Business South Australia wants nuclear waste import, worried about public opinion.


Submission pro nuclearBUSINESS SA’s Submission to  South Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission

“South Australia’s clearest economically viable expansion opportunity in the nuclear fuel cycle will be in the form of used fuel storage and disposal” 

“South Australia must focus on what the world needs, particularly in the case of used nuclear fuel storage or disposal.”

“In order to build community confidence, it is likely that a pilot storage site would need to be constructed first and this should form part of the Royal Commission’s deliberations.”

Business South Australia’s Submission clearly promotes the nuclear industry, with a commercial argument that completely ignores the negative effects that this would have on other industries in that State.

While its main focus is on the benefits of nuclear waste importing, (as a way of creating jobs, and fixing the budget deficit), Business South Australia is in fact favouring the whole nuclear fuel chain:

“the opportunity…

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Christopher Camarsh Submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust touts underwater nuclear recators


Christopher Camarsh  Submission to South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission

Mr Christopher Camarsh is an investment manager and Managing Director of AIXI Investments. His lengthy submission is  a detailed promotion for a company selling underwater nuclear reactors.

“The Blue Energy System (BES) is a new production system for global power generation and distribution. It utilises transportable submerged power stations produced at a central facility that can be located off shore from energy consuming centers.”

underwater nuclear reactor

Like all the company promotions to the RC, this submission sticks to its role, so of course, no attention  to comparisons to non nuclear energy systems.

However, Camarsh does give an opinion approving of South Australia as nuclear dump site

” MANAGEMENT, STORAGE AND DISPOSAL OF NUCLEAR AND RADIOACTIVE WASTE We believe that a waste, storage, disposal strategy is ultimately a sovereign matter but have strong convictions that the commission should recommend South Australia engage in this…

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Endangered Marsupial Mole ( & More) at Proposed Australia-Japan (Toro) Uranium Mine in Western Australia, Comment Deadline 8 Feb 2016

Mining Awareness +

Nilsson MA, Churakov G, Sommer M, Tran NV, Zemann A, Brosius J, et al. (2010) Tracking Marsupial Evolution Using Archaic Genomic Retroposon Insertions. PLoS Biol 8(7): e1000436. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000436, CC -BY, circle added
Image Nilsson et. al., 2010, Marsupial Mole circled.

Marsupial moles are a family (Notoryctidae) of cladotherian mammals of the order Notoryctemorphia. They are rare and poorly understood burrowing mammals of the deserts of Western Australia, with an ancestry going back 20 million years or so. Once classified as monotremes, they are now thought to be marsupials

Toro Energy submitted a referral to the WA and Federal Government in 2014 to include the Lake Maitland and Millipede deposits to the existing proposal to mine Lake Way and Centipede. The proposal is to now to mine 4 deposits across 2 lake systems.

Toro Energy has released new plans to include a uranium mine at Lake Maitland and Millipede to the Wiluna uranium proposal. CCWA is calling on the EPA to re-assess the whole project incorporating plans for four mines across two lake systems – including

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What Sanders And Trump Have In Common; Why The Big Money Billionaire Huge Corporate Establishment Matrix Is Freaking Out About People Voting For ‘Independent’ Political Candidates

What Sanders And Trump Have In Common; Why The Big Money Billionaire Huge Corporate Establishment Matrix Is Freaking Out About People Voting For ‘Independent’ Political Candidates
Politics has gotten so corrupt and rotten in America, that most US politicians poll lower than cockroaches. The sad situation in politics is so bad, that the majority of Americans do not even bother to vote anymore. In the last presidential election, 64 percent of all Americans who could vote, stayed home. 

