Salmon Run Devastated, S. California To Alaska, Salmon Radiation Test Results 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Globally, the overall trend is towards mass die offs of fishery populations. This article will focus on just one species, salmon. To find out more about the global die off of fish species in the world’s oceans, click on the following link.

There are many reasons for the die off of salmon on the Pacific west coast of the US. Dams, overfishing, habitat loss, global warming, fish farms, and more are all contributing. But since 2011, something very strange and drastic happened. This article will try to document and explain one potential cause for the drastic decline in west coast salmon populations since 2011, along with many other species, such as star fish, herring, birds, seals, sea lions, and more. 
To fully grasp and understand the potential cause of this multispecies mass die off, click on the following link… 

2014 – Fukushima Ocean Radiation Compared To Chernobyl and 2,400 Open Air Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad


Despite the largest mega nuclear disaster in the history of humankind, (see link above for details), and the dumping of tons of radioactive elements into the ocean, Japan is exporting fish from Fukushima and other areas along the Japanese Pacific coastline to the US and other countries. Is all of that fish safe?

The FDA claims that it has not detected ANY radiation in any fish imported from Japan from 2011 to today. Prime Minister Abe also claimed that no radiation from Fukushima would escape from the harbor, and that it would trap all radiation going into the ocean coming from the multiple leaking and broken open reactors with melted down corium fuel inside of them.

The nuclear experts report that Fukushima was only 10% of Chernobyl in terms of radiation release. They say nothing melted out, blew up or caught on fire, and that it is in cold shutdown, plus it is being decommissioned like any other reactor. They claim no one died, and no one will ever die from this nuclear mega disaster. Do you believe? If you would like to explore this ‘truthfulness’ issue further, click on the following link…
Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%, Whistleblowers, And Solutions

The point of the following article is that it has been well documented that radiation contaminated food is being sold and eaten inside Japan, with the full cooperation and support of the Japanese government. If they are willing to do that within their own country, to their own citizens, what would they be willing to do around people that are not their relatives, friends and family members?

Fukushima Farmers Growing Food In Radioactively Contaminated Lands, Then Exporting It, Won’t Eat It Themselves; via @AGreenRoad

To really understand the stranglehold that the nuclear industry has on governments, on media and on people’s understanding, you have to understand the history of nuclear accidents, which have been covered up and denied since the very first one happened, right up to today. 

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists 
Now, if you are ready, let’s dive into what happened since 2011, to the salmon specifically… 


Canadian gov’t now plans to start radiation testing on fish off B.C. coast August 19, 2011
Somehow, they never got around to testing and then reporting anything to the public from then until now.

A small number of salmon were tested by ONE seafood retailer in 2011 and then nothing was repeated.. They reported zero radiation or just a trace…unknown what type of equipment they used or what method was used, or what part of the fish they tested.. Very vague and general assurances about salmon safety..

Here is a little bit about the company and its testing methods. Are you feeling more secure and safe now? No details are provided.. The devil is often in the details, so that open pit can be avoided by not giving any details at all. Often, giving general assurances, with no specifics or hard data, is called greenwashing.

Via Jebus May 3, 2012  “The harmful radioactive isotopes that were released in significant amounts from the Fukushima plant, primarily Cesium-134, Cesium-137 and Iodine-131, were not present in almost every case. The trace amounts that may have been present in rare cases fell below the extremely low, very safe levels detectable with current technology.” Sound familiar? This company saw an opportunity as the truth is being let out in small sushi bites. The art of damage control at it’s finest….
Hmm, there’s money to be made…. Eurofins signs an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Nihon Kankyo (Japan) 23 April 2012 Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the global leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical product testing services has signed an agreement to acquire a 52.6% majority stake in Nihon Kankyo K.K. (Nihon Environmental Services), a leading player in the environmental laboratory services market in Japan, on 31 March 2012. The transaction is expected to be completed this week.
Via Jebus May 3, 2012 “There will never be any radiation found in anyones food…Nuttin ta see here…”Eurofins expands global technology portfolio and geographic reach with Lancaster Laboratories – With the later acquisition of top US testing firm, Lancaster Laboratories, the Eurofins Group takes a leadership position in North America in two strategic markets: Pharm/ Biopharm product testing and Environmental testing.”

via Sickputer January 16, 2014 I appreciate the fish company testing, but many more samples are needed. Seven fish does not represent a large enough database to make any early assumptions of risk factors.

Cherry picking samples is a valid concern in such a small testing survey. Did they select 1 of each species and select the nicest fish in a catch? What about fish that look a little worse for wear? I’m not saying the fishing company excluded sickly fish, but I would be more convinced by unbiased samples of many hundreds of salmon. Millions of dollars for guaranteed unbiased testing is needed.

It is not just the salmon that are in trouble; it is also the top of the food chain whales that feed on the salmon that are dying and having trouble even raising any young. 

Killer Whales Dying In Pacific Ocean, No Babies since 2011, Population Dropping


A US nuclear lab tested a few salmon each year (2011 to 2014) and found nothing at all. 

They also reported finding nothing coming over from Fukushima in the air worth worrying about, all the way up to today. 

US Regulator: We’ve got to stop labs from testing for Fukushima radiation — “Tell them to back off” — Worried about them talking to press about ‘consequences’

NoPrevarication March 2, 2012  ..”scientists at the U.S. National Laboratories (Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, etc.) wanted to immediately assess the danger to the American public. The NRC told them to “knock it off” in other words, none of your business, we will handle this.”

What could cause this massive collapse all up and down the whole coastline of the Pacific ocean, all at once? It couldn’t be radiation, could it? No, there is no way that something invisible, poisonous, toxic and radioactive could do all of that.. or could it? What do the people who study this say? What have the studies found? 

Animals, Insects, Birds And Plants – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation


Daisy207 January 16, 2014  “Why are they paying for testing? Send samples off to this lab which is staffed by salaried personnel and has equipment already paid for by tax dollars.

Just tell them they are obligated to do their job. If they won’t take the samples – call your congressman or woman – if that doesn’t work – start jamming the white house with calls. If enough people make this an issue – the main stream media might start to report on it. Start jamming NBC, MSNBC, etc with calls – tell them to start interviewing labs to find out who can accept samples and test them – there are not many and certainly not enough labs with proper equipment to do the testing now. And if any “scientist” says no problem – ask them for the data, to provide tables of analyses and MAKE THEM justify statements with “These data show”.


Via PhilipUpNorth January 16, 2014 Meanwhile: “Although the FDA contends that there is no evidence that radionuclides from Fukushima are present in Alaskan and Pacific Northwest seafood at a level that would be harmful to human health, it has not published results.”
Tokai Mayor: “We don’t trust the govt’s nuclear policies” — “We cant feel safe unless the mistrust is resolved” (VIDEO) October 27, 2011


vital1 May 3, 2012 This article “EU boosts food import controls after Japanese nuclear disaster” is a clever deception because they then proceed to quietly raise the EU maximum safety levels by 20x for caesium-134 and caesium-137. Governments worldwide have used this same tactic.
They then tell the public everything is testing below safety levels, nothing to worry about!
Here is another example, Japan this time.
So what food safety levels is this company using? The new 20x or 30x higher ones set by the government after 3/11, or the old per Fukushima levels?”

Both Japan, EU and US governments raised allowed radiation levels in foods and drinks by orders of magnitude, with no formal public debates or announcement after 3/11. Thus, all food is safe, because it did not trigger these new and higher levels of radiation. Are you feeling safer now? You trust your government and the nuclear industry, don’t you? 


February 17th, 2012 NOAA: No radiation levels that would “directly” cause seal deaths, Fukushima not a “primary factor” — AP misreports this as “scientists find no radiation” — Cesium levels not released

A fisherman said that salmon all up and down the west coast are almost universally not going up the rivers, and catch is down 40 to 60%. They are staying in the ocean and not going into fresh water in the places he is aware of. 
There may be one or two exceptions here or there, but the overall trend in all rivers from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California is that salmon numbers are down about 50%. Then most of the ones showing up in the ocean are not going up the rivers. 
These salmon are just hanging out in the ocean in front of the rivers. That is strange behaviour all by itself, very worrisome in fact. This is potentially HUGE… because if the salmon do not go up the rivers, they do not lay eggs and breed. The next generation of salmon; where do they come from if the salmon are not going up the rivers and laying eggs?
Mon, 2012-07-02 My wife and I are avid salmon consumers. We live in Seattle and have followed with concern the radiation leakage occurring in the Pacific from Fukushima. Due to the lack of current testing of presently caught salmon by either the US or Canada governments, we decided to have two sockeye samples tested ourselves. 
I purchased two Copper River sockeye samples from our local PCC Natural Markets Store (similar to Whole Foods, but located only in the metro Seattle area) last Thursday morning. I then packed them in ice and shipped them overnight to the Radiation Center at Oregon State University in Corvallis. They arrived in Corvallis on Friday morning. The Senior Health Physicist for the Center then ran radiation exposure tests on each sample with their High Purity Geranium detector (I also paid for this testing). I was sent the test results about an hour ago. 


The results showed the following: 
Cesium 134                             (bq/kg): 
Sample 1 –               9.02 x 10 = 90
Sample 2 –               8.91 x 10 = 89
Cesium 137                              (bq/kg): 
Sample 1 –                                  1.47 
Sample 2 –                                  1.26 
Oregon State University Radiation Testing Center Results..


According to Moonman on Enenews; November 13, 2013 “What i noticed fishing off the oregon coast was there was no herring or sardines in the salmons guts, only krill and crab spawn and a few needle fish around central Oregon. Tuna fishing was different this year too what little I did, seemed to me that the feed (fish) wasn’t around like previous years. I sold the boat after fishing for forty years; looks like death in a unimaginational scale out there to me. I will spend the rest of the time left with my family. I lost my living at 57. Who knows how long we got left with no real info; just cover ups in the good old USA.” 


Fukushima Harbor Fish Measured With 740,000 Bq/Kg Cesium March 2013; via @AGreenRoad

Unprecedented: Sockeye salmon at dire historic low on Canada’s Pacific coast — “We think something happened in the ocean” — “The elders have never seen anything like this at all” — Alaska and Russia also affected (MAP) 

One area reported a huge rise in salmon returning, but it was not a natural event. Ocean mineral seeding in 2012 had the result of creating huge numbers of salmon returning, due to adequate food in ocean being manufactured artificially, through mineral ‘seeding’, which could be seen much like a farmer fertilizing his land. 


Danger January 16, 2014 With all commercial fishing banned at Kodiak Island the Ayakulik river saw only 2,300 fish return to spawn by the end of the season. 2003 saw 24,000 return with full commercial fishing and sport fishing.
The 90% decline is occurring at sea. This is likely happening to all marine species. The losses of salmon are observable due to their fresh water spawn lifecycle.
2014 Salmon Second Mass Die Off In Progress From Fukushima Radiation? First Mass Die Off From Dams, Running The Gauntlet; PBS Nature; via A Green Road
The mass media and everyone except for a tiny minority keep saying everything is normal, safe and fine. The salmon fish runs are dropping further down, from the mass die off levels experienced in previous decades. 
If everything is so fine, where did the millions of salmon go that used to head up any river on the Pacific coast multiple times per year, feeding all of the native Americans who also used to live along those rivers? The millions of native people that lived on this US continent before the ‘settlers’ arrived for tens of thousands of years also experienced mass die offs, but no one thinks that is strange or unusual either. The new normal seems to mass die offs, plus 135 species PER DAY, just disappearing. 

Huge dead zones spreading all through the world in all of the oceans are now ‘normal’ and no one even things twice about them, despite them growing in size, severity and length of time. 
The Deep Pacific Ocean Is Broken/Dead; Devoid Of Life For Thousands Of Miles Where It Used To Be Filled With Life; via @AGreenRoad

2014 – Dead Zones In World’s Oceans And Large Lakes Report

Globally, there are many negative tipping points all converging together, but again, this is considered ‘normal’, average and pay no attention to it, because we are having fun watching TV and going to sports games, plus other important stuff. 

2014 List of 45+ Global Tipping Points, Many Of Them Have Been Reached Or Exceeded, Almost All Are Getting Worse; via @AGreenRoad

The new normal is mass extinction of over 100 species per day, but no one notices, because it is not on the sports channel, the news channel or on the nightly news, so it must not exist, right?

137 Species Being Lost Per Day, 50,000 Per Year, Versus Dolly The Cloned Sheep; Birth, Life, Death And Legacy

Ask Kevin Blanch, and he will tell you that most people are ignorant about what is going on, and they don’t want to know either.. If you try to tell them about these very real things, they turn and walk away, or give you strange looks and shut down completely, with a blank look on their face, because it is so far away from the ‘faux’ reality presented on the ‘faux’ channels that they watch. 
Crime and justice TV shows run daily, for 18 hours a day. They feature murders, kidnappings and brutality that is savage and heartless. But will any of these shows cover the millions of deaths caused by nuclear radiation? No. 
Will any of these shows cover the injustice of humanity causing the extinction of over 100 species PER DAY? No. 
Real reality is too awful and horrible to put on TV. People would actually quit watching TV if these horrors were to be aired 18 hours a day. They would get off the couch and do something, anything. 


Meanwhile, silent death is stalking everyone on the planet, in the form of internal radiation coming up the food chain, through foods such as salmon. The killer stalks silently, secretly and ignorant people know nothing about how this murderous genocidal maniac operates under the cover of darkness, because he is not shown on TV or on any of the crime shows, murder shows, or thriller cop shows.. Hmmmm, why wouldn’t this real life murder be shown on TV? 

Dr. Conrad Miller MD – How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings – 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad 
Dr. Miller talks about how the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends testing fish and other seafood for radiation.. They would not be recommending it, unless it was NOT being done, or it was not being done in adequate amounts. Maybe they are also pointing at sources that are biased towards always reporting good nuclear news, or they get fired. Meanwhile no seafood is being tested regularly in large quantities inside the US. 
Instead of testing the fish, maybe it is time to start testing US kids and adult kids for internal cesium loads, especially if they are eating lots of seafood products.


or-well September 18, 2014 



I’ve known those in large homes,
those in basements rented,
those who’ve lived on the glide
and those by Life dented,
been to celebrations wet with champagne,
and ones with few beers held outside in the rain,
known kids whose play is lost in confusion
in a welter of toys, amassed in profusion,
and ones whose toys are sourced at Goodwill –
of them all, whose play is most thrilled?
The ones joined at play by loving caregiver,
not ones abandoned to TV babysitter,
and the happy folks – big-careered, well-invested?
No more likely than those of possessions divested.
We know what makes happy. It’s not stuff or need,
false and implanted by society
nor using our level of energy.
Its doing something truly worthwhile,
sharing what makes us humans smile,
what binds us together as we naturally incline,
not pulls apart as the Elite define.
I could go on but I’ll just say thanks
that we don’t need electricity and no stinkin’ tanks
for human happiness or peace in the soul,
we need basic needs met and to see our kids grow.

