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Here We Go Again

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We have returned to the worthless debate on the ownership of guns…..the same debate we have with every attack and/or massacre…….the same waste of time ….time after time (not a Cindy Lauper song)…..

Of course I will be labelled whatever the mental midget class call people the disagree with them…apologist, bleeding heart, liberal, or my favorite, political correct.

So before the inevitable stupidity starts let me say my views right now….

I am against the ownership of assault weapons…..they are not needed for protection if so then the idiot holding it is a terrible shot then I suggest a shotgun…..they are not used for hunting….and if someone just gets off on shooting them then join the Army they will let these idiots play with them as much as they like.

There even those that agree with me……

Nate Bethea served as an infantry officer in the US Army from 2007…

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Islamophobia; Should America Take Down Statue Of Liberty?

There is no asterisk at the end of the iconic poem etched into our Statue of Liberty.

“Give me your tired, your poor…” doesn’t end with “except Muslims” or any other blanket xenophobic prohibition.

But, sadly, many of our politicians are acting like it does, whether it’s through calling for all Muslims to be deported or not letting those fleeing war and persecution into our country.

That’s why today, World Refugee Day, we all need to stand up for the basic human rights of the most vulnerable individuals of our time.

Watch and share our latest short film on the Syrian Refugee Crises and fight against bigotry and hate!

There are 4.8 million Syrian refugees due to the violent and bloody civil war. And the only US plan is to take in .2% or 10,000 of them- and we haven’t even come through on that promise yet. Meanwhile, countries like Canada, with fewer resources, have taken in over 27,000 refugees in just the last six months.

This is shameful.

Watch the film, share, and take action today to remind politicians what America is supposed to stand for!

In Solidarity,

Robert Greenwald, President
Brave New Films

Comley: Nuclear Energy is the Most Important Campaign Issue Because it Threatens Every Other Issue

Mining Awareness +

A very important video and only 3 min 48 sec long – less than 4 minutes.

Link: http://youtu.be/LonqWHvlbc4
Unfortunately what Stephen Comley says is relevant for all (or almost all) countries where there is nuclear power.

Stephen B. Comley Sr ‏@stephencomleysr
Take America from the corporations and big energy and the over-sight committees that [are] in their pockets!!!! #thislandisourland

Republican Presidential Candidate, Stephen Comley, has an almost thirty year track record of working for nuclear safety:
Spurred by a letter from then Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner’s Executive Director, Victor Stello, declaring the most vulnerable of our citizens would be left behind in the event of nuclear disaster Stephen B. Comley, Sr. brought the fight to the door of United States’ Presidents, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the national press.

For twenty-eight-years, Mr. Comley worked outside the political beltway to bring change to an industry fueled by…

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Dangers of allowing India into Nuclear Suppliers Group


India is a nuclear-armed state. India is not a party to the NPT, it is not a party to a nuclear weapon-free zone treaty, it will not join the CTBT, and it will not make legal commitments identical to NPT articles concerning its nuclear arms. NSG members therefore are compelled to think harder than in previous cases about what will be the consequences of admitting India into the group.

The United States advocates Indian NSG membership for commercial and geostrategic reasons largely unrelated to nuclear export controls.

The Nuclear Suppliers Group’s Critical India Decision An upcoming meeting will decide whether India will be allowed to join. Member states should think carefully. The Diplomat, By Mark Hibbs June 18, 2016 Beginning on Monday, the Nuclear Suppliers Group, or NSG – 48 countries that export most of the world’s nuclear material, equipment, and technology – will meet in Seoul to decide whether India should now…

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Indian village gets free irrigation with solar energy


antnuke-relevantsunWith Solar Power, A Gujarat Village Is Irrigating Its Fields For Free NDTV,  All India  by Rohit Bhan  May 22, 2016 DHUNDI: 


  1. Farmers formed cooperative to install solar panels in their fields
  2. Solar panels power irrigation, surplus power sold to electricity board
  3. Project funded by farmers and non-profit group IWMI
  Ramabhai Sagar, a 46-year-old farmer in Gujarat’s Dhundi village, is experiencing first hand a solar revolution of sorts.

Around seven months ago, about a dozen farmers in Ramabhai’s village about 90 km from Ahmedabad came together to form a solar cooperative and set up solar panels in the fields to generate electricity.

“We used to spend 500 rupees on diesel for pumping sets for drawing water for irrigation. But now we do it with solar energy,” Rambhai said.
“We also make money by selling solar power when we not irrigating our fields. We can sell excess electricity to…

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Uranium as a Fossil Fuel


 uranium-oreIndian Point Safe Energy Coalition  April 11, 2016   Marilyn Elie,  “……..Coal, oil, and gas are all remnants from our prehistoric past. They are mined from the earth at great cost and labor…….

The price of civilization has been the destabilization of the natural system of checks and balances that has kept our atmosphere – the air we breathe – operating within the narrow band of gases that is hospitable to life.

Uranium, although it is not rich in carbon, fits into this category of mined fuels. The Navajo have a saying, “You might meet old coal miners, but you will never meet old uranium workers.” The mining and enrichment of the ore into fuel requires an enormous amount of electricity, and most of all, the reactors that are fueled by uranium alter the fuel rods and produce plutonium. One of the most deadly substances on the face of…

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POTUS Obama Signs Executive Order 13691 Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons

The Militant Negro™


President Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons

President Obama signing Executive Order 13691 which bans the sale of assault weapons and places a mandatory 30 day waiting period on all firearm sales. (AP Photo/ Dennis System) President Obama signing Executive Order 13691 which bans the sale of assault weapons and places a mandatory 30 day waiting period on all firearm sales. (AP Photo/ Dennis System)

  • President Obama promises large scale Homeland Security raids if gun violence does not subside
  • Executive Order includes mandatory 30 day waiting period on all new firearm sales
  • Felony prison time for those who do not comply with the new law

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) — After Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando, which left 50 Americans dead and 53 wounded, President Obama decided to take unilateral action on gun control by signing Executive Order 13691. The new law bans all sales of assault weapons and places a mandatory 30 day waiting period on all firearm sales, regardless of whether the transaction takes place at a…

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Recent French Revolt 11 Weeks Strong and Counting* — Hwaairfan’s Blog

The Most Revolutionary Act

Recent French Revolt 11 Weeks Strong and Counting* By Steve Rushton “Across France we are building a non-hierarchical network, and this is new,” explains Jan Sitka, who is part of the media team of Nuit Debout, the French movement of the squares that is now nearly three months in the making. Since its first evening […]

via Recent French Revolt 11 Weeks Strong and Counting* — Hwaairfan’s Blog

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Transformational News In 60 Seconds; What Works For Seven Future Generations Without Causing Harm?

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