13 Reasons Why People Don’t Vote; 13 Reasons Why You Should Vote, How To Fix The Broken Elections System


What Trump and Bernie Sanders Have in Common; They Are Not Part Of The Royal Families; Bush And Clinton

The Atlantic reports;
Both oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Both support maintaining or expanding current levels of Social Security benefits.
Both support some upper-income tax hikes.
Both lament the pernicious role of money in politics (this is why, as Stan herself notes, Trump likes to falsely claim he’s funding his own campaign).
Both opposed the Iraq war (Stan herself notes that Trump “would have left Saddam Hussein in power”) and believe the money spent on it could have been put to better use domestically.
Both have been known to worry that increased immigration could depress working-class wages.
Both have supported single-payer health care.
Both have flip-flopped on gun control.

The Reason says; “Both are from the outer boroughs of New York City. Sanders is from Brooklyn; Trump, from Queens. Both are children of immigrants. Sanders’ father was born in Poland; Trump’s mother is from Scotland.
Neither candidate served in the Vietnam War. Trump had student deferments and a medical deferment. Sanders reportedly applied for conscientious objector status; by the time the application was rejected he was “too old to be drafted.” Trump is on his third marriage. Sanders is on his second marriage and has a son from a relationship with a third woman. 
They both have gravity-defying hair. “Bernie Sanders has the best hair in Congress,” Buzzfeed declares. “Bernie Sanders has amazing hair,” The Washington Post concurs. The Daily Beast calls Donald Trump’s “the world’s most notorious male haircut.” Compared to the “impeccably coiffed,” Mitt Romney, who reportedly paid $70 for a trim, or the ever-changing hairstyles of Hillary Clinton, who recently got her cut at a Manhattan salon that charges $600, the flyaway comb-overs of Messrs. Sanders and Trump have at least the appearance of authenticity. That’s about as close as any politician can get to actual genuineness.

MSNBC: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have something in common
The two presidential candidates may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they share a pronunciation of the word the rest of us know as ‘huge.’

BIGTHINK about Sanders; Nearly every time he spoke, there were spikes in Google searches about him. And his I-don’t-care-if-you-like-me attitude is reminiscent of another presidential candidate — Donald Trump. Symbolically, Sanders’ working and middle-class promoting platform seems very Brooklyn while Trump’s billionaire “because I said so” campaign attitude is very Manhattan.

Another thing that both candidates have in common is that the political party that is supposed to back them up and support them is instead, attacking them at every opportunity. Why would both political parties be attacking their own candidates? The corporate interests that normally control and put in place their selected candidates do not have that control and money ties to either Bernie or Trump. Thus, both Trump and Sanders are smeared, attacked and vilified at every opportunity. America is paying a devastating price for having elections and politicians funded by private enterprises on a ten dollars for every average one dollar citizen donation. If you are a politician, and you are NOT bought and paid for by corporations, you are attacked, as both Trump and Sanders are being attacked now. The odds are against them, because the corporate Matrix is huge and has many tentacles of power. 
Hillary’s Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders
By Ralph Nader
Before announcing for President in the Democratic Primaries, Bernie Sanders told the people he would not run as an Independent and be like Nader—invoking the politically-bigoted words “being a spoiler.” Well, the spoiled corporate Democrats in Congress and their consultants are mounting a “stop Bernie campaign.” They believe he’ll “spoil” their election prospects.
Sorry Bernie, because anybody who challenges the positions of the corporatist, militaristic, Wall Street-funded Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, in the House and Senate—is by their twisted definition, a “spoiler.” It doesn’t matter how many of Bernie’s positions are representative of what a majority of the American people want for their country.

The Devastating Cost of Monetized Elections


Up until this election cycle, and ever since Kennedy, there has not really been an election for a President where someone from ‘outside’ the corporate Dualopoly  had a shot at winning. Kennedy was the last president to take on the big criminal and corporate interests directly. He paid for that with his life. 

Dark Legacy Movie; How And Why The Coverup Of John F. Kennedy (JFK) Assassination Was Accomplished Via Skull And Bones Member/CIA

Every presidential candidate since Kennedy was beholden to and controlled by the big money interests, as are just about all presidential candidates today, except for two that have a real chance of winning in this election cycle; Trump And Bernie Sanders. After Kennedy, elections have mostly been about huge money backing their favored and corporate owned candidates, and those candidates usually won. 

