Man Made Radiation Destroys Bees Immune Systems And Navigation Ability; Many Areas Have Zero Bees Or Pollinators On Flowers

Arto Lauri 80. Filament

Have you noticed that since 3/11, that there have been many fewer or zero insects of all kinds buzzing around?


Arto takes us in a walk around the woods and shows how despite many flowers being around, there are zero bees present. Normally, these flowers would have tons of buzzing bees and insects of all kinds flying around them. It is very, very foreboding to see zero bees or other insects on these flowers that should be full of pollinating LIFE forms of all kinds. What happened to all of the insects?
This complete disappearance of life that normally is supposed to be there is very concerning. Why aren’t the biologists and scientists reporting on this? Why is there such a silence, both due to lack of the bees, but also any reports about it?  
Man Made Radiation Destroys Bees Immune Systems And Navigation Ability; Many Areas Have Zero Bees Or Pollinators On Flowers


Reign In Corporate Power On Local Community Level Via Community Rights Movement

The national Community Rights movement represents a local level cultural and legal strategy for communities, both conservative and progressive, it’s not about ideology, to rein in corporate power.


If you’re a single issue activist, as Paul Cienfeugos was for many years, using conventional methods, mostly regulation and protests, it’s time to recognize corporate harms as merely symptoms of allowing corporations to claim constitutional “rights”, sometimes referred to as corporate personhood. Join with Community Rights activists, be trained and guided, to pass enforceable laws that prohibit harms, by reigning in corporate “rights”. Join 150 communities in eight states which have already done so.
Paul Cienfuegos offers his knowledge and expertise as a regional leader of the Community Rights movement. His email address is For a selection of Paul’s writings, interviews, and speeches, and for more info on bringing Paul to your community or registering for an upcoming teleconference workshop, go to
Interview and filmed by Barry Heidt of Sustainability Action Media (SAM) with help of Ruth Ann Barrett of and Tom Hopkins of Sustainable Today in October, 2012.

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Thomas Linzey is an attorney and the Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), a nonprofit law firm that has provided free legal services to over five hundred local governments and nonprofit organizations since 1995. This talk was organized by the Colorado Community Rights Network and held on August 30, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. In it Linzey talks about the challenges and successes of local communities reasserting their right to local governance. 
Learn more at:
Colorado Community Rights Network
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
To watch the QA from this talk visit:…
If you like this talk you might also appreciate Richard Grossman: Defining Corporations, Defining Ourselves… Thomas Linzey worked with Richard for several years before his passing in 2011.
This talk was filmed and edited by Jason Bosch.


198 Methods Of Non Violent Direct Action, Civil Disobedience, Non Violent Communication And Examples Of Successes In US, Estonia, India, Poland And Many More
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USS Ronald Reagan Sailors/Crew Exposed To High Doses Of Fukushima Radiation, File Lawsuit; via @AGreenRoad

DNA Evidence May Prove Link Between Cancers And Fukushima Radiation In The Near Future; via @AGreenRoad

Mother Beats Monsanto in Court; Indian Farmers Committing Suicide By Drinking Product; via @AGreenRoad

Mayor Files Lawsuit Against Tepco Around New Plutonium Powered Nuclear Plant, Says No Lessons Learned After Fukushima

Universal Jurisdiction; How To Save The World From Genocidal Sociopaths
Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Entrepreneurship And Job Creators; via @AGreenRoad


The absolute power of corporations extends in banking, financial, money printing, government, military, energy and medicine. There are only two places left where the power of corporations is not absolute and just about total. The first power that is left is in voting, but most people vote for the Dualopoly, making that ineffective. 
The second power is in the legal system on a local level.

As Yoda once said: “Do, or do not. There is no try.

Reign In Corporate Power On Local Community Level Via Community Rights Movement

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New Mexico – Sandia Labs Melted Down Dozens Of Nuclear Reactors On Purpose, Then Dumped Them In Open Unlined Ditch

Albuquerque’s Manzano Base and its underground nuclear storage complex, was constructed in 1947, the very same year that the Sandia Laboratories were established right next to it. 1947 was a very busy year because it was in 1947 that the Department of Air Force was created. Also CIA and NSA were established in 1947. Until 1947, Kirtland Air Force Base was simply known as Kirtland Army Air Base. Immediately following the end of World War II, hundreds of German scientists and engineers arrived at Kirtland Army Air Base. Many of them were later transferred to White Sands and others went to Los Alamos National Laboratories.

Project Paper Clip; CIA Smuggled In And Hired Thousands Of Nazis And Hundreds of War Criminals To Develop US Nuclear Industry; via @AGreenRoad


This video news story about exposing corruption shows what one person can do. What happens if a group gets together and decides that they won’t take it anymore?


Via rogerthat November 18, 2014  For decades, Sandia and the New Mexico Environment Department claimed that only low-level radioactive and chemical wastes were buried in the dump. New records uncovered by Citizen Action New Mexico clearly demonstrate that high-level radioactive waste from nuclear fuel experiments was buried in the dump.
Following the 1979 Three Mile Island commercial nuclear reactor accident in Pennsylvania, Sandia was tasked with finding out what happens to high-level nuclear fuel during meltdowns. Sandia conducted dozens of experiments on nuclear fuel from around the world in its Annular Core Research Reactor and the waste was disposed in the Mixed Waste Landfill.
The Mixed Waste Landfill is a 2.6-acre dumpsite, located in southeast Albuquerque within Kirtland Air Force Base, where Sandia is located. It contains an estimated 1,500,000 cubic feet of radioactive and mixed hazardous wastes from the reactor meltdown experiments and the research and development of nuclear weapons.
Plutonium, cesium, strontium, depleted uranium, beryllium, PCBs and …chlorinated solvents were disposed in plastic bags, cardboard boxes and steel drums. In 2009, a dirt cover was installed. Recently Sandia applied to the Environment Department for a certificate saying that they have completed cleanup of the dump. The Environment Department made a preliminary determination to approve the request. The public meeting and associated public comment period is part of the administrative process to obtain the certificate.
Citizen Action encourages the public to make comments that request a public hearing; ask the Environment Department to deny the cleanup certificate; and ask the Environment Department to order Sandia to clean up and safely store the wastes in the dump.
Dave McCoy, of Citizen Action New Mexico, said, “High-level waste disposal requires a deep geologic repository that won’t leak for 10,000 years. Leaving high-level waste in the shallow Mixed Waste Landfill for future generations is nothing short of an environmental crime.”
For more information, please visit Citizen Action’s website at, and Sandia’s information in the Lobo Vault at and search for the Mixed Waste Landfill.

To learn more, please visit our website at•sandia-public-meeting-about-mixed-waste-landfill-on-tuesday-november-18th-at-manzano-mesa-multigenerational-center/


Sounds like a GREAT plan… Melt down a bunch of reactors. Keep it all secret and hidden. Don’t warn or notify anyone downwind about the radiation releases. Dump them in a ditch. Cover them with dirt. Lie about what you buried. Call it good. Get paid, and walk away. No one will mind burying a couple of melted down reactors in their backyard, will they? 
After all, the pet dog needs something to dig up and carry around, kind of like a bone. Dogs need to chew on these melted down spent fuel rods, because hormesis theory says it is healthy and good for you. When will people stand up and say that they have had enough? Is it just lying corrupt politicians that go to jail, or will someone, anyone, from the nuclear cartel eventually go to jail? So far, none of them have, no matter how many people died as a result of their activities. Isn’t a life worth more than money? Isn’t this criminal behavior, and if not, why not? 

1979 – US Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Three Mile Island Meltdown And Radiation Release Coverup Exposed – 1 Billion Curies Released; via @AGreenRoad

List Of All 30+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs; via @AGreenRoad

Lists of 100+ Worst Nuclear Disasters And Radioactivity Release Incidents; via @AGreenRoad


Sacrifice Zones, Nuclear Power and the Sacrificial Victims System Is Spreading Globally As Part Of Predatory Capitalism

Dr. Holger Strohm – Fukushima Radiation Release Up To 12,000 Times Chernobyl; via @AGreenRoad

Dr. Paolo Scampa Reports That Fukushima Released 3,000 Billion Lethal Doses Of Radiation; via @AGreenRoad


New Mexico – Sandia Labs Melted Down Dozens Of Nuclear Reactors On Purpose, Then Dumped Them In Open Unlined Ditch

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Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations, CIA, Journalism And The 1%, Whistleblowers, Voting, Elections And Solutions

Selfishness Versus Selflessness; Book Review Of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, Galt’s Gulch Project And Film Review Of Movies Based On Book

Is there a difference between being selfish and unselfish? What is the difference between being selfish and selfless, both personally and in organizations? This article will tackle these questions by looking into Ayn Rand’s atheistic life and her book Atlas Shrugged as well as Galt’s Gulch Project. This article also features numerous book and movie reviews of Atlas Shrugged I, II and III. This article also explores the meaning of the term ‘self actualization’ and how it applies to the life and writings of Ayn Rand.


Everyone is evolving both personally and in other ways. But in order to evolve, first all of a person’s basic needs to be met, such as food, clothing and housing. Meeting all of these needs means ‘taking’ from other people. As a baby, child and teen, taking things is seen as normal. Without those basic needs being met, a person cannot move beyond the selfish survival stage. In other words, the whole focus is on what is good for me, and then taking whatever is needed from the world or other people in order to ‘get’ that.


A selfish person always thinks about themselves, rather than about other people and their needs. They have no consideration for the environment, for community, or for things like the commons, much less spirituality or God, because they are still immature. Everyone expects immaturity and selfishness  in babies, infants, children and teens, possibly even young adults.

Selfish people definitely DON’T think of the effects of their actions on other people, much less seven future generations before taking any actions. They definitely don’t care if the action that achieves their selfish need harms other people, the environment or future generations. What does it mean to develop beyond this selfish stage of growth? 

Beyond Maslow’s Hierarchy; From Survival To Self Transcendence via @AGreenRoad

To achieve more than basic survival requires self introspection, seeking and study, which is often accomplished by attending college, church, travel, learning from wise elders, and via other methods. Many people get stuck on their way to self actualization and becoming unselfish. One term that could be used to describe someone who manipulates other people and causes harm in order to achieve purely selfish needs is sociopath. It helps to learn how to recognize a sociopath, so you won’t become one of their victims. 
How To Spot A Sociopath Or Psychopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job; via A Green Road
Selfish, greedy, self absorbed or narcissistic individuals may be stuck in the infant, child or teen stage, where the focus is on taking, not giving. Even an atheist can become unselfish and start to have empathy or compassion for other people, but that takes learning, growing and developing into a more mature adult. To understand how selfishness is transformed into selflessness as part of maturing as an adult human being, click on the following links. 

Applying Ancient, Universal Archetypes To Modern Day Civilization And Self Actualization; via @AGreenRoad

The question that rises once a person meets their basic needs is; who am I? Am I my thoughts and definitions? 

Who Are We? Are We Our Thoughts And Definitions? via @AGreenRoad

Movie; I AM, Exploring The Meaning Of Life, Liberty And Happiness; via @AGreenRoad

Ayn Rand explored these and other interesting questions in her books and movies. The public is now the judge of her message and philosophy. Just because Ayn wrote some books does not mean she has all of the answers. Many people read her books as young adults or teens. Now they are much older and hopefully wiser. Do those same people still believe the same things? Would they still have the same reaction now after reading her books? Would they even read her books again?

Despite her foundation giving away 400,000 books to public schools each year, her 3 movies have all lost money, even the latest one, released in 2014.  Is it any wonder, when her books condone and encourage a life of rejecting God and all positive attributes of God, in a dystopian future world of atheism, where greed and selfishness is celebrated and adored? Many people have lived life per her example, but there are consequences to living that way.

Globally, the consequences of living in a selfish, immature manner are now coming home to roost, in the form of many negative tipping points. How long will humanity continue to live and manage to survive in a selfish way, oriented towards short term profits and nothing else? 

Planet Earth 911 Emergencies And Global Threats


Wikipedia; “Atlas Shrugged was generally disliked by critics, despite being a popular success. The book was dismissed by some as an “homage to greed”, while author Gore Vidal described its philosophy as “nearly perfect in its immorality”.[9] Helen Beal Woodward, reviewing Atlas Shrugged for The Saturday Review, opined that the novel was written with “dazzling virtuosity” but that it was “shot through with hatred”.[37] 
This was echoed by Granville Hicks, writing for The New York Times Book Review, who also stated that the book was “written out of hate”.[38] The reviewer for Time magazine asked: “Is it a novel? Is it a nightmare? Is it Superman – in the comic strip or the Nietzschean version?[39] 
In the magazine National Review, Whittaker Chambers called Atlas Shrugged “sophomoric” and “remarkably silly”, and said it “can be called a novel only by devaluing the term“.[40] Chambers argued against the novel’s implicit endorsement of atheism, whereby “Randian man, like Marxian man is made the center of a godless world“.[40] Chambers also wrote that the implicit message of the novel is akin to “Hitler’s National Socialism and Stalin’s brand of Communism” (“To a gas chamber — go!”).[40]
Both conservatives and liberals were unstinting in disparaging the book; the right saw promotion of godlessness, and the left saw a message of greed is good. Rand is said to have cried every day as the reviews came out.” – Harriet Rubin (2007) in The New York Times[9]
Former Rand business partner and lover Nathaniel Branden, to whom the book was originally dedicated, has expressed differing views of Atlas Shrugged. ,,,,In 1984, two years after Rand’s death, he argued that Atlas Shrugged “encourages emotional repression and self-disowning” and that her works contained contradictory messages. Branden claimed that the characters rarely talk “on a simple, human level without launching into philosophical sermons”. He criticized the potential psychological impact of the novel, stating that John Galt’s recommendation to respond to wrongdoing with “contempt and moral condemnation” clashes with the view of psychologists who say this only causes the wrongdoing to repeat itself.[50]
Nobel Prize-winning economist and commentator Paul Krugman alluded to a quip[59][60] by John Rogers in his blog:There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”[59][60] In his commentary Krugman has continually mocked those whose purportedly serious economic ideas come from the novel.[59][61]
Besides Paul Krugman, conservatives, such as William Buckley, Jr., strongly disapproved of Rand and her Objectivist message.[62][63] Soon after the book’s publication Buckley solicited a number of critical pieces: Russell Kirk called objectivism an “inverted religion”,[62] Frank Meyer accused Rand of “calculated cruelties” and her message, an “arid subhuman image of man”,[62]
Garry Wills regarded Rand a “fanatic”[62] and Whittaker Chambers considered the story of Atlas Shrugged preposterous, its characters crude caricatures, its message dictatorial and overall, “a remarkably silly book“.[62][63]


