X Class Solar Flare To Hit Earth; Communication Disruption, Power Failures Possible

“This makes TWO large X-class solar flares in the past 2 1/2 days — both earth directed… Solar flares of this size can cause communication disruption, power grid failures, and aurora borealis in places further south than normal. You can see the flare on the SDO site:” To watch video;

The Today Show talked about this solar flare a few minutes ago, They said this solar flare was big enough to knock out all radio communications globally, if we took a direct hit. However, this one will probably only be a glancing blow. In the grand scheme of things, this is only a smallish solar flare. The sun actually generates much bigger ones on a regular basis. 

To find out more about how a Super Solar Storm can ruin our day, and how we are NOT ready for that yet, read the following blog post….

Super Solar Storm Predicted To Hit 2013; Carrington Effect, Year Long Power Blackouts; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/super-solar-storm-predicted-to-hit-2013.html

Also, see this prediction for March 22nd, 2012…. Super Earthquake prediction…

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Sleeping Pills Increase Risk Of Cancer; Caused 500,00 Deaths

(NaturalNews) If you take pharmaceutical sleeping pills to help alleviate insomnia, you are very likely putting yourself at serious risk of developing cancer or even dying. A new study published inBMJ Open, an open-access journal that is part of theBritish Medical Journalfamily of publications, suggests that patients who take various benzodiazepines, non-benzodiazepines, barbiturates and sedative antihistamines for insomnia are 4.6 times more likely to die, on average, within two-and-a-half years than those who do not take these drugs.

Researchers from theJackson Hole Center for Preventive Medicinein Wyoming and theScripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Centerin California evaluated and analyzed data on more than 33,000 patients for their study, of which nearly one third were taking sleeping drugs like temazepam, zopiclone, zolpidem, or zaleplon for their insomnia. After adjusting for other risk factors, the team found that within roughly two years after beginning sleeping pill drug regimens, one in 16 sleeping pill patients died, while only one in 80 patients not taking these drugs died.

Depending on how often insomnia patients took their sleeping drugs, the overall death risk was as much as 530 percent higher than the death rate for non-users, which clearly illustrates a definitive and causal link between sleeping pills and increased mortality. And besides having an increased risk of suffering sudden death, sleeping pill users were also found to have a roughly 35 percent elevated risk of developing cancer compared to non-users as well.

“The meager benefits of hypnotics, as critically reviewed by groups without financial interest, would not justify substantial risks,” said the researchers. “Rough order-of-magnitude estimates at the end of the supplemental files suggest that in 2010, hypnotics (sleeping pills) may have been associated with 320,000 to 507,000 excess deaths in the USA alone.”

You can review the full study for free here:

While patients with insomnia have a number of alternative treatment options available at their disposal that do not involve dangerous hypnotic drugs, many of them are unaware of this. A 2006 study published in theJournal of the American Medical Association, for instance, found that simple cognitive behavior therapy is more effective than hypnotic drugs at alleviating insomnia (http://www.naturalnews.com/019492.html).

There are also a number of dietary and herbal remedies that can help remedy sleeping problems, including valerian root, peppermint, chamomile, passionflower, lavender, the amino acid L-glutamine, 5-hydroxytryptophan, and the hormone melatonin, to name just a few (http://www.naturalnews.com/025065_sleep_natural_herb.html).

Sources for this article include:


Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/035162_sleeping_pills_sudden_death_risk.html#ixzz1oMt0zLbS


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Punk Economics: Banking Scam In Greece, Italy, Germany,

This series of two videos explains the European debt crisis via a series of entertaining cartoon drawings and pretty simple, easy to follow explanations. It is funny, entertaining and simple to understand. I encourage everyone to watch, and learn about economics, even if you never took an Economics class in college. Although somewhat simplified, it does cover some important key points that everyone should understand. 

These videos, do not cover credit swaps, and derivatives markets, which are an even bigger mess, again caused by financial institutions, not the average person on the street. But guess who pays to try and clean up the mess? 

Part I

Part II

So what does this mean for the average person? Bottom line, there is a real danger of complete monetary collapse at some point, both in the weak countries these videos are pointing at, but also in other countries, including the US. Why? Because debt cannot be piled on top of debt, while cutting essential community services forever. 

The shell game that banksters are playing right now is that they get paid in good times out of profits. They also get paid in bad times. However, to make this work in bad times, cuts have to be made in essential services, such as police, fire, schools, parks, roads, bridges, art, science, recreation, as well as pensions, union wages, and the like. This money gets transferred to the banksters, who make even more profits, while average people suffer with unemployment, lower wages, less benefits, and more suffering all the way around.

At some point, the whole thing collapses like a house of cards.  When that happens, hopefully your community has a local currency, a barter system and it is self reliant in terms of renewable energy sources, LOCAL food production and LOCAL jobs. If you do not see this in your community, start building things like organic community gardens, renewable energy sources,  and local money sources now, because it will more than likely be the ONLY things working when this all happens. 

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Radiation In Food and Water

In this blog post, we will explore the radiation contamination in food and water in Japan, as well as the USA, and other countries. You will find out how the ‘authorities’ deceive the public and hide high radiation in food and water, or other substances. 

You will also find out how the safety limits for food and water were raised drastically by HUGE amounts in Japan, within 24 hours, with no explanation or debate.

This video was made in July 2011. But the issues he talks about still pertain today.
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Radiation Contamination Standards For Food and Water In Japan, USA, Other Countries, via A Green Road Blog
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TEPCO Loses Insurance Coverage; Japanese Nuclear Plants

In this newscast, the journalist announces that TEPCO has lost all insurance coverage for all nuclear plants in Japan, and the insurance provider is NOT renewing the insurance coverage. Assuming this is the case, how can they continue to operate these nuclear plants?

To their credit, Japan has shut down 52 out of 54 nuclear power plants. They plan to shut down the other two in March, leaving Japan with NO operating nuclear power plants.

The plan is to run computer stress simulations, before turning them on again. But if insurance is required to turn them on again, the case could be made, that they cannot turn on, because there is no disaster insurance coverage. As of December 2011, the nuclear industry in Japan could not find any alternative insurance carrier, at ANY price.

Given that this disaster will probably cost a TRILLION dollars to deal with, I wonder if the nuclear industry will ever be able to find anyone to cover the HUGE risk that goes on forever and ever in the form of 93 long lived nuclear elements. See other blog posts to find out more about this.

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TEPCO Loses Insurance Coverage; Japanese Nuclear Plants; Via A Green Road Blog


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Why Extracting Plutonium from Nuclear Reactor Spent Fuel is a Bad Idea:

The Union Of Concerned Scientists says that “reprocessing would increase the risk of nuclear terrorism. Less than 20 pounds of plutonium is needed to make a nuclear weapon. If the plutonium remains bound in large, heavy, and highly radioactive spent fuel assemblies (the current U.S. practice), it is nearly impossible to steal. 

In contrast, separated plutonium is not highly radioactive and is stored in a concentrated powder form. Some claim that new reprocessing technologies that would leave the plutonium blended with other elements, such as neptunium, would result in a mixture that would be too radioactive to steal. This is incorrect; neither neptunium nor the other elements under consideration are radioactive enough to preclude theft. Most of these other elements are also weapon-usable.  

Moreover, commercial-scale reprocessing facilities handle so much of this material that it has proven impossible to keep track of it accurately in a timely manner, making it feasible that the theft of enough plutonium to build several bombs could go undetected for years.” 

For more information; go to


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How Do Corporations Rule In the US?

Here is a short video clip about how the Koch Brothers fund their ‘favorite’ candidates. 

The political candidate who receives the most money ‘donations’ during any local, state or federal election wins about 95% of the time. This means that ONE large corporation (like the Koch Brothers) can bankroll an election for many local, state and federal candidates and be almost guaranteed to get ‘their’ person into office to do their bidding, about 95% of the time. They can assure a win, by just giving more money to their candidate than the opposition does. 

Then we have a problem with the SUPERPACS, which allow anonymous donors to give unlimited amounts to a fund in favor of one candidate or another. This avalanche of money thrown at a campaign corrupts our democracy and makes our government look more and more like a corporate fascist state, instead of what the founders meant it to be. 

Corporations own and control 99% of mass media that candidates are given air time on. How much air time is given to each candidate can swing an election one way or the other. Where they are put on the podium, makes a difference. How often they are called on and how much time they are given during a debate also influences the result. All of these techniques and more are used to ‘swing’ an election.

Corporate advertisers also exert ‘influence’ on media to put one person on or take off another person that they disagree with, or they threaten the media outlet that they will ‘pull’ their advertising. These corporate owned media outlets and advertisers KNOW all of this and use it fully to their advantage. The result? You will not see a corporate ‘unfriendly’ word spoken on mass media TV about 99% of the time, on any show, interview, movie, etc. Why do they call TV ‘programming’? Because what is shown on TV is largely about programming people in how to think and what to think about. Most people only think and talk about what is on TV, not about anything else. How is that NOT programming people?  

A few large corporations are also funding a few groups as shown in the video below, and give them money for meetings, buses, signs, provide air time, announce meeting dates, etc, while hiding their affiliation and financial support behind the scenes. These corporations then also set the agenda and field the candidates. 

Fox News Network actually HIRES presidential candidates and then gives them free air time, as ‘consultants’. Meanwhile, they get lots of exposure and this gets them ‘popularity’, which then makes them easier to elect, when the time comes. Again, a corporation is behind the scenes, pulling the strings, using a divide and conquer strategy. 

Combine the above items with an army of 5,000 lobbyists that descend on Washington like a plague of locusts, and you have to start wondering if there is any democracy left in this country… 


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How Do Corporations Rule In the US? Via a Green Road Blog


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Tell Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers: Stop supporting sexist attacks on women

CREDO Action | more than a network, a movement.

My take on this is that everyone has the right to free speech. But when you attack citizens (not politicians) on the air, PERSONALLY, and defame them, slander them and attack their character, in an ad hominum manner, that is grounds for yanking your mass media show off the air and getting you fired. I think this CREDO action DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH. Where is the agency that regulates media in this? Why are they not fining and sanctioning the company that hosts this show? 

Since we started our campaign on Friday, at least nine major advertisers have pulled their support from the Rush Limbaugh Show,1 the most popular commercial radio show in the country and a key piece of the rightwing message machine. The backlash has been so great that even after doubling down in defense of his reprehensible comments, Limbaugh was forced to issue a rare — and totally insufficient — apology stating “my choice of words was not the best.”2
Rush Limbaugh is clearly feeling the pressure of our activism. But his so-called apology isn’t nearly enough. After his long history of being supported by advertisers while making offensive and irresponsible statements, he shouldn’t get yet another chance. This should be the last straw.
He still retains advertisers who continue to fund his misogynistic rants. We need your help to build on our momentum and deal Republicans a major setback in their war against women.
When Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law School student, testified before Congress to protest rightwing attacks to limit women’s access to birth control, Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” and a “prostitute.”
Here’s what Limbaugh actually said:

“What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute… She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.”3

Unfortunately, what Rush Limbaugh says matters. He has a bigger audience than any other commercial radio host in the country, and what he talks about on air has the power to drive the Republican agenda — an agenda that is already obsessed with radical backslides of womens’ ability to protect their own health.4
Sandra Fluke’s testimony before Congress included important points about why access to affordable birth control is so crucial, including the story of a friend who had lost an ovary because she couldn’t afford the birth control needed to manage her ovarian cysts.
Rush’s unforgivable translation of that was “slut” and “prostitute.” Sandra Fluke rightly has called Rush Limbaugh’s comments “an attack on all women.”5 We agree.
Every American enjoys the right to free speech, but that doesn’t mean that advertisers who are accountable to their customers should pay people like Rush Limbaugh who make such appallingly hateful and sexist comments.
Rush’s advertisers need to hear from us loud and clear — if you advertise on Rush Limbaugh, you are supporting his reprehensible attacks on women.
In the fight against the Susan G. Komen Foundation we proved that when women and the men who support them fight back against those who would restrict women’s access to healthcare, we can win. And MSNBC’s recent firing of commentator Pat Buchanan after a campaign protesting his white supremacist rhetoric shows that there will be consequences when certain lines are crossed.
Rush Limbaugh has a long history of hateful rhetoric. But with his comments this week, Rush Limbaugh has crossed the line at a moment when women, and the men who believe in equal rights for women, are more organized than ever and are ready to fight back.
Click below to automatically sign the petition:
We will not let the rightwing take away women’s access to birth control. We will not let Republicans brand women who assert their right to health care as “sluts” and “prostitutes.”
Thank you for joining CREDO in taking action to stop the escalating attacks on women and hold Rush Limbaugh and the Republican message machine accountable.
Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets


Tell Limbaugh’s advertisers to stop supporting his unforgivable attacks on women

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Audio Transcript of NRC discussion about Fukushima

This audio of NRC ‘experts’ discussing among them, describes the ongoing disaster early on at Fukushima.


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War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

“As we made our way around the world weencountered love, hate, rich and poor, black and white, and many differentreligious groups and ideologies. It became very clear that as a human race weneed to transcend from the darkness to the light and music is our weapon of thefuture. This song around the world features musicians who have seen andovercome conflict and hatred with love and perseverance. We dont need moretrouble, what we need is love. The spirit of Bob Marley always lives on.

This is the fourth Song Around The World videoreleased from the CD/DVD Playing For Change: Songs Around The World and thefollow up to the classics “Stand By Me,” “One Love” and”Don’t Worry.” This unforgetable track was performed by musiciansaround the world adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe.” http://youtu.be/fgWFxFg7-GU

For more information see;  http://playingforchange.com – 


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Spanish town decides to grow marijuana to generate much-needed revenue

(NaturalNews) With a national unemployment rate that now hovers around 23 percent, the European country of Spain is in dire straits economically.

But one local town, Rasquera, population 900, has come up with a plan that will save itself.


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Spanish town decides to grow marijuana to generate much-needed revenue; via A Green Road Blog

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American Nuclear Plants In Real Danger Of Fukushima Meltdown

Should you and your family be concerned? Are your children at risk? The answer is YES, definitely.

America has 104 nuclear power plants. Most of these are now operating over their designed life span, which is like driving a car with 250,000 miles at 110 miles per hour, for another 250,000 miles at 150 miles per hour.

To make these nuclear plants fit into license extension approval guidelines, safety standards are being ‘relaxed’ and no safety inspections are being performed.

The Center for Investigative Reporting (via Al Jazeera) just released a brilliant, must-watch video about this subject.

Danger Zone: Ageing Nuclear Reactors 

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American Nuclear Plants In Real Danger Of Fukushima Meltdown, via A Green Road Blog


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What Happens To Nuclear Waste In Your Country?

Click on the link below to find out what your country is doing with nuclear waste. So far, according to Arnie Gunderson, there is NO proven, long term, safe strategy for dealing with nuclear waste anywhere on the globe. 

Isn’t it a little silly to be heating water for 30 years, w
hen the resulting nuclear waste/garbage must be guarded for 250,000 to 2 BILLION years in order to get it to a safe, terrorist risk free condition, and that is if we even had a solution, which we don’t. Every permanent waste repository has been squashed, because the state and local authorities do not want it in their backyard. 

Who is going to pay to store this waste for 2 Billion years and keep it safe from terrorists or accidents? Are you willing to mortgage your childrens’ future for that long, when humanity has only been in existence for 100,000 years, and the Bible has only been around for 2,000 years? 

The nuclear industry focuses on and fawns over the short lived elements, but then somehow fails to mention the long lived radioactive elements. For more information about 93 long lived nuclear elements, see; http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/93-long-lived-nuclear-elements.html

Today, nuclear waste is piled up over, on top of, around, and underneath nuclear power plants all over the globe, making ALL of them more and more dangerous with each passing year. All of it needs to be cooled 24 hours a day, or it explodes/melts down, and releases massive amounts of radiation, as recently happened in Fukushima. This is a disaster waiting to happen. This disaster will happen one day….. 

Have you heard of the Carrington Effect? No? Why not? Is the nuclear industry and regulatory agencies not supposed to keep us all safe?  http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/super-solar-storm-predicted-to-hit-2013.html

If even ONE spent fuel storage pool catches on fire due to loss of electrical power, it could mean a whole country like Japan is made permanently uninhabitable.  

There are over 400 of these nuclear power plants worldwide, plus 400 or more spent fuel pools containing hundreds of tons each of deadly, dangerous, ready to melt down and explode toxic Pandora’s Box of radiation, able to kill everyone on the planet in case of just ONE accident, much less 400 of them. 


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What Happens To Nuclear Waste In Your Country? via A Green Road Blog


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Take 1 Giant Leap Into Happiness

Take a giant leap into happiness… it’s easy.

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Take 1 Giant Leap Into Happiness; Via A Green Road Blog


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The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science

There are 30 scams that the nuclear industry uses to hoodwink, lie, coverup and deny the truth.. I highly recommend everyone read the book by this author, in which the author lays out the 30 scams that the nuclear energy and weapons industry uses.. Here is just one of the 30 scams that the industry uses, EVERY TIME. 

“SCAM NUMBER SIX: Beguile the public with inappropriate comparisons between external irradiation and internal contamination.
The proliferation of nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power plants has succeeded in deluding the public of the hazards of internal contamination. Covering up the danger of radioactivity within the body from human-generated radioisotopes is the bedrock upon which the entire nuclear behemoth is secured. 

A common tactic used to dupe critical thinking on issues of radiation safety is to liken the dose received from internal emitters to the dose received by natural background radiation. This is very sophisticated flimflam. To the uninformed, it appears perfectly logical that dose is dose; regardless of how the energy is delivered to the body, the end result will be the same. 

If we receive small doses of radiation naturally just from dwelling on planet Earth or while flying in an airplane, and if these are harmless, it seems quite reasonable to conclude that the same doses delivered by internal emitters will likewise be inconsequential. 

By now the reader knows the con hidden within this line of thinking. It was extensively explored in Exhibit A. The biological effect of a dose of radiation depends totally on how that dose is delivered to the body. By natural background radiation, ionizing events are widely distributed both in space and time throughout the mass of the body. 

By contrast, internal emitters have the capacity of repeatedly hitting the same cellular structures within a small volume of tissue. In instances where “doses” are comparable, the hazard posed by internal emitters will be greatly enhanced.”

From the book “A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science.” by Paul Zimmerman. (I highly recommend ordering his book) here is;

Scam Number Six.
Here is Scam Number One;  
Feel free to educate yourself and others about these nuclear industry scams, because they are no different than any other scam or fraud going on out there. As we all know, there are plenty of scammers out there, in all directions. If you do not know about these 30 scams, it is very likely, that you will be scammed. If you know about these scams, you CANNOT be scammed anymore, because these scams depend on people being ignorant. 



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The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science, via A Green Road Blog


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Ask Rep; Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act, H.R. 3974.