Bird Song
Once we were dinosaurs stomping around,
knocking big trees flat on the ground,
giving big rocks a boot for a mile
as Jurassic mosquitoes made us quite riled.
We had teeth as long as a cutlass
and toenails that could rip you gutless,
we could smell much in our big sinuses
and had lots of room in our skull cavities.
All in all, more plusses than minuses
as no one questioned our depravities.
Stupid cosmic collisions and changing weather –
now all we’ve got is evolved feathers!
We have to fight worms for Goodness’ sake
to feed our young their daily intake!
We’re cute little birdies that chirp and tweet
and kids think it fun how we hop on our feet
and who objects as with song we Sun greet?
Oh yum we get seeds and bugs to eat
and sometimes at feeders we get a treat.
So what’s the problem? Why not let us live?
We help control insects and joy to you give.
Can’t you leave us some homes, not poison our food,
what have we done lately that you find so rude
our habitat everywhere you must denude?
Why do you kill us by enfeebling our brood?
The Sea, the Land, the Air is a mess –
can’t we even have Trees to build a few nests?
You’ll know when the Sky is empty and quiet
we’ve gone extinct and by your own fiat
other species will follow, even ones of your diet.


Yes, there are exceptions to mass die offs in local areas. AGRP can point at a few rivers along the coast that have increased runs of salmon, but the overall salmon river numbers from Alaska to Mexico are down since 2011. Yes, some of that loss may be due to the drought and global warming, but those things happened before and did not have this kind of effect on so many species all at once, all the way from Alaska to Mexico. 
But pray tell, why is not one scientist studying the effect of low dose radiation on salmon eggs, fry and young fish? Science is about looking at all potential causes of a problem, and not denying any of them, correct? Maybe scientists have a problem with studying radiation because it is not visible. Love is also invisible, and it too is not studied by scientists, so maybe they have a good excuse, as they study the visible world only; acid water, bacteria, viruses and fungus, but on pain of death, avoid all mention of radiation as something to study or look at. 
In today’s world, the sacred cow seems to be the nuclear industry and everything associated with it. No one can touch the sacred cow, nor study the negative effects of the nuclear sacred cow’s invisible and radioactive emissions on the food web. The nuclear industry has become a cult, with many a scientist acting as if they are very loyal and devoted cult followers. 
Don’t touch or study the sacred nuclear cow emissions, or casting out of the nuclear temple and financial death will be the punishment!  

Salmon Runs Devastated, S. California To Alaska, Salmon Radiation Test Results 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
A Green Road Project – Detailing The Science Of Sustainable Health and Success. What benefits seven future generations, and causes no harm? 
Access 1,800 + videos plus articles by clicking on the Pages link in left upper corner, or type in your search words in search box at top right side corner, at;


9/21/14 Largest Ever Global Climate Change Protest; Close To Zero Coverage By Mass Media, What Is The Goal?

The Biggest Climate March Ever! “Months ago, our community decided on a crazy goal — the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. Yesterday, it actually happened.Hundreds of thousands of people marched in New York and in over 2000 other communities around the world. It was a beautiful expression of our love for all that climate change threatens, and our hope that we can save this world and build a society powered by 100% clean energy.” 

Click on link below to see massive Climate Change marches and protests from all over the world..

Via eatliesndie September 26, 2014  It was big in Melbourne. 30,000 they say

(There is no mention of a carbon free or nuclear free future yet, correct?)


Everyone in these marches and protests is agreeing about and asking for 100% ‘clean energy’. But what does that term ‘clean energy’ really mean? Depending on who you ask, clean energy could be defined as:

clean coal
clean gas
clean nuclear
clean oil
clean biofuels
clean algae
clean catalytic wood burning
natural gas

The problem is that all of the above emit CARBON DIOXIDE, which is a global warming, acid gas. And isn’t that the problem, not the solution?

Clean energy; is it REALLY ‘all of the above’?  Isn’t that exactly what the huge corporations and politicians are doing now, which is pursuing an ‘all of the above clean energy’ campaign? Where is that ‘all of the above’ policy getting us? C02 levels are still rising, pollution is still increasing and the oceans are becoming acidic. Do you need proof of this? 

2014 List of 45+ Global Tipping Points, Many Of Them Have Been Reached Or Exceeded, Almost All Are Getting Worse; via @AGreenRoad

AGRP hears a lot of well meaning folks, media reporters and huge environmental groups such as asking politicians and corporations to ‘do more’ around ‘clean energy’, but what does that REALLY mean? Could it be, that this whole ‘100% clean energy’ campaign is really about greenwashing? Or, maybe it is just ignorance about what ‘clean energy’ really is, but that is REALLY hard to believe when it comes to environmental groups, who should be on top of this very elemental, basic scientific fact. 
Why didn’t the organizers and various groups involved demand something more specific, such as a nuclear free, carbon free energy future for example? Only this specific future reverses the 45 plus negative tipping points above, which is the whole point of all of this protesting and marching, correct?

If we are only going to burn more ‘clean energy’ via clean coal, clean oil, clean gas and clean nuclear, then the negative tipping points just accelerate further and faster, correct? If one goes with the carbon free, nuclear free future clean energy definition, then only the following types of energy would fit into the definition of ‘clean energy’:

water power
energy efficiency
energy reduction technologies
Zero point

None of the above emit carbon or radiation, and none of them need ‘decommissioning’. None of the above can blow up or melt down and destroy a whole nation. For more details about the specifics of what makes up a zero carbon, zero nuclear future, click on;

Environment, Holistic Living, Health, Self-Healing, Zero Point And Renewable Energy

The only contingent that focused on the above during this huge global climate change march was the anti nuclear groups contingent, and they were not included up front with Al Gore and Ban Ki Moon.

From Saturday afternoon meeting, to early Sunday morning preparations, through speakers and the march itself, this gallery documents the historic People’s Climate March and the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent.

Their specific ‘clean energy’ position was never mentioned on any major news media and not one of the following news media mentioned them or their specific position either, but if you can find a mention, please let AGRP know.

As a matter of fact, the major mass media news networks were mostly absent from this huge, epic, bigger than ever before global event in over 2,600+ locations. According to the biggest mass media ‘players’, this biggest ever global climate change protest and marches never even happened, as they never provided any live coverage of it. If a global protest happens, but there is no live coverage, does that mean it does not exist? 

For more on this, see the links and sections below. 


RT: “Cole Stangler, In These Times, joins Thom Hartmann. Starting just before noon outside of Central Park – the People’s Climate March was one of 2,600 other protests around the world Sunday – which together made up the single largest climate-change rally IN HUMAN HISTORY. New York’s protest lasted for hours as marchers traveled over two miles through downtown Manhattan – carrying banners – signs – and floats. 
Everyone from U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon to legendary biologist Jane Goodall was there – and the message was clear: if we want human civilization to survive the next few centuries – the world needs to take action on global warming right now. This week – world leaders – including President Barack Obama – are meeting in New York City for a U.N. Summit on climate change. And if yesterday’s massive protests are any indication – there is a deep well of popular support for a world-changing climate deal. The people have spoken and they want action on climate change. The only problem is – the mainstream media isn’t listening.”
Source; description under video
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


TV News Misses Yet Another Opportunity To Cover Climate Change

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


‘Largest-ever’ climate-change march rolls through NYC

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


An Australian Climate Change Protest With a Difference Gives a Bums-Up Salute
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


Democracy Now Coverage; – As up to 400,000 filled the streets, Democracy Now! did an exclusive three-hour global broadcast from the heart of the People’s Climate March in New York City. We air highlights of the special. 
To watch the full 3-hour special, visit:…
Again, no mention of nuclear anything in the 30 minute video, but Kevin says he was interviewed by DN below.. hopefully his interview is in the 3 hour segment. So sad that he is not in the 30 minute segment, nor is any other anti nuclear activist. 
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


Daily Show covers Climate Change March… Al Gore and Ban Ki Moon featured, plus mayor of New York. CNN covers the parade. Daily mentions gamma radiation by showing cartoon characters.. There is no mention of how dangerous nuclear energy is or how it affects global warming.. very close to zero about nuclear.. D score, but thumbs up for mentioning nuclear, which is way more than anyone else did, so maybe he deserves an A for effort, because he said the word gamma radiation.

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.



(WARNING: Some Adult Language)
Kevin Blanch points out the CNBC truck, and the reporter who is at the march, but they interview no one and hide behind the truck, according to Kevin. (Adult Language)

UPDATE 5-Climate protesters arrested in march on Wall Street

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.

Kevin Blanch covers the beginning of the arrests of peaceful protestors, as the crowd chants (The whole world is watching) and makes the comment that the REAL criminals are running free.

Kevin is all about a nuclear free future…


How Fox News Is Covering the Climate Change March
Sunday news shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox failed to cover the People’s Climate March, a massive protest against climate change being held September 21 in New York City in conjunction with events in more than 150 countries worldwide.
No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free. According to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and FOX, this massive march and protest that happened in 150 countries, and in 2,600 places, NEVER HAPPENED.

More in depth coverage about WHY the mass media did not cover this epic event, nor the Occupy protest. Does America have a free press, covering all sides of issues and spectrums of thought and protests, or not? Based on the evidence presented on this day, the US does NOT really have a free press. 

Operation Mockingbird; How The CIA Controls The Mass Media News; via @AGreenRoad

US Media Cross Ownership, FCC Regulation History, And Potential Solution; via @AGreenRoad

Fake Mass Media News; The Many Ways The Viewing Public Is ‘Programmed’ And TV Programming Is Censored; via @AGreenRoad

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; via @AGreenRoad

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; via @AGreenRoad

How Corporations Control Governments, Media, Politicians; Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man; via @AGreenRoad

Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn’t Get Bigger; via @AGreenRoad

The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons, Faux Media and Fraudulent Science; via @AGreenRoad


9/22/2014 Scenes From Wall Street Protest – Climate Change March

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free.


9/21/2014 –  People’s Climate March Livestream coverage; 3 hours of video, haven’t watched it, but AGRP will bet that there is no one saying anything negative about nuclear power or it’s relationship to global warming, because after all is said and done, this organization seems to be all about promoting nuclear power as the solution for global warming, due to it’s total lack of saying anything at all about the subject of nuclear power, and it’s relationship to causing global warming.

Nuclear Energy As A Direct Cause Of Global Warming, Acid Rain, And Acid Oceans; via @AGreenRoad

No mention of carbon free, or nuclear free. Please contact AGRP and prove this is not the case..


There were countless smaller groups meeting all over the planet around climate change and community activism on this same weekend. None of them made it into the major news media coverage, but AGRP covered one of these and presents a small snippet of one of those countless local community meetings here.. The point is that EVERYONE can participate and/or start a local action, no matter where they live on this small global village. When a large group starts something and plans several months ahead, go ahead and piggyback on that date and time and organize something locally, for all of those folks who don’t care to travel long distances, or cannot afford to.


9/21/2014 Are environmental movement ‘leaders’ trying to shut down, deny or ignore the voices of nuclear activists? There is no better evidence of this than Kevin Blanch being shunted out of the parade and to the back of the crowd, after being told that Fukushima is not worth mentioning in this global protest march for the environment, organized by and other large environmental groups. 
His quote; “the event was giant, epic amazing, I got kicked out of the parade, I kissed Amy Goodman on the mouth, I was interviewed by 15 different new outlets, INCLUDING a kids network a 12 year old and a 8 year old. A N.Y.C. cop gave me a blessing, and I got into to it and put the fear of god in some climate wantabe hall monitors. WOW THE BEST ACTIVISM DAY IN MY 40 PLUS YEAR CAR. WOW WOW WOW IT WAL AMZAING INCREDABLE EPIC, GIANT, 801-452-1908”

9/20/2014 – As Kevin says above; “John Lennon was shot and killed at this hallowed spot and the music died that day.” John sang the song ‘Imagine’ (listen to it below). The song ‘Imagine’ provides a vision of the future; one free of chemicals, nuclear and carbon fuel, as well as money, heaven, hell, religions, borders, possessions, greed, hunger, artificial divisions and wars.

John Lennon sings Imagine

There is no way to get to John Lennon’s vision without getting rid of carbon fuels, nuclear energy and chemicals. But almost no one knows these things or they don’t care enough to do anything to move in that direction. According to Kevin and his guest, the younger generation is totally out of touch with reality, due to video games, self absorption, mass media TV and technology. Watch this part of the interview here..

If Fukushima and nuclear energy is not worth protesting, what is? Nuclear energy and Fukushima is a HUGE GLOWING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.

Everyone is working very hard to ignore it and deny that these 1,000 toxic nuclear plant elephants exist; the huge corporate monopoly, the huge environmental groups, and the political system as well. They married, and are now in bed together. How did very sad situation this happen? To understand how and why this happened to Kevin and why there is no mention of anything antinuclear, you have to understand the history of the environmental movement, who leads it and their relationships, partnerships and money ties to huge corporations, including nuclear corporations, with HUGE amounts of money and profits at stake, via carbon credits and more. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

Via Jebus September 26, 2014 “Nuclear solutions to climate change are anything but – by Gregg Levine
That plan to limit CO2 production has already come under fire from fossil fuel-friendly corporations, trade groups and politicians who balk at the regulation, and from climate scientists and activists who point out that the president’s plan does not do enough to meet the maximum-2-degrees-of-warming goal, but a group you will not hear complaining is the nuclear energy sector.
Buried in the proposal and absent from many initial reports on the plan is a series of programs and pledges that encourage the preservation and possible expansion of the nation’s nuclear electrical generation capacity. The president’s proposed carbon rules assume nuclear power to be a clean, low-carbon energy option, and so put forth a nuclear industry Christmas list of subsidies, incentives and financial backstops that potentially funnels billions of public dollars into private industry hands and risks missing emissions targets while increasing the danger of a nuclear mishap.
Everyone needs to understand how corporations are conducting a MASSIVE PR campaign via the mass media, both by not covering this march, and by extensive coverage of everything pro nuclear.
VanneV September 27, 2014  “Tell EPA: Take nuclear support out of proposed carbon rule
September 16, 2014 Update: Comment period extended until December 1. Keep those comments rolling in and help spread the word!
Can just sign the letter as a petition.


To see any information about the nuclear free groups that were attending in the march, one has to go into a Facebook group. The contingent nuclear free portion of the march covered between 1 to 2 city blocks, but it was never mentioned anywhere that AGRP can find, except within these groups..