In the late 2000s, the book gained more media attention and conservative commentators suggested the book as a warning against a socialistic reaction to the finance crisis. Conservative commentators Neal Boortz,[64] Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh[65] have offered high praise of the book on their respective radio and television programs. 
In 2006 Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas cited Atlas Shrugged as among his favorite novels.[66] Republican Congressman John Campbell said for example: “People are starting to feel like we’re living through the scenario that happened in [the novel]We’re living in Atlas Shrugged”, echoing Stephen Moore in an article published in The Wall Street Journal on January 9, 2009, titled “Atlas Shrugged From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years”.[67] 
In 2005 Congressman Paul Ryan said that Rand was “the reason I got into public service” and later required his staff members to read Atlas Shrugged.[68][69] In April 2012 he disavowed such beliefs however, calling them “an urban legend”, and rejected Rand’s philosophy.[70]


A film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged was in “development hell” for nearly 40 years.[77]
The film was met with a generally negative reception from professional critics, getting an 11% (rotten) rating on movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes,[86] and had less than $5 million in total box office receipts.[87] The film earned an additional $5M in DVD and Blu-ray sales, for a total of about half of its $20M budget. [88] The producer and screenwriter John Aglialoro blamed critics for the film’s paltry box office take and said he might go on strike, but ultimately went on to make the second two installments.[89]
On February 2, 2012, Kaslow and Aglialoro announced Atlas Shrugged: Part II was fully funded and that principal photography was tentatively scheduled to commence in early April 2012.[90]The film was released on October 12, 2012,[91] without a special screening for critics.[92]

It suffered one of the worst openings ever, 98th worst according to Box Office Mojo, among films in wide release.[93] Final box office take was $3.3 million, well under that of Part I despite the doubling of the budget to $20 million according to the Daily Caller. Those figures should be treated as tentative as the Internet Movie Database estimates Part 1 budget at $20 million and the Part II budget at $10 million, while Box Office Mojo says Part 1 cost $20 million and Part 2 data is “NA”.[94][95] Critics gave the film a 5% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 21 reviews.[96]
The third part in the series, Atlas Shrugged: Part III, was released on September 12, 2014.[97]The movie opened on 242 screens and grossed $461,197 its opening weekend.[98] It was widely panned by critics, holding a 0% at Rotten Tomatoes, based on nine reviews.[99]


Ayn Rand explored who she was, but never got beyond the stage of selfish self interest. Being selfish was the pinnacle of all accomplishments for her.  Being selfish and taking from others was the best any person could hope for as far as she was concerned. 
This belief system was expressed through all of her books, a project called Galt’s Gulch and three movies. Hear what RT News has to say about how Ayn’s belief system worked when it was applied to a real world project.
From 1:50 To 12:38


In the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’, Ayn explains what happens in a world when the billionaires go on strike. In the book, the US becomes a socialist country where workers start unionizing and demanding things like worker safety laws, a share of the profits in the form of a living wage,  a say in how the company is run, etc. In other words, workers create all of the wealth that a corporation makes, but if they ask for a share, the CEO says no way and goes on strike.. Does this make any sense at all? To Ayn Rand, it does, because to the 1%, they are the only ‘creators’ of wealth, and the workers are the worthless ‘takers’ and looters, for demanding a share of the profits generated by their labor.
The 1%, made up of rich businessmen, get fed up with the workers demands and go on strike against the workers. They ‘retire’ to a paradise of Libertarianism, to a place called Galt’s Gulch. John Galt is the leader of this group. The small, pure group of 1%’ers seem to need absolutely no workers to maintain their fantasy world where everything is always perfect and lots of sex is happening. In other words, it is Libertarian Heaven on Earth, where only the richest 1% exist in a land of selfish pleasure and self indulgence. In this Heaven, there are no pesky demanding workers around to bother them, there are no homeless, no starving people, no poor and no slaves. Best of all, there are no rules and no government. 
Then the 1%’er group returns to America and overthrows the government. (Greed, absolute power, violence, killing and taking over of democratic elected governments is good! ) They establish an ‘objectivist’ country, ruled by corporations. Workers and ordinary citizens are squashed and suppressed completely, as worthless and useless ‘eaters’ and ‘takers’ who do nothing but collect ‘entitlements’ and ‘welfare’.  

(Where have we heard that mantra before? Oh yea, from the Tea Party and the extreme right and the corporate controlled mass media, which is pushing this corporate friendly Fascist agenda.)

People Collecting ‘Entitlements’ – Who Are They? Links To 1%, National Debt And The Federal Reserve via @AGreenRoad
Wikipedia; “The theme of Atlas Shrugged, as Rand described it, is “the role of man’s mind in existence”. The book explores a number of philosophical themes from which Rand would subsequently develop Objectivism.[6][7] In doing so, it expresses the advocacy of reason, individualism, capitalism, and the failures of government…..
Having demonstrated the reliability of Rearden Metal in a railroad line named after ‘John Galt’, Hank Rearden and Dagny Taggart become paramours; and later discover, amongst the ruins of an abandoned factory, an incomplete motor that transforms atmospheric static electricity into kinetic energy, of which they seek the inventor.
Just looking at the above section of the book brings up two observations. A fiction book can create any kind of world, which has nothing to do with reality. The railroads in the US were built not just by entrepreneurs, but by the US government. The government sponsored the building of the railroads by giving the companies who built them large swaths of land, which was formerly owned by the government. Before that, this land belonged to American Indians, who had it taken away by force, after living there for an estimated 40,000 years, in a sustainable fashion. 

19 To 100 Million Native American’ Indians Exterminated By Illegal Immigrant ‘Settlers’; via @AGreenRoad

Large corporations survive not because of the personal efforts of the 1%, but because of the largesse of government, which gives them subsidies, grants, tax breaks and no bid contracts, especially so in medicine, military and energy. The CEO of any corporation is nothing without the labor and support of an army of workers, who build up the organization and create profits. Without the workers, there is no company, no profits and no money for the 1%.

The fantasy expressed by Ayn that government is somehow evil and anti business is not reality in any way. Corporations actually use government to expand their absolute power and control these days, while feeding at the taxpayer trough of money, and using workers in a way that rivals the slave era. 

ALEC Exposed; How Corporations Buy, Corrupt, And Control The Federal And State Governments; via @AGreenRoad

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Education

In the section of Atlas Shrugged where a motor is discovered that converts static electricity into power, that discovery is not followed up on for a reason. The corporate monopoly structure built on top of selling energy is based on absolute control of that carbon or nuclear energy and then selling it for a price per kilowatt hour.
If anyone can go around and create power with nothing more than a motor connected to air, the whole monopolistic energy carbon and nuclear cartel would collapse overnight, as they could not compete with free energy produced from the air. Again, fantasy in Ayn’s world of fiction does not match reality. Read about how real world renewable energy is a valid option, but it is being suppressed by the nuclear and carbon cartels. 
Environment, Holistic Living, Health, Self-Healing, Zero Point And Renewable Energy
In the real world, monopolistic energy and other corporations will do just about anything to suppress any invention or alternative that threatens their monopolistic control. As evidence, they do just about anything that they can to suppress renewable energy, and that only makes up about 1% of the energy supply in the US, when it comes to solar power. To understand the full scope and extent of the global corporate control of the energy and other markets, click on this link and follow the rabbit holes. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%


Three movies have been made around the book Atlas Shrugged. One movie takes up near the end of the book, when the leader John Galt falls in love with another 1% club member from the ‘outside’ and he pursues her while taking over the government at the same time. 
Thom then talks with Richard Eskow of the Campaign for America’s Future about Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and the real-life Ayn Rand experiment gone wrong in Chile. They look at a real life attempt at Galt’s Gulch….
Libertarians praise Ayn Rand and her fraud promoting philosophy. In the book, a fellow is celebrated as he defrauds the Mexican government and built substandard worker housing that collapsed on the people living there, killing thousands of people at the first earthquake or mudslide. Housing fraud is celebrated in the book as something noble and as a virtue to be looked up to. In real life the Mafia, huge corporations and terrorist gangs operate that way, but not the average family, church goers, small business owners and workers.


Galt’s Gulch was created in real life in the country of Chile by fans of Ayn Rand. They valiantly tried to copy and follow her philosophy and vision to the letter. People were encouraged to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a ‘founder’, and we promise, we’ll give the money back. You can also buy property here.

A Canadian couple fell in love with a tree on the property. They put their life savings into it. It turned out that no one involved in this fantasy land project ever had the right to sell the property, and they never got any permissions to build it, from the worthless and useless government. So now the whole project is surrounded by lawsuits and fraud charges. The local small business people and families have also been defrauded and ripped off by this Galts Gulch enterprise. But all of this should come as no surprise.


After all, the book celebrates free market capitalism on the one hand, but also fraud, brutality, cheating, stealing and taking what you can get no matter what, at any price on the other hand. Is it any surprise that the outcome turns into exactly this kind of situation, where only the few people getting all of the money are happy?  Who cares about the rest of the worthless ‘takers’ that make up the 99%, as long as the 1% are happy?

The One Percent Movie; via @AGreenRoad
Paul Ryan required all of his employees to read Ayn Rand. Ayn wrote glowingly about Wayne Edward Hickman.  Ayn praised a sociopathic psychopath who kidnapped a 12 year old girl. He killed her and cut her up into little pieces. Then he stitched all of the pieces back together. He then returned her body to her father. After collecting the ransom, Wayne opens the door to the car and the body of the young girl falls out in pieces onto the pavement. Ayn celebrated and adored Wayne. She said that Wayne was a ‘superman’, living above the rules of society. Wayne is featured extensively in many of her novels, such as Fountainhead.

Is this the kind of thing that people want to teach their kids in schools and make required reading? Are these the ‘virtues’ adults, teachers and politicians as well as corporate leaders want to hold up as models? Is this the vision of the future humanity wants to create? 


Wikipedia; “The concept “sanction of the victim” is defined by Leonard Peikoff as “the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the ‘sin‘ of creating values”.[26]….Rand’s heroes continually oppose “parasites”, “looters”, and “moochers” who demand the benefits of the heroes’ labor. Edward Younkins describes Atlas Shrugged as “an apocalyptic vision of the last stages of conflict between two classes of humanity — the looters and the non-looters. The looters are proponents of high taxation, big labor, government ownership, government spending, government planning, regulation, and redistribution“.[33]
Rand’s impact on contemporary libertarian thought has been considerable; the title of the libertarian magazine, Reason: Free Minds, Free Markets, is taken directly from John Galt, the hero of Atlas Shrugged, who argues that “a free mind and a free market are corollaries“.

What does it mean in real life, to have a ‘free market’? The lesson about how the ‘free market’ is not really workable is taught in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire story and the example of the recent global financial meltdown of the ‘free market’ capitalistic system, via the lesson of Iceland. 

PBS; New York Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – The Reason For Worker Rights, Unions, Voting Women, Safety Laws, And More; via @AGreenRoad

Iceland Bailed Out Workers And Unions, Not Too Big To Fail Banksters; via @AGreenRoad

Iceland is doing fine and serves as just ONE living model for how the US COULD BE, if only the mass media, politicians and regulators were not totally taken over, coopted and corrupted by a few huge multinational corporations and the 1% who promote the propaganda that they should be allowed to do whatever they want in a ‘free market’ that is only free for them, but not for the 99%.  Isn’t it time that US citizens take their country and reigns of government back and kick these sociopathic 1% out? When are the 99% going to rise up and not take it anymore?

Are Unions Evil Socialist Plots That Must Be Made Extinct, Or The Best Thing Going? via @AGreenRoad

How Corporate America Is Killing Unions And The Middle Class Workers; via A Green Road


Is being free to do whatever one wants, no matter what it is, a good thing? Would you allow your child to do whatever it wants, with no limits or boundaries? What if it wanted to use your gun to shoot the neighbors? What if your child wanted to burn down a house? What if your child wanted to use a nuclear bomb and blow up a city or country? Freedom sounds good until it meets the rubber on the road of consequences. Freedom has to have healthy boundaries around it, such as not doing harm to others, or to 7 future generations. Within this definition, a person or corporation can be ‘free’ to choose whatever it wants. 

The term ‘free market’ is a meaningless term that sounds good, until it is interpreted by corporations to mean what is good for them; no worker rights, no unions, no environmental protection, no government oversight, and they get to do whatever they want, harmful, illegal, immoral or whatever, including selling out the USA to godless Communists for money. If the market were really ‘free’, then drugs would not be illegal, because that law is what gives the drug companies monopoly control of the market.

The Illusion Of The ‘Free Market’ – Paradox Of State Punishing People For Drug Use; via @AGreenRoad

The books and movies by Ayn Rand set the foundation stone for people to work and vote against their own interests, and in favor of corporations ruling the world with absolute power and control. By using her philosophy of greed, violence and doing whatever you want is ok, in whatever way that they want to, without any pesky laws, profit sharing, or environmental protection, corporate leaders justify their actions by pointing to Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Her books make it all ‘good’, just like the some people can use the old testament in the Bible to justify genocide, murder, slavery, setting off nuclear weapons to hurry up Armagedon and taking over the whole world.

Would you be in favor of corporations trumping all countries sovereignty and Constitutions? If corporations are allowed to do whatever they want to do, via TPP, that is what will happen. Of course, Ayn Rand would be proud to see what her ‘free market’ philosophy has wrought; the complete domination and takeover of government by corporations. 

TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership; How It Will Trump The Constitution, Bill Of Rights And Freedoms If Allowed To Pass


In a world where absolute freedom includes the ‘free market right’ to take by force another person, a city, a country or a world, rape becomes a ‘virtue’, just like the TPP agreement becomes a virtue by making it a ‘right’ for corporations to rape countries and communities. The only problem with Ayn’s belief system, is that absolute freedom does not work in the real world, especially not if the person involved lacks any morals or ethics, much less compassion due to various reasons. In other words, they can rape and kill at will, without even getting stressed.

Rape is featured as a good thing in Rand’s world. Women are brutalized and violated against their will, but then they realize that they love their rapist after all that the rapist has done to them.  There is an exaltation of brutality and violence in all forms in her universe of books and bizarre fantasies. Even the relatively mild Atlas Shrugged, a woman has sex with a man and then finds clotted blood on her arm. In another scene, the woman realizes she is going to be ‘taken’ no matter if she wants to be or not, and that is supposed to be some kind of a ‘turn on’. 

In her private life, she regarded a killer as a superman, as someone who can disregard all of the rules of society and take whatever one wants.  This is sociopathic or psychopathic stuff, wouldn’t you agree? People who are Ayn Rand followers call everyone who has not read her stuff ‘virgins’, until that person has read this juvenile, mysogenist, brutal stupidity.

Possible Grounds For Execution In The Old Testament… How Many Death Penalties Are There?

Alan Greenspan was an acolite of Ayn and was inducted into her cult in 1956, after she died from lung cancer from smoking, which proved she was ‘free’. He brought a dollar bill flower arrangement to her grave. When the parasites (all those who believe in socialism or communism) die out, as they must eventually, Rand followers will control the whole world and Heaven will exist on Earth. Many people who follow Ayn Rand feel this same way and are working to make it happen.