Cutting Nukes: It’s the SANE thing to do 2/9/2012–Support the Smarter Approaches to Nuclear Expenditures Act


On February 8th, 35 members of Congress introduced legislation that could reduce the billions of dollars our country wastes each year on maintaining an enormous nuclear weapons program. 

The Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act, H.R. 3974, would cancel, freeze or reduce more than a dozen nuclear programs. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ed Markey (MA), would reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads to no more than 1,000 and reduce the nuclear weapons budget by about $100 billion over the next 10 years.

Among the cuts the bill proposes are

Reducing the fleet of nuclear armed submarines from 14 to 8;
Canceling plans for the new F-35 jet, which could carry nuclear bombs;
Cancel plans for a new intercontinental ballistic missile system; and
Cancel plans to build a uranium processing facility in Oak Ridge, TN to make materials for new nuclear weapons.
FCNL sees this legislation as an important practical step in the direction of a world free of nuclear weapons. Please urge your representative to support this legislation.  If he or she has already cosponsored the legislation, you will see a sample letter that thanks your representative for leadership on this bill

David Culp
Legislative Representative, Nuclear Disarmament
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Ask Rep; Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act, H.R. 3974. via A Green Road Blog


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Anti Nuclear Poetry By Or-Well

March 2, 2012

“Reports of tumors
are no more than rumors
spread by conspiracy-paranoid Doomers.
No “Authorized Study”
shows such results,
for Best Happy Data
it’s best to consult
Appointed Specialist Media Talkers.”
(AKA shills and soulless Skin-walkers).
Nobody’s dying from what can’t be proved
to be anything other than what pre-existed
because relevant data has all been removed
or baseline comparison hopelessly twisted
by studies NOT DONE, covered up, cherry-picked,
give us more funding,
we’ll get this thing licked,
with Professorial spit and some polish
you’ll be good-to-go
on your way to a death
from what you can’t know.
February 25, 2012
Here is an unconfirmed Tepco paper,
found on the blade of
a bulldozer scraper:
“Defining fuel rods:
A handout for Press,
On How to Contain
An Exploded Mess.
Fuel in reactors is “Athlete” or”Scholar”.
Speaking contrary will cost you dollars
or in a back alley
earn you plastic bag collars.
Fuel in the Pools is “Resting Grandmother”,
or “Learned Grandfather”, anything else
don’t even bother,
or even think it,
or that Plutonium water, well –
you’ll be made to drink it!
As for the little bits scattered about,
it would be sad if you were to shout –
Godzilla or Fugu or earthquake-induced,
explosive debris or any danger –
no, this would be better and more discreet
Hello Kitty Litter bits stuck on your feet
are easily cleaned with a quick little sweep.
I gotta go and get uncrazy,
that was a rework, sorry for lazy,
it’s criminal rotten what
away with they’ve gotten,
they deserve to be pushing up daisies.
Well you built those plants
the quake went rattlin’ through,
yeah you built those plants
the quake hit and they blew,
I believe to my soul
that’s what you knew they’d do.
Well you built those plants
the target of giant waves,
yeah you built those plants
sayin’ it’s stong and brave,
but not one of those plants
your beliefs can save!
Nuclear power
is diggin’ us all a grave,
Nuclear power
is throwin’ us down a well,
well we won’t stop
’til we send them all to Hell!
based on Joe Turners’ song
Shake, Rattle and Roll.
February 16, 2012
Three topics in one
but it’s all the same,
all part of the
profit/control/power game.
Reassurance, rigged science,
false choice and fear,
we’ve got the fix
if you pay for the gear.
There’s no danger to you,
we can clean mountains,
take some more drugs,
don’t peek behind curtains,
listen to us,
don’t ask, think or tell,
the economy, jobs and
more money’s the yell,
all on the way
to nuclear hell.
January 30, 2012
We’re busy! We’re working!
(We’re doing alright)
We’re looking for cesium!
(Science Lite)
in Pine trees and mice
(not veggies and rice)
doing Nature stories
to keep it bright!
(We don’t think you are)
We won’t have to look far
(YOU won’t take a walk)
There’s not much where YOU are
(and dead plants don’t talk!)
OK maybe hiking
won’t be to your liking
but urban biking is fine
so stop all your sniping.
This won’t be Chernobyl
(We’ll see to that!)
We’ll find damage expected
(the rest under our hat!)
There’ll be News AT Eleven
(The rest “under the mat”)
We’ll all Work To Recover!
(as they say – That is that!)
And as for farmland
(take this to the banks)
All Levels Acceptable
And we’ll take the Thanks!
Another Professor
from under the rug
scoffs an award
and gets a hug
for doing a gypsy dance
to quell the fire
of “fear epidemic”
public reaction
to something dire.
“Don’t get manic or panic
Don’t take ANY action –
The Profs have your back
and that’s satisfaction-
guaranteed!” Just don’t call them
When you start to bleed.
Time for a rabbit out the hat –
Fukushima isstuttering
like Porky the fat,
like Pepe Le Pew
with nuclear spew,
like the Tasmanian Devil
and the big rooster too –
the one that’s a blowhard
cock-of-the-walk –
“Ah say, ah say Boy,
Do’n act like a chicken –
git in there and fight!
Give that plant a lickin’!”
It’s time for Elmer
with his double shotgun
to focus on Nukers
wherever they run,
because wascawwy Bugs
the anti-nuke bunny
wants grandkids with ears
and a future that’s sunny.
P. Pig on Fuku, Nukes –
“Th-th-th-that’s all folks!” He adds,
“I never thought I’d consider that line
as forecasting the future, yours and mine.”
That’s the cue, so sing along –
“No more Over-ture,
it’s curtains down!
Turn out the lights
on Nuclear Town!
No more re-license
or nursing Nuke-farts –
we know all their lies by heart!
This is it, the fight of fights,
pull pro-nukers from their heights,
for us they don’t give a shit,
so shut them all down – this is it!”
February 11, 2012
Decontaminate mountains!
It’s cleaning up on deceit –
profit fountains,
all corporate neat.
Don’t get in a tizzy
we’ll scrub an area
as big as new Jersey,
easy peasy neat as a pin,
counting on help from J-gov spin.
So it’s a myth, a lie, a big fake –
along with dead leaves
there’s money to rake!
February 11, 2012
Up against psychopaths, killers & crooks
up against sheeple & how Snookie looks
Up against Leaders who’d bleed us to death
Up against Spokes-folk with poisoned breath
Up against Bureaucrats and banal evil
Up against Ideology Neo-Mediaeval
Up against Moneys’ tentacled squid
Up against failing energy grid
Up against Banksters avoiding jail
Up against NPPs doing the Fail
Up against Warmongers plotting a kill
Up against those seeking Powers’ cold thrill
Up against apathy plain and simple
Up against some Celebs’ butt dimple
Up against those who play us for suckers
Up against the wall for all …………!
You can rhyme with “suckers” I’m sure
a common ’70?s insult du jour.
February 11,
Loss measured by factors of finance amoral
or societal change and devolution?
Telling kids stories in settings pastoral
about the failed anti-nuke revolution –
forget about iphones, TVs and books,
culture transmission becomes strictly oral
while fashioning some bone fishing hooks,
relearning roof-thatching,
hand-threshing rice,
wood-stoppered clay storage jars
keeping out mice,
depopulated and on the return
to drying manure
for fires to keep warm.
OK, a bit dire,
but the wheel turns,
that’s my mood,
History’s not kind
but nor is it rude –
societies collapse
when mass death intrudes.
Striking fact that’ll strike you dead,
and mess with the
“fair and balanced” head.
Run Journos run!
Back to the office!
Repeat the Pool report,
that’ll suffice!
Repeat “cold shutdown”,
“Return to your homes.”
Don’t even mention
how your geigers moan or
plutonium in bones.
Look, they’re watching TV
in master control,
to see which networks
don’t swallow it whole.
Repeat “Keepin’ it stable”
“Some fuel MAY have melted.”
Help Tepco along with
keeping Truth smelted.
Repeat “Reactor 3
lost some off the top”
and “There were some leaks
and maybe some stopped.”
“Thought to” and “could have”,
“appeared to” and “may”,
that’s called reporting,
for that they get paid.
This report is crap,
the “Press Club” kind,
pap for the masses
they think are blind

The relentless killer, invisible, deadly,
is hunting your children,
who trust and love readily,
who need your protection,
who don’t have a choice.
Or have you rejected those with no voice?
The pure and the innocent –
why have you damned the smallest to suffer
in poisoned Japan?
Take your foul-burning debris
and those copping the plea;
“Who could have known?” and “It wasn’t me!”,
take your faked readings and endoscopes
and shove them where only
proctologists grope!
Take your leaders bowing
and Bureaucrats fiddling,
Professors snowing us
and Doctors diddling,
take the media servile
and experts surplus
and throw them all under the next passing bus!
Be not passive, obedient,
but good Mothers and Fathers,
save your precious children
from nuclear horrors!
Rise up and declare
your kids must not be victims!
Rise up and refuse to bow
to Nuclears’ dictums!

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Anti Nuclear Poetry By Or-Well, via A Green Road Blog;

Published with permission of author


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Frontline’s Fukushima "Meltdown" Perpetuates Industry Lie That Tsunami, Not Quake, Started Nuclear Crisis

The nuclear industry, regulators, Japanese government and nuclear apologists like to claim that the Fukushima nuclear meltdown crisis did not start until AFTER the tsnami hit, which destroyed the generators. 

It is just a little surprising that the Frontline show on PBS took the industry lie as truth. The show bit on the bait, hook, line and sinker, swallowing it all whole and then presenting it to the PBS viewing public as truth. Through the Frontline movie, PBS is speaking as if they are the industry marketers, promoting the safety of nuclear power plants from earthquakes.

It seems like the nuclear industry has taken over the public broadcasting complex in addition to their mass media corporate control through GE and a few others like it. 

Actually, what caused the multiple reactors to melt down was the earthquake, not the tsunami. Read more at Truth Out…. 



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Three Mile Island Radiation Release Coverups Exposed

In this article, we will explore whether a coverup happened after Three Mile Island. We will also see if this coverup perhaps exposes a pattern of coverups after every nuclear accident, or is it a one time event? Finally, we will explore your concerns, that if a coverup happened, how this coverup scenario affects you and your children, or your whole family?

There are many nuclear power plants all over the United States. Wouldn’t you agree that you and your family may be affected negatively in case of an accident, if there is a pattern of covering up the severity, or even if and when an accident happens? After all, how do you know if and/or when you need to evacuate if the utility and government agencies are denying that a nuclear accident even happened?

In the article; ‘Three Mile Island: Exposing the Government’s Cover Up of Our Most Infamous Nuclear Accident’ it explains how many people died — and are still dying — at Three Mile Island . “ This article goes into some detail about all of the initial assurances of safety and no harm caused to people by radiation by regulators, government, and the utility company involved. All of these assurances turned out to be, well, hokum, but I will leave that to you to decide. http://www.alternet.org/health/134174

In a book about Three Mile Island: ‘They Say Nothing Happened’

“Harvey Wasserman, co-author of Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America’s Experience With Atomic Radiation, stressed that the what happened account comes amid virtually complete inactivity by U.S. media in following up the Three Mile Island accident. (Wasserman has written about the aftermath of TMI for Harrowsmith—5-6/87—and other publications.)” (This same thing happened after Chernobyl, and is now happening after Fukushima. This same scenario seems to happen after EVERY SINGLE NUCLEAR ACCIDENT.)

They interview a lady who did door to door cancer surveys years after the accident, and she said that she found cancer cases AT EVERY HOUSE. This article also points out how the medical industry and the media served as the means to help cover up the whole disaster and all of the consequences of it.

Same old, same old.. The pattern repeats itself… ad nauseum.. In Russia, at Chernobyl, at TMI, in the USA, and now in Japan, at Fukushima. Same old, same old, only getting worse, and bigger. http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=4021

In a report; ‘Investigation: Revelations about Three Mile Island disaster raise doubts over nuclear plant safety’, it talks about how the official govt report and NRC both said that no one was hurt or killed by TMI, just the same as at Fukushima now. At Chernobyl, even to this day, the nuclear apologists say that only a small number of people were hurt or killed.

This same report illustrates that the cancer rate of downwinders was increased by 80% over average citizens not exposed. Read the chilling reports of ‘downwinders’ who experienced high radiation dose signs, which were completely ignored and discounted by the nuclear industry. It sounds just like what is happening around Fukushima and also Chernobyl.

Another Coverup At Three Mile Island? Lies Discovered About Control Rods

There was an initial cover up phase (in addition to as it was happening) right after TMI-2 meltdown happened. The public was not warned or given the proper information, and no specific radiation readings were provided to anyone, (just like after every accident). The NRC Rogovin Commission and the Kennedy Commission claimed that all 69 out of 69 control rods were inserted during the emergency cooling effort, called a scram and that they all worked properly.

Later, everyone involved on the nuclear industry, media and government side came out with public statements officially assuring everyone that not only did all control rods work properly, they all claimed that no one was harmed or killed, and that no harmful amounts of radiation were released. This all turned out to be a lie.

At TMI-2 it was found that the entire central control rod group failed to fall into the core, which is required in order to cool the reactor and keep it from melting down. The rod group circling core central became known as “The Void at the Center of the Core”.

The GEND report was produced to answer questions raised about these control rods. They found that only 61 of them actually did get inserted into the nuclear core, but the rest DID NOT. This is part of what caused a partial meltdown of the core, resulting in 20 tons of nuclear material melting down, with a huge radiation release, that resulted in massive numbers of cancers, genetic diseases and deaths. http://www.southernstudies.org/images/sitepieces/control_rod_analysis.pdf

http://www.tmia.com/tmi Three Mile Island Alert

Information about Three Mile Island’s 1979 partial meltdown emerged when Dr. Steven Wing of UNC-Chapel Hill found a 400 percent increase in cancers among those exposed.” http://www.wncpsr.org/nuclear-power/long-history-of-nuclear-secrecy

The following video goes into cover ups and denials of any radiation leaks at Three Mile Island. There is NO ACCIDENT. It did not occur inside the reactor, it happened OUTSIDE The reactor.. Therefor it was not an accident, just a failure of a piece of machinery outside the reactor. There is no relationship between that and what is called a nuclear accident. http://youtu.be/Fmmdh8Xlbvg 

The authorities said things like: 

“No evacuation is needed” 

“People should ‘stay indoors’”

“All radiation releases is within ‘limits’” 

“A little xenon was released” 

“We are trying to keep everyone informed” 

“We do not know if there will be any more uncontrolled emissions”Regulatory agencies did not call for leaving town, or for mandatory evacuations, even after they knew a meltdown had happened. The governor called for pregnant women and children to leave within a five mile radius of the plant via a VOLUNTARY evacuation.

There were severe communications problems. Conflicting statements came out of the utility, the governor and the NRC.

The meltdown of TMI was called “The Void at the Center of the Core” by a GEND report in 1983 on the TMI-2 endoscopy examination. Reproduced via Xeroxa press release from CII [Coalition for Independent Investigation] in 1986. Developed from a public admission in mid-1982 about that endoscopy and its revelations.

During initial coverup phase after the accident at TMI-2 the nuclear apologists were highly sensitive about anything that intimated that not all the control rods might fall during an emergency scram sequence. At TMI-2 an entire rod group failed to fall. The rod group circling core central, or what became “The Void at the Center of the Core.” 

The GEND report was generated to answer pointed questions about that, since both the Technical Assessment Task Forces of the Kemeny Commission and the NRC’s own Rogovin Commission firmly concluded that 69 of 69 control rods fell during the scram. Only 61 of them actually did. So here we have another coverup on top of all of the others to try and keep all of the lies that they started with consistent.

“Independent measurements provided evidence of radiation levels up to five times higher than normal in locations hundreds of miles downwind from TMI. According to Randall Thompson, the lead health physicist at TMI after the accident (a veteran of the US Navy nuclear submarine program and a self-confessed “nuclear geek”), radiation releases were hundreds if not thousands of times higher. Some other insiders, including Arnie Gundersen, a former nuclear industry executive turned whistle-blower, concur. 

Gundersen offers evidence, based on pressure monitoring data, for a hydrogen explosion shortly before 2 p.m. on 28 March 1979, which would have provided the means for a high dose of radiation to occur. Gundersen cites affidavits from four reactor operators according to which the plant manager was aware of a dramatic pressure spike, after which the internal pressure dropped to outside pressure. Gundersen also notes that the control room shook and doors were blown off hinges. However official NRC reports refer merely to a “hydrogen burn.” The Kemeny Commission referred to “a burn or an explosion that caused pressure to increase by 28 pounds per square inch in the containment building. “

Only two radiation meters were operational. Two meters went off scale, so they were ignored, as they were assumed to be ‘defective’. Radiation exposure estimates were used, rather than radiation readings downwind of the plant.

Another study suggests Three Mile Island radiation may have injured people living near reactor. “Several hundred people at the time of the accident reported nausea, vomiting, hair loss and skin rashes, and a number said their pets died or had symptoms of radiation exposure,” he said. ”

After adjusting for pre-accident cancer incidence, we found a striking increase in cancers downwind from Three Mile Island….it is known that plant radiation monitors went off scale when the accident started.” http://www.unc.edu/news/archives/feb97/wing.html

“Using better analytic and statistical techniques, he found that among the 20,000 people who lived near the plant and close to the plume’s path, lung cancer and leukemia rates were two or more times higher than what they were near the plant but upwind from the plume. Among those in the most direct path of the plumes, lung cancer incidence went up by 300 to 400 percent, and leukemia rates were up by 600 to 700 percent.” http://www.albionmonitor.com/9703a/3milecancer.html

In TMI Facts [Source: Arnold Gundersen, expert witness TMI 1994 trial said that; “TMI’s radiation monitors onsite were off-scale; radiation estimates are based math assumptions were applied upon off-site dose readings. http://www.nirs.org/reactorwatch/accidents/tmipowerpoint.pdf

Early on in the accident, the NRC estimated that 10,000,000 Curies of radiation were released. The NRC estimate is based on a report by NRC manager, Mr. Lake Barrett. NUREG-0637, Appendix C. Barrett used time averaged plume dispersion (Chi/Q); assumed the center (highest concentration) of the plume hits the detector; and then averaged many days of releases.

Time averaged plume dispersion can be wrong on the low side by a factor of 10. Center line Chi/Q can be wrong on the low side by a factor of a 1000. Averaging the data is wrong on the low side by a factor of 3.4.

Barrett recorded the maximum curies released each day; the grand total of each day’s recording adds up to 36,062,000 curies released at TMI; yet the NRC insists that only 10,000 curies were released.

During the 1994 TMI Trial, John Daniel (industry’s expert), determined that 17,000,000 Curies were released. Industry’s own expert estimated that more radiation was released than the NRC, the guardian of public safety.