Don’t you find this just a little bit strange? 


To become more informed about why all environmental, peace, human rights, and justice groups should be making bold and clear statements that they are AGAINST nuclear power, click on the following link. Why aren’t the environmental groups educating their members about the dangers of nuclear power, the Carrington Event, and nuclear weapons risks? Any one of these things can wipe out all life on the planet in 24 hours, but all that is coming from most large environmental groups around this subject is the sound of crickets chirping. No one even knows what Fukushima is, no oe knows what will happen if the Carrington Event happens today, no one is aware that the US is on hair triggers via a first strike nuclear weapons policy. Yet, they still call themselves environmentalists, despite being ignorant and/or in denial about these things. 

Nuclear Power Is Too EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic, Even More So AFTER Decommissioning; via @AGreenRoad


Most people are being misled by the largest environmental groups and corporations about the REAL issues, and how much the world is being affected already. The solution they present is that voluntary action will work and that nuclear energy is the solution. Clean energy is used as a greenwashing ‘solution’ phrase, which includes nuclear energy, and potentially even carbon fuels. 
How Pro Nuclear And Anti 99% Corporations Control Eco Environmental Organizations Like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, via @AGreenRoad
What you will notice is that the leaders do not present any clear or specific solutions, and the people marching don’t have any specifics either, so how do the politicians know what to do, with no demands from the people or the environmental leaders, other than to do more of the all of the above ‘clean energy’, which is the present day policy of President Obama? 
The organizer of this event, may be against fossil fuels, but what they don’t disclose is that they are PRO nuclear, and nuclear power is just as bad when it comes to global warming as carbon fuels are. 
Why didn’t anyone talk about the global negative tipping points? 
Most people don’t know about the tipping points, even within the environmental movement. The whole clean energy movement has been hijacked, derailed and greenwashed by the largest corporations operating in partnership with the largest environmental groups at the highest levels. 
While it is hopeful is that a huge climate change rally and march happened. The worrisome conclusion is that the greenwashing by the organizers seems to have worked, and no meaningful, specific changes are being demanded by those attending. As Sting said in his interview on Democracy Now; there is a whole lot of greenwashing going on, and he has no patience for it. 

Greenwashing; Fake ‘Green’ Products, Services And Industries; Misleading Half Truths And Public Manipulations

Yes, people said that they are unhappy because they can feel, see and hear things are going off the rails, but nothing specific was demanded and any mention of nuclear energy was very absent, by design.  The lack of coverage by the mass media for the largest ever global climate change march in history, is a telling indictment of how corrupted they have become by the corporate dollars that flow into their coffers.

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9/21/14 Largest Ever Global Climate Change Protest; Close To Zero Coverage By Mass Media, What Is The Goal?

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Is Zero Point Energy The Power Source Of The Future?

Zero point energy is the energy that is still left over, when every bit of matter is reduced to a temperature of absolute zero. There should not be any energy left over when matter is reduced in temperature to that point, but there is. Scientists are trying to explain what this energy is, and researchers are tackling how to tap into this energy, which is underneath all matter.


US Army Zero Point Energy Research

NASA Advanced Energetics for Aeronautical Applications: Volume II

Considering that NASA came up with a model for a future spacecraft powered by zero energy and that the US Army published a report giving it credence and basically reporting that other countries are moving way ahead of the US in this arena, it would seem plausible to think that this zero energy research could be considered scientific, not just quackery, correct? 
Via Ontological September 25, 2014 “Electrostatic energy has been suppressed, Einstein basically could not get the theory of everything right because he was not allowed! He was forced to debunk the most powerful force in the universe as ‘weak’ and due to the fact he taught that these forces were insignificant he could not invent sufficient math to present the theory of everything as solved.
Electro gravity is the secret to massive energy and supraluminal velocities become possible in the abstract of hyper dimensional physics. Electrostatic energy is vacuum. This tiny 1% fraction of the universe is very insignificant, but is the reason it is stable. Vacuum is in actuality what holds an aircraft in the air as the air is forced down under the wing, there is vacuum over the top, and that is what suspends the plane in the air.

One can fool vacuum to form by forcing electron wind down so fast over the titanium/magnesium hull, that the Electron Wind Disk operates on (UFO). This principle cannot be reckoned with easy, but with proper management of the forces, three condenser capacitors can ‘steer’ the vehicle instantaneously without a computer! So the forces of free energy are simply…Cont. (see video above)

Description of free energy device and how it works

Electrostatic, electro gravity, and electron spin

The mercury vortex generator is a good start for the next step to conserving the energy in a thermodynamic field. Get past the fact you have been educated to believe things like ancient life was crude, oh hell no!

Ancient Indian vimanas and modern mercury vortex technology

UFOs and Vimanas

…I will elaborate on this stuff further it will be yet another rather large learning curve however.”


Nikola Tesla – Free Zero Point Energy Wardenclyffe Tower Wireless Energy Demonstration Project; via @AGreenRoad
Free Official 2 Hour Movie – THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?; via @AGreenRoad
Oranur and Orgone Nuclear Radiation Neutralizing Experiment; via @AGreenRoad


There is no way to effectively fight the existing monopolies of energy such as coal, gas, oil, and nuclear, which will doom all life on the planet to extinction if pursued to their end. The only thing that will get us through to the ‘other side’ where humanity is supposed to end up is to make all of these energy sources obsolete, just as the horse and buggy became obsolete when the internal combustion engine was invented and oil was discovered as an energy source. 
When a reliable, clean, cheap or close to free limitless energy source is tapped into and sold via a small handheld or suitcase size device, it would instantly make obsolete all other energy sources, making them a dead ender technology. Overnight, all nuclear, coal, oil, gas and other carbon based energy sources would become obsolete, just like the horse and buggy were after gasoline engines were invented and manufactured. 
The video points out that the scientific ‘establishment’ that thinks it knows it all resists any change, even if it is positive, such as free energy devices. The thing that makes zero energy so fascinating, is that there are MANY countries researching this ‘free’ energy source. Each country is competing with all of the rest.

The first country, organization and/or inventor to come up with a workable, usable and affordable zero point energy device will be the ‘first to market’ and then lead the world via patents. The inventor(s) or sponsoring country or educational institution of the first device (assuming a government or college/university is funding the research) will become potentially rich beyond imagination, just as the first oil well drillers grew rich by tapping into the first ‘free’ energy source beyond wood and coal.

Of course, the inventor could refuse to patent the device and just let everyone copy the device and manufacture it, as many inventors have done for countless inventions that went into the ‘commons’ and were adopted quickly by the public. There is no quicker way to get something out there, than to allow others to copy a free energy device and market it themselves, each one competing with the rest. 


Is Zero Point Energy The Power Source Of The Future?

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Dr. Sternglass And Gofman; Total Numbers Of Infant/Child Deaths From X-Rays, Nuclear Power Plants And Nuclear Bomb Testing

Dr. Ernest Sternglass discusses the dangers of exposure to even the lowest doses of radiation and how his work evolved, based on the scientific findings of Dr. Alice Stewart.

Dr. Ernest Sternglass is Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Pittsburgh. He is Co-founder and Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project (, and author of “Secret Fallout: Low-Level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island”. Dr Sternglass has extensively studied and published on the public health effects of atomic bomb testing and nuclear reactors. As an activist, he has organized and campaigned vigorously on the effects of low-level radiation exposure.


Dr. Alice Stewart showed that even a couple of X rays (1-2 Rads) during a mother’s pregnancy created a 200% increase in leukemia and cancer for those children later in life. 
(AGRP: Yet, even today, many medical doctors and facilities still use Xrays on pregnant moms and publish information that can be found via the Internet, that X Raying pregnant mothers is ok to do, and they advise that women should be Xrayed during pregnancy. Do a google search and see for yourself)

Even low exposure to X-rays, gamma rays increases cancer risk, study finds

Lethal Danger of CT Scans And X-Rays; via @AGreenRoad


AGRP: Even for people who do believe in judicious use of X rays for broken bones and such, how does one know that it is even operating properly, or if it has a ‘leak’? Don’t assume someone operating any kind of radiation machine knows anything. The operators of the X Ray machine may have been hired yesterday and know enough to just push buttons. They are told it is all safe, while it is actually malfunctioning and emitting dangerous levels of radiation. Unless you take a radiation detector with you and check it out, you don’t know anything either.. 
Here is just one small example.. 
Via uwantsun September 25, 2014  Took the Inspector plus to my dentist in December…the thing freaked out … red-lined the device, when for a test, she ran the xray machine while i was down the hall, with a lead wall between us. The Inspector’s make quite a racket when they hit 2500!


Dr. Sternglass reports that skin doctors (dermatologists) used to treat acne with X rays, which then caused skin cancer. If 2 rads can double the cancer risk in kids, what happens when people get the equivalent of this from nuclear bomb test fallout, or from nuclear plant accidents, such as Fukushima? Dr. Sternglass predicted a huge rise in cancers and leukemia rates in children, which came true, as he predicted. 
He talks about how his scientific epidemiology and medical work led to President John F. Kennedy calling for a ban on atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. The nuclear/military industry did not want to stop nuclear bomb testing, so they kept on testing underground. 
Dr. John Gofman’s important work on the increase of childhood cancers and leukemia was attacked (and is still being attacked/dismissed) by the pro nuclear power industry shills, even after many scientists testified in front of Congress about the dangers of low dose radiation exposure dangers. Many mothers got mad and marched in front of the White House.. 
As a result of these brave scientists and protests by courageous moms standing up to the nuclear and military industrial complex, President Kennedy signed the test ban treaty, right before he was assassinated. 
JFK’s Speech About The Danger Of Secret Societies And Huge Monopolies

Dr. Ernest Sternglass, a radiation physicist, board member and co-founder of Radiation and Public Health Project, speaks at the RPHP luncheon held in New York City 6/2013. Dr. Sternglass talks about the bomb test era and President Kennedy’s determination to avoid a nuclear war and how he was assassinated due to his opposition to the nuclear/military industrial complex. Dr. Sternglass was honored with a copy of his testimony that he gave to Congress on August 22, 1963. He has 13 patents, and is an innovator of the digital x-ray! His role in the decrease of nuclear weapons and now nuclear reactors, is a major part of his legacy. 

President Eisenhower – Farewell Warning About Military Industrial Complex; via @AGreenRoad

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

The nuclear industry still kept on testing underground. Those underground tests ‘leaked’ huge amounts of radiation. When the radiation particles went up in the air, they traveled for hundreds to thousands of miles and then came down in the rain. One rainstorm came down ‘hot’ in Albany New York, and caused a spike in infant mortality in that local region. 


The radiation coming from Nevada was discovered on a campus there, when Geiger Counter high radiation alarms went off during the rainstorm. They called the AEC and found out a nuclear bomb had been set off in Nevada, and the fallout plume drifted across the US and came down with the rain in Albany New York, with the same negative effect as if those people had lived downwind, very close to the test. The result was childhood cancer rates doubling 4 to 5 years later, after the initial exposure.  
Dr. Sternglass points out that 90% of the fallout from an accident or nuclear bomb going off comes down in rain or snow, potentially very far away from the initial event. 


He calculated that just up to 1968 and only in the USA, over 300,000 infants and children died in excess of the normal amount one would expect, which was attributed to the open air and underground nuclear bomb tests.

Number of Deaths From 2,400 Global Nuclear Atmospheric Bomb Tests 1945-1998; via @AGreenRoad

40 – 60 MILLION Deaths Due To Global Open Air Nuclear Weapons Testing 1945 to 2003; via @AGreenRoad


When Dr. Gofman was hired as the head of a nuclear lab and he found that increased death rates were being caused by nuclear bomb tests, the nuclear industry would not allow him to publish it in their peer reviewed journals, which is still the case today, for any nuclear scientists. They asked him to publish a study saying Dr. Sternglass is wrong, but DON’T publish any of your own research data, which shows an increase in cancers and deaths. 
Because Gofman had morals and ethics, (unlike most nuclear scientists) he did not comply with their ‘request’ to falsify data. He refused to attack a whistleblower telling the truth. As a result of this, his funding was slowly strangled and he was forced out of the nuclear industry and blacklisted, so he could no longer find work. He ended up becoming a whistleblower, just like Dr. Sternglass. As a medical doctor and a PhD physics professor, he kept studying the negative effects of radiation. 

Scientific Nuclear Fraud At Major Colleges, Universities and Nuclear Research Facilities Uncovered And Analyzed; via @AGreenRoad


Dr. Gofman concluded that with just 25 existing nuclear power plants back in the 1950-60’s, there would be an additional 30,000 infant/child deaths EACH YEAR. Since the US currently has over 100 nuclear plants operating, multiple this figure times FOUR, which equals 300,000 additional infant deaths EACH YEAR.

Nuclear Power Plant Studies Show Child Leukemia, Breast, Thyroid Cancer Rates Increase RADICALLY Closer To Plants; via @AGreenRoad

14,000 US Infant Mortality/Deaths From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Peer Reviewed Study; via @AGreenRoad

12 reasons why all nuclear power plants must be shut down; via @AGreenRoad


Via RiskySeptember 24, 2014 the amount of “Curies” of just 16 radionuclides emitted into the air from a Boiling Water Reactor nuclear power plant per year:
Here is the radionuclide and the amount of curies released:
Ar41 — 25
Kp83m — 1

Kp85m — 150
Kp85 — 290
Kp87 — 200
Kp88 — 240
Xe131m — 18
Xe133m — 1

Xe133 — 3200
Xe135m — 749
Xe135 — 1100
Xe138 — 1400
I131 — .3
I133 — 1.1
C14 — 9.5
H3 — 43
Total = approximately 7378 Curies
My math is probably off but this may equal 272,986,000,000,000 bq PER YEAR from just these 16 radionuclides. This doesn’t even include plutonium, uranium, or the other hundreds of radionuclides released. :: Here are the amount of curies released from Pressurized Water Reactors yearly (PWR)
Ar41 — 25
Kp83m — 1
KP85m — 16
KP85 — 470
Kp87 — 3
Kp88 — 23
Xe131m — 82
Xe133m — 120
Xe133 — 12,000
Xe135m — 1

Xe135 — 86
Xe138 — 1

I131 — .025
I133 — .023
C14 — 8
H3 — 1,100
Total = approximately 13935 curies
My math could be wrong but if not, EACH PWR could be releasing 515,595,000,000,000 Bq into the air per year. I think the US has 35 Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) and 65 Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) which again IF my math is correct, they are releasing
35 BWR’s = 18060 Tbq a year
65 PWR’s = 17745 Tbq a year
just for those 16 radionuclides”


Starting with the figures provided by Dr. Sternglass, multiply the above 300,000 infants/children killed number again by FOUR, because there are at least 400 nuclear power plants globally, so the total number of children dying each year globally from all nuclear power plants is 1,200,000. Multiply this number again to get the total numbers of cancers, leukemias, birth defects, and other genetic diseases including things like diabetes, thyroid problems, autism, ADD, etc. 
The work of Stewart, Gofman and Sternglass led to scientists worldwide accepting the linear non threshold model of health and radiation exposure. In other words, there is NO SAFE DOSE OF RADIATION, PERIOD. 


License Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)


How long will legalized genocide of the most innocent children be allowed to continue, both inside the nuclear industry and in the medical industry? How long will it take for the large environmental organizations to wake up and realize that when they are supporting nuclear power through their greenwashing efforts via and other organizations like it, they are supporting genocide? 

The experts will try to attack and discredit both Dr. Gofman, who is one of their own, as well as Dr. Sternglass, who is also one of their own, just like any other whistleblower that takes on the nuclear industry. A Green Road Project is also a target of these pro nuclear apologists. AGRP has been labeled by these nuclear apologists as ‘fearmongering’ or a ‘worthless blog’, as ‘non expert’, or as ‘non peer reviewed’. But do any of these labels hold water, much less credibility or truth?
ChasAha September 26, 2014 Dr. John Gofman Medical Physicist (Nuclear Power Pioneer) “…advanced degrees confer no special expertise in either common sense or morality. That’s why many laymen are better qualified to judge nuclear power than are the so-called experts.”
AGRP features the leading minds, with PhD’s, MD’s featuring prominently in many investigative articles. So when the nuclear apologists attack AGRP, they are attacking the PhD’s, the MD’s, not AGRP. AGRP provides a focus on truth telling whistleblowing service by exposing the lies, deceptions and denials that are usually tied to a profit making industry, such as the nuclear/military industrial complex. Can whistleblowers and investigators really be so easily dismissed with nothing more than a label and an ad hominem attack? Are you going to allow them to do that? 
Dr. Sternglass And Gofman; Total Numbers Of Infant/Child Deaths From X-Rays, Nuclear Power Plants And Nuclear Bomb Testing

More articles at; 

Children And Adults – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation Exposure
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Radioactive Tissue Boxes Point At A Growing Global Threat of Radiation Contaminated Scrap Metal and Products

“Save the children of Japan from radiation!! Tomoi Zeimer spoke about her experience, with Yuko Tonohira. of delivering signatures from around the world, asking the Japanese Government to stop spreading the radioactive rubble from Fukushima to other areas of Japan…. to the Japanese Consulate to the U.N. here in New York.

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has poisoned the air, food supply, soil and water. Small children have been tested and found to be contaminated with radiation. The Japanese Government has not evacuated these children, instead they have the raised the limits of exposure. The petition also addresses the spread of radioactive contamination.


Tokyo has officially agreed to accept 500,000 tons of radioactive disaster rubble. In a matter of days the first shipment of 1,000 tons of radioactive rubble will be delivered to Tokyo to be burned and dumped into the Tokyo Bay.

The world must insist the Japanese government protect the people, not the corporation TEPCO. Two academic journal reports released this month find that the radiation fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident is much bigger than that reported by the Japanese government and up to 30 times the amount stated by TEPCO.”
Check out the website, with the petition


For more information about how Japan is purposefully spreading radiation contamination all over the nation, so that everyone will be forced to suffer ‘equally’ from the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, click link below…
Japan Suffered 3 Mega Disasters, Now Suffering From 4th Mega Nuclear Disaster, USA Will Be Next; via @AGreenRoad

Radiation In Food/Water, Geiger Counters, Dosimeters, Radiation Readings


Radioactive metal is now being exported from Japan, with no tests on the shipping or receiving end, according to RIA and Fukushima Diary…

Via rogerthat October 15, 2014 MOSCOW, October 15 (RIA Novosti) –… “A case in August, in which imports of scrap steel from Japan were found to contain radioactive material and sent back to Japan clearly shows we’re exposed to a real risk,” Park Jong-kwon, chairman of the Masan Changwon Jinhae Korea Federation of Environmental Movements, said, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal Wednesday. On Tuesday, South Korean environmental activists staged a rally in front of a steel company in Changwon, a city on the country’s southeastern coast. The protesters demanded that local steel companies stop importing Japanese steel, especially since many of South Korean seaports are not equipped with radiation detection devices. The protest in Changwon followed similar complaints earlier this week by a civic group in another South Korean port city of Gunsan, located southwest of the capital Seoul

Japanese scrap iron exported to Gunsan port of S. Korea without radiation test

Radioactive products melted down and made into products to sell at retail level

Bloomberg: Growing global threat of radiation-contaminated metal — Plutonium, weapons-grade uranium found — Chronic exposure to low doses of radiation can lead to cancer and birth defects
Radioactive items used to power medical, military and industrial hardware are melted down and used in goods, driving up company costs as they withdraw tainted products and threatening the public’s health. […] Chronic exposure to low doses of radiation can lead to cataracts, cancer and birth defects, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. A 2005 study of more than 6,000 Taiwanese who lived in apartments built with radioactive reinforcing steel from 1983 to 2005 showed a statistically significant increase in leukemia and breast cancer. […] India and China were the top sources of radioactive goods shipped to the U.S. through 2008, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Bartley, a metallurgist who has tracked radioactive contamination since the early 1990s, said there’s no evidence the situation has improved.
redred March 19, 2012 “Thing is they’ve been at this in the US for a long time. In her 1985 book, Rosalie Bertell talks about schools, roads and even hospitals being constructed using tailings from uranium processing. The cancers amongst the US population must already be significant.”
The end result of NOT testing for radiation in metal products is increasing numbers of things happening, such as the radioactive tissue boxes sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. 


Local News: If there are radioactive tissue boxes at Bed, Bath and Beyond what else is taking place? — Cobalt-60 item was available for purchase online (VIDEO)
Eight radioactive metal tissue-box holders have been removed from the shelves at two Bed, Bath and Beyond locations in Westchester County, leaving customers startled and questioning the company’s safeguards. […] The product, a Dual Ridge Boutique model tissue-box holder, model number DR9M, had also been available on the company’s website, officials said.
Video about these tissue boxes
WindorSolarPlease January 14, 2012 …“The contamination was first discovered in California when two packages bound for Bed, Bath and Beyond stores in Santa Clara and San Jose containing four tissue holders triggered radiation alarms at truck scales, according to a Jan. 6 report posted on the NRC website.” I wrote back: Thank you..If it was discovered at the truck scales, then why did they make it to the stores?
arclight January 16, 2012 “The level of radiation exposure from holding a contaminated tissue-box holder against the body for an hour is equivalent to a chest X-ray ” WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!?? who might just play with a packet of soft tissue? where are these x rays directed?? what about the lorry driver who had thousands of them feet from his body? what about the manufacturers workers who dealt with the material? how many xRAYS AND TO WHAT PART OF THE BODY WERE THESE “X RAYS ” DIRECTED?? xrays huh?? how many bananas is that?? why dont they use the flight stewardess comparison ?? eh?? problems with that one?? especially if there is ionising particles and gases in the upper atmosphere?? loads of questions!”


SnorkY2K January 15, 2012  “First Alert has been doing it for years. While there is a warning on the back to return it when instead of landfilling it…most people just throw old smoke detectors with their Am241 source into the trash. This is a major method of cheaply disposing of byproducts from other nuclear products.”
The question is, what happens if radioactive metal parts are ‘recycled’ into the metal recycling stream, and then melted down to be made into other metal products? Where are the protections in the metal recycling industry? 
What protections are there in the landfills from radiation containing products like this, (or much worse) coming in? 
All smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. How many people know what to do with this highly toxic radioactive waste product? It definitely should not be thrown in the trash.

And to replace a smoke detector, AGRP advises replacing it with a photocell powered version, with no radioactive element inside of it. 


Recycling Radioactive Scrap Metal: The DOE and nuclear industry wants to recycle 14,000 metric tons of radioactive metal that may find its way into your home! 

Department of Energy (DOE) Wants To “Recycle” Radioactively-Contaminated Metal Into Consumer Products; via A Green Road

Radioactive Coal, Fly Ash, Asphalt, Roads, Cement, Gravel, Metal Buildings How And Why Gravel And Cement Becomes Contaminated With Radioactive Cesium, Etc.; via @AGreenRoad

Radioactive Cars And Steel From Japan Being Refused And Shipped Back By Multiple Countries; via @AGreenRoad


What happens to the radioactive contaminated medical waste, nuclear industry metals, DU associated industry wastes, and uranium mining waste products? Is the landfill and waste facility in your community screening waste products for radiation? Odds are, that they are NOT, so anyone can bring in anything radioactive that they want. Because radiation is invisible and undetectable, it could be so radioactive that it will kill people within 4 feet of it, but it will pass right by the gate and go into the waste dump. 
“This video was filmed before discovering radioactive medical and industrial waste was smuggled into incinerators that produced radioactive ash, scrap metal and fallout that also contaminates our drinking water with radioactive-acid rain. See list of radioactive isotopes in reports @
After unwittingly praising some of those responsible for this State-sanctioned smuggling racket, Rose Van Guilder begins an an emotional discussion of the harmful effects of the Islip Superfund Landfill on her family, nearby residents and unsuspecting users exposed to toxic substances upon entering this and other Superfund Landfills throughout Long Island — all contaminated by the Long Island Lighting Company d/b/a LIPA and its managers KeySpan the National Grid; supported by CDC/ATDSR Health Assessments, a Union Boss’ video, legal documents, LIPA/LILCO Audits and other documents linked to
Willful blindness by LIPA Trustees & NYS Politicians to depraved-indifference murder and mass poisonings can be verified from transcripts of LIPA’s December 4, 2007 budget meeting and the video/minutes of the March 2008 joint LILCO/LIPA Trustee Board Meeting.” 
Source; description under video..


Radioactive products are being produced and ending up INSIDE of people, as weird as that may seem. Here is just one example….

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Around Hip Replacements With Radioactive Cobalt 60 That Are Causing Health Problems


Because radiation is invisible, no one can tell if they are sleeping in a radioactively contaminated metal bed, or staying in a radioactively contaminated cement/metal reinforcing bars hotel, or if they are exposed to radiation contaminated drywall. The lesson in this, is to carry around a small portable radiation detector, so that if you are exposed to a dangerous level of radiation, you will be warned. Keep it on all of the time, whether driving, walking, working or at home, because you never know when or how you will be exposed to hazardous radiation from contaminated products.

Radioactive Hotel, Radioactive Residential Buildings, Radioactive Schools And Roads – Test Everything! via @AGreenRoad


Accidents involving radiation are much more common than people realize. Since radiation is invisible and undetectable to human senses, a nuclear accident can be completely hidden and denied. Since most people have zero knowledge of the dangers of radiation, most of the accidents are completely hidden away and all casualties are denied by a gullible and obedient mass media.  
Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Reactors

Lists of 100+ Worst Nuclear Disasters And Radioactivity Release Incidents; via @AGreenRoad


Via or-well January 14, 2012 
Inspired Bones!
“Mall Security!
Geiger Testers!
They are resistors
to the profit that comes
from sourcing abuse.
How dare they test for
isotope Daughters and Sisters
Ready the pepperspray –
Give them all blisters!”
But proactive and passive
they give no excuse
for excessive reaction –
they even buy stuff! –
and then test in the street
where the cameras are waiting!
while corporate execs
watch from windows, hating
that fair and informed
consumer reaction
will, if they’re not careful
deliver a smackdown.


If you don’t have a radiation detector, click on the link below. This brand is recommended by AGRP and has the round pancake style of detector head, which is much more sensitive than the cheaper tube types of detectors. Cheaper brands and many more choices are available at the AGRP store link..
Stay safe out there, AGRP has your back.
Thanks for your generous and very appreciated support!
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Radioactive Tissue Boxes Point At A Growing Global Threat of Radiation Contaminated Scrap Metal and Products

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Children And Adults – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation Exposure

Negative Effects Of Internal Radiation Exposure, Radiation Monitoring Networks

Radiation In Food/Water, Geiger Counters, Dosimeters, Radiation Readings

Animals, Insects, Birds And Plants – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation

First Strike Policy, Nuclear Bombs, Down Winders, Acute Radiation Sickness, Nuclear War, Dirty Bombs, Bomb Shelters

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Why And How To Make Home Made, Flouride Free Toothpaste, Plus Large Variety of Sources For Ingredients and/or Flouride Free Toothpaste Provided

Where does flouride come from? Flouride is a highly toxic, poisonous waste/garbage product produced by the aluminum, chemical fertilizer and nuclear industries. As a man made chemical, it is used to produce deadly rat poison and insecticide. 

IS FLOURIDE IN TOOTHPASTE DANGEROUS? “Is Fluoride Dangerous in your water. Is Fluoride Dangerous in your toothpaste? Dr Layton DDS is a Holistic Dentist In Encinitas Ca. In this video he talks about the dangers of Fluoride in your toothpaste and in your water. Layton Dental is also known as a Natural Dentist and practices Metal Free Dentistry and is an expert in safe Mercury Removal. Dr Layton has videos demonstrating this procedure on his website. Layton Dental 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite 102, Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 753-7700.”
Bottom line, this truth telling dentist is advising everyone to NOT allow children to be exposed to ANY flouride, at all.

Dr. David Kennedy DDS explains why sodium flouride is more toxic and poisonous than lead. Lead is not allowed in toothpaste. Why not make a toothpaste with arsenic or cyanide, because essentially, that is what flouride is comparable to. There is no way to spit it all out, as blood levels of flouride go up after brushing, even if it is spit out. (Flouride in toothpaste is absorbed by mucous membrane.)

Over 1,000 scientists and dentists are calling for removal of flouride from toothpaste and water supplies..Why are they being ignored, denied, and suppressed? Why is the mass media repeating the same industry propaganda of flouride being ‘safe and effective’?

“John Moore – Special operations, covert operations, psychological operations, undercover operations, surveillance operations, bodyguard for executives and stars like Jane Fonda and Charleton Heston, private investigator, firearms instructor, intelligence analyst and homicide detective – talks about the dangers of sodium fluoride which is found in your toothpaste like Colgate and Crest.”
How can one of the most hazardous, most toxic, most poisonous substances found in insecticide, in the form of sodium flouride, also be ‘good’ for you? The mouth is a mucous membrane, just like the skin. Putting poison on the skin or in the mouth, means absorbing some of that poison into your body, even if you or your child manage to NOT swallow any, which is hard to do, since some is left in your mouth even after spitting it out. 
Now add all of the other chemicals and artificial, man made ingredients in your toothpaste, such as; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and glycerin, etc. Can you imagine anything good coming out of this long term, when thinking about 7 future generations?


