The French Sellafield “corroding faster than expected”


Many Thanks to a colleague for passing on News on the “Evaporators” from the French equivalent to Sellafield at La Hague.  We have asked but no one has explained where the crapola is “evaporated” to.    Now the Evaporators are “corroding faster than expected.”   And they say “Trust Us”

07.07.2016_No133 / News in Brief

Regulator Asks Areva NC To Increase Oversight Of La Hague Evaporators

Security & Safety

7 Jul (NucNet): France’s nuclear regulator ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) has asked Areva NC to increase its oversight of evaporators at the La Hague nuclear fuel processing facility in northern France after greater levels of corrosion than expected were discovered earlier this year.

Aerial view of the UP2 and UP3 processing plants at La Hague.

In February 2016, ASN asked Areva NC to increase its supervision of the units and install isolation facilities and advanced detection systems to limit the consequences of a leak or rupture.

ASN has now imposed…

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Nuclear Free Portugal Beats Nuclear France in More Ways Than One!

Mining Awareness +

Portugal beat host country France in the 2016 Eurocup soccer final:
Portugal stuns France with late Eder strike in Euro final
Posted:Sun, 10 Jul 2016 18:52:56 -0400

Portugal stunned the world in May by getting all of its electricity from renewable energy for 4 days. Portugal has said no to nuclear and yes to renewables. Meanwhile, the French government belligerently continues to prop up the nuclear industry and gets a larger percentage of electricity from nuclear power than any other country. This year Portugal has gotten almost 2/3rds of its electricity from renewable energy against France’s over 2/3rds from nuclear energy.
Greenpeace Portugal History May 2016 All Renewables
Greenpeace Portugal electricity from wind, solar, hydro for 4 days May 2016
Greenpeace Portugal 2016 almost 2/3rds electricity renewables
Screenshots from the Greenpeace video: Windmills are busily spinning in the video, it just can’t be seen in the screen-shot.

Portugal Must Have Stunned the World in 1974 By Peacefully Getting Rid of the Longest Authoritarian (Fascist) Dictatorship In the West: “The name “Carnation…

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Lies, Damned lies and Statistical Lies – ** UPDATE **

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A few days ago, this blogger reported how Statistic NZ had implemented a revision which would materially affect how unemployment stats were counted;

On 29 June 2016, Statistic NZ announced that it would be changing the manner in which it defined a jobseeker;

Change: Looking at job advertisements on the internet is correctly classified as not actively seeking work. This change brings the classification in line with international standards and will make international comparability possible.

Improvement: Fewer people will be classified as actively seeking work, therefore the counts of people unemployed will be more accurate.

The statement went on to explain;

Change in key labour market estimates:

  • Decreases in the number of people unemployed and the unemployment rate

  • Changes to the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate range from 0.1 to 0.6 percentage points. In the most recent published quarter (March 2016), the unemployment rate is…

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Cahokia: Mystery of the Mounds

Openhearted Rebellion

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Located near St. Louis in Collinsville, IL, the Cahokia Mounds are a set of ancient earthen mounds often credited to Native Americans who were known as the ‘Mound Builders’.

The Mound Builders were ancestors of the natives alive at the time of the first settlements, and they’re believed to have been more advanced and intelligent than their descendants.

Native tribes reportedly attributed the mounds to their ancestors, the Mound Builders, which hints at an interesting erased chapter in North American history.

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Study: Canned Foods Linked to Excessive BPA Exposure

Openhearted Rebellion

By Anna Scanlon, Natural Society

A recent study published in Environmental Research has stated that many canned goods still have high levels of bisphenol-A (BPA), and consuming them can put our bodies at risk. The new data also points out that some foods expose consumers to higher levels of BPA in their food.

As an example, the study points out that canned soups and pasta contain a much higher concentration of BPA than canned fruit and vegetables. However, canned beverages and fish are, oddly enough, not tied to the consumption of BPA.

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Allowing Increased Radiation in Drinking Water After Nuclear Disaster Akin To Murder Says Three Mile Island – Cancer Survivor: US EPA Comment Deadline 25 July 2016

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S/he is being diplomatic. Increasing the amount of radioactive materials allowed in drinking water is not akin to murder. It is premeditated murder.

Comment on the US EPA Notice: “… Guide for Drinking Water after a Radiological Incident” here: Due Jul 25, 2016 11:59 PM ET 06/10/2016, ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2007-0268

Fairewinds 8 Aug 2013 podcast TMI Fallout
Fairewinds 8 Aug 2013 podcast TMI Fallout

Anonymous Comment:
ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2007-0268-0238
Tracking Number: 1k0-8qc9-wu2o
In 1979 Three Mile Island released radioactivity, drifting northward due to prevailing winds, through Chemung County NY. I lived there then, with my family. My dad died of Cancer, my wife died recently from cancer, I have had cancer and am a cancer survivor, other friends, neighbours and friends have died from or had cancer. Yet the local, state, and federal government and the nuclear industry said that everything was safe, that there was no danger to the public from…

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Time is Now Accelerating To A Standstill

Openhearted Rebellion

By Open, Wake Up World, Thanks to

Are you feeling it too? It’s like you have more and more to do, and increasingly less time to do it. It’s because of this Great Shift of Consciousness into the 5D.

