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Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Trust me on this one. Shut up and watch.

Kind of reminded me of my wind power video of several years back.

Yup, me and Nikola.

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Volcanic eruption just a few miles from Japan’s Sendai nuclear power plant


Sakurajima Volcano erupts violently just a few miles away from nuclear power plant [good video and pictures]  MIRROR UK, 5 FEB 2016 BY ELAINE LINES

Fountains of lava spewed out of the mountain but there were no reports of any immediate damage. A Japanese volcano about 30 miles from a nuclear plant violently erupted last week, shooting ash nearly 2 km into the night sky.

Fountains of lava spewed from the Sakurajima mountain, but there were no immediate report of damage and operations at the power station were not affected.

Following what they termed an ‚Äúexplosive eruption,‚ÄĚ Japan‚Äôs Meteorological Agency raised the warning level on the peak to grade three, meaning people should not approach the mountain.

  • Kazuhiro Ishihara, a professor at Kyoto University, told NHK national television: ‚ÄúIt appears that stones have been thrown about 2 km from the crater, but this area is quite far from any communities.‚ÄĚ

    Television footage…

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Problems of safety, regulation and cost hamper China’s planned nuclear power expansion


The efforts to develop a set of regulation have so far failed because of the disagreement among various government agencies, nuclear companies and the tension between the central and provincial governments. The fragmented regulatory authority, the rivalry among government agencies, and inadequate human capacity of regulatory agencies are the key factors undermining the governance and regulatory capacity in China.
Finally, China’s nuclear future faces the challenge of the energy reality: as the economy has been undergoing structural changes, demand for electricity has slowed down.
China’s contested nuclear future The expansion of China’s nuclear power production faces some serious challenges, Asia and Pacific Policy Society,  XU YI-CHONG, 5 Feb 1q6  “…… meet the target of 58GW nuclear power capacity in operation by 2020, China would have to more than double the size of the current nuclear capacity. This means at least another 40 reactors would have to be built. At…

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Malcolm Turnbull – a snake in the grass over renewable energy?


Like Abbott, Turnbull has allowed the terms of the appointed board members of ARENA to expire, meaning that the supposedly independent agency is now governed solely by the secretary of Greg Hunt’s Environment Department. The board of the CCA has been largely replaced by advisers and ex-Coalition MPs sympathetic to the Coalition’s approach to climate change.

Like Abbott, Turnbull is hiding behind a climate policy that he contemptuously dismissed as a ‚Äúfig leaf‚ÄĚ. Despite signing up to the Paris climate agreement and its ambitious target of capping temperatures ‚Äúwell below‚ÄĚ 2 degrees, and possibly as low as 1.5 degrees, the Coalition continues a policy plan that assumes temperature gains of 4 degrees.

Turnbull destroys renewables

Parkinson-Report-Was the renewable energy industry better off under Abbott? Giles Parkinson, Crikey, 4 Feb 16 At least under Tony Abbott the renewable sector knew where it stood. But what is going under Turnbull? Under Abbott, the message was…

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Renewable energy an economic boon for Australia’s drought affected rural communities


logo-ARENARenewable energy drought-proofing our farms  February 3, 2016 ANDREW THOMSON The Weekly Times 
AS Australian farmers and firefighters endure El Nino and world leaders agree on emissions targets to manage climate change, it is time to look again at the role of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is not only a tool to provide clean energy and control the emissions that are changing our climate. It is also a growth industry offering employment and revenue opportunities almost exclusively in regional and rural communities.

For many farming landowners, such as Peter, Leigh and David Watts, of Yeungroon, featured in The Weekly Times last week, lease payments from turbines are a way to drought-proof farms by ensuring ­ongoing income in tough times.


There is enormous potential to grow the partnerships between rural communities and renewable energy providers.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has signalled a new approach to ­renewable energy and this…

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Minister Josh Frydenberg says radiation anxieties are based on myth


Minister dismisses scare campaign, urges residents to embrace opportunity of nuclear waste dump, Courier Mail February 5, 2016  QUEENSLANDERS have been urged not to be scared of radioactive waste, but to ­embrace the opportunities a nuclear dump could bring.

Resources, Energy and Northern Australia Minister Josh Frydenberg said Queenslanders should not be panicked by nuclear because most fears were based on myth.

Frydenberg radiation

The Federal Government has moved to intervene in the debate after a protest campaign in the tiny locality of Oman Ama, near Inglewood, 250km southwest of Brisbane.

A property owner has ­offered his land to the Government for a mega low-waste ­nuclear dump and it is one of Mr Frydenberg’s six preferred sites across Australia.

Mr Frydenberg told The Courier-Mail community feedback was important and up to three sites would soon be short-listed.

“It is also important to remember the number of benefits that will flow to the final…

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Queensland government rejects any nuclear waste dump plan


Queensland--antinukeQueensland says ‚Äėno‚Äô to national radioactive dump plan¬†February 3, 2016 ¬†Tony Moore¬† senior reporter¬†The Palaszczuk¬†government has ruled out supporting any plan¬†to build a national radioactive waste storage facility anywhere in Queensland.

That includes Oman Ama, the small town on the Cunningham Highway between Inglewood and Warwick, where a private landowner had put forward his property as a potential radioactive waste site.

Information from the Australian government project¬†confirms intermediate-level radioactive waste¬†would be ‚Äútemporarily‚ÄĚ stored at the chosen facility for many years, while the majority of radioactive waste would¬†be low-level.

The¬†International Atomic Energy Agency¬†says intermediate-level radioactive waste ‚Äúcontains higher radioactivity levels than low level waste. It requires shielding when handled. Intermediate level waste ‚Äď generated during operation of a nuclear power plant ‚Äď consists mostly of ion exchange resins used to clean the water circulating through the reactor.‚ÄĚ

Queensland has now written to…

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Thyroid cancer: the epidemic linked to ionising radiation


Studies of Japanese survivors of the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki found the cancer with the greatest increase was thyroid cancer.

  • A U.S. government survey of cancer rates among residents of the Marshall Islands, who were exposed to U.S. bomb testing in the 1950s, found thyroid cancer outpaced all others.
  • A 1999 federal study estimated that exposure to I-131 from bomb testing in Nevada caused as many as 212,000 Americans to develop thyroid cancer.
  • A 2009 book on the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster found soaring levels of local thyroid cancer rates after the meltdown, especially among children, and workers called ‚Äúliquidators,‚ÄĚ who cleaned up the burning plant.
  • More recently, studies have documented thyroid cancer rates in children near Fukushima, Japan, site of the 2011 meltdown, to be 20 to 50 times above the expected rate.

thyroid-cancer-papillaryAN INVISIBLE EPIDEMIC  Can an epidemic really sneak…

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Block the Trans Pacific Partnership!



sign-thisGetUp! campaign: Dangerous deal Find out what this deal could mean for you and your family, then sign the petition calling on Parliament to block the TPP!

Trade Minister Andrew Robb is about to sign Australia onto the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal.
The TPP is bad news for democracy, as it will allow multinational corporations to sue our government over laws that protect our health and our environment.

But it’s not over yet. We still have a chance to derail the secretive TPP agenda when it’s put to a vote in the Senate. …Read more & find TPP facts, video & online petition template at:

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