1978 Pinawa Manitoba Nuclear Reactor Partial Meltdown

“A severe nuclear event occurred in Pinawa, Manitoba in November, 1978. The reactor which was cooled by a type of oil, terphenyl isomer, experienced a major coolant leak as one of the pipes developed a hole and 2,739 litres of oil escaped. It took several weeks for workers to find and repair the leak. Much of the leaked oil was then discharged into the Winnipeg River. According to Dr. Agnes Bishop of the Atomic Energy Control Board, (later the CNSC), the fuel reached “high temperatures”.
Although the temperature did not hit the meltdown level, it did result in “three fuel elements being broken, with some fission products being released”. The accident, which many consider significant especially to the health and safety of the people of Manitoba, was not reported for several years. An attempt was made in 2000 to have the full report from this accident made public, but Atomic Energy of Canada refused, and labelled it “Protected.” We may never know what radioactive carcinogens were vented or released. 

Sharon Baker, MD, MCFP

AGRP is labeling this a covered up and/or minimized nuclear reactor meltdown. You cannot have multiple fuel rods ‘break’ without high enough temperatures to also melt the fuel, especially when they admit that ‘fission products’ were released.


1978 Pinawa Manitoba Nuclear Reactor Partial Meltdown; via @AGreenRoad

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1988 – Pickering I Nuclear Reactor In Ontario Canada Melted Down

On “November 22, 1988 Pickering reactor 1 had a power excursion caused by operator error that caused damage to 36 fuel bundles. The cooling system was contaminated by radioactive iodine, which was vented over several weeks following the accident. Ontario Hydro did not believe that such an accident was possible, and had to revise its operating procedures and retrain staff.”


1988 – Pickering I Nuclear Reactor In Ontario Canada Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

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What works for seven future generations, without causing harm? 

1958 Chalk River, Ontario Canada – NRU Chalk River – Nuclear Reactor Meltdown


Wikipedia; “Chalk River was also the site of two nuclear accidents in the 1950s. The first incident occurred in 1952, when there was a power excursion and partial loss of coolant in the NRX reactor which resulted in significant damage to the core. The control-rods could not be lowered into the core, because of mechanical problems and human errors. Three rods did not reach their destination, and were taken out again by accident. The fuel-rods were overheated, resulting in a meltdown. The reactor and the reactor-building were seriously damaged by hydrogen-explosions. The seal of the reactor-vessel was blown up four feet. In the cellar of the building some 4.500 tons of radioactive water was found. This water was dumped in ditches around 1600 meters from the border of the Ottawa River. During this accident some 10,000 curie or 370 TBq was released.[3]Future U.S. president Jimmy Carter, then a U.S. Navy officer, was part of the cleanup crew.[4][5]Two years later the reactor was in use again.[6]


“24 May 1958 — INES Level needed – Chalk River, Ontario, Canada – Fuel damaged
Due to inadequate cooling a damaged uranium fuel rod caught fire and was torn in two as it was being removed from the core at the NRU reactor. The fire was extinguished, but not before radioactive combustion products contaminated the interior of the reactor building and, to a lesser degree, an area surrounding the laboratory site. Approximately 679 people were employed in the clean-up. [8] [9] A Corporal named Bjarnie Hannibal Paulson who was at the cleanup did not die from his exposure, but developed unusual skin cancers. Paulson had to testify at many hearings before he was awarded compensation for his radiation injuries.[10]
Wikipedia; “The second accident, in 1958, involved a fuel rupture and fire in the NRU reactor building. Some fuel-rods were overheated. With a robotic crane, one of the rods with metallic uranium was pulled out of the reactor vessel. When the arm of the crane moved away from the vessel, the uranium caught fire and the rod broke. The largest part of the rod fell down into the containment vessel, still burning. The whole building was contaminated. The valves of the ventilation-system were opened and a large area outside the building was contaminated. The fire was extinguished by scientists and maintenance-men in protective clothing running along the hole in the containment vessel with buckets of wet sand, throwing the sand down at the moment they passed the smoking entrance.[7]
“Five years later, in 1958, several metallic uranium fuel rods in the NRU reactor overheated and ruptured inside the reactor core. One of the damaged rods caught fire and was torn in two as it was being removed from the core by a robotic crane. As the remote-controlled crane passed overhead, carrying the larger portion of the damaged rod, a three-foot length of fiercely burning uranium fuel broke off and fell into a shallow maintenance pit. The burning fuel lay there, spreading deadly fission products and alpha-emitting particles throughout the reactor building. The ventilation system was jammed in the “open” position, thereby contaminating the accessible areas of the building as well as a sizable area downwind from the reactor site. A relay team of scientists and technicians eventually extinguished the fire by running past the maintenance pit at top speed wearing full protective gear, dumping buckets of wet sand on the burning uranium fuel.” For very interesting details, click on; http://www.ccnr.org/paulson_legacy.html
“Unlike the events of December 1952, the 1958 NRU accident did not involve a power excursion in an operating reactor. It occurred while NRU was shut down and undergoing an operation to remove failed fuel from its core. While being removed the failed fuel rod did not receive adequate cooling and probably began burning in the fuel transfer flask above the core (the fuel used at the time was uranium metal, which combusts spontaneously in air)”
On another note, the link that follows is a letter disclosing how much plutonium was sold to the US, that came out of this facility. The public was always told that this facility had nothing to do with the military and produced no military grade or weapons grade nuclear material. Quite the opposite is the case, actually… http://www.ccnr.org/DOE.html
As usual, revealing more nuclear industry cover ups and deception… just another average day in the life of the nuclear industry.
1958 – Chalk River, Ontario Canada – NRU Chalk River Nuclear Reactor Meltdown; via @AGreenRoad

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List Of All 70+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs And Other Radiation Accidents, Spills, Attacks;

The pro nuclear industry and their supporters like to claim that only 3 nuclear reactors have melted down in the history of the atomic age, but this is not the truth. Almost 100% of all nuclear reactor melt downs have been covered up or denied.

This article goes into details around just some of the many covered up and denied nuclear reactor meltdowns, through this AGRP investigative journalism report. The following list is not complete, because most melt downs were completely covered up, so finding the information on them is difficult. If anything this list represents just the tip of the iceberg. Contact AGRP if you have details about more reactor melt downs, so that they can be added to the list. 

Is it any wonder that background radiation levels are rising on a global level when so many nuclear reactors have melted down, and reprocessing plants plus normally operating nuclear plants are pouring huge amounts of radiation into the air on a daily basis.?

Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In 2014; Where Is This Coming From?

The following is as complete a list as possible of all nuclear reactor melt downs that have happened globally, since the beginning of the atomic age. This list is incomplete, and the total number of melt downs is not fixed, as the secrecy and/or relabeling around these reactor melt downs prevents a full accounting. This list includes a reactor fire, (Windscale) and 1 spent fuel pool meltdowns (Fukushima). “Criticality excursions” are included because when the steam and/or hydrogen explosion happens, this most often also means loss of all cooling and melting of the fuel rods. Calling a reactor rod melt down a criticality excursion or something else is just another trick used to make a reactor melt down seem like something less, and to deny it happened. 
What is surprising to most people is the fact that there are so many more than just 3 nuclear reactor melt downs. Pro nuclear apologists try to promote their industry with the myth of nuclear reactor safety.

What is even more shocking, are the hundreds, if not thousands of accidents, spills and radioactive contamination caused by the pursuit nuclear technology, hidden in plain sight. So the next time someone starts talking about how there were only 3 nuclear reactor melt downs, feel free to correct them by saying; “You really meant to say 30 or more, right?”


All global nuclear plant melt downs listed at the following link;

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Reactors

Many more reactor melt downs listed here


There have been many thousands of nuclear radiation accidents on top of the ones above and there are some very large nuclear disasters coming. For more information about these and other risks of nuclear power, go to;

Planet Earth 911 Emergencies


Multiple Nuclear Reactors Taken Over By Terrorists, Protestors And Rebels; via @AGreenRoad

List of attacks on nuclear plants

List of civilian nuclear accidents

List of civilian radiation accidents

List of crimes involving radioactive substances

List of criticality accidents and incidents

List of criticality accidents and incidents put together by Los Alamos

List of Milestone nuclear explosions

List of military nuclear accidents

List of nuclear and radiation accidents

List of nuclear weapons tests

List of sunken nuclear submarines

List of deadliest incidents

List of criticality accidents

List of naval reactor accidents

List of criminal incidents

List of nuclear test accidents

Nuclear terrorism incidents


ChasAha April 16, 2015  Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) said,
“There’s no system foolproof enough to defeat a sufficiently great fool.”

Teller also said,
“Sooner or later a fool will prove greater than the proof even in a foolproof system.”
– repeated by Arnie Gundersen
(former Nuclear Power Plant Manager)

“I think that boils down the danger of nukes…”
– enenews user
(probably a regular guy)

“…advanced degrees confer no special expertise in either common sense or morality. That’s why many laymen are better qualified to judge nuclear power than are the so-called experts.
– Dr. John Gofman Medical Physicist
(Nuclear Power Pioneer)

IMO – One of the main things people need to try and understand or that they can take from this site is that we’ve all been lied to, from day one, about Nuclear Power and EVERYTHING that goes with it.”


What is the take away? Nuclear power advocates like to claim that nuclear power is ‘safe’. By diving into just a tiny fraction of the links above, it is very easy to see that the nuclear power plus nuclear weapons threaten all life on the planet, due to the complete lack of safety in this industry, plus the pathological need to pretend that it is safe, and thus causes no deaths or harm.

Nuclear technology needs to be gotten rid of completely. Either humanity will get rid of nuclear weapons and technology, or nuclear technology will get rid of humanity, one way or another. 


List Of All 70+ Global Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs And Other Radiation Accidents, Spills, Attacks; via @AGreenRoad

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The US Is STILL The Greatest Nation On Earth, Right? World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Says Battle For Planet And All Life Is What Matters

Okay, so we exterminated the estimated 60 million natives we found here, down to 600,000
Okay, so we are breaking treaties with these natives and forcing uranium mines, nuclear testing, and stealing what land they have left to give it to the largest gold mining companies
Okay, so we built this country on the backs of black, Chinese and Mexican slave labor
Okay, so we stole much of this country from the Native Americans, Mexicans, the Hawaiians, the Marshall Islanders and more
Okay, so we imprisoned the Japanese for no reason and took away everything they owned
Okay, so we overthrow democracies around the world and install dictators in places like Iran, Iraq, and many other countries globally, while claiming to export ‘freedom and democracy’
Okay, so we hijack countries financially via secret takeovers of their financial centers
Okay, so we built Guantanamo, an infamous torture center, in Communist Cuba, our most hated enemy
Okay, so we flew suspected terrorists to other countries to be ‘legally’ tortured via CIA jets
Okay, so we spy on and monitor communications of everyone around the world, via NSA
Okay, so our mass media is censored via huge global corporations and the CIA, no real issues are talked about anymore
Okay, so we started multiple wars with false flag events, such as the Bay of Tonkin incident
Okay, so we are at war with over 70 nations that we really have no beef with
Okay, so we have 2,000 military bases around the world
Okay, so we use DU weapons that are poisoning the DNA pool globally for a million years
Okay, so we developed globe destroyed nuclear weapons and almost caused WWIII multiple times
Okay, so we built and exported nuclear power plants, which are releasing massive amounts of radiation, destroying the DNA gene pool of all life on the planet via Petkau Effect
Okay, so we produce massive amounts of nuclear garbage but have no place to put it
Okay, so we use and export over 2,000 toxic chemicals that cause cancer and other diseases
Okay, so we illegally gave Israel, Japan and other countries illegal nuclear weapons technology 
Okay, so we are the world’s biggest arms exporter and war mongering dealer in death and war
Okay, so we are the only nation refusing to ban land mines, and are the biggest exporter of them
Okay, so we are the biggest exporter of DU weapons, causing a low level global nuclear war
Okay, so we crashed the world’s economies through fraudulent real estate investment schemes
Okay, so we are the only nation to have used two nuclear bombs on two civilian cities
Okay, so we have been the biggest user of carbon fuels, caused the most global warming plus pollution
Okay, so we made corporations into super citizen/people that live forever and have unlimited power
Okay, so we have the largest percentage of citizens in jail, ahead of Russia and Communist China
Okay, so the US has the largest % of it’s budget going to the military of ALL civilized nations
Okay, so the US got rid of the gold standard and substituted fake, worthless fiat currency instead
Okay, so we are the only nation that refused to sign the Kyoto Accords, limiting global warming
Okay, so corporations have taken over the US government and exported millions of jobs to China
Okay, so the US has the largest disparity of income between the rich and poor of any civilized nation
Okay, so the US is falling behind in many areas such as health, freedom, media, transparency, etc.


Okay, so many US states are passing laws to not allow approximately 29 million US citizens the right to vote, which are added on top of all the convicted felons who also cannot vote

Okay, so less than 1/2 of all US citizens who can vote, do, the rest have become terminally apathetic
Okay, so we have monopolies that control most of what we buy or have access to

Okay, so we have 100 think tanks and foundations financed by a few corporations, misleading people via mass media that global warming does not exist and climate change is not happening

Besides a few minor things like this, that still doesn’t prevents the USA from being the greatest nation on Earth, right?



What can balance out this whole laundry list of what some might label ignorance at best and ‘evil’ at worst?
Is there anything? Maybe it is the hope, despite doing everything possible wrong and dark, that Americans, when they finally have had enough, do the right thing, and that nothing will stop them when that day finally comes. We have done it numerous times already. Historically, the US abolished slavery and people believed in this deeply enough to fight a Civil War to make that happen. 
Women got the right to vote, without even having the ability to vote at all, and without using any violence. How did they accomplish that? Workers passed laws for basic worker rights, safety and health. Environmental laws have been passed to protect the environment. Americans passed laws abolishing discrimination, and gave everyone the ‘right’ to be educated for free up to 12th grade, along with a meal if someone could not afford to feed their children. We passed laws giving everyone the right to vote. These are just a few of many examples of how we have done things ‘right’ along the way, but only after doing it the ‘wrong’ way first.
Hope still exists, along with the religious freedom to think and do as one wishes. Further than that, there is a spiritual freedom that is inside of everyone  that can never be extinguished, no matter what.



“Liberty is too Precious a thing to be buried in books”; In the movie; Mr Smith goes to Washington: naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, is appointed on a lark by the spineless governor of his state. He is reunited with the state’s senior senator–presidential hopeful and childhood hero, Senator Joseph Paine. In Washington, however, Smith discovers many of the shortcomings of the political process as his earnest goal of national boys’ camp leads to a conflict with the state political boss, Jim Taylor. Taylor first tries to corrupt Smith and then later attempts to destroy Smith through a scandal.

Smith stands up for what is right, for truth, freedom and democracy, fighting like David against Goliath, but without any weapons. And in the end, Smith won, despite goon squads, intimidation, threats, a bought off press, and more. 

Wouldn’t you agree that the pursuit of happiness, freedom, truth and justice is also part of hope? The type of happiness being pointed at is not what the happiness that the mass media offers up, in terms of more money, more power, more possessions, more control of other people, or making short term profits for a corporation, or even saving more souls via a particular religion.


The happiness being pointed at here is the universal happiness that a country can pursue and measure, just like GNP. Bhutan is one country doing that, but certainly not the only one. Denmark is another country doing that.

Gross National Happiness – Bhutan; via @AGreenRoad
Of course, truth, freedom, justice, hope, happiness and spiritual freedom are universal themes, not just the sole property of US citizens, so if the US is to be the greatest, each US citizen must support, work for, hold up, and defend hope, the pursuit of TRUE happiness, religious freedom, justice, plus spiritual freedom first and foremost.



But just having these things is not enough, because just being happy, hopeful and having spiritual freedom will not take humanity where it needs to go. There is one more element that is missing, and that is a focus on seven future generations. Without that focus, humanity will not live up to it’s highest and brightest potential. The US adopted much of the government structure from the Iraqoi Confederacy, but neglected to adopt the requirement that before any law is passed, that the representatives must consider the impact of that law on seven future generations, and not pass it if it harms them in any way. 
We are just stewards of what is going to be passed on to seven future generations. If we pass on a more polluted world, a world that is on a downward spiral into DNA destruction via low dose radiation, species loss, and a lower quality of life, that is not something to be proud of. We can and must do MUCH better, and that means making huge paradigm shifts, such as abolishing all nuclear weapons and power plants.



The fact that Americans have made huge things happen in the past, shows that we as a country of very diverse citizens can navigate through these huge paradigm shifts that are required, both inside of ourselves and outside too. That ability to pull it out of the ‘wrong’ and make it ‘right’ at the last second, if anything, is what makes America the greatest nation on Earth, despite the long list above.
Have we done all the wrong things long enough now? Isn’t it time to start doing the RIGHT things, for seven future generations?

American Indians Have Inhabited The US Continent For 40,000 Years In A Sustainable Fashion, Why Can’t Our Modern ‘Civilization’ Do That?; via @AGreenRoad

Let’s get started..  We are the ones we have been waiting for.


World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes says this is not a fight about money, but survival of the planet. “We’re dealing with whether we can continue as humanity and have an earth or whether we blow ourselves up. . . . whether we love each other enough to save the world, or we all go to hell in a hand basket.

It is time to close the circle, heal the wounds and learn from the ones we have been ignoring or putting down, that know how to do this. We need to act from the heart, love each other as we are designed to do, and create the Heaven on Earth that we are destined to create. 


The US Is STILL The Greatest Nation On Earth, Right? World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Says Battle For Planet And All Life Is What Matters

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2,000 + Videos And Articles
What works for seven future generations, without causing harm?

Dr. Bertell – Depleted Uranium, X Ray’s, Low Dose Radiation, And Effect On Health, Aging, DNA, RNA, Genes, Future Generations

Dr. Bertell – Depleted Uranium, X Ray’s, Low Dose Radiation, And Effect On Health, Aging, DNA, RNA, Genes, Future Generations

The Future of Planet Earth. Are We the Last Surviving Generations? Radioactivity and the Gradual Extinction of Life? Original-text of the 2010 interview with the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell. By Dr. Rosalie Bertell Global Research, December 12, 2013
How grateful we must be for this magnificent gift of life and all we have needed to sustain it over the last hundreds of thousands of years! Yet, today it is under threats never felt before in its entire unfolding journey!“ Rosalie Bertell (Slowly Wrecking Our Planet, 2010)
We are presented with the chance of an awakening from the deceptive dream of a righteous way how things are working. We have the opportunity to recognize that in the end what counts are only the recognition and practice of the joy of living and the love of life! However, this life as it is possible on this earth – unique in our cosmos – is incredibly endangered today. 
If we manage to recognize this, then paradoxically we can grow toward the ability of perceiving and experiencing this joy and this love anew or maybe for the first time in its full dimension – and this time without any naivety, but rather as an answer to the question about what we can actually really do in face of this fear provoking threat towards life and the earth: Namely to stand up for them – beyond feelings of fear and anxiety – what else!?“ Claudia von Werlhof (Two Years Of Planetary Movement for Mother Earth: The Fear and – What to do?“, 6th Letter of Information of the PMME, June 2012)
Rosalie Bertell and The Future of Planet Earth


Interviewer: I think you did a lot of research about the radiation, even when it is a low radiation where usually it is said: “Don’t worry, no problem at all”. What have you found out about the effects of low radiation in the long run?
Bertell: Well, my background is as a researcher. And I started by studying the effects of medical diagnostics x-ray, dental x-ray and chest x-ray. We had a huge population that was followed over three years. So we had about 64 million person years in the study, it is very big. If you have a big population like that and you have measurable x-ray exposures, you can see what happens in the population. I am coming from looking at medical x-rays, and then seeing environmental pollution as bigger.
With many other researchers studied the atomic bomb and they go down to these low levels and I said: Oh it´s not anything! So a lot depends on your perspective. So when you look at a large population and you start saying and you ask what happens when they were exposed to radiation, I think generally the question has been wrong. People ask: How many cancers does it cost? I don’t think that is the answer. 
Because if you look at live in general, the most obvious thing is we grow old. And we grow old in a kind of systematic way and even the cancers are old age diseases. So what I did was to change the question. And I said: How much medical x-ray would you need to be exposed to so that you get the equivalent of one year of natural aging? That is a very different research question. In order to measure natural aging I use the non-lymphatic leukaemia. They go up in a large population like compound interest, ranging from about age 15 every year there is a 3% to 4 % increase in the rate of the non-lymphatic leukaemia. It is just when you have money in the bank that interest is not very big when you are 16 or 20 years old, but by the time you get to 60 that is a large amount of money, it is also a large rate of this cancer. That is why they come at the end.
So I used that as my measuring stick and asked: how much medical x-ray would be the equivalent? I actually measured the aging effect of having dental x-rays or chest x-ray. What was surprising to me: It’s the same amount as you would get background in a year. So it didn’t make any difference if you got that radiation exposure very fast, because you got a chest x-ray or whether you had it slowly over a year. You still in terms of vulnerability you were aged. What that means then practically: If you are in your 20s or 30s and you have an accident and need extensive x-rays probably you won’t feel much in terms of the difference. However if you are vulnerable like 60, 70 years old, the annual level of what you experience, you will experience more vulnerability from the x-rays because it is a percentage and a higher rate if incidents. So you are more vulnerable as you get older.
And so I started looking at young people who got leukaemia and I mean the cases under 45 years of age. And I found within certain groups they are something like six times as likely to get leukaemia in that younger age group. And if you have young people with things like diabetes arthritis, often we associate them with old age. There it is 12 times as likely to be in a young group to have leukaemia. So there are some signals to us that a person is prematurely aged and those people are more vulnerable to radiation exposure.
It’s like they have already moved further on the list. And it’s not exactly medical x-ray, because for example with people who have heart-disease, some are treated more aggressively with respect to x-ray. Some people with heart-disease are x-rayed every year. Other have an x-ray may be five or six years and it was the ones who had the x-rays more frequently that came up with the leukaemia. So I started moving people at the age line according to their own personal record of medical diagnostic x-ray. And it explains very many biological phenomena. There seems to be a whole lot of aging processes connected with this.
One of the most remarkable things is very often in radiation studies that men and women radiation measurements are different. I put them on the exposure age which was your ordinary age plus your medical exposure. When I did them with exposure age many women were the same and I found that it had much to do with the cultural difference in the use of x-rays. Many young men had x-rays because of sports. They had all these sport injuries. Women don’t start to get x-rays until they are pregnant. And then it is mostly dental. And then you get to the midlife-crisis. So where is a difference in the way we treat men and women and boys and girls with x-rays.
Interviewer: Could this relate also to this kind of radioactive radiation which we have through atomic testing or Chernobyl?
Bertell: When we get into the nuclear industry whether it is uranium mining or milling or the reactors or use of weapons or even the radioactive waste, you are into particular radiation which we can either breathe in or take in in water and food. It can stay in the body and differentially expose some organs and not other organs. So, you get these small amounts of radiation operating in the body, and you get what I would call „differential aging. So many of the problems we see come from who long this material stays in the body and where it goes.
Interviewer: So would you say these general reactions of the governments if there is any accident that there is no danger for the citizens, that this is basically wrong?
Bertell: It is basically wrong. It is basically wrong because this particles release energy. The DNA that carries all your genetic material or the RNA which are the messenger molecules which run our body, which make our body work. So we have to ask: how much energy will it take to break them? It only takes 6 to 10 electron-volts of energy to break these big molecules. If you take something like uranium, which is not considered very radioactive, just one atom and one event releasing an alpha-particle is over 4 million electron-volts. You cannot release that in tissue that is living and not do damage. So when you talk probabilities, you are moving from the fact that you break DNA, you break RNA, you can destroy the membrane of a cell, you can break things like the mitochondria that can do the energy of the cell.
You can say, we do not care about all the damage, we only care if this damage leads to a fatal cancer. So that is the only one will count. You can start making the probability smaller if you make the end point more particular and say: I don´t care if I get diabetes, I don´t care if my immune system is down, I don´t care for all these other things.

Iraq DU (Depleted Uranium)

Can you say something about DU in weapons as they were used during the Iraq war?
Bertell: Depleted uranium is the waste from the uranium enrichment process, which is a process needed both for a nuclear reactor and for nuclear weapons. In term for the United States the greatest amount of waste is depleted uranium. If it is radioactive, it requires a licence to be able to even handle it. And when they do the tests of these (DU) weapons in the United States they do it in a superbox, which is totally sealed, in the same way they would experiment with biological warfare, chemical warfare agents. So it is a level for high protection for even to test it.
It is chemical warfare, because uranium is a heavy metal, a very toxic heavy metal, and it is also radiological warfare, because these things are radioactive. Something special happens to it in the field. It is not just like radioactive dust in a mine or a mill. Because if you put it in a bullet or a missile and it hits the target this friction is enough to set it on fire and it goes to very high temperature. 

What happens is it forms an aerosol, which is ceramic or glass. It is like pottery and putting it in an oven it becomes ceramic. So what you have are very small particles of glass which are radioactive, which can be breathed, which are light, so they can move a great distance from the point of impact. It is easily measured 40 kilometers from impact.
Because of being glass they are highly insoluble in water and that is very important, because it means they stay in the body longer. To understand that: If you sit in the sun for 15 minutes is not same as if you sit there for 12 hours. So if you take very soluble uranium it can pass through the body in 12 hours and be gone. Some of the more insoluble may take years. 
But this stuff looks like it is taking 10 years or more. So right now the veterans from the gulf war – they were exposed in 1991, this is 1999 (in the research) and they are still excreting between 4 and 5 microgram of this depleted uranium every day in urine. That is totally unacceptable. It is no wonder they have medical problems. DU does damage to the blood, the bone, the lever, the spleen, the lymph-knots, the kidney. You got this material which is radioactive inside the body for nine years, ten years. That is why you are dealing with such a massive and such a mysterious kind of medical syndrome.
According to the Pentagon, 400,000 American veterans where exposed with depleted uranium: on the map is the whole southern part of Iraq. So you had 400,000 exposed. They say 200,000 have sought medical care through the veterans-administrations since they are home. Of that a 115,000 have been diagnosed with gulf war syndrome, which means these man are unable to work. Many have died. 
I have had various estimates that the number of those that have died reaches upwards 8,000 to 10,000. The others can’t work. They have chronic fatigue, vomiting, blinding headache, inability to sleep, respiratory problems, various kinds of pain, cramps – just general disability. They also had an abnormal number of deformed children. And this depleted uranium has been found in seminal fluid. So it is a very serious problem. If I have to say how much of the gulf syndrome would be due to depleted uranium, I would guess about 50% of the damage. (…..)
What they like about the uranium is it is free. They get it free because it is radioactive waste. And it saves the company money because they would have to properly keep it away from the biosphere. They like it because it is free. (…) 600) It is very much like landmines, because it will continue to kill long after the war is over. 

It differentially will kill the women and the children, because women have high risk tissue, breast and uterine tissue which are more radiation sensitive. Children are growing so they incorporate more in bones and will have the long term cancer effects. It is also a violation of the international law because it has very broad pollution effect that will go across national boundaries. It also makes the „precision-bombing“ ridiculous. It is not precision bombing. And I think it also undermines NATO’s claim of this being a humanitarian war, because what they are doing it terms of poisoning the land and the people and the water and the food is certainly not humanitarian. So it is a complete contradiction to everything they claim to be standing for.
I understand from international lawyers that we do not even need a new convention for it, it is already condemned under international law. The opinion of the human rights tribunal in Geneva (it is in Strasbourg) is that it is a weapon of „mass and indiscriminate destruction and therefore it is unlawful“. The United Nations has appointed a reporter for this issue and they are going to present their brief in August this summer. The World Health Organisation is trying to set up an Investigative Committee to look at Iraq´s claim, because they now have six times the rate of childhood cancer and some of the Iraqi Veterans, that were exposed now have between five and six times the lymphomia and leukaemia rate of veterans that where not exposed. So the World Health Organisation has asked for funding and volunteers and wants to do a three year study in Iraq. All of that supportive information is not in, but it is already clear that it violates the international laws and it certainly violates the public relations material coming out on this war.
Interviewer: …Severe consequence for future generations?
Bertell: It will have consequences. I have done a lot of work on the Marshall Islands where they got the fallout from the weapon testing. And the Rongalap people are people that are dying out, that whole clan.
Interviewer: …Marshall Islands- 


Bertell: It increases infertility and inability to have children. They went for about five years without even being able to get pregnant. Then they started having spontaneous abortions, what they call jelly-fish-babies. It is a pregnancy of something like a tumour, a child is not formed. It is a molar pregnancy. Then they started having deformed birth. But the birth rate is dramatically down at this whole clan of people and there next generation is physically less fit. Their birth rate is down, they die younger, in the 30s and 40s. 

So it is obvious that this whole line of people is dying, it is not going to survive. What I think we are doing is that our generation is making a decision on how many future generations there will be. How much in shorted depends on how careless we are. So we already shortened future generations because whenever you introduce genetic defect then this line will eventually die out. But some will go two generations, some will go seven generations.
When you are talking about constant low radiation exposure, what you are doing is introducing mistakes into the gene-pool. And those mistakes will eventually turn up by killing that line, that cell line, that species line. The amount of damage determines whether this happens in two generations or in seven generations or 10 generations. So what we are doing by introducing more mistakes into the DNA or the Gene pool is we are shortening the number of generations that will be viable on the planet.
We have shortened the number of generations that will follow us. We have shortened that already. So we reduced the viability of living systems on this planet, whether it can recover or not. We don’t have any outside source to get new DNA. So have the DNA we have, whoever will live on this planet in the future is present right now in the DNA. So if we damage it we don’t have another place to get it.
There will be no living thing on earth in the future that is not present now in a seed, in a sperm and the ovum of all living plants and animals. So it is all here now. It is not going to come from Mars or somewhere. Living things come from living things. So we carry this very precious seed for the future. And when you damage it you do two things. You produce a less viable harmonized organism with the environment; at the same time we are leaving the toxic and radioactive waste around. So you are going to have a more hazardous environment and a less capable organism. That is a death syndrome for the species, not only for the individual. It is going to be harder to live. And the body will be less able to take stress and you are increasing the stress at the same time.
We are responsible for what we turn over to the next generation. It is amazing to me because I am the daughter of people that came from Europe, migrated to Canada and the United States for a better life for their children. And it seems that our generation does not care for the future. It is not our heritage. Our heritage was to give something better to our children, than we received. And we seem not to care. I find these very strange and I think most of our grandparents would turn over in their graves, if they would know what we are doing.
Yes we certainly have to chance our heads and there are very good ways to carry this message. I think we even need a legal protection. We are thinking in terms of a „Seven Generations Law“, which means that everything that is passed through legislation, you have to answer the question what is the impact of this to our great grandchildren´s great grandchildren.
You have to be asked an answer this question before you take any major planning or major changes or major laws. It is the North American indigenous peoples´ rule that it has to (be) safe for grandchildre´s grandchildren. Otherwise it is not acceptable.
There is no real protection from it but you can reduce the effects by some things. Certainly stay in the house with windows closed during these bombing episodes and as long afterwards as possible. But your main concern will be getting it through the food chain. They are some chelating agents. They take inorganic material out of living tissues. One very simple chelating agent and a mild one is distilled water. You can use distilled water to cook your vegetables. If there were any uranium in the vegetables it will go out with the liquid. You can also drink the distilled water instead of either bottled or filtered or regular water. Distilled water will do the same thing in the body. It will tend to take out the unwanted inorganic chemicals. Another thing that available generally is „spirulina“, which is a blue-green algae you can usually get in a health-food-store. That is also mild key-leading agent and will help to rid the body of some of these toxins, included the depleted uranium.
Or try to get rid of it through sweat respiration: Saunas. If you get it out through the skin you save the kidneys. The idea is to get it out of the tissue and out of the blood and then out of the body instead of going back into storage.
We need to learn to get along with each other, because we live on a small planet. If we fight over it nobody is going to have it. Another thing is: We are straining the natural ability of the earth to generate itself. The earth can usually take it back within a year. But when we measure what we now take out (as) resources (fish, food, iron, coal, oil), all these resources which we take for our lifestyle. We are now taking out about 1.33 times what the earth can replenish in a year. So we are running an ecological deficit. In 1992 we were at 1.25, so is going up. People worry about financial deficit, but that is nothing compared to an ecological deficit. It means constantly reducing the carrying power of the globe. At the same time we are increasing in the number of people. If we don’t do something this will be a global dimension crisis.
That´s the reason to say: the most important thing to do is to eliminate the military globally. The military is one of the most rapid consumer of resources. If you got rid the military globally you would immediately get rid of the ecological deficit, that we are running up every year. This is buying us time to set up a better way to live on this planet. Yes, we need globalisation in the heads. We don’t need Mono-culture, but we need to learn how to live together on this earth, how to use conflict resolution in place of military, yes we need a police-force, yes we need laws and courts and that sort of thing. But we don‘t need military. Military is an abnormality. It is destroying our culture, it is destroying our environment, it is destroying everything we want. And it is time to get rid of it.
Interviewer: 7 Generations?


Bertell: I would maximize the health of this beautiful living planet as much as I could and I would say: I give you this with love. Keep it and give it to as many generations as you can. Life can be good. And live is really a beautiful gift. None of us has asked for it. None of us deserves it. It shouldn’t be something that is a disaster for everybody. It should be something enjoyable and that means that we have to do it differently from the way we are doing it now. For most people live is a terrible thing. People are committing suicide, because it is so ugly for them. That is not life. That is not the way it should be. No other species is going around committing suicide like humans. So there is something very radically wrong with the way we are behaving.
Corrections and Editing by Planetary Movement for Mother Earth, www.pbme-online.org.
Source: Copied with permission. Copyrighted by Global Research, December 12, 2013



MaidenHeaven July 13, 2014 The data confirm that α-particles induce chromosomal instability but instability is demonstrated in the progeny of nonirradiated stem cells and must be due to unexpected interactions between irradiated and nonirradiated cells. This untargeted effect has important implications for mechanistic studies of radiation action and for assessment of radiation risk.
Previously, we have demonstrated that doses corresponding to a mean of approximately one α-particle per cell result in chromosomal instability in the descendants of hemopoietic stem cells (7, 8). Inevitably at these low doses, some cells, by chance, will not have been irradiated (4) and the data are consistent with instability being expressed in the progeny of more clonogenic cells than were traversed by an α-particle. We have investigated further this apparent discrepancy and have demonstrated by direct experimental investigation that, after α-particle irradiation, chromosomal instability is demonstrated in the descendants of unirradiated stem cells.


X-rays linked to increased childhood leukemia risk Berkeley’s School of Public Health
Specifically, the researchers found that children with acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL) had almost twice the chance of having been exposed to three or more X-rays compared with children who did not have leukemia. For B-cell ALL, even one X-ray was enough to moderately increase the risk. “The results of our study were not what we expected.”
This research is supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Both alpha and beta particles penetrate cell membranes more easily than they penetrate skin. Hence ingesting, inhaling or absorbing radioactive chemicals capable of emitting alpha or beta particles and thereby placing them inside delicate body parts such as the lungs, heart, brain or kidneys, always poses serious threats to human health.[3] Plutonium is an alpha emitter, and no quantity inhaled has been found to be too small to induce lung cancer in animals.
Complete book No Immediate Danger
Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth by Dr Rosalie Bertell


What is the take away? We are all downwinders. We are all absorbing fallout. We are all inhaling hot particles. No one is immune. But anyone having doing anything with radiation, whether it is X Rays, medical treatments, research, nuclear power generations, mining, depleted uranium production, reprocessing, refining, or storing the waste, or firing DU weapons is dealing with a weapon of mass destruction in actual operation, on a daily basis and they are responsible for killing many people, in the future. 
Those who work with anything radioactive are also being exposed to even more than average amounts of DNA damaging material, and it will affect countless future generations in their own DNA lineage, so it is DNA damaging bullets that they are firing at themselves, committing DNA suicide in a way.. The damage that these bullets cause may only show up in future generations, as recessive genes express themselves, or as DNA damage builds up and is not repaired. 
Releasing even ‘legal’ amounts of radiation is destroying all life on the planet, slowly but surely, through a gradual rise in back ground radiation, hot particles and a gradual increase in radiation exposure from all sources combined. The evidence shows up in the increased cancer and other disease rates, which keep on climbing and affecting younger children in higher and higher numbers. Humanity is committing global suicide, on purpose, through destruction of the genome, from the inside out. 
Shut down the nuclear industry, destroy all nuclear weapons, or they will destroy humanity and all life on the planet. 
Dr. Bertell – Depleted Uranium, X Ray’s, Low Dose Radiation, And Effect On Health, Aging, DNA, RNA, Genes, Future Generations

For more articles and videos;

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

IAEA, ICRP, NCRP, And UNSCEAR Are All Staffed By The Same Pro Nuclear Industry Apologists, 2104 UNSCEAR Report Labeled Criminal


As documented in the video above, few people realize that the same people who are part of the IAEA, are also members of the UNSCEAR organization and are also members and/or leaders/ of the IAEA and ICRP.


