda, Hires Monsanto Lobbyist, Takes Huge Dollars from Monsanto

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

Hillary Clinton Pushes GMO Agenda, Hires Monsanto Lobbyist, Takes Huge Dollars from Monsanto

Clinton-Monstanto-2016-Button-400First published in May 2015

Democrats who had been programmed to blindly vote for Hillary Clinton are picking their jaws up off the floor after learning the truth about Hillary’s ties to Monsanto. The ties run so deep that she’s now being dubbed the “Bride of Frankenfood.” (Tweet this story)

Shockingly, Hillary Clinton’s ties to Monsanto are new information to her liberal support base. It drives home the important point that nearly everyone supporting Hillary Clinton has no idea who she really is, as evidenced by this stunning new video from Mark Dice and Luke Rudkowski.

“Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ties to agribusiness giant Monsanto, and her advocacy for the industry’s genetically modified crops, have environmentalists in Iowa calling her ‘Bride of Frankenfood’” reports the Washington Times. “A large faction of women voiced strong…

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Leaving Toxic People Behind

Openhearted Rebellion

Credit: thedailyquotes.com

A note by Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

When you’re dealing with a toxic person (or toxic people), the best thing you can do is starve them of your time, attention and energy.

You may think it’s best to reach out to them and try to meet them on their level or have them meet you on yours, but every time, they’ll drag you down and put you in a position where you have to verbally defend yourself – even when they’re the one causing conflict.

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Sanders Supporters Need to Split or Get Off the Pot

Rise Up Times

“A significant fraction of the 12 million will get down to the business of alternative party-building, recognizing that the rich rule through the mechanism of the duopoly electoral system.”  

By BAR executive editor Glen Ford  Black Agenda Report
June 22, 2016  

Things fall apart – messily. At a statewide gathering of Democrats in Long Beach, California, members of the party’s Progressive Caucus hiss at the mere mention of Hillary Clinton’s name and cheer when a speaker (me) predicts that a new, social democratic party will emerge from the tumult of 2016. But Bernie Sanders, the umbilical cord that unites them, still binds these leftish dissidents to the Democratic Party. They wonder if he will “capitulate” to Clinton’s corporate juggernaut – refusing to comprehend that, for the Vermont senator, an exit from the duopoly was never an option. “The major political task that we face in…

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Cedella Marley: Imagine Making Your Dreams Come True

Openhearted Rebellion

Positive Vibrations, by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Imagine, exactly what you want your life to be. Envision taking on any challenge and easily moving past it, gaining knowledge and empowerment.

Think about accomplishing the goals in your career or the personal growth you wish to achieve. Imagine making your dreams come true and the power of manifesting your intention might just get you exactly where you want to be.

One love…Cedella


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30 Signs You’re Born to Be a Spiritual Healer

Openhearted Rebellion

By Aletheia Luna, Loner Wolf, Thanks to Conscious Life News

A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses. — E. Leventhal

At heart, we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and nurture others. Spirit, energy, thought, intention, skilful practice and belief are available to all people. Yet as individual expressions of the life force, we all have different paths, and not all of us feel called to healing practices.

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Lucid Dreaming as a Gateway to Spiritual Awakening

Openhearted Rebellion

By Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D., Wake Up World

Allow me to draw your attention to an apparently surprising thing. If I told you that now, when you are reading these lines, you are in fact asleep, you would certainly believe that I have gone mad.

You are awake, you are concentrating your attention to reading, and you are aware of your environment as well. You can see the furniture of your room, you can hear the call of the birds from the nearby forest. You are also aware of your thoughts and emotions. How can anyone claim that you are asleep at this very moment?

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Will WWIII start in Poland as WWII did?

Blog of Staś

by  Staś


“Why can’t we just wipe Poland off the map?”

Rap Star Eminem

What about the Poles asks Cardinal SpellmanThey will be fine living under Uncle Joe.”


The missile system that will be placed in Poland is sure to start WWII and at the present time I can see no way around this.


There is no reason why Poland should believe NATO will back them up in a war time situation. The UK , France the “ allies” did nothing to help Poland during WWII.

NATO troop exercises in Poland and Easten Europe will do nothing but anger Russia.

The Neoconservatives who still run Washington would like nothing better than to see NATO soldiers US and Europen and Russian boys kill one another and for what?

