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Catholic mom sues after Trump-backed foster care agency calls her the wrong kind of Christian – ThinkProgress

Catholic mom sues after Trump-backed foster care agency calls her the wrong kind of Christian – ThinkProgress

Last month, the Trump administration issued a waiver allowing a South Carolina foster care agency to discriminate in accordance with its Protestant religious beliefs. Now, a Catholic foster care parent is challenging the exemption after the agency discriminated against her because of her faith.

In a lawsuit filed by Americans United for Separation of Church and State last week, Aimee Maddonna argues that this license to discriminate violates the Establishment Clause and denies her equal protection under the law.

Miracle Hill Ministries is the largest foster care agency in South Carolina, but it only works with families that share its conservative evangelical Christian beliefs. It came under fire in 2017 when it refused to work with a Jewish family, prompting a complaint and a review of the agency’s license. But Gov. Henry McMaster (R) came to Miracle Hill’s defense, issuing an executive order exempting it from state-level nondiscrimination protections and requesting a similar waiver from the federal government. The Department of Health and Human Services granted that waiver at the end of January.

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‘Difficult to watch’: House Democrats tour housing for migrant children

‘Difficult to watch’: House Democrats tour housing for migrant children

MIAMI — A delegation of House Democrats on Tuesday toured one of the largest facilities in the country housing unaccompanied migrant children — a visit one representative called “chilling.”

The Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Migrant Children, about 25 miles southwest of Miami, is under scrutiny because it is the only one in the U.S. run by a for-profit corporation and, as a federal facility, it is not subject to state regulations.

Several Democratic lawmakers have called for shuttering facilities such as Homestead, citing the lack of oversight and the length of time that children are held.

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NARCO-POLITIK: Was The ‘War on Drugs’ Really A Race War That Had Nothing To Do With Marijuana?


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“…Former aide to President Richard Nixon pulls back the curtain on the true motivation of the United States’ war on drugs… John Ehrlichman, who served 18 months in prison for his central role in the Watergate scandal, was Nixon’s chief domestic advisor when the president announced the “war on drugs” in 1971”

Marijuana-the war on drugs was a race war that had nothing to do with the plant – By Thomasina Copenhaver

The Drug War was officially declared on June 17, 1971 when President Nixon claimed drugs to be “Public Enemy Number One.” But was that really the case? Could there have been another far deeper, carefully calculated plan that had nothing to do with marijuana?

It was a different time. Or perhaps not. In a nation struggling with civil strife, poverty, racial inequality/tension, corporate domination, ecological disasters, and a hated, highly protested Vietnam War—sharing a…

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America at War: Infographic Reveals How the U.S. Military Is Operating in 40% of the World’s Nations

New Human New Earth Communities

Earlier this month, NBC reporter and analyst William Arkin ended a 30-year career as a journalist, announcing in a “scathing letter,” Democracy Now! reports, that “he would be leaving the network. Arkin accuses “the media of warmongering while ignoring the, quote, ‘creeping fascism of homeland security.’” He does not equivocate in a follow-up interview with Amy Goodman. “The generals and the national security leadership” are also now, he says, “the commentators and the analysts who populate the news media” (Arkin himself is a former Army intelligence officer).

The problem isn’t only NBC, in his estimation, and it isn’t only supposed journalists cheerleading for war. Most of the conflicts the country is currently engaged in are un- or under-reported in major sources. His letter “applies to all of the mainstream networks, applies to CNN and Fox, as well…. We’ve just become so shallow that we’re not really able…

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This Is How AIPAC Really Works

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This Is How AIPAC Really Works
by M.J. Rosenberg

An AIPAC and Capitol Hill veteran explains the lobby’s tactics of reward and retribution.