British researcher blasts U.N. report on Fukushima cancer risk as unscientific
Baverstock said a report released in April by the U.N. Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) was “not qualified to be called ‘scientific’” because it lacked transparency and independent verification. He added that the committee should be disbanded. He also questioned UNSCEAR’s neutrality, given that members are nominated by nations that have a vested interest in nuclear power. He noted that such nations provide funds to the committee.
Baverstock also suggested a conflict of interest, as committee members are not required to disclose their history working in the nuclear industry or sign pledges stating that no conflict of interest exists in evaluating radiation risks.


So when you think you are hearing from three different and individual scientific or international bodies, they are actually all one and the same. So what is the IAEA? The IAEA is a marketing arm of the nuclear industry, with it’s budget paid for by the nuclear industry. For the details and proof plus a history lesson, click on the following links. 

WHO/IAEA Collusion – Negative Health Impact of Fukushima: Warnings and Recommendations by Michel Fernex; via @AGreenRoad

IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via @AGreenRoad

MaidenHeaven July 24, 2014 So for the last 40 years the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, the Canadian, the Australian, they have been lying. They have been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits….So they are really just liars and it is provable, sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a shadow of a doubt. It is the same people that sit on the ICNAP certificate, sit on our government health protection agencies, sit on the World Health Organization . . . . it is the same people. There are probably no more than 20 of them.”
“But, yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known, not just people, but animals and plants. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war, and in several hundred years time, people will look back, whoever survives, and look at what we tried to do to stop them. [..]”
”British physicist and electronic warfare expert, Barrie Trower. 
As the British physicist points out, WHO is not protecting public health, but rather, industries and profit making enterprises. Why would it be any surprise that the other organizations also have the same hidden motivations underneath their ‘public’ face and PR spin, which always sounds good and reasonable?


How many common sense people would trust an organization that manipulates and fakes scientific data in order to make their own industry look good?

ICRP [International Commission on Radiological Protection] Caught Manipulating And ‘Faking’ Scientific Data; via @AGreenRoad


So on the one hand, we have the pro nuclear marketing arm of the nuclear industry, represented by the IAEA, WHO, NRC, UNSCEAR and ICRP, plus their allied politicians that receive ‘donations’ or fees (maybe they should be called bribes?) from the nuclear industry. They seem to care only about short term profits and protecting the ‘image’ of the nuclear industry, even inside of ‘peer reviewed’ studies..

On the other side, (featured in this article) we have the pro human rights, pro healthy children medical doctors and pro environmental groups who represent average people and communities that want a green, healthy and sustainable future. These ‘outsider’ groups are reporting on the ‘true’ science and medical research. These caring professionals are reporting on actual medical and scientific studies, representing them just as they are, with no industry bias or profit motive.
No one other than an industry ‘insider’ can get published, and then only if the conclusions are pro nuclear. Outsiders that disagree with the nuclear industry positions are attacked personally via ad hominem attacks, and labeled as distributing ‘fear porn’ or other degrading terms.
Which ‘expert’ would you listen to? Your medical doctor below, or a pro nuclear industry insider?

Which one would you trust?


At first glance, the council sounds really good… They are providing radiation protection and information… how could that be bad? 
“The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) seeks to formulate and widely disseminate information, guidance and recommendations on radiation protection and measurements which represent the consensus of leading scientific thinking.”
According to the pro nuclear apologists, this organization has credibility because the AMA, American Society of Med Physicists, HPS, ANS and other organizations ‘cite’ them. and one member commented the proponents of the nuclear industry sees “nothing here that suggests they are in the pocket of special interests. They have the public interest at heart.”
or-well July 24, 2014 As opposed to the orthodoxy of my cult blah blah blah; for bigger profit take bigger risk!


Now let’s dive a little deeper into the nuclear pond that makes up this council. Who belongs to it, and what are their ties to the nuclear industry? Do any of them have biases, conflicts of interest or the profit motive on their agenda? It does not take long to find the industry corruption inside the belly of this organization, just like all of the others; IAEA, UNSCEAR, WHO, etc. 
Let’s pick two names at random as of 2014; 
BROOKE R. BUDDEMEIER is an associate program leader in the Global Security Directorate of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) (council member as of 7/2014)
Would you bite the hands that feed you? Here is a member of the council who also promotes the nuclear industry.. There is absolutely no conflict of interest here, no bias, no favoritism, no hidden motives, right? Let’s all vote that this person is also absolutely neutral, unbiased, not influenced by money or profits in the nuclear radiation for profit business and government nuclear research contracts business, correct? 
JUDITH L. BADER was a senior investigator in many cancer clinical trials, genetics and epidemiology research projects, and communications technologies projects during her 22 y in the U.S. Public Health Service at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Instititutes of Health. She has been the Chief of the Clinical Radiation Branch of the Radiation Oncology Branch at NCI, Chief of Radiation Oncology at the Bethesda Naval Hospital (now Walter Reed), and founding physician of two private radiation oncology practices. (council member as of 7/2014)
This sure looks like another promoter and user of nuclear radiation for profit, correct? Everyone will vote that this person is also absolutely neutral, unbiased, not influenced by money or profits in the medical radiation for profit business, correct? 
Yup, all of these council members are truly independent, just like the ones paid by the nuclear industry over at IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR and all of the rest.


The NCRP claims that they; “represent the consensus of leading scientific thinking.” Do these two ‘leading minds’ sound like they have the public and not the nuclear industry profits in mind during their decision making? Not likely. So how can they form a ‘consensus’ of leading minds, when there are a bunch of PhD’s that disagree with them? Consensus requires agreement among ALL of the global leading minds that are also OUTSIDE of this closed minded pro nuclear circle.

This small pro nuclear circle excludes everyone except those who are pro nuclear industry, pro more radiation exposure and looser radiation laws, with higher radiation exposure allowed around everything. So much for the consensus claim.

“NCRP, NRPB, UNSCEAR, and BEIR, like Fascist dictators, inflexibly demand that their archaic model of radiation effects be the basis for radiation protection. They tyrannize all…”


As a decision-making process, consensus decision-making aims to be:[2]
Agreement Seeking: A consensus decision making process attempts to generate as much agreement as possible.[2]
Collaborative: Participants contribute to a shared proposal and shape it into a decision that meets the concerns of all group members as much as possible.[3]
Cooperative: Participants in an effective consensus process should strive to reach the best possible decision for the group and all of its members, rather than competing for personal preferences.
Egalitarian: All members of a consensus decision-making body should be afforded, as much as possible, equal input into the process. All members have the opportunity to present, and amend proposals.
Inclusive: As many stakeholders as possible should be involved in the consensus decision-making process.
Participatory: The consensus process should actively solicit the input and participation of all decision-makers.[4]


Do you see Arnie Gunderson, Busby or any of the other champions in this group? No?  Do you see any whistleblowers? No.

It is very easy to get consensus, if all of the ‘experts’ and ‘leading minds’ are leading the way for the nuclear industry to make more profits, and gain more control, raise the radiation limits constantly, with less and less regulations or protections, wouldn’t you agree?   
By that standard, consensus can consist of one person who makes up their mind that the moon is made of blue cheese. Let’s all take a vote. Aye, because it will avoid lawsuits and make us all lots of money! The ayes have it, with no nays, there is a consensus, the moon is indeed made of blue cheese. Wow, that was easy. We should have done this ‘consensus’ thing a LONG time ago.
What these yahoo pretend want to be scientists don’t realize is that science is NOT about consensus in a small closed off group that agrees on fake science results, but about debating back and forth in an open forum that includes all points of view and the truth appears via scientists both inside and outside the nuclear industry deciding for themselves, and the public watching this open process at work. 
Since none of this is happening inside the nuclear industry or these agencies, the truth can be hidden away and these closed minded, closed off cells of pro nuclear apologists can PRETEND that they are the icons of truth and virtue, with all of their peer reviewed this and peer reviewed that, but underneath it all, it is a huge pile of you know what, because no debate or disagreement is allowed. 
PraisingTruthApril 18, 2015 A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science
“…The mentality that sponsors and endorses the Life Span Study is the same mentality that advocates that nuclear war is winnable, tactical nuclear weapons are useable, and radiological weapons have a place on today’s battlefield. This dogma is dangerous, a product of corrupted thinking perpetrated by the Cult of Nuclearists, that may very well draw the entire world over the edge into limited or total thermonuclear war.
“Exhibit D
“The astute reader may have asked at some point why the history of radiation safety provided earlier in this chapter stopped where it did in the 1950s following publication by the ICRP and NCRP of the first standards of safety for internal contamination. What happened to the second half of the Twentieth Century? This is the million-dollar question.
“The model used today by international agencies formulating safety for internal contamination by radionuclides is essentially the same model, with updated modifications, developed during the Manhattan Project, the Tri-Partite Conferences, and the meetings of the committees on internal emitters of the NCRP and the ICRP.
This model was developed prior to the discovery of DNA!
Since the 1950s, a revolution has taken place in biology. Entire vistas of cellular and molecular biology,  totally unsuspected by World War II physicists, have opened up for scientific exploration. The rapid advancement in technology has created powerful tools for imaging cellular structures and probing the mysteries of the molecular chemistry that orchestrates cellular processes. Advances have been so profound that, today, microbeams can deliver individual alpha particles to cells in vitro and the
altered morphology of cellular structures can be determined by DNA sequencing and correlated with functional aberrations. Over this amazing new world of microscopic wonders and the deepening understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of life, the ICRP. 


Doctors Say UN Science Report Systematically Underestimates Health Impact of Fukushima Catastrophe
Physicians for Social Responsibility and Human Rights Now talk about how Since the March 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima, individuals and communities in Japan continue to be exposed to dangerous levels of radioactivity. There are serious concerns about consequent health effects for citizens in contaminated areas.

Residents have a right to live in a safe and healthy environment, however, sufficient protective measures and support are not being provided. The right of access to medical treatment and the medical data about one’s own body are being seriously denied. Experts will speak about how two UN reports impact policy regarding the lives and health of citizens currently affected after the nuclear disaster, and what should be done to provide immediate relief to protect their fundamental rights.

Dr. John Rachow, Ph.D., M.D.
Dr. Rachow is a practicing physician, Board Member and Chair of the Radiation and Health Committee, and Past President (2011) of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Washington, DC. He is also an Assistant Clinical Professor of University of Iowa, Department of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa, USA.
Mari Inoue, Esq., is a practicing lawyer and New York representative of Human Rights Now, Tokyo, Japan.

From the video above; “Human Rights Experts call for immediate action to protect the right to health of citizens affected by the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report “Levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami” by

Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War / Physicians in social responsibility, Germany
Physicians for Global Survival, Canada
Mexican Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Mexico
Association of Guatemalan Physicians and Scientists for the Prevention of War, Guatemala
Physicians for Social Responsibility / IPPNW, Switzerland
Danish Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (DLMK), Denmark
Medical Association for the Protection of the Environment and Against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat, Greece
French Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons (AMFPGN), France
Physicians Union Lege Artis, Serbia
Dutch Medical Association for Peace Research (NVMP), The Netherlands
Irish Doctors Environmental Association, Ireland
Association of Physicians and Medical Workers for Social Responsibility / IPPNW, Kenya
Society of Nigerian Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind, Nigeria
Physicians for Social Responsibility, Egypt
Physicians for Peace and Preservation of the Environment, Israel
Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD), India
Physicians for Peace and Social Responsibility, Malaysia
Austrian Physicians against Violence and Nuclear Dangers (OMEGA), Austria”


Mr. Anand Grover, Esq.
Mr. Anand Grover, appointed by UN Human Right Council at its eighth session in June 2008, is the UN Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. The position is honorary and he is not a staff of the United Nations nor paid for his work. He is also a practicing attorney in the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court of India. From November 15 to 26, 2012, Mr. Grover was on a country mission to Japan to conduct an independent investigation on issues related to the enjoyment of the right to health, including availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of health services, goods and facilities. Additional aspects investigated are, the underlying determinants of health in Japan within the context of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the events leading to it (including emergency response, recovery and mitigation with a particular focus on challenges and actions taken in response to them), as well as lessons learned and good practices. The mission involved meetings with Japanese government officials, non-governmental organizations, and local citizens affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Mr. Grover’s report on his findings and recommendations was submitted to the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in May 2013, and will be reported to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly in New York on October 25, 2013.
UN Human Rights Council Fukushima Report Extremely Critical Of TEPCO And Government; via @AGreenRoad


On 10/24/2013, Human Rights Now, along with 64 Japanese civil society organizations, has issued a statement requesting the UNSCEAR and the General Assembly Fourth Committee to revise the report and its finding from a human rights perspective.


Please refer to the more detailed full-version commentary: 
(Contact: alfred.c.meyer@gmail.com (PSR USA), alexrosen@gmx.net (IPPNW Germany) for the PSR/IPPNW commentary.)
Source; description under video above

In Germany, medical doctors are very critical of the UNSCEAR report saying that there will be no harm from Fukushima radiation to anyone.


Cisco July 18, 2014  Global Physicians Issue Scathing Critique of UN Report on Fukushima  “Fukushima: Bad and Getting Worse”

“The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) joined the controversy June 4, with a 27-page “Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report ‘Levels and effects of radiation exposures due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami.”

“Physicians find ten grave failures in UN report”

“The majority of the IPPNW’s report details 10 major errors, flaws or discrepancies in the UNSCEAR paper and explains study’s omissions, underestimates, inept comparisons, misinterpretations and unwarranted conclusions.”

Read IPPNW’s 10 major errors at 



Via rogerthat September 30, 2014  Asian forum warns of nuclear threats Tue, Sep 30, 2014 – Page 4

… Mari Takenouchi, a Japanese reporter from Okinawa Prefecture, accused the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation of publishing false studies that claim nuclear radiation is “harmless” to the human body. Calling the committee’s move “criminal,” she said that the UN might appear to show concern over threats posed by nuclear power, but it is lobbying for development of the high-risk energy. She said the chance of contracting thyroid cancer in Fukushima used to be one in 1 million, but after the nuclear accident, the figure rose to one in 3,000. Takenouchi said the nuclear radiation emitted in the aftermath of the accident not only affected Fukushima residents, but spread across a vast area.


Via American Phoenix57 July 19, 2014 “The dirty secret that the largely cheerleading function of mainstream media..conceal on behalf of the nuclear industry is that exceedingly low levels of internalized (inhaled or swallowed) radioisotopes may do exponentially more harm than present radiation risk models allow for. i.e. ICRP 103

In order to understand the absurdity of drawing a one-to-one comparison between external and internal radiation exposures, Professor Chris Busby (Scientific Secretary for the European Committee on Radiation Risk) draws the analogy between direct comparison between external radiation and internal radiation exposures with warming oneself in front of a fire and eating a red hot coal.

Indeed, the public is being lulled into pulling up a comfy chair to warm themselves by the radioactive fire of a disaster the scale of which this world has never known before.”

The ICRP and other pro nuclear organizations draw no distinction between sitting in front of a radioactive fire and swallowing pieces of the radioactive coals or ash, not even for infants or a fetus in utero, who are 2,000 times more sensitive to the same dose as a healthy adult male. They also ignore the fact that women and girls are more than twice as sensitive to the same radiation dose as men or boys.

Via majia July 19, 2014 “The Fox interview with Mr Aubry Godwin (sp?) repeats the typical nuke mantra, ignoring altogether INTERNAL EMITTERS, many of which are toxic chemically as well as being radioactive. Alpha and beta particles do far more damage to cells and DNA than gamma radiation. One atom of plutonium or uranium in your lung could cause your death. One atom in your testes could doom your unborn children….Look up genetic mosaicism is our future, until we fail to reproduce successfully at all.”

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation


or-well July 19, 2014… no “mention within of 111 scientific papers refuting ICRP


“This is the English Executive Summary of a document unanimously approved yesterday by the French Academy of Medicine and Academy of Sciences to, again, directly challenge the LNT…..This is another resource to refute the false LNT being used by ICRP, NCRP, et al. to support the radiation protection and medical mainstream self-interests, at wasted costs of $100 of billions to society, and the fraudulent costly/profitable effects on nuclear power and nuclear technologies.”

People around the world are lumped together by the ICRP into one group so large, that nothing specific can be seen. The IRCP and the rest of the pro nuclear apologists are very good at hiding the radioactively caused genocide of infants and newborns, plus still born and deformed babies, in their computer generated statistical studies. The statistics and studies are designed to confuse the public, plus hide and cover up the genocide that is happening in open sight. You can hide a genocide in open sight, if you make the group large enough. Statistically speaking, a million people can be killed, and it would not show up, outside of the ‘norm’.

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults


majia July 19, 2014 ICRP “homogenized dose… doesn’t address targeted, bystander and delayed effects. If you want to debate please read my book, chapter four, first Fukushima and the privatization of risk. ( pal grave 2013)”

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%


Via Bungalow Phil November 12, 2014 “A Letter Hand-delivered to the UN and UNSCEAR, Requesting Revision of UNSCEAR Report And a New UN Mandate for UNSCEAR

On October 24, 2014, at the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly being held in New York City, representatives from Physicians for Social Responsibility (USA) and Human Rights Now (Tokyo, Japan) hand-delivered a letter to the chairperson of the 4th Committee and the Secretary of UNSCEAR. The letter, co-signed by 43 civil society groups from 9 countries, including 21 Japanese groups, requested revision of the 2014 UNSCEAR report on Fukushima accident as well as a new UN mandate for UNSCEAR.
Read more on this here



To end things on a positive, happy note..


What conclusion would a reasonable person draw from all of the above, very legitimate, scientific, medical and nuclear experts who draw completely opposite conclusions from these pro nuclear organizations that draw on what one person refers to as a small inner circle of 20 people who staff all of these organizations with different names.

What if it is true that actually underneath it all, there is only a very small close knit ‘family’ controlling all of these groups and coming up with the same supposedly independent conclusions, via a peer review process? They must all be very good friends and talk a lot, if they all belong to these same groups and travel all over the planet doing work on behalf of these different groups.

What kind of a neutral, arms length, peer review independence, reporting and analysis can you get from 20 people who all work together and are getting funding from the nuclear industry, while pretending to be multiple different organizations, doing different things?

Maybe it is time to start an investigation by an international citizens court (like a grand jury) about these different groups and what happens behind the curtains. It is time to find out who knows who. It is time to find out where the money comes from and where it goes.  What does that money buy in terms of influence and conclusions?


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IAEA, ICRP, NCRP, And UNSCEAR Are All Staffed By The Same Pro Nuclear Industry Apologists, 2104 UNSCEAR Report Labeled Criminal

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1969 – Saint-Laurent-Nouan, France, Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down

Wikipedia; “On October 17, 1969 50 kg of uranium in one of the gas cooled reactors began to melt. This event was classified at 4 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES),[2] and is, as of Dec 2011, the most serious civil nuclear power accident in France.[3]


Saint-Laurent A-1 Nuclear Power Plant
Location: St. Laurent-Nouan, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France
Reactor Type: Gas-cooled, graphite moderated.
Power: 1570 MWt; 405 MWe.
Melt Down Occurred: 50 Kg of Uranium melted Oct. 17, 1969.

Picture of facility

A Greenpeace activist paraglides over the Bugey nuclear power plant in France to highlight gaps in security at the country’s nuclear sites. Every nuclear plant is just a nuclear bomb, in slow motion. Any terrorist can easily bring down a nuclear power plant, as shown in this video, access is easy. Spent fuel pools are uncovered and easy targets for a terror attack. All nuclear plants are also vulnerable to natural disasters, which puts France at the top of the list in terms of disaster potential. 

1969 – Saint-Laurent-Nouan, France, Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

For a more complete list of all nuclear plant meltdowns globally, go to;

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

1980 – St. Laurent-Nouan, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France – Nuclear Power Plant Partial Melt Down

Saint-Laurent A-2 Nuclear Power Plant
Location: St. Laurent-Nouan, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France.
Reactor Type: Gas-cooled, graphite moderated.
Power: 1690 MWt; 465 MWe, up-rated to 530 MWe.
Melt Down Occurred: Heat excursion caused partial fuel melt March 13, 1980.

On March 13, 1980 there was some annealing that occurred in the graphite of one of the reactors, causing a brief heat excursion. This was also classified as 4 on the INES and has been called the worst nuclear accident in France. Much later, the Institute of Marine Biochemistry at the École normale supérieure de Montrouge claimed that they found traces of plutonium in the river which they believed was released in the 1980 or 1969 accident many years ago.[4]


The video below is about a different nuclear power plant, but serves to make the point about how the above description of a nuclear plant melt down or any other spill or accident is minimized, and any harm to the public is covered up. This minimization and cover up happens after ever nuclear power accident, no matter how large or small. 
“They do not want public panic and they are playing a hide-and-seek game about the actual cause and the damage of the radiation and the exposure to the community surrounding the accident,” Seager stated.

There has been the first recorded death at a nuclear facility in France in 50 years. The authorities say there is little to fear and there is no risk, but considering nuclear power provides the vast majority of France’s energy, such a response is hardly surprising. “They say it is a safe, well-regulated and well-managed industry but the facts speak differently. Records show that in the 59 nuclear plants that operate currently in France, since 1969 there have been 41 nuclear accidents and 51 [other] nuclear incidents reported officially. The French people have been receiving a restricted and limited amount of information about nuclear accidents,” he explained.

Seager stated that since Fukushima the French public has woken up and decided that maybe nuclear energy is not safe and can be dangerous.
“A plant can go from an energy plant to a weapon of mass destruction. The public is waking up, but right now there is no mass movement and no organized oppositional leadership to confront the government,” he said.
With about 75% of its energy needs coming from nuclear power stations, it is going to take a long time for France to develop alternatives. But according to Seager, nuclear power plants do not have to remain indefinitely. “There is a way out, and that is a compromise on consumers’ will to accept true research and development in the solar and wind and other forms of energy,” he concluded.
Source; video above description

A ship loaded with nuclear fuel has left a French port for Japan, carrying the first delivery since the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The cargo ship left the port of Cherbourg in northwestern France on Wednesday, after the fuel was loaded onto the ship under tight security. Japan’s Kansai Electric Power Company had ordered the MOX fuel from the French energy firm Areva. MOX fuel is a mixture of plutonium extracted from spent nuclear fuel and uranium. The utility firm plans to use the fuel at its Takahama plant in Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast. The plant is currently offline. Dozens of French activists staged a protest at the port ahead of the ship’s departure. They criticized the shipment at a time when most Japanese nuclear plants remain offline. It is not clear whether the nuclear recycling power generation project which uses the MOX fuel will be able to resume. Areva officials say the ship will arrive in Japan in about 2 months.
Apr. 17, 2013 – Updated 20:17 UTC
Dozens of French activists have staged a protest ahead of a nuclear fuel shipment to Japan. The shipping was halted after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident forced most of Japan’s nuclear plants to shutdown. About 50 activists gathered at the northwestern port of Cherbourg on Monday. A French energy firm has been producing the MOX fuel, a mixture of plutonium and uranium. The Kansai Electric Power Company ordered it for use at its Takahama nuclear plant in Fukui Prefecture, Central Japan, which is currently off-line. A cargo ship loaded with the fuel is scheduled to leave the port as early as Wednesday. The activists wore headbands with the Japanese slogan saying “Stop MOX” and called for a halt to the delivery. A spokesperson for the activists said France is pressuring Japan by sending the fuel over when the country is trying to decide on new energy policies. The activists say the fuel would be brought from a facility about 20 kilometers away from the port and loaded onto 2 vessels.
Apr. 16, 2013 – Updated 02:18 UTC
FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted (©) material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, which constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
With 75% of the nation’s electricity derived from nuclear power, France is the world’s biggest user of atomic energy.Their nuclear plant construction boom was in the 1970s, which means that nearly 70% of France’s turbines will soon reach the limit of their 40-year lifespan. Environmental activists worry that France’s lack of preparation for the coming outages could lead them to try and squeeze more life out of their aging plants. By the end of the decade France will face some major choices regarding its almost exclusive commitment to nuclear energy. A decision to go green could reduce the militarism of France’s foreign policy, but it could hurt their long-stagnant economy. 
Many believe that, despite the claims of humanitarian intervention, French wars in Mali and the CAR are to safeguard the region’s uranium deposits. Some believe that a switch to renewables could persuade France to reduce its military presence in Africa. Thanks in large part to this cheap African uranium, France’s electricity bills are among the lowest in the EU.
Source; description under video

Communication by: Roland Desbordes (France), President of CRIIRAD
(Commission for Research and Independent Information on Radioactivity)
Title: Citizen Information: taking responsibility
CRIIRAD (Commission on Independent Research and Information on Radiation) was set up in 1986 in France in response to the lies told by the French authorities about the Chernobyl “cloud”. Not the first lie about the presence of the “cloud” over France. This has attracted much public attention, but in fact the truth was acknowledged by the authorities after 12 days. It is the second lie that is significant. “Yes, the cloud did pass over France but it deposited no radioactive contamination.” This explains the absence of information on contamination of food products, the failure to withdraw products from circulation, and the completely false maps of radioactive fallout. It has taken CRIIRAD 20 years to get the French authorities to acknowledge the true levels of fallout. Alas, for the victims, there will be no court case, as the justice system closed the case in September 2011. 26 years on, as the drama of Fukushima unfolds, we see how history repeats itself with the same actors in charge of disinformation, ­ all this despite the struggles of associations and victims.

If the government authorities can lie so blatantly about Chernobyl radiation hitting France and killing people there, plus keep it hidden and covered up from then until now, what hope is there of getting the truth about a reactor melt down in France today?


1980 – St. Laurent-Nouan, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France – Nuclear Power Plant Partial Melt Down; via @AGreenRoad

For a more complete list of all nuclear plant meltdowns globally, go to;

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

1967 – Anan, Scotland in UK, Chapelcross Nuclear Power Plant And Reprocessing Facility Melted Down

“In 1967 there was a partial meltdown in reactor No 2, and the reactor was closed for two years, then successfully restarted in 1969. The true extent of the 1967 accident was not revealed for many years, and the press were told that no radioactivity had been released. The meltdown appears to have begun with breakage of a fuel rod, which then caught fire.  In 1987, reports claimed high instances of leukaemia in the area….”

“May 1967 – Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, United Kingdom – Partial meltdown
Graphite debris partially blocked a fuel channel causing a fuel element to melt and catch fire at the Chapelcross nuclear power station. Contamination was confined to the reactor core. The core was repaired and restarted in 1969, operating until the plant’s shutdown in 2004.[29][30]
Wikipedia; “Chapelcross was a Magnox nuclear power plant located near Annan in Dumfries and Galloway in south west Scotland. It was the sister plant to Calder Hall in Cumbria, England, both commissioned and originally operated by theUnited Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.
The primary purpose of both plants was to produceweapons-grade plutonium for the UK’s nuclear weapons programme, but they also generated electrical power for theNational Grid.
Chapelcross nuclear power station, prior to demolition of the cooling towers
Chapelcross occupies a 92 hectare site on the location of former World War II training airfield, RAF Annan, located 3 km north east of the town of Annan in the Annandale and Eskdale district within the Dumfries and Galloway region of south west Scotland. The nearest hamlet is Creca.
Chapelcross was the sister plant to Calder Hall in Cumbria, England. Construction was carried out byMitchell Construction and was completed in 1959.[1] The primary purpose was to produce plutonium for the UK’s nuclear weapons programme (see WE.177). Electricity was always considered to be a by-product.
The Chapelcross Works was officially opened on 2 May 1959 by the Lord Lieutenant of Dumfriesshire, Sir John Crabbe. It was initially owned and operated by the Production Group of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) until the creation of British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) in 1971 by an act of Parliament. The site then operated in conjunction with Calder Hall under the banner of BNFL’s Electricity Generation Business (EGB) until rebranding, relicensing and restructuring of the various nuclear businesses operated by HM Government under the umbrella legal entity of BNFL took place in April 2005.
Chapelcross had four Magnox reactors capable of generating 60 MWe of power each.[2] The reactors were supplied by the UKAEA and the turbines by C.A. Parsons & Company.[2]
Ownership of all of the site’s assets and liabilities was transferred to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), a new regulatory body created as a result of The Energy Act of 2004. The site was then operated under the two-tier Site Management Company/Site License Company (SMC/SLC) model byBritish Nuclear Group’s Reactor Sites business as SMC and Magnox Electric Ltd as the SLC. In June 2007, EnergySolutions LLC bought the Reactor Sites Management Company Ltd (consisting of two operational divisions, Magnox North and Magnox South) from British Nuclear Group.
Several significant events in 2001 persuaded BNFL to upgrade the fuel routes of both Calder Hall and Chapelcross to near modern standards at a cost of tens of millions of pounds to guarantee that a License Instrument would be granted by the NII to permit final defuelling: the engineering work was carried out by BNS Nuclear Services (formally Alstec).[3]
Generation ceased in June 2004.
Decommissioning and the cooling towers
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) granted consent to carry out decommissioning projects at Chapelcross under the regulations to Magnox Electric Ltd on 26 September 2005. The first visible sign ofdecommissioning was controlled demolition at 09.00 BST on 20 May 2007 of the four natural draught concrete cooling towers of the same hyperboloid design as conventional inland power stations such asDidcot, Drax, Ferrybridge and Fiddlers Ferry. The explosions were designed to remove a section of the cooling towers’ shells. Approximately two thirds of the circumference and two thirds of the shell legs were removed by the blasts, causing a controlled collapse of each tower. The charges were fired sequentially, reducing the 300 ft (91 m) high towers to an estimated 25,000 tons of rubble in less than 10 seconds. Those at Calder Hall were demolished on 29 September 2007.
Some local people (including site employees) were opposed to the obliteration of a symbol of the region’s industrial heritage. The towers were considered a local landmark that could be seen from a distance of up to 50 miles (80 km) in good weather conditions. British Nuclear Group and the NDA prioritised conventional demolition over deplanting and post-operational clean-out (POCO) of the nuclear facilities on the site. A large part of the shell of tower 1 managed to resist the explosives despite having a visible bulge that resulted from a construction anomaly.[4]
By December 2012, three of the four reactors had been defuelled. All fuel was predicted to be removed by mid-2013.[5] Defuelling was completed several months early, in February 2013.[6]
The plant design was essentially the same as Calder Hall comprising four 180 MW(th) graphitemoderated, carbon dioxide cooled nuclear reactors fuelled by natural abundance uranium (0.71% 235U) enclosed in magnesiumalloy cans, the principal difference being in plant layout. Since Chapelcross was commissioned from the outset as a four-reactor site (the option for a further four reactors was not exercised) rather than separate two-reactor sites as at Calder ‘A’ and ‘B’ stations, the site layout was more compact. There is a single turbine hall housing all eight turbines which were originally rated at 23 MW(e) but progressively uprated to 30 MW(e) as the reactor thermal output was uprated to nominally 265 MW(th).
Reactor 1 had the same core design as Calder Hall (i.e. unsleeved), but the fuel channels of Reactors 2, 3 and 4 were fitted with graphite sleeves to allow the bulk moderator to run 80°C hotter to limit the effects of in-service graphite damage due to irradiation. Two of the reactors were used to produce tritium for the UK’s nuclear weapons and required enriched uranium fuel to offset the neutron absorbing effect of thelithium target material.
The south part of the site consists of a modular administration building, four reactor buildings, turbine hall, maintenance workshops, stores, fuel element cooling pond building, tritium processing plant (CXPP) and new flask handling facility (FHB). The part of the site referred to as north site consists of legacy buildings including aircraft hangars, a graphite handling laboratory and a large building that originally housed some 10,000 drums of yellow Magnox Depleted Uranium (MDU) trioxide arising fromreprocessing at Sellafield.
Liquid effluent is disposed of via a 5 km long pipeline to the Solway Firth. All environmental discharges are subject to an annual discharge authorisation which is regulated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).
Chapelcross nuclear power station in 2006.
Chapelcross produced tritium for the Polaris and Tridentstrategic nuclear deterrents from about 1980 until 2005. This was achieved by neutron bombardment of lithium target material and the tritium gas extracted in the Chapelcross Processing Plant (CXPP). This facility was managed byBNFL on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The material was transferred to Aldermaston via secure road convoys. Because of its involvement in the nuclear weapons programme, the site was not subject to international safeguards until 1998.
Because of known shrinkage of the graphite moderator bricks in the core due to in-service irradiation effects, some of the steel charge pans on top of them had become dislocated from their design position in the interstitial channel and were suspended from the Burst Can Detection (BCD) pipework. This was most prevalent in Reactor 1 because of the different core design to Reactors 2, 3 and 4. BNFL were unable to make an adequate safety case or effect an economic repair and therefore, Reactor 1 did not return to power from its annual outage in August 2001. The core of Reactor 4 was repaired but this reactor did not return to power after the repair.[7]
Dropped basket of irradiated fuel elements (July 2001)
During routine defuelling activities on Reactor 3, a basket containing twenty-four low rated irradiated Magnox fuel elements fell a few feet within the discharge machine onto the door at the top of the fuel discharge well. Remote TV camera inspections revealed that twelve of the elements had fallen just over 80ft (24.4m) down the discharge well into a water filled transport flask at the bottom. The NII initiated an investigation because dropping irradiated fuel elements is a serious issue even when, as in this event, BNFL had advised NII that there had been no release of radiological activity.[8]
Leak of Magnox depleted uranium trioxide (July 2001)
A small amount of Magnox Depleted Uranium leaked from some corroded mild steel drums due to rainwater ingress and leaching. MDU is a dense yellow powder that is less radiologically toxic than naturally occurring uranium but chemotoxic in a similar manner to lead. Owing to its high density and lowsolubility, it does not tend to disperse far and dry spills are easy to clean up. This material was stored at the larger sites, including Capenhurst in mild steel drums. BNFL has upgraded the fabric of the building and the original drums are being overpacked into stainless steel drums and dispatched to Capenhurst for long-term storage.[7]
Exposure of worker to an irradiated fuel element (First Quarter 2001)
During refuelling operations on Reactor 2, an irradiated fuel element failed to release from the grab (this is used to hold an element while it is withdrawn from a reactor). Routine methods were used to release the grab. However, the irradiated fuel element snagged during the operation and was lifted out of its shielding resulting in the operators on the pile cap being exposed to the intense radiation being emitted from the irradiated fuel element. Personnel responded quickly, and the radiological dose they received was small.
The event revealed shortfalls in the safety of the refuelling operation and the licensee took the immediate step of halting all refuelling operations while it investigated the event and reviewed the safety of the equipment. The NII investigated the event and judged that it was due to inadequate design and operation of the equipment.
The incident was classified as Level 1 (anomaly) on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES).[9]
Boiler shell defect (June 1997)
Cracks associated with brackets in Heat Exchanger 6 on Reactor 2 were discovered during routineultrasonic testing. Metallurgical examination of samples of the defect showed that:
(a) it originated during fabrication in the workshop and prior to an over-pressure test of 2.35 times the design pressure (a loading significantly in excess of a modern pressure vessel code requirement).
(b) there was no evidence of in-service fatigue crack growth.
(c) The material in which the crack was located was different from that specified in the design. Similar material was also identified in other heat exchangers, and no additional cracks of structural significance were revealed during comprehensive inspections. The NII considered the material to be adequate and within the bounds of the heat exchanger safety case.[10][11]
Fatal accident (ca. 1978)
Response reference 120714 in House of Commons Hansard written answers for 5 May 2000 (pt 5) shows that BNFL was fined £200 in 1978 for a fatal accident at Chapelcross.[12]
Single channel fuel clad melt (May 1967)
Fuel in a single channel in Reactor 2 that was loaded with fuel elements under evaluation for the commercial reactor programme experienced a partial blockage, attributed to the presence of graphite debris (see fuel element failure). The fuel overheated and the Magnox cladding failed, causing contamination to be deposited in one region of the core. The reactor was restarted in 1969 after successful clean-out operations and was the final reactor to cease operation in February 2004.

This video talks about how Chapelcross was a location where 10,000 drums of depleted uranium were stored.