Another industry expert report by Dr. Sinovy V. Reytblatt, structural engineer from the University of Bridgeport, estimated that 8-10% of containment was released as result of the spike in pressure inside the containment. The containment had 10 billion curies – 10%= 1 billion curies.

A video below goes into depth on the cover ups and denials of any radiation leaks at Three Mile Island. In the video, an announcer claims with extra emotion and energy; “There is NO ACCIDENT. It did not occur inside the reactor, it happened OUTSIDE The reactor.. Therefor it was not an accident, just a failure of a piece of machinery outside the reactor. There is no relationship between that and what is called a nuclear accident.
No evacuation is needed.”

“Independent measurements provided evidence of radiation levels up to five times higher than normal in locations hundreds of miles downwind from TMI. According to Randall Thompson, the lead health physicist at TMI after the accident (a veteran of the US Navy nuclear submarine program and a self-confessed “nuclear geek”), radiation releases were hundreds if not thousands of times higher.

Some other insiders, including Arnie Gundersen, a former nuclear industry executive turned whistle-blower, concur; Gundersen offers evidence, based on pressure monitoring data, for a hydrogen explosion shortly before 2 p.m. on 28 March 1979, which would have provided the means for a high dose of radiation to occur for residents living downwind of the nuclear power plant.

Gundersen cites affidavits from four reactor operators according to which the plant manager was aware of a dramatic pressure spike, after which the internal pressure dropped to outside pressure. Gundersen also notes that the control room shook and doors were blown off hinges.

However, official NRC reports refer merely to a “hydrogen burn.” The Kemeny Commission referred to “a burn or an explosion that caused pressure to increase by 28 pounds per square inch in the containment building. “ 

A thorough analysis of the TMI accident indicates that releases were 100 to 1000 times higher than the NRC estimated and that the containment failed after the hydrogen detonation. (This same scenario may also now be happening at Fukushima.)

NRC and FEMA continued to use extremely low radiation release scenario even after the analysis showed much higher radiation releases happened during the accident. To this day, the regulatory bodies still say no one was killed or harmed by the radiation releases at TMI, despite all of the new evidence showing the opposite.

NRC’s mischaracterization of what was released at TMI continues to this day. For example NRC’s Senior Advisor for Emergency Preparedness Patricia Milligan’s claimed that when giving a lecture at Harvard School of Public Health, Radiological Emergency Planning: Terrorism, Security, and Communication of August 7, 2008, that when emergency plans were initially written NRC/FEMA did not know that there had been a core melt.

However now that NRC knows that there had been core melt and that our data still “shows” only a “small release” of radiation occurred, emergency plans and guidelines based on a then lack of understanding of the seriousness of the accident thereby are too conservative. The lessons learned, have not been applied to either TMI or to Fukushima and thus those lessons will also not be applied if and when a nuclear accident happens near you and your family. You should be concerned about this.

In other words, the continued mischaracterization of TMI’s releases is used to justify reducing the area in which emergency planning is necessary. They generally water down response planning and exercise scenarios. (Could this be why there was so much chaos, minimization and miscommunication during the Fukushima crisis, and non action afterwards? The plant operator knew within 8 hours of the tsunami that the plant was in meltdown, but it took many days to weeks before evacuations happened.)

If you would like to find out in detail what happened at TMI, watch the following video series about it.

Part I http://youtu.be/CR6idoL7rFo
Part II http://youtu.be/3vhct9hO7-M
Part III http://youtu.be/mUUEaEjMpw0
Part IV http://youtu.be/h8eGBLFEpy0
Part V http://youtu.be/671cf3tpJY0

Perhaps Sir Walter Scott said it best, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” So what effect does the TMI and Fukushima deception have on you and your family?

Bottom line, you cannot count on anyone to tell you specific information you need to protect yourself from harm from the utility, the government, the mass media (most of it owned by GE, a nuclear plant sales organization) and certainly not the regulators, who seem to act more like a marketing agency than someone protecting the public. Even the Emergency Management Agencies that are supposedly neutral, seem to have been coopted, because they promise to provide specific information after an accident, but then never do, at least not in time to make a difference.

Bottom line, you are on your own. You will not get any radiation readings, and if you do get any, you probably cannot trust them, because they will NOT be taken downwind, which is where it really counts. Because all you get is general information, which says nothing, there is no information provided on whether you should evacuate or not, much less which direction to go in.

If you do not have a Geiger Counter, you are at the mercy of these bafflegab merchants who run their organizations like a fiefdom that does not have to tell anyone anything, certainly not in a timely manner, even in event of an emergency.



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Three Mile Island Radiation Release Coverup Exposed… via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/three-mile-island-coverups-exposed.html


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Bird Radiation Studies; Chernobyl, TMI & Fukushima

The nice thing about science is that if you get a certainresult from a study, you would be able to duplicate it by replicating the samecircumstances that caused the results in the first study. Well, we now havethree well done scientific studies of bird populations done right after three different nuclear accidents. In each case, the bird populations plummeted after every one of these nuclearaccidents. These bird studies were done after Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now Fukushima.
In all three areas surrounding a nuclear radiation ‘accident’, the same results are being found. Howmany more times will these types of studies have to be done (with no fundingfrom the nuclear industry) before we learn that nuclear radiation is hazardous, even at low doses? 
Not only did the numbers of birds reduce, they also wereaffected in many other ways in a negative manner. Negative effects of radiation onbirds included; reductions in longevity and in male fertility,more birds with smaller brains, “dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates, developmentalabnormalities, elevate cancer rates, extinctions of bird species, higher ratesof deaths of young birds.

Can we apply these study results to human low dose radiation exposure? That is the question for another blog, but that answer has also been answered with more scientific and medical research done all around the world. 

Fukushima Bird Studies

One study finds Fukushima worse than Chernobyl on bird population, with “Dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates and extinctions.  Insect life was significantly reduced, and shows immediate consequence of radiation. 

“he disaster last year at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, caused byan earthquake and tsunami, scored seven on the International Nuclear andRadiological Event Scale (INES). No worse rating exists. Radiation is harmfulto living things, yet the long-term effects of persistently high levels ofbackground radiation on ecosystems are poorly understood. With this in mind, ateam led by Timothy Mousseau of the University of South Carolina and AndersMoller of the University of Paris-Sud set out to compare bird species dwellingnear the Fukushima plant with those living at the site of another nuclearincident that scored a seven on the INES: the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl […]
[…] when researchers looked at the 14 bird species that lived inboth regions, they found that the same level of radiation was associated withtwice as large a drop in bird numbers in Fukushima as in Chernobyl.”
Source: Title: Radiation and evolution: Surviving fallout:Economist (Print Edition) March 3, 2012 edition
Amateur Videos; not studies  
Birds not flying away, radiation sickness, Dec 2012
Video of Birds That Don’t Fly, in June 2011 Somewhere in Fukushima,EX-SKF, January 4, 2012:
A video posted by a resident somewhere in FukushimaPrefecture in June last year shows two birds in his/her front garden unable orunwilling to fly even when approached by a human. […]it was postedat GeorgeBowWow’s blog on December 23, 2011 (his blog is in Japaneseonly). GeorgeBowWow thinks the birds may be affected by radiation. The bird(bulbul) in the beginning of the video dropped from the persimmon tree,MAYODORA writes in the Youtube description of the video. MAYODORA says he/shemeasured radiation on the bird with his/her survey meter and it was ratherhigh.
Three Mile Island (TMI) Bird Studies
The authorities said that no dangerous amount of radiation was released from TMI. But citizens and advocacy groups say otherwise. See other blog posts about the coverup around TMI and now Fukushima.  

Even if the amounts of radiation were not large or ‘harmful’, the result of the miniscule amount of radiation released by TMI had a huge negative effect on the bird populations around the TMI plant.  

“CBC on TMI: Reports of enormous increase in cancerdeaths — Infant mortality rates doubled — Birds disappeared — Many mutationsobserved” (VIDEO)

ChernobylBird Studies

This study  by Professor Timothy Mousseau found  a much greater frequency of mutations and other problems inbirds (barn swallows) within contaminated areas,  “Directlyproportional” to radiation. These birds were not ‘healthy’ or doing well…They had shortened lifespans, higher death rates, fewer young made it from oneyear to the next, much more disease, tumors, missing digits on feet, deformedfeet, deformed beaks, deformity, illness, etc. Genetic diseases were passed onfrom one bird parent to the next generation and the next. http://youtu.be/HIOI5djg1LY
Professor Timothy Mousseau received his doctoral degreein 1988 from McGill Universityand completed a NSERC (Canada)postdoctoral fellowship in population biology at the University of California, Davis.He joined the faculty at the University of South Carolina in 1991 and iscurrently a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the Collegeof Arts and Sciences.
Professor Mousseau’s past experience includes havingserved as Dean of the Graduate School (2010-11), Associate Vice President forResearch and Graduate Educaiton (2010-11), Associate Dean in the College ofArts & Sciences (2006-10), as a program officer at the National ScienceFoundation (1997-98), on the editorial boards for several journals, and on NSF,USGS, and a variety of international grant foundation advisory panels. He haspublished over 120 scholarly articles and has edited two books (MaternalEffects as Adaptations, 1998, with Charles Fox; Adaptive Genetic Variation inthe Wild, 2000, with Barry Sinervo and John Endler; both published by OxfordUniversity Press). He is currently co-editor (with Charles Fox) of the annualreview series, The Year in Evolutionary Biology, published by the New YorkAcademy of Sciences. He was elected a fellow of the American Association forthe Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2008, a Fellow National of the ExplorersClub in 2009, and a member of the Cosmos Club (DC) in 2011.
US Bird Studies
The interesting part about this US study is that this research is around the Chernobyl disaster, all the way around the world. What this researcher found is that despite all of this distance and ‘dilution’, the low amounts of radiation that ended up making it over here to the US has a severe and profoundly NEGATIVE effect on baby birds, wiping out almost the entire population of whole species of affected baby birds, while sparing other species selectively.  

Dr. Dave DeSante is the founder of the Institute for Bird Population in Point Reyes, California. After the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl passed over the U.S. West Coast in the spring of 1986 his research uncovered a severe die-off of young birds. 

There was also a 10 week gap between the time Chernobylfallout rained down on Northern California andreproductive failure in USAarea bird species (via The Institute for Bird Populations).http://youtu.be/1hcBGSr9QGk 
Later, researchers Gould and Goldman duplicated hisresults with human mortality data from both the U..S. and Germany. The young, the old, and those with weak immune systems were the main casualties- an estimated over forty thousand in all. In mid-March of 2011, as the nucleardisaster in Japandeepens by the day, scientific predictions of fallout again crossing thePacific are being made. 

In this in depth interview EON producers Mary BethBrangan and Jim Heddle ask Dr. DeSante to explain his findings and theirimplications for today.
The Condor, published by the Cooper OrnithologicalSociety, is one of the two most prestigious peer-reviewed ornithologicaljournals published in North America, the other being The Auk, published by theAmerican Ornithologists’ Union. DeSante & Geupel (1987) was the runner-upto the 1991 H. R. Painton Award for the best paper appearing in The Condor inthe previous four years. DeSante and Geupel (1987) showed that the number ofyoung birds produced in 1986 at the Palomarin Field Station near Bolinas, CA, was 62.3% below the previous ten-yearmean and fell well outside the relationship between annual rainfall andproductivity established during the previous ten years. 

The timing of thereproductive failure, its geographical extent in California, and the landbirdspecies most affected are all consistent with the following hypothesis: thatthe greatly elevated levels of radioactive iodine from the massive April 26,1986, Chernbyl nuclear plant accident that fell-out over portions of northernCalifornia coincident with rainfall on May 6, 1986, were responsible for thelandbird reproductive failure by adversely affecting the thyroids and, thus,the development of the young birds during their first nine-twelve days afterhatching while they were being fed by their parents in their nests.
The major findings presented by Gould & Goldman inDeadly Deceit revolve around statistical estimates of excess deaths following Chernobyland other releases of radiation, and indicate that low-level radiation fromfallout from nuclear testing and from nuclear reactors may have done far moredamage to humans and other living things than previously thought. Inparticular, they show that the arrival of radiation in the U.S.in early May, 1986, from the Chernobyldisaster “was followed almost immediately by an extraordinary force ofmortality, amounting to perhaps 40,000 excess deaths in the summer months,especially in the month of May.” Also, please note that Chapter 3 ofDeadly Deceit, titled “Silent Summer” and authored by KateMillpointer, is a lay person’s account of the story behind DeSante & Geupel(1987).

The bird study in the video above found some species werehighly affected, while others were not. Overall, the primary effect was thedeath of most or all infant birds in the affected species. Diving birds seemedto do much better, but there are not many of those. 

As Fukushimakeeps spewing radiation ad nauseum, I wonder what the future effects will be aswe get into a second, third, fourth and more years of continuous radiationreleases? Will birds expire and not be able to reproduce at all? How long toadult song birds live? If they cannot bring any chicks to adulthood, whathappens then?
It was bad enough that Chernobylkilled a whole generation of birds in the USand possibly  globally. Now we have a global radiation disaster that seems likeit will just keep on going and going and going forever in the form of Fukushima. The authorities there do not seem to be interested in shutting off the out of control coriums that may very well be melting down into the ground, fissioning and releasing radioactive iodine on a constant, never ending basis. 

Assuming the above scenario is happening (it has NOT been ruled out yet) with birds around the world, what happens to human fetuses and babies? How long can we humans, animals and birds put up with this constant never ending open air fission process, and if so, for how long? 



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How Dangerous Is 400-600 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima?

In this blog, we will explore how dangerous plutonium is for you and your family. We will also explore what happened at Fukushima, in relation to plutonium nano particle releases, since this is NOT being covered in the mass media. 

LINK TV, Oct. 21 — Dr. Helen Caldicott appeared on theLINK TV program Earth Focus to discuss the Fukushimacrisis and other nuclear issues. Her expertise is listed below.http://www.linktv.org/video/6986/dr-helen-caldicott-on-fukushima-and-the-perils-of-nuclear-power

Dr. Helen Caldicott MD received her medical degree fromthe University of Adelaide Medical School. In 1977 she joined the staff of theChildren’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston,and taught pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School from 1977 to 1978. Sheworked to establish the group International Physicians for the Prevention of NuclearWar which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_You_Love_This_Planet
[Rough Transcript of Video Above By Dr. Caldicott]
The problem with plutonium studies is that they did notseem to focus on ANY children. According to Dr Caldicott, children are 20 TIMESmore sensitive to radiation than adults. This makes all of the studies onadults worthless, because none of the adult studies can be applied to childrenor babies, much less a fetus.
According to Dr. Caldicott, in a normal fetus a tinyparticle of plutonium can lodge in the brain while it is developing. In afetus, plutonium can and WILL destroy the genetic material that will developinto the right brain for example.
Plutonium has extreme teratogenasis, meaning it hassevere and negative effects on eggs, sperm and developing fetuses.
For this reason, pro nuclear industry supporters willNEVER show or do studies around how plutonium affects a human fetus, babies orchildren, because it would be too bad for their public relations campaign andthey KNOW what results they would get if they somehow could get permission tolet infants or babies inhale plutonium dust. I doubt very much that such astudy could even be carried out, because the results around animals indicate100% mortality.
According to Dr Caldicott MD, plutonium has an affinityfor the testicles in men, and lodges next to the sperm production area of themale reproductive system, destroying or damaging the genetic structure of thesperm, which then produces defective human babies. Plutonium is mutagenetic.
She reports it can take up to twenty generations forrecessive genetic tendencies to express themselves, so the danger of plutoniumis not just focused on this present generation which is exposed to this deadlysubstance.
We also have to ask at what dose will plutonium breathedin or lodged into a place where it is either next to or inside of a human eggor sperm, where it can and will cause the genetic damage of a sperm or egg. One.5 microgram amount of plutonium is small enough to fit inside of a cell, or inbetween cells, where it can cause lifelong suffering or death of a fetus, babyor later on in life from some genetic disease (pick one of 2,600). This servesas a quick view into the nano world of plutonium, so now let’s dive in deeperand explore this subject in some detail.
So how much plutonium does it take to cause a cancer? “In1944, J. Robert Oppenheimer concluded: Interpretation of Dr. Hamilton’s data onrats in terms of humans indicates that 50-100 micrograms of plutonium [3.3-6.6uCi Pu-239] in the skeletal system is the lethal dose. Calculations of thedangerous dose of plutonium in lung tissue leads to answers between 0.5-5.0micrograms [.033-.33 uCi of Pu-239] depending on the assumptions which havebeen made. [Oppenheimer to Hempelman, August 16, 1944]http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/radiation/dir/mstreet/commeet/meet7/brief7/tab_g/br7g

However, Robley Evans had concluded by 1944 that dataextrapolated from rats to humans was unreliable because rats could toleratehigher rates of radium than humans. (R. Evans, Amer J Roentgen and Rad TherLII, October 1944) Evans subsequently focused on retrospective studies ofradium dial painters.”