Ayn collected Social Security and Medicare when she was alive, so she ended up living a lie, by collecting ‘socialist’ entitlements and welfare while living in an ‘evil’ country where parks, schools, roads, bridges and much more were all provided to her at no cost. She used those things while complaining about them, and saying that they should all be privatized and held by a corporation that must make profits off of it. Her vision is becoming reality, and soon, everyone will pay for everything, including every breath taken, and every cup of water drunk, and every step taken. Is this the kind of future you want to live in? If yes, keep following Ayn Rand. If not, choose another way, and make sure you vote only for candidates who put distance between themselves and Rand.


The cult that follows Ayn has infiltrated the government. The ultimate goal is to celebrate sociopathy and reject any type of organized sustainable civilization that follows any kind of laws or rules that promote sustainable living in harmony with Nature’s laws for example.

Libertarianism is an oxymoron. They say and believe that they do it all on their own, with no help from anyone, but at the same time, the 99% workers are actually creating all of the wealth. The characters in the book often inherit the money they have from their parents, which was also created by workers and raping communities financially. The wealth is transferred away from the 99% and given to the 1%, via Ayn Rand’s philosophies of godless greed and mindless violence.

How To Spot A Sociopath Or Psychopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job; via A Green Road
Ayn has rejected God, the commons, the middle and organized democracy. Selfishness and brutal greed plus absolute power is celebrated by Ayn and her followers. Running a train at 100 miles per hour through the middle of towns is ok, just because it can be done, despite it being against safety rules. Let’s do it, no matter what, is the Ayn Rand philosophy. Let’s break all God’s and Nature’s rules plus violate all government laws, and just do it to do it, because I want to do it selfishly. Who cares what God thinks, what the community thinks, or what the nation’s citizenry wants, or what the effect is on the environment. Never mind voting, democracy and the commons. This belief system is what is running the US government currently, via huge corporations that express the belief system and philosophy through their channels of absolute power and money.


This Libertarian philosophy also believes that the government should serve NO purpose or interest, except as it bows down to corporations and their interests. In other words, there is no public interest, and no citizens can say anything about anything, because corporations rule the world. Guess what, that is exactly the world as it exists today in the USA. Citizen input into the government which is controlled by corporations has flatlined, and does not exist any more. 

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Super Bugs, Cloning, Vaccines, Education

Whatever the huge globalist corporations want is what they get, no matter if it causes nuclear accidents that contaminate thousands of square miles permanently with nuclear waste, nuclear war via Armageddon causing nuclear weapons, environmental destruction or a world where there is no more freedom, democracy, human rights or beauty.

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists


Corporations ruling government via promotion of Nationalism (most often combined with racism) is the definition of Fascism, as happened under Mussolini and Hitler. Governments should serve corporations, protect their patents, copyrights, and profits in case of invasion, but nothing more. In other words, brutal selfishness rules, above all else. 
Huge monopolistic corporations currently have no one that controls them or reigns them in, much less break them up or dissolve them if they act in criminal ways. Stealing on  a huge corporate level is ok in the world of Ayn Rand, because it is all about individuals doing whatever they want, with no one telling them what to do, morally, ethically, or spiritually. Feeding the hungry or caring about the environment is seen as weakness, not as a virtue.

Public education? Who needs it, it is just getting in the way of doing what Ayn wants. All schools should be privatized, made into charter schools and run by and for profit corporations, along with parks, roads, water, air and soil. People should pay for everything, and get nothing for free, from birth to death. 

Atlas Shrugged caricatures fascism, socialism, communism, and any state intervention in society, as allowing poor people to “leech” the hard-earned wealth of the rich; and Rand contends that the outcome of any individual’s life is purely a function of its ability, and that any individual could overcome adverse circumstances, given ability and intelligence.[25]

There are so many problems with this one belief expressed by Ayn, that it is hard to know where to begin. Huge corporations have actually moved millions of jobs to Communist China, so calling Communism ‘evil’ no longer works. Corporations are now Communists, and they are one and the same creature; godless and based on pure greed, plus lust for power as expressed through a top down government, which is controlled by these corporatists.  Because corporations now own the US and Chinese government, the US and Chinese governments could also be called Fascist. The only reason that huge corporations still hate Socialism, is because they cannot make as much profit off of it. But they now love Communism, because it has turned into a huge profit center. 
Communist China Winning War Against USA, Without A Shot Being Fired; via @AGreenRoad


Wikipedia; “Fascism — especially once in power — has historically attacked communism, conservatism and parliamentary liberalism, attracting support primarily from the far right.[30]
Nationalism is the main foundation of fascism.[157]The fascist view of a nation is of a single organic entity which binds people together by their ancestry and is a natural unifying force of people.[158] Fascism seeks to solve economic, political, and social problems by achieving a millenarian national rebirth, exalting the nation or race above all else, and promoting cults of unity, strength and purity.[34][159][160][161][162]

Bill Duff November 17, 2014 Alternate titles: corporate state; corporativism; corporativismo; state corporatism, corporatism, Italian corporativismo, also called corporativism, the theory and practice of organizing society into “corporations” subordinate to the state. The advent of Italian fascism provided an opportunity to implement the theories of the corporate state.
Benito Mussolini, 1935, Fascism: Doctrine and Institutions, Rome: ‘Ardita’ Publishers.
Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in the political and economic sphere. Benito Mussolini, 1935, The Doctrine of Fascism, Firenze: Vallecchi Editore.”
There is a reason for the worker safety, human rights, freedoms and union laws. People have forgotten freedom, democracy, and worker rights movements in the US. Moving millions of jobs to Communist China where there are no worker rights, unions or freedoms is the epitome of Ayn Rand philosophy, and very profitable for corporations, who hate any restriction on what they do. In Communist China, corporations can have their ‘free market’ Capitalism cake and frosting too, without any unions, freedoms, rights or environmental laws. The problem is, that the people who move all of those jobs to Communist China souled out and they don’t even realize what they lost on a spiritual level. Of course, America is paying a huge price for this selling out process via corporate power expressing itself selfishly, a la Ayn Rand’s philosophy.

Roseanne owns state rep on fair wages, taxes, labor rights, and plight of the middle class; via @AGreenRoad


Ayn Rand says that housing the homeless is seen as decay and anyone doing that must be HATED with a passion. Taking care of the poor, sick or elderly who have no one to take care of them is seen as empty of any value, so people should just walk by and ignore these sick poor people laying in the ditch. Money is celebrated and worshiped above all else. Of course, for a selfish immature person, this makes good sense, but to the average compassionate adult, it is insane sociopathic thinking.


Ayn writes that “whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values … Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked: ‘Account Overdrawn.'”[32]
Private for profit corporations led by the 1% that Ayn adored, took over the money supply and banking, corrupting it and turning it into a criminal enterprise. According to Ayn Rand’s philosophy, the corporations doing this are the ‘looters’, and AGRP actually agrees with her on this one point.

FDR Confiscated All Gold And Silver In 1933, Created US Private For Profit Fiat Currency and Fractional Reserve Banking System
People Collecting ‘Entitlements’ – Who Are They? Links To 1%, National Debt And The Federal Reserve via @AGreenRoad

The important thing to understand is that the 1% individual leaders of corporations which Ayn Rand worships elsewhere, are the same people who took over the money printing, financial and banking system.

The ‘looters’ and banksters have not only taken over the government, they are also the money printers and the money lenders and the investors in paper derivatives that almost brought down the whole global financial system. And they are also the ones that bailed themselves out by printing more fiat money. If that is not absolute power and absolute corruption, what is? 


In some ways, the Ayn Rand cult is growing in power and control because billionaires at the top are funding these belief systems and philosophies, as well as movie projects like the one featured in the video news segment above. Who else could afford to bankroll three money losing movies in a row, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars each? No logical, rationale person would invest in such a money losing, self absorbed project.

This sociopath’s fantasy world needs to be rebutted and debated, because if it is celebrated and taught with no opposition or dissent, the concentration of absolute power and control at the top by the 1% will only grow worse, as the cult followers play out the fantasy of Ayn Rand via projects like Galt’s Gulch and much worse, on a global scale. 

Ayn Rand smoked two packs a day of cigarettes, and gobbled amphetamines like they were going out of style. She claimed to love her husband, but carried on an affair with a younger man in open sight, right in front of him. What did he think of this? She also consistently supported the right of Israel to kill Palestinians and to take their land by force. She believed that Arabs were ‘less human’ than Israelis. She called the Arabs; ‘almost totally primitive savages’.

Miko Peled, Israeli Son Of Military General, Talks About What Is REALLY Going On In Israel, Historically All The Way Up To Today


In her book; ‘The Virtues Of Selfishness’, Ayn promotes the doctrine that America is ‘rotten’ with compassion and socialism, and that selfishness is the answer to all of those ills. Social Security is named SOCIAL because it is a Social enterprise. Why did Ayn use it and other government services, if it was so evil? 

Christopher Hitchens on Ayn Rand


Ayn is does not believe in God, spirit, soul or consciousness because God, spirit, soul and/or consciousness destroys rationalism and reason. She believes God is a threat because God is superior to reason. Based on that, everyone knows how she feels about all religions globally, including Jesus Christ and other saints as well, right?

Christopher Hitchens comments on Ayn Rand in the video segment above

What most people never think about is that many if not most scientists are ‘trained’ to think like Ayn Rand. In other words, scientists do not believe in mind, spirit, God, free will or consciousness.
If you disagree with a nuclear scientist or a medical doctor and tell them you believe in God, spirit, soul, consciousness and/or life after death, they will most likely roll their eyes, and label you as a cult member, because you do not think or believe as they do. To them, science is the religion they worship, and God, spirit, soul, consciousness or compassion/empathy is seen much like Ayn Rand sees it, as a threat to their belief system and as a defect of character or a flaw in a person. In other words; a very bad thing, like belonging to a cult. 
But what does that make nuclear science, medical science and scientists or individuals who believe this way and refuse to admit even the potential truth that there is something more than just a human body that turns to dust upon death? Wouldn’t this belief system make them a cult?


Ayn does not approve of any religion, because it is mystical and based on faith, not on reason and facts. She is very sure that God does not exist, and she claims it does not take much intelligence to be able to tell that this is the case. Ayn is very arrogant and sure of herself when she says this, and puts down anyone who does believe that there is something more to life than selfish, self absorbed, reason and facts.

Bill Maher, George Carlin; Mass Delusion and Need For More Interfaith Communications; via @AGreenRoad

Believing in God is a ‘weakness’ as she believes it, because the man is afraid to stand on his own mind and facts. She regards it as evil to place emotions above what your mind ‘knows’. She believes that when you die, it is all finished, and there is nothing left to go on, except dust. That all sounds good, but what if she is wrong, completely wrong? What if there is direct evidence of life after death and that there is more to life than just selfish pleasure and doing whatever one wants, with no regard for anyone or anything else?


Atheists all believe that there is nothing after death, just like Ayn Rand. But is that the absolute truth with no evidence to the contrary? Read about Anita’s story to see if there may be more than just humans living as skin bags full of water that then turn into dust when they die. 
Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience And Healing Terminal Cancer; via @AGreenRoad
Is There Life After Death? Has Reincarnation Been Scientifically Proven? via @AGreenRoad
If there is more to life than just being a skin bag full of water and bones, maybe there is more to life than living selfishly and without love as well. Anita points at a way of life that is not based on fear. Living in fear means not having enough, which means taking from others what they have by force or violence, even if one has Billions of dollars.

Billionaires live in more fear than anyone else. They are afraid of so many things, so many people and of themselves. They are actually trapped in a golden cage that they cannot get out of, but they don’t even realize it.


Ayn Rand did not really cover the golden rule in her writings, but if she had, this is what she would have said; 

The Golden Rule basically states that in most cases we should treat other people the way we would like to be treated ourselves. This is an important principle in most religions of the world and also in Humanism.

In other words, it is a good thing to have compassion, empathy and love as a guide for actions. But if you talk with most nuclear scientists, they will not go there.. because it is too close to spirit, consciousness, selfless love, and all things of God.


Although AGRP does not agree with the following method, nor recommend it, it is included to make a point, because Ayn Rand seems to celebrate violence, threats and death as a solution. Is there a time when violence is the solution?
Some anarchists seem to think that nuclear power is not good around human beings to the point where they have decided that they are going to use violence as a solution. 
It may be that they believe this is the only way, because there seems to be no way for the average person to have any ‘voice’ in this debate. This ‘no voice’ results in anarchists starting to take matters into their own hands. 
Much like democracy turning into anarchy or fascism if the people no longer have a voice, the same is true for nuclear power and nuclear weapons. The majority of people globally don’t want nuclear power or weapons. So why is it still happening? Why are new nuclear power plants being built, when a majority of ordinary citizens no longer want it?
“An anarchist group claimed responsibility on Friday for kneecapping an Italian nuclear engineering executive and warned it would strike another seven times at the firm’s parent company, Finmeccanica. In a four-page letter sent to an Italian newspaper, the group, calling itself the Olga Nucleus of the Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front, said two of its members had shot Roberto Adinolfi, the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, in Genoa on Monday..]”
There is more than one way to interpret anarchy. Here is another way to view anarchy when viewed through the lens of freedom and non violence. 
According to Wikipedia, “the Masque of Anarchy is a political poem written in 1819 (see 1819 in poetry) by Percy Bysshe Shelley following the Peterloo Massacre of that year. In his call for freedom, it is perhaps the first modern statement of the principle of nonviolent resistance.
The poem was not published during Shelley’s lifetime and did not appear in print until 1832 (see 1832 in poetry), when published by Edward Moxon in London with a preface by Leigh Hunt.[1] Shelley had sent the manuscript in 1819 for publication in The Examiner. Leigh Hunt withheld it from publication because he “thought that the public at large had not become sufficiently discerning to do justice to the sincerity and kind-heartedness of the spirit that walked in this flaming robe of verse.” The epigraph on the cover of the first edition is from The Revolt of Islam(1818): “Hope is strong; Justice and Truth their winged child have found.”
Written on the occasion of the massacre carried out by the British Government at St Peter’s Field, Manchester 1819, Shelley begins his poem with the powerful images of the unjust forms of authority of his time “God, and King, and Law” – and he then imagines the stirrings of a radically new form of social action: “Let a great assembly be, of the fearless, of the free”. 
The crowd at this gathering is met by armed soldiers, but the protestors do not raise an arm against their assailants: “Stand ye calm and resolute, Like a forest close and mute, With folded arms and looks which are Weapons of unvanquished war. And if then the tyrants dare, Let them ride among you there, Slash, and stab, and maim and hew, What they like, that let them do.With folded arms and steady eyes, And little fear, and less surprise Look upon them as they slay Till their rage has died away Then they will return with shame To the place from which they came, And the blood thus shed will speak In hot blushes on their cheek. Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you-Ye are many — they are few” [2]
Shelley elaborates on the psychological consequences of violence met with pacifism. The guilty soldiers he says, will return shamefully to society, where “blood thus shed will speak In hot blushes on their cheek”.
Women will point out the murderers on the streets, their former friends will shun them, and honorable soldiers will turn away from those responsible for the massacre, “ashamed of such base company”. 
A version was taken up by Henry David Thoreau in his essay Civil Disobedience, and later by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in his doctrine of Satyagraha.[2] Gandhi’s passive resistance was influenced and inspired by Shelley’s nonviolence in protest and political action.[3] It is known that Gandhi would often quote Shelley’s Masque of Anarchy to vast audiences during the campaign for a free India.[4][2]
The poem mentions several members of Lord Liverpool‘s government by name: the Foreign Secretary, Castlereagh who appears as a mask worn by Murder, the Home Secretary, Lord Sidmouth whose guise is taken by Hypocrisy, and the Lord Chancellor, Lord Eldon whose ermine gown is worn by Fraud. Led byAnarchy, a skeleton with a crown, they try to take over England, but are slain by a mysterious armored figure who arises from a mist.
The maiden Hope, revived, then calls to the people of England: “Men of England, heirs of Glory, Heroes of unwritten story, Nurslings of one mighty Mother, Hopes of her, and one another;What is Freedom? 
Ye can tell That which Slavery is too well, For its very name has grown To an echo of your own Let a vast assembly be, And with great solemnity Declare with measured words, that ye Are, as God has made ye, free!
The old laws of England–they Whose reverend heads with age are grey, Children of a wiser day; And whose solemn voice must be Thine own echo–Liberty! Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you-Ye are many — they are few”.
Political authors and campaigners such as Richard HolmesPaul Foot among others describe it as “the greatest political poem ever written in English”.[5][6]
Source: Maidenheaven and Wikipedia


Bottom line, the Golden Rule is taught within the science of sustainable health and is defined as asking and answering the question;

What works for seven future generations, without causing harm, both to your children and mine? 

