Air Traffic Above Europe, USA and Globe To Music

This is one day of air traffic via a sattelite view from space, with some interesting music to go along with it. 

The question is; what effect does all of this air traffic and ground traffic have on the Earth? This is the first time in history that this much carbon fuel burning has happened at high altitudes. Is anyone studying this? 

A day of all air traffic in the air, over the entire world

A day of air traffic in the air, over the entire USA

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Air Traffic Above Europe, USA and Globe To Music; via A Green Road Blog 

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Radioactive Bananas? Peeling The Mystery

A banana has around 14 bequerels per banana, based on Chiquita information, of how much potassium is in a banana. The counts per minute equivalent would be 840. Radioactive Potassium (K40) does emit gamma radiation. This video goes into radiation emitted by a banana, or anything else with that much potassium inside of it. 

Should we be worried about this very small amount of radiation inside a banana? Not really.. because this is background radiation that we are all exposed to. There is no way to avoid it. This radiation is present in all potassium in the soil, naturally. We can call it ‘background radiation’. 

However.. There is a HUGE difference between the potassium in a banana, and the radioactive cesium, iodine or other man made radioactive contamination in food after a nuclear accident. 

First and foremost, potassium is potassium. RADIOACTIVE CESIUM is MAN MADE. Potassium and K40 is a natural mineral in many foods. CESIUM IS NOT A NATURAL MINERAL.

Cesium is a POISON. When it is detected in foods, it acts like a heavy metal in the body. The radiation from the cesium is dangerous to health. This has been extensively studied. 

The nuclear apologists who try to confuse people by saying low level radiation is not dangerous are trying to tell you that potassium is the same as radioactive cesium, radioactive strontium, radioactive uranium, radioactive plutonium, radioactive iodine, etc.. These are all POISONS, compared to potassium in a banana. 

This is why all governments around the world regulate the amount of these radioactive substances that can be legally measured in a food item. If your food, milk or water tests above a certain limit, then you as a farmer or food retailer have to dump the food or let it rot in the fields, because it cannot be sold for human consumption. 

So let’s go see who this works in actual real life. Let us check out food safety in Japan, and get some random radiation sampling results with a trip to the supermarket.

The Japanese government is testing food randomly and posting the results here.

The following picture shows a random page taken from this government sampling. All colored lines are showing cesium and/or iodine contamination. The line in red shows a food sample over the government safety limit. He shows mushrooms as measuring over 1,000 Bequerels per kilogram. 
You can check your food in Japan yourself at the websites below..

Radioactive cesium is like potassium, and the body uses it like cesium. Iodine in food is absorbed by the thyroid. Radioactive strontium acts like calcium, and it goes to the bones, where it causes leukemia and bone cancer. 

Radioactive strontium, uranium and plutonium is NOT being tested for, despite the fact that they can be found in soil, food, air and water. 

Farmers are not willing to give up. Farmers in contaminated areas are still growing food, testing it and then shipping it out to other areas of Japan. Is it being shipped out of the country? Who knows?

Radiation contaminated food is being shipped outside of contaminated areas, because Japan believes that their food is superior to any other countries food. 

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Radioactive Bananas? Peeling The Mystery 


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La Hague; France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare

La Hague is a nuclear waste ‘recycling’ facility located in France. It claims to be clean and green, but what is the reality of the situation? Watch the video to find out.. This is a German film, with English subtitles. (Note: Click on the CC button at the lower right to see the English subtitles, while watching the video.)
At 47 minutes into the video; below is a picture of the outflow pipe from La Hague, taken from the video above. This pipe goes out into the ocean, where the plant pours out highly radioactive waste 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The equivalent is like dumping 33 million 200 litre barrels of waste. Just the toxic radioactive waste going into the ocean is like a nuclear accident, only it never stops. 
At 49 minutes into the video, this organization then went up and measured what was coming out of the vent stacks that go high up in the air above the La Hague plant. What they found was shocking. They found tens of thousands of Bequerels of radiation per litre of air coming out of the vents at the time they measured. What if this was a low reading, measured in between high releases? 