Time is speeding up, because life here in the 3D has been locked into an eddy current — a ‘time-warp’, behind the flow — but now that reality is unwinding. We’re rejoining the space-time continuum, where there is no time!

How do you deal with that in a practical sense? What does it mean for your life and all that you’re doing, all that you’re trying to create?

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What’s Really Going On Under the Hood of the Marijuana Movement: “Big Marijuana”, GMOs and Hemp

Openhearted Rebellion

By Tim Bryant, Wake Up World

By now, most people are at least partially familiar with the Marijuana Movement and how it has grown from something of a taboo and its illegality, to something that is both accepted and becoming legal.

Just ten years ago, most people would have thought this was crazy, but now it has become somewhat of the norm, as people’s perceptions are slowly changing.

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Banker Key is Quietly Oiling the US War Machine

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Our attention was recently drawn to the announcement by Prime Minister Key’s American friends (those friends whose bank he has shares in & has us heavily indebted to) of their contemplating a compulsory draft of their women to the war machine. Most of us are aware I’m sure of Key’s allegiance to the stars and stripes, but does his allegiance have any bounds I wonder?


Stepping back a little, I’ve noticed lately a few changes happening in Aotearoa that have been overshadowed somewhat by the current housing crisis. A convenient diversion. With thousands of Kiwis homeless, 33,000 homes purchased by offshore speculators sitting empty in Auckland, and thousands of state homes being flicked off to real estate interests (and whatever happened to the sales to other social housing providers?) the government/corporation is now offering $5000 to beleaguered families to migrate to the provinces! Quite a bit of social engineering going…

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The Nuclear Industry and Indigenous People -theme for July 16


Mary-Kathleen-Uranium-mine-Indigenous people continue to bear the brunt of nuclear toxicity. It started with uranium mining – of course, on indigenous land in rural areas, in USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, Germany , India,  and of course to provide nuclear weapons material.

Then came the nuclear bomb tests – on remote rural indigenous lands and islands

map atomic bomb tests

Indigenous peoples either stayed on their polluted lands, as uranium mining continued, or were removed from bomb tests sites, unable to return.
Algeria bomb site



This Radioactive pollution remains today, from uranium mining in many countries – but always on or close to indigenous lands. The nuclear bomb test sites remain too radioactive for the indigenous people to return home.

Uranium mining and milling, nuclear bomb tests and radioactive wastes ... Russia is Mayak Russiasecretive about its nuclear wastes. They used to dump it in oceans, as  did the French and others. Russia is notorious for its extremely polluted remote…

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July 8 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶ Scripps operates one of the most capable research fleets in the world, including three research vessels and one floating research platform. They venture worldwide on research projects, powered by diesel fuel. A noble experiment with biofuel marked the start of a new chapter in sustainability for the Scripps fleet. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Scripps research vessel. Scripps research vessel.


¶ The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled plans to crack down on the most polluting vehicles. It is said to be the toughest plan ever proposed by any major city in the world. Specifically, Khan has proposed a £10 per day Emissions Surcharge on older vehicles and an extended Ultra-Low Emission Zone. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Work on a concentrated solar plant, the first of its kind in Africa to use of thermal power, is expected to start in the Northern Cape within the next two months…

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US Ramping Up for Imminent Nuclear Accident: Wants Americans to Drink Radiation Contaminated Water – Comment Deadline 25 July 2016, 11.59 pm, DC Time

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The US EPA proposes to increase the amount of radionuclides allowed in drinking water in the event of a nuclear accident or other radiological emergency, despite the warning of health impacts in the US EPA’s own “Radionuclides in Drinking Water: A Small Entity Compliance Guide“, p. 3:
US EPA: Radionuclides in Drinking Water: A Small Entity Compliance Guide, p. 3
death grim reaper
bubbles in water
Although the US EPA appears to be trying to get comments while many are on vacation, summer-time is not a bad time to remind people that they need to drink water. You can do without food for extended periods but without water you die. In the heat you need more water. And, who wants to drink radioactive water? And, yet, that’s what the EPA has planned. Instead of taking nuclear and environmental safety seriously, the US government wants Americans to drink radioactive water and eat highly contaminated food. They call it PAG, protective action guide, but it’s NON-protective action guidelines which…

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The Right to Vote—Effectively: Why Was “The Right to Vote” Omitted From the U.S. Constitution?

With their government under the control of corporations and special interests, the People of the United States may think they have the right to vote, but, unfortunately, they do not. When the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written, the authors intentionally omitted this very significant detail. They failed to include the right to … Continue reading The Right to Vote—Effectively: Why Was “The Right to Vote” Omitted From the U.S. Constitution?