For more details about how the Golden Rule can and does apply to all religions, all political systems, all philosophies, click on the following;

The Universal Golden Rule; Moving Towards A Sustainable Global Ethic Within The Science Of Sustainable Health; via A Green Road


There are examples of nations living by another way, other than view a Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP is a term that means constant never ending growth and taking. The only thing that does that are cancer and selfish people who constantly take and take, and who never have enough. Living this way is not sustainable. 
The Universal Golden Rule; Moving Towards A Sustainable Global Ethic Within The Science Of Sustainable Health; via A Green Road


There is an evolution on the planet, and it is happening despite Ayn Rand’s books and movies, plus all of the selfish people pushing her agenda of violence, hatred, fear, racism, selfishness, greed and mysogeny. Do we let people like that determine the future? Will people keep voting in those candidates who are servants for people like that? Will corporations keep on spouting this Ayn Rand dogma, knowing that it is based on an immature way of looking at the world?

People, religions and even corporations are becoming more aware and are growing more conscious around how the world and Nature actually works best, (via the Golden Rule), rather than the fiction that does not match reality in Ayn Rand’s immature world.

The Force And Power Of Love; via @AGreenRoad

Dr. Emoto On Vibrations, Water, Energy, Consciousness And Healing; via @AGreenRoad

Wayne Dyer; The Power Of Intention Program; via @AGreenRoad

The One Universal Law Contained In All Religions And Belief Systems And Four Powers You Can Harness To Perform Miracles


According to the movie and book reviews, Rand books and movies seem to be the most popular with the extreme right wing conservatives, especially with the 1% corporate leaders, who are following the Ayn Rand philosophy of godlessness, greed, violence and not following any laws. They have a lot of money, influence and power to push agendas, books and movies that they like. They can afford to create 3 movies in a row and lose money on every one of them. Why?

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If the sociopathic 1% can get millions of people to watch the movies, read the books,  and become ‘followers’, odds are that they will absorb the ‘message’ and buy into the philosophy and then vote for their appointed corporate friendly, 1% promoting politicians.
Becoming a Randite cult member means giving permission for corporations to do whatever they want, and voting for things like TPP, GMO’s, corporate immunity laws, and promoting monopolistic power, just because unlimited greed is good, especially when combined with absolute power and corruption.
Is it any wonder that the due to people like Ayn Rand, that the US is now a leader in this lifestyle as an example through the promotion of a super military industrial complex that spends more than all of the rest of the worlds military’s combined, just as one example? Maybe it is time to consider where this is all going, and what the consequences of this selfish, violent, Godless belief system are and will be on 7 future generations. 


Selfishness Versus Selflessness; Book Review Of  Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, Galt’s Gulch Project And Film Review Of Movies Based On Book

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198 Methods Of Non Violent Direct Action, Civil Disobedience, Non Violent Communication And Examples Of Successes In US, Estonia, India, Poland And Many More


A very brief introduction to the last 100 years of large-scale nonviolent action. Some of these situations involved people who did a great deal of training in nonviolence. Other situations involved improvised actions by people with virtually no training whatsoever. How will you play a part in making the next 100 years of history? This video is another component in our ongoing project called “Training for the Skill and Soul of Nonviolence”. Check us out at


Via Margaret Jones; “This remarkable video traces an American history of successful non-violent direct action back to the period around the American Revolution. Well done as far as the details and statements of people who’ve been there :)”


There is a way to communicate via non violent methods. Why is this important? Because all violence starts with words, which then have the negative side effect of creating or sparking physical actions. If words can become more peaceful and non violent, odds are much greater that the there will be no violent actions. Non violent communication is one of the keys to preventing both personal violence and global war.

The Power Of Peaceful, Non Violent Communication Methods For Horses And Maybe Even People; via @AGreenRoad

The simplest way to avoid violence against other people or groups is to avoid labeling other people in ways that make them non-human. All violence against other people starts by using language that puts those other people into the category of animals, or some other very negative meaning. Keep using language that connects people and keeps them human, rather than dehumanizing them. Keep focusing on the heart and positive feelings, engaging the ‘other’ person or group in that way as well to the extent it is possible. People get out of their hearts and into their heads before they commit violence. 


There are many ways of communicating in a non violent way. Singing is one of those ways. It is hard to commit violence when singing, and it is also hard to commit violence against someone who is singing. Singing gets people into their hearts, and is a non violent, direction action method that is actually very powerful.  Just this one technique gained Estonia it’s freedom. Any direct action movement is much more powerful if it combines singing or a song with the movement. 
The Singing Revolution Film; How Estonia Gained It’s Freedom By Singing A Revolution
Lawsuits, Aging Nuclear Reactors, Recertification, Music, Lyrics, Poetry

Earth Song Music video by Michael Jackson via @AGreenRoad


Mahatma Gandhi grew up in many worlds, and learned from all of them. He was led through his unique situation into a position where he wielded the sword of truth plus direct non violent actions, to overthrow a dictatorial and tyrannical foreign government that had taken over the levers of power in India, and took his country back from them. His story illustrates not only the power that one person has, but also the unstoppable strength of direct action when applied in the proper way. 
Mahatma Gandhi – His Life, Truth, Peace, Non Violence Teachings And Successes; via A Green Road
Gandhi could be seen as a whistleblower, who stood up to very powerful, dominating forces in his country of India. Those same very powerful dominating forces are present in every country. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations, CIA, Journalism And The 1%, Whistleblowers, Voting, Elections And Solutions


Practitioners of nonviolent struggle have an entire arsenal of “nonviolent weapons” at their disposal. Listed below are 198 of them, classified into three broad categories: nonviolent protest and persuasion, noncooperation (social, economic, and political), and nonviolent intervention. A description and historical examples of each can be found in volume two of The Politics of Nonviolent Action, by Gene Sharp.


Most people live in fear, so they end up misunderstanding or projecting their fear onto others. This fear results in taking actions that end up in violence. Buying and using guns is based on fear. There are lessons to be learned from following the cookie crumb trail from the fear, to the purchasing of the gun, to the end result, which is shooting someone with that gun. In this case, a gun was used to kill children at an Elementary School. What lesson can be learned from this tragic incident?

Lessons From The Tragic Shooting At Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conneticut; via A Green Road

Everything starts with a thought and an emotion. Either the thought and emotion is negative, as in the example above, or it is positive, as in the example below.

How To Not Become A Victim Of Negative Emotions; Become A Master Of Your Emotions, Using The Science Of Sustainable Health And Success

Dr. Barry Goodman; How To Clear Yourself Of Other Peoples Negative Energy

The Five Stages Of Grief In Response To Trauma, Abuse, Disasters Such as Fukushima, or Loss And How To Move Through To Transcendence

Everyone has the power to create a more positive world, and using the Mastermind technique is one of the ways that a person can have a greater and more powerful positive impact on the world. 

Creating Heaven On Earth With Mastermind; Inspirational Video For Wealth, Health, Relationship, Life; via A Green Road

Wayne Dyer; The Power Of Intention Program; via @AGreenRoad

The 4 Agreements; Heaven On Earth, Unconditional Love; via @AGreenRoad

Humanity Has A Bright Future And Destiny; Here Is How You Can Help Make It Happen

A Nuclear And Radiation Free World Dream – Can It Be Made Into Reality With The Power Of Love And Miracles? via @AGreenRoad

Introduction To Non Denominational Interfaith Prayer Partnering; How It Works And Why It Is Necessary


Stories and motivational tools can serve as a aides to help groups and individuals understand the true power that they have. Most people are living in fear, so stories can help illuminate this and bring people out of fear, into fearlessness. 

Ancient Stories, Success, Motivation, Activism, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Interfaith, Consciousness, Near Death, Miracles, Healing, Auras, Reincarnation
Allegory Of The Cave, Analogy of the Cave, Plato’s Cave, Parable of the Cave Story
The Story Of Two Wolves On A Green Road

The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg And Modern Applications To Your Life; Where Are Your Golden Eggs?

What Is The Matrix, And What Does It Mean To Take The Red Pill?

The Story Of The Battle Between David And Goliath


How To Prevent Any New Nuclear Power Plants From Being Built, Switch To 100% Renewables; via A Green Road

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Any problem is also an opportunity. The opportunity in front of humanity today is learning how to use and apply non violent communication, prayer, manifestation and direct actions to create a sustainable world, one person at a time. Everything starts with a small seed. A redwood tree seed is the same size as a tomato seed. Everyone can think a thought, feel an emotion, and then take an action, which plants a seed. Who knows what that seed will grow into in 3,000 years? But to grow a redwood tree that takes 3,000 years to turn into the largest and greatest living being on the planet, takes planting a seed. 

Eternal Life And Lessons From The Tallest, Largest, Oldest Life On Earth; The Redwood Tree

The redwood trees teach many lessons. One of those lessons is; it is very important to plant a seed in your life and then water it, fertilize it and nurture it. A tree of sustainable ever lasting and sustainable life on Earth needs watering, fertilizing as well as the pulling up of weeds that can choke out the tree of life.

Where kinds of seeds are you planting with your life? Are you planting weed seeds that choke out the tree of life, or are you planting seeds that create and enhance the tree of life not only for this generation, but also for 7 future generations, without causing any harm? How are you working to protect and nurture the lives of 7 times 700 future generations who are counting on you? A redwood tree thinks and lives like that, and so can you. Think in terms of eternity, because that is who you are, just like a redwood tree. 

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Radiation Exposure Risks; Total Effective Dose Equivalent (TEDE) Theory Compared To ECRR Theory And Weighting Risk Factors

According to Wikipedia; “The Total effective dose equivalent (TEDE) is a radiation dosimetry quantity defined by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to monitor and control human exposure to ionizing radiation. It is defined differently in the NRC regulations and NRC glossary. According to the regulations, it is the sum of effective dose equivalent from external exposure and committed effective dose equivalent from internal exposure, thereby taking into account all known exposures.[1] 
However, the NRC glossary defines it as the sum of the deep-dose equivalent and committed effective dose equivalent, which would appear to exclude the effective dose to the skin and eyes from non-penetrating radiation such as beta.[2] These surface doses are included in the NRC’s shallow dose equivalent, along with contributions from penetrating (gamma) radiation. Regulatory limits are imposed on the TEDE for occupationally exposed individuals and members of the general public.
The above chart outlines in a picture form how TEDE works in theory. By taking 3 steps via 3 calculations, the TEDE theory assumes that an accurate risk model can be calculated and cancer or death risks can be assigned from there, without any further considerations. Of course, this very simplistic model ignores many crucial factors and details, and that is where the TEDE theory goes terribly wrong. Of course, how TEDE is applied specifically and who is doing the measuring of radiation and then the inputting of numbers also matters a great deal.

There is many a slip between the lip and the TEDE cup. 


Via ChasAha November 16, 2014 “…recommendations for initiation of rulemaking…” “The framework continues to be based on the fundamental principles of ‘justification of exposures’,…”
– Page 3/4 Re: ICRP 103

How radiation risk rules get made and WHY they are created is very important. Are these rules made to protect the nuclear industry and give them a ‘cover’ for justifying radiation releases and increasing diseases as well as cancers and deaths? Are these rules and laws created and applied to protect the nuclear industry from the consequences of nuclear accidents? 
Or, are these rules and risk factor ‘weights’ created to protect genetic health, infants, communities, the most fragile members of society, and 7 future generations? Keep these questions in mind as you read the rest of this article, because this article asserts that TEDE is not designed to protect human health, the genome or the public, but rather, it is designed to protect the nuclear industry. 


  1. First of all, do you see any specific allowance for age? No.. 
  2. Do you see any allowance or modification for sex? No….
  3. Do you see any allowance or modification for health of the individuals to start with? No
  4. Do you see any allowance or modification for heavy metal poisoning effect, which is on top of the radiation effect? No
  5. Do you see any allowance for genetic damage caused by particularly DNA damaging radiation? No 
  6. Do you see any allowance for synergistic effects from chemicals plus radiation? No
  7. Do you see any allowance for internal radiation effect on sperm or eggs specifically? No
  8. Do you see any allowance for calculating risks for combinations of inhalation, ingestion, bio accumulation, plus exterior exposure and chemical exposure? No
  9. Do you see any allowance for calculating increasing risk over time due to bioaccumulation? No
  10. Do you realistically think that anyone will calculate risks for all 1,900 radioactive elements coming out of a nuclear accident, using this or any other model? No
  11. Do you see any allowance for ingested ‘hot’ particles, or exposure to ‘hot spots’? No
  12. Do you see any allowance for ingested ‘buckyballs’ which combine different elements? No
  13. Do you see any allowance for individuals with genetic weaknesses or defects? No
  14. Do you see any allowance for individuals having allergic reactions to radioactive elements? No
  15. Do you see any allowance for individual nutritional deficiencies such as goiter? No
  16. Do you see any allowance for greater risk due to exposure from multiple radioactive elements? No
  17. Do you see any allowance for greater risk due to radiation triggering cancers, genetic diseases, physical diseases and latency periods? No
  18. Do you seen any allowance for cumulative damage from ALL radiation exposures and the breathing in and concentration of hot particles in the lung lymph glands, over time? No
  19. Do you see any allowance that matches the fact that 70% of all radiation exposure plus bio accumulation over time comes from foods and drinks over a period of years and tracks that increasing risk and negative health effects over time? No
  20. Do you see any allowance for permanent genetic damage to not just this generation, but also to future generations in an ever escalating manner that just gets worse and worse? No
  21. Do you see any allowance for GLOBAL effects of atomic radiation? No
  22. Do you see any allowance for negative radiation effects on animals, insects, birds, fish? No
  23. Do you see any allowance for the ionization electrical disturbance of human tissues? No
These questions and problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore just a few of these issues with the TEDE model, by diving into them, one at a time.