Chapelcross Nuclear Station Demolition 20th May 2007


1967 – Anan, Scotland in UK, Chapelcross Nuclear Power Plant And Reprocessing Facility  Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

For a more complete list of all nuclear plant meltdowns globally, go to;

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

1952 – Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, NRX Reactor Melted Down

12 December 1952 – Chalk River, Ontario, Canada – Reactor core melted down
A reactor shutoff rod failure, combined with several operator errors, led to a major power excursion of more than double the reactor’s rated output at AECL‘s NRX reactor. The operators purged the reactor’s heavy water moderator, and the reaction stopped in under 30 seconds. A cover gas system failure led to hydrogen explosions, which severely damaged the reactor core. The fission products from approximately 30 kg (66 lb) of uranium were released through the reactor stack. Contaminated light-water coolant leaked from the damaged coolant circuit into the reactor building; some 4,000 m3(140,000 cu ft) were pumped via pipeline to a disposal area to avoid contamination of the Ottawa River. After the incident, approximately 1202 people were involved in the two year cleanup.[1] No immediate fatalities or injuries resulted from the incident; a 1982 follow-up study of exposed workers showed no long-term health effects, though Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) dosimetry files were lost in a 1956 fire . Future U.S. President Jimmy Carter, an engineer and then a Lieutenant in the US Navy, was among the cleanup crew.[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_civilian_nuclear_accidents

According to Wikipedia; “NRX was a heavy water moderated, light water cooled, nuclear research reactor at the Canadian Chalk River Laboratories, which came into operation in 1947 at a design power rating of 10 MW (thermal), increasing to 42 MW by 1954. At the time of its construction it was Canada’s most expensive science facility and the world’s most powerful nuclear research reactor.[1] Although nuclear reactors would not generate electricity until 1951,[2] NRX was remarkable both in terms of its heat output and the number of neutrons it generated.

When a nuclear reactor is operating its nuclear chain reaction generates many billions of free neutrons, and in the late 1940s NRX was the most intense neutron source in the world. 

NRX experienced one of the world’s first major reactor accidents on 12 December 1952. The reactor began operation on 22 July 1947 under the National Research Council of Canada, and was taken over by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) shortly before the 1952 accident. The accident was cleaned up and the reactor restarted within two years. NRX operated for 45 years, being shut down permanently on 8 April 1993.[3] It is currently undergoing decommissioning at the Chalk River Laboratories site.”

Wiki seems to downplay any and all nuclear accidents that it does mention. Here is a much more informative quote from a much longer article about this nuclear disaster, hidden in plain sight; 
“”The NRX reactor underwent a violent power excursion that destroyed the core of the reactor, causing some fuel melting. Unaccountably, the shut-off rods failed to fully descend into the core. A series of hydrogen gas explosions (or steam explosions) hurled the four-ton gasholder dome four feet through the air where it jammed in the superstructure. Thousands of curies of fission products were released into the atmosphere, and a million gallons of radioactively contaminated water had to be pumped out of the basement and ‘disposed of’ in shallow trenches not far from the Ottawa River. The core of the NRX reactor could not be decontaminated; it had to be buried as radioactive waste.” (Dr. Gordon Edwards, CCNR)” Many more details on this nuclear disaster at; 


1952 – NRX Reactor Melted Down in Ontario, Canada; via @AGreenRoad

For a more complete list of all nuclear plant meltdowns globally, go to;

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Tedd Weyman – "Depleted Uranium Weapons Are Nuclear Weapons"

“Tedd Weyman 2005 “Depleted Uranium Weapons Are Nuclear Weapons”
Deputy Director of the Uranium Medical Research Centre (http://www.umrc.net), working with Dr. Asaf Durakovic, Tedd Weyman organized and led field studies in Afghanistan and Iraq to measure and analyze uranium contamination from radiotoxic and chemotoxic heavy metals (Depleted Uranium = Deadly Uranium = DU) from battlefield weapons. More radioactive pollution has been spread by these weapons than all the nuclear explosions put together! 
Dr. Durakovic, a former U.S. Army Colonel, was Chief of the Nuclear Sciences Division of the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute at the VA hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. He was fired and blacklisted for refusing to discontinue his work on medical problems of army Veterans caused by Deadly Uranium (DU). 
Non-fissile penetrating weapons and bunker busters are effectively nuclear weapons, Weyman reports. It is well known world wide that DU weapons have long-term implications that are being hidden by corporations and governments. 
Weyman cautions: “If you don’t have a moral objection to using DU on another nation and it’s people, you might have a pragmatic objection to the liabilities that a nation faces for permanently contaminating another nation’s environment. Uranium contamination in Iraq will last for millions of years. So the liabilities are very significant when you have every nation that was on the receiving end and every soldier on the sending end contaminated!” 
Rochester, New York, June 26, 2005. SnowshoeFilms Public Forum Series. 
Category: Education, 911TV_ID: NW 
This film is available for any Public Access TV station in the country – and world – to broadcast. Phone your local public access TV station and ask them to broadcast this film. The station can download the film from PEGMedia.org for broadcast to your local community at http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=m…
More films from 911TV: http://www.youtube.com/911tvorg
Source; description under video


Tedd Weyman – “Depleted Uranium Weapons Are Nuclear Weapons”

1989 – Germany Greifswald Unit 5 (KGR-5) Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down

Germany 1989

Greifswald Unit 5 (KGR-5) Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down
Location: Lubmin, Germany.
Reactor Type: VVER-440, Model V-230, Pressurized water reactor (PWR).
Power: 1,375 MWt; 440 MWe.
Began Operating: Grid connection April 1989.
Melt Down Occurred: Partial fuel meltdown November 24, 1989 when four of six cooling pumps were inoperable and control of reactor was lost. 
Shut down: 1991.

Could this be a video of the actual meltdown while it was happening?

There isn’t any information about this nuclear power plant. There are no pictures and no videos other than these, which are not really worth watching, so they REALLY kept this one secret and under wraps. This meltdown is not mentioned in the ‘official’ records of meltdowns either, so someone worked really hard to keep this one secret.


1989 – Germany Greifswald Unit 5 (KGR-5) Nuclear Power Plant Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

1977 – A1 Nuclear Power Plant at Jaslovské Bohunice, Czechoslovakia, Melted Down

Video about this meltdown.. not in english, sorry.

According to Wikipedia; The “A1 plant, (a civilian nuclear power plant) at Jaslovské BohuniceCzechoslovakia, melted down in 1977. 

The decision to build a nuclear power plant in Czechoslovakia was made in 1956. Construction of A-1 in Jaslovské Bohunice (western Slovakia) started in 1958 and took an unexpected 16 years. A-1 was commissioned on October 24, 1972.[1]
The KS 150 reactor was designed in the Soviet Union and built entirely in Czechoslovakia, by Škoda Works. This type of reactor had never been deployed before. One advantage of the design was its ability to use unenriched uranium mined in Czechoslovakia, similar to a CANDU reactor
Because of its experimental design the power plant suffered from accidents resulting in over 30 unplanned shutdowns. On January 5, 1976 two workers were killed due to a leak of carbon dioxide, which was used as a coolant. A ‘technical’ (mechanical?) failure occurred during refuelling and a fresh fuel assembly was shot off the reactor into the reactor’s hall.[1] The most serious accident from 1977 (see below) was rated INES-4. The damage could have been repaired with a large investment but on May 17, 1979 the government, dissatisfied with high costs, low performance and accidents, decided to decommission the plant. Plans to build the second reactor block A-2 were canceled. 
The accidents were kept secret, although wild stories circulated among the public. 
On February 22, 1977, during a fuel change, a combination of human mistakes and design problems caused the worst nuclear accident in Czechoslovakian history. Some fuel rods were being replaced while the reactor was active in a standard procedure. In this instance however humidity absorbers covering the rods were not removed, causing local overheating of the fuel (since transmission of heat to the coolant gas was reduced). The active zone was damaged, heavy water got in contact with the coolant and both primary and secondary circuits were contaminated. 
The accident was rated as level 4 on International Nuclear Event Scale.”
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KS_150

Around the facility 1011 Bq and 109 Bq of radioactive iodine were measured in the air. 11 km north of EBO 480 Bq/kg Cs-137 was found in grass and 407 Bq/kg of iodine-131 was found in corn. On the 22nd of February 1976 this nuclear power plant become another casualty of melting fuel.
1977 – A1 Nuclear Power Plant at Jaslovské Bohunice, Czechoslovakia, Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

From 1964 to 1966, 3 Or More SNAP Nuclear Reactors Melted Down

In 1964 and then again in 1966, nuclear space reactors were intentionally destroyed. Because these reactors use plutonium instead of less toxic uranium, this is another example of how the nuclear/military industry puts their needs for use of any technology ahead of public health effects. We can also assume that the SNAP 1 reactor met with the same fate, since the above two mentioned reactors were numbered 2 and 3. 
Arnie Gunderson explains the dangers of hot plutonium particles when it comes to human health in the video above. For more information on the dangers of plutonium….
How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad
The insanity of launching plutonium or anything else radioactive is quite apparent, but sadly, it is still happening today. As a result of the continued launch of radioactive materials into space, humanity will continue to be subjected to poisoning from above, as these launches fail, or as the satellites re enter Earth atmosphere and burn up, as they all will. 

From 1964 to 1966,  3 Or More SNAP Nuclear Reactors Melted Down; via @AGreenRoad

1985 – LOFT Nuclear Reactor Melted Down On Purpose

In 1985, the LOFT nuclear reactor was melted down on purpose. They ‘studied’ the ‘release’ of radioactive fission products that came out of the meltdown. What did they learn? Did they study the effects on the downwinders? 
1985 – LOFT Nuclear Reactor Melted Down On Purpose; via @AGreenRoad
For more articles like this; 
Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

1954- Borax 1 – 5 Reactors Melted Down And Blown Up, 100% On Purpose

Video of Borax I nuclear reactor blowing up and releasing massive amounts of radiation into the air. http://youtu.be/8WfNzJVxVz4?t=13m35s
The intense radiation fogged the film and caused the electronics in the cameras to stop working before the explosion could even finish. 
According to Wikipedia; “BORAX-I was a test reactor designed to explore criticality excursions and observe if a reactor would self limit. In the final test, it was deliberately destroyed (melted down) and revealed that the reactor reached much higher temperatures than were predicted at the time.[25]
The BORAX Experiments were destructive testing of boiling water reactors conducted by Argonne National Laboratory in the 1950s and 1960s at the National Reactor Testing Station in eastern Idaho.[1] They were performed using the five BORAX reactors that were designed and built by Argonne.[2]
Evolution of BORAX
This series of tests began with the BORAX-I nuclear reactor, which proved that a reactor using direct boiling of water would be practical, rather than unstable, because of the bubble formation in the core. Subsequently the reactor was used for power excursion tests which showed that rapid conversion of water to steam would safely control the reaction. 
The final, deliberately destructive test in 1954 produced an unexpectedly large power excursion that “instead of the melting of a few fuel plates, the test melted a major fraction of the entire core.” However, this core meltdown and release of nuclear fuel and fission products provided additional useful data to improve mathematical models. 
BORAX-I Destructive Test and Cleanup
Test synopsis: “The (test was) carried out by withdrawing four of the five control rods far enough to make the reactor critical at a very low power level. The fifth rod was then fired from the core by means of a spring. In this test, the rod was ejected in approximately 0.2 seconds. After the control rod was ejected, an explosion took place in the reactor which carried away the control mechanism and blew out the core. At half a mile, the radiation level rose to 25 mr/hr. Personnel were evacuated for about 30 minutes.”[3]
The destruction of BORAX-I caused the “aerial distribution of contaminants resulting from the final experiment of the BORAX-I reactor” and contamination of the topmost 1 foot of soil over about 2 acres in the vicinity.[4] The site needed to be cleaned up prior to being used for subsequent experiments. (This ignores the airborne radioactive gases and hot particles that came out of this reactor and traveled downwind, in the same manner that a nuclear bomb would have.)
The 84,000-square foot (7,800 m2) area was covered with 6 inches of gravel in 1954, but grass, sagebrush, and other plants reseeded the area since then. The BORAX-I burial ground is located about 2,730 feet (832 m) northwest of the Experimental Breeder Reactor-1, a publicly accessible national monument. 
Since 1987, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has classified the burial ground as Superfund site Operable Unit 6-01, one of two such sites (along with SL-1) at the Idaho National Laboratory
In 1995, the EPA ordered the primary remedy of the burial ground should be: “Containment by capping with an engineered barrier constructed primarily of native materials.”[4] The site is expected to produce no more than a 2 in 10,000 increase in cancer risk for long term residential use after 320 years, with no significant decrease after that time. .[4] (Of course, like all computer models, garbage in and you get garbage out, as is the case with just about all of these computer calculations)
(Note; Are there any signs at this Superfund toxic waste site, where the public is visiting? Are there any warnings to not drill, dig or disturb the soil? What happens when rabbits and gophers dig up the soil and bring the stuff under the rocks to the surface, where it can blow around in the wind? )
External links
BORAX-II reactor description at Argonne National Laboratory web site.
Built in 1954, the BORAX-II reactor proved the principles of pressurized water reactors, with a design output of 6 MW(t).
BORAX-II, modified into BORAX-III with the addition of a turbine, proved that turbine contamination would not be a problem. It was linked to the local power grid and for about an hour on July 17, 1955, it provided 2,000 kW to power nearby Arco, Idaho (500 kW), the BORAX test facility (500 kW), and partially powered the National Reactor Testing Station (after 2004, the Idaho National Laboratory) (1,000 kW). Thus Arco became the first city solely powered by nuclear energy. The reactor continued to be used for tests until 1956.
The BORAX-II reactor while in operation. The reactor was not equipped with a turbine generator, so it could not produce electricity. It vented the energy it produced in the form of steam. 
(Notice the huge black cloud of heavy particles going straight up and out of the reactor, as the lighter steam blows off to one side… radioactive materials venting out of the ‘pile’, which is not shielded at all.. So every time they fire these reactors up, they are venting toxic, heavy metal and radioactive materials up into the air and it goes downwind. And according to the original description above, all Borax reactors, above and below, were melted down or destroyed on purpose, releasing even more radioactive materials into the air. The white spots on the picture are due to radiation hitting the camera film, exposing it and lightening it.) 
BORAX-III reactor description at Argonne National Laboratory web site.
BORAX III steam turbine and generator
BORAX-IV reactor description at Argonne National Laboratory web site.
BORAX-IV, built in 1956, explored the thorium fuel cycle and uranium-233 fuel with a power of 20 MW thermal. This experiment utilized fuel plates that were purposely full of defects in order to explore long-term plant operation with damaged fuel plates. Radioactive gasses were released into the atmosphere.

BORAX-V reactor description at Argonne National Laboratory web site.
BORAX-V continued the work on boiling water reactor designs, including the use of a superheater. It operated from 1962 to 1964.
Summaries of BORAX experiments in Appendix B of Idaho National Laboratory’s history Proving the Principle.”
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BORAX-I

In summary, according to the initial introduction, the entire Borax series of nuclear reactors were designed and deployed in order to be destroyed on purpose via a meltdown/explosion scenario. The Borax 1 nuclear reactor meltdown is documented here, and the rest of the melt downs are only suggested, but with no documentation.

The pro nuclear apologists like to claim that only 3 nuclear reactors have melted down since the beginning of the atomic age, but the total number of meltdowns is actually staggering… click on the link to see them all..

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Remember that each melt down of a reactor results in a massive release of air borne radioactive gases, hot particles and radiation, which then floats downwind for thousands of miles, exposing everyone to disease and cancer causing radiation. Even up to today however, the pro nuclear apologists like to claim that no one dies and no one will ever die as a result of any nuclear accident. This is much like claiming that after the Titanic sunk, no one died as a result of the ship sinking. Just because people drown afterwards, that is just coincidence. 


1954- Borax 1 – 5  Reactors Melted Down And Blown Up, 100% On Purpose; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima – 200 MILLION Gallons Of Highly Radioactive Water Are Pouring Into Pacific Per Day, Or More

Both the IAEA and TEPCO both want to dump all of the high level radioactive liquids that is being stored in thousands of temporary and emergency types of storage tanks at Fukushima into the ocean. Things are going downhill at Fukushima and radiation levels underground and in the water going to the ocean are rising stratospherically.

TEPCO has been dumping and leaking high level waste into the ocean already, since 3/11 on a daily basis. TEPCO ‘estimates’ that 300 tons of radiation contaminated groundwater is flowing near or next to the 3 melted coriums that are located in three different reactor buildings. But really, it is all just a guess, because they have no idea how much radioactive water is really flowing into the ocean. Experts repeat this same figure, but they know even less than TEPCO what is going on. TEPCO has admitted that the underground wall that they hoped would stop the radiation, is not working. 

TV: Fukushima underground dam not working, radiation levels now exceeding gov’t limit near shore — Tepco Official: “The flow of contaminated water into ocean is causing problems… It’s quite difficult to stop” (VIDEO) February 9, 2014

Fukushima Daiichi Worker: Nothing can be done except to leak radioactive water! — Honestly feel that we are dumping massive amounts into ocean — Will spread all over world, reaching Hawaii and US soon May 8, 2012

“Dr. Helen Caldicott: There seems to be no end in sight for this dreadful catastrophe. About 300 to 400 tons of radioactive water per day are pouring into the Pacific, have been for the last 3 years, and will continue probably for the rest of time because no one can find out where the molten cores of a hundred of seethingly hot uranium are. No one can get near them because they’re so radioactive, and the water will continue to flow over them, I guess, forever more. I can’t see any other way out of it.”

Source; Caldicott: Fukushima to be pouring radioactive water into Pacific “probably for the rest of time… forever more” — “There’s simply nothing anyone can do about it” — “Nuclear industry is covering it up because they know if truth comes out it will be end of nuclear power”

Instead of repeating verbatim what TEPCO hands out in it’s PR spin, how about we do some investigative reporting, shall we? Do those reported 300 tons per day really make any sense at all, when one considers what is going on inside of a nuclear power plant with three melted down reactors? 

via Jebus August 14, 2013 I have been thinking about the amounts of corium water that have been “reported” these last weeks. Seemed kinda on the conservative side to me. Then just last night I was watching the local news on an under construction apartment fire. Big fire because it was in framework. Exposed boards, no covered firebreaks. What struck me is that they said that over a million gallons of water were pumped onto it in the six hours they took to put it out.
Over a million gallons in six hours.
Over 8 million pounds of water.
Thats 4,000 Tons of water in a six hour period, on an apartment fire, with a couple of hydrants and a few pumpers.
Four thousand tons of water in a six hour period.
Tepco says they are only using 400 tons of water a day?
Tepco says they are only using 800,000 pounds of water a day?
That’s only 100,000 gallons of water a day.
What? For three reactors, SFP’s, and all the rest..
Or they are lying?”
What everyone knows for sure and TEPCO admits is that the three melted out Fukushima containment vessels and the buildings that house these reactors are totally and completely broken and leaking. TEPCO has admitted that three reactors completely melted down. (It is actually much worse than this, but that is another story.) The earthquake and tsunami plus the multiple explosions in the buildings tore everything to shreds, so none of the reactors have any pressure in them, and they are all open to the air and groundwater. TEPCO is pumping ‘cooling’ water on whatever is left of 3 busted open, or melted open reactors, but these buildings are leaking like sieves no matter which one it is (or both), so where is all of that water going? TEPCO also has admitted and showed the world via pictures and videos how the basements in all of these buildings are broken and cracked, and they are all filled with highly radioactive water.

These basements have pipes and conduits coming into them which connect all of the buildings and also go to the ocean, and they are all filled with highly radioactive water as well. These pipes and conduits got cracked, and/or broken during the earthquake and tsunami.   

The whole Fukushima site is built on top of an underground river, and groundwater is right at the surface, plus the ocean tides surge in and out underground because it is all right next to the ocean, which makes everything worse. “The problem with this is they don’t really know how to stop it. […] They really don’t know how to stop this flow because it’s a major aquifer..”

Underground test wells have documented high levels of radiation are going into the ocean; cesium, strontium, plutonium, and many other man made radioactive elements are documented to be going into ocean.

Without a closed loop system of taking water in and then taking it out again, the best that TEPCO can do is to keep pouring water on whatever is left inside broken reactors, and then watch it pour OUT of those buildings straight into the ocean, wouldn’t you agree? 
The amount of highly radioactive water pouring like an avalanche into the Pacific is WAY MORE than what the TEPCO ‘experts’ are willing to admit to. As a matter of fact they will not admit ANY water is leaking out of these totally broken reactors. The only thing they have admitted to is groundwater flowing ‘past’ the buildings is getting contaminated. 
Who made up the figure about 300 tons per day? Why is everyone repeating it, like mindless parrots? Here is another source; New York Times, which is reporting it is actually 600 tons per day. Well if 600 tons is possible, why not 1,000, or 10,000 tons, or even 100,000 tons per day? 
Twice as much contaminated water entering ocean from Fukushima as officials claim? Japan Gov’t: 600 tons of groundwater enters ocean each day at plant — NYTimes: Tepco’s figures assume ALL water entering ocean from plant is contaminated
The ‘expert’ in the video above seems to think that somehow the underground river got stopped by the underground wall that TEPCO built. Have you ever heard of a river that could be stopped with a ‘wall’? Maybe you can dam a river for a short period of time, but ALL dams overflow eventually. You cannot stop a river, not for long anyway.  He does to his credit mention that highly radioactive water is leaking OUT of the 3 broken reactors, so everyone agrees on that point at least. But even TEPCO has admitted that the underground wall that was supposed to stop all of this radioactive water from going into the ocean, IS NOT WORKING.
TV: Fukushima underground dam not working, radiation levels now exceeding gov’t limit near shore — Tepco Official: “The flow of contaminated water into ocean is causing problems… It’s quite difficult to stop” (VIDEO) February 9, 2014

That brings us back to the question; how much highly deadly radioactive water from Fukushima is REALLY GOING INTO THE OCEAN?

via FXofTruth March 25, 2014  The math is totally WRONG on the amounts of water being poured to cool(?) those melted cores! First and foremost, TEPCO has lied about EVERYTHING…
E V E R Y T H I N G! So the 300-400 tons of deadly irradiated sea water “leaking” daily is a lie or, to say it another way – fictional fact!
Scientific estimation during an emergency meltdown:
Water is poured on ONE melting core at 30,000 gallons per minute –
– 8.3 pounds is the weight of one gallon of water
– 30,000 gallons of water weight 249,000 pounds
– A short TON, commonly used in the US, is equal to 2000 pounds
ONE MINUTE – of water flowing over a ONE melted core is 124.5 TONS of water.
ONE HOUR – of water flowing over a SINGLE melted core is 7,470 TONS of water.
24 HOURS – of water flowing over a SINGLE melted core is 79,280 TONS of water.
These are the hard numbers from real experts. Even the good Doctor (Caldicott) simply takes TEPCO’s words and runs with them. Proof is required to verify their leakage numbers. We have NO third-party confirmation of any solid quantifiable data. We only have a lying company’s press releases as data… If we say that in 24 hours of cooling 79,280 tons of sea water was used on ONE melted core then, 237,840 tons are used on THREE melted cores a day. So, lets cut the numbers in half to 118,920 tons used for three cores…still a staggering number! So if it were gallons gasoline instead of water, that would be 237,840,000 gallons…”
OVER 200 MILLION GALLONS OF LIQUID RADIOACTIVE WASTE PER DAY IS POURING INTO THE PACIFIC, just from what TEPCO is pouring on the reactors, not counting what is going into the ocean via the underground river, via the cracked up and leaking basements, nor what is flowing past the coriums that may be located elsewhere! 
Now let’s focus on to the next concern that many who are very knowledgeable about Fukushima are having. Assume for a second that the melted reactor contents which are called coriums ate through the concrete foundation under the reactor, as all of the studies around this issue show. Corium is not cooled off by water from above. Corium just builds a shield on top of itself and keeps digging down underneath, much like the lava flows in Hawaii do when sprayed with water from above. Plus, corium generates it’s own heat, so it is much different from lava in that way. 
Corium can eat through concrete like a manic pack of super termites eating wood, at a rate of an inch per hour. At that rate the THREE 2000 to 5000 degree 65 ton radioactive out of control corium lava blobs left the buildings and are now underground. Where does that leave us? 
TEPCO does not want the world to know where these coriums are, and neither does the nuclear industry. TEPCO has made absolutely ZERO attempts to find these coriums and locate where they are or where they might be going. After all, that might cost some money. And when you have a budget that is straining to pay for duct tape and baling wire, you cannot afford to go looking for lost coriums. TEPCO seems to think that these out of control radioactive 65 ton radiation spewing lava ball coriums probably just went over to the neighbors house and are playing over there, right?

Several news reporters have interviewed experts that say the coriums may very well have gone all the way out of the buildings, and are now down in the earth somewhere. What makes it much worse is the stress of not knowing, and the fact that TEPCO is making zero efforts to figure out where those coriums are, and are still lying about 99% of what is going on at Fukushima.

via Sickputer March 25, 2014  Re: “Massive feed and bleed… the water leaching over the buried coriums from the mountain underground aquifer in the sandstone fissures meeting up with tidal flow fissures may be ten times your massive estimate. (200 million gallons per day)
I question whether they are using as much sprayed concrete pump water inside the buildings because that leakage adds to ground-soil radiation and could make the plant so radioactive that it is impossible for humans to do anything outside the buildings. Which may be the case already.
I have always thought the fish kills 5,000 miles away meant there was far more radiation in the water than any government agency will admit. The USS Reagan crew were thrown to the wolves and they drank the toxic Fukushima water. The nuclear coverup by the US and Japan will one day blow up into a health pandemic and many different coalitions will combine to counter the government lies. Helen Caldicott is exactly correct. The admission that Fukushima is a mass extinction event (as defined by at least 60% casualties) will put pressure to halt all the nuclear plants. America can live without those monsters. The 64 trillion dollar question will be: Can the Russians, Chinese, and Indians also go cold turkey? Probably not until they blow a couple of plants in their own countries.”
Bloomberg: Much more than 300 tons of contaminated water a day entering Pacific from Fukushima? Data’s been “cooked” all along — It’s polluting North Asia
Bottom line, there are many documented sources of Fukushima radioactive water flowing into the Pacific and they all add together. There is MUCH, MUCH more than a measly 300 tons per day going into the Pacific... 
Underground river is flowing through basements under 3 broken and leaking reactors.
Underground river flowing past the 3 underground coriums directly into the ocean.
Underground tidal ocean surge comes up into basements and then back out into ocean.
Leaking tanks pouring high level liquid radiation into the ocean; frequent leaks.
Rainwater washes surface contamination into ocean.
Rainwater leaches radiation from spent fuel scattered 1 – 3 km around the #3 plant, into the ocean.
Rivers and lakes full of radiation from Fukushima go straight to ocean.
Japan is burning extremely radioactive tsunami debris and other stuff all over the country that is coming from Fukushima. All of that goes into air, and then the gases and hot particles drift into ocean.
Japan is dumping radioactive ashes from those incinerators into Tokyo Bay, which goes to ocean
IAEA wants to dump ALL water from tanks into ocean on top of all of the above… 
Combine all of the above… what is the total amount of radiation from Fukushima POURING into the Pacific?

200 million gallons per day is a gross underestimate, when considering all of these sources, wouldn’t you agree?

AGRP does not know how much radiation from Fukushima is going into the ocean, but it is a MASSIVE amount, whatever it is, and it is orders of magnitude more than the laughable 300 tons that TEPCO is claiming. The only question left to ask is, what effect is this having on the life in the ocean? Here is the first report for you to consider, about what effects this massive amount of radiation pouring into the Pacific via air and water is having on the living sea life. 
Dead sea creatures covered 98% of seafloor last year about 150 miles off California coast; Unprecedented, had been below 1% prior to event — ‘Major’ changes began in spring 2011
The massive amounts of radiation going into the Pacific from Fukushima related air and water sources could very well spell doom in the longer term to not only the Pacific, but also to the USA, which sits down wind and is very dependent on the Pacific ocean for many things besides fish. Here are some more reports that indicate MAJOR problems for Pacific ocean sea life..

Mass Die Off Of Starfish, Chitons, Abalone, Mussels, Sun Stars, Salmon In Pacific Ocean S. California To Alaska; via @AGreenRoad

Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish ARE Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects; via A Green Road
70% Of All Sea Lions Dying In California; Fukushima Radiation The Cause via @AGreenRoad
TEPCO is claiming that the Pacific will dilute the poisons that Fukushima as well as other nuclear plants are dumping into the Pacific via air or water. How will the creatures in the ocean be affected? Indeed the massive amount of water in the Pacific does dilute radiation. The important question to ask is; how will this ‘diluted’ radiation be concentrated and move back up the food chain to humans? Will there be concentrated radiation coming over on the tsunami trash plume?
Plutonium And Cesium Bio-Concentrates 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae; via @AGreenRoad
Radioactive Seaweed Found With 40,000,000 Bq per Kilogram – Seaweed Put Into Many Food Products; via @AGreenRoad
Bottom line, Fukushima is NOT under control. TEPCO is NOT just ‘decommissioning’ a cold shut down plant, as they claim. This is an out of control EMERGENCY and they have no idea how to stop it and get it under control. You cannot have three out of control coriums, not know where they are, and then claim ‘cold shutdown’. This is the largest cover up and deception in the history of nuclear power, and the public should be hopping mad and demanding action and accountability. But how does the public learn about it, when the mass media is in cover up mode, choosing to focus instead on dancing, royalty, game shows, lost airplanes, movie stars, and petty criminals in court?

10 min. in; – Michio Kaku, Ph.D. in nuclear physics from UC Berkeley and protégé of Edward Teller,‘father of hydrogen bomb’ said: “The crisis is much more severe than we’re led to believe. Documents have been coming out over the last 2 years showing how the utility and government deliberately suppressed vital information….
12.:45 in; – Japan made a Faustian bargain, Faust was a legendary figure who sold his soul to the devil for unlimited power. That’s the Faustian bargain Japan made after the war. And now they’re going to have to reanalyze whether it’s worth it to sell your soul to the devil.”
Source: TV: Fukushima crisis “much more severe than we’re led to believe” — ‘Mind-boggling’ —  Japan “selling soul to devil” if they restart nuclear plants

There have been mass die offs of several different ocean life species, and Fukushima is the primary suspect. Time will tell what the total impact and number of deaths will be from Fukushima. But so far, the whole picture does not look good. And what makes it worse, is Japan’s obstinate and stubborn refusal to stop this avalanche of radioactive water going into the Pacific, to not tell the truth about 99% of what happened, and not even bothering to look for the coriums, while at the same time, covering up the damage being caused not only to their own people, but to the global environment. 

Fukushima – 200 MILLION Gallons Of Highly Radioactive Water Are Pouring Into Pacific Per Day, Or More; via @AGreenRoad

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1955 EBR – Experimental Breeder Reactor Melts Down

Many people seem to celebrate the ‘birth’ of nuclear power in Idaho, at the EBR experimental reactor. Few know that it actually melted down. Even fewer people know or realize the many problems that have resulted from the radioactive nuclear waste that is still being produced today. Idaho is not just the birth place of nuclear energy, but also the dumping and burial grounds of nuclear waste, which was buried right on top of groundwater and aquifers. The pro nuclear ‘experts’ and pro nuclear apologists predicated it would take 80,000 years to reach drinking water aquifers, but it actually only took 30 years. This nuclear garbage is now being paid for by taxpayers and will have to be guarded and monitored for 1 million years.  Watch the video for more details..
For more videos, go to; https://www.youtube.com/user/SnakeRiverAlliance

November 29, 1955 Idaho Falls, Idaho, US Power excursion with partial core meltdown at National Reactor Testing Station‘s EBR-1 Experimental Breeder Reactor I

On November 29, 1955, the reactor at EBR-I suffered a partial meltdown during a coolant flow test. The flow test was trying to determine the cause of unexpected reactor responses to changes in coolant flow. It was subsequently repaired for further experiments, which determined that thermal expansion of the fuel rods and the thick plates supporting the fuel rods was the cause of the unexpected reactor response.[7]

1966 – Enrico Fermi Liquid Sodium Cooled Breeder Reactor Melts Down

Wikipedia reports that; “on October 5, 1966, Fermi 1, a prototype fast breeder reactor, suffered a partial fuel meltdown… After repairs it was shut down by 1972.[1]
The Fermi Station (NRC image)
The 94 MWe prototype fast breeder reactor Fermi 1 unit was under construction and development at the site from 1957 to 1972. On October 5, 1966 Fermi 1 suffered a partial fuel meltdown. According to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there was no abnormal radiation release to the environment.[3]
The main cause of the temperature increase was a blockage in one of the spigots that allowed the flow of cooled liquid sodium into the reactor. The blockage caused an insufficient amount of coolant to enter; this was not noticed by the operators until the core temperature alarms sounded. Several fuel rod subassemblies reached high temperatures of around 700 °F (370 °C) (with an expected range near 580 °F, 304 °C), causing them to melt.[3]
Following an extended shutdown that involved fuel replacement, repairs to vessel, and cleanup, Fermi 1 continued to operate intermittently until September 22, 1972, but was never again able to reach a fully operational state. It was officially decommissioned December 31, 1975. It is currently in SAFSTOR with a gradual “final” decommissioning in progress.[3]
A number of accounts of the accident are available. There is some debate about whether the details of the accident as written in the book Fermi-1 New Age for Nuclear Power[4] and published by the American Nuclear Society in 1979 are completely accurate. Several of the claims in the ANS’s account are contradicted by certain parts of We Almost Lost Detroit, a book written by local Detroit newsman John Grant Fuller (subtitled “This Is Not A Novel”).[5] The book Normal Accidents, written by Yale professorCharles Perrow, describes this accident in more detail.

Fermi 2

Fermi 2 is a 1,098 net MWe General Electric boiling water reactor owned by DTE Energy and operated by subsidiary DTE Electric. It was opened in January 1988 and is currently in operation.[6]
On June 6, 2010 a tornado touched down and damaged the Fermi 2 generator building and forced an automatic shutdown. The tornadoes damaged electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure in the area leaving over 30,000 people without power in the area.[7] The plant is connected to two single-circuit 345 kV Transmission Lines and 3 120 kV lines. They are operated and maintained by ITC Transmission.

Fermi 3

In September 2008, Detroit Edison filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a Combined Construction and Operating License (COL) for a third reactor.[8] The new unit is supposed to be built on the same site, slightly to the southwest of Fermi 2. The reactor design selected is the 1,520 MWe GE-designed passive Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR). Review of the 17,000-page application could take four years, after which construction could take six years. The cost is estimated at as much as $10 billion.[9] CEO Anthony Earley said that DTE’s analysis “so far shows that nuclear power will, over the long term, be the most cost-effective baseload option for our customers, … We expect nuclear to remain the low-cost option, but we will continue to evaluate nuclear against other resources and will commit to proceeding with construction only at the right time and at the right cost”.[10]
In March 2009, a coalition of citizen groups asked federal regulators to reject plans for Fermi 3, contending that it would pose a range of threats to public health and the environment. The groups have filed 14 contentions with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, claiming that a new plant would pose “radioactive, toxic and thermal impacts on Lake Erie‘s vulnerable western basin.”[11][12]
This proposed plant should not be confused with the original Fermi 3 project which was to be a companion unit identical to Fermi 2. The original Fermi 3 was ordered in 1972 and cancelled in 1974. SeeDOE data page 67 and WNA Fermi 3 data.


The plant is operated by the DTE Electric and owned (100 percent) by DTE Energy.

Seismic risk

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s estimate of the risk each year of an earthquake intense enough to cause core damage to the reactor at Fermi was 1 in 238,095 (less than those of Three Mile Island), according to an NRC study published in August 2010.[13][14]


1966 – Enrico Fermi Liquid Sodium Cooled Breeder Reactor Melts Down; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima Workers ‘Allowed’ 250 mSv/yr, Compared To 20 mSv/yr For US Nuclear Industry Workers

What are Fukushima nuclear workers REALLY exposed to as far as radiation? In this article, we will explore, detail and document the various methods used to cover up, deny, minimize and conceal the real radiation exposure of workers at Fukushima.


As a first step, let’s go into the first technique, which is covering up a dosimeter with a lead shield made for that purpose. Of course, not all workers wear dosimeters, as we will detail later on.

Video; Workers at the Fukushima Daichi plant were forced to cover their dosimeters with lead shields.. Why would they force their nuclear workers to do this, when the limits on radiation exposure for nuclear workers in Japan are so high as to be ridiculous? And this problem is not just something that happened once, back in 2011, but it seems to be a problem that keeps on happening.


Asahi: Disturbing picture emerging as nuclear employees come out of the woodwork — Fukushima workers report groups clocking in with no dosimeters August 6, 2012

Here is another report from NHK, about a heavy equipment worker saying that not only did he not receive any information about radiation dangers, he also got no dosimeter. http://youtu.be/fjOHpPDJ4ns?t=2m44s

Wouldn’t you agree that for workers to illegally and secretly shield their radiation meters, the amounts of radiation where they were working had to be above a legal limit, or they were so desperate for work, that they are willing to hide their true radiation exposure and commit a form of radiation exposure suicide, just to pay a few bills? 
Combine the covering up of dosimeters, plus the under reporting of actual radiation received and not issuing dosimeters to workers in extremely high radiation areas, and what do you get?


