US ranks 5th in Executions; With Iraq, China, Russia

“The United States was the only Western Democracy that executed prisoners last year, even as an increasing number of U.S. states are moving to abolish the death penalty, Amnesty International announced Monday.”

About the only nations still performing executions are the USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and North Korea… Does that put us in good company, or what? No other Western civilized democracy is still executing people. 

The USA is the ONLY country among the G8, to still be executing people. 

This illustrates how violent and behind the times the United States is. We used to be a leader in freedom and democracy. Now we seem to be ending up as a an example of the worst of the worst, and how NOT to do things. Most of the economy of the United States is based on violence in one way or the other.  

Read more about this at:,8599,2110239,00.html#ixzz1qLgMZI5lU

Watch this short 2 minute video about the global trend regarding death penalties and executions. It may surprise you how the USA fits into this….

A longer 25 minute video is available below, for those who want to see and experience what it is like for juveniles in Texas on death row.. Two 17 year old juveniles on Death Row are interviewed.  Texas is executing a person like this about once a week. 

January 2005
In the last five years, more juvenile offenders were killed in Texas than in the rest of the world combined. America continues to defend its right to execute children.

“They think we’re beasts. And we deserve nothing else other than our execution,” despairs Oswaldo.

He’s been on death row since he was 17, after accidentally killing a man during an armed robbery. “In 12 years, I haven’t had a hug or a kiss.” 

In Louisiana, Lawrence Jacob Jr is also fighting for his life. Like Oswaldo, he was only 17 when he was sentenced to death. “I’m not asking you to release me. I’m only asking you for the chance to rehabilitate,” he reasons. 

Cerebral research proves that the brains of 17 year olds have not developed as much as adults. “Youths at that age are much too impulsive and don’t have the control,” explains one expert. But in America, that’s no bar to their execution.

There is another way that the death penalty does not work. There are many innocent people who are being executed. Here is the report from one of those who was lucky enough to be cleared, before he was executed. 

“A Valley man who helped get the death penalty banned in Illinois is trying to do the same in Indiana.

Randy Steidl was locked up on death row for murders he didn’t commit.

He spoke Wednesday at Indiana State University about how easily his wrongful conviction happened.

“Ever been accused of something you didn’t do, that maybe your brother or sister did, and mom and dad blamed you for it?”

Randy Steidl told ISU criminology students how he was wrongly convicted of the 1986 murders of Dyke & Karen Rhoads in Paris, Illinois.

“Remember that pain and hurt that you felt when you were pleading your case and nobody would listen?”

No one listened to Steidl either until a judge freed him after 17 years in prison.

“There’s over 4,000 people on America’s death rows. How many of them are actually innocent and sitting there without a voice?”

The Coles County resident now travels the country speaking out against the death penalty.

“I feel like God spared me for a reason and that was to speak for these people that are actually innocent and expose the system for what it is,” says Steidl who helped get Illinois to ban the death penalty last month.

“I played a small role along with other great people of taking it away from them. It’s like they had a privilege that they abused,” says Steidl, “You can’t play God with people’s lives because there’s a lot of times that prosecutors aren’t that interested in justice, it’s about winning.”

Now that Illinois has banned capital punishment, Steidl is trying to also abolish it in the remaining 34 states, including Indiana.

“I hope Indiana lawmakers realize that this is a fallible system because fallible people implementing it. It’s the human factor,” Steidl says.

He’s also trying to convince future law enforcement and lawyers to oppose the death penalty.

“I’ve had several after five minutes of speaking with them that have changed their minds on capital punishment. They realized this is an irreversible punishment,” Steidl says, “Not just in what happens in Illinois but other states like Indiana, because we basically have the same system and it’s an irreparable system. 

It’s developed and it’s implemented by human beings. Human beings make mistakes and it’s the human factor that ended up putting 138 innocent men and women on death row in this country.”

As we reported in March, Steidl is still wrongly convicted of those unsolved 1986 murders. Find out why the government never cleared his record by watching our investigation.”END

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Finally, there is a financial reason to cut death penalties, especially in a time of financial crisis.. Here is the financial reason why death penalties should be abolished;

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US ranks 5th in Executions; With Iraq, China, Russia; via A Green Road Blog

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Fukushima Lies Movie Part I and II

The Fukushima Lie; A Documentary by Johannes Hano, camera Heiko Käberich, Toby Marshall

“ZDFzoom asks how it could come to this catastrophe, and how the Japanese nuclear bosses and government dealt with the crisis. Our research shows even before the catastrophe a network of energy criminals existed who kept serious mistakes and flaws secret to save costs. For decades many Japanese workers and top government officials are forced into silence for bringing up safety concerns. Insiders such as Kei Sugaoka, former safety engineer, speaks about the criminal practices of the company TEPCO.”,1872,8235273_idDispatch:11369630,00.html

Subtitles by Jerry Sa, translation by Steven Muschalik

Part I
Part II

What is a Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor’s Message for the Japanese people after Fukushima? “Run Away as Quickly as Possible” 

Why is she saying this? It is based on her many years of experience, and KNOWING that the government and utility, as well as regulators all lie and coverup what happens after an accident. Want proof? How deep are you willing to look into the horrors that are happening all around the world to untold numbers of people?

Los AngelesNuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up 
Whatreally happened at Fukushima?
Is Fukushima really in cold shutdown?
Fukushima Tsunami Explosion Coverup?
On 3/11; 14 NuclearReactors In JapanWere Affected; Coverup?
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93Long life Radiation Contaminants 
30ways the nuclear industry deceives everyone; 
Uranium Mining Legacy; Toxic Waste For 1,000,000 Years 
HowDangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road Blog
Bird Radiation Studies; Chernobyl,TMI & Fukushima; Via A Green Road Blog
12 reasons why all nuclearpower plants must be shut down


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Fukushima Lies Movie Part I and II; via A Green Road Blog


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Tokyo; Is It Safe To Visit or Live In?

In the following video, nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson recently took several samples from random locations in Tokyo, (2012) and sent them to a lab in the USA. The results showed that EVERY SINGLE SOIL SAMPLE, was full of radioactivity to the point where it would be considered toxic nuclear waste, to be disposed of ONLY in a special hazardous waste dump. And that is exactly where the lab sent these samples. 