Jesse Ventura; How Koch Brothers Type Of Corporations Use Dark Money To Corrupt Or Control Elections, Mass Media, Politicians, And Institutions Like Smithsonian

Of course, there are third party candidates who do not take corporate money, such as the Green Party, but they are locked out of the elections, and are never talked about in the mass media and have no real chance of winning on the federal level, due to most people voting out of fear. Even Ross Perot, a fairly wealthy and intelligent third party candidate could not pull off a win against a corporate money and billionaire backed Clinton. He got at most about 10 to 15 percent of the total vote, which is dismal. It also does not help that most voters vote out of fear, not from conscious free will choice. 

The United States of Fear And Apathy, How To Solve Apathy, Get Out Of Fear Mode, Plus 45 Reasons For Hope

1/29/16 A brand new NBC/WSJ/Marist poll released yesterday shows Bernie within the margin of error of winning in Iowa. If turnout is high — if we can get every single person who has promised to support Bernie to their caucus on time — we could surpass the establishment’s expectations and prove that Bernie is a real contender for the presidency. The attacks from the billionaire class and corporate special interests on Bernie and our revolution are escalating. They’re trying to write us off as a bunch of naive fools who don’t understand how the “real world” works.
Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America


The Republican party is trying to throw Donald Trump under the bus, and he is the front runner in the Republican party. Is that strange, or what? Stephen Colbert talks about this strange happening….

Stephen Colbert: Shot, or Poisoned?

Jesse Ventura Says He Would Consider Running With Donald Trump Or Bernie Sanders

On the Republican side, Trump is ahead of all other ‘establishment’ candidates, which is freaking out the powers that be, who want to control the whole process. Trump loves thumbing his nose and making fun of the big money interests and the big money power brokers, such as Roger Ailes at Fox News. It is not any strange thing that these two powerful players are now at war with each other. 
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, Just One Example Of How Corporations Control The Mass Media And Determine What You Think About Or Believe; via A Green Road
More about Fox News, and how it is programming people along with the other mass media;

Fake Mass Media News; The Many Ways The Viewing Public Is ‘Programmed’ And TV, Radio, Newspaper News Programming Is Censored, FOX News Fair And Balanced?

Ailes wants to be the ‘only’ go to guy that picks presidential candidates, and Trump is not one of his guys. Trump is his own man, and calls out the billionaires who buy politicians, just like ordinary people going to the store and buying fertilizer for the garden. It is that easy to buy and control politicians, all the way up to the President.  Trump talked about it, like it was just pocket change to buy a politician such as Hillary Clinton. 

How To Steal An Election In 9 Steps; Greg Palast – Billionaires And Ballot Bandits Funding The Dualopoly, Dividing And Conquering Voters Via Corporate Personhood And Sports

With just four days to go until the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Ted Cruz with a seven-point lead among likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers, while Hillary Clinton remains just three points in front of Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, according to a trio of new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls.
Of course, the ONLY reason Trump is ‘winning’ is because he is anti establishment. The fact that he is a billionaire, a guy who is used to buying and selling politicians, seems to matter not to the huge crowds that eat up his firebrand style of politics, which appeals to the far right voters. Maybe his popularity is also part of the worship of actors, because Trump had two reality TV shows, both of which were based on fantasy, not reality. 