“We are forcibly being medicated with fluoridation of our tap water in cities across the US, even though fluoride is a non-pharmaceutical, chemical waste and the main ingredient in rat poisons and many pesticides. This video doesn’t even go into the myriad studies that have been done to show the harmful effects of fluoridated water on every system in your body. Instead, I just tried to look at this issue from a logical justification standpoint. If you swallow toothpaste, you are urged on the tube itself to call the Poison Control Center immediately, but somehow if you drink eight glasses of fluoridated water, it’s fine? Where is the logic in that? There’s information out there to show that the amount of fluoride in a serving of toothpaste is the same as a glass of fluoridated water (if the water doesn’t have MORE)! 
Continuing on that logic train, how much of the water you drink even comes in contact with your teeth where cavities form for very long anyway? 
The bottom line: fluoridated tap water makes no sense. There’s a reason Hitler was fluoridating water in Nazi concentration camps, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because he was overly concerned about their dental health. He added fluoride to pacify the prisoners and keep them docile. And now we’re drinking it? Think about it. 
To learn more about fluoride and what you can do about it, check out where you can also take action by writing to your local representatives about the dangers of fluoridated water. People in cities all over America have petitioned their reps to get fluoride out of their water and some have won the battle—you can’t win if you don’t try!
Here are a smattering of scientific studies on the negative impacts of fluoride:
Brain, spinal chord and sciatic nerve: 
Antioxidant Systems (Free Radical Metabolism):…
The Grand Rapids Fluoride Study:… Quote: “The city officials of Grand Rapids in the 1940s had no idea that fluoridation chemicals were toxic industrial waste contaminated with lead and arsenic…”
Geez. There are so many that I’m going to run out of room…”

Microscopic analysis of what happens to body cells when they are exposed to one part in 30 MILLION of sodium flouride in water.

Never mind what happens to all of that flouride and other toxic chemical stew in products like this, after it goes down into the septic system or into the sewer system along with all of the other poisonous chemicals and toxins from all of the other poisonous and toxic products. Never mind studying what effect it has on human health after it is dumped on farm soils and goes into foods and animals.

Sure, you are spitting the poison out, and then it goes into the sewer, and then into the river, where it goes downstream, into the drinking water of all cities downstream, right? What happens to the fish and ocean life exposed to this and other poisons? This deadly dose of poison does not just magically disappear once it goes down the drain potentially dozens to hundreds of times a day, per household, from hundreds of millions of people. Ever heard of bio accumulation or bio concentration? 

Essentially, most of modern civilization is fighting Nature and poisoning the environment, all life on the planet, as well as destroying human health with all of these non regulated chemicals. What is covered here is only the very teeny tiny, tip of the iceberg.

2014 – List of 45+ Negative Global Tipping Points; via @AGreenRoad

So what is the solution? The first step is moving away from the monopolistic Matrix of huge corporations that are destroying the environment and all life through personal small changes in your own life. That first step means not supporting the poison industry, and creating a life affirming alternative for your family, then acting to protect the health of 7 future generations through various positive, life affirming, in harmony with Nature activism methods. 


“Ditch the fluoride, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and glycerin in this simple and healthy non-toxic toothpaste that only takes a few minutes to whip up! Recipe from Crunchy Catholic Momma: http://crunchycatholicmomma.blogspot….
1/2 cup baking soda (I use Bob’s Red Mill)
1/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil (anti viral, anti bacterial)
5 Tbs. xylitol 
2 tsp. peppermint extract 
Combine ingredients and store in a jar or container until ready to use! More questions? Check out the post on my blog about this recipe:…

A Green Road Supplements And Vitamins Store 

A Green Road Store – Flouride Free Toothpaste

A Green Road Store – Coconut Oil

A Green Road Store – Xylitol

A Green Road Store – Peppermint Extract


Do you believe that flouride is somehow protecting your teeth from decay? Do you believe that flouride is what keeps teeth healthy? Maybe it is time for you to watch this video by Dr. Weston Price. Everyone has been taught to believe that flouride is what protects teeth, correct? The TV news, doctors and dentists almost all claim that flouride is causes teeth to be ‘healthy’ and decay free, correct? What you learn in the following two videos will shock you!

Keep an open mind as you listen and watch these two paradigm shifting health experts.

Dental Health Industry Deception, Flouride Is Not Solution For Tooth Health, By Dr. Weston Price DDS 


HoTaters September 20, 2014 “Am trying to remineralize my teeth with homemade toothpaste. Can use Cal/Mag powder for part of it. Mixed with organic coconut oil, which is said to draw toxins from the body. To this you can add baking soda, food grade diatomaceous earth (make SURE it’s food grade), and essential oils. Clove oil, a little tea tree oil, lavender oil, are all good choices. The essential oils need to be GRAS (generally regarded as safe) food grade oils.
There are people who have been doing this who swear it can heal decay in the teeth and remineralize the teeth, as long as the tooth decay isn’t too advanced. Many recipes are available on the web. Am thinking using the homemade toothpaste along with a heavy metals chelation protocol would be a good idea for all of us. Coconut “oil pulling” can also remove toxins from the body and supposedly the teeth. It also makes the teeth whiter looking.”

A Green Road Supplements And Vitamins Store 

A Green Road Store – Clove Oil And Tea Tree Oil

A Green Road Store – Lavender Oil

A Green Road Store – Coconut Oil

A Green Road Store – Diatomaceous Earth

A Green Road Store – CAL/MAG Powder

A Green Road Store – Flouride Free Toothpaste


Dr. Joey Hensley MD Calls Flouride A Harmful Toxin, Calls For Removal From Drinking Water; via A Green Road

Flouride Dangers; Dr. Paul Connett PhD; via A Green Road

The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation’s Drinking Water

Christopher Bryson On Flouride Deception; via @AGreenRoad

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Education


Flouride is found in nature is very small amounts, and that is then accumulated in foods and/or animals. An example of how much flouride is found in foods is provided by Wikipedia; 
Examples of fluoride content
Food/Drink Fluoride
(mg per 100g)
Portion Fluoride
(mg per portion)
Black Tea (brewed) 0.373 1 cup, 240g (8 fl oz) 0.884
Raisins, seedless 0.234 small box, 43g (1.5 oz) 0.033
Table wine 0.153 Bottle, 750ml (26.4 fl oz) 1.150
Municipal tap-water,
0.081 Recommended daily intake,
3 litres (0.79 US gal)
Baked potatoes, Russet 0.045 Medium potato, 140g (0.3 lb) 0.078
Lamb 0.032 Chop, 170g (6 oz) 0.054
Carrots 0.003 1 large carrot, 72g (2.5 oz) 0.002

Data taken from United States Department of Agriculture, National Nutrient Database


In areas that have naturally occurring high levels of fluoride in groundwater both dental and skeletal fluorosis can be prevalent and severe.[34]

Remember though, that many non organic farm soils are regularly ‘treated’ with the solids left over from sewage treatment plant operations. This solid waste contains the flouride from millions of people brushing their teeth with flouride containing toothpaste, plus flouridated drinking water and other products containing man made flouride. So how can one really tell if flouride is natural or added since flouride started being produced by the aluminum, chemical and nuclear industries? Then there is also the difference between a plant’s organic minerals and the man made version, because those two are very different. One is usually a left spinning atomic structure, while the other is a right spinning atomic structure. The body always prefers the organic version of any mineral.

In 1973 a trial found reduced reproduction in mice fed fluorine-deficient diets, but a subsequent investigation determined that this was due to reduced iron absorption.[10]


This article has covered they myths and dental industry lies about flouride and tooth health, as well as explaining how tooth and bone health is really accomplished, via an ‘organic’ mineral rich diet. Flouride is a chemical industry poison, which should be disposed of in a hazardous waste dump site, not in peoples drinking water and children’s mouths. The man made waste product called sodium flouride should not be in contact with or be anywhere around children or adults. To protect the health of your children and 7 future generations, do what you can to eliminate flouride from your local household household products, and your community drinking water supply.

Work on deleting mineral robbing foods and drinks from the families (SAD) diet, while adding minerals to the diet, via organic mineral rich foods and supplements, as this is what REALLY creates great bone and tooth health. Support those candidates who are working to create a  carbon, nuclear and chemical free future and create that future in your families life, as fast as you can. Time is running out, as the consequences of fighting Nature are coming together in a perfect storm of accelerating negative tipping points. 

Why And How To Make Home Made, Flouride Free Toothpaste, Plus Large Variety of Sources For Ingredients and/or Flouride Free Toothpaste Provided

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Environmental Threats, Holistic Living, Health, Self-Healing, And Renewable Energy

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Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia And Internet Censorship; How To Create And/Or Edit a Wikipedia Article. Help Create A Sustainable Global Carbon and Nuclear Free Future

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on internet censorship.

His heart is in the right place. But is censorship really a thing of the past when it comes to Wikipedia? This article will discuss how to edit and create a Wikipedia article, as well as get into specific issues around Wikipedia. Did you know that less than 2% of Wikipedia readers and users are actually responsible for all of the content there? Did you know that a very small group of master editors who work for Wikipedia are responsible for deleting or ‘approving’ things officially? 


How to edit a Wikipedia page


How to create a Wikipedia article

The same information that applies to creating a Wikipedia article also applies to modifying an article.


There is also information available at this link about how to upload images or graphs that are either creative commons licensed, or that you hold the copyright to, and are willing to allow Wikipedia to publish it, via their license.

Remember that a good picture can speak a thousand words.


Is Abby Martin Being Censored on Wikipedia? Abby seems to think something is going on, but is it censorship, or just some master editor’s bias? .. What do you think?


Dr Chris Busby is being attacked (as are all anti nuclear advocates and whistleblowers) because he is exposing nuclear industry deceptions and coverups. Dr. Busby is a truth teller and threatens the profits of the global nuclear military industrial weapons and energy complex. Any whistleblowing activist who tries to bring truth to the forefront around any nuclear industry or other industry deceptions is more often than not attacked personally, both online and in other ways. 

How Whistleblowers Are Punished And Arch Criminals Get Away Scot Free; via @AGreenRoad

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

Any significant player who stands up to the nuclear empire is attacked via ad hominem methods that assassinate them character wise. In the nuclear industry, whistleblowers are fired and never work in the industry again, via a blacklisting process.  Dr. Gofman was the head of a nuclear lab, but when he started exposing the ‘secrets’, he was gotten rid of too…

Dr. Sternglass And Gofman; Total Numbers Of Infant/Child Deaths From X-Rays, Nuclear Power Plants And Nuclear Bomb Testing

Dr. Busby is being attacked as a fraudster, because he talked about vitamins and minerals blocking the harmful effects of radiation. He said taking calcium would prevent radioactive strontium uptake for example, in the same way that KI tablets prevent thyroid uptake of radioactive iodine, which is established scientific fact. There are no ‘worthless’ pills, and he is not making any money from selling them. James Ryan, the person who thought about importing these supplements to help people was also attacked and could not even set up the foundation as a result of death threats and attacks by both the government and the nuclear industry. 
Here is an example of what these kind, caring gentlemen were attacked over.. 
Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate
There was no intent by Dr. Busby to make money from the vitamin project, and any money received would have been going to help people, if the project had gotten off the ground. The fact is that man made radioactive elements are NOT the same thing as organic non radioactive minerals found in Nature. To learn more about this, click on the following link;

How Poisonous And Radioactive Man Made Elements Mimic Natural Minerals Found In Nature; via @AGreenRoad

The pro nuclear apologists say that none of what Dr. Busby says is true and that he is selling worthless pills and making huge amounts of money by fraudulently selling these pills.  Others claim that Dr Busby is not a scientist at all, but just a fake fraudster. His wikipedia entry tends to make him look like an evil person, when all he is doing is telling the truth. 
So if you want to help whistleblowers such as Dr. Busby specifically, feel free to edit his Wikipedia page to reflect what he has REALLY done in a positive way. (Use the above instructional videos to learn how to do this.) Help counter and erase the negativity on his profile by what looks to be pro nuclear apologists trying to make him look like the worst possible person. Use the following resources to tell the truth about Dr. Busby.

If you have the time… try to fix the Wikipedia entry. The pro nuclear apologists have a whole team of operators writing c@(* about Dr. Busby on Wikipedia. Just cut and paste. (It will really piss them off.) You can find the truth at  the following links;

CV Of Dr. Busby

Battling Invisible Snake Bites That Can Eventually Kill Us All

CV Of Dr. Busby

Can you help out?


Christopher Busby profile on Wikipedia

Arnie Gunderson profile on Wikipedia
Dr. Helen Caldicott on Wikipedia

Michio Kaku on Wikipedia


To make a positive difference, you can visit Wiki pages that involve any kind of nuclear information, and make them more ‘real’ and truthful. Much or most of the nuclear or radiation related information on Wikipedia is biased towards the pro nuclear viewpoint which includes a belief system of no radiation can hurt anyone, low doses of man made radiation and medical radiation actually heals people, (hormesis theory) nothing really bad happened in any nuclear accident, very few nuclear accidents happened, and no one died in any any nuclear accident. According to the pro nuclear apologists, the only people dying are those who worry too much about radiation. In other words, no one dies from man made radiation.

This Wiki entry needs a lot of input to correct the pro nuclear bias and blaming the victim mentality being expressed..

Use the following articles as grist for the Wiki mill. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists

You have the power to affect history and how people think about nuclear energy. Go out and make a positive difference. Use the nuclear information that you can access by clicking on links below, or by clicking on pages link in the upper left hand corner of this article to become an expert on any subject quickly. Use the search box in the upper right hand corner of this article to search for specific articles or words. 

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia And Internet Censorship; How To Create And/Or Edit a Wikipedia Article. Help Create A Sustainable Global Carbon and Nuclear Free Future

Teaching the Science Of Sustainable Health And Success. What works for 7 future generations without causing harm? To access a library full of articles, movies, books and videos, click on links below.
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A Green Road Project Magazine And Education Database

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About A Green Road Project, Fair Use, Mission, Vision, Purpose, Values, Affiliations, Networking, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer/Release, More

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Ancient Stories, Success, Motivation, Activism, Spiritual, Interfaith, Consciousness, Near Death, Miracles, Healing, Auras, Reincarnation

Holistic Living, Health, Self-Healing, Environment And Renewable Energy

Exploring the Inner and Outer Mysteries of Life

Peace, War, Drones, Human Rights, Justice, Prisons, War on Drugs, Violence Prevention, Death Penalty, Jury Rights, Women’s Rights

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Cloning, Education

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%, Whistleblowers, And Solutions 

Children And Adults – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation Exposure

Negative Effects Of Internal Radiation Exposure, Radiation Monitoring Networks

Radiation In Food/Water, Geiger Counters, Dosimeters, Radiation Readings

Animals, Insects, Birds And Plants – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation

First Strike Policy, Nuclear Bombs, Down Winders, Acute Radiation Sickness, Nuclear War, Dirty Bombs, Bomb Shelters

Uranium Mining, Enrichment, Nuclear Fuel Chain, Open Air Testing, Fracking

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation, Radiation Exposure Prevention, Reversal, Chelation

Lawsuits, Aging Nuclear Reactors, Recertification, Music, Lyrics, Poetry

Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Waste, Ocean Dumping, Incineration, Decontamination, Water Contamination, Dry Cask

“Do not go where the freeway may lead – Go instead where there is no path and leave A Green Road for others to follow.”

