Whore on Coal: Chris Horner is Coal’s Monstrous Errand Boy

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

As the coal industry slides into whatever dark bin of history is reserved for slavers, child labor, injun hunters, witch burners and pogromists – we’re  finding the tracks of coal’s monstrous little errand boys.

Including my old buddy Chris Horner. (I gave Chris an epic ass-kicking in a debate some years ago) Above, you can see classic Horner at work flacking climate denial on Fox News. Particularly relevant segment because it illustrates the “we’re just about to head into an ice age” climate crock – a few years before the planet began its current temperature rocket ride.

nasagiss216 Chris Horner’s “New Ice Age”

The video peels back the curtain so you can see how the black magic is done, and shows one of the foremost practitioners in action.  Horner perfected the fake tan long before Donald Trump.


Chris Horner, a DC-based lawyer, climate change denier and Fox News regular, is…

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March 24 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶ Siemens has unveiled a new solution for the protection of offshore wind turbine rotor blades against leading edge erosion. The protection layer is designed to absorb the impact energy from rain drops and other particles and thereby protect the leading edge from fatigue damage. [reNews]

Horns Rev 2 (Dong Energy) Horns Rev 2 (Dong Energy)


¶ Barely a month after South Africa launched the continent’s first solar airport after Kochi India, the country has recorded another major milestone in renewable energy as it opens an additional solar PV plant in the Northern Cape province, Solar Capital De Aar 3, a 75 MW plant. [Atlanta Black Star]

¶ Scotland’s huge Longannet power station is to produce its last electricity on March 24, ending coal-fired generation north of the border. Scottish Power said the 2,400-MW power station on the banks of the Forth in Fife would burn through…

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Brussels attacks: the next step: bye bye Europe

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Brussels attacks: the next step: bye bye Europe

by Jon Rappoport

March 22, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Hours after Donald Trump suggested the US should downsize its role in NATO (also here), bombs went off in Brussels.

In the wake of the attacks, the Globalist party line is shaping up: Downsize? Absolutely not. NATO must respond. Led by the US, it must, wait for it, invade Syria, an ISIS stronghold. With ground troops.

Don’t even bother trying to figure out the logic behind that idea. It goes something like this: get rid of President Assad (who is in a war against ISIS) because somehow the Brussels attack is all his fault.

Led by the US, NATO should attack ISIS in Syria—ISIS, the group funded and backed and armed by the US government (see here and here). Perfect.


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March 23 Energy News



How California got way ahead of the rest of the world in fighting climate change • Today, California can claim first place in just about every renewable-energy category. It has also attracted more venture capital investment for clean-energy technologies than the European Union and China combined. [Grist]

Reuters | Steve Marcus Reuters | Steve Marcus


¶ PowerStream unveiled Canada’s first of its kind virtual power plant. The virtual power plant dubbed Power House, is meant to showcase how residential customers can simultaneously generate their own clean energy and work together as a virtual power plant to augment the grid. [CTV News]

¶ Morocco is investing about $2.6 billion on the construction of the Ouarzazate complex, which forms the heart of a $9 billion strategy to harness one of the country’s greatest natural resources, sunshine. And impressively, the complex can continue to operate after the sun sets. [

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Nuclear staff evacuated following terrorist attacks in Belgium


safety-symbolBelgium evacuates nuclear plant staff after attacks  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/belgium-attacks-evacuation-tihange-nuclear-plant-staff-isis-dirty-bomb/ 22 Mar 16 Hours after bombs tore through Belgium’s international airport and a subway station in central Brussels, the government asked the operator of one of the country’s nuclear energy plants to evacuate most staff.

ENGIE, the French electric company that runs the Tihange nuclear plant about 50 miles southeast of Brussels, confirmed that all non-essential staff had left the facility.

There was no indication Belgian authorities had received information about any direct threat to the facility, and there was no word of evacuations at the country’s other nuclear power plant or research facilities, but earlier this year police did learn that ISIS seems interested in breaching Belgium’s nuclear security.