In the following video, the reporter found serious under reporting of radiation levels far away from Fukushima. Dr. Chris Busby found radioactive Cesium at 1000 times higher concentrations in places like Tokyo than the air concentration at the peak of nuclear weapons testing fallout.. 

This is serious nuclear radiation contamination, but is being ignored by Japanese authorities, who are looking only at exterior dose rates, and nothing else. There is a very serious radioactive contamination in Tokyo. 

There was a place in Tokyo that had higher levels of radiation than in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, according to Chris Busby, who was interviewed on RT.


Nesterenko was a Chernobyl liquidator, nuclear physicist and co author of Chernobyl; Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment. This book can be found at;

In this book, he explains how there have been over 1 million casualties due to the after effects of Chernobyl, and documents it with many scientific studies. The book also includes information about how to do ground radiation measurements. 

The EU Times exposed the story of how the Japanese government approached the Chinese and told them they had to evacuate 40 million people, including Tokyo. This still might happen, but it shows how desperate the situation in Tokyo and the rest of Japan actually is.

The reality versus the appearance of the situation is very different. In the mass media news reports there are NO problems, and everyone is safe. So let us get into the reality of how things around radiation are covered up and spun by nuclear apologists in industry, government as well as regulatory agencies.

It is easy to measure radiation at 1 meter to 20 meters above the ground which reduces the radiation actually found on the ground by a factor of 10 or much more than that. The nuclear apologists say only a few people died and only a few people got sick from radiation. The blog post; ‘Chernobyl Sacrifice; 1 MILLION Liquidators’ has more information about what happened to these million brave souls. 

Official measurements by authorities seem to be chronically too low compared to actual measurements taken by neutral third party testers, often by a factor of ten. This happens in any country, including Russia, the US, Japan and other countries. So how does this minimizing of radiation readings happen? It happens in many ways, as it turns out.

Governments and nuclear ‘experts’ often do an ‘air reading’ instead of placing a Geiger Counter on the ground and measuring it with ground contact, in order to minimize radiation readings. This ‘technique’ may make a dangerously radioactive location or city look ‘safe’.

The problem with this technique is that children and pregnant women do not live in the air. Children play in the dirt. They get dirt and radiation on their shoes and track it back into the house. They drop their toys in the dirt.

Children eat dirt either accidentally or on purpose. Children get sand in their eyes and noses and ears. Children jump in mud puddles and roll in the grass. In order to protect children, it is required to do actual ground radiation readings by holding the Geiger Counter to the ground with actual contact. Air measurements do not protect children, or anyone else for that matter.

Next, if a tester digs in the ground, it is also possible get much higher radiation readings than just laying a Geiger Counter on the surface of the soil. Again, kids dig in the dirt, they play in sandboxes and stir up soil by playing rough sports or building forts and things. Rain carries radiation down into the soil, and does not leave radioactive dust just laying on the surface.

To get a true ground measurement of radiation, a Geiger Counter reading should not only include a ground surface contact reading, but also a reading from soil after the tester digs down 10 – 30 cm. Geiger counters only measure certain radioactive substances, but not all.  A safe reading from a Geiger counter does not mean an area is ‘safe’, as it may contain radiation that cannot be detected with a Geiger counter, such as plutonium for example. Here is a blog post about the dangers of plutonium; 

HowDangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road Blog

However, if BOTH of the above things are done, then we are more being real and scientific, instead of trying to hide radiation, minimize radiation and cover up everything. The definition of fake science is trying to come up with a predetermined answer and hide reality, in order to protect people or a whole industry from legal and financial repercussions. 

 Real science does measurements and accepts whatever it finds, and then deals with it realistically, in the best way possible. Yes, there may be financial and legal repercussions, but that is how the ‘free market’ is supposed to work, wouldn’t you agree?


Finally, what are the levels of radioactive iodine, plutonium, uranium, cesium and strontium in the soil or on plants? These are highly toxic elements that have their own toxic heavy metal effect when inhaled, ingested or brought in via food or water. These elements are different from cosmic rays that one gets when flying that pass through the body and are not absorbed or retained. These radioactive elements are also different from the ‘normal’ background radiation that we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

Radioactive Plutonium, uranium, iodine, cesium and strontium are NOT normal background radiation. These radioactive elements are seen by the body as normal nutrients. The body tries to use them as it would any minerals and incorporates them into glands, organs, bones and muscles. This is not what happens with normal background radiation, or with medical X-rays, for example. So comparing nuclear accident radiation exposure to bananas, normal background radiation and X rays is also part of Faux Science. These things cannot be compared as being alike at all.

Low levels of radioactive elements do not mean ‘safe’ levels. One has to add not only exterior radiation doses, but also interior radiation ingested with food, and coming in with dust, dirt, drinks, water, air, etc. 

Interior radiation is much more harmful at much lower levels than exterior radiation is. Remember that each particle of radiation can affect any cell around itself, over and over again, as long as it is in the body. If a particle of radioactive strontium is ingested, it migrates to the bone, where bone cancer or leukemia can be initiated by it. 

If a radioactive particle of iodine is ingested, it is absorbed by the thyroid gland of a growing child and may initiate thyroid cancer. If a particle of radioactive cesium is absorbed, it goes to the muscles, including the heart muscle, and at high enough doses (around 50 Bq/Kg) lesions form in organs and glands of the body (according to Chernobyl scientific and medical researchers) and the heart may actually stop functioning or be affected in a negative way. Here is a link to more information;

Hot Particles

In the following video, CNN News interviews Arnie Gunderson, where he discusses ‘hot particles’ or fuel fleas and the revolving door in the nuclear industry. He explains that the radiation that comes out of a reactor first is detectable with Geiger Counters, but what comes out later is harder to measure and does not show up on Geiger Counters. 

These hard or impossible to detect hot particles are made up of very tiny particles of plutonium, uranium or other toxic radioactive elements, which do not show up on radiation detectors. The average person breathes in about 10 cubic meters, and on an average day, a person in the US breathes in about 5-10 of these hot particles in the air, per day. In Japan, that number goes up to 50-100 hot particles per day.

He also talks about how these multiple melted down Fukushima plants are ‘cranking out steam and radioactive liquid”, plus these hot particles, in a never ending amount. TEPCO says it may take 50 to 100 years to clean up this mess and thereby stop these radioactive plumes of hot particles. 