So if the fatal doses for humans from plutonium are lowerthan what has been discussed between researchers above, how much lower are theythan .5 micrograms?
Let us start with .5 MICROGRAMS dose and explore that abit. How can we visualize .5 of a Microgram, which is MUCH smaller than aMILLIGRAM, and MUCH, MUCH smaller than a Gram? Let’s start down the scale ofmeasurements to get some idea of how small a Microgram is.
1 teaspoon is 5 grams and it is also 500milligrams 
500mg equals .10 of a teaspoon
500 Micrograms = .5 milligram
100 micrograms = 0.1 milligrams
.5 micrograms = 0.0005 milligrams
1 microgram also = 0.000000035 ounce, and it also equalsI MICRON
1 mi·cro·gram =a unit of mass or weight equal to one millionth of a gram.This measurement unit is used chiefly in microchemistry. TheSymbol: ?g stands for 1 microgram, or 1 micron .(This term is oftenused in nanotechnology, in air pollution laws/rules, as well as in researchabout radioactive dusts and gases released from nuclear accidents. )
So now that we know that this size of nano particle isvery small, let’s find out just how dangerous nano particles are, withoutplutonium being involved in this at all.
“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many healthprofessionals, and, of course, the Hamilton County Department of EnvironmentalServices are all very concerned about particulate pollution. In fact, theconcern about particulates is related to their very small size.
Since the late 1970’s, we only monitored particulatematter pollution that was 10 microns in diameter or less, called PM 10. A micron(or 1 micrometer) is a millionth of a meter. To give you an idea of how smallPM 10 is, the dot above the letter “i” in a typical newspapermeasures about 400microns! http://www.hcdoes.org/airquality/monitoring/pm.htm
PM 10 particles are small enough to be inhaled andaccumulate in the respiratory system. In the last decade, health studiesindicated that particles even smaller than PM 10 can cause even more healthproblems! Now, in addition to monitoring PM 10, scientists and techniciansmonitor fine particles called PM 2.5, these particles measure 2.5 microns indiameter or smaller, or about 1/10,000 of an inch. These tiny particles areabout 30 times smaller than the width of a hair on your head! These tinyparticles are small enough to get inhaled past our defensive nose hairs andinto our lungs. But it doesn’t stop there! PM 2.5 can pass from our lungs intoour blood supply and be carried throughout our bodies.”http://www.hcdoes.org/airquality/monitoring/pm.htm
This is an important point… A .5 micron size dustparticle is also equal to a .5 micrometer dust particle of plutonium. The EPAsaid that this size of particle is dangerous, because it is small enough to getinto the lungs, and then go directly into the bloodstream from there, bypassingthe filters in the nose and sinuses and avoiding the mucus that normallyprotects us from larger dust particles.
“As you have just found out in the section above, sometiny pieces of particulate matter, PM 2.5, are small enough to pass from ourlungs to our bloodstream”, such as the .5 micron size particle of plutonium.http://www.hcdoes.org/airquality/monitoring/pm.htm
A small particle (we are not even talking about plutoniumor other radioactive substance) inhaled into the lungs with normal breathingeither inside or outside the house,  “canalter the body’s defense systems against foreign materials, damage lungtissues, aggravate existing respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and canlead to cancer. In some cases, PM exposure can even lead to premature death.Adverse health effects have been associated with exposures to PM over bothshort periods (such as a day) and longer periods (a year or more). The peoplewho are most at risk are people with asthma, influenza, lung, heart, orcardiovascular disease, the elderly, and children.”http://www.hcdoes.org/airquality/monitoring/pm.htm
“The human immune system developed in a time andenvironment where dust was made of large particles. Humans have developed a meansof protecting themselves against these large particles. Particles larger than10 microns generally get caught in the nose and throat, never making it as faras the lungs. Unfortunately, more recent human activity has created manyparticles that are much smaller, which can make it past our natural defenses,and can enter our systems.
This is why particles smaller than 10 microns are oftencalled “inhaleable particulates” and are regulated by the USEPA.Particles that are smaller than 5 microns can get into the bronchial tubes andthe top of the lungs. Particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter can getinto the deepest portion of the lungs where the gas exchange occurs between theair and blood stream. These are the dangerous particles because the body has noefficient mechanisms for removing them. (You can also imagine what happens ifeven .5 of one micron sized nano particle of toxic and radioactive plutoniumgets down into this region, can’t you?)
New studies have shown that there is an 18% increase indeaths from heart disease among people with long term exposure to particulatematter. “It’s very different from what we thought previously,” saidprofessor and epidemiologist Arden Pope of Brigham Young University, who ledthe study. While exposure clearly impacts the lungs, “long-term, chronicexposure to air pollution seems to manifest more in cardiovascular disease thanit does in respiratory disease.”
This study shows the biological mechanism by whichlong-term exposure to tiny-particle pollution can actually lead to ischemicheart disease, which causes heart attacks, as well as irregular heart rhythms,heart failure and cardiac arrest. The key is inflammation, Pope said. Whilestrong bouts of pollution can make breathing hard and increase respiratoryproblems, they also provoke low-grade pulmonary inflammation, accelerating thedevelopment of atherosclerosis – a leading cause of heart disease – andaltering heart function.” http://www.hcdoes.org/airquality/monitoring/pm.htm
So what have we learned so far? We have learned thatsmall nano sized particles of human made pollution are hazardous to health, andcan cause serious illnesses and death without even talking about radiation orheavy metal toxins such as plutonium or uranium for example. 
So let us explore, again without even getting intoradioactive substances released from reactor accidents, what effect small nanoparticles have when they are concentrated in one place…
The Air Quality Index (AQI) for particulate matterprovides information on the health effects of different levels of particulatein the air.
Air Quality Index (AQI): Particulate Matter (PM)

This is what you will see on the nightly news.. the reporter will talk about these numbers and tell you to stay inside or that it is OK to come outside and work/play. 

101 – 150
Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
People with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly,and children should limit prolonged exertion.
People with respiratory disease, such as asthma, shouldlimit outdoor exertion.

151 – 200
People with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly,and children should avoid prolonged exertion; everyone else should limitprolonged exertion.
People with respiratory disease, such as asthma, shouldavoid outdoor exertion; everyone else, especially the elderly and children,should limit prolonged outdoor exertion.

201 – 300
Very Unhealthy
People with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly,and children should avoid any outdoor activity; everyone else should avoidprolonged exertion.
People with respiratory disease, such as asthma, shouldavoid any outdoor activity; everyone else, especially the elderly and children,should limit outdoor exertion.

301 – 500
Everyone should avoid any outdoor exertion; people withrespiratory or heart disease, the elderly, and children should remain indoors.
Everyone should avoid any outdoor exertion; people withrespiratory disease, such as asthma, should remain indoors.
* PM has two sets of cautionary statements, whichcorrespond to the two sizes of PM that are measured:
• Particles up to 2.5 micrometers in diameter(PM2.5) 
• Particles up to 10 micrometers in diameter (PM10)
• An AQI of 100 for PM2.5 corresponds to aPM2.5 level of 40 micrograms per cubic meter (averaged over 24 hours). 
• An AQI of 100 for PM10 corresponds to aPM10 level of 150 micrograms per cubic meter (averaged over 24hours).  
According to yahoo answers; “Total Inhalable Dust: Thisis the fraction of airborne particles which enters the nose and mouth duringnormal breathing. It is made up of particles of 100 microns diameter and less.This dust fraction is required to be measured in many European jurisdictions.
Thoracic Dust: This is the fraction approximately 10microns diameter and less. This is also referred to as the PM10 in the USA.This fraction will pass through the nose and throat, and reach into the lungs.
Respirable Dust: This fraction is the particlesapproximately 5 microns and less. It certainly penetrates into the gas exchangeregion of the lungs, and is therefore the most hazardous particulate size. Thisfraction is required to be measured in many European jurisdictions.
DUST IN THE WORKPLACE: For many nuisance type dusts theoccupational limits are around 10mg/m3 for total dusts and 5 mg/m3 forrespirable or PM10 dusts. These are normally measured with small air samplingpumps running for a number of hours, or a quick measure of relative dust levelscan be obtained by using a light scattering dust meter.”http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090507152840AA8dl1N
So what have we learned from this section? We havelearned that scientists have found a DIRECT link between more diseases andhigher death rates when the particulate levels go up. These researchers havecome up with a graph that illustrates this relationship. Again we are talkingabout just ordinary particulates, not radioactive and toxic heavy metalparticulates and gases.
But now we can also start to see how and why thescientific evidence for the harm caused by nano radioactive particles such ascesium iodine, plutonium and uranium, plus 900 other ones, all released after anuclear accident, in a massive INSIVIBLE cloud of particulates, may apply andbe real, rather than imagined, as the nuclear apologists claim. 
In a typical puff of a cigarette in the UK,it contains about “1.5 Micrograms of nitrogen monoxide”. The nitrogen monoxidecannot be seen, tasted, smelled or felt. This nitrogen dioxide amount inhaled with EVERY BREATH of a cigarette isthree times more than the amount we are talking about which is fatal if inhaledin a human lung when it comes to a plutonium nano particle, coming from areactor fire or melt down/ melt through. http://books.google.com/books?id=LFBHAX6yzMoC&pg=PA7&lpg=PA7&dq=.5+micrograms+equals+how+many+microns&source=bl&ots=zVlAkVc7kI&sig=GzAHEaxDopmnMAwXo73czWRvik0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=WhlIT_ThIY2NigK4lIHbDQ&ved=0CG0Q6AEwCA#v=onepage&q=.5%20micrograms%20equals%20how%20many%20microns&f=false
According to the EPA, 200 micrograms of mercury would fiton the head of the sharp end of a pin. Now that is pretty small in terms ofspace. But examples exist of how a substance can be dangerous in very smallamounts, and here is one example: “Two years ago, the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention conducted a study, which showed that three-month-oldbabies exposed to just 63 micrograms of mercury — less than half of theaforementioned pin top — were two-and-a-half times more likely to developautism.  The study is stamped “Confidential” and “Do Not Copy orRelease”.  Siegel says it was never made public because it was just adraft.”  http://www.halexandria.org/dward052.htm
Another way of looking at this sharp end of a pin is touse an electron microscope, which can look at the atomic structure of asubstance. An electron microscope is used for nanotechnology, such as in thefollowing example where Tom Newman took “the information on the page of a bookand put it on an area 1/25,000 smaller in linear scale in such a manner that itcan be read by an electron microscope,” (roughly the scale at which the entireEncyclopedia Britannica could squeeze onto the sharp end of a pin). http://www.halexandria.org/dward052.htm
So if it only takes 65 micrograms of thimerisol to causeautism, and it only takes some invisible small nano particles of man made dustto cause heart disease, heart attacks, and all kinds of other diseasesincluding cancer. It now becomes much easier to see how something that may bemuch more toxic to human life could do the same thing in a dose that isapproximately 100 times smaller than this… at .5 of a microgram  of plutonium, and possibly even less.
If it is possible to see that three times as much amountof nitrogen monoxide (1.5 Micrograms) is inhaled in the form of particles in atypical cigarette inhale, it is easier to understand how a .5 Micograms of afloating nano particle sized dust mote of plutonium can also be inhaled easily.After all, we cannot see plutonium nano particles. We cannot hear them, smellthem, taste them or even see them. There is no warning that the body gives us,if we are about to inhale a nano particle of radioactive plutonium, coming allthe way from Fukushima, or any other nuclear accident for that matter.
Anytime a nuclear reactor has an accident, plutonium aswell as hundreds of other radioactive nano particles are released in massiverivers of invisible radioactive gases and dust. So now let’s explore how thatworks and interview an expert on this subject, shall we?

Arnie Gunderson  isa nuclear expert that I will be ‘interviewing’ in this material via a CNNvideo. He will be talking about plutonium and other nano particles. Here is asmall introduction about him.
Arnie Gunderson MS
Expertise; Bachelors and Masters Degree In NuclearEngineering
Senior VP in nuclear industry
Has license to operate a nuclear plant
Holds a nuclear patent
First reactor he worked on was a Mark I reactor, laterworked on Mark II and Mark III reactors.
Has had 300 people under him and has been in about 70nuclear power plants in his career.
Gunderson talks about ‘hot’ particles in this video,where he explains the concept of nano particles further. In a CNN interview,Arnie talks about how dangerous ‘hot’ nano particles are that come out ofnuclear reactor meltdowns.
Have you ever wondered why those workers and visitors atthe plant are wearing full facemasks with very special, very fine airfilters?  These air filter masks are notjust ordinary painting type filters. These filters are special air filtrationsystems designed to filter out these very small nano particles. They fit verytightly on the face, so as not to allow ANY air leaks, as the air around aleaking reactor complex like Fukushima is highly radioactive and full offloating nano particles, or radioactive ‘fuel fleas’.
Gunderson, in his CNN interview, says that the radiationafter a nuclear accident initially comes out as a big cloud of (Noble) gasesand radiation. But then what comes out of the reactor after that is somethinghe calls radioactive ‘fuel fleas’. The term ‘fuel flea’ is the same thing as aa NANO PARTICLE of plutonium, cesium, iodine, or one of hundreds of otherradioactive particles. They are too small to be picked up on a Geiger Counter,but they are there.
As long as these reactors are not covered in concrete andsealed from the air and as long as the spent fuel pools are open to the air atFukushima, these toxic, radioactive nano particles of plutonium, uranium,cesium and other isotopes will be released into the global river of air. Sincethe Japanese do not seem to be concerned about covering these reactors and sealingthem off, this river of radioactive ‘fuel fleas’ will continue to be pumped outpotentially for hundreds of years.
Once they leak out of the broken reactors and spent fuelpools, these radioactive and toxic heavy metal particles ride the jet stream.They can then settle back down all around the globe, where we breathe themin. 
Gunderson says that the average person breathes about 10cubic meters of air in a day. These nano particles or fuel fleas are in theair, all around the globe. In the US,Gunderson reports that the average person breaths in about 5-10 of these nanoradioactive particles per day, and in Japan,they breathe in about 100 or more of these nano particles a day. Watch himtalk about this specifically in his CNN interview here..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G23Ik5Xf1bk
Some people will argue that nano particles of plutoniumwill not hurt anyone, period…But what we have already learned is that smallnano sized particles are classified by the EPA as hazardous to health, evenWITHOUT radiation. So this argument makes the person who claims this lookignorant and illiterate.
So now lets add the fact that plutonium is a heavy metal,which is a poison all by itself, like mercury, only WORSE. Now we also have toadd the radiation to it. If a plutonium nano particle gets into yourbloodstream, or bone marrow, or liver, or testicles, or breast, it kills ordamages the genes in the cells next to it, unlike mercury, which is just plaintoxic and poisonous. This damage is what starts the cancer process in whateverpart of the body it is in. If someone argues against this method of cancerinitiation, send them to a cancer doctor, who will teach them all about thewide variety of methods of cancer promotion and initiation, including radioactivesubstances.
How can we logically think that this is NOT even moredangerous to health than just the average danger of small  dust motes of lead, which are extremelyhazardous in even very small quantities. …
According to the EPA; “Human exposure to lead occursthrough a combination of inhalation and oral exposure, with inhalationgenerally contributing a greater proportion of the dose for occupationallyexposed groups…. The NAAQS safety/action level for lead in the air is 0.15µg/m3.” In other words, there cannot be more than one .15 micron sized nanoparticle per cubic meter of air, or it is considered a toxic place that needsto be cleaned up because it is hazardous to health.  http://www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/hlthef/lead.html
Remember that 1 micron is one-millionth of a meter, whichalso equals 1 micrometer, and we are talking about how .5 of one micronparticle is enough to be fatal to a human being.. So what size are theparticles coming out of a radioactive accident or nuclear bomb blast?  According to the Engineering Toolbox;
NANO PARTICLE – Size – Microns/Micrometers/uM 
                                     (all arethe same or equivalent)
Radioactive Fallout                    0.1 – 10
Atmospheric Dust                     0.001 – 40
Lead Dust                                          2
Anthrax                                          1 – 5
For more examples, go to;
In this section, we have learned that Nano particles aredangerous, and the EPA as well as local county health authorities and airpollution boards have specific rules and warnings for particles in the air,separate from nuclear power accidents, which release large quantities of theseradioactive nano particles.
According to experts like Gunderson, these radioactivenano particles go around the world, and everyone breathes them in. Rememberthat the fatal dose of plutonium can be .5 microns/micrometer/uM , and thatamount is so small, it cannot be seen.
Further, we all breathe many particles in like this everyday from Fukushima, some peoplemore than others, depending on where the wind blows and how fine your airfilter is, in your house or vehicle.
To repeat; Gunderson says that the average personbreathes about 10 cubic meters of air in a day. These nano particles or fuelfleas are in the air, all around the globe. In the US,Gunderson reports that the average person breathes in about 5-10 particles perday, and in Japan,they breathe in about 100 or more of these nano particles a day. Watch hisinterview here if you have not already watched it…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G23Ik5Xf1bk
All sizes of particles are thrown up into the air after anuclear ‘accident’.
Larger particles are things like radioactive fallout,soot, sand, sea spray, hail and snow. They are larger than 100Microns/Micrometers/uM in diameter. They fall out of the air quickly and innuclear accidents, these larger radioactive particles of cesium, iodine,strontium, uranium, and plutonium are what contaminate large areas with highlevels of radioactivity, as these large particles fall out close to the source.
2-100 Microns/Micrometers/uM 
Medium particles are hazardous, because they bypass thenormal filtering mechanism of the body. These Nano particles settle out moreslowly, due to their smaller size and lighter weight. They include such thingsas radioactive nano particles, pollen, larger bacteria, dust, fly ash, coaldust, silt, pollen, and fine ice crystals during very cold weather. They tendto settle out of the air at about .2 meters per second or more. If these particlesare thrown into the stratosphere during a nuclear explosion, one has tocalculate jet stream velocity, versus settling velocity, and these particlescan still travel great distances, given turbulence, jet streams and highaltitude ejection from a nuclear explosion. 
Particles under 10 Micron/Micrometer/uM   have a special hazard classification and arecalled PM10 because they further down into the lungs than particles larger than100 Micron/Micrometer/uM .
Particles under 5 Micron/Micrometer/uMs are have an evenhigher hazard classification because they go deeper into the lungs, and enterinto the gas exchange area of the lungs.
< 1 Micron/Micrometer/uM
Small nano particles are made up of nano sized radioactiveparticles, viruses, small bacteria, fumes, radioactive and other gases, smoke,clay, and more.
Small nano particles are so small and lightweight, thatthey can take anywhere from forever, to days or years to settle out of theatmosphere. If the air is turbulent, they may never come down. If the air isquiet, they settle slowly out of the atmosphere, towards the ground. 
If thrown up into the stratosphere by nuclear explosions,such as during the atomic bomb tests, or after an accident such as Fukushimaor Chernobyl, these smallradioactive nano particles may float in the air for MANY years before comingdown inside of rain or snow, which may form around these small particles. Sincethese particles stay up in the upper atmosphere for many generations, anyonewho flies in an airplane is flying through these clouds of radioactive nanoparticles.
The rain and/or snow may concentrate these radioactiveparticles, resulting in high radiation readings ONLY for rain or snow, on theother side of the planet, far away from the original release of radiation.. Anexample of this is a radiation reading take in February 2012, near the US EastCoast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJqUaW2E_1w