“Tokyo Electric Power Co. underestimated internal radiation exposure of 142 workers involved in immediate emergency operations at the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in March 2011, according to Japan’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.”



“The U.N. committee noted that workers were tested for thyroid gland doses from radioactive iodine only after a significant delay. It also said the dose assessment procedures totally ignored iodine-132 and iodine-133, which have short half-lives of 2 hours and 20 hours, respectively.”


So how, exactly, did TEPCO get readings of just 100 mSv per hour until recently when they discovered readings of 1800 mSv per hour? You won’t believe this: They were using a radiation meter that maxed out at 100 mSv.”

“Tepco admitted recently that only two workers had initially been assigned to check more than 1,000 storage tanks on the site. Neither of the workers carried dosimeters to measure their exposure to radiation, and some inspections had not been properly recorded. The new radiation spike was measured at 1,800 millisieverts an hour—36 times the annual exposure Japanese regulators says workers can endure.”

In the above story, all workers getting around the on site water storage tanks that emit huge amounts of gamma radiation are being exposed to up to 1,800 mSv/hr which can be fatal within 4 hours. But the workers are led to believe that they are safe, because the meter is reading only 100 mSv/hr, and they carry no dosimeters, as of 2013, TWO YEARS after the mega nuclear disaster happened. This all by itself is an indication of massive fraud, cover up and lies around this the worker radiation dosage issue. But, no surprise, this is all too common after every nuclear disaster.


Dosimeters Only Measure 1/7th Of True Radiation Levels On Average; via @AGreenRoad
Dosimeters only measure a small fraction of the actual radiation that is there. And depending on the make and model, it can be much worse.. Cover it with lead, and that makes the recorded radiation dose MUCH lower. It is even possible to ‘calibrate’ these dosimeters to show MUCH less radiation, in the same way that radiation meters peg out at 100 mSv/hr.

Assuming this is happening with the dosimeters that all workers are supposed to wear, how much radiation are workers REALLY being exposed to, compared to what is being ‘reported’ or calculated by lead shielded dosimeters or computer models and estimates for workers not wearing any at all? Just with the one ‘trick’ of meters maxing out at 100 mSv, workers are being exposed to 1,800% more DEADLY gamma radiation than the meters are recording.

The difference between appearance that TEPCO offers via press releases and reality is provided in the following video, which interviewed workers directly, despite their secrecy agreements.


Now add to the above that the training that at least some of these radiation workers receive consists of a couple hours of indoctrination on the harmlessness of radiation, how Fukushima is safe, and that no radiation can harm them. Then these new recruits are forced to sign a consent form, a secrecy agreement and swear to never talk to anyone about anything around Fukushima. What is it with all of this secrecy? If everything being done in site is so legal and above board and everyone there is a hero, why is TEPCO acting like spies and secret agents, skulking around in the darkness? 
Signing a consent form does not mean much if they are not honestly told about the risks of radiation. Calculating radiation doses means nothing if the workers are given meters that peg out at low radiation levels, that are less than 5% of what they are actually being exposed to.


Japanese nuclear workers can be exposed to an exterior dose of 250 mSv per year, (click on link to go to source) which is Orders of Magnitude higher than the maximum 20 mSv/yr allowed for nuclear workers in the USA. 50 mSv/yr is the absolute maximum dose recommended by nuclear authorities, so Japanese nuclear workers at Fukushima are exposed to FIVE times more than this  nuclear industry ‘absolute’ limit. Then you have to add the interior dose.

Safecast Radiation Readings From Inside Fukushima Daichi Plant Finally Revealed In Dec. 2013 – 192 uSv/Hr; via @AGreenRoad

If the Japanese government and TEPCO can subject their own workers to inhumane radiation contaminated conditions like that, it is just another very small step to civilians also being exposed to the same or even a higher radiation dose. If radiation workers can absorb 250 mSv/yr, surely a civilian child can handle 200, right?

Another source for this same information comes from CBS News; “The Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare raised the maximum allowable exposure for nuclear workers to 250 millisieverts from 100 millisieverts. It described the move as “unavoidable due to the circumstances.”

Al Jazeera also reports on the 250 mSv limit in the video above. 

Other organizations such as TEPCO may have a different radiation limit that is much lower. Why are the news casters mainly talking about much lower radiation limits, when the Ministry of Health has authorized and legalized such a super high radiation limit?

It is rather odd that just about all of the more recent news out of Japan never mentions this radiation limit. Official statements and reports from TEPCO minimize the radiation exposure of workers, but at the same time, we hear stories about radiation badges being covered with lead, and worker conditions getting worse and worse, with all kinds of radiation exposure accidents.


Fukushima workers “undergoing treatment for radiation exposure” — Tepco: “6 people have been irradiated… big mistakes like this continue to happen again and again… essential that we put something in place to stop this” 
Contamination sprayed on men at Fukushima plant — Alarm sounds over radioactivity levels — Worker: They never told us Reactor 3 building was steaming, “I found out about it on TV”
Tepco “deeply apologizes for mistake” — Admits ‘sprayed’ Fukushima workers actually exposed to 5 times ‘safe’ radiation limit — Radioactive dust to blame, not water spray?


The truth is not getting out about how bad things really are at Fukushima Daichi. Despite this huge coverup and swearing everyone involved to secrecy, plus passing a secrets act that makes it a crime to talk about anything nuclear, bottom line, TEPCO is having more and more difficulty recruiting workers. They are so desperate, they are now getting the homeless to work there. Of course, the news is slowly leaking out that just visiting Fukushima may be very hazardous. 5,000 nuclear workers who visited the site are suffering from internal radiation exposure. 
Could it be that many more workers are dying than the authorities are admitting to? Officially, the authorities are trying to claim that not one person has died, despite these extremely high radiation levels and constant radiation accidents, spills and super high exposure levels, documented internal radiation exposure, plus incidents such as a worker getting exposed to 20 Sieverts gamma radiation and then dying from leukemia. 
August 30th, 2011


Of course, this case of leukemia has nothing to do with high radiation exposure and all those workers dropping dead of heart attacks and cancers also have nothing to do with Fukushima. (sarcasm)
200 To 4,000 Missing TEPCO Nuclear Plant Workers – Where Did They Disappear To? via @AGreenRoad
One Million + Fukushima Worker And Civilian Radiation Contamination Deaths Totally Covered Up?

Before December of 2012, TEPCO would not admit that ANY workers had been exposed to radiation above 100 millisieverts. However, “TEPCO reported to the World Health Organization in December that (only) 178 workers at the plant were believed to have received radiation doses to their thyroid glands above 100 millisieverts.” Out of the tens of thousands of workers who went through this plant and who all were exposed to ‘hot particles’, gases as well as intense radiation on a daily basis, only 178 had a radiation exposure that equaled 100 chest X rays. 
This was so laughably ridiculous, that someone up higher in the food chain told TEPCO that they had to redo this and come up with a ‘better number’. So TEPCO came back and corrected their analysis. Now they report that 2,000 workers may have been exposed to radiation, sufficient to increase their chances of thyroid cancer. Still, they are NOT admitting that a single employee got cancer due to Fukushima, and not a single employee has died due to working there in that intense radiation disaster. 


Given the dropping pay, worse working conditions and extremely high radiation, plus extreme health risks, is it any surprise that the numbers of workers on site has been dropping over the years, since 3/11?

In November, 2012; “A TEPCO spokesman said while they need 11,700 workers this year, 24,300 are registered to work at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. The spokesman said there is no shortage of workers

Reuters asks an official about the sub human working conditions, pay skimming, and lower than minimum wages being paid at Fukushima in video above.

But by March 18th, 2014 NYTimes: Crisis underway at Fukushima plant, worker shortage — “Alcoholism is rampant” — Tepco base is selling the whiskey — Help wanted ad seeks employees “able to carry out a conversation” — Workers spray hose full of radioactive waste on themselves and others (VIDEO)
In summary, things seem to be going from bad to worse in all ways at the Fukushima plant. It is no surprise that things keep breaking and that the water treatment plant is no longer ‘cleaning’ the water, and there are no plans to even fix it, as of 3/29/2004. The Yakuza mob still seems to be in control despite Japanese government assurances that this will be ‘cleaned up’.

Documentary Movie; “Nuclear Ginza” – Japanese Nuclear Industry Horrors; via @AGreenRoad

We are asking for donations of more duct tape, baling wire and plastic sheeting, (sarcasm) since that is what seems to be symbolic of the level of concern for workers, for the environment, for their Japanese citizens, and for everyone around the world in general by the Japanese government, TEPCO and everyone involved with Fukushima. How much worse can it get than a totally out of control emergency? 


Fukushima Workers ‘Allowed’ 250 mSv/yr, Compared To 20 mSv/yr For US Nuclear Industry Workers; via @AGreenRoad

For more articles on nuclear worker conditions at Fukushima; 

Fukushima Decommissioning Worker Conditions Deteriorating; via @AGreenRoad
Fukushima Lies Movie Part I and II; via @AGreenRoad
2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad

2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit

In the short video and news clip above, we can all agree that the Japanese government and nuclear industry have agreed to ‘relax the limits‘ on radiation exposure and invite people back into former evacuation no go zones. But what does this actually mean, beyond the short 30 second sound bite, which sounds harmless?
It is now well known and established fact that the Japanese government and TEPCO as well as the pro nuclear apologists have been caught covering up, lying about and hiding the high radiation levels resulting from the Fukushima mega disaster generally. 
But if you think that this claim is way too far out there, and way beyond ‘normal’ boundaries, it may be helpful to learn more about the normalcy bias and the 5 stages of grieving a loss of any kind.
Titantic and Costa Concordia – Example of Normalcy Bias In Fukushima Mega Disaster; via @AGreenRoad 


The Five Stages Of Grief In Response To Trauma, Abuse, Disasters Such as Fukushima, or Loss; via @AGreenRoad 
But what is worse, is that these same pro nuclear ‘experts’ and Japanese government officials are moving people back into radiation contaminated areas that are more radiation contaminated than the worst radiation exclusion zones around Chernobyl, while claiming that this toxic high radiation exposure level is ‘safe’, even for children. Is it really “safe”?
Gov’t officials are withholding Fukushima radiation data — Levels much higher than expected — Releasing numbers would “have a huge impact” — Over 2,000 millisieverts per year where residents are being encouraged to return
“The new results, however, were significantly higher than expected, with the largest gap coming in Kawauchi. There, the Cabinet Office team had predicted radiation doses of 1-2 millisieverts per day, but the data showed doses at between 2.6 and 6.6 millisieverts.”
What does a 2,000 mSv per year external exposure mean (no internal radiation included)? For that we have to consult a radiation interpretation chart. The first “Radiation Dose Chart” was compiled by Randall Munroe, with assistance from Ellen, Senior Reactor Operator at the REED Research Reactor.

Radiation Dose Chart

Geiger Counter Interpretation

2,000 mSv per year = 2 Sieverts per year according to the above chart is FATAL over time, especially for children, who are up to 2,000 times more sensitive to the same dose.

1. The authorities and news media responsible for this news report retracted the 2,000 mSv/yr radiation figures after it was released, and said that they made a ‘mistake’. Now they are saying that they actually meant that 2.6 to 6.6 was the mSv dose per year in Iitate. It seems like all of their figures keep changing up and down, and ‘mistakes’ around radiation readings are just an everyday thing. It seems that no one can count on anything the nuclear ‘experts’ say, especially around radiation figures. But let’s take this 2-6 mSv/yr figure at face value as the ‘official’ government radiation exposure level for Iitate.

Let’s take a deeper look at just this one town, called Iitate, which the Japanese government is inviting it’s citizens back into. Iitate is about 40 km NW of Fukushima Daichi. As a next step, let’s add several credible sources of radiation data on and compare those to what the government says, and then combine them all in a summary, to see how they compare in a simple, easy to see format. Here is the second source of information; via the Economist..

2. Economist: “Enormous spread of radiation” — Levels so high in hills of Iitate that locals dare not go near — 150 millisieverts/yr outside official’s home
“Outside Mr Sato’s house, however, a reading of the equivalent of 150 millisieverts a year left your correspondent strangely reluctant to inhale.”
Assuming the reading in a decontaminated downtown area is 150 mSv per year, what is the radiation reading up in the hills, where “no one dares to go“? Could the radiation in the hills where no decontamination work has been done be ten times as high, or 1,500 to 2,000 mSv per year? The only way to tell is to go there yourself and walk around with a high quality radiation meter. 
3. From PubMed published study; “Based on the measured density of radionuclides at the highest contamination location during the present survey, an exposure rate of about 200 μGy h (0.2 mSv) at 1 m above the ground was estimated at the time of the radioactive deposition on March 15. At this location, the cumulative exposure would reach 50 mGy (50mSv) in the middle of May 2011” March to May = 3 months = 50 mSv, so 3 months x 4 = 200 mSv per year, correct?
4. Fukushima – (PanOrient News) Greenpeace radiation experts said they have confirmed radiation levels of up to ten micro Sieverts per hour (10.000 µSv) in Iitate village, 40 km northwest of the crisis-stricken Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear plant, and 20 km beyond the official evacuation zone, and these levels are high enough to require evacuation, the group said in a statement.
So what is the real radiation reading in Iitate – Mura? All hourly or daily radiation readings above were converted to annual radiation totals below… 

Cabinet Office Team            2.2 – 6.6 mSv/yr
GreenPeace 10 µSv/hr =     87.66 mSv/yr
Economist article –           150 mSv/yr radiation reading in town, MUCH higher out of town
PubMed Study –               200 mSv/yr documented in scientific study
Cabinet Office Team      2,000 mSv/yr (later said it was a ‘mistake’)

Current radiation limit for US nuclear workers = 20 mSv/year

The average yearly human dose (American Nuclear Society) is 6.2 mSv/year (0.71 uSv/hour)

An absolute maximum yearly dose of 50 mSv/year (5.7 uSv/hour)

In the documented evidence and reports above, you can see radiation readings or reports range all the way from a low of 2.2 mSv to a high of 2,000 mSv per year, so take your pick.. Who knows what the radiation dose per year really is? This shows how confusion and chaos reigns during and after a nuclear disaster, even up to 3 years later.
If we take just the middle range between 87 to 200 mSv/yr and throw out the highest and lowest readings, that is still way above the industry maximum for nuclear workers at US nuclear facilities of 20 mSv/yr, and up to four times higher than the 50 mSv/yr absolute maximum radiation dose ANYONE should get per year. Bottom line, this town and many others like it should be evacuated, not have people invited to come back and live in it, as the Japanese government and nuclear industry is doing now, in order to avoid paying compensation and emergency housing costs.
Actually, it is not that hard to believe that the Japanese government is doing this to civilians, because they also raised the ‘limit’ for Japanese nuclear plant workers from 20 mSv to…

 250 mSv per year, (click on link to go to source) which is Orders of Magnitude higher than the maximum 20 mSv/yr allowed in the USA, and double the absolute maximum dose recommended. If the Japanese government and TEPCO can subject their own workers to inhumane radiation contaminated conditions like that, it is just another very small step to civilians also being exposed to the same or even a higher radiation dose. If radiation workers can absorb 250 mSv/yr, surely a civilian child can handle 200, right?

Another source for this same information comes from CBS News; “The Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare raised the maximum allowable exposure for nuclear workers to 250 millisieverts from 100 millisieverts. It described the move as “unavoidable due to the circumstances.”
Why is the Japanese government and TEPCO doing what looks like a deliberate, cold, dark hearted thing like this, that will result in many people dying and getting all kinds of radiation related diseases and cancers, as well as birth defects? Actually, this radiation ‘experimentation’ with ordinary civilians is nothing new…

Radiation Exposure Victims, Human Radiation Experimentation Victims And Accidents Speak Out

Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via @AGreenRoad

Remember that the nuclear industry is on the ropes. The Fukushima mega nuclear disaster was a kill shot for the nuclear industry. The nuclear industry allied with governments and corrupted regulators have to cover up this global nuclear ecocide/genocidal crime, pretend it never happened and get everyone to act ‘normally’. Japan is also a very tiny island. If they did evacuate everyone all the way down past Tokyo, the country would collapse economically.
Tokyo; Is It Safe To Visit or Live In? via @AGreenRoad
The pro nuclear apologists have chosen not to evacuate people, and are moving people back into highly radiation contaminated zones on top of that. The result of hubris, intense financial pressure, geographic limits, nuclear industry pressure, and bankers wanting their investment to pay off has resulted in the greatest nuclear disaster cover up in the history of humankind, bar none.
Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1% 
What is very clear from scientific and medical research done all around the world, is that as infant deaths and cancers increase, the background radiation dose also increases.
Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults


German study on infants and effects of increasing background radiation

As a result of these high radiation readings documented above, wouldn’t you agree that one would expect to see a lot of radiation exposure signs in the kids especially? Well, surprise, that is exactly what the parents and teachers are seeing inside of these high radiation areas…. Click on links to go to stories…

Evacuee from Outside Fukushima: “There’s a black dust absolutely everywhere” that’s highly radioactive — Gov’t would not evacuate children because they’d have to certify it was safe to return, and they could not — “It’s an ongoing crisis” (VIDEO) March 22, 2014

Fukushima Evacuee: 50% of class with nosebleeds at same time — Immune system problems reported by many families

This tiny example also illustrates why you should buy a high quality pancake style Geiger Counter. That way, you never have to trust anyone, and you can just take your own radiation reading. The truth is really very simple. Trust your own Geiger Counter. If calibrated correctly, it will not lie to you, but many other people will lie to you and your neighbors, because Billions to Trillions of dollars are at stake. Human lives are cheap by comparison. 


2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad

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What works for seven future generations, without causing harm?

Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In 2014; Where Is This Coming From?

Prof. Chris Busby and other nuclear professionals discuss how the background radiation is increasing all over the globe due to the huge radiation releases, leaks and nuclear plant accidents year after year of radioactive man made elements.

The increase in background radiation documented below is due to DU weapons, nuclear plant accidents, plutonium releases, uranium mining and many other sources, most of which are kept secret, hidden or covered up. http://www.llrc.org

A short movie clip from the movie On The Beach, about background radiation increasing..

Via i know March 26, 2014 


1950’s, average background radiation was 1 mSv (and maximum limit for public)
1960’s, Due to 2,400 open air atomic bomb tests radioactive fallout, it doubled to 2 mSv 
1994, average background radiation, Chernobyl, TMI, other accidents and dumping 3 mSv
2002, average background radiation, more accidents, spills, ocean/air dumping 3.6 mSv
2014, average background radiation, Fukushima mega disaster and more dumping  6.2 mSv (max. limit for public has been raised 600%)
…the average annual radiation dose per person in the U.S. is 620 millirem (6.2 milliSieverts).”
                                                                  YEARLY INTERNAL RADIATION DOSE
All of the above are external, then one has to add the internal radiation exposure, which is .28 mSv exposure per year, just from food and water radiation contamination. 


Gov’t officials are withholding Fukushima radiation data — Levels much higher than expected — Releasing numbers would “have a huge impact” — Over 2,000 millisieverts per year where residents are being encouraged to return
“The new results, however, were significantly higher than expected, with the largest gap coming in Kawauchi. There, the Cabinet Office team had predicted radiation doses of 1-2 millisieverts per day, but the data showed doses at between 2.6 and 6.6 millisieverts.”
First the Japanese government covered up, lied about and hid the high radiation levels resulting from the Fukushima mega disaster. Now the pro nuclear ‘experts’ are claiming that radiation is safe and are moving people back into radiation contaminated areas that are more radiation contaminated that the radiation exclusion zones around Chernobyl, while claiming that this is ‘safe’. Is it really?

What does a 2,000 mSv per year external exposure mean (no internal radiation included)? For that we have to consult a radiation interpretation chart. This “Radiation Dose Chart” was compiled by Randall Munroe, with assistance from Ellen, Senior Reactor Operator at the REED Research Reactor.

Radiation Dose Chart

2,000 mSv per year = 2 Sieverts per year according to the above chart is FATAL over time, especially for children, who are up to 2,000 times more sensitive to the same dose.

What is very clear from scientific and medical research done all around the world, is that as infant deaths and cancers increase, the background radiation dose also increases.

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

German study on infants and effects of increasing background radiation


The authorities and news media responsible for this news report, retracted the above radiation figures and said that they made a ‘mistake’; Now they are saying that they actually meant that 2.6 to 6.6 was the mSv dose per year. It seems like all of their figures keep changing up and down, and ‘mistakes’ are just an everyday thing. No one can count on anything the nuclear ‘experts’ say, especially for radiation figures. 
Economist: “Enormous spread of radiation” — Levels so high in hills of Iitate that locals dare not go near — 150 millisieverts/yr outside official’s home
“Outside Mr Sato’s house, however, a reading of the equivalent of 150 millisieverts a year left your correspondent strangely reluctant to inhale.”
Assuming the reading in a decontaminated downtown area is 150 mSv per year, what is the radiation reading up in the hills, where “no one dares to go”? Could the radiation in the hills where no decontamination work has been done be ten times as high, or 1,500 to 2,000 mSv per year? The only way to tell is to go there yourself and walk around with a radiation meter. But by all appearances, both the pro nuclear press and the nuclear ‘experts’ seem to keep getting caught in the web of their own lies. 
From PubMed published study; “Based on the measured density of radionuclides at the highest contamination location during the present survey, an exposure rate of about 200 μGy h (0.2 mSv) at 1 m above the ground was estimated at the time of the radioactive deposition on March 15. At this location, the cumulative exposure would reach 50 mGy (50mSv) in the middle of May 2011” March to May = 3 months = 50 mSv, so 3 months x 4 = 200 mSv per year, correct?
Fukushima – (PanOrient News) Greenpeace radiation experts said they have confirmed radiation levels of up to ten micro Sieverts per hour (10.000 µSv) in Iitate village, 40 km northwest of the crisis-stricken Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear plant, and 20 km beyond the official evacuation zone, and these levels are high enough to require evacuation, the group said in a statement.
So what is the real radiation reading in Iitate – Mura? All hourly or daily radiation readings above were converted to annual radiation totals below; 
Cabinet Office Team 2.2 – 6.6 mSv/yr
GreenPeace 10 µSv/hr = 87.66 mSv/yr
Economist article – 150 mSv/yr radiation reading in town, MUCH higher out of town
PubMed Study – 200 mSv/yr documented in scientific study
Cabinet Office Team 2,000 mSv/yr (later said it was a ‘mistake’)

Current average limit for nuclear workers = 20 mSv/year
The average yearly human dose (American Nuclear Society) is 6.2 mSv/year (0.71 uSv/hour).
With an absolute maximum yearly dose of 50 mSv/year (5.7 uSv/hour)

In the documented evidence and reports above, you can see radiation readings or reports all the way from 2.2 mSv to 2,000 mSv per year, so take your pick.. who knows what it really is? This shows how confusion and chaos reigns during and after a nuclear disaster, even up to 3 years later.

The truth of radiation levels in town is probably between 87 to 200 mSv/yr, which is way above the industry maximum for nuclear workers at nuclear facilities of 20 mSv/yr, and four times higher than the 50 mSv/yr absolute maximum dose ANYONE should get per year. Bottom line, this town should be evacuated, not have people invited to come back and live in it, as the Japanese government and nuclear industry is doing.

This example also illustrates why you should buy a high quality pancake style Geiger Counter. That way, you never have to trust anyone, and you can just take your own radiation reading. The truth is really very simple. Trust your own Geiger Counter. If calibrated correctly, it will not lie to you, but many other people will, because Billions to Trillions of dollars are at stake. Human lives are cheap by comparison. Would it be possible to sacrifice 30 million people just to keep the nuclear industry alive?

Tokyo; Is It Safe To Visit or Live In? via @AGreenRoad

But if one had to figure out what was going on in Japan, it sure looks like the current pro nuclear government and nuclear industry are both downplaying/denying/minimizing just about all official radiation figures, because everyone but the government and nuclear experts are coming in at many orders of magnitude higher radiation readings than the ‘officials’ are, unless of course, they are really getting a 2,000 mSv/yr reading up there in the forests above town, that is. 


We have explored and explained the external dose and what effect it has. Now let’s explore internal radiation doses and the government action levels..

Source; http://www.davistownmuseum.org/cbm/Rad3.html

As you can see, the ‘action levels’ of internal radiation for infants and children are close to 2,000 Bq/liter and over 1,200 Bq/kg in foods (US action level), so these radiation sources must all added to the external dose. Man made radioactive elements build up in the body and bio accumulate and are not excreted. For children, permanent damage occurs at between 10-50 Bq/kg internal radiation dose. Click on the link below to find out how and why this happens.

As Little As 10-30 Bq/kg of Cesium Radiation In Kids Causes Health Problems; via @AGreenRoad

If one starts with a 84-200 mSv per year external dose, and then one adds on the above internal radiation that keeps bio concentrating up the food chain and then accumulating in your children over time, what do you think the effect will be? It is impossible to have just external radiation exposure at these levels, without also getting internal radiation contamination via many routes.

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water, Geiger Counters

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

This level of 84-200 mSv per year external radiation, plus an unknown internal radiation dose on top of that is what the Japanese government is planning on sending their kids and families back into. The pro nuclear industry apologists and Japanese government are claiming that this is all ‘safe’. Much of Japan is just like this example.

But this one nuclear industry sponsored insanity and Catch 22 example is not an isolated incident at just one location. This same type of thing is happening GLOBALLY, all over the world, in many heavily radiation contaminated places, many of which the US military or government is responsible for creating. What follows is just another example, which is the very tip of the iceberg, if you care to dive into this further. 

In the video above, man made heavy metal poisons plus radiation from things such as depleted uranium have caused 80 percent of all babies in Fallujah Iraq to look like horrible Dr. Frankenstein genetic science experiments gone wrong.  The nuclear industry and US military response is that the DU dust is safe enough to eat for breakfast and has no measurable health effects. DU dust is present in many US cities and towns, because DU weapons are ‘tested’ and used everywhere.

Dr. Rokke Former Military Reveals Dangers Of DU Dust; via @AGreenRoad

The Canadian nuclear safety commission held a live broadcast, (video above). John Barrett was one of the many pro nuclear apologists who claimed radiation coming out of nuclear power plants is no different than background radiation, which is patently false and absurd. If you care to find out more about this global coverup around the dangers of low dose radiation, click on this link…

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

John Barrett stabbed all Canadians, all children specifically and even his own family in the back. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission during the live broadcast also stabbed children in the back, because they never reminded or corrected John Barrett misrepresentation/diluting of the facts by comparing inappropriate natural background radiation to man made plutonium and 1,200 other isotopes/elements such as radioactive Iodine.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission acted as a moderator, and they never corrected any of these fabrications and lies. Globally, the nuclear regulators and agencies responsible for keeping communities safe have been compromised or taken over by the nuclear industry that they are supposed to regulate and control.

Because the regulators are not doing their jobs, it’s now left up to mothers and people who care about kids to remind the world that man made radiation is POISON. But background radiation from the sun, background radiation from bananas, background radiations from potatoes, plus water or rocks are indigenous to earth. No one is concerned about those natural background kinds of radiations.

To summarize this section, what we have learned is that children are highly sensitive to radiation, 2,000 times more sensitive than adults. The problem with the pro nuclear lies is global, and we have detailed instances of the nuclear radiation danger coverup in Japan, the US and Canada, all pro nuclear industry, pro DU using, pro uranium mining, pro nuclear power plant building and exporting nations.


The pro nuclear apologists around the world all use the same playbook of lies. They love to TRY and compare man made radioactive elements with ‘natural’ background radiation. This deceptive practice is shown in action in the above video, and debunked in this material that follows below. 
What is natural background radiation? Is there a difference between that and man made radioactive isotopes/elements/actinides?  What is the difference between internal and external radiation? What is the difference between banana radiation and man made radiation?

Life has mostly acclimated to earths low level background radiation over millions or billions of years of evolution. But life and humans have NOT acclimated nor have any defense against man made plutonium for example, which was not present for millions of years on Earth. We have no defense against plutonium, in ANY amount, just as ONE example out of the 1,300 poisons that spew from nuclear reactor accidents and spent fuel processing plants.

For more details, click on the following links to find out more…

Radioactive Potassium In Bananas Compared To Cesium, Plutonium, Uranium And Iodine via @AGreenRoad

Radiation dangers in food and water

Bananas, rocks and sunlight are natural background radiation that has nothing to do with nuclear radiation and those things do not as a rule make 80% of babies look like Fallujah babies, or Chernobyl babies, or Fukushima babies. Sunlight does not create this problem…

Comparing Sunlight To Man Made Radioactive Elements; via @AGreenRoad

Farmers do not wear those expensive specialized nuclear radiation particle outfits and fancy microfilter radiation masks that cover the whole face to harvest potatoes, or bananas, or to make rock gardens. Natural rock radiation does not cause 80% of the kids to have birth defects and health problems at birth, but man made radioactive elements do.

Is There ‘Natural’ Plutonium And Are There ‘Natural’ Fission Reactions? via @AGreenRoad

The only people that wear radiation protection outfits and dosimeters plus full face masks are nuclear plant workers and radiation accident cleanup workers. Man made nuclear radioactive elements are supposed to be locked away for a billion years, and be kept away from all living beings. Otherwise, children are born who look like jellyfish, or they are horribly disfigured, or have other internal birth defects, mental deficiencies, etc. If man made radiation is so safe, why are they taking all of these extreme precautions and building redundant defenses into nuclear power plants?
According to Helen Caldicott MD, one POUND of plutonium (if spread around in the form of nano particle dust and inhaled equally by every person on Earth, is enough to kill all babies and all children on Earth, (and adults too). Fukushima released 600-6000 pounds of this genocidal material, and much of it traveled all around the world. One pound of bananas made into dust and inhaled will not result in anything happening.

How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

What makes this worse is that all nuclear plants are switching to plutonium fuel and away from uranium, but it is 1,000,000 times more dangerous, toxic and unstable. PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN. Stop this insanity. Do it for them, if not for yourself or your community. SAVE THE CHILDREN!
Dr Chris Busby is interviewed in video above by Theo Chalmers on Sky TV’s “One Step Beyond” about Fallujah, Fukushima and the cover-ups over the health effects of exposure to low dose radiation that has been or is still being released from places like Chernobyl, TMI, and Fukushima, just to name a few of the hundreds of accidents and releases that happen on a regular basis.  He talks about winning lawsuits against the nuclear industry on behalf of victims. It is possible to fight back and win.


Bottom line, the 600% increase in background radiation since the beginning of the atomic age is not due to sunlight, cosmic rays, bananas, air plane flights, dental x-rays or even natural uranium rocks, which have been laying around for millions to billions of years. Most of this increase in health hazard and radiation risk is coming is from the nuclear/military and/or medical industry.

These pro nuclear apologists are supporting the mines, processes, uses, burning and then disposing of highly radioactive nuclear waste in the public commons which consists of air, water, ground, plants, animals and humans.

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Uranium Mining and Enrichment – Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

Nuclear Reactor Recertification

Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste

The trend of background radiation is going up. The number of nuclear accidents is going up, not down. The radiation related accidents that are happening are getting worse by orders of magnitude, but so are the cover ups, such as Fukushima.

The trend in terms of diseases and cancer rates (caused by radiation) is going up, not down. The trend in all kinds of diseases that are caused by low dose radiation are going up, not down. It is not difficult to predict the future. Either this negative trend keeps growing, or it all ends suddenly, via something that happens about every 200 years, but which the nuclear industry is not prepared for.

Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth – ‘Carrington Effect’; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad

It is our choice. It is either time to put away all nuclear reactors and devices, or the nuclear industry/military will doom humanity to extinction, one way or another. 
Background Radiation Has Increased 600 Percent – 1 mSv In 1950 To over 6 mSv In 2014; Where Is This Coming From?
Background Radiation Youtube Video’s Playlist


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US Media Cross Ownership, FCC Regulation History, And Potential Solution

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and his fellow Republican board members seem to be in a pretty big hurry to eliminate the media cross ownership ban, which prohibits companies from owning newspapers and broadcast properties in the same media market. What’s the rush, Kev?
Massive public outcry led to reversal of the FCC’s loosening of media ownership rules in 2003. It’s time to step up again. Be a part of the solution:
According to wikipedia; “Media cross-ownership is the ownership of multiple media businesses by a person or corporation. These businesses can include broadcast and cable television, radio, newspaper, book publishing, video games, and various online entities. Much of the debate over concentration of media ownership in the United States has for many years focused specifically on the ownership of broadcast stations, cable stations, newspapers and websites. Meaning, that when one organization owned any two of these media outlets, that organization was involved in “cross-ownership.”

Owners of American media

The “Big Six”

The Big Six[1] Media Outlets Revenues (2009)
Comcast NBCUniversal (a joint venture with General Electric from 2011 to 2013),NBC and TelemundoUniversal PicturesFocus Features, 26 television stations in the United States and cable networks USA NetworkBravo,CNBCThe Weather ChannelMSNBCSyfyNBCSNGolf Channel,Esquire NetworkE!ClooChillerUniversal HD and the Comcast SportsNet regional system. Comcast also owns the Philadelphia Flyersthrough a separate subsidiary. $157 billion
The Walt Disney Company Holdings include: ABC Television Network, cable networks ESPN, theDisney ChannelA&E and Lifetime, 277 radio stations, music and book publishing companies, production companies TouchstoneMarvel EntertainmentLucasfilmWalt Disney PicturesPixar Animation Studios, the cellular service Disney Mobile, and theme parks in several countries. $36.1 billion
21st Century Fox/News Corporation Holdings include: the Fox Broadcasting Company; cable networks Fox News ChannelFox Business NetworkFox Sports 1Fox Sports 2National GeographicNat Geo WildFXFXXFX Movie Channel, and the regionalFox Sports Networks; print publications including the Wall Street Journaland the New York Post; the magazines Barron’s and SmartMoney; book publisher HarperCollins; film production companies 20th Century FoxFox Searchlight Pictures and Blue Sky Studios. $30.4 billion
Time Warner Largest media conglomerate in the world, with holdings including: CNN, theCW (a joint venture with CBS), HBOCinemaxCartoon Network/Adult SwimHLNNBA TVTBSTNTtruTVTurner Classic MoviesAOL,MapQuestMoviefoneWarner Bros. PicturesCastle RockDC Comics,andNew Line Cinema, and more than 150 magazines including TimeSports IllustratedFortuneMarie Claire and People. $25.8 billion
Viacom Holdings include: MTVNickelodeon/Nick at NiteVH1BETComedy CentralParamount PicturesParamount Home EntertainmentAtom Entertainment, and music game developer HarmonixViacom 18 is a joint venture with the Indian media company Global Broadcast News. $13.6 billion
CBS Corporation Holdings include: CBS Television Network and the CW (a joint venture with Time Warner), Columbia PicturesTristar PicturesScreen Gems, cable networks CBS Sports NetworkShowtimeTVGN; 30 television stations;CBS Radio, Inc., which has 130 stations; CBS Television Studios; book publisher Simon & Schuster. $13.0 billion
Although Viacom and CBS Corporation have been separate companies since 2006, they are both partially owned subsidiaries of the private National Amusements company, headed by Sumner Redstone. As such, Paramount Home Entertainment handles DVD/Blu-ray distribution for most of the CBS Corporation library.

Others of note

Discovery Communications
Owns Discovery ChannelAmerican Heroes ChannelAnimal PlanetDestination AmericaThe Hub,ScienceInvestigation DiscoveryVelocity3net, and distribution rights to BBC America and BBC World News.
E. W. Scripps Company
Owns Food NetworkHGTVTravel Channel, and Great American Country.
Owns Audience NetworkRoot Sports, and GSN. DirecTV has some ownership ties to News Corporation, but antitrust restrictions limit News Corporation’s influence on DirecTV.
Companies tied to Cablevision and the Dolan family
Own AMCIFCMSGFuse, the Cleveland Indians, the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers.
Oaktree Capital Management
Owns the former assets of Westwood One (which includes Transtar Radio NetworksNBC Radio, and the Mutual Broadcasting System), Jones Radio NetworksWaitt Radio NetworksTownsquare Media (which owns Regent CommunicationsGap BroadcastingMillennium Broadcasting, andDouble O Radio) and Dial Global, and joint owner of the Tribune Company (with Angelo, Gordon & Co. and JPMorgan Chase).
Clear Channel Communications
Owns Premiere Networks (which in turn owns The Rush Limbaugh ShowThe Sean Hannity Show,The Glenn Beck ProgramCoast to Coast AMAmerican Top 40DelilahFox Sports Radio, and The Jim Rome Show, all being among the top national radio programs in their category), a portion ofSirius XM Radio, and previously held a stake in Live Nation as well as several television stations (later under the management of Newport Television, and now owned by separate companies). Parent company Bain Capital also owns a share in The Weather Channel.
Sinclair Broadcast Group
Similarly to Clear Channel, it owns or operates a large number of television stations across the country.