“Krypton-85 85Kr is a beta emitter with 687keV maximum energy and 10.7 year half-life. It’s produced by uranium fission with 0.27% yield (137Cs and 90Sr: 6%). Here is a report, a bit old and in French, but figures read the same in English anyway:…ts/Kr85SAN.pdf

“When reprocessing used nuclear fuel rods at La Hague, solid fission products like 137Cs and 90Sr are separated for storage, but 85Kr is just diluted and emitted in the atmosphere. For instance in 1999, La Hague emitted 2.9*1017 Bq of 85Kr, more than the radioactivity of 137Cs and 90Sr released by the Chernobyl disaster.

“Iodine, caesium, strontium radioisotopes fall on the soil more quickly and locally if emitted, and accumulate in the food chain. Krypton, as a noble gas, dilutes in the whole northern hemisphere’s atmosphere, where in 2001 it added 1.2 Bq/m3, with 3/4 of it coming from La Hague – it must be worse by now.”

At 51 minutes in, this is a lab technician talking about the radioactive Krypton and Xenon that is being released into the air from this plant, making the air very radioactive. These radioactive gases decay into highly toxic, solid, radioactive elements wherever they land. All by itself, the amount of radiation released into the air, is like a ongoing nuclear accident, only it happens 24 hours a day. 

At 48 minutes in, this is what the toxic, radioactive stuff looks like that comes out of the pipe that is out in the ocean. All by itself, the amount of radiation released here is like a ongoing nuclear accident, only it happens 24 hours a day. 

At 50 minutes into the video, this is a map of the toxic, radioactive gases released from this plant. The map shows where these radioactive, cancer causing substances end up going. All of Europe is affected, but eventually, this gas spreads out and affects the whole world. 

The reprocessing plant only actually ‘recycles’ about 10% of the total it receives. The rest is all nuclear waste material, which is stored out in the open, above ground in Russia.

This is an aerial view of the Tomsk facility, where the containers of radioactive wastes (uranium hexaflouride) are stored in the open air, above ground.

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Lowdose radiation dangers, lessons from Chernobyl
Radiationdangers in food and water


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La Hague; France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare; via A Green Road Blog 


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Ozyorsk – Kyshtym – Mayak Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Center Disaster And Coverup

Mayak; nuclear waste ‘reprocessing’ center

“In 1991, U.S. experts measured a dose rate of 300 to 600 millirems per hour near the shores of the lake, which is three to six times maximum U.S. safety levels. It was estimated that just one minute standing on its shore without full protection would mean certain death. No place in Russia symbolizes the country’s inability to manage the reprocessing of its spent nuclear fuel better than Chelyabinsk region in the Urals with its fields, rivers, and lakes contaminated with deadly radio nuclides. And as Russia speeds toward accepting spent nuclear fuel and waste from abroad for reprocessing and long-term storage in exchange for billions of dollars, environmentalists warn that this lucrative plan will turn Russia into the world’s nuclear dump.

According to a recent report compiled by Russian and Norwegian scientists, the quantity of radioactive materials the Mayak plant has released since it first opened in 1948 is five times greater than every other major accident or nuclear test on earth since then: the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986, the 1957 leak at the British Sellafield nuclear plant, and all the nuclear tests ever conducted.

The current dose of radiation absorbed by Muslyumovo residents is 10 times higher than internationally acceptable levels, according to a study put out by Kostina’s department. Only 18 percent of the village children aged 6 to 14 can be called healthy, while the rest of the children suffer from acute memory loss, attention deficit disorders, and exhaustion.”