In this video, Arnie Gunderson discusses hot particles in more detail and provides a picture of one, plus how it affects the lung tissue around it.


Another problem is that the nuclear industry seems to have coopted much or most of the medical industry, which also sees no problem with radiation exposure, whether external or internal. In the following article, a radiation specialist medical doctor claims that a woman suffering from what very likely could be radiation exposure symptoms is suffering from nothing more than ‘stress’.

“It’s also a female characteristic that, because of that sensitivity, they cannot control themselves. Taking that also into consideration, I think it is appropriate to identify stress as the cause [of her problems].”

Would it surprise anyone that this same technique and justification for all diseases and cancers is found in Russia around Chernobyl exclusion zones as well? The same thing happened at TMI as well.  For more on the art of deception that the nuclear industry uses, go to;

TheArt of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and FraudulentScience, via A Green Road Blog 

Women, children and other adults there were and still are also blamed for ‘infections’, excess ‘stress’ and mental problems, as the cause of all health problems, even if they are clearly related to our caused by radiation exposure.

Medical ‘experts’ seem to have no problem blaming ‘weak’ women for the appalling 80% rate of all babies born with birth defects, health issues or cancers around Chernobyl. Only 20% of babies born are healthy in one specific area explored that is more or less the equivalent of Fukushima Province, only 30-40 years later. 

Watch some of the documentary movies about Chernobyl and you will understand what I am talking about here. Now the same things seem to be happening around Fukushima in Japan, as well as any other nuclear accident radiation release site globally. 

30ways the nuclear industry deceives everyone; 


The Japanese authorities and experts are looking only at exterior dose rates, and nothing else They are comparing it to background radiation, but that is not a good way to do it. The radiation releases from the plant are ongoing and are NOT being measured, much less reported on.

The Japanese government has only evacuated people out to 30km. The US has advised people to evacuate out to 50km. The problem is that Japan is a tiny nation, and cannot afford to move that many people, close that many factories and lose that much revenue. The utility would also be legally liable to all of those residents and companies for losses, and that was also not financially feasible. 

It was estimated that areas within 250 kilometers from the plant, including Tokyo and Yokohama would have to be evacuated if spent fuel pool #4 fell over and fuel rods were exposed to open air. “In an interview with the Mainichi in September, Kan said, “All residents would have to be evacuated in areas 100, 200 or even 300 kilometers from the plant if the leak of radioactive substances can’t be stopped.” This is still a possibility, as spent fuel pool #4 is in a very fragile state and could still collapse.

In another article, “We may be too late to evacuate”, the author goes into exposure levels that the government says are ‘safe’, but when investigated and compared to Chernobyl, these so called ‘safe’ levels are actually causing numerous genetic and health problems in areas around Chernobyl, and they did not have to deal with plutonium contamination.

For more information on plutonium and uranium contamination, read…

HowDangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via A Green Road Blog

Depleted Uranium Effects InThe Human Body, via A Green Road Blog 


Another thing that governments and nuclear experts seem to do quite regularly and seemingly on purpose, is to use confusing numbers. In some cases, their use of statistics that sound low. A low number of any kind seems to downplay the danger.

Water containing radiation is measuring in cc’s instead of liters, in order to greatly lower the amount of radiation in the water, at least at first glance. Who is actually going to go to the work of translating the cc’s into liters anyway? How would one do this? The average person would not know how, much less go to the trouble of actually doing it. The authorities count on this. When combined with assurances of ‘everything is safe’, most of the population goes along with these platitudes, and stops asking questions.

The authorities do the same thing with ground and air measurements as far as minimizing anything that is found. Instead of measuring and informing local populations (including inside cities and towns) of hot spots on the ground with very high levels of radiation, the authorities ‘average’ the TOTAL radiation readings over a square kilometer. This makes the ‘hot spot’ disappear into a larger area that may have close to normal background radiation levels. No one is warned of extremely high radiation readings within this area. The authorities might report that a ‘low’ reading of only 15 Curie per km² was found. This sounds safe, right? 

The only problem is that this translates into a very dangerously high radiation level of 555,000 Becquerel of radiation per square meter.

Another way that the authorities make things look a lot better than they are is to take the radiation readings up high in the air, instead of touching the ground when taking radiation readings. A radiation reading in the air at 1 meter height might only be 10 bq per sq. meter, and a radiation reading taken from a helicopter at 20 meters in the air may only show .07 bq per square meter, while a direct ground to meter reading might show a reading of 500,000 bq per square meter, which is a very dangerous radiation reading. 

These readings are all measuring the same square meter of ground. If an authority only discovers .07 bq of radiation per square meter (from 20 meters up in the air) and then reports this area as safe, again, most people will stop asking questions. Meanwhile, the whole town is being exposed to dangerous radiation levels.

The authorities often or usually combine these two ‘techniques’, in order to artificially lower the radiation readings by many orders of magnitude. However, it does NOT reduce the dangers and exposure levels to the average person living there who is exposed to the very real dangers of 555,000 Becquerel per sq meter.

Just to give one example, at Chernobyl, 15 Curie per km² is equal to (555,000 Becquerel per sq m) (15 Curie per sq km also equals 555 KB per m² according to Lazyuk at: .

This exposure was found to be harmful to health, according to scientific study of areas with people living in this kind of radiation level. Read the report for yourself at the link above.

In Japan, the ‘safe’ levels of radiation were also ‘raised’ by the authorities overnight to make almost all food and water safe, so that nothing would have to change, as far as government or nuclear agency oversight. Never mind that ‘safe’ levels of radiation were increased by orders of magnitude, with no explanation or scientific or medical debate.

“In this video I explain the unit called a “becquerel” which is used to measuring radioactive contamination in water, food, and other things. I also discuss the Japanese government’s “safety” limits. Having lived in Japan for several years and speaking to non-native English speakers so much, I really noticed in this video how slowly I’ve come to speak. I apologize and will try to return to “native” speed for future videos.