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Up To 99% Of Population Magnesium Deficient; Role Of Mag With Virus, Bacteria, Alkaline Acid Balance, Energy, Depression, And More

Dr Mark Sircus discusses; Why Magnesium Chloride? He discusses the injectable form of it, which is another option in emergency health or crisis situations. 


According to Dr. Sircus; MIT says 67 percent of people are magnesium deficient. If the magnesium level goes down low enough, the result is a heart attack. Odds are that 95 – 99 percent of people are actually deficient because blood is a very poor way to measure magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium is involved in 300 enzyme reactions. It is involved in cell wall integrity, waste disposal, ATP energy production, blood/brain barrier integrity, and immune system stimulation. If the blood level of magnesium drops, you will have a heart attack. 
What happens when there is a deficiency of magnesium? Everything in the body goes wrong!

Dr. Osborne discusses the consequences and signs of magnesium loss; well worth watching. He talks about how everything that the medical profession does or offers actually makes the problem of magnesium deficiency WORSE, and adds to the problems that people suffer from. The medical ethics require that doctors “above all, do no harm”.  After you watch this video, what do you think the ‘medical’ industry does, when there is a simple problem of magnesium deficiency? 
Now extend this out to 65 different minerals required for human health. Each one has this same dynamic. If any mineral is missing or deficient, this same kind of dynamic plays out. Drugs, vaccines, radiation and surgery are the only answers in the HUGE profit making machine that addresses only symptoms, but not the root causes of human suffering. 


Via sayerji ⋅You are one of the only folks I have met who is aware of the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme/magnesium connection. This article elaborates further on the topic: Comparison of mechanism and functional effects of magnesium and statin pharmaceuticals.
Magnesium will also help keep calcium in your cells so they can do their job better. In many ways it serves as nutritional version of the highly effective class of drugs called calcium channel blockers, used in the treatment of high blood pressure, angina, and abnormal heart rhythms. Magnesium and vitamin K2 also complement each other, as magnesium helps lower blood pressure, which is an important component of heart disease.


What kind of drugs do you take? Do you know which minerals those drugs block or deplete?
For example, birth control pills deplete magnesium. As a drug free alternative, there is a product called Fertile-Focus. This consists of a mini microscope and information kit. A woman will look at a dried saliva sample. If there is a “ferning” pattern in the saliva, then the woman is ovulating or about to ovulate.


Because ALL drugs block or deplete minerals and/or vitamins from the body, and there is little or no focus on this as a cause of diseases or the reversal of diseases, the whole medical industry is guilty of violating the medical ethic and doctors Hippocratic oath, part of which states; ‘Above all, do no harm’.

‘Above all, do no harm.’ Wikipedia; “Non-maleficence, which is derived from the maxim, is one of the principal precepts of bioethics that all healthcare students are taught in school and is a fundamental principle throughout the world.”

Why are doctors prescribing drugs, chemo and radiation, all of which do harm, while avoiding the work that it takes to diagnose the REAL problems, which in many cases is simple lack of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, positive gut floras, caused by a SAD diet and lifestyle? Why does the medical profession avoid minerals, vitamins, enzymes and lifestyle factors when applying their cures? When was the last time your doctor gave you a prescription for specific food based vitamins, minerals and acidophilus?

Photo: “The perfect drug, from the point of view of a drug company, is one that doesn't cure people, because people need to take the drug for a long period of time in order for it to be profitable.” Jerome Burne from Food Matters

UnlikeUnlike ·  · 


Via badboy2 ⋅”Is magnesium important? Let’s just say, Life without magnesium is impossible. About 65% of Mg in the body is found in bones and teeth. Another 25% is in muscles. The remaining 10% is in blood fluids and other tissues. A very high concentration is in the brain with substantial amounts inside cells of the heart.
Magnesium controls at least 300 bodily functions, and this is just some of them; acid balance, activation of B Vitamins, adrenal function, alcoholism, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, arteriosclerosis, brain function, bone formation, bone loss prevention, calcium utilization, cancer, carbohydrate metabolism, C vitamin utilization, cell formation, cholesterol, depression, diabetes, digestion, energy production, efficient enzyme production, epilepsy, fatigue, fatty acid formation, fibromyalgia, headaches, heart function, heart attack survival, heart disease, heart function, high blood pressure, insomnia, irregular heart beats, kidney function, kidney stones, leg cramps, migraines, muscle cramps, muscle function, muscle spasms, muscle tremors, nervousness, nervous system, osteoporosis, potassium balance, PMS, rapid heartbeat, relaxation of muscles, seizures, serotonin function (sleep), sodium balance, and strokes. Mg also supports the control of acidity and alkalinity in the body. As you can see there is a lot more to magnesium, that helps to prevent and relieve.”


Bigfletch ⋅A good clue to magnesium deficiency is an excessive desire for chocolate. The co factor advise regarding whole foods is invaluable. Over the years I always suggested to clients that it is easy to neglect the importance of the natural color and aroma of the foods we consume. It is no coincidence that two of the lessor known holistic therapies are color and aroma.
Vitamins and Supplements

Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate


Many food contain oxalates, which bind with magnesium and other minerals. Soaking and then cooking can help leach out some of the oxalates. Soaking water should not be taken into the body. For those people who have problems with oxalate rich foods, this needs to be taken into consideration.


MollyMalone  things are constantly changing for me as I carry on toward better health, so I will do my best to answer and also to tell you what I have found so far. I now use magnesium glycinate mostly, it is as good as Dr. Mercola says it is. Nuts, along with seeds, legumes, and grains contain high levels of phytic acid which binds minerals, and the noticeable one for me is magnesium. Phytic acid is insidious, and can bind 3 atoms of magnesium, zinc, or calcium; 2 or 3 atoms of iron, or 6 of potassium or sodium for each molecule of phytic acid.
It can also form complexes with one magnesium (or calcium or zinc) and then another phytic acid molecule. It can bind with more than one type of metal ion, too, and thereby remove all sorts of necessary nutrients from a person’s diet and body. For me, the magnesium that is in the nuts, etc. is bound and I cannot release it, and the phytic acid removes even more from my body. I suspect that most people who suffer from chronic migraines or muscle cramps are this way. About 80% of the phytic acid in grain is in the bran, so sifting it out or removing it from the whole grain is not a bad idea, just leave the rest of the grain intact because the germ has valuable vitamins and oils in it.
Now I have made phytic acid sound like an evil entity, but if a person eats properly prepared whole foods and has no mineral deficiencies, it is likely not a problem. If a person has sound gut flora, they will be able to digest some of the phytic acid rich fiber and get some of the phosphorus from it, which is good. The problem is that we do not all have sound intestinal health and we don’t always eat good foods, we mostly eat (or used to eat) the SAD – Standard American Diet which is nutrient deficient and highly processed. I was raised on this and have been trying to fix my health for several years now. (It is working, but it is slow. Still, ever onward!)
Some of the phytic acid is reduced by soaking for 12-24 hours in an acidic liquid but not all in most cases – and these foods are almost all different from each other. Sprouting also reduces phytic acid, so one or the other is good. Sadly, only about 25% is reduced in most cases, but luckily not all. For wheat, ancient wheats (einkorn, emmer, kamut, spelt), rye, barley, and buckwheat if you soak in a very warm (hot tap water temperature) acid liquid, you can eliminate almost 100% of the phytic acid in just 2 hours – here’s a helpful graph of this here: This very warm temp and 10% acid (replace 1.5T/cup of liquid with lemon juice) activates phytase, the enzyme that takes care of the phytic acid.
SEEDS can contain toxic lectins, so for people who have trouble processing this, it can also be something to look at and see if there is a connection with health issues. 


There are many types of magnesium. Each of them has specific properties and abilities to be absorbed. A few of the earth mineral based magnesiums can also be neurotoxic. Organic magnesium rich foods are always the best way to get magnesium, but when a severe deficiency is present, that is the time to talk with a health professional about reversing the deficiency with ‘extra’ earth mineral based magnesium. 
All About magnesium chloride, and why it is better than other forms of magnesium

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Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate


Transdermal magnesium can be applied topically, using either magnesium oil, magnesium gel, magnesium lotion or magnesium bath salts.
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One good way to get a dose of magnesium and other minerals is by taking a regular soak in magnesium and other mineral rich water, such as the Dead Sea for example. This body of water is a natural source of many minerals. 
The human body can absorb minerals via the permeable membrane that is the skin. Soaking in hot clay or minerals bath does the same thing. For example, adding 2 cups of Epsom salt to a hot bath is one way of absorbing magnesium. 
Bath salts (Epsom Salts) and clay can also draw out the toxic material in the body, so it serves double duty. Epsom salts consist of magnesium sulfate, another form of magnesium.

Warning; Hot or warm soaks should not be used by individuals with diabetes, except on advice of a physician.

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Dissolve two cups of Epsom salt (or other magnesium salt) in two cups of hot water to make a compress. Dip the towel in this liquid, then apply this hot towel as a wet dressing to;

take sting out of insect bites
draw out splinters

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Via TimW_203 ⋅George Eby reminds us that magnesium has a profound effect on mental well-being. Not only can it rapidly resolve major depression, it will also positively impact neuroplasticity, resulting in an increased ability to function effectively under conditions of stress.…/magnesium-for-depression.pdf

Click to go to A Green Road Store; magnesium chloride is available in many formulas and types.


Besides eating magnesium, you can soak in a bath or a foot bath of magnesium chloride salt. You can also use magnesium oil in a nebulizer and inhale it.

Click to go to A Green Road Store; magnesium chloride is available in many formulas and types.


Dr. Luiz Moura; Dosage of magnesium to be used

“It couldn’t be easier to make: 20g or 2 level tablespoons in 1 litre of water makes a very good solution. If the person has no problems, as a preventive measure, it can be taken as a food supplement to what is lacking in the food, take 1 small cup per day, the size of an espresso cup.

But if the person already has a spine with osteoporosis, arthritis in the knee, should take 2 small cups a day, the size of an expresso cup of magnesium chloride solution and it will eliminate all these calcifications.


For calcium oxalate kidney stones, I prescribe up to 3 a day, and it will eliminate these stones. That’s it, this resolves a lot of problems. This strong solution of 20g in 1 litre of water is not used to wash wounds. An isotonic solution is used, such as a physiological saline infusion with 9g to 1 litre of water. Saline infusions contain salt, sodium chloride, and for magnesium the isotonic solution is 20g to 2 litres of water or 10g to 1 litre, instead of 9g for sodium chloride. This is the solution suitable to wash wounds, infections and anything else. It works better than all disinfectants, better than sodium hypochlorite solution and Merthiolate, because besides working as a disinfectant it also stimulates the immune system in the area of the wound.


Warts happen due to a lack of magnesium. And due to this deficiency viruses are able to multiply and warts are created. What if the chloride becomes humid inside the bottle? There is no problem, it is not important at all. The salt has no expiry date, magnesium has no expiry date, it is eternal.

Kidney Stones

The lack of magnesium is what causes calcium oxalate kidney stones. The calcium precipitates and fixates to the oxalic acid contained in potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, etc. , producing calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Are there other types of kidney stones?
There is the urate type produced by meats and the phosphate type that comes from vegetables that contain phosphates. The calcium oxalate kidney stones is the opposite, the person has it for lack of magnesium.

Does Magnesium Chloride stop cancer metastases?

No, I wouldn’t say it stops it, but I would say, at least it slows it down, as Prof. Pierre Delbet did prove in his book The Preventive Policy of Cancer. The individual by taking enough magnesium throughout their whole life has much less chance of having cancer than those who have a magnesium deficiency. He proved this in his book, The Preventive Policy of Cancer.

Is there any contra-indication for the use of Magnesium Chloride?

The only case is when a person has kidney failure, for example, if the person is on a hemodialysis machine. In this case there will be an accumulation of magnesium because its excess is eliminated through urine. So there is no possibility of an excess of magnesium because the excess goes out through the urine, so there is no problem. Now, if the person is not passing urine, then they can go from a hypomagnesemia, which is common, to a hypermagnesemia, but only if the person is not passing urine.

Correct dosage of Magnesium

For instance, a wrong dosage is the magnesium chloride sold in pharmacies with a dose of 33g, if it is dissolved in 1 litre of water it can be a laxative. In this case it really is excessively concentrated, it should be 20g to 1 litre or these 33g should be dissolved in 1 and half litres of water to keep it at the same proportion.”

Dr. Luiz Moura

Source; description under video


Not recommended for children under six, without advice and direct supervision of a physician. Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting is present. Use only under the advice and supervision of a physician if you have a kidney disease, are taking a medication of any kind, for any reason, or have noticed a sudden change in bowel habits that lasts longer than two weeks. Do not use during pregnancy unless directed and supervised by a physician. As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek advice from a health professional before using any kind of magnesium product.

Dissolve 20 grams of magnesium chloride crystals, which are specifically manufactured for internal human consumption, in one liter of spring water. Use  only very low mineral content water. (Cheaper brands can be contaminated with lead or arsenic, and are for garden or farm use only. Make sure the manufacturer tests for heavy metal contamination and that it is ok for internal human consumption.)
Start with a teaspoonful of a diluted solution, and see how your body reacts to it. If there is no reaction, built up to one cup slowly over a weeks time. Take one cup of this liquid every morning, half an hour before breakfast. The taste is bitter, but one gets used to it. It is not necessary to keep the bottle in the refrigerator. Do not consume any supplement including this one without any breaks over long periods of time. 
On a box of Epsom salt, it cautions that magnesium sulfate should not be taken internally for longer than one week. 

