Early Ice Breakup Shows Arctic Warmth

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icebreakup16NASA Earth Observatory:

Every spring, the expansive pack of sea ice that coats the Beaufort Sea during the winter starts to thin and break up when the spring sunlight arrives and temperatures rise. Normally, that breakup does not reach full swing until late May. In 2016, much of the Beaufort Sea’s ice started breaking up by mid-April.

“It really is quite remarkable,” noted Walter Meier, an ice specialist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “There is always fracturing of the ice, but it seems to have become more prevalent and more widespread in recent years. This region used to be mostly multi-year ice, which is quite a bit thicker. Now, most of the Beaufort is seasonal, first-year ice. The thinner ice is weaker and more easily broken up by the winds.”


In 2016, unusually warm temperatures during the first few months of the year set the stage for the…

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Glenn Greenwald | The Intercept is Broadening Access to the Snowden Archive. Here’s Why

Rise Up Times

 The SIDtoday documents run a wide gamut: from serious, detailed reports on top secret NSA surveillance programs to breezy, trivial meanderings of analysts’trips and vacations, with much in between.

Glenn Greenwald  The Intercept  May 16 2016, 10:37 a.m.

FROM THE TIME we began reporting on the archive provided to us in Hong Kong by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, we sought to fulfill his two principal requests for how the materials should be handled: that they be released in conjunction with careful reporting that puts the documents in context and makes them digestible to the public, and that the welfare and reputations of innocent people be safeguarded. As time has gone on, The Intercept has sought out new ways to get documents from the archive into the hands of the public, consistent with the public interest as originally conceived.

Today, The Intercept is announcing two innovations in how we report…

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Daniel Ellsberg Recalls the Spirit of Resistance in the 1971 May Day Protests (Video)

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Ellsberg explains how nonviolent action has the potential to influence current global issues. “It has to take place without violence, but it won’t take place without courage, people willing to commit themselves”

Photo Truthdig.comPhoto Truthdig.com

truthdig.com  May 18, 2016

“Incidentally, having never been arrested, I didn’t know if I’d be allowed to take a book with me.”

This is how Daniel Ellsberg, former government analyst and the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, describes his mindset during the 1971 May Day protests against the Vietnam War. While Ellsberg is nonchalant when recalling his experience over those few days in early May, his fascinating tale of resistance to government shows that it was by no means an easy choice. In the video below, he sits down with Judy Gumbo Albert, a Vietnam War protester and peace activist, to relive the events on the 45-year anniversary of the “Mayday Tribe’s

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New York’s proposed Clean Energy Standard a financial gift to the nuclear industry


Tax - payersA gift to the nuclear power industry, The River Reporter May 18, 2016 — State officials are in the midst of a round of meetings regarding the state’s proposed Clean Energy Standard (CES), which will determine how much renewable electricity will be distributed to customers by utilities in years to come. The proposed plan calls for the state to generate 80% of electricity from renewable power by 2050, which is certainly a laudable goal.

Incredibly, however, the proposed CES mandates that rate-payers keep the state’s four nuclear power plants alive by paying higher-than-market prices for the expensive electricity produced by the plants.

As Jessica Azulay, program director of Alliance for a Green Economy, wrote in a memo, “The proposed Clean Energy Standard also includes a gift to nuclear corporations operating in Upstate New York. Due to low electricity prices, declining demand, competition from wind power, and rising nuclear costs, New York’s four…

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May 20 Energy News



¶ While Australian network operators are usually keen to underline the importance of the grid, a survey by Western Power of regional consumers has shown that an overwhelming majority, four out of five, are either very keen or are open to the idea of cutting the line altogether. [RenewEconomy]

Customers want to leave the grid. Most customers want to leave the grid.