Kyshtym disaster

The Kyshtym disaster was a radiation contamination incident that occurred on 29 September 1957 at Mayak, a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Russia (then a part of the Soviet Union). It measured as a Level 6 disaster on the International Nuclear Event Scale, making it the third most serious nuclear accident ever recorded (after the Chernobyl disaster, and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, both Level 7 on the INES scale). The event occurred in the town of Ozyorsk, a closed city built around the Mayak plant. Since Ozyorsk/Mayak (also known as Chelyabinsk-40 and Chelyabinsk-65) was not marked on maps, the disaster was named after Kyshtym, the nearest known town.

A storage facility for liquid nuclear waste was added around 1953. It consisted of steel tanks mounted in a concrete base, 8.2 meters underground. Because of the high level of radioactivity, the waste was heating itself through decay heat (though a chain reaction was not possible). For that reason, a cooler was built around each bank containing 20 tanks. Facilities for monitoring operation of the coolers and the content of the tanks were not adequate.[3]

Ozyorsk today.After World War II, the Soviet Union lagged behind the United States in development of nuclear weapons, so it started a rapid research and development program to produce a sufficient amount of weapons-grade uraniumand plutonium. The Mayak plant was built in a great hurry between 1945 and 1948. Gaps in Soviet physicists’ knowledge about nuclear physics at the time made it difficult to judge the safety of many decisions. Also, environmental concerns were not taken seriously during the early development stage. All six reactors were onLake Kyzyltash and used an open cycle cooling system, discharging irradiated water directly back into the lake.[1] Initially Mayak was dumping high-level radioactive waste into a nearby river, which was taking waste to the river Ob, flowing further down to the Arctic Ocean. Later on, Lake Karachay was used for open-air storage of high level radioactive wastes. It is the largest and most contaminated open air exposed radiation dump on the planet at present.[2]

In September 1957, the cooling system in one of the tanks containing about 70–80 tons of liquid radioactive waste failed and was not repaired. The temperature in it started to rise, resulting in evaporation and a chemical explosion of the dried waste, consisting mainly of ammonium nitrate and acetates(see ammonium nitrate bomb). The explosion, estimated to have a force of about 70–100 tons of TNT threw the concrete lid, weighing 160 tons, into the air.[3] There were no immediate casualties as a result of the explosion, which released an estimated 2 to 50 MCi (74 to 1850 PBq) of radioactivity.[2][4][5]

In the next 10 to 11 hours, the radioactive cloud moved towards the northeast, reaching 300–350 kilometers from the accident. The fallout of the cloud resulted in a long-term contamination of an area of more than 800 square kilometers, primarily with caesium-137 and strontium-90.[2] This area is usually referred to as the East-Ural Radioactive Trace (EURT).[6]

At least 22 villages where exposed to radiation from the disaster with a total population of around 10,000 were evacuated. Some were evacuated after a week but it took almost 2 years for evacuations to occur at other sites.[7]

Village Population Evacuation Time (days) Mean Effective Dose Equivalent (mSv)
Berdyanish 421 7-14 520
Satlykovo 219 7-14 520
Galikayevo 329 7-14 520
Rus. Karabolka 458 250 440
Alabuga 486 250 120
Yugo-Konevo 2045 250 120
Gorny 472 250 120
Igish 223 250 120
Troshkovo 81 250 120
Boyovka 573 330 40
Melnikovo 183 330 40
Fadino 266 330 40
Gusevo 321 330 40
Mal. Shaburovo 75 330 40
Skorinovo 170 330 40
Bryukhanovo 89 330 40
Krivosheino 372 670 40
Kozhakul 631 670 40
Tygish 441 670 40
Chetyrkino 278 670 40
Klyukino 346 670 40
Kirpichiki 160 7-14 5


Because of the secrecy surrounding Mayak, the populations of affected areas were not initially informed of the accident. A week later (on 6 October) an operation for evacuating 10,000 people from the affected area started, still without giving an explanation of the reasons for evacuation. People “grew hysterical with fear with the incidence of unknown ‘mysterious’ diseases breaking out. Victims were seen with skin ‘sloughing off’ their faces, hands and other exposed parts of their bodies.”[8]