Via The Betrayal of Mankind by the Radiation Protection Agencies
SCAM NUMBER THREE: Continue to calculate organ doses from internal emitters by averaging the emitted energy over the entire mass of the organ.

This is basically a rewording and summation of Scams One and Two. The work of the Tri-Partite Conferences and Subcommittee Two developed the method for calculating an organ dose from internal emitters by averaging the emitted energy over the mass of the organ. Deceivers use this science to mask the physiological impact of embedded hot particles. They dilute the emitted energy by smearing it over a mass of tissue, as in the Busby example above, and then declare how the dose is too low to be hazardous. This is the centerpiece of the cover-up to forever assure that the medical effects of low levels of radiation produced by internal contamination will never be determined. 
Earlier in this chapter, we cited the example of Dietz, who calculated that a particle of depleted uranium, 2.5 microns in diameter, transmits to the cells in its immediate vicinity in one year a dose of 170 rems. He concluded his article by saying, “until these doses can be related to a cancer risk factor, they must be viewed as qualitative indicators of danger, as red flags.” This point unveils another element of this scam. The risk of developing a cancer from internal emitters is calculated from doses delivered to whole organs. The risk posed by localized point sources of hot particles has not been scientifically determined. Thus again, the assertion that uranium/depleted uranium weapons are without risk is premature and lacks scientific validation.

Scam number 4 goes into detail about how the nuclear industry hid all of this hot particle danger

Plutonium Detected In Lung Tracheobronchial Lymph Nodes And Teeth Of UK Victims Living Up To 200 Km Away From Sellafield; Triggers Leukemia

One Hot Particle of PLUTONIUM 239, Calculation Of Radiation Damage In Lung

DU Hot Particle In Lung Calculation Of Irradiation And Damage Caused

And and all health risks or genetic damage can easily be ‘disappeared’ by averaging these risks out over whole organs, multiple organs or the whole body in a theoretical and statistical manner, as the nuclear industry does, over and over again. 


In a Public debate between ECRR’s Scientific Secretary Prof. Chris Busby and ICRP Scientific Secretary Emeritus Dr. Jack Valentin admits that ICRP recommendations cannot be applied to post-accident situations and that it is a mistake not to address studies which falsify ICRP’s model. Transcript here.
To do the math that TEDE requires in it’s formula, some assumptions have to be made about the danger or risk of each particular form of radiation. For example, the neutron radiation weighting factor is standardized differently depending on the source, study, table or equation and can vary by orders of magnitude. In other words, TEDE involves a guess about what number to use for any specific radiation type. The weighting factor for neutron radiation has been revised historically and remains controversial. 
Since a neutron ray can kill you if aimed at your head, but only damage your hand, if aimed at one hand, the number used is very simplistic and does not account for exposure complexities such as this. Neutron radiation hitting fertilized eggs, sperm or infants, have a much different weighting factor, but these things are excluded from TEDE.  There are many other factors that would wildly skew the results if these were included, rather than excluded with everything else, and then averaged and smoothed out via TEDE. 
Bottom line, TEDE is not accurate and minimizes dangers plus risks overall, by ignoring REAL risks and dangers to individuals. Statistics can be ‘smoothed’ to the point where nothing is happening, when in reality, massive genetic and negative health damage is happening, plus large numbers of deaths and cancers are being triggered. But no one is looking for them in relationship to radiation exposure, because TEDE says it cannot be happening when the ‘experts’ are speaking of statistics and weighted average speaking.

“The radiation weighting factor for neutrons has been revised over time and remains controversial.”

Neutron radiation is only one of many radiations that people are exposed to both internally and externally. Is each one of these radiation risks calculated separately? Some radioactive elements emit more than one type of radiation, or decay into another element that emits a much more lethal radiation. 
Iodine and Radioactive Iodine Facts And Dangers Around Taking Potassium Iodide; via @AGreenRoad
For example, radioactive iodine may not hang around very long, but very few people understand that it decays into radioactive xenon gas, which then decays into solid cesium. If this happens inside the body, each of those radioactive elements have to be accounted for in the TEDE risk model, but they aren’t. 
The TEDE modeling ‘experts’ only measure the short 8 day radioactive iodine half life,. After it decays ‘away’, somehow and magically all of that radioactive iodine decay radiation disappears completely. But what does Iodine decay into? And what is the risk from that next radioactive element? And then what is the risk from the next decay element, and so on all the way down the chain? TEDE ignores all of these risks and decay chains completely, so all of that radiation just magically disappears, poof!

These nuclear experts also don’t like to talk about the very long lived cousins of radioactive iodine 131, plus 129.  Each radioactive iodine has it’s own risk factors, and one of them goes on and on for a much longer time span than the other. Both radioactive iodines come out of reactors together, not separately and alone. Both are absorbed together, not apart. By avoiding measuring or talking about anything but the short lived Radioactive iodine, everything sounds much better and looks much better in the TEDE formula. 

38,000,000 Bq/Kg Radioactive Iodine 129 Found On Leafy Vegetables, 59 Km From Fukushima Daichi; via @AGreenRoad


NRC Report; “The TEDE-to-risk factor provided by ISCORS in Technical Report 1 is based upon a static population with characteristics consistent with the U. S. population. There are no separate ISCORS recommendations for workers. For workers (adults), a risk of fatal cancer of 5 x 10–4 rem-1 and a morbidity risk of 7 x 10–4 rem–1 may be used. However, given the uncertainties in the risk estimates, for most estimates the value for the general population of 6 x 10–4 rem–1 could be used for workers… For external sources of low linear energy transfer (LET) radiation that provide nearly uniform irradiation of the body, the risk of cancer incidence (morbidity) and mortality as a function of external dose can be closely approximated using the conversion factors of 8×10 -2 risk per sievert and 6×10-2 risk per sievert respectively…. These conversion factors can also provide a generally high-sided, but less accurate, estimation of risk from internal dose…. These risk coefficients are recommended for use whenever a quantitative risk assessment is required. There are also times when it is useful to make a general qualitative statement about the risk associated with dose, which in the United States at present is expressed as effective dose equivalent (HE).  The dose quantity HE is a risk-weighted mean of the dose equivalent for selected groups of organs and tissues. The values of the weighting factors are defined in International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Publication 26 which considered nominal estimates of both genetic and cancer mortality risks due to ionizing radiation.

As you can see from the above chart, each specific radioactive element has an interior risk factor and an exterior risk factor. 70% of radiation gets into the body over time and stays there due to ingestion via food or drink. But TEDE does not know how to calculate this complex radiation exposure pathway that takes years to develop and depends on local factors such as diet choices and lifestyle.

Bioaccumulation can result in huge risk factors over several years of ingesting even small 5 Bq/kg food or drinks, becoming lethal over a period of years. But TEDE does not address this risk or count it, especially if it is not measured, which it isn’t in almost all cases. And as we all know, these ‘experts’ don’t like actually measuring anything; they love ‘estimates’ and ‘models’ though. And if a radiation exposure is not measured, in their view, it does not exist.

As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Cesium Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems; via @AGreenRoad
Each of the above factors can greatly increase the risk, lethality and disease potential for any given single radioactive element. And who in their right mind is going to calculate the damage caused by 1,946 individual radioactive elements on specific organs, glands or the whole body, plus the individual risk from more than one type of radiation coming from each of those elements, isotopes or actinides? No one. At best, nuclear ‘experts’ use a few of the most common radioactive elements and stop there. Of course, this one technique alone minimizes the dose and risk as well as the deaths.

1,946 Lethal Radioactive Man Made Isotopes Are Created By Nuclear Plants And Atomic Bombs; via @AGreenRoad
There is a huge problem with this. For example, take plutonium. If you factor in the risk and weigh it for plutonium 239, that is all well and good, but what about all of the other forms of radioactive plutonium, some of which are much more lethal and toxic?

Again, by ignoring this simple fact and minimizing by picking only the less toxic or lethal forms of radioactive elements, TEDE can ignore, deny, minimize or eliminate much of what is actually happening in real life.


The above ‘weighting factors’ sound good and they look scientific at first glance, until you get the output of the data. This data is massaged to apply only to healthy adult young males working in nuclear facilities. Women are twice as sensitive to any given radiation dose compared to men. TEDE ignores this completely.  Infants and fetus are even more sensitive to radiation than a woman is, but TEDE ignores this fact as well.

Negative Effect Of Man Made Radiation On Human Eggs, Embryo, Sperm, Fetus, And Newborn

Even a single miniscule Xray dose of radiation greatly increases the risk of leukemia to an infant in later life, years down the road. 

Dr. Caldicott MD – Lethal Danger of CT Scans, X-Rays; Cancer Or Leukemia Caused By Low Doses Of Medical Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

Even the relatively small dose of a ONE SECOND time external radiation exposure from Xray machines involves a degree of risk, which can then result in breast cancer in the woman or leukemia in the child due to that increased risk. TEDE dismisses this risk completely, by averaging and smoothing it out over the whole body, and applies it to adult healthy males, despite the fact that the radiation only exposed the breast in a woman or a fetus in the belly, not a healthy man in the prime of life.

Studies have recently confirmed that the benefits of Xrays are outweighed by the risks long term, but the TEDE model does not agree with this and says all of this radiation has no effect at all, because all of this risk is spread out over the whole population and the whole body or whole organs. 

Xray Mammograms Are Biggest Cause Of Breast Cancer; One Million Women Falsely Diagnosed With Big C Due To Mammography; via A Green Road


This is just another problem with TEDE, as the population is made up of not just healthy adult males, but pregnant moms, fetuses, infants, children, the elderly, old unhealthy men and women. Each of these populations has a higher risk factor than adult healthy males working in a nuclear facility, but these risk factors are ignored by TEDE and all pro nuclear industry risk calculations.
When these pro nuclear organizations start making policies and setting up regulations that affect communities and children specifically, that is when all of the fancy data and computer models fall apart, including TEDE. Anyone with common sense can see through the insanity of the ICRP and NRC computer model world, without even going any further. According to TEDE, infant deaths are not possible in the womb, but they happen anyway.

Of course, all of these deaths, diseases, and birth defects are blamed on Radiophobia, which means mothers are worrying too much, not the TEDE theory, and definitely not the poisonous, heavy metal, radioactive elements from a nuclear accident having a much different effect internally than externally. These infant deaths can and do happen many thousands of miles away from a nuclear accident, but TEDE theory and modeling says this cannot happen. 

14,000 US Infant Mortality/Deaths From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Peer Reviewed Study; via @AGreenRoad

Radiation does not work on the whole body equally or even on a whole organ equally, and it certainly does not work the same way internally, as it does externally, as the ICRP claims above. The whole theory that TEDE is based on is bogus. 
If you see a TEDE weighted risk factor score, ask them which radioactive elements they used in their calculations, and you will probably see something like the following chart…

As you can see, there are many radioactive element risk ‘pieces’ missing. The more radioactive elements are left out, means that the risk score can be lowered by orders of magnitude. By excluding interior or exterior doses, the risk score goes down again. And of course, if it was not measured, it is not included.
After every nuclear accident, the radiation monitors are labeled ‘broken’, or defective, because such super high readings cannot be real. Any very high readings are just ignored, because they mess up the calculations that lead to the conclusion of no one will die, and no one will get cancer from any nuclear accident. This process of downplaying the amount of radiation coming out of any nuclear accident happens after every accident. The real radiation meter reading or result is thrown out, so a much lower ‘estimate’ or computer model can be put in it’s place. 
At TMI for example, a circle of radiation meters circled the nuclear plant. After the accident, the one meter directly downwind pegged out at the highest reading and it was thrown out as ‘defective’. The rest of the readings were ‘averaged out’, including the ones that were upwind for the whole accidental radiation release. From this ‘average’,  an ‘estimate’ was made of the total radiation release. Then TEDE was plugged in, giving a conclusion that no one could possibly ever get cancer or die. This is how radiation is made to disappear after every nuclear accident. Since all radiation is invisible, no one knows any different, plus everyone is trained to ‘trust’ the experts. 

TMI – Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Meltdown And Radiation Release Coverup Exposed – 1 Billion Curies Released; via @AGreenRoad

The Battle Of Chernobyl Movie; via A Green Road

Los Angeles Nuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up

What really happened at Fukushima?

Is Fukushima really in cold shutdown?

Windscale: Biggest Covered Up UK Nuclear Disaster? via A Green Road

The ‘rule’ after every nuclear accident is that there are no actual measurements of anything close to or downwind of any plume coming out, just lots of computer models and estimates. These estimates that are then plugged into TEDE are bogus made up numbers made up by the pro nuclear industry ‘experts’ who have a goal of minimizing or eliminating everything by not really measuring anything.


According to the NRC, the ICRP is supposed to come out with the ‘right’ numbers to use in the TEDE weighting factors. The old numbers are obsolete, don’t work and the NRC points this out in the  following link. They also note that the new numbers won’t be ready until after 2015. In other words, the weighting factors being used now by TEDE, NRC, ICRP, IAEA, UNSCEAR, WHO and everyone else are out of whack and don’t really reflect reality. 
“The SECY-08-0197 paper noted that the ICRP Publication 103 (2007) recommendations provided new values for the tissue weighting factors. (13) The paper also noted that ICRP estimated the following dates and deliverables for updated scientific information and guidance for its new dosimetry system: a. A dose conversion factors for calculating occupational exposure from the most commonly used radioisotopes by 2011, b. dose conversion factors for calculating dose limits for members of the public by 2012, and c. dose conversion factors for calculating exposure for all radionuclides by 2014. At present, this information is still being developed. The ICRP’s development of biokinetic and dosimetric models and dose coefficients for both worker and public exposure to radionuclides based on the ICRP recommendations was projected for completion by 2014. It is anticipated that this information will not be available until after 2015.!documentDetail;D=NRC-2009-0279-0067

How hard is it to update risks models? Why does it take many years to update things that were known 20 or 40 years ago? 

Another issue with the ICRP is that they have been caught making things up, by manipulating and faking data. By now, you are probably feeling all warm and fuzzy, with total trust and confidence in ICRP, right? 
ICRP [International Commission on Radiological Protection] Caught Manipulating And ‘Faking’ Scientific Data; via @AGreenRoad

The problem being pointed at with the ICRP is not an isolated one. The whole nuclear industry seems to suffer with a systemic problem around the peer review scientific paper review and publishing process. To find out more, click on the following link…

The Problem With Scientific Peer Review And Nuclear Industry Review Panels In Particular

Based on these same made up false computer models presented by fake studies with made up data, the nuclear experts and lobbyists as well as ICRP, IAEA and UNSCEAR came up with the wild claim (using TEDE) that residents could safely be exposed to between 20 and 100 mSv/yr, when the previous maximum for civilians was 1 mSv/yr, including pregnant moms, infants, children and women. Read the German physicians study and statement about why this is a hoax at the following link…

IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR and ICRP are the organizations that reported and/or supported the policy of allowing residents to be exposed to between 20 and 100 m/Sv of radiation per year, when the previous maximum was 1 m/Sv per year.