Another example; 
The dose of radioactive particles that will kill an adultmale in the prime of life is different from what will cause disabling geneticdamage in an egg, sperm, fetus or baby. A child is much more sensitive to thesame dose of radiation than an adult male for example. Even a female is moresensitive than a male of the same age, given the same exposure to a radioactivesubstance.
To have a full discussion about the dangers of nanoparticle sized plutonium floating around in the air globally, being breathed inby all ages, sexes and health conditions, we need to look at all of these areas, not just the effect of plutoniumon healthy, adult, older males, who are much less affected, both by radiation andby toxins such as plutonium. Ignoring everyone except for adult male nuclearworkers when it comes to plutonium is definitely NOT scientific.
Even the MOST conservative researchers who downplay thedanger and avoid calculating risk for babies, fetuses, children and dangersposed by constant low level exposure as well as the multiple cancer causingroutes (other than lung cancer) admit that “the 2 million fatalities perpound inhaled leaves plutonium dust far from “the most toxic substance knownto man.”
Biological agents, like botulism toxin or anthrax sporesare many hundreds or thousands of times more toxic. Plutonium toxicity issimilar to that of nerve gas, but given the choice of being in a room withequal quantities of plutonium dust and nerve gas, the latter would beinfinitely more dangerous.” Chapter 13 Plutonium and Bombshttp://www.phyast.pitt.edu/~blc/book/chapter13.html
To contrast this rather conservative radiation expert,the official and very scientifically valid CERRIE Majority Report says thatradiation dose is meaningless, and this applies to both cesium andplutonium.  According to the report:“there are important concerns with respect to the heterogeneity of dosedelivery within tissues and cells from short-range charged particle emissions,the extent to which current models adequately represent such interactions withbiological targets, and the specification of target cells at risk. Indeed, theactual concepts of absorbed dose become questionable, and sometimesmeaningless, when considering interactions at the cellular and molecularlevels.” (CERRIE Majority Report Chapter 2.1 paragraph 11).http://www.llrc.org/wobblyscience/subtopic/dosemeaningless4.htm#ref1
Again, we have scientists who have looked at allradioactive substances, including those that emit alpha, beta and gammaradiation, and they are telling us via this report that ALL of theseradioactive substances have a negative effect on our health, via the internalexposure mechanism.
Internal radiation when it is lodged in the lungs orabsorbed into the blood, plasma, bones, muscles, organs or glands is MUCHdifferent than ANY exposure to external radiation. Internal radiation fromsomething radioactive lodged inside the body is also different from swallowingsomething radioactive which then passes through the gut and is then expelled inmost cases.
To see how nano sized Hot Particles of Radioactivefallout travels around the world, watch the following video;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBfvkCEr-Is
To summarize; we have learned how dangerous nano sizedparticles are. We have also learned how extra layers of danger are added on byradiation inside the body, compared to outside radiation exposure.
There are over 20 radioactive isotopes of Plutonium. Thehalf life of radioactive Plutonium 244 is 80.0 million years, (meaning it willlast over 800 million years before it decays into something else). The otherradioactive plutoniums have half lives of 373,000 years, for a total of 3.7Million years, and plutonium 239, with a half life of 24,110 years, for a totalof 240,000 years.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plutonium
Depending on the type of radioactive plutonium, it eitheremits Alpha radiation (Plutonium 244), while decaying into Uranium. Plutonium241 emits Beta radiation or electrons as it decays into radioactive Americium.
Can a Geiger Counter detectPlutonium? http://youtu.be/wY5pPkoCgiM
 “Plutonium-239,the isotope found in the spent MOX fuel, is much more radioactive than thedepleted Uranium-238 in the spent fuel coming out of nuclear reactors.
Since some forms of plutonium emit alpha radiation, ahighly ionizing form of radiation, it makes plutonium much more dangerous thanother radioactive isotopes that emit beta or gamma radiation.  Alpha radiation exposure is not so dangerousbecause this radiation can be stopped by skin. Thus most nuclear apologists ignorealpha emitting isotopes when calculating health risks and death risks.
The danger from isotopes such as plutonium, is that whenalpha-emitters get inside cells, as they do, then the Alpha rays cause10-10,000 times more damage to surrounding chromosomes than a beta or gammaradiation emitting particle. We all know that chromosome damage is what startsthe cancer growing process.
According to Dr. Helen Caldicott MD, radioactiveplutonium does get out into the environment after an ‘accidental’ release. Itis absorbed by the human body or bypasses the protective mechanisms in thelungs and nose as tiny nano particles that go straight into the bloodstream.
Once in the environment, it then it acts like iron forhuman bodies, which the body then absorbs and tries to use.  Radioactive plutonium that the body thinks isiron is stored in the liver. Radioactive plutonium also goes to bone marrow,where iron normally goes to help form bone marrow. Once stored in these places,Dr. Caldicott says that radioactive plutonium causes bone cancer, leukemia,cancers and other genetic diseases. Radioactive plutonium also crosses the plancenta barrier, thus affectingeggs, fetuses and babies.
Bottom line; according to Dr. Caldicott, plutonium is aREALLY dangerous radioactive isotope. Dr. Helen Caldicott appeared on theLINK TV program Earth Focus to discuss the Fukushimacrisis and other nuclear issues.http://www.linktv.org/video/6986/dr-helen-caldicott-on-fukushima-and-the-perils-of-nuclear-power
“According to the Environmental Protection Agency,plutonium enters the bloodstream via the lungs, then moves throughout the bodyand into the bones, liver, and other organs. It generally stays in those placesfor decades, subjecting surrounding organs and tissues to a continualbombardment of alpha radiation and greatly increasing the risk of cancer,especially lung cancer, liver cancer and bone sarcoma.”http://www.lifeslittlemysteries.com/1222-plutonium-more-dangerous-uranium.html
NHK: Internal radiation exposure damages DNA — Plutoniumhot particle seen in cell — Avoid touching the “death ash” (VIDEO)http://enenews.com/nhk-internal-radiation-exposure-damages-dna-plutonium-hot-particle-seen-in-cell-avoid-touching-the-death-ash-video-wsubtitles
Humanity has only been around for 100,000 years total.The Bible is only 2,000 years old. The pyramids are 5,000 years old. We do nothave any good records of how or why the pyramids were built. What if they weredesigned and built to house some deadly diseases? What chance do we have 5,000years later, to know that reason and avoid those pyramids? Can you imagineguarding something and passing this knowledge on about how dangerous somethingis for 800 MILLION YEARS? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_humanity
What is the logic of heating water with plutonium heatingwater and creating steam for 30 years? After that, humans have to guard thisdangerous, toxic and highly radioactive waste for 800 million years. We mortaland mistake prone humans who create FUBARS and wars by the ton, have to keephighly radioactive and toxic plutonium safe from terrorists who might make aweapon that will kill millions or billions of people for 800 MILLION years.What chance is there that NOTHING will go wrong with this radioactive waste for800 million years, and that everything will go perfectly right for that wholetime?

Since  clear point made by the film is that whileonly two bombs were dropped on Japan, manyhundreds were exploded in the United States.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Circle_(film)
The film was approved for PBS nationalbroadcast in 1985, but that decision was rejected a year later. Independentproducers alleged censorship.[2]B.J.Bullert commented that the PBS/KQEDdecision “robbed a national public television audience”.[3][4] He extrapolates this critical remark to the media across the boardand its failure to focus public attention on the putative biological hazardof nuclear power.[5]

Regardless, the film is available today viaPBS’ POV (“Documentaries with a point of view”), whichsummarizes the film’s thesis as “The Bomb is killing ordinary Americans,even in the absence of a nuclear war.”[6]
See movie online via streaming videohttp://www.pbs.org/pov/darkcircle/
Mycle Schneider MycleSchneider (pronounce Michael, /?ma?k?l/) (born 1959 in Cologne)[1] isa nuclear energy consultant based in Paris, and lead authorof The World Nuclear Industry Status Reports. In 1997 he receivedthe Right Livelihood Award. For more details around his biography,see; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycle_Schneider

Mycle Schneider reports that “Plutonium separation also means the largestradioactive emissions in the overall nuclear fuel chain and has significantcontribution to the collective global dose (of radiation),” Schneidersaid.

In fact, reprocessing plants in Franceand the U.K.have been disposing of radioactive emissions into the ocean. One of theradioactive materials, iodine 129, has been found on the northern Norwegiancoast and the Baltic Sea, according to Riso NationalLaboratory in Denmark.

Some 4 tons of iodine 129 had been discharged by thereprocessing plants by 2004 and the concentration of iodine 129 in the Baltic Sea in 2000 was 1,000 times higher than before nuclear energyexisted. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20081127f1.html

New York Times : USGovt Concedes Plutonium Workers Suffered Illness, Death

 “10 trillionbecquerels per hour of radiation currently being released from Fukushimaplant: Researcher (VIDEO) August 18, 2011?
So what is it? 76,000,000,000,000 (76 trillion)so far,or, 240,000,000,000,000 (10 triliion per hour) every day? 
We know for a fact that tens of tons of uranium waslaunched and aerosolized, mostly from reactor 3 explosion. And we know thatreactor 3 used MOX fuel which is uranium mixed with plutonium. And we know thatall used fuel contains plutonium.
We know that at LEAST hundreds of pounds of plutoniumwere launched and aerosolized from Fukushima.
The proof is laid out quite clearly here.
Fukushima had approximately 150x as much fuel on site vs. chernobylunit 4. About 1/3 of the Fuku fuel is very likely to have burned so far . Therest is waiting to burn. Only unit 4 burned at Chernobyl– the other reactors continued to operate after the disaster for many years.

Chernobylunit 4 was a brand new reactor – 3 months old at the time of the accident. Nospent fuel was available to burn. This means, even though the fuel was probablyhotter than much of Fukushima fuel– it didn’t have much fission generated plutonium, either. Additionally a goodpercentage of Chernobyl’s radiationgot contained by the “tomb” built over the reactor in just a fewmonths after the disaster.

To the contrary, Japanhas left Fukushima wide open toleak radiation into the environment. despite huge efforts to keep the fuelcool, they’ve made no effort whatsoever to control the releases of radiation ifthat is insufficient, which it has been.

So we’ve got 150X the fuel, more plutonium and a muchbigger percentage of release – I multiply the fuel quantity by 3.5X for thosefactors to get that 500X figure above. Even if you just go with the 150X numberit’s still a very big release.


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93 Long Lived Radioactive Nuclear Elements

Very little has changed since Chernobyl blew up and radiatedeveryone, except that many more nuclear accidents, meltdowns, melt throughs and‘accidental’ radiation releases happened, plus way more radioactive substancesare now in the air, on the ground and in the ocean as well as inside all of us.

How many radioactive elements and isotopes are released fromsomething like Fukushima, some of whicheventually end up inside all of us?
According to Asahi: about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materialshave been released from Fukushima reactors. http://enenews.com/asahi-sources-reveal-about-1000-kinds-of-radioactive-materials-released-from-fukushima/comment-page-1#comment-195658

Let’s focus on just 93 out of the 1,000 total,shall we? There are 93 different long lived radioactive elements that hangaround and pollute both the environment and us for at least 17,000 years and upto BILLIONS of years in total decay life. 

This is what we can tell our kids that we left thisall for them to clean up, once we are gone, because there is no way we can cleanup this mess. The best we can do is shut down all of the nuclear reactors. Butthat does not clean up the mess we made.
The Egyptian pyramids are only 5,000 years old,and the Bible is about 2,000 years old.

How much sense does it make to heat water foronly 30 years with radioactive ‘fuel’ that blows up and melts down (creatinghuge non livable zones for 50,000 years to 5 Billion years?
Do we really want our future generations of kids andgrandkids to have to deal with the radioactive leftovers from the spent fuel,laying around for billions of years, just so we can have hot water TODAY? 

Do we REALLY want our kids and grandkids forinfinite future generations to pay for the storage and guarding of thesedangerous, terrorist inviting waste products?
The Longest Lived Radiation ProducingElements
1. Technetium 99 – 2 million years (200,000 years X 10)This element produces the hugeamounts of LLFP radioactivity. It also emits beta particles and is hazardous ifingested. It forms anions that move around easily in environment. Tons of thiselement have been disposed of in the ocean.  Thiselement emits X-rays. The most dangerous part about technetium is inhalation ofthis element in a dust or liquid form. If it gets in the lungs or intestines,Technetium 99 can cause cancer, and increase the risk of getting cancer. “Anestimated 160 TBq (about250 kg) of technetium-99 was released into the environment up to 1994 byatmospheric nuclear tests.[2] The amount of technetium-99 fromnuclear reactors released into the environment up to 1986 is estimated to be onthe order of 1000 TBq (about 1600 kg), primarily by nuclear fuel reprocessing; most of thiswas discharged into the ocean. (The nuclear industry believes that dilutionmakes it safe) In recent years, reprocessing methods have improved to reduceemissions, but as of 2005 theprimary release of technetium-99 into the environment is by the Sellafield plant, which released an estimated 550TBq (about 900 kg) from 1995-1999 into the Irish Sea.From 2000 onwards the amount has been limited by regulation to 90 TBq (about140 kg) per year.[3]
2. Tin 126 – 2.3 – 4 million years (230,000 years X 10 or20) Emits gamma radiation, and is dangerous with external or internal exposure.Tin – 126 decays into antimony -126. Antimony – 126also emits gamma rays, otherwise called X Rays, making external or internalexposure to Tin-126 dangerous. Fast breeder reactors produce more of this thanother reactors, but all nuclear reactors produce some of this element, as wellas shorter lived radioactive cousins. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin-126#Tin-126
3. Selenium 79 – 3.2 – 6 millionyears (327,000 years X 10) Selenium-79 is a radioisotope of selenium present in spent nuclear fuel and the wastes resultingfrom reprocessing this fuel. It is one of only 7 long-livedfission products. Its half-life hasbeen variously reported as 650,000 years, 65,000 years, 1.13 million years,480,000 years, 295,000 years, 377,000 years and most recently with best currentprecision, 327,000 years.[1][2] Se-79 decays by emitting a beta particle Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selenium-79
4. Zirconium 93 – 15 million years + (1.53 million years X10) “93Zr is a radioisotope of zirconium with a half-life of 1.53 million years, decaying with alow-energy beta particle to Niobium-93m,which decays with a half life of 14 years and a low-energy gamma ray to ordinary 93Nb.
Nuclear fission produces it at a fission yield of6.2956%, on a par with the other most abundant fission products. Nuclearreactors usually contain large amounts of zirconium as fuel rod cladding (see Zircaloy),and neutron irradiation of 92Zralso produces some 93Zr.”
 “Consuming about 1% of the Zr supply, zirconium is used for claddingnuclear reactor fuels.[15] For this purpose, it is mainly used inthe form of zircaloys.The benefits of Zr alloys is their low neutron-capture cross-section andgood resistance to corrosion under normal service conditions.[5][6] The development of efficient methodsfor the separation of zirconium from hafnium was required for this application.
One disadvantage of zirconium alloys is theirreactivity toward water at high temperatures leading to the formation of hydrogen gas and to the accelerated degradationof the fuel rod cladding:
Zr + 2 H2O → ZrO2 + 2 H2
This exothermic reactionis very slow below 100 °C, but at temperature above 900 °C the reaction becomesrapid and is proportional to the square of mass of metal available. Most metalsundergo similar reactions, such as e.g. iron whose reaction with water steam inside anincandescent tube was used by Antoine Lavoisier to produce hydrogen. The redox reaction isrelevant to the instability of fuel assembliesat high temperatures,[27] Thisreaction was responsible for a small hydrogen explosion first observed insidethe reactor building of Three Mile Island accident at the nuclear power plant in 1979,but then, the containment building was not damaged. The same reaction occurredin the reactors 1, 2 and 3 of the FukushimaI Nuclear Power Plant (Japan)and in the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 after the reactors cooling wasinterrupted by the earthquake and tsunami disasterof March 11, 2011 leading to the Fukushima Inuclear accidents. After venting of hydrogen in the maintenance hallof these three reactors, the explosive mixture of hydrogen with air oxygen detonated, severely damaging the installationsand at least one of the containment buildings. To avoid explosion, the directventing of hydrogen to the open atmosphere would have been a preferred designoption. Now, to prevent the risk of explosion in many pressurized waterreactor (PWR) containmentbuildings, a catalyst-based recombinator is installed torapidly convert hydrogen and oxygen into water at room temperature beforeexplosivity limit is reached.”
5. Iodine 129 – 157 million years(15.7 million years X 10) This radioactive iodine has a half life about abillion times longer than iodine 131. “129Iis primarily formed from the fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors. Significant amounts were releasedinto the atmosphere as aresult of nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s.” 129Idecays with a half-life of15.7 million years, with low-energy beta and gamma emissions,to xenon-129 (129Xe)”  It is also released in large quantities whena nuclear reactor melts down, along with it’s shorter lived radioactivecousin. 
6. Palladium 107  –  65 million years (6.5 million years x 10)Palladium-107 is the second longest lived radioactive element. Itundergoes pure betadecay to Ag-107.”
7. Caesium 135 – 23 million years(2.3 million years x 10) Thelongest-lived radioisotopes are 135Cs with a half-life of 2.3million years…..Beginning in 1945 with the commencement of nuclear testing, caesium isotopes were releasedinto the atmosphere where it is absorbed readily into solution andis returned to the surface of the earth as a component of radioactive fallout.
“The other caesium isotopes have half-livesfrom a few days to fractions of a second. Almost all caesium produced fromnuclear fission comes from beta decay of originally more neutron-rich fissionproducts, passing through isotopesof iodine then isotopes of xenon.Because these elements are volatile and can diffuse through nuclear fuel orair, caesium is often created far from the original site of fission.”
8. Uranium 234 ~ 2.46 million years * , (246,000 years x 10)  “U-234 occurs as an indirect decay product of uranium-238,but it makes up only 0.0055% (55 parts permillion) of the raw uranium because its half-life of just 245,500 years is only about1/18,000 as long as that of U-238. The path of production of U-234 via nuclear decay is as follows: U-238 nuclei emit an alpha particle to become thorium-234 (Th-234). Next, with a short half-life,Th-234 nuclei emit a beta particle to become proactinium-234(Pa-234). Finally, Pa-234 nuclei decay by alpha emission to thorium-230, except for the smallpercentage of nuclei which undergo spontaneous fission. Depleteduranium containsmuch less U-234 (around 0.001% [2]) which makes the radioactivityof depleted uranium about one-half of that of natural uranium. Natural uraniumhas an “equilibrium” concentration of U-234 at the point where anequal number of decays of U-238 and U-234 will occur. Depleted uranium alsocontains less U-235, but in spite of its half-life that is much shorter thanthe one of U-238, the concentration of U-235 in natural uranium is low enough(about 0.7%) so that the U-235 depletion does not result in a significantreduction in radioactivity.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-234