History of FCC regulations


Prior to 1927, public airwaves in the United States were regulated by the United States Department of Commerce and largely litigated in the courts as the growing number of stations fought for space in the burgeoning industry. The Federal Radio Act of 1927 (signed into law February 23, 1927) nationalized the airwaves and formed the Federal Radio Commission, later named the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to assume control of the airwaves.

Communications Act of 1934

The Communications Act of 1934 was the stepping stone for all of the communications rules that are in place today. When first enacted, it created the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).[2] It was created to regulate the telephone monopolies, but also regulate the licensing for the spectrum used for broadcasting. The FCC was given authority by Congress to give out licenses to companies to use the broadcasting spectrum. However, they had to determine whether the license would serve “the public interest, convenience, and necessity”.[3] The primary goal for the FCC, from the start, has been to serve the “public interest”. A debated concept, the term “public interest” was provided with a general definition by the Federal Radio Commission. The Commission determined, in its 1928 annual report, that “the emphasis must be first and foremost on the interest, the convenience, and the necessity of the listening public, and not on the interest, convenience, or necessity of the individual broadcaster or the advertiser.”[4] Following this reasoning, early FCC regulations reflected the presumption that “it would not be in the public’s interest for a single entity to hold more than one broadcast license in the same community. The view was that the public would benefit from a diverse array of owners because it would lead to a diverse array of program and ser- vice viewpoints.”[5]
The Communications Act of 1934 refined and expanded on the authority of the FCC to regulate public airwaves in the United States, combining and reorganizing provisions from the Federal Radio Act of 1927 and the Mann-Elkins Act of 1910. It empowered the FCC, among other things, to administer broadcasting licenses, impose penalties and regulate standards and equipment used on the airwaves. The Act also mandated that the FCC would act in the interest of the “public convenience, interest, or necessity.”[6] The Act established a system whereby the FCC grants licenses to the spectrum to broadcasters for commercial use, so long as the broadcasters act in the public interest by providing news programming.
Lobbyists from the largest radio broadcasters, ABC and NBC, wanted to establish high fees for broadcasting licenses, but Congress saw this as a limitation upon free speech. Consequently, “the franchise to operate a broadcasting station, often worth millions, is awarded free of charge to enterprises selected under the standard of ‘public interest, convenience, or necessity.’”[7]
Nevertheless, radio and television was dominated by the Big Three television networks until the mid-1990s.

Cross ownership rules of 1975

In 1975, the FCC passed the newspaper and broadcast cross-ownership rule.[8] This ban prohibited the ownership of a daily newspaper and any “full-power broadcast station that serviced the same community”.[5] This rule emphasized the need to ensure that a broad number of voices were given the opportunity to communicate via different outlets in each market.
The FCC designed rules to make sure that there is a diversity of voices and opinions on the airwaves. “Beginning in 1975, FCC rules banned cross-ownership by a single entity of a daily newspaper and television or radio broadcast station operating in the same local market.” [9] The ruling was put in place to limit media concentration in TV and radio markets, because they use public airwaves, which is a valuable, and now, limited resource.

Telecommunications Act 1996

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was an influential act for media cross-ownership. One of the requirements of the act was that the FCC must conduct a biennial review of its media ownership rules “and shall determine whether any of such rules are necessary in the public interest as the result of competition.” The Commission was ordered to “repeal or modify any regulation it determines to be no longer in the public interest.” [10]
The legislation, touted as a step that would foster competition, actually resulted in the subsequent mergers of several large companies, a trend which still continues.[11] Over 4,000 radio stations were bought out, and minority ownership of TV stations dropped to its lowest point since the federal government began tracking such data in 1990.[12]
Since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, restrictions on media merging have decreased. Although merging media companies seems to provide many positive outcomes for the companies involved in the merge, it might lead to some negative outcomes for other companies, viewers and future businesses. The FCC even found that they were indeed negative effects of recent merges in a study that they issued.[13]

Since 2000

In September 2002, the FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking stating that the Commission would re-evaluate its media ownership rules pursuant to the obligation specified in the Telecommunications Act of 1996.[5][14] In June 2003, after its deliberations which included a single public hearing and the review of nearly two-million pieces of correspondence from the public opposing further relaxation of the ownership rules[15] the FCC voted 3-2 to repeal the newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership ban and to make changes to or repeal a number of its other ownership rules as well.[5][16] In the order, the FCC noted that the newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule was no longer necessary in the public interest to maintain competition, diversity or localism. However, in 2007 the FCC revised its rules and ruled that they would take it “case-by-case and determine if the cross-ownership would affect the public interest.[5] The rule changes permitted a company to own a newspaper and broadcast station in any of the nation’s top 20 media markets as long as there are at least eight media outlets in the market. If the combination included a television station, that station couldn’t be in the market’s top four. As it has since 2003, Prometheus Radio Project argued that the relaxed rule would pave the way for more media consolidation. Broadcasters, pointing to the increasing competition from new platforms, argued that the FCC’s rules—including other ownership regulations that govern TV duopolies and radio ownership—should be relaxed even further. The FCC, meanwhile, defended its right to change the rules either way.“[9] That public interest is what the FCC bases its judgments on, whether a media cross-ownership would be a positive and contributive force, locally and nationally.
The FCC held one official forum, February 27, 2003, in Richmond, Virginia in response to public pressures to allow for more input on the issue of elimination of media ownership limits. Some complain that more than one forum was needed.[17]
In 2003 the FCC set out to re-evaluate its media ownership rules specified in the Telecommunications Act of 1996. On June 2, 2003, FCC, in a 3-2 vote under Chairman Michael Powell, approved new media ownership laws that removed many of the restrictions previously imposed to limit ownership of media within a local area. The changes were not, as is customarily done, made available to the public for a comment period.
  • Single-company ownership of media in a given market is now permitted up to 45% (formerly 35%, up from 25% in 1985) of that market.
  • Restrictions on newspaper and TV station ownership in the same market were removed.
  • All TV channels, magazines, newspapers, cable, and Internet services are now counted, weighted based on people’s average tendency to find news on that medium. At the same time, whether a channel actually contains news is no longer considered in counting the percentage of a medium owned by one owner.
  • Previous requirements for periodic review of license have been changed. Licenses are no longer reviewed for “public-interest” considerations.
The decision by the FCC was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit inPrometheus Radio Project v. FCC in June, 2004. The Majority ruled 2-1 against the FCC and ordered the Commission to reconfigure how it justified raising ownership limits. The Supreme Court later turned down an appeal, so the ruling stands.[18]
In June 2006, the FCC adopted a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPR)[19] to address the issues raised by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and also to perform the recurring evaluation of the media ownership rules required by the Telecommunications Act.[20] The deliberations would draw upon three formal sources of input:(1) the submission of comments, (2) ten Commissioned studies, and (3) six public hearings.[5]
The FCC in 2007 voted to modestly relax its existing ban on newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership.[21]The FCC voted December 18, 2007 to eliminate some media ownership rules, including a statute that forbids a single company to own both a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same city. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin circulated the plan in October 2007.[18] Martin’s justification for the rule change is to ensure the viability of America’s newspapers and to address issues raised in the 2003 FCC decision that was later struck down by the courts.[22] The FCC held six hearings around the country to receive public input from individuals, broadcasters and corporations. Because of the lack of discussion during the 2003 proceedings, increased attention has been paid to ensuring that the FCC engages in proper dialogue with the public regarding its current rules change.
FCC Commissioners Deborah Taylor-Tate and Robert McDowell joined Chairman Martin in voting in favor of the rule change. Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, both Democrats, opposed the change.[23]
In 2013 the FCC proposed that a pre-digital rule that counted each UHF station as worth half a VHF station for the ownership rules be removed.[24]

Local content

A recent study found that news stations operated by a small media company produced more local news and more locally produced video than large chain-based broadcasting groups.[5][25] It was then argued that the FCC claimed, in 2003, that larger media groups produced better quality local content. Research by Philip Napoli and Michael Yan showed that larger media groups actually produced less local content.[5][26] In a different study, they also showed that “ownership by one of the big four broadcast networks has been linked to a considerable decrease in the amount of televised local public affairs programming” [5]
The major reasoning the FCC made for deregulation was that with more capital broadcasting organizations could produce more and better local content. However, the research studies by Napoli and Yan showed that once teamed-up, they produced less content. Cross ownership between broadcasting and newspapers is a complicated issue. The FCC believes that more deregulation is necessary. However, with research studies showing that they produced less local content – less voices being heard that are from within the communities. While less local voices are heard, more national-based voices do appear. Chain-based companies are using convergence, the same content being produced across multiple mediums, to produce this mass-produced content. It’s cheaper and more efficient than having to run different local and national news. However, with convergence and chain-based ownership you can choose which stories to run and how the stories are heard – being able to be played in local communities and national stage.

Robert W. McChesney

Robert McChesney, Ph. D.

Robert McChesney is an advocate for media reform, and the co-founder of Free Press, which was established in 2003.[27]His work is based on theoretical, normative, and empirical evidence suggesting that media regulation efforts should be more strongly oriented towards maintaining a healthy balance of diverse viewpoints in the media environment. However, his viewpoints on current regulation are; “there is every bit as much regulation by government as before, only now it is more explicitly directed to serve large corporate interests.”[28]
McChesney believes that the Free Press’ objective is a more diverse and competitive commercial system with a significant nonprofit and noncommercial sector. It would be a system built for the citizens, but most importantly – it would be accessible to anyone who wants to broadcast. Not only specifically the big corporations that can afford to broadcast nationally, but more importantly locally. McChesney suggests that to better our current system we need to “establish a bona fide noncommercial public radio and television system, with local and national stations and networks. The expense should come out of the general budget” [29]

Comparing Sunlight To Man Made Radioactive Elements

Sunlight is an important and critical element in regards to not just living things on Earth, but also as a preventative health and lifestyle choice. Without sunlight, life would not exist on Earth. But life on earth would actually do much better health wise, with ZERO exposure to radioactive elements, such as plutonium, cesium, strontium and other man made radioactive elements.

Some pro nuclear apologists are trying to compare sunlight to man made radioactive elements. The only problem with this false argument is that sunlight is not made up of alpha, beta or gamma radiation, as man made radioactive elements are, which only cause harm to all living things. Man made radioactive elements are also harmful heavy metals poisons.

According to Wikipedia, “Sunlight is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun, in particular infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light, but not (x-rays, alpha, beta or gamma radiation). On Earth, sunlight is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere, and is obvious as daylight when the Sun is above the horizon. When the direct solar radiation is not blocked by clouds, it is experienced as sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat.

When it is blocked by the clouds or reflects off other objects, it is experienced as diffused light. The World Meteorological Organization uses the term “sunshine duration” to mean the cumulative time during which an area receives direct irradiance from the Sun of at least 120 watts per square meter.[1] Sunlight on the skin is an effective source of vitamin D. (In other words, the sun is a health promoting and disease preventing factor).

Some pro nuclear apologists try to argue that the sun is a source of natural ‘radiation’ just like man made radioactive elements. First of all, the sun is powered by fusion, not fission. Trying to say that man made nuclear radioactive elements are as harmless as the sun’s light and infrared rays generated by fusion is like trying to say the moon is made of cheese, because it looks like a piece of cheese. 

Wikipedia says that; “the Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It is almost perfectly spherical and consists of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields.[12][13] It has a diameter of about 1,392,684 km (865,374 mi),[5] around 109 times that of Earth, and its mass (1.989×1030 kilograms, approximately 330,000 times the mass of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.[14] Chemically, about three quarters of the Sun’s mass consists of hydrogen, while the rest is mostly helium. The remainder (1.69%, which nonetheless equals 5,600 times the mass of Earth) consists of heavier elements, including oxygencarbonneon and iron, among others.[15]
The Sun formed about 4.6 billion[a] years ago from the gravitational collapse of a region within a large molecular cloud. Most of the matter gathered in the center, while the rest flattened into an orbiting disk that would become the Solar SystemThe central mass became increasingly hot and dense, eventually initiating fusion in its core
It is thought that almost all stars form by this process. The Sun is a G-type main-sequence star(G2V) based on spectral class and it is informally designated as a yellow dwarf because its visible radiation is most intense in the yellow-green portion of the spectrum, and although it is actually white in color, from the surface of the Earth it may appear yellow because of atmospheric scattering of blue light.[16]In the spectral class label, G2 indicates itssurface temperature, of approximately 5778 K (5505 °C), and V indicates that the Sun, like most stars, is a main-sequence star, and thus generates its energy by fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second…..
Through most of the Sun’s life, energy is produced by fusion through a series of steps called the p–p (proton–proton) chain; this process converts hydrogen into helium.[48]
The core is the only region in the Sun that produces an appreciable amount of thermal energy through fusion; 99% of the power is generated within 24% of the Sun’s radius, and by 30% of the radius, fusion has stopped nearly entirely.The rest of the star is heated by energy that is transferred outward by radiation from the core to the convective layers just outside. The energy produced by fusion in the core must then travel through many successive layers to the solar photosphere before it escapes into space as sunlight or the kinetic energy of particles.[50][51]
The sun’s rays emit health giving light, infrared and ultraviolet rays, which humans, plants and animals have evolved over hundreds of thousands or millions of years to be able to live in harmony with and rely on for such things as photosynthesis, generating Vitamin D in the skin and much more. We are attracted to the light of the sun, which gives life and energy to all living things. We are not attracted to man made radioactive elements, which kills all living things.  

“Like the sun, we are attracted to people who shine with warmth and brightness.” ~ A.D. Williams
Humans cannot live in proximity to man made or even ‘natural’ radioactive elements and thrive. People who work in uranium mines or who breathe in radon get lung cancer and other diseases. The same applies to ingesting one of hundreds of man made radioactive elements; ALL OF THEM are deadly heavy metals which mimic natural minerals, and they emit DEADLY alpha, beta, gamma, and/or neutron radiation which the sun does not.

If you breathe in depleted uranium weapons DU dust, you will more than likely get lung cancer or other diseases down the road. If you stand next to a spent fuel rod or other man made beta or gamma ray source, you will receive lethal doses of radiation very quickly. If you stand in the sun, you get a tan and a dose of Vitamin D, which protects you from diseases. 

The sun can burn the skin if a person is not acclimated to it, but if the sun were toxic to all of life, why are all living things not getting cancer and decaying, being burned, and withering away as they do if they were exposed to man made radioactive elements in the same way on a daily basis? Yes, even the sun’s rays can cause burning and damage to the skin, but this infrared and ultraviolet and visible light energy can be seen and avoided if one wants to. It is easy to sit in the shade or walk around with clothing, or to go out only after the sun goes down. The skin has a built in protective mechanism against too much sun (tanning). We can also smear on protective things on our skin, but this is not possible with man made radioactive elements.

Radioactive elements also cause radiation ‘burns’, but these burns are completely different from the types of burns that the sun causes. Imagine a hot stove, which causes burns through heat and infrared radiation. This is much like the sun’s infrared, UVA and UVB radiation. But the man made radioactive elements cause internal DNA ‘burns’ and damage, and the alpha, beta and gamma radiation kill or mutate cells directly both via internal and external radiation sources.  

By comparison, man made radioactive elements cannot be avoided, as they are completely invisible, but super deadly. Radioactive gases and hot particles can be breathed in and cause cancer or genetic diseases. There is no way to avoid this. You cannot find ‘shade’ or drink/eat ‘pure’ non radioactive contaminated foods or drinks, because these man made radioactive elements concentrate up the food chain to man and build up internally, until they reach disease causing or lethal levels. The sun’s rays may hit you, but they do not build up internally to toxic levels. The sun does not cause anything harmful to concentrate up the food chain to lethal levels, but man made radioactive elements do.
“Sunlight may be recorded using a sunshine recorder, pyranometer, or pyrheliometer. Sunlight takes about 8.3 minutes to reach the Earth. A photon of light starting at the centre of the sun and changing direction every time it encounters a charged particle would take between 10 000 and 170 000 years to get to the surface.[2]
The total amount of light energy received at ground level from the sun at the zenith depends on the distance to the sun and thus on the time of year. It is about 3.3% higher than average in January and 3.3% lower in July (see below). If the extraterrestrial solar radiation is 1367 watts per square meter (the value when the earth-sun distance is 1 astronomical unit) then the direct sunlight at the earth’s surface when the sun is atzenith is about 1050 W/m2, but the total amount (direct and indirect from the atmosphere) hitting the ground is around 1120 W/m2.[3] In terms of energy, sunlight at the earth’s surface is around 52 or 55 percent infrared (above 700 nm), 43 or 42 percent visible (400 to 700 nm), and 5 or 3 percent ultraviolet (below 400 nm).[4] [5] At the top of the atmosphere sunlight is about 30% more intense, having about 8% ultraviolet (UV),[6] with most of the extra UV consisting of biologically-damaging shortwave ultraviolet.[7] (In other words, there is no alpha, beta, or gamma radiation, as is the case with man made radioactive elements.)
Direct sunlight has a luminous efficacy of about 93 lumens per watt of radiant flux, higher than most artificial lighting, including fluorescent. Multiplying the figure of 1050 watts per square metre by 93 lumens per watt indicates that bright sunlight provides an illuminance of approximately 98 000 lux (lumens per square meter) on a perpendicular surface at sea level. The illumination of a horizontal surface will be considerably less than this if the sun is not very high in the sky. Averaged over a day, the highest amount of sunlight on a horizontal surface occurs in January at the South Pole (see Insolation.)
Sunlight is a key factor in photosynthesis, the process used by plants and other autotrophic organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the organisms’ activities. (The sun promotes and vitalizes all living things, but man made radioactive isotopes do the opposite, and cause death, DNA mutations and sickness in everything, from bacteria, viruses, plants, animals, and humans.)

Composition and power[edit]

Solar irradiance spectrum above atmosphere and at surface. Extreme UV and X-rays are produced (at left of wavelength range shown) but comprise very small amounts of the Sun’s total output power. This graph shows how harmful radiation is filtered out by the atmosphere. The graph below also shows what radiation from the sun penetrates to Earth and what is blocked. The white Y sections are what comes through to the ground. You can see that all X-ray and gamma radiation from space is blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere. 

See also: Ultraviolet, Infrared, and Light
The spectrum of the Sun’s solar radiation is close to that of a black body with a temperature of about 5,800 K.[8]The Sun emits EM radiation across most of the electromagnetic spectrum. Although the Sun produces Gamma rays as a result of the nuclear fusion process, these super-high-energy photons are converted to lower-energy photons before they reach the Sun’s surface and are emitted out into space. As a result, the Sun does not emit gamma rays. The Sun does, however, emit X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, and even radio waves,[9] not to mention neutrinos. (But as we see in the above graphic, the harmful x-rays do not reach Earth.)
Although the solar corona is a source of extreme ultraviolet and X-ray radiation, these rays make up only a very small amount of the power output of the Sun (see spectrum at right). The spectrum of nearly all solarelectromagnetic radiation striking the Earth’s atmosphere spans a range of 100 nm to about 1 mm. This band of significant radiation power can be divided into five regions in increasing order of wavelengths:[10]

X-rays generated by the sun do not reach Earth and are not a concern, according to the graphic above and also the EPA http://www.epa.gov/radtown/sun-activity.html

Ultraviolet C or (UVC) range, which spans a range of 100 to 280 nm. The term ultraviolet refers to the fact that the radiation is at higher frequency than violet light (and, hence, also invisible to the human eye). Owing to absorption by the atmosphere very little reaches the Earth’s surface. This spectrum of radiation has germicidal properties, and is used in germicidal lamps.

Ultraviolet B or (UVB) range spans 280 to 315 nm. It is also greatly absorbed by the atmosphere, and along with UVC is responsible for the photochemical reaction leading to the production of theozone layer. It directly damages DNA and causes sunburn.

Ultraviolet A or (UVA) spans 315 to 400 nm. This band was once held to be less damaging to DNA, and hence is used in cosmetic artificial sun tanning (tanning booths and tanning beds) and PUVA therapy for psoriasis. However, UVA (from sun tanning booths) is now known to cause significant damage to DNA via indirect routes (formation of free radicals and reactive oxygen species), and is able to cause cancer.[11]

Visible range or light spans 380 to 780 nm. As the name suggests, it is this range that is visible to the naked eye. It is also the strongest output range of the sun’s total irradiance spectrum.

Infrared range that spans 700 nm to 106 nm (1 mm). It is responsible for an important part of the electromagnetic radiation that reaches the Earth. It is also divided into three types on the basis of wavelength:

Infrared-A: 700 nm to 1,400 nm
Infrared-B: 1,400 nm to 3,000 nm
Infrared-C: 3,000 nm to 1 mm

Spectral Solar Irradiance (SSI) – the spectral distribution of the TSI – has been monitored since 2003 by the SORCE Spectral Irradiance Monitor (SIM). It has been found that SSI at UV (ultraviolet) wavelength corresponds in a less clear, and probably more complicated fashion, with Earth’s climate responses than earlier assumed, fueling broad avenues of new research in “the connection of the Sun and stratosphere, troposphere, biosphere, ocean, and Earth’s climate”.[22]

Intensity in the Solar System

Sunlight on Mars is dimmer than on Earth. This photo of a Martian sunset was imaged by Mars Pathfinder.

The existence of nearly all life on Earth is fueled by light from the sun. Most autotrophs, such as plants, use the energy of sunlight, combined with carbon dioxide and water, to produce simple sugars—a process known as photosynthesis. These sugars are then used as building-blocks and in other synthetic pathways that allow the organism to grow.
Heterotrophs, such as animals, use light from the sun indirectly by consuming the products of autotrophs, either by consuming autotrophs, by consuming their products, or by consuming other heterotrophs. The sugars and other molecular components produced by the autotrophs are then broken down, releasing stored solar energy, and giving the heterotroph the energy required for survival. This process is known as cellular respiration.
In prehistory, humans began to further extend this process by putting plant and animal materials to other uses. They used animal skins for warmth, for example, or wooden weapons to hunt. These skills allowed humans to harvest more of the sunlight than was possible through glycolysis alone, and human population began to grow.
During the Neolithic Revolution, the domestication of plants and animals further increased human access to solar energy. Fields devoted to crops were enriched by inedible plant matter, providing sugars and nutrients for future harvests. Animals that had previously provided humans with only meat and tools once they were killed were now used for labor throughout their lives, fueled by grasses inedible to humans.
Sunlight, Culture and the Arts
Claude Monet: Le déjeuner sur l’herbe
The effect of sunlight is relevant to painting, evidenced for instance in works of Claude Monet on outdoor scenes and landscapes. Sunlight is also an important aspect for many cultures or religions and is celebrated all around the world via annual traditions. 
Winter sunshine
By comparison, man made radioactive elements are warned against by indigenous peoples, and are something to be avoided, not celebrated.

To compensate for the brightness of sunlight, many people wear sunglasses. Cars, many helmets and caps are equipped with visors to block the sun from direct vision when the sun is at a low angle. Sunshine is often blocked from entering buildings through the use of walls, window blinds, awnings, shutters, curtains, or nearby shade trees.
In colder countries, many people prefer sunnier days and often avoid the shade. In hotter countries, the converse is true; during the midday hours, many people prefer to stay inside to remain cool. If they do go outside, they seek shade that may be provided by trees, parasols, and so on.
In Hinduism the sun is considered to be a god as it is the source of life and energy on earth.

Sunbathing is a popular leisure activity in which a person sits or lies in direct sunshine. People often sunbathe in comfortable places where there is ample sunlight. Some common places for sunbathing include beaches, open air swimming pools, parks,gardens, and sidewalk cafes. Sunbathers typically wear limited amounts of clothing or some simply go nude. For some, an alternative to sunbathing is the use of a sunbed that generates ultraviolet light and can be used indoors regardless of outdoor weather conditions and amount of sunlight.
For many people with pale or brownish skin, one purpose for sunbathing is to darken one’s skin color (get a sun tan), as this is considered in some cultures to be beautiful, associated with outdoor activity,vacations/holidays, and health. Some people prefer naked sunbathing so that an “all-over” or “even” tan can be obtained, sometimes as part of a specific lifestyle.
For people suffering from psoriasis, sunbathing is an effective way of healing the symptoms.
Skin tanning is achieved by an increase in the dark pigment inside skin cells called melanocytes, and it is actually an automatic response mechanism of the body to sufficient exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun... Thus, the tan gradually disappears with time, when one is no longer exposed to these sources.

Effects on human health

The body produces vitamin D from sunlight (to be specific, from the UVB band of ultraviolet light), and excessive seclusion from the sun can lead to deficiency unless adequate amounts are obtained through diet. (Rickets and problems with bones as well as frequent illness are potential signs of inadequate Vitamin D, and/or sunlight.)
Sunburn can have mild to severe inflammation effects on skin; this can be avoided by using a proper sunscreen cream or lotion or by gradually building up melanocytes with increasing exposure. Another detrimental effect of UV exposure is accelerated skin aging (also called skin photodamage), which produces a cosmetic effect that is difficult to treat. Some people are concerned that ozone depletion is increasing the incidence of such health hazards. A 10% decrease in ozone could cause a 25% increase in skin cancer.[30]
A lack of sunlight, on the other hand, is one of the primary causes of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a serious form of the “winter blues”. SAD occurrence is more prevalent in locations further from the tropics, and most of the treatments (other than prescription drugs) involve light therapy, replicating sunlight via lamps tuned to specific wavelengths of visible light, or full-spectrum bulbs.
A recent study indicates that more exposure to sunshine early in a person’s life relates to less risk from multiple sclerosis (MS) later in life.[31]
In January 2014, British researchers found that sunlight may lower blood pressure, a dangerous factor for heart attacks and stroke. It was reported that 20 minutes of ultraviolet A (UVA) sunlight lowered blood pressure by a small but significant amount by dilating blood vessels and easing hypertension. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology tested 24 volunteers and found that the sun increases nitric oxide levels, a chemical linked to blood flow, and results in lowered blood pressure. This research supports the claim of Richard Weller of the University of Edinburgh and Martin Feelisch of the University of Southampton, who found that people who live in the darker north have higher rates of heart disease.

They concluded, “We are concerned that well-meaning advice to reduce the comparatively low numbers of deaths from skin cancer may inadvertently increase the risk of death from far higher prevalent cardiovascular disease and stroke, and goes against epidemiological data showing that sunlight exposure reduces all cause and cardiovascular mortality.”[32][33][34]

Some pro nuclear folks may even claim that the sun is ‘natural’ fission. They also claim that there is natural fission happening all over the Earth today. But that is also nothing more than deceptive misleading pro nuclear propaganda. 
Is There ‘Natural’ Plutonium And Are There ‘Natural’ Fission Reactions? via @AGreenRoad

Let’s also go into the statement within the video that the sun is a source of natural ‘radiation’. First of all the sun is powered by fusion, not fission. Trying to say that man made nuclear radioactive elements are as harmless as the sun’s light and infrared rays generated by fusion is like trying to say the moon is made of cheese, because it looks like a piece of cheese. 
Wikipedia says that; “the Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It is almost perfectly spherical and consists of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields.[12][13] It has a diameter of about 1,392,684 km (865,374 mi),[5] around 109 times that of Earth, and its mass (1.989×1030 kilograms, approximately 330,000 times the mass of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.[14] Chemically, about three quarters of the Sun’s mass consists of hydrogen, while the rest is mostly helium. The remainder (1.69%, which nonetheless equals 5,600 times the mass of Earth) consists of heavier elements, including oxygencarbonneon and iron, among others.[15]
The Sun formed about 4.6 billion[a] years ago from the gravitational collapse of a region within a large molecular cloud. Most of the matter gathered in the center, while the rest flattened into an orbiting disk that would become the Solar SystemThe central mass became increasingly hot and dense, eventually initiating fusion in its core
It is thought that almost all stars form by this process. The Sun is a G-type main-sequence star(G2V) based on spectral class and it is informally designated as a yellow dwarf because its visible radiation is most intense in the yellow-green portion of the spectrum, and although it is actually white in color, from the surface of the Earth it may appear yellow because of atmospheric scattering of blue light.[16]In the spectral class label, G2 indicates itssurface temperature, of approximately 5778 K (5505 °C), and V indicates that the Sun, like most stars, is a main-sequence star, and thus generates its energy by fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second…..
Through most of the Sun’s life, energy is produced by fusion through a series of steps called the p–p (proton–proton) chain; this process converts hydrogen into helium.[48]
The core is the only region in the Sun that produces an appreciable amount of thermal energy through fusion; 99% of the power is generated within 24% of the Sun’s radius, and by 30% of the radius, fusion has stopped nearly entirely.The rest of the star is heated by energy that is transferred outward by radiation from the core to the convective layers just outside. The energy produced by fusion in the core must then travel through many successive layers to the solar photosphere before it escapes into space as sunlight or the kinetic energy of particles.[50][51]
The sun’s rays emit health giving light, infrared and ultraviolet rays, which humans, plants and animals have evolved over hundreds of thousands or millions of years to be able to live in harmony with and rely on for such things as photosynthesis, generating Vitamin D in the skin and much more. We are attracted to the light of the sun, which gives life and energy to all living things. We are not attracted to man made radioactive elements, which kills all living things.  

“Like the sun, we are attracted to people who shine with warmth and brightness.” ~ A.D. Williams
Humans cannot live in proximity to man made or even ‘natural’ radioactive elements and thrive. People who work in uranium mines or who breathe in radon get lung cancer and other diseases. The same applies to ingesting one of hundreds of man made radioactive elements; ALL OF THEM are deadly heavy metals which mimic natural minerals, and they emit DEADLY alpha, beta, gamma, and/or neutron radiation which the sun does not. 
The sun can burn the skin if a person is not acclimated to it, but if the sun were toxic to all of life, why are all living things not getting cancer and decaying, being burned, and withering away as they do if exposed to man made radioactive elements? Yes, even the sun’s rays can cause burning and damage to the skin, but this infrared and ultraviolet and visible light energy can be seen and avoided if one wants to. It is easy to sit in the shade or walk around with clothing, or to go out only after the sun goes down. The skin has a built in protective mechanism against too much sun (tanning). We can also smear on protective things on our skin, but this is not possible with man made radioactive elements.
By comparison, man made radioactive elements cannot be avoided, as they are completely invisible, but super deadly. Radioactive gases and hot particles can be breathed in and cause cancer or genetic diseases. There is no way to avoid this. You cannot find ‘shade’ or drink/eat ‘pure’ non radioactive contaminated foods or drinks, because these man made radioactive elements concentrate up the food chain to man and build up internally, until they reach disease causing or lethal levels. The sun’s rays may hit you, but they do not build up internally to toxic levels. The sun does not cause anything harmful to concentrate up the food chain to lethal levels, but man made radioactive elements do.
What is the take away? 
There is no ‘natural nuclear fission’ (not even in the sun). There is no ‘natural man made radioactive element’. There is no ‘natural fission’ happening on the Earth. 
Even low doses of radiation from man made radioactive elements can and do cause cancer, genetic diseases, diabetes, ALS, heart disease, leukemia and many more.  Man made radioactive elements are created by a fission process, which results in negative transmutation or decay of elements that ends in lead, which is also a deadly heavy metal, even in just minute quantities. The sun does not do any of this. The sun’s rays do not result in decay or negative transmutation of elements. The sun’s fusion process does not create heavy metals that ends in lead, which then poisons all of life.

The sun’s rays do not stay in your body as man made radioactive elements do. The sun’s rays do not mimic natural minerals and get absorbed as toxic heavy metals as man made radioactive elements do. The sun’s rays can be managed by YOU, because it is visible. You can burn if you want, but you can see the radiation and protect yourself. That is not possible with man made radioactive elements.

Radioactive elements such as plutonium, strontium, cesium are all invisible and get inside of you, your kids, your pets and your food. Those radioactive elements burn and radiate your cells from the inside out, FOREVER. One hot particle from plutonium can and does cause cancer.


Comparing Sunlight To Man Made Radioactive Elements; via @AGreenRoad

Radiation Damages And Kills Soil Bacteria, Slows Or Stops Normal Soil Building Process

Have you ever thought about the negative effect that low dose radiation from nuclear power plants and nuclear accidents has on bacteria? It is a well known fact that radiation kills or mutates bacteria. Irradiation is used on many food products to kill bacteria, as reported in the video above. So we do not really need to prove that radiation kills bacteria, because industry is using radiation for that purpose. Pro nuclear apologists really argue that radiation has no harmful effects, because the proof is in the actual use of radiation to kill bacteria for many food and other items, as proven by the video above, (a pro food irradiation facility).

This same bacteria killing radiation also has negative effects outside of this ‘controlled’ setting. What happens when this same man made nuclear radiation that is inside of an irradiation facility, a nuclear reactor, a uranium mine or inside of a DU weapon, gets loose and is now out in the world? 
Radiological damage to microbes near the site of the Chernobyl disaster have slowed the decomposition of fallen leaves and other plant matter in the area, according to a study just published in the journal Oecologia. The resulting buildup of dry, loose detritus is a wildfire hazard that poses the threat of spreading radioactivity from the Chernobyl area.

Not many people think about the role that bacteria play in every day life, but they are a crucial part of the ecosystem. According to Wikipedia; “There are typically 40 million bacterial cells in a gram of soil and a million bacterial cells in a millilitre of fresh water. There are approximately 5×1030 bacteria on Earth,[4] forming a biomass which exceeds that of all plants and animals.[5] 
Bacteria are vital in recycling nutrients, with many of the stages in nutrient cycles dependent on these organisms, such as the fixation of nitrogen from the atmosphere and putrefaction. In the biological communities surrounding hydrothermal vents and cold seeps, bacteria provide the nutrients needed to sustain life by converting dissolved compounds such as hydrogen sulphide and methane to energy. 

On 17 March 2013, researchers reported data that suggested bacterial life forms thrive in the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot on the Earth.[6][7]Other researchers reported related studies that microbes thrive inside rocks up to 1900 feet below the sea floor under 8500 feet of ocean off the coast of the northwestern United States.[6][8] According to one of the researchers,”You can find microbes everywhere — they’re extremely adaptable to conditions, and survive wherever they are.”[6]
Most bacteria have not been characterized, and only about half of the phyla of bacteria have species that can be grown in the laboratory.[9] The study of bacteria is known as bacteriology, a branch of microbiology.
There are approximately ten times as many bacterial cells in the human flora as there are human cells in the body, with the largest number of the human flora being in the gut flora, and a large number on the skin.[10]The vast majority of the bacteria in the body are rendered harmless by the protective effects of the immune system, and some are beneficial
However, several species of bacteria are pathogenic and cause infectious diseases, including cholera, syphilisanthrax, leprosy, and bubonic plague. The most common fatal bacterial diseases are respiratory infections, with tuberculosis alone killing about 2 million people a year, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa.[11] In developed countries, antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and are also used in farming, making antibiotic resistance and superbugs a growing problem. 
In industry, bacteria are important in sewage treatment and the breakdown of oil spills, the production of cheese and yogurt through fermentation, and the recovery of gold, palladium, copper and other metals in the mining sector,[12] as well as in biotechnology, and the manufacture of antibiotics and other chemicals.[13]
Bacteria, as asexual organisms, inherit identical copies of their parent’s genes (i.e., they are clonal). However, all bacteria can evolve by selection on changes to their genetic material DNA caused by genetic recombination or mutations. Mutations come from errors made during the replication of DNA or from exposure to mutagens. Mutation rates vary widely among different species of bacteria and even among different clones of a single species of bacteria.[105] Genetic changes in bacterial genomes come from either random mutation during replication or “stress-directed mutation”, where genes involved in a particular growth-limiting process have an increased mutation rate.[106] (Stress happens due to radiation)
In soil, microorganisms that reside in the rhizosphere (a zone that includes the root surface and the soil that adheres to the root after gentle shaking) carry out nitrogen fixation, converting nitrogen gas to nitrogenous compounds.[154] This serves to provide an easily absorbable form of nitrogen for many plants, which cannot fix nitrogen themselves. Many other bacteria are found as symbionts in humans and other organisms. 
For example, the presence of over 1,000 bacterial species in the normal human gut flora of the intestines contribute to gut immunity, synthesize vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin K and biotin, convert sugars to lactic acid (see Lactobacillus), as well as fermenting complex undigestible carbohydrates.[155][156][157] 

The presence of this gut flora also inhibits the growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria (usually through competitive exclusion). These beneficial bacteria are sold as probiotic dietary supplements.[158]
Even low doses of radiation from man made radioactive elements can and do cause cancer, genetic diseases, diabetes, ALS, heart disease, leukemia and many more.  Man made radioactive elements are created by a fission process, which results in negative transmutation or decay of elements that ends in lead, which is also a deadly heavy metal, even in just minute quantities. The sun does not do any of this. The sun’s rays do not result in decay or negative transmutation of elements. The sun’s fusion process does not create heavy metals that ends in lead, which then poisons all of life.
The world is so full of beneficial bacteria and other organisms that it is hard to even comprehend how many there are, and how many benefits the world receives from them. It is unimaginable to think about what the world will be like, if radiation kills most or all bacteria, and what our lives would be like without them. Humans and all living things cannot survive without bacteria.
We now know that low dose radiation from man made radioactive elements harms, mutates and kills bacteria and other living things. Radiation around Chernobyl has been documented to harm and/or kill bacteria in the soil that are responsible for decomposing leaves and trees. This has the effect of increasing fire danger and reducing the amount of soil produced naturally in the forests. A forest fire in a radiation contaminated area spreads that radiation to other areas and the smoke is also full of radiation contaminated particles which are very hazardous to breathe in. 
Super deadly bacteria are a result of bacteria being exposed to low dose radiation and then mutating into much more potent and deadly strains. Bacteria are mutated due to the damage to their DNA. This is the same DNA radiation damage that happens to humans, animals and plants everywhere on this planet. This damaged and mutated DNA is passed on to infinite future generations, and with each future generation, more and more damage happens.