And let’s be clear to enter Russia with military force in a conventional war is suicide. Napoleon tried it…

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WINZ takes ‘let them eat cake’ to a whole new level – while white collar corporate criminals go free

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Copy of donut-791837_1280 NZ Govt taking ‘let them eat cake’ to a whole new level

This really takes the cake so to speak, bringing ‘let them eat cake’ to a whole new level! The Daily Blog reports on the reception a legally blind woman had from her case worker recently in Auckland. Firstly she says to her “you don’t look blind” then she pulls out a piece of paper, hands it to her, folds her arms and demands she read it and prove her wrong! These are the depths to which our government/corporate offices have sunk nowadays. Bonuses are earned (I’ve heard from a former WINZ worker) by those who manage to save the company funds.

There are humane workers at WINZ offices who respect people. But there are also many, unfortunately, like this poor specimen, who humiliate and denigrate their customers (forgetting that without their customers they would have no job themselves)…

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The United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%

Dilemma X

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%

BBC News

Leave won by 52% to 48% with England and Wales voting strongly for Brexit, while London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed staying in the EU.

The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.

The referendum turnout was 71.8% – with more than 30 million people voting – the highest turnout at a UK election since 1992.

Brexit Vote EU

Brexit Vote EU

Brexit Vote EU
Video: UK votes for Brexit in EU referendum

Video: Nigel Farage speech following Brexit vote

Video: Brexit Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union 2016


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“Exit” Stage Right

In Saner Thought

The votes are in and It is official…..the UK will be leaving the EU……

The BBC, among others, has called it: The UK has voted to leave the European Union, sending shock waves through the EU and world economies. With almost all results in, the vote stands at 52% for Leave and 48% for Remain, the Guardian reports. Signaling discord ahead for the UK, different regions voted differently, with Remain winning easily in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London, and Leave sweeping much of England and Wales. “Let June 23 go down in history as our independence day,” jubilant UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told reporters. The British pound, meanwhile, tumbled to its lowest level against the dollar in more than 30 years.

Britain is the first nation ever to vote to leave the EU, which will now shrink from 28 nations to 27. As the rest of the…

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June 24 Energy News



¶ “We’re all going solar, rooftop panels or not” • Solar power has gone beyond a rooftop revolution. Thanks to rapid cost reductions that even surprised experts, solar is on the verge of transforming Australia’s energy mix, whatever the outcome of the July 2 election. [The Australian Financial Review]

Solar power is set to capture almost all the investment in new generation. Justin McManus Solar power is set to capture almost all the investment in new generation. Justin McManus

¶ “EDF should delay Hinkley Point decision following Brexit: union” • EDF’s unions have argued for months that the state-owned firm should delay its investment decision on the Hinkley Point. Now, the UK has voted to leave the EU, and UK politics have taken uncertainty to a new level. [The Fiscal Times]

Science and Technology:

¶ BMW announced battery packs from its i3 model can power your home, integrating seamlessly with solar panels to store energy for use at night, to…

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“I’ve never felt less welcome in this country” | Maya Goodfellow

Media Diversified

by Maya Goodfellow

“I’ve never felt less welcome in this country” – these are the terrifying words I’ve heard far too many times from migrants and UK-born people of colour in the run up to the EU referendum. Open anti-migrant hostility has been embraced; let loose by a referendum designed to placate a fractured Tory party. In a country that takes pride in being “tolerant”, one of the central messages of the campaign became: Foreigners might contribute but “they” are to blame for our problems – we need our country back. Now with a Vote to Leave it has been legitimised and this country has been cleaved in two.

Let’s be clear: there was no significant left wing campaign to leave the EU. Regardless of the varied reasons Brexit supporters may have had to vote to leave, this is a victory that legitimises the xenophobia and hate of the Leave…

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The EUs Nuclear Treaty: EURATOM

The first treaty of the EU was EURATOM.  The following is from the excellent Nuclear Heritage website.  Will withdrawal from the EU allow withdrawal from EURATOM ?

“EURATOM is an European treaty, particular element of the foundation of the European Union. Unrecognized even by most anti-nuclear campaigners, it is a main obstacle for a consistent nuclear phase-out in Europe – in spite of phase-out decisions made by several national parliaments. Thus, campaigns have been installed since a few years – on the on hand addressing politicians and governments to act, on the other one to educate anti-nuclear organizers and activists about the relevance of this treaty.
This page aims on providing a basis for the interested public gathering information in English on the EURATOM treaty – basic knowledge, history, campaigns and examples for the impact of this intergovernmental contract on anti-nuclear efforts.