9, Uranium-238 ~ 4.468 billion years (700million years X 10)  Around 99.284% of natural uranium is uranium-238, which has ahalf-life of 4.468 billion years).[1] Depleted uraniumhas aneven higher concentration of the 238Uisotope, and even low-enricheduranium, while having a higher proportion of the uranium-235 isotope, is still mostly 238U. Reprocesseduranium is alsomainly 238U, withabout as much uranium-235 as natural uranium, acomparable proportion of uranium-236, andmuch smaller amounts of other isotopes of uranium such as uranium-234, uranium-233, and uranium-232.[2]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-238
10. Uranium 235 ~ 7030.8 million years * (700million years X 10) “It was discovered in 1935 by Arthur Jeffrey Dempster. If at least one neutron from U-235 fission strikes anothernucleus and causes it to fission, then the chain reaction will continue. If thereaction will sustain itself, it is said to be critical,and the mass of U-235 required to produce the critical condition is said to bea critical mass. A critical chain reactioncan be achieved at low concentrations of U-235 if the neutrons from fission are moderated to lower their speed, since theprobability for fission with slow neutrons is greater. A fission chain reactionproduces intermediate mass fragments which are highly radioactive and produce further energy by their radioactivedecay. Some of them produce neutrons, called delayed neutrons,which contribute to the fission chain reaction. In nuclear reactors,the reaction is slowed down by the addition ofcontrol rods which are made of elements such as boron, cadmium,and hafnium which can absorb a large number ofneutrons. In nuclear bombs,the reaction is uncontrolled and the large amount of energy released creates a nuclearexplosion.”
“The Little Boy gun type atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 was fueled by highly enriched uranium.
11. Plutonium 239 – 480,000 years (24,200 years * x 20)
The nuclearproperties of plutonium-239, as well as the ability to produce large amounts ofnearly pure Pu-239, led to its use in nuclear weapons and nuclearpower stations. The fissioning of an atom of uranium-235 inthe reactor of a nuclearpower plant producestwo to three neutrons, and these neutrons can be absorbed by uranium-238 toproduce plutonium-239 and other isotopes.Plutonium-239 can also absorb neutrons and fission along with the uranium-235in a reactor. In any operating nuclear reactor containing U-238, someplutonium-239 will accumulate in the nuclear fuel.[4] Unlike reactors used to produceweapons-grade plutonium, commercial nuclear power reactors typically operate ata high burnup that allows a significant amount ofplutonium to build up in irradiated reactor fuel. Plutonium-239 will be presentboth in the reactor core during operation and in spent nuclear fuelthat has been removed fromthe reactor at the end of the fuel assembly’s service life (typically severalyears). Spent nuclear fuel commonly contains about 0.8% plutonium-239.
Plutonium-239 present in reactor fuel can absorbneutrons and fission just as uranium-235 can. Since plutonium-239 is constantlybeing created in the reactor core during operation, the use of plutonium-239 asnuclear fuel in power plants can occur without reprocessing of spent fuel; the plutonium-239is fissioned in the same fuel rods in which it is produced. Fissioning ofplutonium-239 provides about one-third of the total energy produced in atypical commercial nuclear power plant. Reactor fuel would accumulate much morethan 0.8% plutonium-239 during its service life if some plutonium-239 were notconstantly being “burned off” by fissioning.
A small percentage of plutonium-239 can bedeliberately added to fresh nuclear fuel. Such fuel is called MOX (mixedoxide) fuel, as it contains a mixture of uranium oxide (UO2)and plutonium oxide (PuO2). The addition of plutonium-239 reduces oreliminates the need to enrich theuranium in the fuel.”
12. Neptunium 237 – 20,140,000 years (2,144,000 years * x20)
“19 neptunium radioisotopes have been characterized, withthe most stable being 237Np witha half-life of 2.14 million years, 236Np with a half-life of154,000 years, and 235Np witha half-life of 396.1 day.
Neptunium accumulates in commercial householdionization-chamber smoke detectors from decay of the (typically) 0.2 microgram of americium-241 initially present asa source of ionizing radiation. With a half-life of 432years, the americium-241 in a smoke detector includes about 3% neptunium after20 years, and about 15% after 100 years.
Due to its long half-life neptunium becomes themajor contributor of the total radiation in 10,000 years. As it is unclear whathappens to the containment in that long time span, an extraction of theneptunium would minimize the contamination of the environment if the nuclearwaste could be mobilized after several thousand years.[21][22]
“Neptunium is found in reactors as a by-product of plutoniumproduction from uranium-238 (aboutone part neptunium is produced for every 1,000 parts plutonium). All neptunium isotopes areradioactive; the stablest is neptunium-237, with a half-life of 2,144,000years, and among the most unstable is neptunium-225, with a half-life of morethan 2 microseconds.http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/409395/neptunium-237
Ruthenium 103 ~ 390 days (39 days x 10) [Ruthenium is a fissionproduct of uranium-235.]
Ruthenium 106 ~3 years  (374days * x 10)
Strontium-90 ~ 28.85 years [Strontium-90 is a product of nuclearfission and is found in large amounts in spent nuclear fuel and in radioactivewaste from nuclear reactors. It is often attracted to bone, and is one of thecauses of leukemia.


13. Americium-243–70,300 years(7,370 years * x 10)

Americium-243 has a mass of 243.06138 g/mol and a half-life of7,370 years, the longest lasting of all americium isotopes. It is formed in the nuclear fuel cycle by neutron capture on plutonium-242 followed by beta decay.[7] Productionincreases exponentially with increasing burnup as atotal of 5 neutron captures on 238U are required.
243Am is a hazardous substance,because it can cause cancer. 239Np,which is formed from 243Am,emits dangerous gamma rays, making 243Am themost dangerous isotope of Americium.[1]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americium-241#Americium-241

Half-life (yr) x 10 to total decay into another element, usually also radioactive. The longer the half life, the more one has to multiply to get the longer half life total decay time. This is what is present in nuclear plant melt downs and after nuclear bomb explosions or accidental melt downs.
1,200 x 10 = 12,000 years total
1,380 x 10 = 13,000 years total
1,600 x 10 = 16,000 years total
4,000 x 10 = 40,000 years total
4,570 x 10 = 45,000 years total
4,730 x 10 = 47,000 years total
5,730 x 10 = 57,000 years total
6,563 x 10 = 65,000 years total
7,340 x 10 = 73,000 years total
7,370 x 10 = 73,000 years total
8,500 x 10 = 85,000 years total
9,000 x 10 = 90,000 years total
10,000 x 10 = 100,000 years total
15,700 x 10 = 157,000 years total
20,300 x 10 = 230,000 years total
24,110 x 10 = 240,000 years total
32,760 x 10 = 327,000 years total
52,500 x 10 = 537,000 years total
60,000 x 10 = 600,000 years total
75,380 x 20 = 750,000 years total
76,000 x 20 = 1,520,000 years total
77,000 x 20 = 1,540,000 years total
103,000 x 20 = 2,060,000 years
154,000 x 20 = 3,080,000 years
159,200 x 20 = 3,184,000 years
200,000 x 20 = 4,000,000 years
211,000 x 20 = 4,220,000 years
229,000 x 20 = 4,580,000 years
245,500 x 20 = 4,910,000 years
301,000 x 20 = 6.000,000 years
340,000 x 20 = 6,800,000 years
368,000 x 20 = 7,360,000 years
373,300 x 20 = 7,466,000years total
717,000 x 20 = 14,340,000 years total
1,130,000 x 20 = 22,600,000 years total
1,500,000 x 20 = 0,000 years total
1,510,000 x 20 = 0,000 years total
1,530,000 x 20 = 0,000 years total
1,560,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
1,790,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
2,144,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
2,300,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
2,600,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
3,000,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
3,040,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
3,740,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
4,200,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
6,500,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
9,000,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
15,300,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
15,600,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
23,420,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
34,700,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
80,800,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
103,000,000 x 20 =  000,000,000 years total
234,200,000 x 20 =  total years
703,800,000 x 20 =  total years
1,280,000,000 x 20 =  total years
4,468,000,000 x 20 =  total years
4,750,000,000 x 20 =  total years
14,100,000,000 x 20 =  total years
37,800,000,000 x 20 =  total years
43,500,000,000 x 20 =  total years
105,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
106,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
650,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
10,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
560,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
1,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
1,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
100,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
400,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
5,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
2,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
2,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
2,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
2,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
7, 000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  140, 000,000,000,000,000 total years
8,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 = 1,600,000,000,000,000,000  total years
50,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
100,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
100,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
100,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
100,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
300,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
6,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
10,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
10,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
40,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
100,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
800,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years
2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 20 =  total years

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93 Long Lived Radioactive Nuclear Elements; Via A Green Road Blog

Anti Nuclear Music And Songs Around Radiation, Fukushima, Chernobyl, & TMI

Protest Song for FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant
Protest Song for FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant Kazuyoshi SAITO
Kiyoshiro’s Summertime Blues


Fukushima Song – “Fukushima Dreamin”
Nuclear Madness (Music Video)
Anti Nuke Anthem
Atomic Waste – ( Protest Song Against Nuclear Plants -Protest gegen Atomkraf
Fukushima Song (instrumental)
Protestsong gegen Atomkraft
Fukushima Special Song
Fukushima Song by steven kill
Fukushima Song
Lied vom Tod
Atomkraft Nein Danke 
Fukushima Lied – Die Angst
Fukushima (Stoppt die AKW!) –
Sofarocker (Wolf Maahn “Tschernobyl” 1986Cover)
Fukushima Song
Protest Song Against Koodankulam Nuclear Plant

Anti Nuclear Music And Songs Around Radiation,  Fukushima, Chernobyl and TMI; Via A Green Road Blog


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Fukushima; Is It REALLY In ‘Cold Shutdown’? Plus; What Is The Rest Of The Story?

Many mass media outlets are triumphantly and victoriously announcing to the world that Fukushima Daichi is in ‘cold shutdown’ and that the crisis is over. But is it really? 

What do them mean, when they say ‘cold shutdown? Lets go further into this word and try to figure out a definition. How did they manage to cram Fukushima into it? Are they talking about a ‘normal’ reactor, using a normal method of shutting off a nuclear reaction? That cannot be, because the complex that they are talking about had multiple reactors that melted down. Maybe we need to check into this further… Let’s check the normal method of cooling down a reactor.


Maybe they are talking about the normal method of movingcontrol rods into the core, in order to stop a nuclear reaction which createsheat? “In any reactor, a SCRAM is achieved by a large insertion ofnegative reactivity. In light water reactors, this is achieved by insertingneutron-absorbing control rods into the core, although the mechanismby which rods are inserted depends on the type of reactor.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scram
The Scram definition does not seem to work for Fukushima either,because the control rods are melted and gone. For that matter, so are the fuelrods. At least three reactors and possibly more are completely melted down, and the 65 ton blobs of nuclear fuel left the reactor core. 

No one really knows where they went or where they are, much less whattemperature they are.  Maybe I am lookingin the wrong place to find a definition for a ‘cold shutdown’? Let me try NRC website..The NRC website says a cold shutdownis; “the term used to define a reactor coolant system at atmospheric pressureand at a temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit following a reactor cooldown.”
Since there is NO REACTOR CORE and no control rods areleft, and the reactors all have holes in them, how can it be shut down via acoolant system that no longer exists? Even the company and government authorities will have to admit that themultiple molten nuclear fuel bundles from several reactors are also probablystill fissioning in out of control criticalities, may have entirely or mostlyleft containment and possibly even exited the reactor BUILDINGS.

According to one nuclear official, a melted down core penetrates concrete at a rate of about 2 inches per hour. The official manual that tells plant operators what to do, tells them everything, except for what to do in case of a melt down or a melt through. So what does a plant operator do when a melt through happens and the 65 ton melted radioactive corium blobs leave multiple reactor buildings? 

Since the manual does not say anything about this, they can theoretically call it a ‘cold shutdown’, since all of the melted fuel left the building (cold). If we define a cold shutdown as multiple blobs of molten fuel leaving the building, I guess we could stretch the definition to exclude these molten blobs OUTSIDE the buildings. They just have to ‘forget’ to tell the public about the MULTIPLE melted corium  blobs leaving multiple reactors, and ‘forget’ to tell the public that they have no idea where these multiple 65 ton blobs of highly radioactive corium are.
Nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson says about TEPCO’s claim ofcold shutdown; “But I don’t know why they choose to say cold shutdown, becausethat’s an affront to those in the industry who really know what the termmeans,” he said. “That nuclear core is still in a configuration where thecenter is extraordinarily hot.” What he means is that even if the corium is still inside of the containment vessel, but outside of the reactor, then the upper part that is contact with water may be around 250 Degrees Fahrenheit, but the bottom is over 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit. Again, Gunderson is guessing at this temperature, because no one really knows for sure.  http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-12-19/fukushima-dismantling-to-start-as-cold-shutdown-announced.html 
Greenpeace, which was in Japan revealing the coverup ofhigh radiation levels in Fukushima Province and in the ocean, which the TEPCO and the Japanese government resisted and denied at first, said: “The Japaneseauthorities stated last Friday that Fukushima is in a state of “coldshutdown. This is not true. At first glance, the announcement that thestricken nuclear reactors are now “stable”sounds like some rare good news fromthe disaster zone. Not at all. As we all know, first impressions can bedeceptive”…. Read the rest of the story at; http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/news-and-blogs/campaign-blog/redefining-cold-shutdown-doesnt-hide-the-trut/blog/38482/
I am not an expert, but I believe my own eyes when itcomes to the term ‘cold shutdown’. The definition of cold shutdown according toALL of these authorities is that every part of the Fukushima complex, includingall reactors, are supposed to be below the boiling point of water, right?
So why is it that when they went into reactor #2 with anendoscope (after cold shutdown was announced), they found steam and drippingwater from steam condensing at the top? ONLY BOILING WATER creates steam. TEPCOitself announced that their vision was obscured due to the massive amounts ofsteam inside the reactor. Or did I miss something in science class? COLD water,below the boiling point, CANNOT CREATE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STEAM! 
And if ‘cold shutdown’ means that all parts of the meltedcorium is below boiling point of water, why do they not even know where thesemultiple 65 ton corium blobs that may very well have melted completely out of multiple buildings at Fukushima are, much less what they are doing, or whattemperature they are? They have ‘estimates’ and guesses, but really no oneknows.http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/12/02/1041766/-Lets-Play:-Wheres-the-Corium
Workers have reported that radioactive steam is comingout of the ground through cracks in the ground. What other explanation is therefor this, other than multiple melted 65 ton corium blobs sinking down throughthe ground? How does this fit in with the company claiming everything is in‘cold shutdown’? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8ZywzIVIl8
The steam coming up from out of a crack in the floor of areactor building at Fukushima also does not inspire confidence in anythingthese people say. Is this the basement, which means the corium is underground,or is this steam coming out of the first floor, meaning the steam is coming outof the basement of one of the buildings? Either way, it may indicate that amelted corium blob has left containment, or that it has left the buildingentirely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cA8Kz_bPmM 
Finally, what about ALL of the spent fuel pools at FUKU?Are the authorities in charge claiming that all spent fuel pools are also incold shutdown as well? Because as far as I can recall, one or more of themmelted down as well, so they have could very well also have melted corium blobs at the bottom of one or more of these as well. 

Who is claiming that there is nothing still melting andfissioning inside one or more spent fuel pools at the FUKU site? Who inspectedthem and measured the temperature of the melted corium at the bottom of thespent fuel pool(s)? I have not heard anyone doing that, YET. So how can theyclaim ‘cold shutdown’? http://enenews.com/report-spent-fuel-pool-4-lost-water-began-boil-after-70-new-years-quake-plant-worker
So what would be the motivation for the authorities to be’claiming’ with great authority and assurance that this Fukushima complex isnow in ‘cold shutdown’, when it is really still totally out of control,steaming, fissioning, and could theoretically blow up any day in a massive lifeextinction event, if one or more of the corium blobs hits groundwater? 
Why were they in such a HURRY? Hmmm, maybe the above reason is why they want everyone tobelieve that this plant is shut down. Maybe they also want to divert attentionfrom the fact that the MOX reactor #3 and it’s spent fuel pool melted down andblew up, resulting in a massive release of over 600 pounds of highly toxic,radioactive plutonium? 
Analysis of #3 Explosion http://youtu.be/1Q3ljfLvHww
Why is there such as pressure and hurry to claim ‘coldshutdown’? Could it be that they do not want any more news coverage? Could itbe that the industry and government authorities embedded with them do not wantjournalists digging around and finding facts that got covered up? How dangerousis this estimated 600 pounds of plutonium that got thrown up into the air andcarried around the globe?
Top Secret Study; Effect of Injected Plutonium On Humans
Only one out of all of the human test subjects in this‘study’ were given any information about what was being done to them. Twoadults were injected with 10 micrograms, and died shortly after that. Otherswere injected with smaller amounts and also died within several years. Only twotest subjects lived longer than several years, but no details are providedabout what diseases they suffered from, whether they had problems withpregnancy, fertility, birth defects, etc. This was a badly designed study firstof all, and did not give informed consent or any compensation to any of thevictims. It does tend to suggest that the industry from the very beginning hasfew or no ethical or moral boundaries. Here we see supposed US medicalprofessionals acting much like the medical doctors in the Jewish concentrationcamps where medical experiments were carried out without any compensation andno informed consent.  http://library.lanl.gov/cgi-bin/getfile?00326640.pdf
Scientific Meta-Study Of Plutonium On Animals And Humans
This is a scientific meta analysis of many studies ofboth humans and animals and the Effect of plutonium on both human nuclearworkers and animals. This meta analysis confirmed that a definite cancer linkwas found in both humans and animals, as well as a lower risk for the generalhuman population not working in the nuclear industry.  http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp143-c2.pdf
Plutonium Study On 144 Beagle Dogs
“This study was conducted to determine thebiological effects of inhaled 238PuO2 over the life spans of 144 beagledogs. These findings in dogs suggest that similar dose-related biologicaleffects could be expected in humans accidentally exposed to238PuO2.” 
What happened to these dogs that inhaled plutoniumparticles? They all died of cancers, of various types… 100%. So we can seethat INHALED plutonium is a VERY TOXIC, highly dangerous, radioactive substance thatshould not be around people or cities. But the fact of the matter is, that 600pounds of this stuff was spread out over the whole planet. Some experts saythat 200 pounds in the air is enough to kill everyone on the planet. 
Now the final piece.. This is also something the industrydoes not want you to know. They are desperately trying to keep the nuclear explosion and this plutoniumnews covered up. They are desperately trying to keep the following informationabout ‘hot’ plutonium particles floating around the world, out of thenews. 
In his video, Gunderson talks about how hot particles or’fuel fleas’ were measured around the world. The average person inhaled 5-10 ofthese per day, in the USA. Now, if some of these were plutonium, what might bethe effect? Gunderson shows a picture of ONE particle of a radioactivesubstance in the lung.. You can see the damage it causes to the surroundingtissue. Radiation is deadly to living tissue, especially in close quarters andINTERNAL to the body of humans and animals. http://youtu.be/7r-awf_hnfs
Nuclear Physicist: Most Of The Plutonium MOX Fuel NuclearFallout Likely To Drop On The U.S As US Plutonium Levels At 20 Year Highs. 80%of the Fukushima fallout went towards the US and away from Japan. How much ofthat total amount got deposited on US soil, or in US fishing waters? No oneknows, and no one is researching it. Coincidentally, the EPA shut offall radiation monitors shortly after the Fukushima accident, so no recordsexist during the height of the fallout, right after the accident.  http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/05/19/nuclear-physicist-plutonium-mox-fuel-nuclear-fallout-drop-22822/
Next, Arnie Gunderson explores why the authorities arepart of a culture of constant coverup’s of nuclear accidents, as well as whator how much radiation is released. He details how the government regulator isalso the promoter, and everyone involved is part and parcel of the nuclearindustry, including the IAEA, EPA, NRC, etc.. The whole industry is notdesigned to protect human health, but to cover up accidents and protect theindustry, which cannot survive without this artificial support, taxpayerprovided corporate welfare and unlimited ‘insurance’ provided again by thepublic. No investor or insurance company will touch this industry with a tenfoot pole.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIOfjuYWxl4
Now, after reading all of the above, why do you thinkthat the authorities are claiming ‘cold shutdown?
Why would major news media owned by GE (they sell nuclearplants and nuke items)  not cover thissubject in depth, especially knowing that this is potentially still a globallife extinction event?
Why would the mass media journalists at these same GE owned mass media outlets not be investigatingthe plutonium danger and research the health effects of this first ever MASSIVEplutonium release into the air that we all breathe?

