May 22 Energy Week


Science and Technology:

¶ Solar Impulse has landed in Ohio following the 12th stage of its circumnavigation of the globe. The zero-fuel aircraft arrived in Dayton at 21:56 local time having flown from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 1,100-km journey took about 16 hours to complete, a relatively short hop for the plane. [BBC]

Solar Impulse's flight from Tulsa was fairly short, compared to some earlier stages. EPA. Solar Impulse’s flight from Tulsa was fairly short, compared to some earlier stages. EPA.


¶ Leaders of political parties in Sri Lankan parliament agreed to convert the Parliamentary complex from using grid power to solar power, the Government Information Department says. A Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy study found the conversion cost-effective. [Colombo Page]

¶ This fall, New Energy Corp Inc of Calgary will install a 25-kW EnviroGen hydrokinetic power system in the Winnipeg River for the Sagkeeng First Nation. The equipment does not require a dam and is anchored in the…

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Hillary Engineered Election Fraud in Haiti

flying cuttlefish picayune

Democracy denied: US turning Haiti into another vassal state
Cynthia McKinney –

(Dec. 2015) “Haiti is currently in the midst of an electoral crisis because the US wants to dictate who the next president will be. In 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interfered in Haiti’s election results denying the people their right of self-determination.  According to the previous (and now current) head of Haiti’s Presidential Electoral Commission (EC), Pierre Louis Opont, the EC had prepared election results to be publicized; those results were passed on to Cheryl Mills, the Chief of Staff of then-Secretary Clinton. But, instead of announcing the two winners, who would then compete in a runoff, Mills announced a completely different result.Opont and the remaining Commission members were shocked, but said or did nothing at the time and allowed the fraudulent result to stand.”

And this bombshell –“…Tony Rodham, the Secretary’s

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Exposing Smokey Joe

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

One of the most critical stories to understand in combating science denial is the role that tobacco companies have played in undermining science in the public eye.

I’ve made several videos spotlighting key players in this drama, – above focusing on “Smokey Joe” Barton, a Texas congressman, who, long before he began his campaign to intimidate and harass climate scientists like Mike Mann, was a reliable shill for the tobacco industry.

It takes resources to keep after this sprawling field of information – and I hope you’ll consider helping with a tax deductible contribution,  and click below.


Naomi Oreskes explored the details in her book, “Merchants of Doubt”, which I’ve profiled in the piece  below:

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US and S. Korea Nuclear Power Stations Impacted-Potentially Impacted by Defective Schneider Masterpact Breakers (Lists)

Mining Awareness +

While several US nuclear power stations are known to have problems, which apparently stem from defective Schneider Electric Masterpact breakers, many more have these breakers, which could cause safety problems. These include two South Korean Nuclear Power Stations, as well as many US ones. These are the Schneider Electric Masterpact breakers provided via Nuclear Logistics Inc., so there may be more. Information about another Schneider Masterpact defect and the nuclear power stations involved is also provided below.
NASA lightening
Problem Reported May 12, 2016: “PART 21 – INITIAL NOTIFICATION OF MASTERPACT BREAKER FAIL TO CLOSE… AZZ/NLI is providing written notification of the identification of a potential defect or failure to comply. “On the basis of our evaluation, it has been determined that there is sufficient information to determine if the subject condition is left uncorrected could potentially create a Substantial Safety Hazard or could create a Technical Specification Safety Limit violation…

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John Key Had this Man Arrested For Exposing Corruption! Not only are NZ’s Councils Corrupt, but the Police, the Courts, the Parliament & Prime Minister too

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

You likely have not heard this information regarding the man who exposed corruption in the Rodney District Council … in mainstream media you never will, not in all its truth anyway. Learn of the shocking events that evolved after this man did the RIGHT thing. Here you will see that “not only are our councils corrupt, but the police, the courts, the parliament & Prime” Minister too. From Vinny Eastwood …  one of the few outlets for real news available today. Subscribe to his Channel on YT and see other lies and corruption he’s exposed (all links below).

resized IMG_2796.pngEnvirowatchRangitikei

Published on Jul 7, 2013

If you’re reading this at click “Original Article” for the video.
This 3 hour video in my opinion is the key testimony that will show all New Zealanders that not only are our councils corrupt, but the…

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Climate Denial Fails Pepsi Challenge

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Stephen Lewandowsky specializes in conducting research that pulls back the curtain climate denial psychology. He’s done it again.

Washington Post:

Researchers have designed an inventive test suggesting that the arguments commonly used by climate change contrarians don’t add up, not only according to climate scientists (we know what they think already) but also in the view of unbiased experts from other fields.

The trick? Disguising the data — and its interpretation — as if it was part of an argument about something else entirely.


First of all, consider that climate doubters (like scientists) often use objective data to back up their claims. They just tend to represent it in ways that scientists have long found objectionable.

Here’s an example: Data indicate that in the long run — over many decades — global temperatures have been rising. But over shorter periods, temperatures might fluctuate up and down quite a bit. Climate contrarians might exploit this fact…

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The Weekend Wonk: Jamin Greenbaum on East Antarctica

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Scientist Jamin Greenbaum was in the news again this week as the Washington Post, among others, carried news of his recent study deepening understanding of melting in remote East Antarctica.

Readers of this blog will know Jamin from Interviews I conducted more than a year ago, so useful to review. One more example of why regular visitors here know the players and the playbook well ahead of the mainstream media. Worth supporting.


To summarize, West Antarctica is well known to be melting and moving rapidly towards the sea – but less has been said about vast East Antarctica, for the most part because it has not been as accessible and well studied. Now the veil is being penetrated, and the news is unsettling.

Greg Laden’s Blog covers this week’s new research:

Here is the abstract:

Climate variations cause ice sheets to retreat and advance, raising or lowering sea level by…

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More than Soot: Alberta Fire’s Toxic Emissions

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

darksnowsootThe Dark Snow project was originally formed to look into the effects of wildfire soot, especially from North America, on the Greenland Ice Sheet. A Darker ice sheet would absorb more sunlight, and melt faster.

The current Alberta wildfire is extremely unusual in size for this early  in the season, and it’s having some significant impacts beyond just carbon and soot.


“All the ash and some of the contaminants that are coming off the landscape when we start to get those rains, is going to be washing those materials into the river, right above the city of Fort McMurray.”


Silins, who is among several water scientists working with the Alberta government on a recovery plan for Fort McMurray, says the contaminated water will be difficult to treat.


Though rain would provide long-awaited relief to firefighters on the front line, it would be a double-edged sword for water treatment officials.

Spring showers…

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Kennedy, Bush, Sanders, And The Organization.


By Jerry Alatalo

“The power to destroy the world by the use of nuclear weapons is a power that cannot be used – we cannot accept the idea of such a monstrosity… The time has now come for the nations of the world to submit to the just requisition of their conduct by international law.”

No More War! 1958

– LINUS PAULING (1901-1994) American scientist, Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1954, Nobel Peace Prize 1962

HighwayAlphabet Because a Soviet naval officer on a diesel-powered submarine off the coasts of Cuba and Florida during the Cuban missile crisis said “no”, nuclear war between the United States and then Soviet Union was thankfully averted. “Dodging a bullet” fails to describe fully the supreme level of Earthly catastrophe which would have occurred had he joined with two fellow submarine officers, whose unanimous agreement was necessary to launch nuclear torpedoes at U.S. naval forces who discovered…

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