Japanese Science Ministry (MEXT) radioactive contamination in tap water information: (English)

I have not had time to thoroughly investigate it, so I didn’t report on it, however, going through the .pdf archives of radioactive iodine and cesium in tapster I was unable to find any reference of 210 becquerels/liter which was a high that the Tokyo tapster hit as reported by many local and foreign news sources when it happened. Here is one of many mainstream western media references to it;

Japanese Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry March 17, 2011 document detailing new safety limits of radioactive contamination in food and water:

WHO, Germany, and U.S. radioactive iodine and cesium permitted levels information source:

It’s difficult to find references to the pre 3/17 safety limits. Here is a document from March, 2002 from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare web site. It is a testing manual and not a publication about limits, but page 10 number 4 shows the limits of 20 bq/kg (water, milk) and 50 bq/kg solid foods:”

I would venture to guesstimate that we are going to see an exact repeat of Chernoby in Japan.. Doctors blaming women’s stress and worry for all radiation caused problems, nuclear experts saying there is no harm with radiation, especially INTERNAL radiation. Meanwhile, everyone will be avoiding bananas, because we all know they are FULL of radiation. This would be funny if it were not so tragic. Gratefully, not all medical doctors are suffering from what I would term Foolish Elitist Misogeny or FEM.

Government Meters Not Reading Radiation Correctly?

The following is a story about how 10 government officials went to a quarry and measured radiation there. They found 4 microsieverts per hour radiation, in Namie town, town located in Futaba District, Fukushima, Japan. A reporter was also there, at the same time, in the same place. His meter read above 20 microsieverts, which was the maximum his meter could detect, in the same place, measuring the same rocks.

It is easy to falsify a radiation meter and make it read low, because all meters used by government and the nuclear industry have ‘calibration’ screws on them. According to one former nuclear worker, this technique of artificially making a radiation meter read low or safe is often used. 

This insider reports that; “Ah, yes. The old “calibration” loophole. Ran into that at TMI2, when the TLD readers – NRC had one, Met-Ed had the other – engaged in “calibration wars” day to day to cover up the most amount of exposure. Used to randomly load them, some from each stack in each machine so I could get an average read from the difference between them, then add the difference since yesterday’s calibration. They were hiding 10 mr a day for awhile, then it went to 20, then 30, then 50. Before you knew it nobody got any radiation exposure at all from being on-site at TMI. I kept my own dosage, hubby’s and our friends’ on a separate calc sheet, since what got entered into the recordkeeping ‘system’ was severely depleted, and anything under 10 mr per day didn’t get recorded at all. Not surprisingly, none of us got any radiation at all according to Met-Ed. According to my cheat-sheet, we each got over 100 mr (and one over 250). Nifty how that works, isn’t it? Makes me wonder how much dose Japan’s meters are calibrated to ignore. It’s not hard to do, just turn a screw…”

In an village near the Fukushima plant, a farmer chose to one of only a few people out of the original 5,000 who stayed after the meltdown. “Ito says the soil has been removed near the town hall’s monitoring post, used for official figures on radiation levels in the town. Before it was removed, the monitor showed levels that were a third or half of what Ito was measuring. Now they are more than 10 times lower.” Does this plus other stories like it indicate a systemic coverup by authorities and utility company, of much high radiation exposure?

In another direction, who is monitoring the INTERNAL radiation exposure of people in Tokyo, much less residents of other areas where the radiation is even higher? In the case where someone tested positive for over 7,000 Bq of radioactive cesium and they never went to Fukushima, how did that happen? How many other people may also have this type of internal body level of radiation? Unless there is massive testing of the population, no one will ever know. Regular Geiger Counters are not effective for internal radiation.

The province of Chiba has been surveyed for radiation and has been found to have levels of radiation that exceed those around Chernobyl contamination zones. “The two prefectures, neighboring the municipal areas of Tokyo, are located about 200 kilometers from the disabled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. The measurements for Chiba and Saitama prefectures were taken from Sept. 8 to Sept. 12 using helicopters.” Portions of Chiba are considered to be a suburb of Tokyo’s metropolitan area and includes Tokyo Disneyland. We had an unconfirmed report of high radiation readings on outdoor seating at Tokyo Disneyland in July. See the map of high radiation levels in the vicinity of Tokyo at this website;

There are many parallels between Chernobyl and Fukushima. This documentary explores and explains quite a few of them. It is well worth watching.

Coverup In Progress? 

Some people believe a huge coverup may be happening in plain sight, around the Fukushima disaster. Of course, this coverup is systemic and chronic. Every nuclear accident has a dynamic that follows the same line of delay, minimization, confusion and denial. 

For those who want to find out more, here are a few links that go into more detail. 



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Tokyo; Is It Safe To Visit or Live In?


For those who are interested, here are some links to more specific information and stories about radiation and Tokyo from April 2011, to present day, arranged by date, starting in April 2011;

Almost half of Japanese women tested show radioactive iodine-131 in breast milk — Highest contamination found 150 miles from Fukushima April 21, 2011

Radioactive iodine found in breast milk near Tokyo — Mother of 8-month old baby has 980 pCi/kg

Highly radioactive substances detected in Tokyo — Higher than what was found near Fukushima plant May 15, 2011

Experts detect 5 times higher radiation levels in Tokyo than announced by government May 20, 2011

Japan bans radioactive green tea from area 40 miles SOUTHWEST of Tokyo June 2, 2011

Radioactive tea above legal limit found 100 miles SOUTHWEST of Tokyo June 9, 2011

Tokyo: 230,000 becquerels per square meter of Cesium on athletic field in Koto — 6 times as high as limit set for radiation control zones June 9, 2011

“Experts don’t know” how radioactive cesium from Fukushima ended up so far southwest of Tokyo, says radiation monitoring specialist June 14, 2011

Gov’t: South of Tokyo 12,400 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium found next to children’s swimming pool — Radiation measurements nearly doubled over recent 5 day period August 19, 2011

Tokyo tea leaves with 2,700 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium — Picked by elementary school children July 1, 2011

Report: 50,000+ Bq/kg of radioactive cesium found in soil near Tokyo — “Terrifying” that sample was from side of street where children walk everyday July 13, 2011

Internal radiation dose of around 80 microsieverts from eating 2 pounds of radioactive beef July 22, 2011

Japan Professor: Gov’t afraid to tell truth — Radiation 10 times higher than officials claim on Sept. 30 near Kyoto, 500 km from meltdowns October 1, 2011