The pro nuclear organizations are making the outrageous and false claim that no one will experience any negative health consequences or deaths from the amount of radiation released by Fukushima, which they claim is 5 to 10% of Chernobyl. Based on these same computer models and TEDE data, they can safely claim no one will die from Chernobyl or Fukushima or TMI. 

These ‘official’ IAEA/IRCP and pro nuclear industry expert reports are being used by the Japanese government to move people back into the highly radiation contaminated areas close to the Fukushima nuclear disaster site, an area which is contaminated with more radiation than the Chernobyl exclusion zones, where no one is allowed to live, generations after that nuclear disaster. 
Of course, the easiest solution is to pretend that decontamination is possible and successful, and then move people back into these areas and then on top of that, pretend that all radiation is good for you, via the hormesis ICRP and their fad TEDE theory. Anyone complaining about radiation caused diseases, cancers or deaths is labeled as being Radiophobic.

2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad


The TEDE model and the nuclear lobbyists, scientists and experts start with a basic assumption that any level of radiation under 100 mSv/yr is harmless and not worth talking about, since the numbers of cancers caused will be so low, as to not be countable.

This is why the IAEA and other pro nuclear industry regulators and experts are promoting the elimination of evacuations from contaminated areas, moving people back into radiation contaminated areas, and eliminating all benefits paid to people who were or are still being exposed to cumulative doses of radiation from nuclear accidents. In other words, almost all radiation is safe, except for lethal doses that cause acute radiation disease. Remember Radiophobia and hormesis? They combine these bogus theories with TEDE to make it seem like the world is safe.

Their desires to remove all limits on exposure of people to cancer and disease causing radiation levels comes from their belief in hormesis theory. It fits in nicely with the TEDE theory, by minimizing or eliminating all danger from radiation exposure. 

Hormesis; What Does Not Kill You, Is Good For You

Ann Coulter Says More Radiation Is Good For You Via Fox News, As Part Of Mass Media Promoting Nuclear Industry Hormesis Theory

Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge By CIA, Military, Medical, Mental Health Professionals; via @AGreenRoad


According to TEDE, low doses of radiation are safe and cause no harm, not enough to count anyway. They go further and make the radiation in bananas equal to and just as healthy as what is coming out of a nuclear reactor.  However, there are many doctors, physicists, and other experts who say there is no safe dose of radiation is safe and all radiation must be counted in a risk model, because radiation damage is CUMULATIVE. In other words, each dose adds to the last dose, in a cumulative fashion, so all doses received from an egg or sperm all they to now must be counted in the total.

TEDE only inputs radiation exposure if it is measured. In other words if the radiation was not measured, it does not exist, so it is not part of the TEDE formula.  If a meter or radiation detector only ‘sees’ cesium, than that is the only element put into the TEDE formula, while ignoring all of the other 1,900 radioactive elements that were also there, but not measured.

jec November 13, 2014  CDC explains danger of radiation, and the equations used for DOSE, and exposure! We ENENEWSers have been trying to figure out what and how DOSE was considered. Take a look, will not be up long! Bet this is what was used by TEPCO and Japan to smooth the data; the equations are there..they just removed the weighting factor for the nuclear particle. Read:


The pro nuclear apologists also believe in the theory of hormesis, which goes along with this basic belief system that radiation is healthy and good for people, because it stimulates the immune system.

Radium; The Epic Story That Disproves Hormesis And Medical Radiation Theory First Proposed By Madame Curie; via @AGreenRoad

Radium Girls And Radium Dials In Ottowa Illinois, Death City; via @AGreenRoad

Rachel Maddow – Hormesis Promoting Republican Art Robinson Wants To Sprinkle Radioactive Waste From Airplanes Over Cities? via @AGreenRoad

Radioactive Thorium Beach In Guarapari, Brazil; Hormesis Theory Debunked; via @AGreenRoad

Radon Dangers; Hormesis Explored; via @AGreenRoad

All radiation exposure is cumulative. Chronic exposure to even small amounts of man made heavy metal poisons and radiation accumulate and cause long term damage.


The pro nuclear apologists will point at their own ‘studies’. They say that their ‘peer reviewed’ studies ‘prove’ that low dose radiation is safe. However, the foundation computer models and statistical assumptions that they base their peered studies on are flawed and wrong, so it makes these studies worthless, especially when it comes to kids, infants and fetuses. 

The Problem With Scientific Peer Review And Nuclear Industry Review Panels In Particular

The study ‘experts’ assign values from exterior radiation and transfer those very low risks from alpha radiation for example, to internal radiation exposure. There is no way to transfer external alpha radiation risks externally, to internal damage that alpha radiation does when it has entered the body; it cannot be done. Interior radiation and exterior radiation operate by totally different mechanisms, but that does not stop the pro nuclear apologists from doing it anyway, and then proclaiming that there is no danger from any man made radiation… They point at their flawed statistical analysis and models as proof.


Then these same fake studies look at only young healthy adult males and ignore fetuses or newborns and the effect of a hot particle on them. It is like trying to compare fish breathing air underwater, with humans breathing underwater, like fish. This also cannot be done.

How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

These same ‘pro nuclear scientists’ also use a bag of water with a diluted dose of external radiation hitting the bag in a diffuse manner, to calculate harm caused by internal radiation, when a totally different mechanism is at work with low dose internal radiation from hot particles and a sperm or egg in close proximity to the alpha radiation from plutonium for example. TEDE ignores the effect of such radiation causing such things as infertility for example. Certainly, the sperm and fertility rate globally has been going down, but that statistic is covered up and suppressed, especially in relationship to low dose, cumulative radiation exposure.

Infertility; Hazard And Effect Of Exposure To Low Dose Radiation, via @AGreenRoad

Radioactive elements concentrate in certain glands or organs, depending on the type of radioactive element and radiation in most cases it is not diffuse. Radioactive iodine concentrates in the thyroid gland and causes cancer there, and so on. But the pro nuclear apologists ignore this and pretend all radiation stays diffuse inside the organ. They average any radiation going into the organ over the whole organ, which is bogus, because a couple of hot particles affect only a few cells around them if it is alpha radiation, and it is the most lethal radiation at short range. But by averaging and smoothing the radiation emitted by this tiny super radioactive particle over the whole organ, it makes things look harmless and good for you. Underneath the ‘model’ the hot particle is causing cancer and genetic defects in the DNA around it, but TEDE ignores and denies this is happening.

Now add to this the ‘estimate’ that almost all radiation coming into the body is ‘washed out’ by the body shortly after exposure, and it further denies and suppresses any harm from radiation exposure. Bio accumulation, bio concentration and the local cellular effects of hot particles inside the body are denied and ignored completely by TEDE and all pro nuclear experts.


A typical pro ICRP, pro nuclear apologist will admit that there are huge differences between the data and outcomes that IRCP is finding and reporting on, when compared to studies and conclusions outside of the small nuclear industry ‘club’.

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

When it comes time to try and explain why there are such huge differences in the outcomes between the ECRR and ICRP, all that happens is that the pro nuclear apologists attack the organizations and experts who do not agree with them as being nothing more than a cult, or they label everything that disagrees with the ICRP conclusions and data as junk science…

VoxDei November 13, 2014 “Yes why use anything from ECRR? That is junk science. Can you explain the “cult”?
In other words, if you do not belong to the nuclear good ol boys club, you are viciously smeared, attacked, demeaned and put down as a cult member, fraud or scam artist. There is no debating these ‘experts’, as they quickly resort to put downs and personal attacks if their studies, methods or interpretations are questioned. Again, it is not about science with this small, closed, isolated and cult driven nuclear club, but it is all about appearance, power, money and control. Dr. Gofman, who was the head of a nuclear lab, talks about this cult like belief and fakery, in the following article. 

Dr. Sternglass And Dr. Gofman; Total Numbers Of Infant/Child Deaths From X-Rays, Nuclear Power Plants And Nuclear Bomb Testing


Not all radiation is created equal, and the body does not treat all radiation the same way. Even a 3 step simple theory like TEDE does not work when applied to various radioactive elements. The body regulates the amount of potassium 40 that is retained in the body. TEDE claims that radiation is equal, just like potassium, no matter where it comes from or what effect it has.  Potassium can never build up in the body because it reaches homeostasis, but all of the man made radioactive elements don’t do this and they accumulate and concentrate in the body, unlike potassium.

TEDE claims that neutron, alpha, beta or gamma radiation hitting any cell in the body is roughly equal, with minor differences such as weighting factors. Of course this claim is patently absurd. A more in depth analysis of the difference between Potassium 40, uranium and a few other man made radioactive elements is itemized via the following article…

Radioactive Potassium In Bananas Compared To Cesium, Plutonium, Uranium And Iodine via @AGreenRoad

The committed dose in the human body due to bananas is not cumulative because the amount of potassium (and therefore of 40K) in the human body is fairly constant because of homeostasis,[9][10] so that any excess absorbed from food is quickly compensated by the elimination of an equal amount.[1][11]
Other radioactive man made artificial elements such as cesium, strontium, plutonium and others, do not act like potassium, and are bio accumulated. TEDE makes no accommodation for this difference in effect, nor in the difference in effect between the heavy metal poison actions, combined WITH the much higher energy level lethality of alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation. There is also no weighting factor when chemicals are combined with radioactive heavy metal poisons, causing a known synergistic effect. 
TEDE also does not account for what happens when cesium or iodine decays within the body and turns into yet another heavy metal poison, plus another type of radioactive element. Decaying elements don’t exist in the TEDE world, they just magically disappear. TEDE also does not address the fact that heavy metal, poisonous radioactive man made elements MIMIC natural minerals and substitute for them. 

How Poisonous And Radioactive Man Made Elements Mimic Natural Minerals Found In Nature; via @AGreenRoad

Plutonium Mimics Iron In Body – 2 Million Times More Dangerous Than Uranium, MOX Planned For Use In All Future Nuclear Power Plants; via @AGreenRoad


TEDE uses potassium as the ‘model’ to base it’s theory on, but it is a very poor element to choose, for several reasons. Potassium does not build up to toxic and dangerous levels in the body, as other man made radioactive elements do. Potassium is regulated by the body in a homeostatic manner. Other radioactive elements such as iodine, plutonium or uranium build up in the body via bio accumulation and reach toxic levels, and the body seems to have no natural mechanism to achieve homeostasis with them. 

Plutonium And Cesium BioAccumulation Up To 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae, BioMagnification From There; via @AGreenRoad

“Geoff Meggitt—a retired health physicist, and former editor of the Journal of Radiological Protection—to find out more. Meggitt worked for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and its later commercial offshoots for 25 years. He says there’s an enormous variation in the risks associated with swallowing the same amount of different radioactive materials—and even some difference between the same dose, of the same material, but in different chemical forms.
It all depends on two factors:

1)The physical characteristics of the radioactivity—i.e, What’s its half-life? Is the radiation emitted alpha, beta or gamma?

2) The way the the radioactivity travels around and is taken up by the body—i.e., How much is absorbed by the blood stream? What tissues does this specific isotope tend to accumulate in?
The Potassium-40 in bananas is a particularly poor model isotope to use, Meggitt says, because the potassium content of our bodies seems to be under homeostatic control. When you eat a banana, your body’s level of Potassium-40 doesn’t increase. You just get rid of some excess Potassium-40. The net dose of a banana is zero.”


TEDE also ignores completely both the temporary and the permanent genetic damage that radioactive elements cause. There is no consideration for how much DNA breakage happens as a result of exterior or interior radiation, much less how that DNA damage is carried through into future generations.

According to realnews; “It is now well established that living cells in vitro respond to sub-lethal radiation damage by proceeding into cell-cycle arrest which involves the setting up of an irreversible sequence of chromosomal DNA repair, followed by a forced replication.
This repair-replication cycle, which lasts for 8 – 15 hours, is known to contain a period which is exquisitely susceptible to radiation damage. In the last ten years the existence of such a critical period has been used to explain a number of anomalous low dose effects involving split or protracted doses. In addition, and in support of the existence of a critical phase, the very earliest reearch shows that dividing cells are much more susceptible to radiation than cells in G0 or quiescent phase.
Since 1945 there have existed on earth a number of novel beta emitters which have sequential decay pathways. Examples of such isotopes are the series
Strontium-90 – Yttrium-90 
Tellurium-132 – Iodine-132 
The Second Event theory argues that when such isotopes are incorporated and immobilised in body tissue their initial decay is capable of initiating cell cycle repair/replication sequences, during which the second decay damages the repair at some critical point. The repair sequence is irreversible, and sub-lethal damage sustained during the sequence will be passed on to one or both daughter cells and to their progeny.
At natural background levels of radiation (NBR) cells receive on average one hit per cell per year. Calculations using simple probability theory show that the chances of NBR intercepting the critical window in a replicating cell are very low, but that dose for dose, internal radiation from incorporated sequential emitters is thousands of times more likely to cause the two event hazard.(Link)


The European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) is an informal[1] committee formed in 1997 following a meeting by the European Green Party at the European Parliament to review the Council of Europe‘s directive 96/29 Euratom, issued in May of the previous year.[2]
The Council of Europe directive was a wide-ranging ruling regarding the use and transport of natural and artificial radioactive materials within the European Union,[3] but the inaugural ECRR meeting concentrated on the proposal of Article 4.1.c: “…radioactive substances in the production and manufacture of consumer goods…”.[2]
EU legislators had found it convenient to incorporate the findings of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) model for assessing radiation risk from internal emitters,[3] but the ECRR challenged this and suggested that the model underestimates the risks[4] by at least a factor of 10 “while..studies relating to certain types of exposure..suggest that the error is even greater”.[5] The ECRR have proposed a method of re-weighting the risk factors to take into account the biophysical properties of the particular isotopes involved.[6]


The official radiation measurements that are applied by ICRP, IAEA, UNSCEAR, NRC and other nuclear ‘experts’ are all based on ‘estimates’ and computer models of what was released by a particular nuclear accident. Around Fukushima, most pro nuclear experts claim that only 10% of Chernobyl radiation was released on 3/11, and no plutonium was released, despite building #3 blowing up and all contents of a reactor or spent fuel pool going up in the air, 3 reactors melting down and out 100%, plus multiple spent fuel pool fires, and multiple leaking/broken open reactors with high level nuclear waste going into the Pacific from 3/11 to today, from leaking MOX fuel reactors. 

What Really Happened At Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? via @Green Road

Bottom line, the computer models and estimates that are used to determine deaths and cancers after any accident rely totally on minimized garbage data. If no plutonium was released, then that is a risk weighting factor that can be eliminated and thus reduce the number of deaths. Because officials claim only 2 grams of reactor contents was released by Fukushima and no plutonium was released at all, they can safely claim that no one will die or be injured. But is that the truth? Is that what really happened?