Senators at AIPAC

US. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (right) join hands as they take the stage to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington, on March 1, 2015. (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

One thing that should be said about Representative Ilhan Omar’s tweet about the power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (more commonly known as AIPAC, or the “Israel lobby”) is that the hysterical reaction to it proved her main point: The power of AIPAC over members of Congress is literally awesome, although not in a good way. Has anyone ever seen so many members of Congress, of both parties, running to the microphones and sending out press releases to denounce one first-termer for criticizing the power…

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Adani’s new law firm put forward ‘trained attack dog’ strategy for waging legal ‘war’ – ABC News #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #StopAdani #ClimateEmergency #TheDrum #GreenNewDeal #ClimateStrike #ExtinctionRebellion


Adani’s new law firm put forward ‘trained attack dog’ strategy for waging legal ‘war’ – ABC News

Lawyers for mining firm Adani proposed waging “war” on opponents of its controversial Queensland mine by using the legal system to pressure government, silence critics and financially cripple activists, according to documents obtained by the ABC.

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6 Clues: You Might be in a National Emergency if….

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

coloradoMarshall Shepherd in Forbes:

National security. Numerous reports by military entities note the immediate threats of climate change to national security. The American Security Project website compiles a good list of recent reports and articles on this topic. A 2019 Defense Department report stated:

The effects of a changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to Department of Defense (DoD or the Department) missions, operational plans, and installations.

I served as an expert scientist and author on a National Academy of Sciences report on climate change impacts on U.S. Naval Operations so have a first-hand view of this challenge. A top admiral is also quoted as saying climate change is the biggest threat in the Pacific not North Korea.

Public Health. An array of public health concerns can be linked to climate change: increased heat related illness, vector-borne diseases in places they have traditionally not thrived…

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Figuring Out Guys Who “Love” Logic and Truth


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I can’t understand some people. In particular, I can’t understand the ones who still believe they’re right in the face of contradictory evidence and argues how they’re the more “logical” ones while those understandably frustrated by willful ignorance are considered emotional and irrational by these same logic-teers.

Aisling McCree of The Outline knows these types who mostly assign themselves with right wing politics and philosophies.

She writes:

those who often engage with the wider online right, whether it is with someone who identifies as alt-right, libertarian, conservative, as a fan of the “Intellectual Dark Web,” or even “moderate” or “centrist” (turns out a lot of people online are self-identifying as moderate while also believing in conspiracies about “white genocide”). Although their beliefs may not be identical, there are common, distinct patterns in the way they speak (or type) that one can’t help but notice.

Specifically, these…

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Ivanka Sits In Stunned Silence As Angela Merkel Shreds Daddy’s Trade War With Europe

Ivanka Sits In Stunned Silence As Angela Merkel Shreds Daddy’s Trade War With Europe

Then, conversely, Angela Merkel took both Trump and his trade representative to task for the idiotic trade war Trump unnecessarily created, and the room exploded in applause. [bottom clip]

“Apparently, the American secretary of trade says German cars are a threat to America’s national security. We’re proud of our automotive industry, and, I think we can be, we’re proud of our cars. They are built in the United States of America. South Carolina is one of the largest, it’s actually the largest BMW plant. Not in Bavaria. South Carolina is supplying China.”

“So when these cars that, because they’re built in South Carolina, are not becoming less threatening, rather than the ones that are built in Bavaria, are supposed to be a threat to the national security of America, it’s a bit of a shock to us.”

The rest of the room broke into thunderous applause at Merkel’s words, with the one notable exception being First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who copied Mike Pence’s deer-in-the-headlights frozen face of a few days earlier perfectly, and sat motionless.

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EV tips for winter weather – Plug In America

EV tips for winter weather – Plug In America

If you have an enclosed garage at home where you can charge your EV, definitely do so. By charging your car indoors, you can prevent ice build up on the vehicle and keep the battery warmer. EV batteries are like humans—they are most comfortable at 70 degrees and a warmer battery will garner more driving miles.

You can do one better by preconditioning the cabin before you begin your trip. Most EVs allow you to schedule this in advance and it has two benefits. One, you get to climb into a warm car on a cold day! No waiting for the heater to warm up or the seat heaters to kick in. Two, your battery warms up to its optimal operating temperature. You get to drive farther more comfortably—what’s not to love? By preconditioning while plugged in at home, you’ll leave for work 100% charged with a warm pack and cabin.

If you aren’t able to precondition your cabin, try to use the seat warmers over the cabin heat if range is an issue. The seat warmers generally use less energy than the cabin heater and can be felt immediately.

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