Tokyo gov’t finds at least 5 times higher cesium levels than Japan gov’t — Over 50,000 Bq/m² near city center (PHOTOS) October 8, 2011

Mainichi: Worries are growing — Every rainfall brings a new batch of radioactivity — Radiation levels HIGHER after decontamination October 11, 2011

WSJ: Tokyo-area officials say park has radiation levels 5 times higher than previously detected in city October 14, 2011

Neutron ray measured in Tokyo — Uranium-235 found in Chiba — Can’t be detected by most geiger counters (PHOTO & VIDEO) October 19, 2011

Group finds 7 microsieverts per hour just outside Tokyo in Matsudo October 21, 2011

Local Gov’t: 276,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium from soil sample near Tokyo, in Kashiwa — Almost 18 Million Bq/m² October 22, 2011

Gov’t confirms 57.7 microsievert/hr near Tokyo is linked to Fukushima meltdowns — “Highly likely” it came from rain tainted with radioactive fallout October 23, 2011

Group finds 7 microsieverts per hour just outside Tokyo in Matsudo October 21, 2011

Local Gov’t: 276,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium from soil sample near Tokyo, in Kashiwa — Almost 18 Million Bq/m² October 22, 2011

‘Daiichi’ Elementary: 4 million Bq/m² of cesium in soil sample from school in Chiba, 20 km from Tokyo — 10.1 µSv/hr at another elementary school nearby October 26th, 2011

Local TV: 120 microsieverts per hour at major Japanese train station — “The color of the trees were changed” (VIDEO) October 27, 2011

Radiation from gamma rays alone at almost 4 µSv/h in front of elementary school in Kashiwa, near Tokyo (VIDEOS) October 30, 2011

Radiation of 2.2 uSv/hr detected by school in Katsushika, Tokyo (VIDEO) November 3, 2011

21.4 µSv/h measured at Koriyama school as students walk by — 60 km from meltdowns (VIDEO) November 5, 2011

33.53 microsieverts/hr in Koriyama city (VIDEO) November 19, 2011

Strontium detected at several locations in Central Tokyo — Highest radiation of survey found outside Gov’t building November 21, 2011 

Gov’t Survey: Shinjuku, Tokyo has third highest cesium levels of all testing locations throughout Japan — “Large amounts of radioactive dust fell in Tokyo” November 27, 2011

Jiji: High radiation levels near Tokyo linked to Fukushima — Rain caused 29,250,000 Bq/m² in soil says gov’t — Almost DOUBLE last gov’t test November 28, 2011 

NRC on Fukushima: Fuel rods violently consumed by self-sustaining reaction — Molten core then “on the move” — Radiological impact is huge (VIDEO) December 21, 2011 

Osaka grab bottom sampler, December 29 2011 seabed soil near the river mouth of the Yamato  

Uranium Mining Legacy; Toxic Waste For 1,000,000 Years

Uranium mining can be seen as digging up Pandora’s Box and then opening it permanently, so that the horrors inside can affect anyone who is nearby with all kinds of suffering.  

Only 1% of the uranium ore consists of uranium, which means the dug up rocks must be crushed into a fine powder to get at this minute amount of uranium bound up safely in the rocks, deep underground. (All Indian cultures have traditions and beliefs that say these ‘evil’ rock formations should not be touched, handled or mined.)

Once the uranium is dug up and taken out of the ore, the toxic leftovers are piled up in huge piles or left in huge open pit mines, which contain many other radioactive elements, all of which are harmful to humans. 
(picture from video below)

The tailing piles are actually MORE radioactive than the uranium that is taken out of the rocks. The uranium that is refined using large amounts of electricity and polluting chemicals is then used for nuclear power or to make nuclear bombs. 

   (picture from video below)  
The leftovers are made into depleted uranium munitions, bombs and shells, which pollute the planet for 10 BILLION years… For more information on this toxic garbage that is leftover from this supposedly ‘clean and green’ industry, click on the following link.

Depleted Uranium Effects InThe Human Body, via A Green Road Blog 

The uranium mining tailing piles contain Polonium, which is about 2 billion times more toxic than cyanide. But the toxic and/or cancer causing effects of low dose radiation take years (10-20) to show up. Short term studies offered up by the industry show ‘no harm’, much like studies of cigarette smoking show no effect short term. But these cancers show up in long term studies. 

“Radioactive substances released into the air from the mining of uranium will include: U-238, Th-232 & Rn-222. 

The Radioactive substances released into the air from the grinding and milling of Uranium includes: U-234, U-235, U-238, Ra-226, Th-230, Th-234, Pb-210, Po-210, Bi-210 & Rn-222.”

Many times, uranium mines were opened in American Indian tribal areas where dangers were not known, safety measures were not taken, and unemployment was very high (50%). 

The combination of these factors allowed private companies to come in and make huge profits, while paying only low wages with no benefits to Indian miners. Indians were left with the negative health effects and abandoned mines as well as toxic, radioactive tailing piles, plus numerous spills and accidents.

The US government established a compensation act in 1990 to award uranium miners $100,000 each, because the evidence proved that they were harmed, from just low level radiation exposure of uranium ore. 

The same relationship is true of low dose exposure to uranium, plutonium and radon, or cesium from nuclear power plants. It seems somewhat idiotic for nuclear apologists to keep claiming that low level radiation does no harm, when the EPA has tightly regulated radon emissions in homes, and the US government has a uranium miner compensation fund. 

Cigarettes contain small amounts of radioactive Polonium, which is about 2 billion times more toxic than cyanide; so is it any wonder that tobacco caused lung cancer rates are so high? 

The tobacco industry also tried to deny all harm caused by tobacco. Do you remember all of the top tobacco company executives testifying before Congress under oath? They all swore on the Bible that tobacco did NOT and could not cause cancer, ever. 

Bottom line, we keep getting the same old story, but in a different industry. For more information about low dose radiation studies and effects, click on the following links;

Lowdose radiation dangers, lessons from Chernobyl
Radiationdangers in food and water

The dust from these uranium tailing piles also contains uranium and other toxic, radioactive substances, such as radium and radon gas, (both are known cancer causing agents) which for human purposes, lasts forever. 

The radiation amount and toxicity from these substances actually increases over time, as the breakdown and decay products are generated from the original materials.