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Non heated version

Heated version


Mineral deficiencies allow man made radioactive elements free reign to be absorbed by the body, through being exposed as a downwinder to nuclear plant emissions, after a nuclear accident, nuclear bomb test or a nuclear war. Everyone is exposed to invisible, poisonous heavy metal and radioactive elements all around the world. Taking mineral supplements could help to block the uptake of radioactive elements.
Chris Busby updates Japan on what to do to reduce the risk of radiation damage from the contamination from the Strontium-90, Uranium and Plutonium dispersed widely over northern Japan.First of all, evacuate the children and evacuate yourselves. The contamination of the ground and the food is a serious health hazard.

Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate

Car air filter analysis shows the material on the ground becomes airborne and can be inhaled. Get away If you can; but if not not then you can reduce the access of these radionuclides to the DNA. It is basic Physical Chemistry that increasing the Calcium concentration, (Calcium which stabilises the DNA phosphate backbone), will inhibit the equilibrium binding of radionuclides like Strontium, Uranium, Plutonium and other high DNAP affinity elements and complex ions. 
The Iodine thyroid blocking method is based on the same thermodynamic chemical equilibrium idea. A number of websites have been selling pills based on his ideas and more are being set up but it is straightforward, he says, to buy Calcium/ Magnesium tablets from health food shops where they are not expensive. The adult dose is about 800mg Calcium and 350mg Magnesium. 
Reduce the dose for children in proportion to their relative weight, so for a 10-year old, about 400mg Calcium and 175mg Magnesium. This is a critical issue: it will save lives and it is so simple and is absolutely harmless.
Click to go to A Green Road Store; magnesium chloride is available in many formulas and types.


Dr. Sircus discusses relationship between minerals, deficiencies and radiation exposure via link below.

Via International Medical Veritas Association; “Dr. Chris Busby is recommending magnesium and calcium supplementation to everyone concerned about the radiation exposure from Fukushima. Nuclear particles do have a strong propensity to bind with DNA and that is why we see cancers develop, even after low exposure, and that is also why we see drops in fertility and the onset of sterility. Busby though is new to the health area and is being confronted for his product line and certainly needs to be for his recommended dosages of 800 mg of calcium and 450 mg of magnesium taken daily. One should be taking much more magnesium!
Magnesium repletion produced rapid disappearance of the periosteal tumors.[2]
Magnesium is a vital mineral whose lack leaves us open to not only radioactive damages but also those from heavy metals and thousands of chemicals that we are commonly exposed to. Researchers from Japan’s National Cancer Center in Tokyo have found that an increased intake of magnesium reduces a man’s risk of colon cancer by over 50%. Aleksandrowicz et al in Poland conclude that inadequacy of magnesium and antioxidants are important risk factors in predisposing to leukemias.[3] Other researchers found that 46% of the patients admitted to an ICU in a tertiary cancer center presented with hypomagnesemia. They concluded that the incidence of hypomagnesemia in critically ill cancer patients is high.[4]
Magnesium deficiency is carcinogenic, and in the case of solid tumors, a high level of supplemented magnesium inhibits carcinogenesis.[5] Magnesium ions stabilize structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and cell membranes by binding to the macromolecule’s surface and promote specific structural or catalytic activities of proteins, enzymes, or ribozymes.”

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In the following two French articles, Ebola and magnesium is discussed. The focus is on how magnesium works to counter (and possibly prevent) Ebola infections, at a very low cost and very high effectiveness rate. However, the medical authorities don’t want to hear about it, so it is one of those things that hospitals, clinics and medical doctors don’t use.

Google translate; “The uncontrollable Ebola, however, there is a cure
The only actions to be implemented in patients will make them stronger and to promote the production of antibodies that fight against the virus. ‘s only remedy is really effective against the virus is magnesium chloride which has proven its action against polio, meningitis, dengue, chikungunya, tetanus … because it is a very good stimulant antibody production!
The Protocol against the Ebola Virus: 
• For the patient:
Once the diagnosis put 10 grams of magnesium chloride in a bottle of 1.5 or 2 liters of water to drink a glass every 30 minutes and after 4 glasses, every hour until consumption of 10 grams. Diarrhoea is a normal reaction to magnesium chloride. then for the next four days it will be 5 grams a day or half a bottle to 10 grams of magnesium chloride. Normally after the 5 first days the patient recovered! for that antibodies continue their work and remove any residual virus, treatment will be extended to 20 days because of a bottle with 10 grams of magnesium chloride for 4 days! • For the entourage that came in contact with the patient: A dose of 5 grams per day for the first person (Half a bottle with 10 grams of magnesium chloride). then a bottle of 10 grams of magnesium chloride over 5 days (= 2 gr per day). then 1 gram per day for 20 days (2 bottles with 10 grams of chloride). After it is maintenance therapy to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in Magnesium: 1 gram every 3 days = 10 grams of magnesium chloride in the month! • For the population a region or a contaminated country: To stop the epidemic of Ebola, it is best to strengthen the immune system of the entire population of the area concerned with the maintenance of 1 gram of magnesium chloride treatment all 3 days (equivalent to a glass of water to magnesium chloride at 10 g per bottle). For children , reduce the dose by weight and put juice or lemon to get the taste! Besides we recommend bottles to 10 grams of magnesium chloride to make it better instead of going advocated by some 20 grams per bottle which put off by its many surprising taste doses!”
Wouldn’t it be a wonderful change as well as a miracle if the medical community actually focused on what works at the lowest cost and with the highest success rate, instead of just high profit margins, patented products, radiation and surgery as their only monopolistic and myopic view of the world?

Instead of focusing ONLY one vaccines and drugs (all high profit), why not research and use the free or low cost Nature friendly remedies which have been used historically and successfully all around the world?

Click to go to A Green Road Store; magnesium chloride is available in many formulas and types.

Ebola strikes fear into the hearts of many of those who are watching this situation spiral out of control. This video explains a few options that I would turn to were the Ebola virus to strike my home – especially in the event of a disaster situation where professional medical help may not be available.
Other valuable remedies that I ought to have mentioned in the video are:
–Lypo C: Body absorbs 100% of this Vitamin C. Helped saved my life when Lyme was at it’s worst. Many miraculous stories exist about using high doses of vitamin C for severe illnesses. Dr. Levy’s book, Curing the Incurables, is a great read regarding the efficacy and safety of using Vitamin C megadoses for seemingly “incurable” illlnesses.
Nascent Iodine: Is an amazingly powerful antibiotic and antiviral remedy. Can be purchased from any reputable online company.
–Baking Soda: Small amounts of baking soda taken, in water, throughout day helps to create a more alkaline condition in the body which pathogens do not thrive in. Dosage recommendation and warnings can be found in my book, Beyond Wheat and Weeds.
–Magnesium Chloride: Known to help with any illnesses. Links to articles regarding the how’s and why’s for this can be found at my blog. (A Green Road Store offers magnesium chloride)
Cayenne: Is great for overall good “blood” health. Great at stopping bleeding. Could be very beneficial with hemorrhagic fevers.
Yarrow: Helps body to “open up pores” and sweat out illness.
Please see Ebola Virus section along with corresponding sections such as Fever Protocols, Dehydration Protocols, Diarrhea Illnesses Protocols and others in my book, Beyond Wheat and Weeds (see below for link).
Beyond Wheat and Weeds book:

A Green Road Store  – DMSO

A Green Road  Store – Colostrum

A Green Road Herbal Store Astragalus

A Green Road Store – Minerals (Fulvic Acid):


Ebola Natural Health Remedies And Protocols For Virus Based Dis-eases

This movie also did not focus on bio-warfare labs and research facilities where these WMD weapons are developed. They never mentioned that bio-weapons have been developed and used historically.

Is 2014 Ebola Outbreak The Result Of Secret Bio Weapons Research Or Accidental Release?

They also never mentioned other causes of viruses and bacteria mutating and causing problems for humans, such as low dose radiation.

Low Dose Radiation And Antibiotics Cause Mutated, Strengthened Bacteria And Virus; via @AGreenRoad

Ebola Virus Is Rapidly Spreading, ABC Calls It Out Of Control, 12 Million Deaths Possible By Feb. 2015

Ebola, Bio Weapons Lab, And How Nuclear Industry Radiation Plus Antibiotics Creating Mutated, Strengthened SUPER DEADLY Bacteria And Viruses; via @AGreenRoad

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Cloning, Education

Note; This information is not a substitute for a doctors care. Seek out professional medical care if you are sick. Consult a doctor if you have kidney, heart or liver problems, and consult him/her about your plans before proceeding with any of this information. 


Up To 99% Of Population Magnesium Deficient; Role Of Mag With Virus, Bacteria, Alkaline Acid Balance, Energy, Depression, And More

Dr. Barry Goodman; How To Clear Yourself Of Other Peoples Negative Energy

This article provides a few ways to clear negative emotional energy from your awareness. Negative emotions can drain a person and slow down or stop daily activities needed for life, or even lead into very dark places such as mental illness. 
These valuable exercises are simple, powerful and effective.  Most people have no idea what to do with negative emotions, so here are a few simple, powerful exercises that can be used daily to stay more clean and clear emotionally, while raising energy levels and vitality. 


Dr. Barry Goodman provides a simple and fast negative emotion clearing exercise. “A short and sweet exercise with mantra and movement to clear yourself of other persons negative energy. For physicians, healers, therapists and contact with anyone who is carrying negative energy. Preparing yourself for a next client patient or person. Great lymphatic and nervous system cleanser and stimulator. Gaze is tip of nose. Mantra is the numbers 1-2-3-4 or Har Har Har Haree. From Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhaja. “

Schumann Earth Frequency Clearing Negative Energy Meditation

Just watch the video and breathe deeply down into your belly. 


Interfaith; Removing Negative Energy From Your Aura Part I: Energy Healing: Energy Clearing: Energy cleansing prayer and very short meditation.


“How to Protect and Clear Your Energy Field – for Highly Sensitive People. Feeling bombarded by the world? Practice these two daily techniques for clearing and protecting your body, mind and spirit from unwanted energies!”
Don’t carry and hold negative energy, because it drains you, reduces your energy, lowers your vibration and creates physical or mental problems long term. 
You can choose to not take in any negative energy, despite being surrounded by it, listening to it or watching it. 


Take in light into the top of your head. Ask it to release anything that happened that day, that troubled you, things that are bothering you. Ask this light to clear and remove all negative things and people. Name these things that bother your or upset you in a normal and loving way. Ask the light to go down through all your cells and down into your DNA to clear up anything that is not in the highest and best interest for you. Everything negative is turned back into light with this process. 
You can also visualize a huge egg beater whirling around your body with you safely inside of these blades, cutting all energy cords that may be sucking energy out of you. 


Protect yourself by surrounding yourself with a golden light ball. It cannot be penetrated by negative energy. Repeat this when you are walking into an environment that may be negative. 
Supercharge this energy protecting shield by also adding a violet flame to this light shield, which burns off negativity. It also burns off anything that is accumulated and unwanted. 


How To Not Become A Victim Of Negative Emotions; Become A Master Of Your Emotions, Using The Science Of Sustainable Health And Success

Introduction To Non Denominational Interfaith Prayer Partnering; How It Works And Why It Is Necessary

A Green Road Less Traveled Poems, Quotes And Sayings

How To Form A Sacred Circle Study Group


It is not necessary to suffer from negative emotions and live life stuck in a swamp of negativity. It is possible to live in joy, peace and happiness. These exercises are one step on the way there. Set a goal, ask/pray for help to achieve your goal. Stay open to the ways or doors that open.  By all means, if you are thinking of hurting yourself or others, call 911 and ask for help.

Dr. Barry Goodman; How To Clear Yourself Of Other Peoples Negative Energy

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Kundalini Energy Is Rising Globally, Chakras, Nadis, Prana, Universal Consciousness, Shakti, Subtle Energy, And Kundalini Syndrome Explained

There are many dimensions of reality beyond the physical one here on Earth. This article describes one way to access other dimensions through what is known as Kundalini energy or chakra awakening, which can happen spontaneously, resulting in what is known as Kundalini Syndrome. Awakening the kundalini energy or chakra system increases and awakens a person into a state of increasing universal consciousness, as opposed to a purely ego based and limited awareness. This article defines Kundalini energy, discusses various methods of awakening kundalini energy, and goes into detail about Kundalini Syndrome. This knowledge has existed in India for over 5,000 years.
Via Wikipedia: “Kundalini (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, कुण्डलिनी, pronunciation  stems from yogic philosophy as a form of shakti or “corporeal energy”.[1] Kundalini is described within Eastern religious, or spiritual tradition as an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately to bestow the state of Yoga, or divine union upon the seeker of truth “.[2][3] The Yoga Upanishads describe Kundalini as lying “coiled” at the base of the spine, represented as either a goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened. In modern commentaries, Kundalini has been called an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force.[1][4][5]
Kundalini chakra diagram

What are chakras, prana, nadis, etc?

It is reported that Kundalini awakening results in deep meditation, enlightenment and bliss.[6] This awakening involves the Kundalini physically moving up the central channel to reside within the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the head. This movement of Kundalini is felt by the presence of a cool or, in the case of imbalance, a warm breeze across the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet.[3][7][8][9] 
Many systems of yoga focus on the awakening of Kundalini through meditationpranayama breathing, the practice of asana and chanting of mantras.[6] In physical terms, one commonly reports the Kundalini experience to be a feeling of electric current running along the spine.[10][11][12]
Some academics have coined the term “Kundalini syndrome” to refer to physical or psychological problems arising from experiences traditionally associated with Kundalini awakening.[13]


The Sanskrit adjective kuṇḍalin means “circular, annular”. It does occur as a noun for “a snake” (in the sense “coiled”, as in “forming ringlets”) in the 12th-century Rajatarangini chronicle (I.2).Kuṇḍa, a noun with the meaning “bowl, water-pot” is found as the name of a Naga inMahabharata 1.4828. The 8th-century Tantrasadbhava Tantra uses the term kundalī (“ring, bracelet; coil (of a rope)”).[14][clarification needed]
The use of kuṇḍalī as a name of Durga or of a Shakti appears as a technical term in Tantrism and Shaktism as early as c. the 11th century, in the Śaradatilaka.[15] It is adopted as kuṇḍalniī as a technical term into Hatha yoga in the 15th century and becomes widely used in the Yoga Upanishads by the 16th century. Eknath Easwaran has paraphrased the term as “the coiled power,” a force which ordinarily rests at the base of the spine, described as being “coiled there like a serpent”.[16] The phrase serpent power was coined by Sir John Woodroffe, who published his translation of two 16th-century treatises on laya yoga (Kundalini yoga) in 1919 under this title.