Unchanged since 1957 – even despite Chernobyl and…

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DemocracyCo advises on streaming of Nuclear Citizens Jury hearings in Adelaide


Emily from democracyCo here.
Jury (1)The Lifestream sessions will be up tomorrow on this website. http://yoursay.sa.gov.au/decisions/yoursay-engagements-nuclear-community-conversation/about First session will be from 9.20am. We are also transcribing all presentation & Q&A sessions with the Jury – we can’t transcribe workshop sessions though, too tricky! On Facebook & Twitter you will also be able to find updates throughout the day.


a-cat-CANHowever, the Royal Commission website has not, up until now, made this clear. And still, it appears at present, that only those who register with the Your Say website will be able to access the live streaming.

For any credibility, the hearings with witnesses would need to be available on video and audio, and preferably televised. I fear that NewDemocracyCo  is being played by the Nuclear Royal Commission and the Weatherill government.

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Cornel West: Why There Is a Serious Danger of a Right-Wing Revolution in the US

Rise Up Times

This attempt to financialize, privatize, and militarize our way through deep problems – from the economy, education, incarceration, security and communication – has produced vast wealth inequality, cultures of superficial spectacle, and pervasive corruption in every sphere. Both political parties have been complicitous.

“We must choose between a neo-fascism in the making (Trump), neo-liberalism in the decaying (Clinton), and a neo-populism in the ascending (Sanders).” So says Dr. Cornel West, the nation’s most influential Black public intellectual and a key Bernie Sanders supporter. Not only are “the establishments in both the Democratic and Republican parties disintegrating,” says West, but “the neo-liberal sleepwalking in Black America is coming to an end.”

The myopic careerism and chronic narcissism that prevented any serious critique…

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Australians have saved $4.4bn in a few years, with solar rooftops


the report estimated solar owners will avoid 6.3m tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in 2016 – which they found is equivalent to taking a third of all trucks off Australian roads.

logo-Solar-Citizens-Solar Citizens found 80% of federal electorates have more voters with rooftop solar USA election 2016than would be required to change their sitting members. And of the electorates with the highest numbers of solar owners, seven out of the top 10 were now held by Coalition MPs.

Australians have spent almost $8bn on rooftop solar since 2007, says report https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jun/22/australians-have-spent-almost-8bn-on-rooftop-solar-since-2007-says-report Solar Citizens says since the 2012-13 financial year, rooftop solar owners have saved about $1bn on their household bills each year, Guardian, Michael Slezak, 22 June 16, Australian households and small businesses have invested more than $1bn a year in rooftop solar over the past five years, spending a total of almost $8bn since 2007, new calculations show.



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New South Wales leading the nation with large scale solar farms


solar PV nyngan NSWNSW to double existing solar farm capacity with four new plants approved, SMH, Peter Hannam ENVIRONMENT EDITOR, THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD  23 JUNE 16The Baird government has granted planning approval for four new large-scale solar plants, potentially more than doubling the existing capacity in the state.

The four plants approved for construction have a combined capacity of 175 megawatts (MW), and would generate another electricity for 56,000 homes if built. “NSW is Australia’s large-scale solar leader, with the country’s three largest solar farms and hundreds of megawatts of solar electricity capacity online and in the pipeline,” planning minister Rob Stokes said.

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Return to Tribe

Openhearted Rebellion

By Theresa Crabtree, Thanks to the Galactic Free Press

What do you want your life to look like? What are your passions and how can you fit them into your life?

Begin to create what you wish to accomplish through clear visualizations. If you can see it in your mind, feel it with your emotions and incorporate your senses, you can create it in your reality.

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“Duty Bound To Protect Them”

In Saner Thought

Since my class was cancelled for the Summer session I thought I would spend the day irritating as many people as possible…..

This post will not be met with much interest because most Americans do not want to hear this…..you see it does not fit the paradigm that has been set in motion….

I do not really give a shit about what you think of Muslims…this is not open to discussion….I just wanted the naysayers to know that some of their misguided beliefs are wrong….and border on outright lies.