Nuclear energy is responsible for more and more deaths and diseases, in part through causing bacteria and viruses to mutate into more deadly forms. Man made nuclear energy should have no place on the planet. 

Radiation Damages And Kills Soil Bacteria, Slows Or Stops Normal Soil Building Process; via @AGreenRoad

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What works for seven future generations, without causing harm? 

Chief Arvol Looking Horse Speaks of White Buffalo Prophecy

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. The leader of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, the great Sioux nation, is a man with a vision. 
A Great Urgency: To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders
My Relatives,
Time has come to speak to the hearts of our Nations and their Leaders. I ask you this from the bottom of my heart, to come together from the Spirit of your Nations in prayer.
We, from the heart of Turtle Island, have a great message for the World; we are guided to speak from all the White Animals showing their sacred color, which have been signs for us to pray for the sacred life of all things. 
The dangers we are faced with at this time are not of spirit, mistakes that we cannot afford to continue to make.
I asked, as Spiritual Leaders, that we join together, united in prayer with the whole of our Global Communities. My concern is these serious issues will continue to worsen, as a domino effect that our Ancestors have warned us of in their Prophecies.
I know in my heart there are millions of people that feel our united prayers for the sake of our Grandmother Earth are long overdue. I believe we as Spiritual people must gather ourselves and focus our thoughts and prayers to allow the healing of the many wounds that have been inflicted on the Earth.
As we honor the Cycle of Life, let us call for Prayer circles globally to assist in healing Grandmother Earth (our Unc¹I Maka), and that we may also seek to live in harmony, as we make the choice to change the destructive path we are on.
As we pray, we will fully understand that we are all connected. And that what we create can have lasting effects on all life.
So let us unite spiritually, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer. Along with this immediate effort, I also ask to please remember World Peace and Prayer Day/ Honoring Sacred Sites day. Whether it is a natural site, a temple, a church, a synagogue or just your own sacred space, let us make a prayer for all life, for good decision making by our Nations, for our children¹s future and well-being, and the generations to come.
Onipikte (that we shall live),
Chief Arvol Looking Horse sees a great danger threatening “Grandmother Earth” and a great hope for restoring her wholeness. So he is calling all nations to prayer of any kind in an effort to return the planet to balance, the people to spirit. I asked him why this path is the right path to take. “A man or a woman without spirit is very dangerous,” Looking Horse explained in a recent phone interview. According to this Sioux chief, the absence of spirit is causing suffering everywhere. 

Methane Gas Levels Rising Catastrophically Fast, Abrupt Climate Change Now Initiating; via @AGreenRoad

Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth; ‘Carrington Effect’; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad

“We are in a time of survival,” he said. “But we don’t want to believe it because we have forgotten our spirits. We have forgotten that Grandmother Earth has a spirit.” Disconnected souls are hurting others without even knowing they are hurting others.” Those being hurt include animals, trees and waterways.

Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via @AGreenRoad

The Sioux have an inclusive worldview, but it was not shared by the transplanted Europeans who undertook genocide on Indian land, culminating in the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890. That final brutality broke the “hoop” binding Indians together; however, Sioux prophecy foretold that in a hundred years the people would be reunited. 

Although surviving tribe members and their descendants were stripped of religious freedoms (returned to them only 32 year ago by the U.S. government), the rituals were kept and the prophecy not forgotten. So the Sioux nations set out on horseback to “mend the broken hoop” of their nation in 1986 at a sacred site known to non-Indians as Devils Tower or the Great Horn Butte; their ritual went on for four years and concluded in 1990, 100 years after Wounded Knee. 
During the course of that long ritual, Looking Horse was surprised by a vision that came to him of peace and unity that included not only the Indian nations but all the nations of the world, each gathering with ritual plants around sacred fires on every continent. The Sioux chief felt called to oversee a much broader mending. 
But who was going to listen even to the chief of a people largely ignored in the country where they lived? “It’s everyday life for us that we hold Grandmother Earth sacred, we hold the trees and the plants, everything has a spirit. We need people to be really respectful for each other. The Great Spirit put us here all together. If we’re going to survive, we need to have spirit and compassion. 
We’re asking people to go to their sacred places or sacred spaces to pray.” “Sioux Indian chief calls all nations to action…” by Juliane Poirier. Music gifted by Tony Gerbejacob devaney
Learn more about Arvol Lookinghorse at: http://www.wolakota.org 
Learn more about White Buffalo Day at: http://www.whitebuffalochildren.org

What is the take away? Never give up hope. It is always darkest before the dawn. There is a birth in consciousness happening. At the same time, there is a dying both inside and outside, of old paradigms that no longer work, on all levels. Prayer and taking positive actions is the way through. There are complications to this birth. Despite all of the things going wrong and seeming very dark appearance, this is still hope, based on intuitive visions and prophecies in all religions that promise a bright and hope filled future. So keep praying, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and do what you feel led to do, moment by moment, by your own inner heart based guidance. We are the leaders that we have been waiting for.


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Fuel Cells Can Produce Zero Carbon Electricity By Burning Stored Hydrogen Gas

A highly efficient 1.4 MW fuel cell power plant supplies 100 percent of base load electricity needed to run a jail and county office buildings, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Santa Rosa, California.

The video above explains how a power producing fuel cell works. If the hydrogen that is sent to the fuel cell is created by solar, wind, water or other renewable energy, the fuel cell becomes a zero carbon power/electricity production center. 
DANBURY, Conn., June 5, 2009 — FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NasdaqNM:FCEL), a leading manufacturer of high efficiency, ultra-clean power plants using renewable and other fuels for commercial, industrial, government and utility customers, today announced the sale of a megawatt-class Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) power plant to California’s Sonoma County to supply 100 percent of the baseload electricity needed to operate a county jail and county office buildings in Santa Rosa. 
The DFC1500™ power plant will generate 1.4 megawatts of ultra-clean electricity and its byproduct heat will be recovered and used to replace approximately half the natural gas the County currently purchases to make hot water for space heating, cleaning, and cooking. Overall, the County of Sonoma expects significant energy cost savings during the first year of operation. 
When operating in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) mode such as this, DFC power plants can achieve up to 80 percent efficiency. This high efficiency will substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions. By comparison, typical grid electricity is only 33 percent electrically efficient. In addition, since DFC power plants produce electricity without combustion, they produce near-zero nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides and particulate matter, and are one of the most effective means of meeting air quality standards with around-the-clock electric generation. 
The state of California is one of the country’s leading environmental advocates with over 75 different laws and incentive programs to further the use of clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas production. These include AB32 that caps carbon dioxide emissions; the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard requiring 33 percent clean energy generation by 2020; and its government office building initiative to reduce energy use by 20 percent (1,935 megawatts) by 2015 from a 2003 baseline. Additionally, the California Air Resources Board’s CARB07 strictly regulates distributed generation power plants, specifying limits for nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds. DFC fuel cells meet all of these limits. 
“Installing a DFC fuel cell power plant is not only a wise financial decision,” said Jose Obregon, head of Sonoma County’s General Service Department. “It also demonstrates we’re being responsible stewards of the environment by dramatically lessening the impact of County operations on our community. No distributed power generation alternative we evaluated was able to compete with its high efficiency combined with its environmentally responsible benefits.” 
Sonoma County considered numerous options before deciding that the DFC unit was the best solution for its needs. The fuel cell installation is a major component of the $22 million County of Sonoma Purchases 1.4 MW Ultra-Clean Power Plant 2 Comprehensive Energy Project to make Sonoma County buildings energy efficient, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and meet the reduction targets established in the County’s Climate Protection Action Plan. 
“Our DFC power plants are efficient, quiet, clean and easy to site,” said Bruce Ludemann, Senior Vice President of FuelCell Energy. “And because they operate 24/7 producing ultra-clean baseload power, they’re an ideal solution when keeping the power on is critical and for customers that want to reduce their carbon footprint like jails, government buildings, hospitals, hotels, and wastewater treatment facilities.” Sonoma County’s purchase of the DFC unit through its site contractor AirCon Energy was partially funded with a $3 million grant under California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Aircon Energy has been specializing in the design, engineering and installation of comprehensive energy solutions since 1974 with a focus on local governments in the state of California. The DFC power plant is scheduled to be in operation in spring of 2010. 
About FuelCell Energy 
FuelCell Energy is the world leader in the development and production of stationary fuel cells for commercial, industrial, municipal and utility customers. FuelCell Energy’s ultra-clean and high efficiency DFC® fuel cells are generating power at over 50 locations worldwide. The company’s power plants have generated more than 275 million kWh of power using a variety of fuels including renewable wastewater gas, biogas from beer and food processing, as well as natural gas and other hydrocarbon fuels. FuelCell Energy has partnerships with major power plant developers and power companies around the world. The company also receives funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and other government agencies for the development of leading edge technologies such as fuel cells. For more information please visit our website at http://www.fuelcellenergy.com


What is the take away? Fuel cells are a potentially HUGE zero carbon power production center of the future, but only if these fuel cells utilize stored hydrogen gas to burn. If the hydrogen that is sent to the fuel cell is created by solar, wind, water or other renewable energy, the fuel cells of the future will be zero carbon power/electricity production centers, and that is a very good thing.
Currently, there are approximately 100 companies that are researching and manufacturing fuel cells, and this article featured one of them. These companies have been researching, developing and installing fuel cells in some cases for 20 years, so the technology is now mature and has the bugs worked out of it. All that is left, is to combine these fuel cells with a hydrogen gas production and storage facility, to create the zero carbon energy of the future.
Renewable energy sources lack the storage, and fuel cells lack the ability to create hydrogen from a zero carbon source, so the two technologies should be combined. Solar cells, wind generators, tides, waves, geothermal and other clean zero carbon energy producing technologies can produce electricity and a part of that electricity can be used to break down water into hydrogen, which can then be stored for times when the renewable energy source is not available, or for peak power use.
Since fuel cells are ‘instant’ power, utilities can use fuel cells plus stored hydrogen gas as their ‘peak’ power back up system. Fuel cells combined with hydrogen gas can also serve to fill in the gaps when zero carbon renewable energy sources are not available. 

On a local level, fuel cells the size of a toaster oven can power a home.

Source video: http://youtu.be/shkFDPI6kGE

The above picture and video shows a ‘Bloom Box’ type of fuel cell that according to the CEO, can power a home. Picture your home creating electricity that then splits water into hydrogen. The hydrogen gas is stored until it is needed, and then it is burned inside his fuel cell, which powers everything in your house. There is no need for a utility company anymore. This is another way that utility companies are in a death spiral, unless they join the zero carbon energy revolution. 

What are utility companies doing to move in this zero carbon direction? Sadly, many or most of them are resisting the move to renewable energy sources and creative solutions such as fuel cells combined with stored hydrogen power. Instead they are trying to tax solar to death, kill renewable energy companies by starving them of cash and keeping people reliant on pollution and Earth killing monopolistic, top down population controlling energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, and nuclear. 
Going back to fuel cells, while we are on the way to a global zero carbon energy goal, all landfills and other methane gas production centers such as cow/pig/chicken dung methane gas digesters should also be using fuel cells, because methane gas is 20 times more global warming as a gas than carbon dioxide is, so it makes sense to burn any methane gas and transform that methane gas into electricity and C02, and thereby create less global warming than the methane would if released to the atmosphere. 
The energy monopolies such as nuclear, coal, oil and gas are trying to stop the zero carbon energy revolution by lying about global warming, and climate change on the one hand. 
Top 100 Global Warming Denialist Groups Are ALL Funded By HUGE Corporations; via @AGreenRoad


Nuclear Energy As A Direct Cause Of Global Warming; via @AGreenRoad

Just a few huge corporations also control the mass media. These monopolies contribute a huge share of ad revenue and thus ‘influence’ what is aired, or the own a share of these media companies directly. In 1983, 50 corporations controlled a majority of American media. Now that number is 6.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; via A Green Road Blog

Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn’t Get Bigger; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/12/bernie-sanders-on-why-big-media.html

In the end, these mass media giants show mainly corporate friendly news and ‘experts’ that confuses the public or attacks legitimate scientific research that proves global warming exists, while promoting green washing ‘clean coal’, ‘green nuclear’ and other bogus and fraudulent industry PR claims which serves to keep these polluting, planet killing corporate monopolies in power and in control. 

CNN Questions Climate Change, Promotes Marc Morano, Who Encourages Sending Nasty Emails To Scientists; via @AGreenRoad
Meanwhile, CO2 levels are rising faster than ever.

Global Carbon Emissions Set To Reach Record 36 Billion Tons In 2013; via @AGreenRoad

Due to accelerating global warming, methane gas that has been trapped as ice, is now melting, thus accelerating global warming even more.

Methane Gas And Clathrate Trends Plus Atmospheric Measurements; via @AGreenRoad
Methane Gas Levels Rising Catastrophically Fast, Abrupt Climate Change Now Initiating; via @AGreenRoad

Then these same few monopolies use their influence inside the major utility companies to keep them ‘hooked’ on dirty polluting fuels that are killing the whole planet, as outlined below. Steven Chu explains how and why utility companies are actually in a death spiral of their own making, just because they are resisting the move to zero carbon energy solutions. 

Steven Chu Solves Utility Companies’ Death Spiral

The answers are all here. The only thing stopping the zero carbon energy future is the large monopolistic, top down old and obsolete planet killing energy companies, such as oil, coal, gas and nuclear. Do what you can to try and save the planet and our clean energy future. Vote only for candidates that take no corporate money. Right now, both of the major parties are totally corrupted by the money from these monopolies. For example, President Obama got huge amounts of money from both the financial industry and the nuclear industry, and they control what he does, as ‘payback’ for their ‘bribes’. The financial industry provides the money to keep these monopolies in power. 
Your vote and your local actions in your home town, and what kind of energy you burn in your home and in your car are the only things left that can save the Earth and our future. Act wisely. Never give up. 


Fuel Cells Can Produce Zero Carbon Electricity By Burning Stored Hydrogen Gas; via @AGreenRoad

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HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Radiation Release?

The news reporter above assures everyone that no harmful radiation was released from WIPP. The reporter passes on radiation measurements and comparisons from the entity funded by DOE, which is in charge of filter sampling. The only problem with this news report is that it is lacking ANY investigative aspect. No questions are asked. Definitely NO hard questions are asked or answered by anyone. What sounds like a news report is actually more a PR piece that is being read out loud by someone that could just as well be a pro nuclear PR person. For those interested in REAL news reporting and investigating, what follows may be questions asked by a REAL investigative reporter.

According to WIPP: March 19, 2014 – ‘First Step to Replace WIPP HEPA Filters’ – “An aerosol test is planned to verify that the WIPP high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are still operating at their peak performance. The HEPA filters worked as designed on February 14, trapping more than 99.9% of the radioactive particles exhausted from the underground. A minute amount of radioactive contamination was released during the event, due to a design in the ventilation system that allowed a small amount of air to bypass the filtration system. That design feature has been changed so that the bypass no longer exists. Los Alamos National Laboratory will pump aerosolized oil through the filter banks and use highly sensitive equipment to measure the concentration of aerosol particles at the back of the filter banks to determine filter efficiency. Individual HEPA filters at WIPP are tested annually and consistently meet the efficiency standard. Two filter banks service the underground exhaust.”
Now that we have an official statement from both WIPP and the (PR) newscaster, let’s pretend to be an investigative reporter, instead of a parrot repeating exactly whatever is told them, as the above newscaster is doing in the video, shall we?
It wasn’t until about 3 weeks later that they said, ‘Well we sent a worker in to put foam in the dampers of those 3 ducts that vent to the outside because they were almost totally closed, but not totally closed, and so there was leakage coming out of them.’ So again there was some radioactivity coming out beyond what might have passed through the filters themselves.
What does the above statement mean? Are the 3 unfiltered ducts part of the exhaust shaft, the intake shafts, or something else? No matter where they are, we have proof that the filters could not have taken out 99.9% of radiation, because there were ‘leaks’. If a facility has radiation leaks, it cannot filter that out. Now let’s dive deeper.

One question is; where did the plutonium go that came out of WIPP? And how much plutonium came out, in total? Here is one computer model estimate…


It is a fact that HEPA filters are easily overwhelmed by heat, soot and smoke, as proven by the official government manual for HEPA filters page detailed below. HEPA filters get overwhelmed quickly and then lose all ability to filter anything, even if they have a prefilter, when exposed to heavy loads of soot and smoke particles, such as the salt truck fire at WIPP, early in Feb. 7th, 2014. Video at; http://www.tout.com/m/7go08x  via Managing editor at the Carlsbad Current-Argus in Carlsbad. The PR piece and news cast above never even mentions the truck fire or the effect it had on the HEPA filters, despite the HEPA filtering system being on during that time, according to the official WIPP report on the salt truck mine fire. This is somewhat strange and alarming, wouldn’t you agree?
We know that WIPP turned on the HEPA filters during this truck fire, because this was disclosed in the official government report documenting safety and maintenance deficiencies at WIPP around that  truck fire. 
We also have evidence that the HEPA filters either were not working or they quit working at some point, because a picture shows heavy black smoke pouring out of the WIPP facility through the INTAKE parts of the facility, where smoke should ONLY be coming out of the EXHAUST. Either way, no matter which one it was, this is really bad news for WIPP. We now have documented proof about TWO different leaks bypassing the HEPA filters at WIPP during a disaster.

The official statement from the WIPP website dated March 19th, 2014, above says that “individual HEPA filters at WIPP are tested annually”. Well, that means these HEPA filters have not been inspected since these two events happened, wouldn’t you agree?  First there was a truck fire that may very have damaged and/or clogged them. Then a radiation/explosion event days later that could have caused damage and or degraded these HEPA filters to the point where they are leaking severely, as indicated in several news reports about ventilation problems… They do not seem to be taking this very seriously, wouldn’t you agree? But never mind all of this, according to WIPP, these magical HEPA filters are still working at 99.9% efficiency, NO MATTER WHAT! Just believe us and trust WIPP with no proof needed. WIPP is saying they are perfect, even after TWO major HEPA filter clogging/destroying events and by their own admission, leaks going by the HEPA filters. So how can their statement about no dangerous radiation release be given any credibility whatsoever? 

Fire and Smoke Effects On HEPA Filters
On May 4, 2000, a prescribed burn at Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico escaped control and ultimately burned nearly 50,000 acres in and around the town of Los Alamos and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The thick smoke from this fire impacted the confinement ventilation system operations at several LANL facilities. The confinement ventilation systems in some nuclear facilities were shut down or placed on minimum ventilation to prevent further clogging. Some facilities whose confinement ventilation systems were not shut down experienced filter clogging and had to replace filters. The facilities that shut down or went to minimum operation subsequently had re-entry and restart issues they had to address. pg 10-7

The exhaust stream from a HEPA WIPP filter that is actually working should not include smoke or soot for any reason. HEPA filters are supposed to filter out visible smoke and soot particles. As these pages and graph points out, HEPA filters can quit working quickly when exposed to high amounts of soot and smoke, so the key question is, what was the back pressure during and after the truck fire on these HEPA filters and what was the back pressure before the radiation event? What is the back pressure on these filters now?

As the page above and below points out very clearly, soot and smoke overwhelm HEPA filters very quickly. With no backup in place and no redundancy and no 2nd duct system to switch over to in case of failure of the 1st system, there is no way to prevent MASSIVE radiation release to the environment and communities downwind. If this was just harmless smoke and soot, why was the emergency management center ‘evacuated’?

At WIPP, they have plenty of radiation detectors on site, so they would have known that no radiation was present, if this was really a truck fire, correct? And even if it had been a radioactive fire, the emergency operations center should have it’s own separate filtered, radiation proof clean air supply and negative air pressure environment, so this indicates major problems in another area of the WIPP facility. This is another item that indicates massive failure at WIPP, in a totally different direction. Combine the emergency center evacuation, the HEPA filter not working during the truck fire, and the leaking ducts, and it shows just how absolutely not ready this WIPP facility is for a major nuclear disaster. 

TV: “Imminent situation” at U.S. nuclear site — Emergency operations center evacuated due to fire deep underground — “One of most serious incidents” on record 


For those who do not know, an emergency operations center is supposed to have it’s own HEPA and other filtration or fresh air system in case of a radioactive emergency such as this.. Are they saying that this building where all emergency operations are controlled and managed has no radiation proof air supply? And what prompted the evacuation? It would not be just plain old smoke that does that; it would take radiation alarms going off to make an evacuation happen, correct? 

We know that the HEPA filters at WIPP were more than likely clogged by the soot and smoke from the salt truck fire on Feb 7th or damaged/taken out by the explosion/ceiling collapse and/or fire that happened on Feb. 14th. We know that negative pressure in the salt mine was lost after the salt truck fire, because of the video showing smoke pouring out of the intake section of the mine air system above. We know the emergency center was evacuated.  NONE of this is supposed to happen at a Class II nuclear waste facility, EVER. 
The second incident released massive amounts of radiation, which was measured more than a mile away from the initial source at stations that could have been upwind. (Only 2 out of six stations radiation readings were reported, and it is unclear if those 2 reported stations were upwind or downwind). Radiation degrades HEPA filters, according to documentation provided above. 
How is WIPP planning on handling this degradation and ‘overloading’ of WIPP HEPA filters? Who is going to make sure that these overloaded HEPA radioactively contaminated filters are changed out safely without contaminating the entire area and employees as well? Are the WIPP HEPA filters even accessible, because one report says they are too radioactive to even get close to? What are the plans for changing out these highly contaminated filters? Has this facility been planned and designed for this kind of thing?
Regarding radiation releases and the WIPP HEPA system, was this ventilation and filter system designed and ‘engineered’ so that automatic controls would prevent any radiation release? The answer is NO. The document above also details DOE requirements for a HEPA system, and the quick failure of it when exposed to high levels of radiation.  Is the filter building designed with a double or triple negative pressure environment? Does WIPP have this in place? Even if they do, this system failed. The WIPP report about HEPA filters indicates 2 ‘banks’ of filters.. Are they redundant, or not? 
In the above document, we can see that when plutonium is involved, a DOUBLE or TRIPLE redundant system is required. Why? Because plutonium is SO hazardous, SO deadly, that special protections are needed to make sure that nothing leaks out of the facility and exposes the public. Does WIPP have this in place? The answer is NO, not unless they provide proof of this. They say that they have 2 ‘banks’ of filters, but the key question is, are they REDUNDANT? 
Has the WIPP HEPA filtering system been properly designed to handle the radioactive particles that could theoretically come out via ceiling collapse, container leaking, explosions, fires or flooding events? Can the WIPP HEPA filter system also filter out radioactive GASES, VOC’s of all of the stuff that they put down there, such as dioxins, and other super deadly and dangerous things? And are there built in filtering systems to handle what happens if this system is damaged or destroyed by either natural, man made or mine related events? The answer is NO. 
WIPP is free to prove that this information here is all wrong.. Let the WIPP authorities or DOE PROVE that WIPP has built with double or triple redundant ventilation and HEPA filter systems to make sure negative pressure is maintained and that it will keep working AUTOMATICALLY even if the power is cut off or one duct system, and/or one filtering system is destroyed by a radioactive fire or explosion. 
Let DOE prove at the public meetings that WIPP filters can and do filter out radioactive gases, VOC’s and things like dioxins, despite heat, explosions, smoke and soot, over the long term, for 10,000 years, if that is what happens, worst case… The two back to back disasters at this facility has already proven that the WIPP facility cannot handle ANYTHING, not even a small truck fire. So what are the odds that this facility will survive something REALLY bad happening in a couple hundred years?


The above picture is of black smoke and soot from an accidental fire and explosion at a recycler/incinerator facility in 2013, which includes ‘recycling’ and/or burning of radioactive sludge, in Chiba prefecture, Japan.

“Fires in nuclear facilities have been caused by a variety of energy sources, including electrical energy and spontaneous combustion of pyrophoric metals. While fixed fire suppression systems or operator intervention have limited the size and consequences of most of these fires, some did propagate and cause significant damage and material release. There have been numerous occurrences of fire in nuclear facilities since the beginning of the Manhattan Project and many lessons learned from those fires. Some lessons have been learned at great expense. A brief history is discussed here in the hope that the lessons will not be forgotten or ignored by facility designers and operators.
The most significant fires involving the HEPA filters of confinement ventilation systems have occurred at the Rocky Flats Plant. In 1957, pyrophoric ignition of plutonium in a production line ignited combustible cellulose filters in the production box and spread from there via laminated plexiglass window materials and other unknown combustible materials in the ventilation system to involve and destroy combustible HEPA filters in the final filter stage. Delays in fighting this fire were due to radiation safety concerns and delays in using water due to criticality concerns allowed it grow. It was extinguished soon after water was used, but a buildup of combustible vapors and dusts in the ventilation ductwork and the final filter stage ignited and resulted in a small explosion. This severely damaged the HEPA filters in the final filter stage and allowed the second-highest known plutonium release at Rocky Flats to occur. A significant portion of the plutonium released from this fire was deposited offsite.3 As a result of this event, fire-resistant glass fiber HEPA filters were researched, developed, and put into service in the nuclear industry.” pg 10-2
The lesson from this is that radioactive garbage  like plutonium waste can and does catch on fire and burn with nothing but air, and no ignition source is needed. Radioactive elements burn as well as explode, (along with black smoke and soot). There are numerous examples of this type of thing happening all around the world. If WIPP cannot handle radioactive fires and explosions, heat, black smoke and soot, it means that this geological nuclear depository is not able to handle nuclear wastes safely. The failure of WIPP means that these geological depositories are not a solution for radioactive waste. 
Before the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster, the pro nuclear experts all guaranteed us that a multiple nuclear power station failure and meltdown could ‘never’ happen. At WIPP, the pro nuclear experts promised that a radioactive accident could ‘never’ happen, and that HEPA filters would protect the public in case it did. Guess what? The Titanic could ‘never’ be sunk either, but it did. And WIPP failed on both counts..

We already know that HEPA filters quickly get overwhelmed from black smoke and soot. So whether it happens from a salt truck fire or something else, this will not change during a radioactive smoke filled fire. The HEPA filters and negative pressure safety system TOTALLY failed at WIPP at least once, and possibly twice. Because they covered up the nuclear disaster for six days, we don’t know yet what happened during the WIPP nuclear disaster, which can now be called WIPPGATE, but the odds are that the same thing happened there that happened during the truck fire; the HEPA filters and ventilation system failed and radiation poured out of the intake shafts, more than likely MUCH longer than the ‘official’ 30 seconds that they claimed. 
Can you see any fire fighters going down into this WIPP facility to ‘put out’ a radioactive fire or deal with a radioactive explosion, with flammable gases present? No, it is not possible. What is the plan for putting out radioactive fires, leaks, bursting/rusting barrels or deal with explosions underground? There is no plan for this, and no realistic way to do this. The proof of this no entry possible after a disaster, is that no one has been down inside WIPP since the radiation disaster happened. 
Another critically important piece of information around WIPP HEPA filters, because they are the ONLY line of defense, and there is no backup, is to make sure that they are tested regularly, as required by DOE regulations. If they are not tested regularly, there is no way that they are going to meet the 99.9% efficiency rating, due to much higher leakage and HEPA filter failure rates that go all the way up to 5% if no testing is done on a regular basis. The HEPA filters themselves need to be tested and approved by the US Army Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. Was this done with WIPP HEPA filters? And was the HEPA filter facility tested regularly, as outlined below, AFTER being installed, on a REGULAR BASIS? When was the last test, and when is the next one? Who did the testing?

Why is this article focusing so much on HEPA filters? Plutonium is SO dangerous, and HEPA filters are the only thing standing between everyone downwind and things that are so toxic, so dangerous, that this plutonium can kill millions of people if those HEPA filters fail and huge plumes of whatever is down there come out of this Hell hole. .. How dangerous is WIPP?
According to note at the bottom of the this study/report;

Plutonium is 115,000 times more dangerous and toxic than the average nuclear man made radioactive element in terms of it’s effect.

To learn more about the dangers of plutonium, click on the following links; 

How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

Plutonium Is The Most Toxic, Radioactive, Man Made Element, With No Natural Biological Role In The Human Body; via @AGreenRoad
Is There ‘Natural’ Plutonium And Are There ‘Natural’ Fission Reactions? via @AGreenRoad

Another thing that residents living downwind might want to know about WIPP, is that it contains illegal nuclear waste products. We are not talking about just deadly plutonium and legal transuranic waste at this facility. WIPP also has boat loads of illegal waste such as cesium and strontium.  Learn more about the details here; 
WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence; via @AGreenRoad

Print out and take the above and following questions to the upcoming community meetings that WIPP officials are promising to hold on a ‘weekly’ basis, complete with dinners. 


What happened after that negative pressure was lost, the filter was clogged, and before the nuclear accident, where they needed those HEPA filters to be working again? Was the ventilation system damaged in any way or were parts not working?


WHY did they cover up the radiation release for SIX DAYS and not allow anyone on site? What was done to the ventilation system, the HEPA filters or inside the mine during those six days?

3rd Question;

How long was it before the HEPA filters worked to counter the radiation release, and did the HEPA filters get bypassed during the radiation release and if so when and why? What EXACT time period did radiation escape from the mine before being run through the HEPA filters?

4th Question; 

Did the HEPA filters clog and fail completely when needed for the radiation release and if not, why not? If yes, how long did radiation go by the HEPA filters?

5th Question:

What kind of HEPA filters were they using, specifically, type, brand, make, model, ratings, design construction, etc? Not all HEPA filter types can resist smoke, heat, explosive forces or radiation. If the radiation event came with a fire or overpressure due to ceiling collapse or explosion, HEPA filters are not designed for that either, and FAIL.

6th Question;

How long had the filters been in place and working before the truck fire? What was the pressure reading on the face of the filters? Where are the records of this? Where are the change out records for the HEPA filters and can you provide them and the person who changed them out the last time for an interview, on the record?

7th Question;

If the filters clogged and were changed out after the truck fire and before the radiation release on the 14th, who performed that service and can we interview them? Reports indicate that the filters were ‘too radioactive to get close to’. Is that true? What was the radiation reading on the filters themselves? What is the plan for replacing the filters specifically? Who, when, how, procedures, etc? What is the radiation reading on filters taken out?

8th Question;

How did the HEPA filter system work during the radiation event, when it did NOT work during the salt truck fire? How did the ventilation system get fixed after the truck fire, and before the radiation release disaster?

According to PISSIN’ ON THE ROSES;

“We read through DOE’s report on the 2/5/14 fire at the WIPP facility with an eye on spotting ventilation system configurations which could result in the build up of explosive gases produced by the radioactive waste. Key information pointing to the root cause of a explosive gas build up is found on page 35 of DOE’s report on the 2/5/14 fire; notice the information we quoted and bolded in their statement below. We suspect that the regulator action mentioned is at the root cause of the February 14th explosion and radioactive release at the WIPP facility.
707 bulkhead door that divides the construction split from the disposal split requires manual operation and cannot be remotely shut, which is necessary for shifting to filtration mode. During the initial entries after the event, underground services shut the 707 bulkhead door and regulator the afternoon of February 14, 2014. This allowed the ventilation system to be placed in filtration mode. After the radiological event the evening of February 14, 2014, it would not have been possible to place the ventilation in filtration mode if 707 bulkhead door had remained open.
9th And Further Questions;
What is the purpose of the ‘regulator’, how does it work?
What is the purpose of the 707 bulkhead door in regards to standard or filtered air?
Can 707 bulkhead door be operated and closed or opened remotely in case of a radiation accident underground?
What is the purpose and function of the broken ventilation fan(s) identified in this same report?
Can these things be moved or adjusted AFTER and DURING a sudden and catastrophic, SEVERE radiation accident or fire in the mine with radiation levels above 10 Sieverts in the mine?
What effect did cutting the air curtain dividers have as crew were evacuated during the salt truck fire?
Can flammable or explosive gas build up if these things are closed (and/or cut) in the section of the mine that is closed off?
What amount of fire or explosion can the HEPA system handle before being overwhelmed and losing negative pressure?
Are there flammable gas detectors and radiation detectors in the mine?
If yes, what were the readings for BOTH on Feb 14th 2014, before and after the explosion?
What was leaking after Feb. 14th, and what was ‘fixed’ with foam after that date?
What is the rate of leakage from the duct system?
Is the HEPA filter system a single, double or triple pass system?
Is there a redundant HEPA filter system, and if not, why not?
Is there a redundant duct system leading to the 2nd HEPA filters, and if not, why not?
Are the HEPA filters now in place resistant to heat, fire, explosion and/or radiation?
Were the HEPA filters damaged by the fire or by the explosion?
Can you take us on a tour of the HEPA filter building and allow a video of this tour?
Can we go into the filter building with a radiation detector and measure radiation at the filters?
What is the usual filtering system required at a Class II lab or process facility working with high level plutonium radiation products?
Why did DOE ignore or fire the many scientists who warned DOE of many severe geological risks, including flammable gas buildup?
Why is the DOE pushing so hard for Class III nuclear wastes, when the original permit and design of WIPP was only for low level wastes?
What other wastes are going into WIPP besides radioactive ones?
Has dioxin gone into WIPP?
Why is there no public radiation protection other than a failure prone HEPA system at WIPP?
Why do nuclear plants have 3 layers of protection from nuclear fire, fallout and explosion and WIPP has basically NONE?
What is the plan to deal with the flammable gases coming out of the 10,000 plus barrels?
What is the plan to deal with the pyrophoric elements in the nuclear waste barrels?
Does the emergency center have it’s own filtered, radiation proof air supply? If yes, what kind, type, redundancy, layers, etc?
Does the emergency center at WIPP have a negative air pressure system, with emergency power supply as back in case the primary one fails? If yes, what type and how long can it last?
Why was the emergency center evacuated during a simple truck fire? Who decided that? When, and based on what information coming in?
Assuming a black, sooty nuclear fire and explosion at WIPP, how long will the HEPA filters work?
Assuming a hot raging nuclear fire underground at WIPP, can negative pressure be maintained, if so, for how long? Are the HEPA filters rated for high temperatures? Explosion?
What is the long term plan for inspecting the mine after it is full and how will that work in detail, for what period of time? (a reasonable period of time is not acceptable as an answer)
How often will the HEPA filters be changed, now that they are filtering highly dangerous plutonium?

