Turnbull copying Abbott as destroyer of renewables, stripping Australian Renewable Energy Agency


“The fact that Arena and the CEFC are still on the chopping block shows that the Liberals’ attacks on renewables hasn’t stopped under Malcolm Turnbull. Greg Hunt has confirmed that these two agencies will remain in the Turnbull Liberal government’s sites.”

Renewables agency stripped of members and run by bureaucrat http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/feb/02/australian-renewables-energy-agency-arena-board-terms-expire-bureaucrat

Board terms expire, leaving body tasked with investing in emerging technology in hands of department secretary for second time in two years. ll appointed board members of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency have had their terms expire and have not been replaced, leaving it governed by the secretary of the Department of the Environment, Guardian Australia has learned.

The same thing happened in 2014 while Tony Abbott was prime minister, and the move has now been criticised as an attempt by the Turnbull government to remove the independence of the agency.

Turnbull destroys renewables

According to legislation, the board must consist of the…

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The astronomic costs of a nuclear power future for Europe


Without lifetime extensions, around 90% of the EU’s existing nuclear reactors would be shut down by 2030. But even with lifetime extensions, 90% of existing nuclear electricity production capacity will need to be replaced before 2050. This will cost €350-500 billion, estimates the Commission.

The Commission admits that the costs of new-build projects “are in the high range” of what analysts expected. Hinkley Point C tops the charts with €6.755 per KWe (vs. a €5.290 per KWe average for a “first of a kind” twin unit). There is a “historical trend of cost escalation”, the Commission concludes.

hungry-nukes 1

flag-EUEU paints challenging picture of Europe’s nuclear future, Energy Post. February 2, 2016 by Sonja van Renssen In a leaked draft document obtained by Energy Post, the European Commission outlines the investments in the EU nuclear industry that it believes are needed out to 2050. The document, originally announced for last year, but off…

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Queensland govt faces outrage after approving Adani coal project


Environmental groups outraged over Adani approval http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/environmental-groups-outraged-over-adani-approval-20160202-gmk0re.html  Amy Remeikis  Queensland political editor Environment advocates have been quick to express their disappointment following the news the state government has granted an environmental authority for the controversial Adani coal mine project in the Galilee Basin.

While the environmental approval is still one less hurdle the India-based company has to overcome, it is still to secure funding for the $16 billion project and receive a mining licence from the state.

But the authority has drawn criticism from green groups, including the Environmental Defenders Office, with Queensland principal solicitor Sean Ryan announcing the group’s “disappointment” with the decision.

“The EA, granted by Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, authorises the environmental harms of the project subject to conditions but the project still requires mining leases to proceed,” he said.

“These leases are under the cloud of an appeal currently in the Queensland…

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Queensland disused coal power site could be solar station this year


Solar power station in Collinsville could be under construction this year, ABC News map-solar-Queensland(includes Audio) 2 Feb 16  QLD Country Hour  By David Sparkes Construction of a $100 million solar power station in Collinsville, North Queensland, could begin this year if a deal is struck for selling the electricity.

Ratch Australia plans to build the station on the site of the disused coal power station it purchased in 2011.

Business development executive general manager Anthony Yeates said the company had been short-listed in an tender process with Ergon Energy and, failing that, there were other potential clients for an off-take agreement.

“The bulk of the development activities are all completed, so it’s a fairly advanced project and it’s really just awaiting us to close out some of the important commercial arrangements,” he said………

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A nuclear waste dump disaster- expensive and ages to fix


Environment state secretary Jochen Flasbarth, who described the situation in Asse II as “disastrous”, told journalists in Berlin that the current plan was to store the Asse waste, once retrieved, with the high-level radioactive waste for which the government is still searching a site…….

The Asse case shows how difficult it can be to undo a decision related to nuclear waste storage. It will take longer to retrieve the waste than it did to dump it

waste cavern Germany

text-relevantWhy Germany is digging up its nuclear waste, By PETER TEFFER , EU Observer, WOLFENBUETTEL, GERMANY, TODAY, 2 Feb 16  “….. in hindsight, the Asse II salt mine should never have been used in the 1960s and 1970s as a site to dump nuclear waste, said Ingo Bautz of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection………To anti-nuclear activists, Asse is a prime example of government not listening to citizens’ concerns. “Incidents were predicted,”…

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Energy self sufficiency- battery storage and solar getting cheaper


The latest report shows that almost two-thirds of Australians want to be self-sufficient in meeting their energy needs and while battery systems will not give complete independence for most consumers, it does offer a bit more control.

Costs of battery storage systems have been falling at a rapid rate and forecasts are for this trend to continue as more and more households adopt them. It is expected that prices will halve again within the next five years.

Solar panels have also gotten cheaper, with the Climate Council reporting a 75 per cent drop in price over the past five years.

Companies such as Reposit, an ACT-based start-up, are using the grid’s infrastructure to allow people to trade their energy directly on the wholesale market, effectively acting like a mini power station in everybody’s backyard.

battey TeslaExplained: The Tesla Powerwall and what it means for Australia’s energy market, ABC News, 2…

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Corruption in South Africa’s nuclear project – a model for Australia?

Greed trumps everything it seems.


corruptionflag-S.Africa Zuma, the Guptas and the Russians — the inside story RAND DAILY MAIL LILY GOSAM 02 FEBRUARY 2016

“……..Stacked deck 

Overall, the tendering process for the 9 600MW nuclear build programme will include 80%  South African sourced construction companies, engineers, waste management system suppliers, security systems providers, cabling, cement, steel, finance, transport, IT firms, mining, and more[286] [287].
Which on the face of it sounds wonderful, but not when one considers it is for a nuclear programme that has already been declared by government and independent studies to be unnecessary and unaffordable, will ultimately result in 10 to 50 times higher electricity costs than we are paying now, and already exhibits alarming signs of fixed tendering through devious means[288]……..


Zuma’s 9 600MW nuclear procurement programme and its accompanying contracts are tainted with alleged vested interests of the most deplorable kind.
If the country has any hope…

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Creationists Now Attacking Climate Science in Idaho

And the Earth is only 2,000 years old, honest.


Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Seems like a rash of attacks on the teaching of biology, in tandem with atmospheric science.
No way the fossil fuel industry has anything to do with this.

It’s cyclical, that’s all. A natural process.


A pending rule covering new science and humanities standards is in limbo, after the House Education Committee complained about the public input process surrounding the creation of the standards.

DeMordaunt New

Committee Chairman Reed DeMordaunt, R-Eagle, led Tuesday morning’s effort to reject the rule.

The rule addresses numerous academic standards, including science standards pertaining to the age of the Earth, the creation of the universe and global warming.

The State Board of Education approved the rule containing the standards on Aug. 13. Written comments were accepted through Oct. 28, according to state documents.

DeMordaunt told fellow committee members that more public input was needed on the front end of the rulemaking process. He stopped short…

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BREAKING: Hillary Took Radiation Precautions After 3-11 (Fukushima) Secret e-mails Reveal

flying cuttlefish picayune

Strontium Milks’ SCOOP :

LINK – http://youtu.be/LvQeO_sViNM

“…Clinton even told her staff to wear masks and to shower immediately and to wash clothes to to cut whiteRAD_yelRed down on radiation exposure. Hillary said she will not be going outside for a while. Clinton also told member of her circle to take iodine. Don’t go outside unless it is extremely necessary. Was Hillary Clinton using her private email server to avoid Freedom of information act?”

SmokingGun_rt The NEW batch of Hillary Clinton e-mails just released (by force).

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