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Fukushima; Is It REALLY In ‘Cold Shutdown’? Plus; What Is The Rest Of The Story? Via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/fukushima-is-it-really-in-cold-shutdown.html


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Summary of Negative Health Effects Of Low Dose Radiation On Children Around Chernobyl

Many children are dying and suffering from terriblediseases due to low dose internal radiation exposure around the world. Low dose radiationeffects on children have been extensively studied by many independentscientists globally.

Children are negativelyaffected by low dose radiation in many ways. The following is a brief summarypresented by scientists who have studied this extensively after Chernobyl:
Increase in spontaneous abortions and stillbirths
Increase in mortality
Increase in number of ill and feeble newborns
Increase in number of genetic defects and diseases, totalof over 2,000 possible
Increase in number of congenital malformations
Increase in incidence of cancers of all kinds
Increase in impaired mental development of babies andchildren
Increase in psychiatric diseases among the children
Increase in alterations of immune system, weakening ofconstitutions
Increase in abnormal hormone balances
Increase in diseases of the cardiovascular system
Increase in abnormal slow growth of children
Increase in abnormal exhaustion of children
Increase in delayed recovery from diseases
Increase in premature aging effects
The results above were presented by Mr Yablokov at aninternational conference of nuclear experts regarding Chenobyl, includingofficials from the UN, IAEA, WHO, etc. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8746168177815160826&hl=en 

Children’s Radionuclides Syndrome Discovered
Yuri Bandazhevsky, a scientist and medical researcher,discovered and proved that a new radiation disease exists, which hecalls the Long Term Incorporated Radionuclides Syndrome
This is a totally new disease that did not exist beforemanmade radiation came onto the scene, due to ‘accidental’ releases fromnuclear power plants and atomic weapons testing. Of course, the nuclear industry and nuclear apologists universally deny the existence or possibility of this even happening. 
According to researchers, Radionuclides Syndrome is a disease of the heart, due toa toxic loading of radioactive Cesium in the heart muscle. As the Cesium collects andconcentrates in the heart muscle, it causes problems there. (It is well knownthat radioactive cesium is absorbed by muscles, including the heart muscle,because the body thinks that radioactive Cesium is potassium.) 
The normal level of cesium in children is ZERO Bq perkilogram of cesium. This ‘safe’ level of cesium was established by Nature over millionsof years of evolution.
An internal radiation load of 50 bq per kilogram meansthat for ever 1 kilogram of the child’s weight, 500 atoms disintegrate everysecond, above the normal background rate. The disintegration effect fromcesium, (inside the heart muscle) has a negative effect on children’s health..

10,000 radiations are thrown out every second forchildren with 10,000 Bq per kg of internal radiation. Children around Chernobylexposed to low dose radiation have been measured with 10,000 Bq of Cesiuminternal radiation.
After about 50 Bq/kg, a child’s heart will be found (if properly examined) to have lesionsdeveloping.  At a rate higher than that, he found that the child can diesuddenly for no obvious reason, or have heart attacks, strokes, or other healthproblems around the heart.
Yuri has presented over 400 scientific papers, and hasbeen honored with five awards. After he formally announced to the world hisresearch results above, he was charged by the Russian government withcorruption. No proof was presented at the military trial, ruled over by threemilitary judges. Yuri was found guilty by this military tribunal and sentencedto eight years in jail and hard labor. This was later reduced to house arrest,after pressure was applied from human justice organizations outside Russia.
80% of Children In Belarus Have Health Issues
Belarus is located near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This area was contaminated by low level radiation from the Chernobyl accident, much like Fukushima Province was contaminated in Japan.The future of children’s health in Japan can potentially be predicted by what is happening in Belarus today. After all, these children have been studied for over 30 years. 
Only 15 to 20 out of 100 children in Belarus aredeclared healthy at birth today. These health statistics are getting WORSE, notbetter.  According to a hospital nurse,the problems are getting WORSE and more numerous each year. 

Before Chernobyl, 80 out of100 children were declared healthy at birth. Now that statistic has been completely reversed. Only 1 or 2 children out of ten that are born are born healthy. 

What is the explanation for thiscatastrophically high rate of deformities, health problems and infectionspresent at birth? And why are the numbers of problems increasing, notdecreasing? The studies and articles below will help to explain this.
ECRR: Chernobyl 20 Years on. The Health Effects of theChernobyl Accident

“………. Disorders of intellectual development in childrenirradiated in utero in the polluted territories are described as the mosttragic consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe’s impact on health.Pathologies include neurotic disorders, asthenic syndrome, vegetative dystonia,CNS organic pathology, delayed mental development, EEG pathology, delayeddevelopment of speech, lowered psycho-emotional development, low IQ indices,deviations in mental development, memory impairment, immaturity for school,organic pathology of the brain, decreased and delayed psychomotor development,epilepsy and epilepsy-related conditions, and schizophrenia.”http://www.llrc.org/health/subtopic/ecrrchapteronesynopsis.htm
 “Psychologicaldiseases correlate with levels of radioactive pollution. There is a steep andcontinuing increase in diseases of the nervous system, e.g. congenitalconvulsive syndrome, brain circulation pathology, general neurologicaldiseases, short-term memory loss, deterioration of attention function inschool-children.”http://www.llrc.org/health/subtopic/ecrrchapteronesynopsis.htm
“In adults there is growing evidence of a syndrome markedby deteriorating memory and motor skills, occurrence of convulsions, andpulsing headaches. This is caused by the destruction of brain cells and in theregion has been dubbed Chernobyl dementia.” http://www.llrc.org/health/subtopic/ecrrchapteronesynopsis.htm
“…….Sometimes the weakening of the immune system in theseradioactively polluted territories is referred to as Chernobyl AIDS.”http://www.llrc.org/health/subtopic/ecrrchapteronesynopsis.htm
Chernobyl 25 years later
If a person will go into these studies, they will more than likely find that there is a pattern that is inescapable and repetitive. The results keep repeating themselves, no matter where the radiation is found, or which population is studied. 

But, some people still manage to disagree with all of the above evidence that low dose INTERNAL radiation causes harm. They go even further, and state that NO EVIDENCE EXISTS of internal radiation causing harm. 

How ‘Authorities’ Mislead The Public And Downplay TheDangers
The IAEA, UN, WHO, NRC and other pro-nuclear agencies,scientific experts and pro nuclear politicians representing the nuclearindustry have NO EXPLANATION for this public health crisis, other than blamingthe victims of this low dose radiation for causing their own illnesses withphobias, worries and ‘stress’.
The pro nuclear monopoly believes that internal radiationcauses absolutely no harm whatsoever, despite all of the scientific and medicalevidence to the contrary. In most cases, they refuse to even talk about, muchless present this information at their industry symposiums, associationmeetings, safety meetings and/or community meetings.
Ask a pro-nuclear industry ‘expert’ about internalradiation and it’s effects on health. The odds are very high indeed that theywill either refuse to talk with you about this issue, dismiss all studies aboutit, or call anyone studying this issue a quack, charlatan or a fraud, no matterwhat their expertise, experience or industry reputation as a doctor, biologist,etc.  http://video.google.com/videoplaydocid=8746168177815160826&?hl=en
NHK reported the risk of internal exposure in June 2009
Yuri reported that statistics about children getting sickfrom radiation around Chernobyl have not been and still are not beingshared with ANYONE in the nuclear community; not the UN, not the WHO, notanyone else in the nuclear community, not with the education community and notwith the public, via the mass media, much of which in the US is owned by GE, anuclear power plant builder. Could there be some bias or built in conflict ofinterest here?
The official final draft coming out of the nuclearconference never mentions that new research is being done on low dose radiationand does not recommend that any research be done in this area. The conferenceof nuclear experts never voted to accept any new research for low dose radiation,despite much evidence and urging from civilian doctors and scientists gatheredthere from around the world. Is this evidence of a coverup? Or could it beevidence of a very deep state of denial? Judge for yourself, and watch thevideo…
Helen Caldicott, MD explains how nuclear apologistsmislead the world over radiation dangers in this material.
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first wepractice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scotthttp://www.pilgrimwatch.org/planning2.html  

There is even a manual that is very well hidden, which details 30 ways to deceive the public about the dangers of radiation. If you want, you can read it for yourself. You will see that the news items from the industry and apologists all use these 30 techniques, with positive results for the industry. 

A Primer In The Art Of Deception
Following the publication of an article in the newspaperMainichi Daily News, here is the reaction of Michel Fernex, professor emeritusat the Medical Faculty of Basel, former member of the steering committees ofTDR (Tropical Diseases Research) in the WHO and President of the Association ofChildren of Chernobyl Belarus from 2006 to 2010.
“The central dogma of radiation biology, that biologicaleffects of ionizing radiation are a direct consequence of DNA damage occurringin irradiated cells, has been challenged by observations thatgenetic/epigenetic changes occur in unexposed “bystander cells” neighboringdirectly-hit cells, due to cell-to-cell communication or soluble factorsreleased by irradiated cells.” Italian research paper in Chinese translationabout low level radiation will results in brain cancer.http://news.sciencenet.cn/htmlpaper/20088281026397413292.html
English version
More Links TO Scientific Research Around Low DoseRadiation And Harm Caused To Humans
National Academy of Sciences Low-Dose Radiation Report
Data tables used, 12D-1 and 12D-2: 
How to scale that data to unique exposure scenarios,Annex 12D, Example 1:
Cancer Risks Near Nuclear Facilities :Current methods ofinvestigation inadequate
“From 1957 to 1978, scientists secretly removed bonesamples from over 21,000 dead Australians as they searched for evidence of thedeadly poison, Strontium 90 – a by-product of nuclear testing. The movie‘Silent Storm’ reveals the story behind this astonishing case of officiallysanctioned ‘body-snatching’. Set against a backdrop of the Cold War, the sagafollows celebrated scientist, Hedley Marston, as he attempts to blow thewhistle on radioactive contamination and challenge official claims that Britishatomic tests posed no threat to the Australian people. Marston’s findings arenot only disputed, he is targeted as ‘a scientist of counter-espionageinterest’. In 2001, tons of human bones were found in Melbourne, contaminatedby Strontium 90, a toxic residue of nuclear weapon tests in Australia.
Low Dose Radiation Study In France
Study Finds that Childhood Leukemia Rates Double NearNuclear Power Stations
“…The study by the Institut National de la Sante et de laRecherche Medicale (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, or INSERM)found a leukemia rate twice as high among children under the age of 15 livingwithin a 3.1-mile radius of France’s 19 nuclear power plants….”
Iraq; Low Dose Radiation Effects On Children FromDepleted Uranium Weapons
Only a small percentage of babies being born in Fallujahare healthy and normal, and the rest all have genetic deformities or healthproblems. Doctors and residents blame US depleted uranium weapons forcatastrophic levels of birth defects in Fallujah’s newborns.http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2012/01/2012126394859797.html
Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqipeople are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severedeformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima looktame.
Birth deformities in Iraq
Uranium and other contaminants in hair from the parentsof children with congenital anomalies in Fallujah, Iraq
United States; Three Mile Island And Low Dose RadiationEffects On Children
The official figures are too low to account for the acutehealth effects reported by some local residents and documented in twobooks;[5][6] such health effects require exposure to at least 100,000millirems (100 rems) to the whole body – 1000 times more than the officialestimates.[7] The reported health effects are consistent with high dosesof radiation, and comparable to the experiences of cancer patients undergoingradio-therapy,.[8] but have many other potential causes.[7] Theeffects included “metallic taste, erythema, nausea, vomiting,diarrhea, hair loss, deaths of pets and farm and wild animals, and damage toplants.”[9] Some local statistics showed dramatic one-year changesamong the most vulnerable: “In Dauphin County, where the Three Mile Islandplant is located, the 1979 death rate among infants under one year representeda 28 percent increase over that of 1978, and among infants under one month, thedeath rate increased by 54 percent.”[4] Physicist ErnestSternglass, a specialist in low-level radiation, noted these statistics inthe 1981 edition of his book Secret Fallout: low-level radiation fromHiroshima to Three-Mile Island.

Scientific work continued in the 1980s, but focusedheavily on the mental health effects due to stress,[4] as the KemenyCommission had concluded that this was the sole public healtheffect.[12] A 1984 survey by a local psychologist of 450 local residents,documenting acute radiation health effects (as well as 19 cancers 1980-84amongst the residents against an expected 2.6[9]), ultimately led the TMIPublic Health Fund reviewing the data[13] and supporting a comprehensiveepidemiological study by a team at Columbia University.[8]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Mile_Island_accident_health_effects

US Low Dose Radiation Deaths
An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United Statesare linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushimanuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. This is the firstpeer-reviewed study published in a medical journal documenting the healthhazards of Fukushima. Authors Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman note thattheir estimate of 14,000 excess U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks after the Fukushimameltdowns is comparable to the 16,500 excess deaths in the 17 weeks after theChernobyl meltdown in 1986.  The rise in reported deaths after Fukushimawas largest among U.S. infants under age one.  The 2010-2011 increase forinfant deaths in the spring was 1.8 percent, compared to a decrease of 8.37percent in the preceding 14 weeks.
Science Explores How And Why Low Dose Radiation HarmsChildren
It is important to understand how the body responds toionizing radiation, natural or manmade. When a DNA strand is broken due toradiation damage, how does the body respond? From New Take On Impacts Of LowDose Radiation;
“…”Humans evolved in an environment with very low levelsof ionizing radiation, which makes it unlikely that a cell would suffer morethan one double strand break at any given time. A DNA repair center would seemto be an optimal way to deal with such sparse damage. It is like taking abroken car to a garage where all the equipment for repairs is available ratherthan to a random location with limited resources.
Time-lapse imaging of DNA damage response to radiationshows that 1.5 minutes after irradiation, the sizes and intensities ofradiation induced foci are comparable throughout the nucleus, but 30 minuteslater RIF have clustered into larger and brighter regions called DNA repaircenters. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s LawrenceBerkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), through a combination oftime-lapse live imaging and mathematical modeling of a special line of humanbreast cells, have found evidence to suggest that for low dose levels ofionizing radiation, cancer risks may not be directly proportional to dose. Thiscontradicts the standard model for predicting biological damage from ionizingradiation – the linear-no-threshold hypothesis or LNT – which holds that riskis directly proportional to dose at all levels of irradiation. ”
The human body is adapted and has evolved over tens ofthousands of years of being exposed to normal background radiation, just likeall life on the planet, which is designed the same way. Humans and animals canhandle the damage caused by this radiation exposure. But when a child’s body isexposed to chronic higher levels of low dose radiation for long periods oftime, this repair mechanism no longer functions as well and can getoverwhelmed. When the body is exposed to ionizing radiation from manmadesources that break multiple strands of DNA at the same time, the repairmechanism of the body gets overwhelmed. This results in DNA strands that end upbeing repaired incorrectly, or not at all.

 “It is the same aswhen dozens of broken cars are brought to the same garage at once, the qualityof repair is likely to suffer,” Costes says.” Source: New Take on Impacts ofLow Dose Radiation”
The World Health Organization Director says thatradiation in any amount is always dangerous. There is risk to any increasedamount of radiation. Radiation Is Always Dangerous, Says World HealthOrganization Director-General
Mutations caused by radiation are an abomination.
How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease AndStroke
“Radiation interferes with your body’s Chemistry…” (Dr AlSears, MD)
Concern for Public Health International, Institute ofConcern for Public Health
Nuclear powered cancer clusters
Cancer Clusters And Nuclear Power Radiation Pollution
Downwinders Cancer Cluster Near Nuclear Power Station
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Geographic variation in U.S. thyroid cancer incidence anda cluster near nuclear reactors in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
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Fukushima Low Dose Radiation Studies
Watch the video below about how and why radiation harmschildren and women more than anyone else, but the nuclear industry ignores thisand does not inform the public. In Japan, the evidence based on science isignored and actually attacked as being false, quackery or does not exist atall. In Japan, the ‘safe’ dose of radiation has been established for EVERYONEat 100 mSv per year. Watch the video to find out what the effects of thisamount of radiation are on children and women. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ywKv0dj3UuY
In this online audio interview and talk, Dr. HelenCaldicott MD (a pediatrician with deep knowledge of radiation dangers)continues to explain in an online audio interview with Arnie Gunderson that InFukushima, 3000 kids were tested, and 1000 had thyroid ‘lumps’. (Jan. 2012) Tofind lumps in children is extremely rare normally. The latent period for canceris very short, 1 year. Children are very sensitive to radiation. To know ifthis is cancer, you need to take the lumps out. A cyst can have cancer cells init.
A tumor is just a collection of cells. Probably quite afew of these are cancers. They are about 5 mm in size. Japanese doctors arejust monitoring them, waiting for the cancer to spread through the whole body.They could do a needle biopsy to find out what they are. This is medicallyirresponsible. At least they are starting to monitor them. This is only tenmonths in.. This predicts a real problem in the future.
They should have evacuated 250,000 to 500,000 people, andonly 100,000 people were actually evacuated. The rest were left in radiationcontaminated areas. 80% of radiation went offshore. Only 20% of total wentonshore to land. They were lucky. More than 1/2 of Japan where people live iscontaminated.
Small girls are five times more sensitive to radiationthan small boys. These girls are at great risk of getting cancer due toradiation doses of 20 mSv per year. A recent Frontline show about Fukushimaclaims this dose is ‘safe’ for kids and adults. They believed the nuclearapologists and did not investigate any further. One out of 500 people will getcancer at this dose. This risk is doubled every year, at this dose.
In five years, one out of 20 girls will end up withcancer during their lifetime. This process of increasing radiation risk andodds of getting cancer keeps going up, for each year that they are exposed tothis level of radiation…. This cancer risk is ON TOP Of the normal odds ofgetting cancer in a lifetime; 1 in 3 in US.
A 35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities SinceMeltdown
Is the Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result ofFukushima Fallout?
Weekend Edition June 10-12, 2011
The health impact of Fukushima: warnings andrecommendations by Michel Fernex



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Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 ‘Carrington Effect’

Did you know that an extreme solar storm hit Earth in thelate 1890’s? Did you know that this storm sent large electrical sparks shooting out ofthe telegraph line machines that existed at the time? Did you know that this type ofsolar super storm is powerful enough to fry all electric circuits, fry alltransformers, and turn off all electric power grids WORLDWIDE? Did you knowthat this super solar storm (Carrington Effect) has been extensively studied,researched and talked about in scientific circles? The scientists are even predictinganother one will hit Earth soon, with potentially catastrophic results.