Those TV shows, such as the NBC reality show, The Apprentice, made Trump famous, just like Ronald Reagan the actor and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ended up being a governator. People love to worship actors, and then elect them to political office it seems. So just based on nothing more than people worshiping a TV hero, Trump has a real shot at being President. People loved to watch him say; “You’re fired!”. 
Maybe unconsciously, many Americans want him to do that with Congress, the Senate and a bunch of other people they are tired of having to put up with. What would America end up with if he really did in real life what he did on the reality TV show? Dictator in chief, Trump, ‘fires’ anyone who disagrees with him and rules the world, with absolute power and control. Isn’t that what everyone wants, deep inside, on an unconscious level? We all want to be in control, have absolute power to ‘fix’ everything and ‘fire’ anyone who we don’t like, and we all think that we know all of the ‘right’ answers. Trump represents that part of us. 
Trump may signal a turn in the presidential elections, where billionaires quit hiding in the shadows, and just come out into the open to run for the office of President themselves, rather than controlling the President  and just about all of the other politicians from behind the secret curtain of money and power, as the Koch brothers do for example.

Who are the Koch brothers and Adelson backing in this election cycle? Where is there money going this time around? Could they combine forces with Trump? 

Koch Brothers And Sheldon Adelson Will Pick 2016 President, Backed By Niagara Falls of Money; Libertarian And Israel Partnership

Is it a good thing that billionaires are now coming out of the shadows and running for political office with their own money, and not be tied to any donations from huge corporations?



Americans seem to be tired of the status quo and are looking for ‘change’, away from big money interests, and their political candidates. But voting within the ‘establishment’ boundaries of the Dualopoly will probably not make any difference in the long run. What is needed is a huge change in everything, from the top down, from one side to the other and from the inside out. Bottom line, all money has to be taken out of politics, if there is any hope of keeping a Republic or a democracy that represents the people, and not just billionaires or huge corporate interests. 

Jesse Ventura; All Political Parties Need To Be Abolished, Along With Top Two Primary Voting System, Dualopoly Monopoly


How To Steal An Election In 9 Steps; Greg Palast – Billionaires And Ballot Bandits Funding The Dualopoly, Dividing And Conquering Voters Via Corporate Personhood And Sports

See also Pinterest quotes, sayings, videos and pictures around voting

13 Reasons Why People Don’t Vote; 13 Reasons Why You Should Vote, How To Fix The Broken Elections System

Jim Crow Witchhunt? Millions Of Registered Voters To Be Purged From The Voting Rolls; Will Prevent Those People From Voting, Gerrymandering, TPP, ALEC, And Corporate Money Does The Rest

Ten Key Green Values, How The Green Movement Continues To Grow In Double Digits; Help It Grow With Your Vote; via @AGreenRoad

Voter ID Laws; Good, Bad or Neutral? A Return To Jim Crow Poll Tax Type Of Discrimination Against The Poor And Young People

Bill Moyers; How To Buy Your Own Election And Politicians With Dark Money

Jesse Ventura; How Do Corporations Use Koch Brothers Money To Dominate Elections in US?

Jesse Ventura; All Political Parties Need To Be Abolished, Along With Top Two Primary System

When A Presidential Debate Is Not Really A Debate; Green Presidential Candidate Shackled To Chair

Jill Stein Green Party Presidential Candidate Arrested; Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Jill Stein; Commission On Presidential Debates Is A Corrupt Private Corporation; via @AGreenRoad

Presidential Candidate Arrested At Presidential Debate; But It Did Not Make The News

ALEC Exposed; How Corporations Buy, Corrupt, And Control The Federal And State Governments

Corporations Effect On Humanity: War by Other Means by Jon Pilger; via @AGreenRoad

Classified, Top Secret, Classified, Top Secret; via @AGreenRoad

Jeb Bush And Ted Cruz Say That Only Christian Refugees Should Be Allowed Into US, Donald Trumps Says Keep Out All Muslims, Governors Close/Wall Off State Borders, Installing Fascism


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What Sanders And Trump Have In Common; Why The Big Money Billionaire Huge Corporate Establishment Matrix Is Freaking Out About People Voting For ‘Independent’ Political Candidates

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Wrap up of nuclear news


a-cat-CANDoomsday Clock to stay at 3 minutes to midnight.