Although vague reports of a “catastrophic accident” causing “radioactive fallout over the Soviet and many neighboring states” began appearing in the western press between April 13 and April 14, 1958, it was only in 1976 that Zhores Medvedev made the nature and extent of the disaster known to the world.[9][10]

Even though the Soviet government suppressed information about the figures, it is estimated that the direct exposure to radiation caused at least 200 cases of death from cancer.[11] “In 1992, a study conducted by the Institute of Biophysics at the former Soviet Health Ministry in Chelyabinsk found that 8,015 people had died within the preceding 32 years as a result of the accident.”[1]

To reduce the spread of radioactive contamination after the accident, contaminated soil was excavated and stockpiled in fenced enclosures that were called “graveyards of the earth”.[12]

The Soviet government in 1968 disguised the EURT area by creating the East-Ural Nature Reserve, which prohibited any unauthorised access to the affected area.

Rumours of a nuclear mishap somewhere in the vicinity of Chelyabinsk had long been circulating in the West. That there had been a serious nuclear accident east of the Urals was eventually demonstrated by Zhores Medvedev, who, after his reference to the disaster in a western publication was derided by western nuclear industry sources, showed that numerous Soviet scientific publications on the effects of radiation on plant life, supposedly derived from laboratory experiments, were in fact thinly disguised descriptions of the area contaminated by the disaster.[13]

According to Gyorgy,[14] who invoked the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to the relevant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files, the CIA knew of the 1957 Mayak accident all along, but kept it secret to prevent adverse consequences for the fledgling American nuclear industry. In 1990 the Soviet government declassified documents pertaining to the disaster.[15][16

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Ozyorsk – Kyshtym – Mayak Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Center Disaster And Coverup; via A Green Road Blog


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Fukushima Tsunami Explosion Coverup?

The following video is about the time during the tsunami while it is hitting Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant. It seems to show what appears to be a massive explosion at or near the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant, plus a massive white plume in the background, in the area around Sendai. 

What were these things? What happened here? It is amazing that it took almost a year for this to come to light. 

Is this Fukushima Daichi reactor #1 blowing up? The brown colored cloud  explosion goes up higher than the vent stacks, which are approximately 700 feet tall. 

Feel free to leave a comment. What do you think it is?

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Fukushima Tsunami Explosion Coverup? 

Hanford; Lethal And Leaking; A Race To Armageddon?

CBS 60 Minutes features two videos that you can watch below, about the Handford toxic Superfund site, together with all of the trials and tributions going on around it. 

The worst leaking nuclear waste problem in the world (Hanford) is hopefully going to be ‘processed’ by a new nuclear waste processing facility.  This facility is being built to take leaking nuclear waste tank products from the Hanford facility. But there are problems with the construction, as it does not meet earthquake standards, and quality control is suffering, with inspectors finding defective welds on tanks, etc. 

The bigger problem is that groundwater contamination has happened at Hanford. 16 HUGE tanks at this site are leaking EXTREMELY radioactive and toxic liquids. Many more tanks are in danger of leaking, as they are 60 years old, and not designed for permanent storage.  

The radioactive plume of this highly toxic, highly radioactive liquid is migrating towards the Columbia River. If this leaking underground miasma gets to the Columbia River, it will mean devastating consequences for everyone downstream, not to mention the whole ocean. It could make the whole Columbia River a toxic Superfund Site. It could mean the Columbia River will be undrinkable by anyone downstream, with however many cities depend on it for drinking water. It could also endanger all fish in the river, including millions of salmon coming to spawn. It could mean the end of all fishing on the Columbia River as well. 

In the meantime, the plan is to pump all of this toxic liquid mess out of the leaking tanks at Hanford into this new facility that will process it into glass logs, which can more easily be monitored and are less likely to leak hazardous things into groundwater, air, etc. Presently, there is NO plan to try and clean up the underground plume of radioactive liquid, and it is moving towards the river.