                                                                            (picture from video below)  

The toxic and radioactive rubble and dust/gravel piles are often used in building materials, such as cement, bricks, etc. This makes the buildings radioactive and toxic to live in, if for no other reason than from the radon gas releases. This toxic exposure and spreading of radioactive substances from uranium mining tailing piles is happening all around the world. 

Watch the video below for more details on this subject….

The health effects of uranium mining causes illnesses in the workers that are impossible to manage or control. Lung cancer is common, as are other types of cancers. 

In the video below, Dr. Helen Caldicott MD explains how cancer develops from a low level exposure to radioactive substances, such as living near nuclear power plants, uranium mining, uranium tailing piles, depleted uranium weapons lefover dust, radon gas, etc.

The nuclear industry says it is entirely clean and green, which is completely false and bogus information, according to medical experts such as Dr. Caldicott. 

In the following short video, Dr. Caldicott also talks about the HUGE amounts of global warming fossil fuel used during uranium mining, uranium enrichment, power plants and waste disposal. 

The heat and radioactive substances released from nuclear power plants once they are operating also causes global warming, because huge amounts of water are heated up to keep the plant cool, but all of this is covered up and hidden by the apologists hired by the nuclear industry, as well as the regulators and governments who are lobbied by this monopoly. 

Watch this video for more details;

Then we can briefly talk about the accidents that these nuclear plants have.. In short, just about every accident is covered up, denied, spun, or minimized by the industry and utility involved. To find out more about this aspect of the uranium industry, click on the following links;

Los AngelesNuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up 
Whatreally happened at Fukushima?
Is Fukushima really in cold shutdown?
Fukushima Tsunami Explosion Coverup?

The following 3 short videos illustrates how there is a battle between a local community that typically does NOT want uranium mining to happen anywhere around it, and the national government which approves projects no matter what the local community wants. Typically, these state or national ‘approval’ bodies are corrupted and taken over by huge corporations globally. 

These state or national agencies/regulatory bodies then force local communities into things that they do not want, such as uranium mines, nuclear waste material storage or recycling facilities, nuclear plants, etc. 

In a few cases, the local community wins this battle, but more often than not, the community loses, because it does not have the numbers, influence, money or political power to keep huge corporations and all of their money plus the influence it brings in out.

The money that these huge corporations have is often used as a wedge. The corporations use money given as ‘perks’ or grants to those in the community who are in favor of it, while denying or fighting those who are opposed to it. For example, the Diablo Canyon Project got the National Sierra Club to approve/promote the building of their nuclear power plant in California, through financial and other ‘perks’ specific to key individuals or organizations.

This same type of dynamic or local bottoms up community values versus top down for profit battle plays out in other ways in local communities, such as Walmart coming in and putting many small business owners out of business, (while promising jobs). 

Here is a short 3 part series showing how a large corporation runs roughshod over a small town in Europe, where uranium was discovered close by. 
Part I
Part II
Part III
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TheArt of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and FraudulentScience, via A Green Road Blog 

93Long life Radiation Contaminants 
30ways the nuclear industry deceives everyone; 


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Uranium Mining Legacy; Toxic Waste For 1,000,000 Years


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The Chernobyl Sacrifice; 1 MILLION Liquidators

Watch the YouTube Movie, ‘The Sacrifice’ — by Emanuela Andreoli and Wladimir Tchertkoff. It was made in Switzerland, 2003, and is 26 minutes long. 

This documentary was awarded by the Île-de-France council as being the Best Scientific And Environment Documentary in November 2004. It also was called the best Documentary at Festival of Scientific Movies of Oullins, in France.

This movie is made by and for the liquidators that worked on cleaning up and covering the Chernobyl Reactor after it exploded and burned. 

1 MILLION people were pressed into service to clean up the mess. Then these liquidators were largely forgotten and ignored. Radiation exposures were either not taken, minimized or lost. The whole mess was called ‘Top Secret’ so that everything involved could be covered up, denied or minimized. 

This is the same pattern that seems to emerge after 2,400 nuclear bomb tests, as well as all other nuclear accidents whether civilian or military. Fukushima is no exception to this rule.  

The Sacrifice (Chernobyl liquidators made, 1986 and thereafter)–
Part I
Part 2/2


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The Chernobyl Sacrifice; 1 MILLION Liquidators

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93Long life Radiation Contaminants; via A Green Road Blog 
30ways the nuclear industry deceives everyone; via A Green Road Blog 

12 reasons why all nuclearpower plants must be shut down; via A Green Road Blog
Depleted Uranium Effects InThe Human Body, via A Green Road Blog 
Super Solar StormTo Hit Earth In 2013 ‘Carrington Effect’; Year Long Power Outage? via A Green Road Blog


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Ride Space Shuttle Booster Rocket

What would it be like to ride a booster rocket on a Space Shuttle launch? Well, this video is about as close as you can get without actually climbing up there and doing it. 

This video is set to music. Take a ride up (and back down) on one of the booster rockets on the now cancelled Space Shuttle. 

Did you know that this program was cancelled by President Bush, but that the cancellation of the whole program did not take effect until President Obama was in office? 

Now all of those jobs consisting of supplying the Space Station have been outsourced to Russia; approximately 5,000 high paying professional jobs. I wonder what the pay is in Russia? 


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Air Traffic Above Europe, USA and Globe To Music

This is one day of air traffic via a sattelite view from space, with some interesting music to go along with it. 

The question is; what effect does all of this air traffic and ground traffic have on the Earth? This is the first time in history that this much carbon fuel burning has happened at high altitudes. Is anyone studying this? 

A day of all air traffic in the air, over the entire world

A day of air traffic in the air, over the entire USA

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Air Traffic Above Europe, USA and Globe To Music; via A Green Road Blog 

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Radioactive Bananas? Peeling The Mystery

A banana has around 14 bequerels per banana, based on Chiquita information, of how much potassium is in a banana. The counts per minute equivalent would be 840. Radioactive Potassium (K40) does emit gamma radiation. This video goes into radiation emitted by a banana, or anything else with that much potassium inside of it. 

Should we be worried about this very small amount of radiation inside a banana? Not really.. because this is background radiation that we are all exposed to. There is no way to avoid it. This radiation is present in all potassium in the soil, naturally. We can call it ‘background radiation’. 