Plutonium-238 From Fukushima Traveled Around The World – ‘Misleading’ Experts Said It Would Stay Close By, Or Did Not Happen; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima Released Massive Amounts of Plutonium; Being Found In Japan, The Pacific Ocean And Inside Many US Cities; via @AGreenRoad

Scientists Prove Fukushima Plutonium Detected In EU, Lithuania And Norway – Toxicity Of Plutonium Proved Via Scientific Animal Studies; via @AGreenRoad

Even if TEDE were accurate as far as a model for predicting ONLY cancers and/or deaths, it relies 100% on accurate data coming in to calculate the end numbers that go out to the mass media and the public. If the data coming in is only made up of minimized or denied garbage, then the end number coming out of the TEDE process is also garbage. 
So far, what we have is this; 
TEDE = Garbage in = garbage out. 
For a moment, let’s assume that TEDE is valid. Let’s compare it to another risk model called ECRR and see how the two compare side by side just for the number of cancers, and nothing else. These two models were compared at Chernobyl, and you can decide after doing your own research about epimediology statistics that came out after Chernobyl, who is telling the truth and who is lying about the number of deaths and cancers. 


An example of the ECRR Risk Model Applied To Fukushima 
The ICRP model then takes this dose and multiplies it by a risk factor for  cancer based on the cancer yield at high acute doses of the Japanese populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who have been studied since 1952. This method cannot apply to internal doses from radioactive substances, called radionuclides, which have been inhaled or ingested in food or water. This is because these substances have varying affinities for DNA and different parts of the body and can deliver very high energy to local tissue. The ICRP method cannot be applied to inhaled or ingested hot particles, which are solid but microscopic and can lodge in tissue delivering high doses to local cells. There is a great deal of evidence that exposure to internal radionuclides is up to 1,000 times more harmful than the ICRP model concludes.
The ECRR risk model deals with this issue by adding hazard enhancement weighting factor to the doses calculated for internal radionuclide or particle exposures. the ICRP risk model was conceded to be strictly invalid for internal exposures since the uncertainty was as high as 500-fold or more for certain internal radionuclide exposures. This followed many studies of the effects of the Chernobyl Catastrophe which showed much higher cancer yields than had been predicted by the ICRP model.
For surface radiation contamination… the error factor relating the ICRP risk model, which employs external radiation, was upwards of 600-fold.


Cancer excess in 100 km population
This is an extremely conservative set of assumptions. On the basis of the  measurements and arguments above, I assume the 100km radius is contaminated uniformly to 600kBqm-2. The dose associated with this level of contamination is 2 mSv/h. Assuming that no one moves away and that the contamination remains at this level, using the Tondel et al 2004 regression coefficient of 11% cancer increase per 100kBqm-2 and assuming the same spectrum of radionuclides and pathways for 
exposure the cancer increase in the 100km population is 66% and these cancers will be manifest in the next ten years.

The cancer rate for all malignancies in the Japanese population is 462 per 100,000 per year. Therefore the annual number of cancers in the 3,388,900 population of the 100km radius is 15,656. In ten years there will be 156,560 cancers normally if this 2005 rate is maintained plus an extra 66% of this number diagnosed from Fukushima that is 103,329 extra cancers due to the Fukushima exposures.
The annual dose from this contamination can be calculated in mSv. If we assume 365 days and 24 hour a day exposures then for 2 mSv/h the annual dose is 17mSv. The population is 3,338,900 so the collective dose is 56,761 person Sieverts. The ICRP absolute cancer risk factor is 0.05 per Sievert. Thus the ICRP predicts 2838 extra cancers in this population from the Fukushima fallout. 
The three predictions are given in Table 5


Table 5. The predicted cancer increases in the 100 km zone near the Fukushima site over 50 years

Model                                                                   Total  # Of Cancers
Note, assumptions
ICRP  (TEDE)                                                              2,838 
In 50 years, based on collective doses at  exposure of 2 mSv/h for one year
ECRR Tondel                                                            103,329 
In ten years following the catastrophe, based on surface contamination only
ECRR absolute                                                          191,986
In 50 years, based on collective doses at exposure of 2 mSv/h for one year; probably half of these expressed in the first ten years.

Of course, if people are ingesting radiation contaminated foods and building up more exposure from internal radioactive heavy metal sources, this number goes up. If these people are living in radiation contaminated areas that give them much higher doses of radiation than the estimated 2 mSv/h for one year, the numbers go up.  So far at least, it looks like the radiation exposure numbers used will have to be increased, and the number of cancer cases and deaths will also have to be increased.

2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad


TEDE ignores all other diseases and genetic problems caused by exposure to heavy metal radioactive poisons over the long term. ECRR includes these things, because that is what happens in real life.

Second, it must be understood that unlike ICRP, the ECRR model does not only model cancer. Studies of populations exposed internally show that a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions follow; these include heart disease, diabetes, and all the normal conditions and illnesses that contribute to mortality and morbidity

In addition, studies of nuclear Test veterans, Chernobyl-affected populations and those exposed to Uranium show us that alarming increases in congenital disease in children and grandchildren are to be expected. The ECRR 2010 report should be studied for details.

April 2010: Committee publishes new Recommendations. ECRR 2010: The Health Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses and Low Dose Rates for Radiation Protection Purposes: Regulators’ Edition (Purchasing information)
As a response to the Fukushima catastrophe a pdf of the Recommendations is free to download (1.35 Mb)
February 2010: Committee publishes its report on Uranium (a free download).
The Negative Health Effects Of Low Dose Radiation On Residents Of Belarus, Dr. Vasily Hectepenko

Dr. John S. Sanford; Mutagenesis And Entropy; Dangers Of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation Leading To Human Extinction; via A Green Road

List Of All Genetically Linked Diseases Caused By Low Level Radiation Exposure; via @AGreenRoad


Dr. John S. Sanford; Mutagenesis And Entropy; Dangers Of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation Leading To Human Extinction; via A Green Road


Finally, all these predictions are based on the assumption that the spectrum of internal exposures is the same as weapons test fallout (ECRR Absolute) or Chernobyl Sweden (Tondel). There may be more uranium and/or plutonium in the Fukushima spectrum and this may affect the risk by increasing it. They are also based on the contamination reports to date and will have to be altered when the more accurate reports become available or if there is further contamination.

3 Million Children Require Treatment Because Of Chernobyl, Many Will Die Prematurely – 7 Million Total Victims – U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan; via @AGreenRoad


1. The ECRR risk model has been applied to the 3 million people living in the 100km radius of the Fukushima catastrophe. Assuming these people remain living there for one year the number of excess cancers predicted by the method is approximately 200,000 in the next 50 years with 100,000 being diagnosed in the next 10 years. If they are evacuated immediately, the number will fall by a significant amount. 
For those 7 million living between 100km and 200km from the site, the predicted number of cancers is slightly greater with 220,000 extra cancers in the next 50 years and about 100,000 being expressed in the next ten years. These predictions are based on the ECRR risk model and also the findings of cancer risk on Sweden after the Chernobyl accident.
2. The ICRP model predicts 2,838 extra cancers in the 100km population. The eventual yield will therefore be another test of the two risk models.
3. Calculations based on official gamma dose rates published by the Japanese Ministry MEXT can be used to back calculate surface contamination at the positions of the measurements using accepted scientific methods. The results show that the IAEA reports have significantly under reported the contamination levels.
4. It is recommended that urgent attention is given to making isotope specific ground contamination measurements.
5. It is recommended that populations living within the 100 km zone to the North West of the site are immediately evacuated and the zone is made an exclusion zone.
6. The ICRP risk model should be abandoned and all political decisions should be made on the basis of the recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk
7. Investigation and legal sanctions should be brought against those who knowingly held back data from the public.
8. Investigation and legal sanctions should be brought against those minimizing the health effects of this event in the media.


The UNSCEAR report uses TEDE numbers/weighting and uses IRCP/IAEA as their official consultants to put together their report. A professional group of physicians found lots of glaring errors, omissions and mistakes, but focused on ten ‘grave’ errors in their report. This analysis shows how just because someone in the nuclear industry says something, citing TEDE, that it is ‘accepted’ and is holy truth. There is controversy about the numbers, models, weights and risks.  

Cisco July 18, 2014  Global Physicians Issue Scathing Critique of UN Report on Fukushima  “Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse”

“The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) joined the controversy June 4, with a 27-page “Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report ‘Levels and effects of radiation exposures due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami.”
“Physicians find ten grave failures in UN report”
“The majority of the IPPNW’s report details 10 major errors, flaws or discrepancies in the UNSCEAR paper and explains study’s omissions, underestimates, inept comparisons, misinterpretations and unwarranted conclusions.”

Read IPPNW’s 10 major errors at


According to ECRR weighting factors, over 1 million people died due to Chernobyl from the time of the nuclear disaster until fairly recently, and the number of deaths keeps on climbing with time, as the genetic factors weigh in and take effect in an ever worsening manner, generation after generation. 

Free Ebook; Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment; via @AGreenRoad

Chernobyl Coverup And Denial Of 1.5 Million Casualties – Russian Academy Of Sciences; via @AGreenRoad

IPPNW – Global Health Effects And Number Of Deaths Caused By Chernobyl Nuclear Planet Meltdown – 69 Million Victims

TEDE models show only a small number of deaths and few thyroid cancers from Chernobyl. These numbers are put together by pro nuclear physicists, who never see patients and have no knowledge of medical anything. A german organization made up of physicians put together their own estimate of the casualties that are happening as a result of Chernobyl, and here is what they found… 

The German Affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) Gesellschaft für Strahlenschutz e.V. published the “Health Effects of Chernobyl 25 years after the reactor catastrophe – April 2011”, which was published by Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, Henrik Paulitz – IPPNW, Dr. Angelika Claussen – IPPNW, Prof. Dr. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake –

IPPNW – Global Health Effects And Number Of Deaths Caused By Chernobyl Nuclear Planet Meltdown – 69 Million Victims; via @AGreenRoad


According to the TEDE theory and ‘weighting’ factors and the official reports from various pro nuclear regulatory bodies such as IAEA, approximately 100 people died due to Chernobyl and illnesses were limited only to ‘harmless’ thyroid issues. Of course, no one else will ever die from it, for any reasons.

Why would the ‘official’ estimates of deaths and cancers be so wildly different? To understand the reasons why, it may help to explore the potential corrupting roots inside these organizations and how the work together, as well as why.

IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via @AGreenRoad


The conclusion of the IAEA and the other pro nuclear ‘experts organizations who all base their reports on TED, TEDE or whatever you want to call the latest risk and weighting ‘model, is that NO ONE DIED from Fukushima. They will claim that no one is suffering any negative health effects, based on computer models, estimates and ‘weighting factors’. Of course, what is actually happening on the ground is covered up, denied, suppressed and made secret, because it does not match the ‘official’ story.


The pro nuclear organizations are supposed to base their conclusions and reports on proof, epedemiology and scientific evidence, but they don’t.  TED, TEDE or whatever other statistical models are made up of bogus, made up statistics based on even more bogus computer models, which are in turn based on fraud, scams and faux science to at least some extent. 
Even non scientists can see through the deception of the ‘no one died’ from Fukushima or TMI and only 100 people died from Chernobyl claims. Even non scientists don’t have to know anything about TED or TEDE to know this is a lie. 
Now it is up to you. Who do you believe? Do you believe the nuclear industry promoting nuclear apologists who staff the various pro nuclear organizations? Or do you believe those organizations outside of the nuclear industry, who are committed to protecting individual and community health, such as ECRR, IPPNW, Greenpeace, AGRP, and others? Who are you going to listen to? Who are you going to trust? Who has credibility and who doesn’t? Who are you going to support and donate to? 
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Who is getting money to come up with certain ‘pre-approved’ results, and who is doing actual scientific and epidemiological truly scientific research, independent of money/power connections that biases or corrupts results in all kinds of ways? Follow the money. Keep asking more questions and you will eventually know the truth. 
Radiation Exposure Risks; Total Effective Dose Equivalent (TEDE) Theory Compared To ECRR Theory And Weighting Risk Factors

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1965 – USA, Los Alamos; NERVA, Nuclear Reactor Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application Melted Down And Out Onto Desert, 17 Million Cubic Feet Of Toxic Waste Buried

NERVA, Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application

Wikipedia; At one point in 1965, during a test at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, the liquid hydrogen storage at Test Cell #2 was accidentally allowed to run dry; the core overheated and ejected on to the floor of the Nevada desert. 

Diagram of the NERVA nuclear rocket and reactor core


Test Site personnel waited 3 weeks and then walked out and collected the pieces without mishap. The nuclear waste from the damaged core was spread across the desert and was collected by an Army group as a decontamination exercise.”


or-well December 2, 2014 “Burial At Los Alamos – 
“Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), the “birthplace” of the atomic bomb, is situated atop Pajarito Plateau, nineteen miles Northwest from Santa Fe. The lab property is divided by several arroyos that flow into the Rio Grande.
During the Manhattan Project and the following Cold War years, more than 17,500,000 cubic feet of radioactive and other toxic wastes were buried directly in the ground and arroyos surrounding the labs in cardboard boxes, plastic containers and steel drums. In 1994 plutonium – one of most deadly substances known to mankind, used in nuclear weapons – was detected in the Rio Grande. Since 2000, other radioactive materials were detected in the drinking water, ground water and deep aquifer water including strontium-90, tritium, polonium, uranium, technicium, among others. The rate of brain and nervous system and thyroid cancers are considerably higher in this region than in other state and national reference populations.”
from Eve Andree Laramee (Netherzone)


1965 – USA, Los Alamos;  NERVA, Nuclear Reactor Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application Melted Down And Out Onto Desert, 17  Million Cubic Feet Of Toxic Waste Buried

For more like this;

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists

Nuclear Powered Rocket Programs; Pluto, Peewee, Phoebus, Kiwi Nerva, Prometheus, Thermal Rockets, Nuclear Propulsion

Wikipedia; Project Rover was an American project to develop a nuclear thermal rocket. The program ran at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory from 1955 through 1972 and involved the Atomic Energy Commission, and NASA. The project was managed by the Space Nuclear Propulsion Office.[1]
Nuclear reactors for the Rover program were built at the Lab’s Technical Area 18 (TA-18), also known as Pajarito Site. The reactors were tested at very low power and subsequently shipped to Jackass Flats at the Nevada Test Site. Testing of fuel elements and other materials science was done by N-Division in Los Alamos at TA-46 using various ovens and later the Nuclear Furnace. Parallel fuel rod development took place off-site at Rocky Flats.
Project Rover could be divided into three phases: Kiwi, between 1955 and 1964, Phoebus, taking place between 1964 and 1969, and Pewee, taking place between 1969 and the project’s cancellation along with the cancellation of the NERVA rocket at the end of 1972. Kiwi and Phoebus were large reactors; Pewee 1 and Pewee 2 were much smaller and they conformed to the smaller budget available after 1968. Both Kiwi and Phoebus became part of the NERVA program.[2]


Project Rover; develop a nuclear thermal rocket, The first phase of Project Rover, Kiwi, was named after the large flightless bird. It consisted of a series of non-flyable test nuclear engines, with primary focus on improving the technology of hydrogen-cooled reactors. Between 1959 and 1964, a total of eight reactors were built and tested. After conclusion of these experiments in 1964, further efforts were concentrated towards larger and more powerful Phoebus reactors.[4] Kiwi was considered successful proof that nuclear rockets could be considered not only feasible but highly reliable and advantageous for space travel.