According to Muhammad Muslims are duty bound to protect Christians…..another thing that westerners do not seem to realize is the the Quran and a Hadith are not the same thing……a Hadith is an interpretation of what the Prophet has said…..there are some Muslims that reject all Hadiths…they do not consider them as important as the Quran…..they reject the authority of the…

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New Report Exposing Cover-Up of Fukushima Proves Conspiracy Theorists Right

Openhearted Rebellion

By Claire Bernish, Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA)United States — According to a new report, the Japanese government worked in concert with TEPCO to purposely cover up the meltdown at Fukushima in 2011.

“I would say it was a coverup,” Tokyo Electric Power Company President Naomi Hirose announced during a press conference. “It’s extremely regrettable.”

Masataka Shimizu, president of TEPCO at the time of the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear disaster, told employees not to go public with the term “meltdown” — allegedly in capitulation to pressure from the Prime Minister’s Office.

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New Study Shows That Making Any Kind of Art (at Any Skill Level) Reduces Stress Hormones

Openhearted Rebellion

By April McCarthy, Prevent Disease, Thanks to Conscious Life News

Whether you’re Van Gogh or a stick-figure sketcher, a new Drexel University study found that making art can significantly reduce stress-related hormones in your body.

Although the researchers from Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions believed that past experience in creating art might amplify the activity’s stress-reducing effects, their study found that everyone seems to benefit equally.

“It was surprising and it also wasn’t,” said Girija Kaimal, EdD, assistant professor of creative arts therapies. “It wasn’t surprising because that’s the core idea in art therapy: Everyone is creative and can be expressive in the visual arts when working in a supportive setting. That said, I did expect that perhaps the effects would be stronger for those with prior experience.”

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Pick Your Poison

In Saner Thought

Yes, I think this election will be historical but not for the reason everyone else does….personally I could care less the gender of the person or for that matter the person from the wrong side of the tracks…..this election will be historical because the person who wins will face a uncertain world and a dangerous one at that…..decisions will be epic and dangerous….

So who to choose in 2016?

In their remarks to the nation following the Orlando massacre, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made their differences—and disturbing similarities—crystal clear.

Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for refusing to label the violence carried out by a mentally-disturbed American-born gunmen of Muslim background as a manifestation of “radical Islam,” leading her to begin using the less-inflammatory but still problematic term “radical Islamism.” More seriously, he reiterated his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States and to subject American Muslims to…

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Honeybees and Butterflies as Indicators of Radioactive Contamination; Impacts on Fruit Production

Mining Awareness +

In “Honeybees as Monitors of Low Levels of Radioactivity” Simmons et. al.(1990) state that”it is known that honeybees can be used to detect radionuclides present in the environment. Their mobility and their ability to integrate all exposure pathways (i.e., water, air, vegetation, and soil) could expand and add another level of confidence to the present monitoring program.” (This study was for the US DOE at Hanford Nuclear Site) [1]

In “Radioactive Bees–Honey Bees as Indicators of Radionuclide Contamination“, Timothy K. Haarmann of Los Alamos National Lab says that his experiments at LANL “verify that honey bees are indeed good indicators of radionuclide contamination when it is present in the environment“. [2]
Honey Bee flower public domain via wikipedia
McGee and McGarry of the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland inform us that “Bees forage intensively over about 7 km2 visiting thousands of plants daily in their search for pollen…

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Nobel Laureate H.J. Muller: Ionizing Radiation and (Lethal) Genetic Mutations Discoveries in the 1920s

Mining Awareness +

Hermann Joseph Muller (or H. J. Muller) (December 21, 1890 – April 5, 1967) was an American geneticist, educator, and Nobel laureate best known for his work on the physiological and genetic effects of radiation (X-ray mutagenesis) as well as his outspoken political beliefs.[2] Muller frequently warned of the long-term dangers of radioactive fallout from nuclear war and nuclear testing, helping to raise public awareness in this area.[3]

… At 16 he entered Columbia College. From his first semester he was interested in biology; he became an early convert of the Mendelian-chromosome theory of heredity — and the concept of genetic mutations and natural selection as the basis for evolution… Muller earned a B.A. degree in 1910.[5]

Muller remained at Columbia (the pre-eminent American zoology program at the time, thanks to E. B. Wilson and his students) for graduate school. He became interested in the Drosophila [fruit fly]

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Congressional Democrats Staging Sit In; Paul Ryan Cuts Live Feed And Audio, Wants To Send Legislators Home For Months Of Vacation, Rather Than Vote On Gun Safety Bills