So now the race is on. Will this waste processing plant be finished in time? Will the toxic waste reach the river and pollute all drinking water for cities downstream? No one knows the answer yet. 

But one thing we know for sure. If we had not played with this anti-life toy, it would not be endangering millions of people for potentially BILLIONS of years to come. Now that we have opened this Pandora’s Box, we have to deal with the horrors that we have unleashed.
Part 1
Part II


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Hanford; Lethal And Leaking; A Race To Armageddon?


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Classified, Top Secret, Classified, Top Secret

Congress is talking about a new (Classified) Bill of Rights, right after some kind of attack by (classified), all authorized by this (classified) law, giving (classified) unlimited powers and (Classified) amounts of money from (classified) in case of (classified) attack or incidence of (classified).

I think I am going to trade mark the word (classified) and (top secret), as I think income from this will greatly increase in the near future. My logic for thinking this is (classified).

I heard that our Reps rarely or never read the bills that they vote for, but this is beyond the pale. 

Representatives are being asked to vote on laws that they do not even get to see, because they are (classified). This sure makes me feel warm and fuzzy, how about you? 
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Classified, Top Secret, Classified, Top Secret; via A Green Road Blog


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Depleted Uranium (DU) Dangers And Effects On The Human Body

Epidemiologist Dr. Rosalie Bertell PhD explains what depleted uranium (DU)  is. She talks about the effects of the weaponized DU on the people of Iraq and the planet. Depleted uranium (DU) has a 4.5 billion year half life, so it continues to persist in the environment, contaminating people and the environment for at least 40 billion years before becoming something else. 
Over 400 TONS of DU dust was spread all over the Gulf, and many of the US soldiers and airmen were exposed to this poison.
Depleted Uranium Part I 
You cannot see it, smell it, or taste DU, compared to just normal dust floating in the air. 
When DU shells hit a target, they burn and release uranium dust and uranium gas nano particles. The uranium gas nano particles travel long distances. The DU dust is thrown out of the explosion, and spreads out from there to large distances. The DUE dust can be stirred up and blown around by wind, once it settles back down to the ground. 
In this video they talk about heavy metal poisoning, plus radiation poisoning that soldiers and civilians get from DU. The military says today that DU dust is safe and needs no special handling. They say it can safely be eaten. But the studies done by neutral third party scientists, doctors and other researchers universally seem to point in the opposite direction and find that DU is highly radioactive, dangerous to health as well as to the environment. 
The director of the DU Cleanup project led a team into Iraq to clean up a few of the DU contaminated sites. His whole team is now either very sick or dead. Even the project manager tests high for DU contamination.  They get no help, no compensation, and all appeals for compensation (such as for Agent Orange vets) were denied, according to the director himself. He says that the military covers up and denies the danger of DU to the troops themselves, including his team. 
Depleted Uranium Part II 
A medical doctor talks about the pressure he got from the military to STOP his research on DU effects on soldiers. He said his career and his physical well being was threatened by the military. He explains that there are sixteen isotopes of uranium, and that any of them can create negative changes in DNA, tissues, organs and the entire animal. This doctor pursued his research anyway, despite the threats and intimidation.
As part of his research, he has found U -236 (DU) in high amounts in soldiers. He found evidence that all four uranium isotopes are present in body fluids and organs among those soldiers that are in his program. He is curious how the military will come up with more lies around this, to try and explain all of this away. 
This video section also talks about how DU breathed in or eaten is deposited in kidneys, liver, testicles and other parts of the body, resulting in higher rates of cancer and genetic mutation. 
It is common for civilians and soldiers who are exposed to DU, to be diagnosed with thyroid problems, muscle problems, kidney problems, neurological problems and cancer. This complex of a whole variety of symptoms is commonly called Gulf War Syndrome. 
We went back to tanks that were left out in the desert from many years ago in the first Gulf war. We took a Geiger Counter and measured high levels of radiation; alpha, gamma radiation from depleted uranium, all around the tanks that were destroyed with DU shells.
The earth, air and water have also all been contaminated by DU. Over one million civilians have died due to the Gulf War. The cancer rates are ten times higher than before the war. Many children are born with deformities. The military says this is all ‘normal’.  