Phoebus was Phase Two of Project Rover. The focus was placed on achieving more power than was possible with Kiwi units and maintaining the maximum power for ever longer duration. The work on Phoebus was started in 1963, with a total of 3 engines being built and tested between 1965 and 1968.
Phoebus A-1 was tested on July 25, 1965, at Jackass Flats. A second test occurred three years later. Both tests were considered highly successful.


Pewee became Phase Three of Project Rover. It was small, easy to test, and well-sized for unmanned scientific interplanetary missions or small nuclear “tugs”.
See also
Nuclear electric rocket


The Atoms For Peace program resulted in a lot of money being spent for many generations on pie in the sky schemes, such as a nuclear bomb powered rocket program. Disneyland was actually behind the original TV show that proposed all of these Atoms For Peace programs, which originated inside of the CIA and the military industrial project. Disneyland and it’s atomic powered everything TV propaganda show helped to push deadly radiation technology into many areas of daily life. 
Disneyland Promotes Nuclear Power, Partnered With General Dynamics And ABC, Via Our Friend The Atom TV Show And Nuclear Sub Ride
The idea behind nuclear powered rockets or using 1,000 nuclear bombs to launch just one rocket into orbit into space is insane.  The ‘experts’ calculated that this would result in only 1 additional cancer per launch and it would not really have any effect on the radiation belts around Earth, nor on the satellites, despite plenty of evidence that shows the opposite.



NERVA, Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application

Wikipedia; At one point in 1965, during a test at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, the liquid hydrogen storage at Test Cell #2 was accidentally allowed to run dry; the core overheated and ejected on to the floor of the Nevada desert. 
NERVA engine test


Test Site personnel waited 3 weeks and then walked out and collected the pieces without mishap. The nuclear waste from the damaged core was spread across the desert and was collected by an Army group as a decontamination exercise.

Click to watch video about Project NERVA

Project NERVA was an acronym for Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application, a joint program of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and NASA managed by the Space Nuclear Propulsion Office (SNPO) at the Nuclear Rocket Development Station in Jackass Flats, Nevada U.S.A.Between 1959 and 1972, the Space Nuclear Propulsion Office oversaw 23 reactor tests, both the program and the office ended at the end of 1972.


What none of the videos and descriptions above talk about is that a nuclear core melted down on at least one occasion, releasing massive amounts of radiation, just like any other nuclear reactor melting down. No one was warned, and no one was given KI tablets or anything else. 
To perform these tests, an open fission reactor with no radiation safety systems or shielding was put out in the open and hydrogen gas was heated up inside of the reactor and then burned out in the open air. At the point where it entered and then left the reactor, this gas became radioactive due to neutron activation, which all of the accounts above fail to mention somehow. Massive quantities of poisonous, radioactive gas were shot up into the air on numerous occasions, but again, no one was warned or notified downwind. 
They claim no one was injured or died from the melt down of a nuclear reactor. According to them, the release of massive quantities of radioactive hydrogen had no effect on anyone or anything. All of these descriptions make for good pro nuclear propaganda, but none of it is true.


The army troops sent in to ‘decontaminate’ the area were not warned. They were not given dosimeters or monitored after this ‘experiment’. Many of them suffered from radiation exposure and sickness, but no one told them this was the cause and no doctors checked them for this, as it was all covered up. 

Nuclear Industry Radiation Exposure Test Subjects And Radioactive Fallout Downwinders; How Many Died? What Are The Health Effects? via @AGreenRoad

300,000 Atomic Veterans Forcibly Exposed To Nuclear Radiation, Made Into Radioactive Lab Rats; via @AGreenRoad

300,000 Atomic Bomb Testing Veterans and 1 Million Agent Orange Victims; via @AGreenRoad


40 – 60 MILLION Deaths Due To Global Open Air Nuclear Weapons Testing 1945 to 2003; via @AGreenRoad

Number of Deaths From 2,400 Global Nuclear Atmospheric Bomb Tests 1945-1998; via @AGreenRoad

Dr. Chris Busby; Consequences of Burning Radioactive Waste And Dumping Of Radioactive Ashes Into Tokyo Bay, Japan; via @AGreenRoad


Launching a nuclear reactor into the air is worse than launching a nuclear bomb on top of a rocket. Why? A nuclear bomb contains possibly 10 pounds of uranium. A nuclear reactor can contain up to 100 TONS of uranium and/or plutonium. Plutonium is orders of magnitude worse in terms of killing power and cancer causing potential than uranium. What happens if one or more of these nuclear reactors on a rocket fails on the launchpad? What happens if it fails on the way up or in orbit? 

1962 – 1964 – RTG’s; Multiple Plutonium Containing Satellites Melt Down And Burn Up On Reentry; via @AGreenRoad

These satellites containing a couple of pounds of plutonium are bad enough. But imagine TONS of uranium and/or plutonium melting and turning into gas and hot particles in the atmosphere or on the launch pad as a huge fireball and explosion of hydrogen gas consumes everything? Of course, if something goes wrong, the moderators will probably fail as well, meaning that the reactor will melt down in space, in the air or on the ground launchpad, as we already have one example of above. Without any containment, and out in the open air, a melting down reactor is a mega nuclear disaster, worse than Chernobyl and TMI. To find out more about what happens after a nuclear reactor melts down, click on the link below… 

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists

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Coal Plants Emit More Radiation Than Nuclear Plants Do – Nuclear Propaganda and Lie Exposed And Debunked


“Coal plants emit more radioactivity than Nuclear power plants.
Via sourceofrealnews Blog

Over the past few decades, however, a series of studies has called these stereotypes into question. Among the surprising conclusions: the waste produced by coal plants is actually more radioactive than that generated by their nuclear counterparts. In fact, the fly ash emitted by a power plant—a by-product from burning coal for electricity—carries into the surrounding environment 100 times more radiation than a nuclear power plant producing the same amount of energy. * [See Editor’s Note at end of page 2] (Link)
This of course ignores a whole bunch of issues. It ignores the fact that during the mining of uranium, radiation is released into the environment as well. Another article that makes the same claim is a little fairer when it gives us the number of the whole process:
For comparison, according to NCRP Reports No. 92 and No. 95, population exposure from operation of 1000-MWe nuclear and coal-fired power plants amounts to 490 person-rem/year for coal plants and 4.8 person-rem/year for nuclear plants. Thus, the population effective dose equivalent from coal plants is 100 times that from nuclear plants. For the complete nuclear fuel cycle, from mining to reactor operation to waste disposal, the radiation dose is cited as 136 person-rem/year; the equivalent dose for coal use, from mining to power plant operation to waste disposal, is not listed in this report and is probably unknown.(link)
There a bit of a difference between 136 rem per year and 4.8 rem per year. But even that pales in comparison to the “Editor’s note” at the end of page 2.
In response to some concerns raised by readers, a change has been made to this story. The sentence marked with an asterisk was changed from “In fact, fly ash—a by-product from burning coal for power—and other coal waste contains up to 100 times more radiation than nuclear waste” to “In fact, the fly ash emitted by a power plant—a by-product from burning coal for electricity—carries into the surrounding environment 100 times more radiation than a nuclear power plant producing the same amount of energy.” Our source for this statistic is Dana Christensen, an associate lab director for energy and engineering at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as well as 1978 paper in Science authored by J.P. McBride and colleagues, also of ORNL.
As a general clarification, ounce for ounce, coal ash released from a power plant delivers more radiation than nuclear waste shielded via water or dry cask storage.
This is where the cat comes out of the bag. They’re comparing coal ash released from a power plant with nuclear waste that is properly being shielded. This is of course comparing apples and oranges. First of all nuclear waste isn’t properly shielded. Nuclear waste gets into the environment all the time.
For example, The Herald reported recently:
A nuclear power station has been sent a final warning letter after radioactive waste leaked into the sea.
Around 2600 litres of low-level waste was discharged from Hunterston B into the Firth of Clyde because of a problem with a valve. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) said the leak did not cause an environmental issue, but it issued the Ayrshire power station with a final warning letter because procedures were not followed.(Link)


In other words, the claim that nuclear waste is less radioactive than coal waste assumes that the waste is properly stored behind water which absorbs the radiation, whereas in reality, the nuclear waste often is released into our environment, where it will enter the food chain, our atmosphere, and eventually settle into our bodies. This means that the article is dealing with a hypothetical situation that will never occur in reality. The author is very much aware of this, I am convinced.
However, 95% of people will simply see the headline and perhaps read the first few paragraphs of his article before moving on and will never question it. They will just remember “coal plants are 100 times more radioactive than nuclear power plants”. They won’t question the facts and assumptions made to arrive at this conclusion and make up their minds on the basis of a cheap one-liner.


Second, radioactive nuclear waste is inherently more dangerous than the natural isotopes we get from coal. I have brought this argument up earlier, and it is true for this case as well. For example, we have about three times the plutonium waste than was earlier estimated in the United States alone. (Link)Plutonium is a second event emitter. The waste created by nuclear power plants is chemically toxic as well. The artificial isotopes created by nuclear power plants are not comparable to the isotopes in coal emissions. All of this increases the complexity of comparing different types radioactive material.


Then there is the fact that when nuclear power plants blow up, they release far more nuclear waste than coal plants have in all of recorded history. In fact, the Chernobyl accident is estimated to have released 25–50 million curies (1–2 exabecquerels) (IAEA estimations), whereas the collective radioactivity resulting from all coal burning worldwide between 1937 and 2040 is estimated to be 2,700,000 curies or 0.101 EBq).

In other words the Chernobyl accident alone released ten times as much radiation as all coal burning worldwide between 1937 and 2040 did. The disaster currently unfolding in Japan shows us that meltdowns are still possible. However, it must again be mentioned that the artificial isotopes released in the Chernobyl disaster are hard to compare to the natural radioactive isotopes in our environment, because some of them are Second event emitters.


Then, there has to be a final point made. Nobody ever said that coal plants are safe either. The argument made here is comparable to the argument that “it is safe to smoke cigarettes, because injecting heroin is 100 times as lethal as smoking a cigarette”. Even coal plants cause deaths and birth defects. China’s main coal producing province has the highest birth defect rate in the entire country for example.(Link) Dirty coal ought to be rejected in the same manner that nuclear power should be.


However, the overwhelming evidence points towards coal plants still being nowhere near the danger that is posed by nuclear power plants, because all coal plants on the planet still released less than 10 times the amount of radiation released during the Chernobyl disaster.


The radiation hazard from airborne emissions of coal-fired power plants was evaluated in a series of studies conducted from 1975–1985. These studies concluded that the maximum radiation dose to an individual living within 1 km of a modern power plant is equivalent to a minor, perhaps 1 to 5 percent, increase above the radiation from the natural environment. For the average citizen, the radiation dose from coal burning is considerably less. Components of the radiation environment that impact the U.S. population are illustrated in figure 4. Natural sources account for the majority (82 percent) of radiation. Man-made sources of radiation are dominated by medical X-rays (11 percent). On this plot, the average population dose attributed to coal burning is included under the consumer products category and is much less than 1 percent of the total dose. 
Fly ash is commonly used as an additive to concrete building products, but the radioactivity of typical fly ash is not significantly different from that of more conventional concrete additives or other build-ing materials such as granite or red brick. One extreme calculation that assumed high proportions of fly-ash-rich concrete in a residence suggested a dose enhancement, compared to normal concrete, of 3 percent of the natural environmental radiation.


By comparison, nuclear plants cause HUGE increases in rates of cancers and diseases for people living around them. 

Nuclear Power Plant Studies Show Child Leukemia, Breast, Thyroid Cancer Rates Increase RADICALLY Closer To Plants; via @AGreenRoad


The Guardian exposes the fact that despite the world’s nations agreeing that carbon emissions must be cut by a huge amount, carbon fuel companies are still receiving 88 Billion per year in subsidies each year. The nuclear industry also receives a huge subsidy, despite it also being global warming. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry only receives about 10% of what the nuclear industry receives alone, all by itself. Add in the carbon fuel industry subsidies and the share that renewables receives shrinks even more drastically.

Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via @AGreenRoad

Nuclear Plants Are Six Times More Expensive To Operate Than ANY Other Type Of Power Plants; via @AGreenRoad


Why does this dirty, polluting, lying and deceptive industry deserve taxpayer corporate welfare payments just to keep them in business?

12 reasons why all nuclear power plants must be shut down; via @AGreenRoad

If the nuclear industry is allowed to continue, it will result in the suicidal extinction of all life on the planet, via the Carrington Event.

Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth; ‘Carrington Effect’; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad

What result do people expect, when almost all of the money is thrown at the problem, instead of the solution? What do people expect, when the biggest problems are ignored or denied, while the solutions are attacked, suppressed and ignored by the mass media? 

Solar Energy Usage And Costs Compared To Nuclear And Coal Costs/Usage; via @AGreenRoad


It is time to create a carbon, chemical and nuclear free future. Have you heard of a solar, wind, water or geothermal plant blowing up and then melting down? Have you heard of any of these needing to have nuclear waste stored for 1 million years? Have you heard of any of these quadrupling in cost, without even the cost of decommissioning? No?  Humanity has been led by wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, and it is about time to undress the wolves, show them the door and let the truth out. 
Isn’t it about time to switch the subsidies from the carbon and nuclear industries to the 100% carbon free renewable energy segment?

Environment, Holistic Living, Health, Self-Healing, Zero Point And Renewable Energy
If humanity wants to live through the carbon and fission age, it must say goodbye to it all and let it all go, in order to have any chance at a sustainable future. 

Coal Plants Emit More Radiation Than Nuclear Plants Do – Nuclear Propaganda and Lie Exposed And Debunked

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Nuclear propagandists lies exposed and debunked (by David Rothscum Reports)


Source: David Rothscum Reports

A superb academic like analysis of hazards nuclear plants posess for public health by David Rothscum Reports blog.

There are a number of lies about nuclear energy being promoted by the industry, and I figured I’d make myself useful by taking a look at them.

Lie #1: Nuclear energy poses no threat, because your exposure to radioactivity through the eating of Bananas is higher.

First we start with the simplest. The “Banana equivalent dose”. As explained by Wikipedia:

A banana equivalent dose (BED) is a concept occasionally used by nuclear power proponents to place in scale the dangers of radiation by comparing exposures to the radiation generated by a common banana. Many foods are naturally radioactive, and bananas are particularly so, due to the radioactive potassium-40 they contain. The banana equivalent dose is the radiation exposure received by eating a single banana. By comparing the exposure…

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