Congressional Democrats Staging Sit In; Paul Ryan Cuts Live Feed And Audio, Wants To Send Legislators Home For Months Of Vacation, Rather Than Vote On Gun Safety Bills http://www.agreenroadjournal.com/2016/06/congressional-democrats-staging-sit-in.html

New Computer Virus Threat; Ransomware

> The FBI has issued a bulletin about a new type of computer threat called 'Ransomware'. > > Ransomware infects computers from the Internet/Web and email. > > Email fictitiously from UPS, FedEx, or the US Postage Office ask you to click on a link which installs the Ransomware. > > Randomware will encrypt files … Continue reading New Computer Virus Threat; Ransomware

In Defiance of Harmful Fuels — Is Tesla/Solar City the New Model For What an Energy Company Should Look Like?

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR.– CO2 continues to rise, a positive methane feedback loop may form, marine and terrestrial habitats are dying, and then there’s Elon Musk’s business enterprise with some good news.  Power your home with your car?  Read on:

RobertScribbler.– “It could well be said that we are subsidizing our own destruction. Despite centuries of use, fossil fuels around the world today receive about 500 billion dollars annually in the form of economic incentives from Earth’s various governing bodies. With alternatives to fossil fuels becoming less costly and more widely available, and with the impacts of human-forced climate change growing dramatically worse with each passing year, such wasteful and harmful misuse of public monies is starting to look actively suicidal.

Fossil Fuel Funding for Global Catastrophe

“Given so much money going into the hands of what are already the wealthiest corporations in existence, one would expect that the practice of providing these…

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CO2’s Vertigo-Inducing Rate of Rise — In First 5 Months of 2016 Hothouse Gas Concentration Rocketed 3.7 Parts Per Million Above 2015

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR.– A recurring warning from climatologists is the possibility that melting permafrost will generate a positive feedback loop in global warming.  Such an event would move the “Climate Emergency” into an extreme phase from which we could not recover without massive damage to Earth’s ecosystems and the current human civilizations.  Prudence demands that we never dismiss such fears.  We must try to prevent the event, plan contingency responses, and hope it never happens.

“Perhaps the most worrisome threat is that because the Arctic is warming so much faster than the globe as a whole, the permafrost — soil that remains frozen year-round — is thawing. As it does, organic matter which is trapped within can decay, and when it does it releases CO2 into the atmosphere, except those places where instead of releasing CO2 it releases CH4.” — Tamino.

RobertScribbler.– “With the Northern Hemisphere Pole warming at a rate 2-3…

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Greg Palast: How the 2016 Election is being and will be stolen… and New Angles on Fukushima

Heal Fukushima

From OpEd News

The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

Greg Palast Investigative reporter, formerly with Guardian and BBC, now with Rolling Stone

Interviewed by Rob Kall

Broadcast May 24, 2016


Rob: Tell me about Fukushima

In NY I directed an investigation of nuclear plants, we found that guys who build nuclear plants lie. about the cost, about the safety.

Stone and Webster was found guilty of conspiracy, racketeering and fraud charges against.

I have the notebooks which say that the earthquake proofing had been faked.

In the case of Fukushima, one of the lies spread by the US media, like Anderson Cooper, was that no-one expected a 9.0 earthquake to hit Fukushima.

The nuclear plant at Fukushima, was well under the tolerance Fukushima was supposed to handle.

All the emergency Diesel generators failed. Same used by all the plants– most are old cruise ship engines. They are…

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— Michaël Van Broekhoven: Fukushima’s full-on China Syndrome, still fissioning

Heal Fukushima

Posted on Allegedly Apparent

May 27, 2016

Fukshima Full-On China Syndrome, Still Fissioning! Just Another Opinion-Ramble, Sprinkled with Data (+ Possible Correction on Recent German Spikes; & Obama in Hiroshima – 2)


Cesium-137 blowing around in the arctic air…  May 22, 2016

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains (USA) – May 26-28, 2016

I know it’s overkill by now… I’ve long established the obviousness that the official radiation networks are rigged to hide much of the data when it matters most.  But at the same time, they have let an amazing amount of data slip through the nets, though.  The past couple years of on-and-off scrutinizing of some of this has failed to undo my “mere suspicion” that radioactive clouds continue to come from “Northern Japan somewhere” (or perhaps “something in the Pacific east of there”), with Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe site remaining my #1 suspect.