Depleted Uranium Part III 
Medical researchers found that depleted uranium DU is responsible for these high rates of deformities and cancers. Bone cancers, brain tumors, birth defects and more are all common. There is no help from the military. There is no medical care for these victims from DU weapons, even in the United States. In the US, we have developed and use a sophisticated weapons system, but we have no interest or the means to take care of the health problems that will continue for BILLIONS OF YEARS. 
The military says that all of these health problems and deformities among babies are ‘normal’. Even US military soldiers’ children have these same problems, but again the military said there are just ‘normal’ health issues among soldiers. It is common for babies of DU exposed soldiers to be born with no arms, no legs, with hands sticking straight out of the shoulders, as well as having other problems.
Soldiers cannot sue the government or the military for harm caused from DU or for anything else for that matter, (otherwise they would quickly go out of business).  It is very expensive to treat and care for children that are deformed.

They ONLY way that these soldiers can get help for these children is to stay in the military. They also cannot complain or make noise about this situation, or their benefits are cut off. No one will insure a child with a ‘pre-existing’ condition. 
In the second Gulf War, they took a fragment of a bomb in downtown Baghdad, and it was found to be radioactive after it was tested in Germany. This proves that DU weapons were used in downtown civilian areas. 
The global military industrial complex wants to profit from selling more DU weapons systems and ammunition. DU weapons are now a staple in the arms business around the world, and their use is spreading, which means the whole world is being contaminated for BILLIONS of years. (Each war will add to the contaminated zones and add more children that will be born with problems, plus add to the number of civilians and soldiers exposed to this deadly poison, that lasts forever.)
Depleted Uranium Part IV
Since the Gulf War, DU weapons have been used in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as Yugoslavia. No one knows what is radioactive, or what was used to destroy armored vehicles or buildings. Neither NATO nor the US Defense Dept. will reveal where DU weapons have been used, or how much was used. They all say this is ‘classified’ information. 
They also claim that RAND did a study that found DU weapons were ‘safe’. To do this ‘study’ RAND searched and found a few studies that had more or less positive outcomes in the uranium mining industry (which has nothing to do with DU made from nuclear waste products). 

They ignored a HUGE pile of studies that found uranium has negative effects on human health, from all around the world. This ‘positive’ conclusion is now the ‘official’ result of ALL of the science globally, according to the military industrial complex, which largely owns Congress and the Senate, as well as the White House. 
In the video, one researcher found unusual bullets and shells on the battle field, and became suspicious. He saw children playing with what turned out to be DU bullets. These children later died of leukemia. Before they died, they got ulcers that were not painful. These DU bullets were measured and put out 11 mSieverts per hour. Conventional DU bullets cannot be this radioactive, according to the military. But the radiation detector does not lie. This may be what millions of children are playing with all around the world, where DU dust is present. I wonder why the cancer rates are skyrocketing worldwide for children? Why are there now whole hospitals set up just to treat children with cancer worldwide? This used to be unknown, or VERY rare.. Now it seems like an every day occurence. 
Two companies were paid to clean up a small amount of DU contamination Kuwait. It took three years to clean up 24 DU contaminated vehicles that were sitting out in the desert. They had to use special toxic waste clothing, special preparations and used high level toxic waste disposal methods. It took three years and cost millions of dollars to dispose of these few vehicles safely, without putting more people into harm’s way. 
Thousands of contaminated DU dust filled tanks and DU shells, bullets and bomb fragments are still sitting everywhere, in many countries, including where children play. Who is going to pay to clean up this mess that will last for 40 BILLION years, if no one cleans it up?

Poison DUst: Depleted Uranium Kills

Dr. Michio Kaku goes into details around DU dangers. He explains it very well. 