More evidence that a flammable gas explosion or pyrophoric fire happened in an RH waste container;

WIPP Ventilation System ‘Unstable’, Possibly Due To Underground Explosion, Another Explosion Possible AT ANY TIME via @AGreenRoad

More questions arise around HEPA filters, because the public must now consider that there is NO REAL PROTECTION against major and catastrophic amounts of plutonium, cesium, americium, radioactive gases, and/or toxic chemicals being released from WIPP.  HEPA filters do not filter out radioactive gases or toxic chemicals or chemical gases. Even small radioactive particles can go right through a HEPA filter like the filter is not even there. What kind of HEPA filters are being used at WIPP? Can they filter out these below MPPS size nano radioactive particles?
“Another variable to application is efficiency. Selecting a more efficient filter for an application may be necessary to prevent particle bypass through a standard HEPA [utero The higher-efficiency filters are called Very Large-Scale Integrated (VLSI) filters. There are materials in use that have a greater amount of small particles below the MPPS for HEPA filters. These materials may pass through the HEPA filter unimpeded and migrate into the ductwork. Redundant filters can sometimes be used for these applications; however, this assumes that the area between the filters can be cleaned. pg 7-17 
The WIPP facility allows and accepts not just radioactive waste, but also the worst of the worst chemicals and toxins, such as dioxin. Let’s assume for a second that they really did measure ONLY plutonium coming out, despite most barrels being filled with a dozen man made elements and/or mixed waste, including solvents, chemicals, etc. What else came out of WIPP starting in Feb. 2014?

via VanneV March 18, 2014“…About 4% of the TRU waste received at WIPP is far too toxic and the containers must be remote-handled by robots and automated machinery….”“…Some of the substances (hazchems), which include more than 200 types of dioxins, are so lethal that even a small leak into the water supply could kill or permanently harm millions of people, before they are detected.… The United States is dotted with an estimated 100,000 HAZMAT storage sites containing one or more of deadly substances including radioactive, biohazardous, toxic, explosive, flammable, asphyxiating, corrosive, oxidizing, pathogenic, or allergenic materials, as well as herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers that don’t fall into those categories….”
Finally, what is REALLY going on down inside WIPP? According to radiation results released, it seems that there was a second spike of radiation later in the month. This second plutonium spike makes this place look even more totally out of control and insane than it already is. How long can the HEPA filters take this radioactive abuse and punishment before they are overwhelmed completely, (assuming that they are currently working at all)? 
A 2nd Plutonium Spike Has Occurred At WIPP

WIPP officials admit new release of Plutonium and Americium — More expected in future — Nearly double levels seen after February leak — 61 DPM on March 11 vs. 36 DPM in February

via CiscoMarch 20, 2014 “Plutonium is Forever”, just ask the sick and dying in Denver.http://rmpjc.org/plutonium-is-forever-2/
Plutonium up to 1,579 pCi/kg detected near Denver at Rocky Flats — Contamination levels remain as high as 40 years ago, BEFORE the site was ‘cleaned up’.
The above Denver scenario is the prediction for what will happen to communities downwind of WIPP. The pro nuclear apologists will give lots of assurances, promises and maybe even ‘decontaminate’ something, but in the end, nothing changes and the radiation contamination stays forever, while the genetic, disease and cancer rates keep increasing, generation after generation. (Denver has some of the highest lung disease, nervous system disease and cancer rates in the US.)

And in Germany, where this same nuclear waste in a salt mine idea was tried, they decided it was a BAD IDEA, with no radiation leaks. Their salt mine is having problems like water pouring into it and wall collapses like the picture below shows. And what is all of that black staining on the salt that is  piled on the barrels? That wouldn’t be nuclear waste leaking out of the barrels, would it?

Bottom line, the hard questions have not been answered yet, and may never be answered, because the regulator, safety inspector and financial contracter who hands out all of the money  are all one and the same; DOE. DOE decided this place was ‘safe’ and going to work for 250,000 years, despite NUMEROUS severe geological problems…

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad

The odds of WIPP failing in a huge catastrophic nuclear nightmare manner are 100%, long term. With all of the above severe geological risks, there is no way this place is going to get through even 100 years without something much worse happening. The Feb 2014 radioactive disaster may be the beginning of such a never ending nuclear nightmare, with no end, ever, and just getting worse and worse over time.

Meanwhile the local and mainstream press seems for the most part, content to parrot the PR handouts from WIPP, without doing ANY investigative reporting and without asking any of the hard questions.

So if you are a local citizen living and working in the area, it is up to YOU, as a citizen journalist and activist to print out and ask some or all of these questions, or send them to officials, and to demand answers. Of course, you can also ask your local press to do their job and ask these questions too, but don’t hold your breath, because the odds are, that they never will. 

There is a huge story that is NOT being covered at WIPP. The huge WIPP nuclear disaster and cover up is the open, admitted failure of the WIPP facilitiy HEPA filter system, as described and with photographic evidence around the salt truck fire. The HEPA filter system did fail. The failure of the HEPA system DID happen around a simple truck fire. What happens after a major and severe radiation release and fire from one or more high level waste containers? What happens when no one can go down there to manually ‘adjust’, close, open or fix whatever part of the ventilation system that is broken?

What happens if and when things break, fail or are set up wrong, as they were before the salt truck fire? The HEPA filter system is the ONLY thing protecting the public from the horrors being stored underground. One gram (like a dime) of stuff coming out of WIPP can permanently make 2 square miles of land uninhabitable. There are 10,000 more more 55 gallon drums filled with up 1,000 pounds each of highly radioactive/chemical/heavy metal garbage inside WIPP. This wimpy already failed HEPA system is not going to prevent a major radiation disaster, guaranteed.. It has already failed once, and it will fail again, guaranteed. There is no system designed by humans that can safely hold back a nuclear fire, and/or explosion or major failure at WIPP, and the salt mine truck plus the covered up WIPP radiation disaster proves this.

We all know that a major radiation disaster/failure of the only radiation protective system happened at WIPP. The only thing left to discover is how really BAD this disaster was. WIPP and the DOE are keeping really quiet about that, despite having radiation monitors down in the mine and despite having reason(s) to evacuate their emergency management center after a simple truck fire. 
What were or are the live radiation readings on those underground radiation monitors?

Why aren’t their live radiation readings on the intake and exhaust vent stacks of the WIPP facility that can be read and accessed by the public via the Internet, in REAL TIME, with a battery and solar power backup power supply in case an accident happens and the power fails?

It must be REALLY BAD, for DOE to refuse to release the radiation information about what is going on inside the mine and on the HEPA filters. Another part of this huge nuclear disaster that has been covered up completely so far, is the total failure of the transparent reporting and accountability of the operator and inspector for six days after the accident. What happened during those six days?

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

Real investigative reporting now seems to be solely in the domain of citizens, bloggers and independent aggregators who receive no corporate funding, such as AGRP, ENENews and Pissin In The Roses as well as other citizens/groups making a difference out there. One thing we can count on for sure is that the same denial, minimization, and cover up of this nuclear disaster is happening, just like all of the rest of them. The whole nuclear industry is just one huge failure, one right after another. 


HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Radiation Release? via @AGreenRoad

More articles and videos;

WIPP Youtube video playlist

2014 – Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico’s WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; via @AGreenRoad

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Approvals; via @AGreenRoad

WIPP Is Not A Place For 250,000 Years Of Anything, Much Less Honor; via @AGreenRoad

Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste Problems/Issues

Oranur and Orgone Nuclear Radiation Neutralizing Experiment

(From video above) Dr. Reich MD discovered a very fundamental energy source, which he called the ‘orgone’. Orgone energy is synonymous with ‘life energy‘. Dr. Reich MD, discovered that orgone energy could be collected, concentrated, and used for various purposes. Dr. Reich used it and analyzed it for research purposes.

He discovered that orgone energy could be measured in a person as a ‘charge’, much like the voltage in a battery could be measured. He discovered that orgone energy could be increased in a person (just like in a battery) by sitting in a device that was designed to accumulate orgone energy, and that the effect of this also increased the strength of the immune system, and had positive health rebuilding effects. The orgone energy can be seen as a blue color; which also can be seen around the Earth, by looking up in the sky in certain ‘healthy’ places, and around people in the form of an aura. 

Despite his ground breaking and life affirming breakthroughs and discoveries, and maybe because of them, Dr. Reich MD was censored and then thrown in prison along with another medical doctor, where he died. By order of the court, all six TONS of this writings, research manuals and books were destroyed, and at his own cost, which is one of the worst examples of censorship in US history. Just like the discoveries of Nicolas Tesla, their inventions and discoveries were a threat to the monopoly powers that were present then and even up to today. So to learn about, research, and use this energy, you will have to follow the path less traveled, but that is what A Green Road Project (AGRP) is all about, and that is why you are here, correct? 
The following article goes into detail about the relationship between orgone energy and man made nuclear/atomic radiation, which emits and concentrates DOR energy. DOR is ‘death energy‘, which is the opposite of orgone ‘life energy‘ (OR). The nuclear industry has discovered and concentrated this DOR death energy and has built an entire 5 TRILLION dollar industry around it. Now you may start to understand why Dr. Reich and others like him are hounded, attacked and charged falsely with crimes. This happens just about anytime a scientist, alternative health modality practicioner or researcher who provides a cheaper or free alternative to the monopoly involved, which may be energy, or the medical and pharmaceutical industry, just to name a few examples.

What is DOR death energy specifically? “If life energy is irritated by certain physical factors, it falls into a rigid state, in which it shows destructive, hostile reactions. This form of energy Dr. Reich called DOR, Deadly ORgone. He noted basically two manifestations of DOR: a “natural DOR”, of which the origin is not clear that is initially responsible for the emergence of drought and the spread of deserts, and an “artificial DOR“, which is caused by a strong atmospheric irritation of orgone energy by technical factors such as nuclear radiation electricity, electromagnetism, etc.” http://www.orgon.de/E-dor.htm

“Let’s look at an experiment which had as its goal the relationship between the living energy of life and the nuclear technology of death. To possibly utilize the effects of Orgone Energy upon the human organism as an antidote to nuclear radiation sickness was ostensibly the goal of the Oranur Experiment. (Oranur = Orgone Anti-Nuclear).

Friday, January 5, 1951: Wilhelm Reich M.D. puts one milligram of pure radium inside a 20 layer Orgone Energy Accumulator. For five hours the radium remains inside the life energy charging device. During the next seven days the process is repeated for one hour per day; the one milligram of pure radium is placed inside the 20 layer Orgone Accumulator. On Friday, January 12, the radium was removed from the Orgone charging device after only one half hour and the experiment was stopped.

It was on the last day of the experiment that the most dramatic effect occurred. The observers were outside the student’s laboratory where the metal lined Orgone Room housing the powerful 20 layer Orgone Energy Accumulator was located. While one experimental milligram of pure radium served as a control and was kept far away in an unused building on Reich’s 280 acre farm; the other milligram of pure radium was placed inside the life energy charging device. We must remember that there was a war going on, the Korean War, and Reich and his associates were conducting this research partly in response to the threat of a nuclear conflict demanding some sort of antidote to radiation sickness. Therefore the experiment had as its goal the discovery of a possible anti-nuclear property of the newly discovered Life Energy.

The “normal” background count of “radioactivity” at Reich’s laboratory in Western Maine where a dozen people lived and worked was 30 – 50 counts per minute measured on the big 4096 Tracerlab Autoscaler. The background of radioactivity within an Orgone Accumulator measured with a portable SU-5 Tracerlab Survey Meter, type 6C5, was 40 – 70 cpm. In other words, with no nuclear material present, the concentration of Life Energy within a charging device caused the Geiger Counter to give a higher reading; about 40 % higher.

Once the Oranur Experiment had started; once the concentrated Life Energy had been exposed to the radioactive nuclear material – the background count at Reich’s laboratory climbed to approx. 80 cpm and would not immediately subside even when the nuclear material was removed from the Orgone Accumulator.

The radioactivity of a one milligram unit of radium had been calibrated at 16,000 cpm (8.3 Roentgens per hour). This was done in New York City, away from the highly charged atmosphere of Reich’s setup near Rangeley, Maine. The two units of Radium arrived on Jan. 5, 1951 and immediately they were measured unshielded at one centimeter distance and gave a reading of 254,760 cpm in the highly charged atmosphere near the various Orgone Accumulators. One milligram unit was secured as a control and not exposed further to the charging effect of the Orgone devices. The other milligram was placed inside the 20 layer Orgone Accumulator in the metal lined Orgone Room in the student’s laboratory. While the radium was within the charging device, accurate measurement was not possible because the instrument, the SU-5 Survey Meter would either race right off the scale or go completely dead. Away from the active experiment, the instrument resumed normal operation.


The fateful Friday, January 12 – again the milligram of pure radium is placed inside the Life Energy device and again the observers feel the amplified radiation effects: severe nausea, loss of equilibrium, pressure in the forehead, sensations of fainting, severe headache, hot and cold flashes, severe belching: all these symptoms were observed and experienced by the one dozen or so physicians and technicians present during the 5 month course of the experiment. 

Additionally each observer was affected by a recurrence of any old or dormant injury or disease condition varying according to each individual’s weakest spot. It was as if the effect of the reaction of the concentrated Life Energy to the nuclear irritant was to attack each living organism in its weakest area (a converse relationship to the observed pattern of the effect of a “normal” Orgone Accumulator which seemed to strengthen or benefit the weak areas within the Organism; of course for our purposes there is no healing, beneficial or medical implication here).

The last time that the radium was placed inside the 20 layer Accumulator was to prove so dramatic that for fear of possible consequences, the experiment was stopped. The observers (Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Simon Tropp & others) were standing outside in the cold afternoon of January 12. They could see through the large picture windows the atmosphere inside the student’s lab become clouded within minutes after they had placed the unshielded milligram of radium inside the Life Energy charger. The clouded atmosphere was starting to move visibly and was shining blue and purple 1 The men became quite ill from nausea, loss of balance, cramps in the stomach – all this from one milligram of radium over 300 feet distant. Never before had symptoms of radiation sickness been so strong or had they been felt at such a great distance from the physical setup of the experiment.

The experiment was stopped in that the radioactive material was no longer placed inside the Life Energy charging device. The effects from the experiment continued and they intensified. It was quite unbearable to be near any Orgone Accumulator on the premises. It was as if the Oranur effect had spread and affected all of the Life Energy charging devices located at Reich’s extensive laboratory comprising two large and several smaller buildings. All of the Orgone devices exhibited exorbitantly high Geiger counter readings and produced symptoms of radiation sickness in nearby observers. A large batch of 30 experimental mice died from exposure to this Orgone Anti-Nuclear effect even though the mice were never physically close to arty nuclear material. Thorough autopsies on the mice revealed a leukemia-like blood picture.

The reaction seemed to be self-sustaining and was spreading. In response to the severity of the Oranur effect, all of the Orgone Accumulators were physically dismantled and their component parts were separated. The metal lined Orgone Room was dismantled. This measure of turning off the Orgone Accumulators (there is no switch to an Orgone device); this dismantling of the Orgone devices seemed to reduce the background counts of radioactivity from their levels of 80 cpm and above. It was noticed that reassembling even one Orgone charging device would immediately cause the background radiation measurements to approximately double. The experimental radium was secured within its 1/2” lead shield and placed inside a 4” steel and concrete safe located in a small wooden building some distance from the main laboratory.

What had been learned from this experiment? Basically, the presence of a strong concentration of Orgone Energy seems to amplify and magnify the radiation from a nuclear source. The New York Times reported on February 3, 1951 of an Atomic Energy Commission announcement of an increase in background radiation comprising an area of 600 miles in radius with its approximate center located Northern New England. It is likely that Reich’s Oranur Experiment with one milligram of radium had affected an area of 1,130,900 square miles.

On April 15, Reich decided to check on the experimental one milligram of radium which was still housed in its 1/2” lead shield inside the 4” thick steel and concrete safe. At a distance of 40 centimeters from the safe wall the reading was a fantastic 20,000 cpm on the SU-5 Survey meter. Reich was fearful of the radium and the continuing Oranur effect. He placed a group of mice in a cage quite near the safe housing the radium and waited for several days. The experimental mice remained in perfect health even though the radiation counts were abnormally high. It was as if the Oranur effect had changed and was no longer harmful even though the Geiger counter gave high readings.

Now Reich made a daring move that was to yield a rich harvest of new knowledge: He opens the safe and takes a measurement of the interior space inside the safe – the reading is over 100,000 cpm. He removed the milligram of radium from the steel and concrete safe and rushed it to the main laboratory. Here he measured it with the big and sensitive 4096 Tracerlab Autoscaler with a countertube of a mica window thickness of 2.3 mg/cm2 as opposed to the SU-5 Survey Meter with its countertube of a mica window thickness of 30 mg/cm2 wall thickness. (This means the 4096 Autoscaler was approx ten times more sensitive than the SU-5 Survey Meter) At a distance of one centimeter with no shielding the milligram of radium gave a reading of only 30,000 cpm! To explain this puzzling observation it was slowly realized that the 4” steel and concrete safe acted as an Orgone Accumulator itself due to its layering of steel and the organic material of concrete.

The nuclear radioactivity was confined within its lead shielding but the Orgone Energy was not confined, since the Life Energy passes through all materials – only at different speeds. Thus there was not a strong Oranur reaction when the nuclear material was within lead shielding inside the safe. The Oranur reaction was controlled as it were. The Orgone Energy could affect the nuclear source since the Orgone passed through lead; the radium could not irritate the concentrated Orgone field because the radiation was stopped by lead. 

Perhaps a way had been found to denature the harmful effects of the nuclear material. By placing the nuclear source first in lead shielding; and then placing the lead container within an Orgone Accumulator – in this way the Orgone Energy can get at the nuclear material but the radioactive material cannot affect the Orgone. After this process had been carried out for a period of time (months), a diminuation effect was noted in the reaction of the Orgone treated nuclear material on exposure to a strong Life Energy field.


In the next article we will discuss Reich’s invention of the cloudbuster to combat an unexpected side effect of the Oranur Experiment; and we will examine use of this denatured milligram of radium (ORUR) to amplify the effect of the cloudbuster.

A more complete history of the Oranur Experiment is found in Selected Writings by Wilhelm Reich, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux ISBN 0-374-50197-1. Briefly: the Oranur Experiment illustrated the nature of radiation sickness as being a reaction of the Life Energy against the nuclear irritant. 

Shielding is not possible against the Oranur effect because Orgone Energy penetrates all matter. Once the Oranur effect begins, it spreads in a chain reaction fashion to infect areas not originally exposed to the nuclear material. The Oranur effect produces symptoms of radiation sickness generally and within individuals reactivates any latent disease or weakness found in each particular organism. 

There are possibilities of antidotal uses of the Oranur effect as a preventive measure to “inoculate” the organism against radiation sickness such as might be expected in nuclear war. Of course we realize that these medical implications are being discussed for experimental purposes only in the light of historical curiosity in our examination of Reich’s most famous experiment. In no way is it suggested that anyone try to replicate this dangerous experiment!

Thus with the living planet Earth, the atomic explosions inaugurated by Oppenheimer and his ilk in 1945 have initiated an Oranur effect extending far out into space. From Reich’s pioneering efforts, we know that the Oranur effect does not follow the inverse square law of radiation propagation. The concentrated Life Energy reaction against one milligram of radium was reported to extend for 600 miles. A small 1945 atomic blast of 20 Kilotons released 500,000 Roentgens of gamma radiation in .01 seconds. 

In the same time, a milligram of radium releases .000023055 Roentgens of gamma. The distance for the Oranur effect from the milligram of radium was 600 miles. A proportional distance from the 500,000 Roentgens (Oranur effect, not inverse square wave propagation) is two light years. From this rough calculation, we can expect other inhabitants of our larger environment who are more attuned to Life Energy functions – we can expect others to take notice from a long ways away of our malicious nuclear technology.

Reprinted from Journal of Borderland Research – Vol XLII, No 6, November-December 1986



On 27th January 1951 an atomic bomb was detonated over America. [1]A week later on 3rd February 1951 an article by Robert K. Plant appeared in the New York Times reporting detection of ‘a slight increase in the amount of radioactivity in the atmosphere’ in the Eastern United States and Canada.

Conventional wisdom connected this with atomic bomb detonations two thousand miles away at the Atomic Energy Commission’s testing grounds in the Nevada Desert near Las Vegas. Correlation is not causation, but at the time there was no other explanation.

This is no longer the case because we now know that while the US Military was busy smashing atoms in the Nevada Desert, on the other side of the country the Black Death of 1348 [2] was being replicated and an atmospheric chain reaction created that threatened millions of citizens on America’s eastern seaboard. [3]

At Orgonon, four miles outside Rangeley in the state of Maine and two hours’ drive from the Canadian border, Wilhelm Reich was testing his hypothesis that nuclear energy (NR) was ‘energy after matter’ and that orgone energy (OR) [4] was ‘energy before matter’. If correct then orgone energy would act as an antidote to nuclear energy and heal or prevent the destruction of living systems by nuclear radiation.

Reich had made his proposal for The Orgonomic Anti-Nuclear Radiation Project (ORANUR) to the Trustees of the Orgone Institute on September 6, 1950. On December 3, 1950 a meeting was held in the research laboratory at Orgonon to deal with the task of ‘concentrating the work of the staff upon the anti-nuclear radiation effects of orgone energy’. The Oranur Experiment began in earnest on December 15, 1950. [5]

A radioactive phosphorous isotope (P-32) was used for preliminary investigations. Reich reported that ‘a major first result in the direction of the expected ‘OR-versus-NR effect’ came in on December 28, 1950. On January 5, 1951 experiments were started with two milligrams of radium.

‘Orgone energy and nuclear energy,’ Reich wrote, ‘are contradictory functions of nature and are thus antagonistic to one another.’ How right he was. Deadly orgone savagely attacks nuclear energy. Like the T-cells of the body’s immune system, orgonotic systems respond to the presence of NO by manufacturing massive amounts of DO. Its task is to annihilate the NO and destroy this threat to the survival of its host organism.

To cut a long story short, the Oranur Experiment ‘ran amok’ and the institute’s workers had to be evacuated to escape the ‘raging fury’ of the uncontrollable Oranur effects. [6]

On Friday 12th January 1951 Reich shut down the Orgone Institute after trying desperately to flush out the accumulated deposits of deadly orgone (DO)…with limited success. It had been an extremely close call. Despite the most stringent precautions, theOrgone Institute’s Protocols had been overwhelmed by the unanticipated power of this newly discovered form of cosmic energy. [7]”

What is the take way? We have explored and explained the discovery of orgone energy, which is LIFE energy, and is abbreviated OR energy. Then we showed and illustrated how nuclear energy and man made radioactive elements and everything associated with it is DEATH energy or DOR energy. Everything in the physical universe has it’s opposite, and so does the life force energy. Humanity should not be pursuing DEATH (DOR) energy as the result is just more death. What humanity should be concentrating on is how to harness LIFE energy, known as ORGONE energy. 

“Orgone energy and nuclear energy,’ Reich wrote, ‘are contradictory functions of nature and are thus antagonistic to one another.”

But to follow the path of more life rather than more death, people will have to say no to nuclear energy at every turn, in every way, as it is a monopoly that has control of the levers of power in many fields; medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy, politics, science and more. AGRP explores and explains in great detail how and why nuclear energy causes harm and death in even small doses, via the links below. 


Oranur and Orgone Nuclear Radiation Neutralizing Experiment; via @AGreenRoad

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WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence

Latest developments report from VB Price talks with local New Mexico citizen activist and nuclear expert Don Hancock about the recent radiation leak at the WIPP site in southern New Mexico. Southwest Research and Information Center SRIC (505) 262-1862 – http://www.sric.org
Is WIPP allowed by law to legally dispose of high level nuclear waste? No. Does WIPP currently contain high level wastes? The short answer is yes. Whether it is illegal remains to be determined by you via the court of public opinion, and a future court of justice, if some organization or legal firm decides to take this on. How a low level, temporary, experimental salt mine ended up having high level waste inside of it, despite not really having any permits to do it, is the REALLY interesting part. So let’s dive in, shall we?
In this article we will explore how in the original agreement and permits, Congress plus other agencies involved, all made it very clear that no high level waste was to be allowed at WIPP. This healthy and sane limitation and safety ‘rule’ mostly stuck all the way up to 2005.  But somehow, through sleight of hand and changing how things are labeled and classified, high level waste is now inside WIPP. Most of those negative changes happened since the DOE made the infamous ‘monster mod’ in 2005. What changed? 
In part, what used to be called high level waste has now been ‘reclassified’ and/or renamed. High Level Waste at WIPP is now called RH Remote Handled Waste or low level Contact Waste, CH. By law, HLW, known as High Level Waste, is theoretically still not allowed at WIPP, but RH and CH waste  is allowed. Let’s dive in and see how these magic name changes happened and how HLW High Level Waste ended up at WIPP, and is now being called either CH waste or RH waste.
To explain how this all happened, we will start at Hanford, because that is one of the places where the WIPP RH and CH waste came from. Hanford, as you probably already know, contains a large number of very large underground tanks that are now leaking. What is left in them is high level waste sludge, because the DOE hired contractors to pump out all of the liquids.  For those who do not know about the radioactive nightmare that Hanford is all about, here are a few links to get up to speed..

Hanford; Lethal And Leaking; A Race To Armageddon? via @AGreenRoad

Hanford – Multiple Secret Green Runs Released 685K Curies Radioactive Iodine On Washington And Oregon

Hanford – Leaking Radioactive Gas Into Air and Toxic Fluids Into Columbia River; via @AGreenRoad

Regarding whether all of those tanks at Hanford (and many other locations around the US) have been managed as HLW, numerous DOE documents document this very basic fact. For example, Linking Legacies: Connecting the Cold War Nuclear Weapons Production Processes To Their Environmental Consequences, DOE/EM-0319, January 1997, referring to Hanford HLW, states: At Hanford, high-level waste alkaline liquid, salt cake, and sludge are stored in 149 single-shell underground tanks and 28 double-shell underground tanks. Some transuranic waste and low-level waste is also stored in the tanks but all tank waste is classified at Hanford and managed as high-level waste. at 35, emphasis added, see also at 33. 
Now for the rest of the story… Somehow, high level waste sludge seems to have ended up at WIPP but it is now labeled as CH waste and/or as RH waste. Below is an example of the ‘low level’ CH waste garbage, but it does not seem to be low level at all, since it contains sludges, resins and liquids in some form or another, plus non transuranic waste, which is supposed to not be allowed inside WIPP. So why is it there?
Low level waste used to be considered waste that did not have a lot of radiation in it, such as clothing, gloves, wipes, etc. Low level waste at WIPP is called contact handled waste or CH. Does the above container sound like low level waste?

If this is CH waste, what does an RH remote handled waste containers have in it by comparison? RH waste must be be handled by robots, not people, due to the 10 sieverts or more radiation coming through the lead radiation shielding containers.

The barrel above contains what they the DOE calls CH waste, or ‘low level’ nuclear waste;

Resins, and electrochemical milling sludges are solidified with liquid waste, and that waste contains; 

Americium 241
Curium 244
Most curium is produced by bombarding uranium or plutonium with neutrons in nuclear reactors – one ton of spent nuclear fuel contains about 20 grams of curium. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curium

55Cs, Cs-137), cesium-137, or radiocaesium, is a radioactive isotope of caesium which is formed as one of the more common fission products by the nuclear fission of uranium-235 and other fissionable isotopes in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. It is among the most problematic of the short-to-medium-lifetime fission products because it easily moves and spreads in nature due to the high water solubility of caesium’s most common chemical compounds, which are salts. (Cesium is NOT transuranic waste.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesium_137
Here is another barrel of CH waste, showing illegal non transuranic Cesium and Strontium as part of what is in the mix, together with oils, solvents and what sounds like a witches brew of whatever someone threw in there. (THIS IS ILLEGAL)
Does this sound like low level waste to you? Not really, huh?
WHAT IS Transuranic Waste (TRU) (CH) AND (RH) Remote Handled Waste?
According to PattieB on ENENews; Transuranic waste (TRU) is, as stated by U.S. regulations and independent of state or origin, waste which has been contaminated with alpha emitting transuranic radionuclides possessing half-lives greater than 20 years and in concentrations greater than 100 nCi /g (3.7 MBq /kg).[1]
Elements having atomic numbers greater than that of uranium are called transuranic. Elements within TRU are typically man-made and are known to contain americium-241 and several isotopes of plutonium .[2] Because of the elements’ longer half-lives , TRU is disposed of more cautiously than low level waste and intermediate level waste. In the U.S. it is a byproduct of weapons production, nuclear research and power production, and consists of protective gear, tools, residue, debris and other items contaminated with small amounts of radioactive elements (mainly plutonium).
Under current U.S. law, TRU is further categorized into “contact-handled” (CH) and “remote-handled” (RH) on the basis of the radiation field measured on the waste container’s surface. CH TRU has a surface dose rate not greater than 2 mSv per hour (200 mrem /h), whereas RH TRU has rates of 2 mSv/h or higher. CH TRU has neither the high radioactivity of high level waste, nor its high heat generation. In contrast, RH TRU can be highly radioactive, with surface dose rates up to 10 Sv/h (1000 rem/h). 
As you can see from the table above, the transuranic radioactive elements above  uranium are;
Transuranic waste does NOT include Thorium (Th), Cesium (Ce), or Strontium (St), so why is it in all of these barrels of both CH and RH waste? Remember, this means in case of a leak, fire, explosion, or crushing/rusting out of these plain metal barrels, all of this really bad stuff comes out, not just americium. And if things go bad, they make the bad situation even worse with more things mixed in, rather than fewer. The next logical question is, if most of these barrels contain things just like this, what REALLY came out of WIPP? It was not just Americium, and authorities recently released reports showing Cesium was also measured, so what is the total of ALL of the radioactive elements coming out, not just one or two?
The fact is, WIPP is all about breaking the ‘rules’, because the nuclear industry does it with everything. 
According to PattieB; “WIPP contains atomic bomb-program products plus nuclear reactor garbage all combined together. There are 212 different man made radioactive elements that could be mixed together in various ways inside WIPP. As far as gases produced by WIPP nuclear garbage, it is a smorgasbord of elements and gases.. There is no way to figure out which low level radioactive barrel or high level waste container is producing which decay series of elements or radioactive gases. It is more about what they think may work, put it in a barrel or container and then hope for the best. WIPP generates and releases “all 212 types of gasses like Fukushima was or still is venting at present.”

WIPP is not supposed to allow anything that produces flammable gases inside of it. 
Via lam335; “POTR blog has suggested that gases might have been given off by the materials that were contaminated with the Plutonium (Pu). If I understand correctly, the so-called “low-level” waste at WIPP was other materials (gloves, clothing, tools, etc.) that were contaminated with Pu. The constant bombardment of those materials by the alpha radiation causes them to break down chemically, and when they do so, they give off such gases as hydrogen, methane, and some VOCs. They seem to believe that it was some of those gases that exploded, rather than any given off directly by the Pu itself…”
PattieB February 28, 2014 PU generates heat, and gasses result, also fire.. so every damned thing.. paints, plastics, clothing and textiles, wire coatings, and if gets hot enough, metals.. certainly also have sodium vapor, add iodine, and it just goes on and on,.. many carry the radioactive contents when burned or heated to gas / smoke state.!Who knows what is sitting in there…? The paint will likely be a lead-based type.. so add that.. possible asbestos.. zinc from ceiling bolts if hit raw plutonium or did they use hot-dipped galvanized bolts in the ceiling..? It gets crazy,,,,,
Plutonium – Several Compounds Of This Toxic, Radioactive Heavy Metal Are Pyrophoric And Burn When Exposed To Air; via @AGreenRoad

In another post by a twitter user, “the levels of plutonium at the WIPP facility is much higher than admitted to by WIPP, which likely means that there was an underground explosion or fire. Maybe something caught on fire. Maybe a fission event happened…..The DOE has claimed that there is NO surface contamination at WIPP, so why is the DOE stopping the collection of surface swipes at the WIPP site?  If there is a surface contamination of millions of disintegrations per square centimeter, it means that plutonium is present at 1 gram per square meter on the ground, and it had to come out of the exhaust vent at WIPP. This also means that the HEPA filters either did not work, were not turned on, or the ‘truck fire’ incident was actually a plutonium emission/explosion/fire..
Do we have any other evidence of ‘illegal’ waste going into WIPP?

via Brenda Edwards McCracken ·

Perhaps WIPP and the community would be cleaner today if the DOE made a diligent effort to address the TSR violation reported by their Chief Nuclear Engineer in 2008 (Busche Complaint Section 2.26 page 12): “In June 2008, the WIPP received a drum containing transuranic waste that read 270 millirem neutrons per hour on contact, which exceeded the waste acceptance criteria for that facility under the RCRA permit. After performing an unreviewed safety question determination, Busche determined that the drum was safe to leave in place. However, the drum was still a violation of the Technical Safety Requirement (“TSR”). Upon convening a meeting of the Plant Review Committee, the committee, including Busche, notified the Department of Energy of the violation. Approximately three months later, Busche was called into a meeting with the senior DOE manager, Dave Moody, and senior URS manager, Farok Sharif, and was asked to rescind the report of the TSR violation. When she refused, Busche was removed from her position and reassigned to the Hanford site of URS.” Americans have invested billions in contracts to clean up DOE nuclear facilities in several states. Citizens have a right to know the truth. Pat condescending answers will destroy America’s nuclear future. Source; comment to article at;
What have we learned so far?

1. WIPP contains illegal radioactive elements that are not TRU waste, such as strontium, cesium, and more. This is FACT, because we are using the documentation that comes directly from WIPP and DOE, not some outside source.
2. Illegal flammable gases are being produced inside WIPP. Every container down inside WIPP has a vent on it, documented and verified by WIPP itself. Each vent on every one of those tens or hundreds of thousands of barrels underground releases flammable gases. These same vents are SUPPOSED to retain the radioactive gases, but do they really? Who is checking that? Where are these gases going, except above ground? So the ungodly number of barrels of CH and RH waste that used to be called high level waste are producing flammable gases underground. These flammable and potentially radioactive gases as well are vented out via the high velocity ventilation system at WIPP. There is no way that decaying nuclear elements in WIPP do not produce a whole host of radioactive and flammable gases. Guaranteed; WIPP is producing flammable and radioactive gases; it is only a question of how many, and how much per day. The more barrels that go down there, the bigger the flammable gas production becomes, and the bigger the explosion when it finally goes boom, due to the pyrophoric metals going down there too. 
Two categories of waste, CH and RH, are approved for disposal at the WIPP. Contact-handled waste containers have surface radiation levels of less than 200 millirem/hr (mrem/hr) and are handled directly by human operators. Remote-handled waste containers have surface radiation levels of 200 mrem/hr and up to 1,000 rem/hr. All waste received for placement in the WIPP facility must conform to the WIPP waste acceptance criteria (WAC)[2]. The WAC prohibits both pyrophoric and compressed gas containers in the waste and limits the amount of liquids. All waste containers disposed of at WIPP are also required [16] to be made of metal with installed vents. ….The shielded container proposed for future RH waste shipments to WIPP is comparable in size, having approximately the same exterior dimensions, to a 55-gallon TRU waste drum. The shielded container however, is designed to carry one 30-gallon vented payload drum, and the cylindrical sidewall of the shielded container has nominal 1-inch-thick lead shielding sandwiched within a double-walled steel shell, as shown in Figure 4-1 and Figure 4-2. The external shell wall is 11 gauge steel and the internal shell wall is 7 gauge steel. The lid and the bottom of the container are made of carbon steel and are approximately 3 inches thick. The container has been tested to DOT Type 7A specifications [7], which will ensure that the container is robust. Type 7A containers must be subjected to test which simulate hypothetical accident conditions for heavy rain (water spray), impacts (drop, puncture), and compression (stacking). These containers are not tested for hypothetical fire conditions.
But what happens when the WIPP ventilation is turned off or reduced severely, such as with a power failure or after a fire, such as the salt truck mine fire? What happened after the truck fire? What happens when the ventilation is turned off? Potentially, could radioactive plutonium waste filled barrel contents burn even without a spark to ignite them?
Plutonium – Several Compounds Of This Toxic, Radioactive Heavy Metal Are Pyrophoric And Burn When Exposed To Air; via @AGreenRoad
3. WIPP containers with high level nuclear waste are able to leak, be crushed and/or explode, based on the documented evidence of a radiation plume coming out of WIPP as of Feb. 2014. This was NEVER supposed to happen for 250,000 years. According to the expert in the video above, three geological nuclear waste storage facilities globally, have all failed so far. We are a month in and there are still no radiation readings from underground. There is still no news of what happened to either a CH or RH container or containers.
Now that we know the definition of CH and RH waste, let’s take a look inside one of the containers of RH waste, to see what is there…
To see for yourself, the inventory of what is at WIPP, and that most of it has cesium and other illegal stuff in it, go to;
Pipe overpack container for trasuranic waste storage and shipment
Above you can see a sample set of barrels full of RH really high radiation, illegal and lethal stuff that they said has had a spontaneous combustion’ episode before it went into WIPP.  We have also found out that the plutonium that is ‘legal’ inside WIPP is also pyrophoric, meaning it can burn spontaneously when exposed to air. They said the above barrel’s contents ‘will be’ treated further to make it ‘legal’ for WIPP, but nothing in this document states that it was ever done. Maybe they did it right, maybe they didn’t. Maybe it will spontaneously catch on fire again, and maybe not. Who knows, now that this and other containers like this are all buried and sealed away, with no way to check and make sure, in case the paper work or certification is missing on it.. 
It is also interesting to note that this container has Cesium and Strontium in it, which are not legally allowed in WIPP, because it is supposed to only be for transuranic wastes, above uranium in the periodic chart. So here we have two examples of illegal waste inside WIPP.. Guess what? This situation with illegal barrel contents is ‘normal’. These same illegal and non permitted radioactive elements can be found in many if not most of the containers going into WIPP. If this law/rule is being violated with such impunity and no one is complaining, why even bother with checking what is going in, since it is all illegal to start with? 
Arnie Gundersen, a nuclear expert, says the technology behind WIPP is untested — hence the word “pilot” in the facility’s title. “As a society, we believe that if you stick things in the earth, they are safe,” he said. “But with radioactivity, it’s not dead. It can come back to haunt you if there is a leak afterwards. This is alive.” 
Many of the protections, rules, limits, safeguards that were initially in place have been dismantled, especially since 2005. As we can see from the above material, plenty of illegal waste went into WIPP, and odds are that what came out via a radiation plume in Feb. 2014 is made up of far more than just the americium and plutonium that is now being admitted to, since most of the containers in WIPP look just like the ones above. This puts into doubt the ‘official’ radiation readings and identification of what is being found as radioactive material in the filters and outside the WIPP facility, wouldn’t you agree?