For full post:


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USA energy company and Friends of the Earth reach historic agreement to switch from nuclear to renewables


logo-FOEFlag-USADiablo Canyon nuclear plant to be shut down, power replaced by renewables, efficiency, storage California, world’s sixth largest economy, going nuclear-free http://www.foe.org/news/news-releases/2016-06-diablo-canyon-nuclear-plant-to-be-shut-down June 21, 2016 BERKELEY, CALIF

An historic agreement has been reached between Pacific Gas and Electric, Friends of the Earth, and other environmental and labor organizations to replace the Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors with greenhouse-gas-free renewable energy, efficiency and energy storage resources. Friends of the Earth says the agreement provides a clear blueprint for fighting climate change by replacing nuclear and fossil fuel energy with safe, clean, cost-competitive renewable energy. 

The agreement, announced today in California, says that PG&E will renounce plans to seek renewed operating licenses for Diablo Canyon’s two reactors — the operating licenses for which expire in 2024 and 2025 respectively. In the intervening years, the parties will seek Public Utility Commission approval of the plan which will replace power from the plant…

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Carbon dioxide hits record highs in Southern hemisphere


climate-changeScience Daily June 21, 2016 Source: CNRS

Last month, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) as measured at Amsterdam Island, in the southern Indian Ocean, for the first time exceeded the symbolic value of 400 ppm, or 0.04%. The CO2 concentrations recorded at the Amsterdam Island research station are the lowest in the world (excluding seasonal cycles), due to the island’s remoteness from anthropogenic sources. The 400 ppm threshold was already crossed in the Northern hemisphere during the 2012/2013 winter. In addition, the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is speeding up, growing by more than 2 ppm annually over the past four years……..https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/06/160621094250.htm

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Coal companies avoid toxic mine cleanup


antnuke-relevantFlag-USAHold coal companies accountable for toxic mine cleanup, 18 June 16  http://act.credoaction.com/letter/bonding_comments  Coal companies are supposed to pay for the toxic cleanup of their mines.

But recent bankruptcies — including of the world’s largest coal company Peabody Energy — combined with an antiquated federal policy called self-bonding, could stick us with the bill for billions of dollars in toxic mine cleanup costs.

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Having lost the ability to reproduce, ‘Coral zombies’ may spell doom for coral reefs around world

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR.– Human damage to coral comes from a growing a list of lethal chemicals.  We know that the oceans are absorbing more CO2 and that this increases acidity and weakens coral.  We know that runoff from cities, farms, and mines carries toxic chemicals that kill corals.  Now we can add sunblock to the list of lethal human impacts.  Changing the activities causing these impacts is a daunting prospect.  It requires that we stop burning fossil fuel, make huge investments in water filtration, and gain the cooperation of divers and fishermen.  Can we do all that in time to save Earth’s coral?

Phys.org.– “Scientists, like UCF Biologist John Fauth, have known for a while that coral reefs around the world are dying, and in a worst-case scenario they were counting on large, healthy-looking corals to repopulate. But a new study presented at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu today…

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Many American cities drinking water contaminated with copper, lead or arsenic.

The pattern that's emerging is that 2 - 3 percent of the water is consistently contaminated with illegal concentrations of copper, lead or arsenic. Yet the EPA is totally silent about this. So are city water officials. There is a massive, nationwide cover-up under way right now, all across America, that's poisoning you and your family... … Continue reading Many American cities drinking water contaminated with copper, lead or arsenic.

Judging ‘the Lesser Evil’

In Saner Thought

If you are anything like me then you have nothing to look forward to in this election…..basically it is choosing between the lesser of two evils………there is only so much crap the American people can stand….the problem is they have not reached their full capacity as of yet…..

This election will be that election where the voter holds their noses and pulls the lever…….

The mainstream U.S. media rightly criticizes Donald Trump for his bigoted remarks about Mexicans and Muslims – and his know-nothing-ism on global warming – but wrongly ignores Hillary Clinton’s role in futile and bloody wars, Gilbert Doctorow notes.

There are many folks, including the editorial boards of several of our newspapers of record, who insistently tell us that the ongoing American presidential election is one of the most vile in the country’s history considering the venomous attacks that candidates have made on one another’s personal qualifications…

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