“US soldiers are returning from Iraq to die of “mysterious” ailments – and the depleted uranium (DU) poisoning scandal just won’t go away, despite efforts to cover it up. Protesters in New Haven spoke out against the U.S. military’s use of DU, its effects on US troops, and cutbacks in veterans’ medical benefits. 

The DU test costs $1,000, so the U.S. government won’t test for DU poisoning. “More than 240,000 Gulf War veterans are on permanent medical disability and more than 11,000 are dead. They have been denied testing, medical care, and compensation for depleted uranium exposure and related illnesses since 1991,” say reports. 

A U.S. government study found that 67% of post-Gulf War babies have serious birth defects or serious illnesses. In Italy, eight soldiers home from Iraq died of cancer, probably caused by DU exposure. Today, Italy proposed new legislation to censor media covering the military. The new law would bar any reporting on the health effects of depleted uranium. Anyone who breaks the law could face up to 20 years in a military prison, including civilians. You thought they came home safely from the war.”

In my view, manmade uranium fuel generated dust and gas is dangerous to human health, no matter where it comes from. Whether the source of uranium nano dust is from a nuclear meltdown and/or explosion, such as Fukushima, or DU dust from depleted uranium weapons, it kills.. 

Nuclear weapons, including DU shells, bombs and weapons need to be abolished, along with the nuclear power plants that are nothing more than an excuse to make more DU weapons. 


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Depleted Uranium (DU) Dangers And Effects On The Human Body, via A Green Road Blog 


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Aging Reactors, Lies, Deceptions, Profits And Earthquakes

“The US has more than 100 reactors similar to Japan’s destroyed Fukushima plant. Some located in earthquake zones or close to major cities are now reaching the end of their working lives. People And Power sent Joe Rubin and Serene Fang to investigate.”

Aging and worn out nuclear power plants are at the end of their original design basis. Nuclear power plants are designed to operate for 30 years and then shut down and decommission. 

However, due to the profit motive, the nuclear industry is now coming up schemes that will make renewing their licensing much easier and more profitable than closing these plants down. 

Companies are doing cost benefits analysis on the parts within these plants. Should they wait until a part completely fails before replacing it, or replace it before that point? The profit motive conspires to doing nothing. The cost of short term seeking of profit may endanger nearby cities and millions of people as old, worn out plants start leaking, breaking down and literally falling apart, as the video below shows.

Short term profit motives move the whole industry in the direction of not doing preventative maintenance or replacement. Does this work for you and your family? 

You can TAKE ACTION to make a difference with this issue, and here is how. 

One Year after Fukushima—Help Raise Awareness of Nuclear Power Safety Issues

March 11 marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. The accident has had profound and long-lasting public health, environmental, quality-of-life, and economic consequences for tens of thousands of Japanese citizens. What happened at Fukushima can happen in the United States.

You can ensure your decision makers make smart choices based on facts, and help raise awareness about this critical issue and demand faster action to ensure safer, more secure, and better regulated nuclear power in the United States by writing a letter to the editor today.

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) is an effective and easy way to reach a large audience with your message. LTEs are printed on the editorial page, which is one of the most read pages in the paper. Decision makers keep a close eye on media coverage, including LTEs, in their local papers so they can keep a ‘pulse’ on issues of importance to their constituents. Having a strong letter published helps you reach both a wide public audience and your elected officials with the same effort!

To make your letter most effective, we’re going to narrow down the list of media outlets to ones that are in your area and provide you with some talking points. Please enter your zip code:|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/blogger.g&__utmv=-&__utmk=232380319

Here is a second step you can take that will make a difference. 

Urge the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Improve Nuclear Plant Safety

For years to come, the Japanese people will suffer grave human, environmental, and economic costs as a result of the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl. And the truth is, it could happen in the United States as well.

The Japanese nuclear crisis has exposed some of the risks and vulnerabilities of nuclear power and the importance of making sure our nation’s 104 nuclear power reactors are safer than they are today.