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site, DOE Went Ahead Anyway With Illegal High Level Waste; via @AGreenRoad

After the six days of denying ANY radiation leak and exposing workers on site and off site in local communities to radiation carried via those workers, (watch video above) the first ‘official’ report admitting there was a radiation leak coming out of WIPP said that ONLY Americium came out, just like in every household smoke detector.. Then the next (official) WIPP report said plutonium was released, but that plutonium was all natural, not really above ‘normal’ background radiation, dental xrays and bananas, all of which are false equivalencies. This type of lying, deception and cover up is normal after ever nuclear disaster, believe it or not. Find out more if this is new to you.. 

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via @AGreenRoad

A Primer In The Art Of Deception; via @AGreenRoad

Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via @AGreenRoad

Over 30 times more radiation got by WIPP filters than gov’t claims? Radiation also released from ‘unfiltered’ vents — Foam used to plug openings is degrading — Filters too radioactive for lab techs to check — No ‘immediate’ danger to public — Rumors of dump getting shut down
4. We now have documented evidence that WIPP and DOE officials lied about the amount of radiation coming out, the radiation levels, and types of radiation released. WIPP officials failed to warn not only the employees on site, and but also the public for many days. They covered up the nuclear disaster for many days, which is also ‘normal’ for any nuclear accident, even the large ones like Fukushima, Santa Susana and Chernobyl. Further evidence documents that they minimized the effect of radiation and tried to pass off the huge plutonium release as not having any effect. 

For more details about how this facility went from an small scale, low level waste experiment to a full blown, permanent, high level waste thing where anything that can go in will go in, see;

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Approvals; via @AGreenRoad
Catch 22 – Nuclear High Technology Plus Safety Assurance Offers Only A False Promise And An Empty Guarantee; via @AGreenRoad
Bottom line, the whole nuclear/military industrial complex is built on secrecy, lies and deception, starting with the development of the atomic bomb, the use of it in nuclear power plants, the production and use of plutonium (MOX fuel) and then the disposal of the radioactive garbage that stays dangerous for 250,000 years, which is so long, that is practically forever, when it comes to human history.
As we can see from the four points made in this article and video, there is NO common sense, realistic or safe plan on keeping any of super deadly witches brew of death producing radioactive elements safely away from humans, as evidenced by a radiation disaster that has already happened, before this facility is even finished. This is the equivalent of a house under construction, burning down because of pyrophoric plutonium stored inside of it. Another salt mine just like this in Germany failed just due to severe geological problems, and radioactive water coming out of the mine itself.. See the pictures here..

The whole WIPP facility is now radiation contaminated. WIPP is now a SUPERFUND cleanup site. There is no safe way to let anyone back down in there to work. There is a continuous release of radiation from a leaky HEPA filter system that may not have even been working since it was clogged with soot from the truck fire a week earlier. For a full report on the salt mine truck fire, see the 90 plus page DOE report here;


There is also documented evidence that the HEPA filter and ventilation system failed at WIPP. Here are the details on that…

HEPA Filter System Failed At WIPP Facility; What Is The REAL Story About Radiation Release? via @AGreenRoad

Bottom line, without this radiation leak, without the numerous lies, without the exposure of communities downwind to potentially a HUGE cloud of radiation and gases, there are numerous severe geological problems at WIPP which doom this facility if not short term, then definitely long term.
There are illegal radioactive elements documented above that are going into WIPP and HIGH LEVEL WASTE is already in there, just because someone switched labels, names and categorization of nuclear waste coming from places like Hanford. Some of this nuclear garbage going into WIPP can catch on fire spontaneously and may have done so in this nuclear disaster that just happened in Feb. 2014. Bottom line, the WIPP facility is a complete and total failure, on multiple counts, and no more nuclear waste should be allowed to go into it. PERIOD.  Just like the German nuclear storage facility, WIPP failed and the plan now should be figuring out how to get that nuclear waste out of there and back above ground where it can be monitored safely.

Unbelievably, on Feb 14th, DOE applied to reduce safety regulations even more than they already have, and put even more dangerous stuff down there. Note that the date of the radiation accident is the SAME DAY. What kind of gall and hubris does this take? 

via Nick March 15, 2014 “February 14 , 2014 – The New Mexico Environment Department is beginning a 60 day public comment period for a DRAFT Class 3 Permit Modification. Persons interested in learning about this PMR and what changes the Department is making may contact Trais Kliphuis at trais.kliphuis@state.nm.us or 505-476-6051. (Currently WIPP is a Class 2 facility)
“The following documents are available for downloading:
Interested Person Letter and Public Notice – English
Interested Person Letter and Public Notice – Spanish
Fact Sheet
DRAFT Permit (Zipped File)
The Permit Modification Request
Index to the Administrative Record
Administrative Record (Very Large Zipped File)”
Note that on 2/14/14, the facility experienced a radiation release that was covered up for six days, and no one recorded the total release. It is unknown if the HEPA filters and ventilation system worked for those six days and if they did not ‘leak’ after that date. And the evidence provided via link is that this supposedly ‘perfect’ HEPA filter system has numerous leaks.  


DOE has the gall to ask for permission to store even MORE DEADLY nuclear waste and toxic chemicals, despite covering up this accident for six days, lying about radiation release, deceiving the public and having a track record of failure at other facilities. On the SAME DAY OF THE WORST  NUCLEAR FAILURE globally in a salt mine, they demand permission to FAIL in an even WORSE way. Hopefully the public will weigh in this.  Contact names, addresses and websites plus phone numbers of agencies involved are in the link below.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Contacts; via @AGreenRoad

Let your local, regional, state, and federal politicians and all of the agencies involved know that you want WIPP closed down. Stand up to this unmitigated, unbridled sense of hubris and arrogance. Join forces with the local citizen based groups and support them in their fight against this nuclear, out of control monster. If not you, who? If not now, when?

For more local information and how to make a difference around WIPP: 

Southwest Research and Information Center (505) 262-1862  –  http://www.sric.org

Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping  http://www.cardnm.org

Concerned Citizen for Nuclear Safety (505) 986-1973 – http://www.nuclearactive.org

Nuclear Watch New Mexico  (505) 989-7342 –  http://www.nukewatch.org

WIPP And Illegal High Level Waste Documentation Plus Evidence; via @AGreenRoad

2014 – Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico’s WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; via @AGreenRoad

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad

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Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste Problems/Issues

Can Geiger Counters Detect Plutonium?

Geiger counters can detect plutonium. This is, apparently, a common misconception. Please watch the video above and you will see why and how a radiation detector can at least in theory, detect plutonium. So let’s dive into the details of how, why and when…
Old fashioned and obsolete civil defense radiation detectors are a good example of radiation detectors that CANNOT detect alpha radiation and thus will likely miss a pure plutonium radiation sample, especially a small one, like a hot particle. The older civil defense Geiger Counters are surrounded by metal containers and alpha particles cannot penetrate the metal to hit the detector that is inside the box. Another issue with them is that they may have lost calibration, so they are not accurate any more. 
A cheap Geiger Counter is generally ‘tuned’ to detect Cesium, which emits beta radiation. You have to check with the manufacturer and ask specifically if a detector will pick up alpha radiation. Also ask what the detector is ‘tuned’ to detect, especially if you are trying to detect small amounts of plutonium. Plutonium is only going to be out there, in very small, minute nano particle amounts. 
As Antiproton points out, a ‘hot ‘particle’ of plutonium is invisible. Then your detector would have to right on top of it, and then you would have to a longer timed test to even detect anything from it, because the radiation given off by that hot plutonium particle that is made up of millions of plutonium atoms in a dust mote is so miniscule, it is hard to detect, especially when compared with cesium or strontium for example. But that does not mean that hot particles are safe, particularly if they get inside of you.

For even more details, click on;

Live in San Francisco? You, Your Dog And Your Kids Inhaled Billions Of Radioactive Plutonium Atoms; via @AGreenRoad

Cheap radiation detectors commonly sold out there for $100 to $200, have tubes that look like a short pencil inside of them and they are pretty insensitive for low level radiation, such as plutonium, which generally is a minute part of the total radiation ejected out of a nuclear accident. You cannot use this cheap type of detector for anything other than warning you about a fairly high dose of radiation or plume coming over. It is not useful for detecting low doses of radiation found in food, etc.

It is much easier to pick up the much more intense radiation given off by cesium and uranium, which give off high levels of beta and gamma radiation, than the alpha radiation given off by minute amounts of plutonium. Most radiation detectors are ‘calibrated’ for cesium, but will detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation, unless the detector is behind metal, or enclosed somehow. Alpha radiation is blocked by a piece of paper. 

More expensive pancake style detectors can much more easily pick up alpha radiation given off by plutonium because they have a much larger surface area on the detector head. The detector head or tube in a more expensive and much more sensitive radiation detector is a round disc shaped object which you can see in your detector.

The ads for radiation detectors often do not disclose what type of detector tube they are using. Ask the manufacturer or retailer what TYPE of detector tube or head is in the Geiger Counter you are thinking of purchasing; (is it a tube or a round disc?). The much more sensitive and useful disc or pancake types of detectors generally cost around $400 up to $1,000, depending on brand, features, and whether they are in kit form, include software, GPS, etc. In AGRP’s opinion, it is not worth buying the cheaper detectors, unless you want a 2nd cheaper ‘backup detector’ for whatever reason. Invest in a high quality, reputable US manufactured, pancake style Geiger Counter.. 

Generally speaking, radiation arrives with a bunch of radioactive elements all put together, like a crowd of people. Each person in a crowd represents a radioactive element. The Geiger Counter is going to ‘see’ the crowd, not plutonium within it, which is only 1 person in a crowd of let’s say 100,000 people. A Geiger Counter is designed to warn you about the radioactive crowd coming, not the 1 person that is called plutonium. 
Any radiation detector sensitive or not, is going to find everything else first, cesium, uranium, strontium, etc.. plutonium will be so minute a part of the radiation plume, it is impossible to pick it out and say that plutonium is there or not there, with a standard Geiger Counter. Beta and gamma rays travel so much further and have so much more energy at longer distances that they are easier to detect.

Beta and gamma radiation will register and hit the detector to the point where it cannot even ‘see’ plutonium, even though it is there, especially if you are more than 2 inches away from a surface. Alpha rays only travel about 2 inches and then you cannot even detect them anymore, as AntiProton points out. 

Because plutonium all by itself is so hard to detect with a just a standard Geiger counter, a plutonium detector has to be very sensitive, (pancake style). But even a pancake detector that can and will detect alpha radiation emitting plutonium, will not tell you if it is plutonium or not. A Geiger counter registers clicks or hits of radiation from gamma, beta and alpha radiation on the tube, but it does not isolate each click and tell you what it is coming from. It warns you that danger is there, but cannot tell you what kind of danger is there. 
To find and identify plutonium specifically all by itself on top of a contaminated surface sample or some object that has radiation contamination, you have to have a radiation detector that can be tuned to, or pick out just the right ‘frequency’ or type of radiation.

The above home made alpha radiation detector is designed to detect ONLY alpha radiation. Another model of this same kind of alpha radiation detection device is talked about here;

A more expensive version would be a detector that has to include software to show the plutonium as a ‘spike’ in a graph.. Here is an example of another type of plutonium detection device. You will notice this device is nothing like a standard Geiger counter, which only registers clicks per minute, or a gross radiation reading.

Antiproton compares several different brands of detectors on one sample of an alpha radiation sample… A basic scintillation counter is just like a Geiger counter in that it only measures that radiation is present. A scintillator connected to a device called a multi-channel spectrum analyzer. This software can tell you what energies the photons hitting the scintillator have, and you can determine the nuclide from that.
What is the take away? 
You have been introduced to the different ways and tools that are required to detect plutonium.

Can Geiger Counters Detect Plutonium? via @AGreenRoad


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WIPP Is Not A Place For 250,000 Years Of Anything, Much Less Honor

This Place is Not a Place of Honor from Tom Jenkins on Vimeo.

This video explores the long term plans for WIPP, and the markers that are contemplated but not yet built, after it is full of a massive amount of nuclear garbage that must be guarded and kept safe for 250,000 years. WIPP is supposed to last for 10,000 years, but the barrels going in are designed to last for maybe five years, if that. 
A Feb. 2014 radiation leak showed that the containers cannot even handle the ‘creep’ of salt walls and ceilings without being collapsed and releasing deadly substances that not only prevent further human entry to the facility, but also endanger everyone downwind. The facility is supposed to be designed to allow people to pull the nuclear waste back out in case something bad happens. Obviously, this is not going as planned. Imagine if a high level waste container with sludge or liquid and/or gas inside is collapsed or if salt/brine water corrodes it and releases what is inside. No human can ever go back down there, and a cascade of failing containers will only make things worse and worse, even with HEPA filters.. This filter system is very likely to be overwhelmed.

The official planning documents foresee that containers will not even last 300 years. If something goes wrong, as it already has, how does anyone get a high level waste and bring it out of WIPP, without any containers?

Bottom line, there is NO plan for removing anything, once it goes down into WIPP. This is an experiment designed to FAIL, and to release horrendous amounts of radiation, guaranteed, within 300 years. 

The WIPP radiation release scenario can and will get much worse, because too many warnings were ignored, too many safety conscious people were fired, demoted or moved and their concerns buried in order to force WIPP to happen, no matter what. The containers are DESIGNED to fail, as outlined in the above planning document, within a maximum of 300 years, releasing 22 MILLION curies of radiation, and then it goes where it will. 
Nothing in human history has been remembered for even 2,000 years. Humans cannot remember anything about massive amounts of huge monoliths, statues, caves, pyramids, stone circles, mounds and blocks all over the planet, even if they have writing on them that lasted up to today. These ancient 2,000 year old structures are all a huge mystery to us, modern, civilized humans. What are the odds that anyone will remember what WIPP is even 2,000 years from now, much less 200,000 years from now? 
All of the previous massive structures we have found so far anyway are built as places of honor, worship and sacrifice to some greater good. But what our generation is leaving for posterity and a legacy is a dishonorable stain and blot about our civilization.  We are leaving our children death, dishonor, and an unsolvable problem, with no solution and no possible access to solve it either, once things go bad, as they have already, less than 15 years into it. What kind of legacy is that? 
Rather than leave a legacy of something inspirational, noble, enduring and good for 70,000 future generations, we are leaving our children with a huge, overwhelming genocidal problem to deal with and hiding it in a place that will be almost impossible to access in the future. WIPP is a disgrace, a dishonor, and a slap in the face for our children and their children, for an eternal infinite future that we cannot even imagine. WIPP is symbolic of science gone insane. Technology combined with man made radioactive elements are generating more and more dis-ease, suffering and death, not the opposite. WIPP is the evidence of this insanity, which extends into an infinite future.
No other civilization, no other generation has done what we have allowed to happen in our name. No archeology from the beginning to now has uncovered a toxic cesspool that kills anyone that discovers it and then keeps on killing anyone downwind, in the whole of human history. But now, in this supposedly most advanced, smartest, best, and most powerful civilization we have accomplished the lowest of the low, the darkest moment in all of human and earthly history.
We have managed to figure out how to not only dishonor, but also kill countless of our own future generations in the blink of an eye, by leaving something that if uncovered by accident, will kill not only the person doing that, but also become a potential life extinction event. And WIPP can accomplish an ELE event that without anyone even uncovering it with the 22 million curies of radiation inside of it, when filled, just through geological processes that bring this deadly waste to the surface.

Just one of the MANY geological problems in the link below, can doom future generations to an ecocidal event with no possible end or solution. That dark genocidal event may even be starting now, with the leak that started in Feb. 2014..

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad

According to Roger Anderson; “the renowned hydrologist who developed the Hartman scenario has stated the case nicely and some of my own thoughts in the next paragraph were inspired by his report to the New Mexico Attorney General http://www.ago.state.nm.us/contact.html.
The original goal of nuclear waste disposal was to free society from the responsibility and expense of constantly watching and monitoring nuclear waste. It was the task of geologists and hydrologists to find places in the earth where hazardous wastes could be isolated from the biosphere until no threat existed. As scientists we failed in our task, not from lack of effort and intelligence, but from pressures to find a quick solution. 
One by one, the original criteria that had been established for safe disposal were set aside in favor of what appeared to be progress. The conflict at the WIPP site between disposal and natural resources, and with petroleum in particular, was hidden and the deception ultimately led to the threat of human intrusion and defeat of the goal of unmonitored disposal. Loss of other established criteria, such as overpressure in the repository and a long travel time in the aquifer, have compounded the problem.
In the long run, continuous administrative control is going to be an incredibly expensive solution. The prospects for maintaining successful control over a period of 10,000 years, or 240,000 years, are exceedingly remote. DOE still clings to the claim that WIPP can be cut loose, free of control, and hopes that concrete pillars on the surface will offer protection. The legacy of WIPP, however, is a need to guard nuclear waste for as long as society has memory.
At WIPP, once the project was funded, and once a staff of scientists and engineers was in place, a form of psychic inbreeding took over. Re-evaluating the project in the light of new evidence was never an option and the science selected data and chose assumptions that furthered the mission. When some members of the team came to believe that other facts and assumptions, harmful to the mission, were more plausible, and when they persisted in this view, they were no longer considered team members and left the project.
Credible scenarios of human intrusion and dismissal of important criteria for safe disposal demonstrate that peer review was inadequate. Once the project had momentum, political rather than scientific motives took over and the end result was a failure to reach the goal of unmonitored disposal. Nuclear waste is now going underground and WIPP has committed our descendants to eternal expense, vigilance, and the real possibility of exposure.”

The only SANE thing left is to empty out WIPP of all RH and high level waste, (which was not allowed in the original permit), shut down all things nuclear, and dismantle these toys, never to touch them again.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Approvals; via @AGreenRoad

WIPP Radioactive Plutonium/Americium Plume Release Covered Up For Six Days, Researchers Denied Access; via @AGreenRoad
Leave this insane nuclear waste in accessible places where it is isolated from humans, but also accessible in case things go bad, which they will. WIPP is the opposite of that place. As Germany has already learned with their nuclear waste storage depository in a salt mine, ‘it was a BAD idea’.

For more local information and how to make a difference around WIPP:

Southwest Research and Information Center. (505) 262-1862. http://www.sric.org

Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping. (505) 266-2663. http://www.cardnm.org

Concerned Citizen for Nuclear Safety. (505) 986-1973. http://www.nuclearactive.org

Nuclear Watch New Mexico. (505) 989-7342. http://www.nukewatch.org

WIPP Is Not A Place For 250,000 Years Of Anything, Much Less Honor; via @AGreenRoad

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Food Radiation Testing Machine Choices And How To Set Up A Community Or Store Based Testing Center

There are many food testing scintillator spectrometer choices. In this article we will focus on a range of machines that cost anywhere from $1,900 to $18,000.  In the view of AGRP, the ideal food radiation testing machine would display at the very least, cesium radiation in Bq/kg on the computer screen, not require mashing of the food, and test a food item quickly, spending no more than 10 minutes per sample to test it. Each machine will test differently, take different times, may require mashing of food, etc. Be sure to ask lots of questions. 
Each of the following machines does it differently. Some graph out all radiation on a screen, breaking it down by individual isotope. Some measure only cesium. Most if not all of these machines do not detect alpha radiation.

It pays to ask lots of questions and also talk with satisfied customers before committing to buy. The good thing is that there are lots of choices out there. Be sure to ask about warranties, test the customer service, and ask about calibration, how often it is needed, who does it, what it costs, etc. 

Beeresearch unit $1,900 
Comes with scintillator and software. Need to supply a computer and build a lead shielded testing chamber; $300+
Berthold Australia LB 200 – Rapid food monitoring $11,000
Becquerel contamination amount on a screen, and also comes with a lead shielded testing chamber.”
The Gammasonics AustralRAD Becquerel Monitor $18,000 
Another European rood radiation test machine choice is available at Seibersdorf Laboratories; 
Dr. Thales Schröttner
T: + 43 (0) 50550-2571
F: + 43 (0) 50550-2544
Seibersdorf Labor GmbH
2444 Seibersdorf
T: +43(0)50550-2500
F: +43(0)50550-2502
Radiation Alert® GammaPAL 
The GammaPAL is a complete measuring system for analyzing radiation contamination in milk, meat, fish, grain, fruit, and vegetables, as well as in air swipes, soil samples, and other materials. 
GammaPAL / Portable Radiation Analysis Laboratory
The GammaPAL is your all-in-one sampling kit for radiation safety, the ideal instrument for detecting contamination in food, soil, and water. A portable laboratory containing all the items you need for sampling in the field or from a stationary base of operations. The GammaPAL is a complete measuring system for analyzing radiation contamination in milk, meat, fish, grain, fruit, and vegetables, as well as in air swipes, soil samples, and other materials.
Includes: Inspector survey meter with wipe test plate and swipes for preliminary testing, a rugged Nomad Pocket PC with bar code scanner for easily labeling samples, tools for sample collection, and screw top marinelli beakers for sample storage.
Our GM based detectors are ideal for a number of applications, ranging from surface contamination and sampling to personal and environmental monitoring. For detecting contamination in food, soil, and water and to accurately quantify and qualify the results, you need a scintillation detector. Many scintillation devices with this capacity cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. The GammaPAL can provide these capabilities for much less.
Sample Time vs. LLD for Background Counts
Radioactive material in the sample is detected with a 2×2 sodium iodide scintillation probe using a Marinelli geometry for soil, water, and bulk samples or a 2-inch filter geometry for wipes and air samples.The 500ml beaker is placed in a 1-inch thick lead shield. Depending on the sampling time and the isotope, the detection limit is approximately 2.5-100 Bq/l and can easily identify concentrations of Iodine 131, Cesium 134, and Cesium 137.
Kit Includes: URSA-II Multi Channel Analyzer w/ GammaPAL Software | One 2X2 Nal Detector w/ C-C cable | TDS Nomad 900LE w/ Bar Code Scanner and Serial Boot | Carries 10 Empty Screw Top Marinelli Beakers | Lead Marinelli Shield Case | 1 Marinelli with K40 reference standard | 5000g Tempered Digital Scale | Sieve for Sample Collection | Small Hand Shovel | iM3075 StormCase w Wheels | Inspector Survey Meter w/ Wipe Test Plate | Swipes |
2 X 2 Nal Detector w/ 3ft. C-C cable
Typical FWHM
7.5% – 9%.
TDS Nomad 900LE w/ Bar Code Scanner and Serial Boot
Spectrum Analyzer
URSA-II Multi Channel Analyzer w/ GammaPAL Software
Total Kit Size
33.30” x 24.40” x 19.30 inches (84.5 x 62 x 49 cm)
Total Weight
110lbs (49.895kg)
Power Requirements:
URSA-II – External 12VDC power supply, six “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries (included) with recharging internally, or six standard alkaline “AA” batteries. External 12VDC power jack allows instrument to plug into vehicle. “Fast Charge” of NiMH batteries can also be selected. The URSA-II is fully portable with four hours of battery life and PPC Compatibility
What is involved in setting up a DIY, or community food testing lab.
free DIY Food testing lab Guide
Lots of radioactive food contamination reports are spread across multiple web sites. “The Food Lab” and “Radiation Food Lab” are free community service, to help concerned people keep track of all international radioactive food contamination reports.
“The Food Lab”
“Radiation Food Lab”

Food Radiation Testing Machine Choices And How To Set Up A Community Or Store Based Testing Center; via @AGreenRoad

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Permits And Regulatory Compliance Approvals

Some people believe that WIPP is operating without any permits or permissions. In part that is true. WIPP was originally built without a permit. 

“The New Mexico Environment Dept. (NMED) believes external regulation of non-mixed waste is a critical issue. There is an inherent conflict of interest between the DOE’s mission and its self-regulation of safety. This conflict is aggravated by a long legacy of secrecy which is at the root of many of the safety problems and contamination at the DOE facilities around the country….The NMED has always intended to guarantee that no prohibited waste is disposed of at WIPP. The NMED has the discretion to enforce this matter as they see fit. In fact, new permittees are usually prohibited from even constructing a facility without a permit. The NMED determines if the facility design can protect human health and environment, before the facility is constructed. This requirement is part of the RCRA regulations. Yet, WIPP was constructed without a permit.


Today, WIPP is regulated, approved and operating under the Presidential Environmental Justice Order 23898, and with permits from both the EPA on a federal level, and on a state level through the New Mexico Environment Dept. The federal Dept Of Mines is involved when it comes to miner safety and health. Details about these permits and approvals are provided below. It is important to note that there has been a HUGE mission creep at WIPP.

According to the New Mexico Environmental Evaluation Group, the WIPP facility via the DOE is to contain 25 million curies of radiation, including RH and high level nuclear waste materials ‘for experimental purposes,‘ when completed. http://www.wmsym.org/archives/1983/V1/17.pdf

Original WIPP Permit

According to the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management, Accident Investigation Report: “DOE was authorized by Public Law 96-164, Department of Energy National Nuclear Security and Military Applications of Nuclear Energy Authorization Act of 1980, to provide a research and development facility for demonstrating the safe, permanent disposal of TRU wastes from national defense activities and programs of the United States exempted from regulations by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 
The WIPP Land Withdrawal Act, Public Law 102-579 (as amended by Public Law 104-201), authorized the disposal of 6.2 million cubic feet of defense TRU waste at the WIPP facility. The WIPP facility operates in several regulatory regimes. DOE has authority over the general operation of the facility, including radiological operations prior to closure
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), through its regulations at 40 CFR Parts 191 and 194, certifies the long-term radiological performance of the repository over a 10,000-year compliance period after closure of the facility
The State of New Mexico, through EPA delegation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), has issued a Hazardous Waste Facility. 

The State of New Mexico, through EPA delegation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), has issued a Hazardous Waste Facility Permit for the disposal of the hazardous waste component of the TRU waste. 

Additionally, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is required to perform four inspections per year of WIPP. pg 2
The draft Permit prohibits any RH waste at WIPP whether mixed or not. [Remote Handled (RH) waste is so ‘hot’ that it must be remotely handled.] So little is known about RH waste that it would be almost impossible to characterize it and determine what hazardous constituents are in the waste. DOE/WID want NMED to change the Permit to allow RH waste at WIPP, but they included almost no information about RH-TRU characterization or management in their Permit application.

DOE is required by the Land Withdrawal Act and its Amendments to have an annual inspection of the WIPP mine by the US Bureau of Mines (USBM). Since the USBM was abolished four years ago, DOE has pursued no outside inspection of WIPP….


WIPP was supposed to be a low risk, SMALL, low level nuclear waste pilot project that would be studied for a number of years, to work all of the bugs out. WIPP was ORIGINALLY designed so that nuclear waste could be retrieved if problems developed or were discovered in the annual inspection. Now the annual inspections are not happening. There is no outside inspection agency. The DOE is a promoter of nuclear power and is now also it’s own ‘regulator and inspector’, plus it seems to be the sole funder of all associated entities. 
As they are filled up, the ‘rooms’ are being sealed up, so no inspections are even possible any more. Why is DOE doing this? The WIPP site had and still has numerous geological problems, which were identified BEFORE it opened. Those problems are still there and growing more evident with each passing year. The WIPP site should stay open and accessible for the annual inspections and all barrels should stay accessible, so they can be retrieved later, if something happens that requires this.

Numerous, Severe Geological Problems Identified At WIPP Site; via @AGreenRoad

MAYBE, if WIPP could have pulled off a low level nuclear waste storage facility without a hitch or anything going wrong in 30 – 150 years, documented by annual inspections of all barrels of waste and no radioactive releases, then it would possibly be time to construct a NEW full scale nuclear waste storage facility and maybe experiment with storing some high level nuclear waste on a small scale with everything designed around that goal. WIPP is not that place, and it was NOT designed for this purpose. 
Since the original permit was provided for WIPP, as detailed above, which did NOT allow any high level wastes all the way up to 2005, DOE has changed everything, and all of it in a negative, risk increasing manner. From a small, low level nuclear waste experimental facility that had a third party inspector, WIPP has mutated this into an anything and everything is ok to go in full scale high level waste ‘permanent’ facility, with no way to pull anything out in case things go bad. (See documentation below all of the organizational items below)

The annual mine inspections went out the window and filled up rooms are now backfilled and sealed up with cement and salt. No wonder WIPP went haywire with a nuclear leak happening before it was even done. You can see how much has changed with the DOE description of WIPP below… Compare the above original permit to what is going on now.


The DOE and the EPA are federal agencies and receive federal funds. As such, these federal agencies are required to follow the President’s Environmental Justice Executive Order No. 23898, dated February 11, 1994. [The Executive Order requires each federal agency to “make achieving environmental justice part of its mission by identifying and addressing, as appropriate, disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects of its programs, policies, and activities on minority populations and low-income populations in the United States.”]



Federal Dept Of Energy (DOE) WIPP Project Is Approved By Congress
“In 1979, Congress authorized the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP). The WIPP facility, located 26 miles southeast of Carlsbad, N.M., was constructed during the 1980s. Congress limited WIPP to the disposal of defense-generated TRU wastes. In 1998, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified WIPP for safe, long-term disposal of TRU wastes.
Generally, TRU waste consists of clothing, tools, rags, residues, debris, soil and other items contaminated with radioactive elements, mostly plutonium. These man-made elements have atomic numbers greater than uranium, thus trans-uranic, or beyond uranium on the Periodic table of Elements. There are two categories of TRU waste. Contact-handled (CH) TRU waste can be safely handled by workers under controlled conditions without any shielding other than the containers itself. CH TRU waste will make-up approximately 96 percent of the total volume of waste to be disposed at WIPP. The remaining four percent will be remote-handled (RH) TRU waste, which emits more penetrating radiation than CH TRU waste and must be handled and transported in lead-shielded casks.
Primary regulators at WIPP are the EPA and the New Mexico Environment Department. A number of other agencies, committees and panels monitor WIPP’s progress and contribute to project success. Mine Safety and Health Administration – MSHA  (it is supposed to inspect the facility 4 times per year, but has not done this.)
The DOE Carlsbad Field Office, which leads the nations TRU waste disposal effort, has coordinated TRU waste cleanup at a number of generator sites around the country. Since 1999, WIPP has set the standard for safe, permanent disposal of long-lived radioactive defense wastes.
Recovery Act Projects at Carlsbad focus the supplemental appropriations for job preservation and creation to accelerate the disposition of defense-generated TRU waste across the nation. Specifically the project entitled “TRU Waste Accelerated Disposition” involves the accelerated TRU waste characterization, certification and transportation for disposition of defense-generated TRU waste from the targeted generator and interim storage sites above and beyond the currently-approved baseline project using Recovery Act funds.”
To submit a FOlA request to DOE;  you may also search on the FOIA Portal that consists of documents previously released under the FOIA. If the information is not available here, submit a Freedom of Information Act request electronically.
You may also mail in your FOIA request to the following address:
FOIA Requester Service Center
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Mail Stop MA-90
Washington, DC 20585
Or by facsimile at (202) 586-0575. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (202) 586-5955.
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) EPA Compliance Certification
The WIPP is a DOE facility proposed for the disposal of transuranic mixed waste (combined hazardous and radioactive waste) in a geological repository (a salt bed 2,150 feet below the land surface). The facility is located 26 miles east of Carlsbad, New Mexico (P.O. Box 3090; Carlsbad, New Mexico 88221), in Eddy County.



“WIPP is regulated under:
A Compliance Certification Approval (40 CFR Parts 191 and 194) for radioactive waste from the EPA’s Office of Radiation and Indoor Air;

The 1992 WIPP Land Withdrawal Act of 1992 (LWA) (8) directed the EPA to develop final disposal regulations and related compliance criteria for the WIPP site. In December 1993, the EPA promulgated the final disposal regulations, also referred to as 40 CFR 191 (1). In February 1996, prior to the enactment of the WIPP Land Withdrawal Act of 1996 (LWAA) (9), the EPA promulgated “Criteria for Certification and Re-Certification of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’s Compliance With the 40 CFR Part 191 Disposal Regulations; Final Rule”, also referred to as 40 CFR 194 (2). Subpart 40 CFR 194.46 defines the following “Removal of waste” requirement for WIPP:  “Any compliance application shall include documentation which demonstrates that removal of waste from the disposal system is feasible for a reasonable period of time after disposal…..
A Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permit (40 CFR Parts 264 and 270) for hazardous wastes from the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED).

Radiation Compliance Certification Application, Federal Contact:
Mr. Nick Stone (Coordinator, EPA Environmental Engineer) 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
1445 Ross Avenue (6PD-O) 
Dallas, Texas 75202-2733 
Telephone Number: (214) 665-7226 
FAX (214) 665-7263 
Hazardous Waste (RCRA) Permit Application, State Contact:
Mr. John Kieling, Bureau Chief
Hazardous Waste Bureau 
New Mexico Environment Department 
P.O. Box 26110 
Santa Fe, NM 87502 
Telephone Number: (505) 476-6035 
FAX (505)-476-6030 
E-Mail Address: john.kieling@state.nm.us  “



The authority of the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) governs actions at WIPP through the federal Dept. Of Labor. “Protecting Miners’ Safety and Health Since 1978

MSHA’s National Hazard Reporting Page


To report a hazardous condition at a mine to MSHA, call: 1-800-746-1553
or use the on-line filing option (For more information, see below).

You do not need to identify yourself!

To report an imminent danger hazardous condition call: 1-800-746-1553
(a condition that could cause a serious accident, injury, illness or fatality)

FOIA Request


State of New Mexico Environment Department

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Permits 2010-2014

Permit Table of Contents – Feb 2014
Part 1 – General Permit Conditions – Feb 2014
Part 2 – General Facility Conditions – March 13, 2013
Part 3 – Container Storage – Feb 2014
Part 4 – Geologic Repository Disposal – Feb 2014
Part 5 – Groundwater Detection Monitoring – May 8, 2012
Part 6 – Closure Requirements – Nov 30, 2010
Part 7 – Post-closure Care Plan – Nov 30, 2010
Part 8 – Corrective Action for SWMUs and AOCs – Nov 30, 2010
A – General Facility Description and Process Information – Oct 1, 2012
A1 – Container Storage – Oct 2013
A2 – Geologic Repository – Oct 2013
A3 – Drawing Number 51-W-214-W, “Underground Facilities Typical Disposal Panel” -Nov 30, 2010
A4 – Traffic Patterns – Oct 2013
B – Hazardous Waste Permit Application Part A – Feb 2014
C – Waste Analysis Plan – Oct 2013
C1 – Waste Characterization Sampling Methods – March 13 , 2013
C2 – (Reserved) – March 13 , 2013
C3 – Quality Assurance Objectives and Data Validation Techniques for Waste Characterization Sampling and Analytical Methods – Feb 2014
C4 – TRU Mixed Waste Characterization Using Acceptable Knowledge – March 13, 2013
C5 – Quality Assurance Project Plan Requirements – March 13 , 2013
C6 – Audit and Surveillance Program – Feb 2014
C7 – TRU Waste Confirmation – March 13, 2013
D – RCRA Contingency Plan – Oct 2013
E – Inspection Schedule, Process and Forms – Feb 2014
F – Personnel Training – Dec 21, 2012
F1 – RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Job Titles and Descriptions – Nov 30, 2010
F2 – Training Course and Qualification Card Outlines – Oct 2013
G – Closure Plan – Feb 2014
G1 – Detailed Design Report for an Operation Phase Panel Closure System – Apr 15, 2011
G1-G – Technical Specifications, Panel Closure System – Oct 1, 2012

G1-H – Design Drawings – Nov 30, 2010