¶ The latest inventory of national greenhouse gas emissions, released by the government, indicates that Australian emissions increased 1% over the 2015 calendar year, growing to 3% above 2000 levels, and forecast to be above of Australia’s target of -5% on 2000 levels by 2020. [CleanTechnica]

¶ According to a new report from GlobalData, China was responsible for nearly half of all new wind installations globally during 2015. Only a few weeks ago, GlobalData predicted China’s installed wind capacity would triple by 2030, reaching 495 GW, up from 149…

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85% of Cumbrians say NO to Nuclear Nightmare, While NuGen Peddle their Fairytale in Beckermet

Evening Mail Three Quarters of Voters Say NO Evening Mail

In just one day 85% of 1268 Cumbrians said  NO to the nightmare of new build while NuGen peddle their “sleeping beauty” fairy story.  This poll is far larger than the responses to the first NuGen CONsultation and we suspect far more representative of Cumbria.  Many Sellafield workers who oppose Moorside would be reluctant to take part in a CONsultation which requires the consultee to provide personal information.

At the sleepy village of Beckermet yesterday Nugen peddled their “sleeping beauty” fairy tale. I spoke to some villagers who feel absolutely wretched and desperate but also unable to organise and make a stand against the nightmare which is already beginning on the flood plain of the river Ehen and out at sea with over 300 boreholes. There was no planning permission given or “necessary” for the boreholes which were given the ok by one delegated Copeland council official. The…

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20 May – the week in climate and nuclear news


a-cat-CANCLIMATE CHANGE. Australia’s coming election: climate change policy to be a vote changer. Australia’s political leaders ignoring climate change, in lead-up to election. Great Barrier Reef should be a central election issue – Tim Flannery. As sea levels rise fast, CSIRO sacks world sea level expert ! Sydney Peace Prize to go to Naomi Klein.

Corporations rejoice as Fairfax media sacks a top investigative journalist

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Now that South Australia’s shonky Nuclear Royal Commission is over, the push for making Australia the hub of global radioactive trash moves into a new stage. And, I’m happy to report, it is a troubled one!

South Australian Premier creates two new Nuclear Advisory Agencies.  Unfortunately their touted “independence” is already in doubt.  Parry Agius – founding member of Uranium lobby group – should not be on a new “independent” Nuclear Advisory Board.  The S.A. government sets up parliamentary…

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Rapid growth in solar energy jobs as oil companies shed workers


green-collarThere Will Be More New Jobs in Solar Than Oil by the End of the Year, Fortune by Jonathan Chew @sochews APRIL 20, 2016, Indeed just released this startling info on energy jobs.

The world’s biggest oil companies are slashing jobs to cope with decreasing revenues, and one knock-on effect has been the drop in oil job postings.

Conversely, however, if the current pace of postings hold, solar would become the largest market for energy jobs by the fourth quarter of 2016, according to numbers tabulated by Indeed, the world’s highest traffic job site…….

Tara Sinclair, chief economist at Indeed. “Whether or not solar overtakes oil on Indeed, energy workers would do well to position themselves for work in renewable fields such as solar, wind, and hydroelectricity.”

This corresponds with a recent report by The Solar Foundation that highlighted the rapid growth of the U.S. clean energy sector. By…

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Renewable energy transition is stalling world greenhouse gas emissions


climate-changeSurge in renewable energy stalls world greenhouse gas emissions Falling coal use in China and the US and a shift towards renewable energy globally saw energy emissions level for the second year running, says IEA, Guardian, John Vidal, 17 March 16, Falling coal use in China and the US and a worldwide shift towards renewable energy have kept greenhouse gas emissions level for a second year running, one of the world’s leading energy analysts has said.

Preliminary data for 2015 from the International Energy Agency (IEA) showed that carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector have levelled off at 32.1bn tonnes even as the global economy grew over 3% .

Electricity generated by renewable sources played a critical role, having accounted for around 90% of new electricity generation in 2015. Wind power produced more than half of all new electricity generation, said the IEA.

The figures are significant…

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America’s veterans transition to Climate Change Fighters – Solar Ready Vets


Solar Ready Vets Transforms US Military Into Climate Change Fighters, Clean Technica, May 18th, 2016 by Tina Casey 

At least 190,000 veterans are expected to transition out of the US military each year over the next several years, and the federal program Solar Ready Vets is gearing up to match them with solar jobs. The Energy Department has just announced that it is adding five more military bases to the program’s roster of solar training locations. The agency will also pour $10 million into 10 new training projects that will help rev up the solar industry’s ability to absorb new workers.

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