However.. There is a HUGE difference between the potassium in a banana, and the radioactive cesium, iodine or other man made radioactive contamination in food after a nuclear accident. 

First and foremost, potassium is potassium. RADIOACTIVE CESIUM is MAN MADE. Potassium and K40 is a natural mineral in many foods. CESIUM IS NOT A NATURAL MINERAL.

Cesium is a POISON. When it is detected in foods, it acts like a heavy metal in the body. The radiation from the cesium is dangerous to health. This has been extensively studied. 

The nuclear apologists who try to confuse people by saying low level radiation is not dangerous are trying to tell you that potassium is the same as radioactive cesium, radioactive strontium, radioactive uranium, radioactive plutonium, radioactive iodine, etc.. These are all POISONS, compared to potassium in a banana. 

This is why all governments around the world regulate the amount of these radioactive substances that can be legally measured in a food item. If your food, milk or water tests above a certain limit, then you as a farmer or food retailer have to dump the food or let it rot in the fields, because it cannot be sold for human consumption. 

So let’s go see who this works in actual real life. Let us check out food safety in Japan, and get some random radiation sampling results with a trip to the supermarket.

The Japanese government is testing food randomly and posting the results here.

The following picture shows a random page taken from this government sampling. All colored lines are showing cesium and/or iodine contamination. The line in red shows a food sample over the government safety limit. He shows mushrooms as measuring over 1,000 Bequerels per kilogram. 
You can check your food in Japan yourself at the websites below..

Radioactive cesium is like potassium, and the body uses it like cesium. Iodine in food is absorbed by the thyroid. Radioactive strontium acts like calcium, and it goes to the bones, where it causes leukemia and bone cancer. 

Radioactive strontium, uranium and plutonium is NOT being tested for, despite the fact that they can be found in soil, food, air and water. 

Farmers are not willing to give up. Farmers in contaminated areas are still growing food, testing it and then shipping it out to other areas of Japan. Is it being shipped out of the country? Who knows?

Radiation contaminated food is being shipped outside of contaminated areas, because Japan believes that their food is superior to any other countries food. 

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Radiation dangers in food and water
Fukushima Residents Report Various Radiation Caused Illnesses.. via AGreen Road Blog


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Radioactive Bananas? Peeling The Mystery 


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La Hague; France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare

La Hague is a nuclear waste ‘recycling’ facility located in France. It claims to be clean and green, but what is the reality of the situation? Watch the video to find out.. This is a German film, with English subtitles. (Note: Click on the CC button at the lower right to see the English subtitles, while watching the video.)
At 47 minutes into the video; below is a picture of the outflow pipe from La Hague, taken from the video above. This pipe goes out into the ocean, where the plant pours out highly radioactive waste 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The equivalent is like dumping 33 million 200 litre barrels of waste. Just the toxic radioactive waste going into the ocean is like a nuclear accident, only it never stops. 
At 49 minutes into the video, this organization then went up and measured what was coming out of the vent stacks that go high up in the air above the La Hague plant. What they found was shocking. They found tens of thousands of Bequerels of radiation per litre of air coming out of the vents at the time they measured. What if this was a low reading, measured in between high releases? 

“Krypton-85 85Kr is a beta emitter with 687keV maximum energy and 10.7 year half-life. It’s produced by uranium fission with 0.27% yield (137Cs and 90Sr: 6%). Here is a report, a bit old and in French, but figures read the same in English anyway:…ts/Kr85SAN.pdf

“When reprocessing used nuclear fuel rods at La Hague, solid fission products like 137Cs and 90Sr are separated for storage, but 85Kr is just diluted and emitted in the atmosphere. For instance in 1999, La Hague emitted 2.9*1017 Bq of 85Kr, more than the radioactivity of 137Cs and 90Sr released by the Chernobyl disaster.

“Iodine, caesium, strontium radioisotopes fall on the soil more quickly and locally if emitted, and accumulate in the food chain. Krypton, as a noble gas, dilutes in the whole northern hemisphere’s atmosphere, where in 2001 it added 1.2 Bq/m3, with 3/4 of it coming from La Hague – it must be worse by now.”

At 51 minutes in, this is a lab technician talking about the radioactive Krypton and Xenon that is being released into the air from this plant, making the air very radioactive. These radioactive gases decay into highly toxic, solid, radioactive elements wherever they land. All by itself, the amount of radiation released into the air, is like a ongoing nuclear accident, only it happens 24 hours a day. 

At 48 minutes in, this is what the toxic, radioactive stuff looks like that comes out of the pipe that is out in the ocean. All by itself, the amount of radiation released here is like a ongoing nuclear accident, only it happens 24 hours a day. 

At 50 minutes into the video, this is a map of the toxic, radioactive gases released from this plant. The map shows where these radioactive, cancer causing substances end up going. All of Europe is affected, but eventually, this gas spreads out and affects the whole world. 

The reprocessing plant only actually ‘recycles’ about 10% of the total it receives. The rest is all nuclear waste material, which is stored out in the open, above ground in Russia.

This is an aerial view of the Tomsk facility, where the containers of radioactive wastes (uranium hexaflouride) are stored in the open air, above ground.

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Lowdose radiation dangers, lessons from Chernobyl
Radiationdangers in food and water


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La Hague; France’s Nuclear Waste Nightmare; via A Green Road Blog 


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Ozyorsk – Kyshtym – Mayak Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Center Disaster And Coverup

Mayak; nuclear waste ‘reprocessing’ center

“In 1991, U.S. experts measured a dose rate of 300 to 600 millirems per hour near the shores of the lake, which is three to six times maximum U.S. safety levels. It was estimated that just one minute standing on its shore without full protection would mean certain death. No place in Russia symbolizes the country’s inability to manage the reprocessing of its spent nuclear fuel better than Chelyabinsk region in the Urals with its fields, rivers, and lakes contaminated with deadly radio nuclides. And as Russia speeds toward accepting spent nuclear fuel and waste from abroad for reprocessing and long-term storage in exchange for billions of dollars, environmentalists warn that this lucrative plan will turn Russia into the world’s nuclear dump.

According to a recent report compiled by Russian and Norwegian scientists, the quantity of radioactive materials the Mayak plant has released since it first opened in 1948 is five times greater than every other major accident or nuclear test on earth since then: the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986, the 1957 leak at the British Sellafield nuclear plant, and all the nuclear tests ever conducted.