The growing climate problem of data farms’ consumption of energy.


FRANCE. French unions unhappy with arrangements for UK’s Hinkley nuclear build.  Fatal rockfall at planned French repository site. France’s President Hollande visits India, hoping to market nuclear reactors.


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End for mains-only power, with solar energy storage?


The dream of households easily storing energy is being realised in a Sydney home with the first system of its kind in Australia……….. (Subscribers only)

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Chile succeeding with solar farms in dry desert spaces


antnuke-relevantGreen Energy Boom Helps Chile Contain Surging Power Prices [excellent graphs] , Bloomberg Business,  Philip Sanders Vanessa Dezem  January 28, 2016

Chile leads Latin America in installation of solar power
Success achieved without the help of government incentives


Chile’s solar industry is proving a win win. Not only has it cut emissions of the global warming gas carbon dioxide, but it has also helped slash some of the highest electricity costs in Latin America. Those benefits have come at no expense to the government, which refused to offer any of the subsidies that drained resources in countries such as Spain and Japan. Looking ahead, the industry could even turn into a major export earner.

At an auction of electricity supply contracts in October, three solar parks offered distributors energy at $65 to $68 per megawatt-hour, while coal power was offered at $85 megawatt-hour, according to a report by Deutsche…

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Entergy to US Coast Guard Notice Form has Waterford Nuclear Safety Zone at Wrong Location

Mining Awareness +

Entergy to US Coast Guard Notice Form has Waterford Nuclear Safety Zone at Wrong River Mile Marker:
U.S. Coast Guard: Refer to Emergency Management Resources Book Offsite Response Agencies Section

We request the establishment of a safety zone in the immediate area of Waterford 3 to control marine traffic, in accordance with your letter of agreement. Waterford 3 is located at mile marker 128.” (Entergy)

Entergy cooling water intake is at 129.4 and 129.8. Entergy Reactor and Discharge is at 129.8. 128.1 is Union Carbide.
Waterford mile marker uS Army Corps
For the lower Mississippi zero is near the mouth and the miles are larger going upriver to Cairo, IL.

Maybe it’s been corrected by now. Maybe not. We found no updates. And nothing ever changes much in that region.

This notification is probably to help protect Mississippi River traffic in the event of a nuclear accident.

Proper location matters for water intake in…

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Why Renewables Will Have a Great Decade

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


In November, the International Energy Agency quietly dropped this bombshell projection: “Driven by continued policy support, renewables account for half of additional global generation, overtaking coal around 2030 to become the largest power source.”

The IEA notes, “With 60 cents of every dollar invested in new power plants to 2040 spent on renewable energy technologies, global renewables-based electricity generation increases by some 8,300 TeraWatt-hours (more than half of the increase in total generation).” That increase is “equivalent to the output of all of today’s fossil-fuel generation plants in China, the United States and the European Union combined.” It represents new investment of some $7 trillion in renewables over the next quarter century.

Significantly, this remarkable projection about the future of electricity is simply what the IEA believes is now going to happen given the pledges made in Paris by the world’s leading countries to rapidly expand renewable energy investment…

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Data farms consuming energy at an alarming rate


the only long-term solution to the energy problem will have to involve significant cuts to our internet use at some point in the future. This could be through some kind of tax or charge on data use – for example, imposing a fee for uploading photographs on to Facebook – or even a straightforward rationing of activity

data farm

Global warming: Data centres to consume three times as much energy in next decade, experts warn 416.2 terawatt hours of electricity world’s data centres used last year was far higher than UK’s total consumption, The Independent  Tom Bawden Environment Editor @BawdenTom 24 January 2016 The amount of energy consumed by the world’s data centres – the repositories for billions of gigabytes of information – will treble in the next decade, putting an enormous strain on energy supplies and dealing a hefty blow to efforts to contain global warming, experts say. 

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Transformational News In 60 Seconds; What Works For Seven Future Generations Without Causing Harm?

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