In February, Belgian security services discovered two men had been secretly videotaping one of the country’s senior nuclear scientists.

In the process of searching the home of Mohamed Bakkali…

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Turnbull govt “clean energy” plan designed to stall renewable energy projects?


Turnbull climate 2 facedGreen power projects to falter under Turnbull government plan, critics say http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/green-power-projects-to-falter-under-turnbull-government-plan-critics-say-20160322-gnooqi.html March 22, 2016 –Nicole Hasham Environment and immigration correspondentThe Turnbull government would be taking a “risky gamble” with the renewable energy sector by merging two key climate action bodies and forcing vulnerable new ventures to borrow funds rather than receive grants, green power advocates say.

Guardian Australia has reported that the government intends to combine the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency – two bodies that provide financial support to emerging renewable technologies.

The CEFC issues loans that must be paid back while ARENA provides grants, including a focus on projects in the research and development phase that would otherwise struggle to attract investment.

There is speculation that the merger model will mean grants would be scrapped and only loans would be available – raising questions over whether projects in their very…

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Lithium: design and recycling- a potential new industry for Australia


recycle-rare-earths-2Lithium: Australia needs to recycle and lease to be part of the boom, The Conversation, Damien Giurco  Professor of Resource Futures, University of Technology SydneyBen McLellan Honorary Senior Research Fellow, The University of Queensland March 22, 2016 “….Australia has an opportunity to capitalise on the increasing global demand for lithium batteries by developing recycling systems and creating models for leasing the resource.

Lithium is the third element in the periodic table and the lightest classified as a metal. This makes it a good choice in battery applications needing lightweight energy storage. Lithium-ion batteries are now increasingly common in smartphones, electric vehicles and indeed Tesla powerwalls, the first of which was recently installed in Australia.

Because of this rising demand, Lithium is considered to be a “critical” mineral by many countries. Currently, global demand is over 32 thousand tonnes per year. This is predicted to rise to 

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Majority of Americans Now Oppose Nuclear Energy; Surely They Oppose The Dumping of Foreign Nuclear Waste on America? Oppose Dumping of 200 tonnes of German Nuclear Waste on America by This Friday, 25 March 11.59 pm Eastern Time

Mining Awareness +

Ban Nuclear Energy
With the Exception of Bernie Sanders, major US Presidential candidates are neither leaders nor followers of public opinion on nuclear power. Americans oppose nuclear power. Meanwhile, President Obama is importing foreign nuclear waste, even as within the US, states don’t want the nuclear waste of other states (e.g. Idaho and Illinois)! See more info on how to oppose the import of 200 tonnes of German nuclear waste after the article.
From CommonDreams.org:
Published on Friday, March 18, 2016
In First, Majority of Americans Now Oppose Nuclear Energy
Gallup poll comes as new campaign counters nuclear’s “clean energy myth

by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
For the first time since Gallup began polling on the question, a majority of Americans say they oppose nuclear energy.

A majority of Americans—54 percent—oppose nuclear energy, a Gallup poll released Friday found.

It marks the first time a majority in the country…

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Sanders Stands Firm Against Nuclear, Along with Majority of Americans; Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops And Goes Against Public Opinion

Mining Awareness +

Bernie believes that solar, wind, geothermal power and energy efficiency are proven and more cost-effective than nuclear – even without tax incentives” And, the toxic waste byproducts of nuclear plants” make them “not worth the risks.”Especially in light of lessons learned from Japan’s Fukushima meltdown, Bernie has also raised questions about why the federal government invests billions into federal subsidies for the nuclear industry. We can have an affordable carbon-free, nuclear-free energy system … we must work for a safe, healthy future for all Americans“. https://berniesanders.com/issues/climate-change/

The Clintons started using public opinion polls 36 years ago, after Bill was booted out of the Arkansas Governor’s mansion. And, yet, she is apparently ignoring a new public opinion poll showing that the majority of Americans oppose nuclear power! Her recent flip-flop may have been to better curry favor with workers at the…

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