Kundalini is described as a sleeping, dormant potential force in the human organism.[17] It is one of the components of an esoteric description of the “subtle body“, which consists of nadis(energy channels), chakras (psychic centres), prana (subtle energy), and bindu (drops of essence).
Kundalini is described as being coiled up at the base of the spine. The description of the location can vary slightly, from the rectum to the navel.[18] Kundalini is said to reside in the triangular shaped sacrum bone in three and a half coils.[19]
Kundalini has been described as “a residual power of pure desire” by Nirmala Srivastava[19] and “a huge volume of energy” that is latent within a person by Jaggi Vasudev.[20]

(Nirmala Srivastava talk

Yaggi Vasudev video

(In this Youtube video, Sadhguru explains the power of kundalini yoga, power of kundalini and once awakened through kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation, how the kundalini shakti travels to the navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra and finally the third eye chakra. He further explains in the video that from the navel chakra to third eye chakra there are different kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation techniques that can be taught to the beginners but from the third eye chakra to the sahasar chakra there are not yoga meditation methods simple one has to jump through trust.
If you are beginner and interested in awakening your kundalini shakti and activate your navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, you must learn the kundalini yoga, kundalini meditation taught as “Inner engineering” as online yoga meditation class, please visit the following website for more information:-


Kundalini can be awakened by shaktipat—spiritual transmission by a Guru or teacher—or by spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation. Sometimes Kundalini reportedly awakens spontaneously as the result of physical or psychological trauma, or even for no apparent reason. When awakened, Kundalini is said to rise up from the muladhara chakra through the central nadi, called sushumna, inside or alongside the spine and reaching the top of the head. The progress of Kundalini through the different chakras leads to different levels of awakening and mystical experience, until Kundalini finally reaches the top of the head, Sahasrara or crown chakra, producing an extremely profound mystical experience.
Numerous accounts describe the experience of Kundalini
Ramana Maharshi mentioned that Kundalini is nothing but the natural energy of the Self, where Self is the universal consciousness (Paramatma) present in every being, and that the individual mind of thoughts cloaks this natural energy from unadulterated expression. Advaita teaches self-realization, enlightenment, God-consciousness, and nirvana. But, initial Kundalini awakening is just the beginning of actual spiritual experience. Self-inquiry meditation is considered a very natural and simple means of reaching this goal.[21]

(Ram Dass On Ramana Maharshi

Swami Vivekananda described Kundalini briefly in London during his lectures on Raja Yoga as follows:

(Documentary about Swami Vivekananda

According to the Yogis, there are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Pingalâ and Idâ, and a hollow canal called Sushumnâ running through the spinal cord. At the lower end of the hollow canal is what the Yogis call the “Lotus of the Kundalini”. They describe it as triangular in form in which, in the symbolical language of the Yogis, there is a power called the Kundalini, coiled up. When that Kundalini awakes, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, as it were, layer after layer of the mind becomes open and all the different visions and wonderful powers come to the Yogi. 
When it reaches the brain, the Yogi is perfectly detached from the body and mind; the soul finds itself free. We know that the spinal cord is composed in a peculiar manner. If we take the figure eight horizontally (∞) there are two parts which are connected in the middle. Suppose you add eight after eight, piled one on top of the other, that will represent the spinal cord. The left is the Ida, the right Pingala, and that hollow canal which runs through the centre of the spinal cord is the Sushumna. 
Where the spinal cord ends in some of the lumbar vertebrae, a fine fibre issues downwards, and the canal runs up even within that fibre, only much finer. The canal is closed at the lower end, which is situated near what is called the sacral plexus, which, according to modern physiology, is triangular in form. The different plexuses that have their centres in the spinal canal can very well stand for the different “lotuses” of the Yogi.[22]
When Kundalini Shakti is conceived as a goddess, then, when it rises to the head, it unites itself with the Supreme Being (Lord Shiva). Then the aspirant becomes engrossed in deep meditation and infinite bliss
Paramahansa Yogananda in his book God Talks With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita states:

At the command of the yogi in deep meditation, this creative force turns inward and flows back to its source in the thousand-petaled lotus, revealing the resplendent inner world of the divine forces and consciousness of the soul and Spirit. Yoga refers to this power flowing from the coccyx to Spirit as the awakened kundalini.[23]
The yogi reverses the searchlights of intelligence, mind and life force inward through a secret astral passage, the coiled way of the kundalini in the coccygeal plexus, and upward through the sacral, the lumbar, and the higher dorsal, cervical, and medullary plexuses, and the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows, to reveal finally the soul’s presence in the highest center (sahasrara) in the brain.[24]
In his article on Kundalini in the Yoga Journal, David Eastman narrates two personal experiences. One man said he felt an activity at the base of his spine starting to flow so he relaxed and allowed it to happen. A feeling of surging energy began traveling up his back, at each chakra he felt an orgasmic electric feeling like every nerve trunk on his spine beginning to fire. 
A second man describes a similar experience but accompanied by a wave of euphoria and happiness softly permeating his being. He described the surging energy as being like electricity but hot, traveling from the base of his spine to the top of his head. He said the more he analyzed the experience, the less it occurred.[25]
Shiv R. Jhawar describes his Kundalini awakening experience in the physical presence of Muktananda.[26]
Muktananda giving shaktipat

The arousing of Kundalini is said by some to be the one and only way of attaining divine wisdom. Self-realization is said to be equivalent to divine wisdom, gnosis or self-knowledge.[27]


There are two broad approaches to Kundalini awakening: active and passive. The active approach involves systematic physical exercises and techniques of concentration, visualization, pranayama (breath practice) and meditation under the guidance of a competent teacher. These techniques come from any of the four main branches of yoga, and some forms of yoga, such as Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga and Sahaja yoga emphasize Kundalini techniques.
The passive approach is instead a path of surrender where one lets go of all the impediments to the awakening rather than trying to actively awaken Kundalini. A chief part of the passive approach is shaktipat where one individual’s Kundalini is awakened by another who already has the experience. Shaktipat only raises Kundalini temporarily but gives the student an experience to use as a basis.[25]


According to the hatha yoga text, the Goraksasataka, or “Hundred Verses of Goraksa”, certain hatha yoga practices including mula bandha, uddiyana bandha, jalandhara bandha andkumbhaka can awaken Kundalini.[28] Another hathayoga text, the Khecarīvidyā, states thatkechari mudra enables one to raise Kundalini and access various stores of amrita in the head, which subsequently flood the body.[29]


The spiritual teacher Meher Baba emphasized the need for a master when actively trying to awaken Kundalini:

God Speaks; by Meher Baba ‘The Theme of Creation’
Kundalini is a latent power in the higher body. When awakened it pierces through six chakras or functional centres and activates them. Without a master, awakening of the kundalini cannot take any one very far on the Path; and such indiscriminate or premature awakening is fraught with dangers of self-deception as well as misuse of powers. The kundalini enables man consciously to cross the lower planes and it ultimately merges into the universal cosmic power of which it is a part, and which also is at times described as kundalini … The important point is that the awakened kundalini is helpful only up to a certain degree, after which it cannot ensure further progress. It cannot dispense with the need for the grace of a Perfect Master.[30]


The experience of Kundalini awakening can happen when one is either prepared or unprepared.[25]


According to Hindu tradition, in order to be able to integrate this spiritual energy, a period of careful purification and strengthening of the body and nervous system is usually required beforehand.[31] Yoga and Tantra propose that Kundalini can be awakened by a guru (teacher), but body and spirit must be prepared by yogic austerities such as pranayama, or breath control, physical exercises, visualization, and chanting. Patañjali emphasised a firm ethical and moral foundation to ensure the aspirant is comfortable with a reasonable degree of discipline and has a serious intention to awaken their full potential. The student is advised to follow the path in an openhearted manner.[25]
Traditionally people would visit ashrams in India to awaken their dormant kundalini energy. Typical activities would include regular meditation, mantra chanting, spiritual studies as well as a physical asana practice such as kundalini yoga. However, kundalini is now widely known outside of the Hindu religion and many cultures globally have created their own ways to awaken the kundalini energy within people. 
Without explanation, an increasingly large percentage of people are experiencing kundalini energy awakenings spontaneously which means, it is not vital to follow a distinct set of instructions or rules in order to awaken the energy.[32]
Part I: Five necessities for full, safe, and permanent kundalini awakening, part 1 of 2 Tao Semko of
Part II


Kundalini can also awaken spontaneously, for no obvious reason or triggered by intense personal experiences such as accidents, near death experiences, childbirth, emotional trauma, extreme mental stress, and so on. Some sources attribute spontaneous awakenings to the “grace of God”, or possibly to spiritual practice in past lives.[25]
A spontaneous awakening in one who is unprepared or without the assistance of a good teacher can result in an experience which has been termed as “Kundalini crisis”, “spiritual emergency” or “Kundalini syndrome“. The symptoms are said to resemble those of Kundalini awakening but are experienced as unpleasant, overwhelming or out of control. Unpleasant side effects are said to occur when the practitioner has not approached Kundalini with due respect and in a narrow egotistical manner. Kundalini has been described as a highly creative intelligence which dwarfs our own. Kundalini awakening therefore requires surrender; it is not an energy which can be manipulated by the ego.[25]


Physical effects are believed to be a sign of Kundalini awakening by some,[33] but described as unwanted side effects pointing to a problem rather than progress by others.[31] The following are either common signs of an awakened Kundalini or symptoms of a problem associated with an awakening Kundalini (commonly referred to as Kundalini syndrome):


Involuntary jerks, tremors, shaking, itching, tingling, and crawling sensations, especially in the arms and legs
Energy rushes or feelings of electricity circulating the body
Intense heat (sweating) or cold, especially as energy is experienced passing through the chakras
Spontaneous pranayama, asanas, mudras and bandhas
Visions or sounds at times associated with a particular chakra
Diminished or conversely extreme sexual desire sometimes leading to a state of constant or whole-body orgasm
Emotional upheavals or surfacing of unwanted and repressed feelings or thoughts with certain repressed emotions becoming dominant in the conscious mind for short or long periods of time.[25]
Headache, migraine, or pressure inside the skull
Increased blood pressure and irregular heartbeat
Emotional numbness
Antisocial tendencies
Mood swings with periods of depression or mania
Pains in different areas of the body, especially back and neck
Sensitivity to light, sound, and touch
Trance-like and altered states of consciousness
Disrupted sleep pattern (periods of insomnia or oversleeping)
Loss of appetite or overeating
Bliss, feelings of infinite love and universal connectivity, transcendent awareness
One person’s account of Kundalini Syndrome
Reports about the Sahaja Yoga technique of Kundalini awakening state that the practice can result in a cool breeze felt on the fingertips as well as on the fontanel bone area.[19][34] One study has measured a drop in temperature on the palms of the hands resulting from this technique.[33]


Kundalini is considered an interaction of the subtle body along with chakra energy centers and nadis channels. Each chakra is said to contain special characteristics[35] and with proper training, moving Kundalini through these chakras can help express or open these characteristics.
Sir John Woodroffe (pen name Arthur Avalon) was one of the first to bring the notion of Kundalini to the West. As High Court Judge in Calcutta, he became interested in Shaktism and Hindu Tantra. His translation of and commentary on two key texts was published as The Serpent Power. Woodroffe rendered Kundalini as “Serpent Power” for lack of a better term in the English language but “kundala” in Sanskrit means “coiled”.[36]
Western awareness of the idea of kundalini was strengthened by the Theosophical Society and interest by the psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875–1961).[37]
Jung’s seminar on kundalini yoga, presented to the Psychological Club in Zurich in 1932, has been widely regarded as a milestone in the psychological understanding of Eastern thought. Kundalini yoga presented Jung with a model for the development of higher consciousness, and he interpreted its symbols in terms of the process of individuation.[38]
The founder of the Aetherius Society George King describes the concept of Kundalini throughout his works and claimed to have experienced this energy many times throughout his life while in a “positive samadhic yogic trance state”.[39] According to King,
It should always be remembered that despite appearances to the contrary, the complete control of Kundalini through the spinal column is man’s only reason for being on Earth, for when this is accomplished, the lessons in this classroom and the mystical examination is passed.[40]
In his lecture entitled The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development he describes the theory behind the raising of Kundalini and how this might be done safely in the context of a balanced life devoted to selfless service.[41]
Sri Aurobindo was the other great authority scholar on Kundalini parallel to Woodroffe, with a somewhat different viewpoint, according to Mary Scott (who is herself a latter-day scholar on Kundalini and its physical basis) and was a member of the Theosophical Society.[42]
Another populariser of the concept of Kundalini among Western readers was Gopi Krishna. His autobiography is entitled Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man.[43] According to one writer his writings influenced Western interest in Kundalini yoga.[44]
In the early 1930s two Italian scholars, Tommaso Palamidessi and Julius Evola, published several books with the intent of re-interpreting alchemy with reference to yoga.[45] Those works had an impact on modern interpretations of Alchemy as a mystical science. In those works, Kundalini is called an “Igneous Power” or “Serpentine Fire”.
Other well-known spiritual teachers who have made use of the idea of Kundalini include Albert Rudolph (Rudi), Harbhajan Singh Yogi, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), George Gurdjieff,Paramahansa Yogananda, Sivananda Radha Saraswati who produced an English language guide of Kundalini yoga methods, Muktananda, Bhagawan Nityananda, Nirmala Srivastava,Samael Aun Weor.[citation needed]


Kundalini references may be found in a number of New Age presentations, and is a word that has been adopted by many new religious movements.[46]


Recently, there has been a growing interest within the medical community to study the physiological effects of meditation, and some of these studies have applied the discipline of Kundalini yoga to their clinical settings.[47][48] Some modern experimental research seeks to establish links between Kundalini practice and the ideas of Wilhelm Reich and his followers.[49]
The popularization of eastern spiritual practices has been associated with psychological problems in the west. Psychiatric literature notes that “since the influx of eastern spiritual practices and the rising popularity of meditation starting in the 1960s, many people have experienced a variety of psychological difficulties, either while engaged in intensive spiritual practice or spontaneously”.[50] 
Among the psychological difficulties associated with intensive spiritual practice we find “Kundalini awakening”, “a complex physio-psychospiritual transformative process described in the yogic tradition”.[50] Researchers in the fields of Transpersonal psychology,[51] and Near-death studies[52][53] have described a complex pattern of sensory, motor, mental and affective symptoms associated with the concept of Kundalini, sometimes called the Kundalini syndrome.
According to the psychiatrist Carl Jung, “… the concept of Kundalini has for us only one use, that is, to describe our own experiences with the unconscious …”[54]
The differentiation between spiritual emergency associated with Kundalini awakening may be viewed as an acute psychotic episode by psychiatrists who are not conversant with the culture. The biological changes of increased P300 amplitudes that occurs with certain yogic practices may lead to acute psychosis. Biological alterations by Yogic techniques may be used to warn people against such reactions.[55]
1 hour Kundalini meditation example
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