The current dose of radiation absorbed by Muslyumovo residents is 10 times higher than internationally acceptable levels, according to a study put out by Kostina’s department. Only 18 percent of the village children aged 6 to 14 can be called healthy, while the rest of the children suffer from acute memory loss, attention deficit disorders, and exhaustion.”

Kyshtym disaster

The Kyshtym disaster was a radiation contamination incident that occurred on 29 September 1957 at Mayak, a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in Russia (then a part of the Soviet Union). It measured as a Level 6 disaster on the International Nuclear Event Scale, making it the third most serious nuclear accident ever recorded (after the Chernobyl disaster, and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, both Level 7 on the INES scale). The event occurred in the town of Ozyorsk, a closed city built around the Mayak plant. Since Ozyorsk/Mayak (also known as Chelyabinsk-40 and Chelyabinsk-65) was not marked on maps, the disaster was named after Kyshtym, the nearest known town.

A storage facility for liquid nuclear waste was added around 1953. It consisted of steel tanks mounted in a concrete base, 8.2 meters underground. Because of the high level of radioactivity, the waste was heating itself through decay heat (though a chain reaction was not possible). For that reason, a cooler was built around each bank containing 20 tanks. Facilities for monitoring operation of the coolers and the content of the tanks were not adequate.[3]

Ozyorsk today.After World War II, the Soviet Union lagged behind the United States in development of nuclear weapons, so it started a rapid research and development program to produce a sufficient amount of weapons-grade uraniumand plutonium. The Mayak plant was built in a great hurry between 1945 and 1948. Gaps in Soviet physicists’ knowledge about nuclear physics at the time made it difficult to judge the safety of many decisions. Also, environmental concerns were not taken seriously during the early development stage. All six reactors were onLake Kyzyltash and used an open cycle cooling system, discharging irradiated water directly back into the lake.[1] Initially Mayak was dumping high-level radioactive waste into a nearby river, which was taking waste to the river Ob, flowing further down to the Arctic Ocean. Later on, Lake Karachay was used for open-air storage of high level radioactive wastes. It is the largest and most contaminated open air exposed radiation dump on the planet at present.[2]

In September 1957, the cooling system in one of the tanks containing about 70–80 tons of liquid radioactive waste failed and was not repaired. The temperature in it started to rise, resulting in evaporation and a chemical explosion of the dried waste, consisting mainly of ammonium nitrate and acetates(see ammonium nitrate bomb). The explosion, estimated to have a force of about 70–100 tons of TNT threw the concrete lid, weighing 160 tons, into the air.[3] There were no immediate casualties as a result of the explosion, which released an estimated 2 to 50 MCi (74 to 1850 PBq) of radioactivity.[2][4][5]

In the next 10 to 11 hours, the radioactive cloud moved towards the northeast, reaching 300–350 kilometers from the accident. The fallout of the cloud resulted in a long-term contamination of an area of more than 800 square kilometers, primarily with caesium-137 and strontium-90.[2] This area is usually referred to as the East-Ural Radioactive Trace (EURT).[6]

At least 22 villages where exposed to radiation from the disaster with a total population of around 10,000 were evacuated. Some were evacuated after a week but it took almost 2 years for evacuations to occur at other sites.[7]

Village Population Evacuation Time (days) Mean Effective Dose Equivalent (mSv)
Berdyanish 421 7-14 520
Satlykovo 219 7-14 520
Galikayevo 329 7-14 520
Rus. Karabolka 458 250 440
Alabuga 486 250 120
Yugo-Konevo 2045 250 120
Gorny 472 250 120
Igish 223 250 120
Troshkovo 81 250 120
Boyovka 573 330 40
Melnikovo 183 330 40
Fadino 266 330 40
Gusevo 321 330 40
Mal. Shaburovo 75 330 40
Skorinovo 170 330 40
Bryukhanovo 89 330 40
Krivosheino 372 670 40
Kozhakul 631 670 40
Tygish 441 670 40
Chetyrkino 278 670 40
Klyukino 346 670 40
Kirpichiki 160 7-14 5


Because of the secrecy surrounding Mayak, the populations of affected areas were not initially informed of the accident. A week later (on 6 October) an operation for evacuating 10,000 people from the affected area started, still without giving an explanation of the reasons for evacuation. People “grew hysterical with fear with the incidence of unknown ‘mysterious’ diseases breaking out. Victims were seen with skin ‘sloughing off’ their faces, hands and other exposed parts of their bodies.”[8]

Although vague reports of a “catastrophic accident” causing “radioactive fallout over the Soviet and many neighboring states” began appearing in the western press between April 13 and April 14, 1958, it was only in 1976 that Zhores Medvedev made the nature and extent of the disaster known to the world.[9][10]

Even though the Soviet government suppressed information about the figures, it is estimated that the direct exposure to radiation caused at least 200 cases of death from cancer.[11] “In 1992, a study conducted by the Institute of Biophysics at the former Soviet Health Ministry in Chelyabinsk found that 8,015 people had died within the preceding 32 years as a result of the accident.”[1]

To reduce the spread of radioactive contamination after the accident, contaminated soil was excavated and stockpiled in fenced enclosures that were called “graveyards of the earth”.[12]

The Soviet government in 1968 disguised the EURT area by creating the East-Ural Nature Reserve, which prohibited any unauthorised access to the affected area.

Rumours of a nuclear mishap somewhere in the vicinity of Chelyabinsk had long been circulating in the West. That there had been a serious nuclear accident east of the Urals was eventually demonstrated by Zhores Medvedev, who, after his reference to the disaster in a western publication was derided by western nuclear industry sources, showed that numerous Soviet scientific publications on the effects of radiation on plant life, supposedly derived from laboratory experiments, were in fact thinly disguised descriptions of the area contaminated by the disaster.[13]

According to Gyorgy,[14] who invoked the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to the relevant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files, the CIA knew of the 1957 Mayak accident all along, but kept it secret to prevent adverse consequences for the fledgling American nuclear industry. In 1990 the Soviet government declassified documents pertaining to the disaster.[15][16

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Ozyorsk – Kyshtym – Mayak Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Center Disaster And Coverup; via A Green Road Blog


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