Please tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it must make every effort to prevent such a disaster in the United States and take steps to make nuclear power in this country safer.

Please make your letter personal by adding in your own thoughts and concerns. Every letter makes a difference, but customized letters have the greatest effect!

Not sure if you live near a reactor? View our Nuclear Power Information Tracker to find out. Learn more about our nuclear power safety and security recommendations.

Please tweet the following and follow the link to send your letter to the NRC: 

Crisis in #Japan exposed risks of #nuclear power. Urge NRC to make every effort to prevent such a disaster in the US

Join the online National Nuclear Power Safety Briefing—March 19,

More than 115 million Americans live within 50 miles of an aging nuclear power reactor—and that means that we all have a direct stake in improving the safety and security of these power plants. For that to happen, more people need to get informed and hold accountable those responsible for our health and safety.

Please join us for a special, one-hour discussion examining the key issues surrounding nuclear power in the United States and policy recommendations for making nuclear power safer, more secure, and better regulated.

Monday, March 19
4:00-5:00 p.m. (EDT)
RSVP Today

Hosted by UCS President Kevin Knobloch, the phone briefing will include remarks from UCS experts.

Dave Lochbaum, director of the UCS Nuclear Safety Project, and Ellen Vancko, manager of the UCS Nuclear Energy & Climate Change Project, will discuss our work on both nuclear power safety and economics, respectively. I will provide an update on our nuclear power safety campaign and what we hope to accomplish—with your help—in the coming months and years.

You may also request a Nuclear Power Citizen Advocacy Tool Kit that includes some of our most recent analysis and issue fact sheets, as well as a number of other “how-to” resources such as tips on how to contact policy makers and submit letters to your local newspaper.

We look forward to your participation in next Monday’s briefing.


Sean Meyer
Manager, UCS Nuclear Power Safety & Security Campaign
UCS Global Security Program


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Aging Reactors, Lies, Deceptions, Profits And Earthquakes


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Windscale: Biggest Covered Up UK Nuclear Disaster?

The Windscale nuclear disaster was a military engineered cover since even before construction began.  Electricity production was a convenient cover for producing nuclear bomb grade plutonium. When Windscale caught on fire and spewed radioactive substances all over the surrounding countryside, it was kept completely secret. Even nuclear research scientists were not told about it.


This video talks about making bigger nuclear bombs, which required huge amounts of Tritium. Windscale was ordered to make 500% more Tritium in order to make bigger bombs. They did this by increasing the heat in the reactor and taking off shielding from the core material. Scientists warned of impending disaster, but the politicians and military ignored them.

Details how fire broke out in reactor core, and how the secret was kept. Uranium was burning inside the reactor, stimulated by the air fans used to normally cool the reactor. Uranium dust was coming out of the vent stack, but no one was warned. A rumor spread around town that the plant was on fire, but on official announcement was made. Half the village left town. There was no emergency plan to deal with the fire.

They tried pouring water on the nuclear fire, but that did not put the fire out, until they turned the air off. The fire went out quickly with a combination of water and no air moving through the reactor. It took about 24 hours for the official announcement to come out that a small fire had broken out, but that all radiation had blown out to sea, when actually it was blowing over the nearby town. The government ordered all milk from 250 square miles to be thrown out. A top secret inquiry found out that the military production of tritium and plutonium caused the fire. McMillan ordered that the whole inquiry and report about it be kept secret. Safety issues were ignored completely.

The coverup was complete. The plant operators were blamed for the fire, instead of the military pushing for more tritium and plutonium production from the plant. An official summary white paper was produced later, saying it was a minor accident, leaving out most of the details, and blaming it all on “operator error”. Shortly after that, a hydrogen bomb was exploded, with a one Megaton rating, which the politicians and military were very proud of.


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Windscale: Biggest Covered Up UK Nuclear Disaster? via A Green Road Blog


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