“The National Academy of Sciences and several otherfederal government studies suggest that this extreme solar activity andemissions may result in complete blackouts for years in some areas of thenation. Moreover, there may also be disruption of power supply for years, oreven decades, as geomagnetic currents attracted by the storm could debilitate thetransformers.” http://youtu.be/GjgDhbkY8vs?t=4m

I think you will agree with me, that having the power goout all across the globe for a year or longer is a huge problem. That willcause a lot of suffering, loss of life and maybe even collapse entire civilizations.But there is something that is even worse than that… What could be worse thanmass starvation, no power, no gasoline pumps and no water pumps working?

What I am pointing at this the Fukushima Effect. When thepower went out there, we all know what happened within 8 hours. The plantsmelted down, and blew up, along with their spent fuel pools, because they losttheir power source FOR 8 HOURS. What will happen to all of these nuclear powerplants and their spent fuel pools, if we lose power for MONTHS or YEARSGLOBALLY, as these scientists are predicting? 

How do we keep all 400-1000 nuclear power plants,research facilities, university plants, military plants and secret facilitiesaround the world and their associated spent fuel pools globally from meltingdown and blowing up, after the power has been out for potentially weeks and/ormonths? The backup power systems of batteries and generators only last for acouple of days at most.

The ‘experts’ all said that the tsunami that hit Fukushima‘could never happen’. The experts said a multiple melt down and melt through ofnuclear power plants could not happen. The experts in the nuclear industry aresaying that a Carrington Effect cannot happen, so they are not getting readyfor it. This same scenario happened at Fukushima. They knew 20 years ago that atsunami was coming and they had plenty of time to get ready for it. It wouldhave cost 100 million to get ready and modify the plant. They did nothing. Thenuclear industry so far, is doing NOTHING to get ready for this CarringtonEffect.

The next climax of solar storms is going to happen inlate 2012, according to this reporter. Here is a really neat video and closeups of the sun doing what it does…

NASA has revised their prediction for solar maximum tonow occur around mid-May of 2013.

Solar SuperStorm 1859 — It can happen again, and it willhappen again guaranteed. Just like tsunamis, earthquakes and fires, it willhappen again.

We had better get ready, because the perfect super solar storm iscoming soon, just like the tsunamis that have hit various areas of the world recently.. Tsunamis are part of what happens every couple of hundred years. They are‘natural’. Super solar storms are ‘natural’ too, and they happen every 50 to 200 years. We may very well experience a Super Solar Storm very soon. Are we ready for this? 

We might not be as ready as people were back in the 1890’s when the last Solar Super Storm hit Earth. Back then all that existed were a few telegraph wires. When the storm hit, sparks flew out of the telegraph clickers, and started a few fires, but that is about all. Electricity and technology as we know it today did not exist back then. 

Today we rely on electricity and technology for everything. We also rely on nuclear power plants, which need to have electricity going to them 24 hours a day, or they melt down. Bottom line, we need to have all nuclear plants turned off and allnuclear material cooled down to the point where there is no power needed tokeep the nuclear fuel material cool, or we are all toast. Why is this?

Can you imagine 400 plus nuclear power plants and theirspent fuel pools all melting down, melting through and/or blowing up as reactor#3 at Fukushima did?

Fukushima Reactor 3 released 500 pounds of plutonium intothe air, and possibly 20 tons of uranium when it exploded. No, it was NOT ahydrogen explosion, as explained by Gunderson and other experts.… 


Analysis of #3 Explosion http://youtu.be/1Q3ljfLvHww

Imagine 10,000 times that much radiation going into the air,globally, and then NEVER STOPPING, due to radiation releases from uncontrolledmelting blobs of corium fissioning into the air forever and possibly causing 400-800 China Syndromes, that never stop.

What is the NRC doing to protect the public? What is theEPA doing to protect the public? What is the IAEA doing to protect the public?What are any of the other regulatory, safety, or nuclear marketing and sales organizations doing toprotect the public from this? NOTHING. As a matter of fact, they are coveringup what is happening and protecting the people who are responsible for thepotential life extinction event above.


Dr Christopher Busby and RSRRW President Roland Von Malmborg discuss this issue in the video below and propose some solutions. They discuss and predict 4,000 Chernobyl disasters will happen worldwide, if nothing is done to prepare for the Carrington Effect. 


The book Busby recommends is: “Defending theEnvironment: Civil Society Strategies to Enforce International EnvironmentalLaw”. By Linda A. Malone, Scott Pasternack. 2004, New York. 

What is your politician doing to protect your family fromthis? Ask them. Send them a link to this article. Send them a copy of thisarticle.

What is your local emergency planning and disasterpreparation official doing to prevent this? Ask them. Send them a link or thecomplete article.

These people all have children and families. They are notsafe either, no matter what bomb shelter that they think will save them. Some of these government officials may believe that this disaster will not affectthem, as they have a nuclear bomb shelter ready for them. There is only onesmall problem. This disaster will go on for tens of thousands of years, with no end. Unless they are willing to live underground PERMANENTLY and forever, they better make some changes happen above ground. 

Very little has changed since Chernobyl blew up andradiated everyone, except that many more nuclear accidents, meltdowns, meltthroughs and ‘accidental’ radiation releases happened, plus way moreradioactive substances are now in the air, on the ground and in the ocean aswell as inside all of us.

How many radioactive elements and isotopes are releasedfrom something like Fukushima, some of which eventually end up inside all ofus? According to Asahi: about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials have beenreleased from Fukushima reactors.http://enenews.com/asahi-sources-reveal-about-1000-kinds-of-radioactive-materials-released-from-fukushima/comment-page-1#comment-195658

Let’s focus on just 93 out of the 1,000 total, shall we?There are 93 different long lived radioactive elements that hang around andpollute both the environment and us for at least 17,000 years and up toBILLIONS of years in total decay life. Want to see the list of all 93?

Fissioning reactor corium blobs at Fukushima are STILLreleasing this long lived radiation TODAY, with no known turn off date. Themedia and regulatory bodies keep saying this plant is in cold shutdown. But isit really? Fukushima; Is It REALLY In ‘Cold Shutdown’? Plus; What Is The RestOf The Story?

If you take the time to read and understand what isREALLY going on as opposed to the spin (or the complete silence) put out bymass media owning companies like GE, which also manufactures and sells nuclearpower plants, then you will also understand why even survivalists will not makeit through 20 years of staying underground, much less 25,000 years of stayingunderground, once the Carrington Effect hits Earth.

What are they going to eat down there; dirt? Where willthey get radiation free water, and more uncontaminated food, when what theyhave runs out? You can only store so much food, and then you have to come up onthe surface and grow more. Or, you could start eating your comrades, butcannibalism has its own consequences.

Bottom line, having the power turn off for a year is abummer and a lot of people will die. But having the power off for a year andhaving 400 nuclear power plants and their associated spent fuel pools meltdown, melt through and then blow up, just like Fukushima did recently, that isa MUCH BIGGER bummer and a terminal one for humanity, I am afraid.

This bummer is entirely preventable. We can live througha super solar storm, but only if we get ready. Do you need some encouragementand passion to be part of the solution, instead of the problem? Listen to asong, and maybe that will help.

This young performer deserves to be on Oprah, all of thenews channels and every talk show… and become a #1 hit song worldwide.
If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?

Who will save the children after the Carrington Effectmelts down 400 nuclear power plants, 400 spent fuel pools and they all self destruct? 

Will it turn out that for lack of you, it will be toolittle, too late, with warnings ignored, and prophets silenced?

Get involved. Make a difference. Do what you can. Write aletter to the editor. Pass on the Youtube song. Start a blog and post the linkto this article. Copy the article and pass it around at work.
This song should be on NPR, PBS, and all public accesscable channels.

Those who serve to cover up the crimes that thesecriminals are committing are JUST AS GUILTY, as accessories after the fact.


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Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth In 2013 ‘Carrington Effect’; Year Long Power Outage? http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/super-solar-storm-predicted-to-hit-2013.html

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Tokyo; Is It Safe From Fukushima Radiation?

In the following video, the reporter found serious underreporting of radiation levels even 100km away from Fukushima. He foundradioactive Cesium at 1000 times higher concentrations in placeslike Tokyo than the air concentration at the peak of nuclear weaponstesting fallout.. This is serious fallout, but is being ignored by Japaneseauthorities, who are looking only at exterior dose rates, and nothing else.There is a very serious radioactive contamination in Tokyo. There was a placein Tokyo that had higher levels of radiation than in theChernobyl exclusion zone. Watch the video here;http://youtu.be/sX94LyFUNZc
Nesterenko, was a Chernobyl liquidator, nuclear physicistand co author of Chernobyl; Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and theEnvironment, which can be found at:http://www.strahlentelex.de/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf
In this book, he explains how there have been over 1million casualties due to the after effects of Chernobyl, and documents it withmany scientific studies. The book also includes information about how to doground radiation measurements. It is easy to measure radiation at 1 meter to 20meters above the ground which reduces the radiation actually found on theground by a factor of 10 or much more than that.
Official measurements by authorities seem to bechronically too low compared to actual measurements taken by neutral thirdparty testers, often by a factor ten. This happens in any country, includingRussia, the US, Japan and other countries. So how does this minimizing ofradiation readings happen?
Governments and nuclear ‘experts’ often do an ‘airreading’ instead of placing a Geiger Counter on the ground and measuring itwith ground contact, in order to minimize radiation readings. This ‘technique’may make a dangerously radioactive location or city look ‘safe’.
The problem with this technique is that children andpregnant women do not live in the air. Children play in the dirt. They get dirtand radiation on their shoes and track it back into the house. They drop theirtoys in the dirt.
Children eat dirt either accidentally or on purpose.Children get sand in their eyes and noses and ears. Children jump in mudpuddles and roll in the grass. In order to protect children, it is required todo actual ground radiation readings by holding the Geiger Counter to the groundwith actual contact. Air measurements do not protect children, or anyone elsefor that matter.
Next, if a tester digs in the ground, it is also possibleget much higher radiation readings than just laying a Geiger Counter on thesurface of the soil. Again, kids dig in the dirt, they play in sandboxes andstir up soil by playing rough sports or building forts and things. Rain carriesradiation down into the soil, and does not leave radioactive dust just layingon the surface.
To get a true ground measurement of radiation, a GeigerCounter reading should not only include a ground surface contact reading, butalso a reading from soil after the tester digs down 10 – 30 cm.
If BOTH of these things are done, then we are being realand scientific, instead of trying to hide radiation, minimize radiation andcover up everything. The definition of fake science is trying to come up with apredetermined answer and hide reality, in order to protect people or a wholeindustry from legal and financial repercussions.  Real science does measurements and acceptswhatever it finds, and then deals with it realistically, in the best waypossible. Yes, there may be financial and legal repercussions, but that is howthe ‘free market’ is supposed to work, correct?
Finally, what are the levels of radioactive iodine,plutonium, uranium, cesium and strontium in the soil or on plants? These arehighly toxic elements that have their own toxic heavy metal effect wheninhaled, ingested or brought in via food or water. These elements are differentfrom cosmic rays that one gets when flying that pass through the body and arenot absorbed or retained. These radioactive elements are also different fromthe ‘normal’ background radiation that we are all exposed to on a daily basis.
Radioactive Plutonium, uranium, iodine, cesium andstrontium are NOT normal background radiation. These radioactive elements are seen by the body as normal nutrients. Thebody tries to use them as it would any minerals and incorporates them intoglands, organs, bones and muscles. This is not what happens with normalbackground radiation, or with medical X-rays, for example. So comparing nuclearaccident radiation exposure to bananas, normal background radiation and X raysis also part of Faux Science.  Thesethings cannot be compared as being alike at all.
Low levels of radioactive elements do not mean ‘safe’levels. One has to add not only exterior radiation doses, but also interiorradiation ingested with food, and coming in with dust, dirt, drinks, water,air, etc. Interior radiation is much more harmful at much lower levels thanexterior radiation is. Remember that each particle of radiation can affect anycell around itself, over and over again, as long as it is in the body. If aparticle of radioactive strontium is ingested, it migrates to the bone, wherebone cancer or leukemia can be initiated by it. If a radioactive particle ofiodine is ingested, it is absorbed by the thyroid gland of a growing child andmay initiate thyroid cancer. If a particle of radioactive cesium is absorbed,it goes to the muscles, including the heart muscle, and at high enough doses (around50 Bq/Kg) lesions form in organs and glands of the body (according to Chernobylscientific and medical researchers) and the heart may actually stop functioningor be affected in a negative way.
Hot Particles
CNN News interviews Arnie Gunderson, where he discusses‘hot particles’ or fuel fleas and the revolving door in the nuclear industry.The radiation that comes out first is detectable with Geiger Counters, but whatcomes out later is harder to measure and does not show up on Geiger Counters.These hot particles are made up of very tiny particles of plutonium, uranium orother toxic radioactive elements, which do not show up on radiation detectors.The average person breathes in about 10 cubic meters, and on an average day, aperson in the US breathes in about 5-10 of these hot particles in the air, perday. In Japan, that number goes up to 50-100 hot particles per day. 
He also talks about how these multiple melted downFukushima plants are ‘cranking out steam and radioactive liquid”, plus thesehot particles, in a never ending amount. TEPCO says it may take 50 to 100 yearsto clean up this mess and thereby stop these radioactive plumes of hotparticles. http://youtu.be/G23Ik5Xf1bk
In this video, Arnie Gunderson discusses hot particles inmore detail and provides a picture of one, plus how it affects the lung tissuearound it. http://youtu.be/oBEipg81uLw
Another problem is that the nuclear industry seems tohave coopted much or most of the medical industry, which also sees no problemwith radiation exposure, whether external or internal. In the followingarticle, a radiation specialist medical doctor claims that a woman sufferingfrom what very likely could be radiation exposure symptoms is suffering fromnothing more than ‘stress’.http://enenews.com/japan-radiation-professor-women-control-leads-teeth-nails-hair-falling
“It’s also a female characteristic that, because of thatsensitivity, they cannot control themselves. Taking that also into consideration,I think it is appropriate to identify stress as the cause [of her problems].”

Would it surprise anyone that this same technique andjustification for all diseases and cancers is found in Russia around Chernobylexclusion zones as well? Women, children and other adults there were and stillare also blamed for ‘infections’, excess ‘stress’ and mental problems, as thecause of all health problems, even if they are clearly related to our caused byradiation exposure.
Medical ‘experts’ seem to have no problem blaming ‘weak’women for the appalling 80% rate of all babies born with birth defects, healthissues or cancers around Chernobyl.  Only20% of babies born are healthy in one specific area explored that is more orless the equivalent of Fukushima Province, only 30-40 years later. Watch someof the documentary movies about Chernobyl and you will understand what I amtalking about here. Now the same things seem to be happening around Fukushimain Japan, as well as any other nuclear accident radiation release siteglobally.
http://youtu.be/sX94LyFUNZc Dr. Christopher Busby talksabout how safe nuclear power is. From video above; He found serious underreporting of radiation levels even 100km away from Fukushima. He foundradioactive Cesium at 1000 times higher concentrations in placeslike Tokyo than the air concentration at the peak of nuclear weaponstesting fallout.. This is serious fallout, but is being ignored by Japaneseauthorities.
The Japanese authorities and experts are looking only atexterior dose rates, and nothing else They are comparing it to backgroundradiation, but that is not a good way to do it. The radiation releases from theplant are ongoing and are NOT being measured, much less reported on.
In another article, “We may be too late to evacuate”, theauthor goes into exposure levels that the government says are ‘safe’, but wheninvestigated and compared to Chernobyl, these so called ‘safe’ levels areactually causing numerous genetic and health problems in areas aroundChernobyl, and they did not have to deal with plutonium contamination.
Another thing that governments and nuclear experts seemto do quite regularly and seemingly on purpose, is to use confusing numbers. Insome cases, their use of statistics that sound low. A low number of any kindseems to downplay the danger.
Water containing radiation is measuring in cc’s insteadof liters, in order to greatly lower the amount of radiation in the water, atleast at first glance. Who is actually going to go to the work of translatingthe cc’s into liters anyway? How would one do this? The average person wouldnot know how, much less go to the trouble of actually doing it. The authoritiescount on this. When combined with assurances of ‘everything is safe’, most ofthe population goes along with these platitudes, and stops asking questions.
The authorities do the same thing with ground and airmeasurements as far as minimizing anything that is found. Instead of measuringand informing local populations (including inside cities and towns) of hotspots on the ground with very high levels of radiation, the authorities‘average’ the TOTAL radiation readings over a square kilometer. This makes the‘hot spot’ disappear into a larger area that may have close to normalbackground radiation levels. No one is warned of extremely high radiation readingswithin this area. The authorities might report that a ‘low’ reading of only 15Curie per km² was found. The only problem is that this translates into a verydangerously high radiation level of 555,000 Becquerel of radiationper square meter.
Another way that the authorities make things look a lotbetter than they are is to take the radiation readings up high in the air,instead of touching the ground when taking radiation readings. A radiationreading in the air at 1 meter height might only be 10 bq per sq. meter, and aradiation reading taken from a helicopter at 20 meters in the air may only show.07 bq per square meter, while a direct ground to meter reading might show areading of 500,000 bq per square meter, which is a very dangerous radiationreading. These readings are all measuring the same square meter of ground. Ifan authority only discovers .07 bq of radiation per square meter (from 20meters up in the air) and then reports this area as safe, again, most peoplewill stop asking questions. Meanwhile, the whole town is being exposed todangerous radiation levels.
The authorities often or usually combine these two‘techniques’, in order to artificially lower the radiation readings by manyorders of magnitude. However, it does NOT reduce the dangers and exposurelevels to the average person living there who is exposed to the very realdangers of 555,000 Becquerel per sq meter. 
Just to give one example, at Chernobyl, 15 Curie per km² is equal to (555,000Becquerel per sq m)  (15 Curieper sq km also equals 555 KB per m² according to Lazyuk at:http://www.life-upgrade.com/DATA/Lazyuk-ChernobylBelarus.pdf   .
This exposure was found to be harmful to health,according to scientific study of areas with people living in this kind of radiationlevel. Read the report for yourself at the link above. 
In Japan, the ‘safe’ levels of radiation were also‘raised’ by the authorities overnight to make almost all food and water safe,so that nothing would have to change, as far as government or nuclear agencyoversight. Never mind that ‘safe’ levels of radiation were increased by ordersof magnitude, with no explanation or scientific or medical debate.
“In this video I explain the unit called a “becquerel”which is used to measuring radioactive contamination in water, food, and otherthings. I also discuss the Japanese government’s “safety” limits.Having lived in Japan for several years and speaking to non-native Englishspeakers so much, I really noticed in this video how slowly I’ve come to speak.I apologize and will try to return to “native” speed for futurevideos.
Japanese Science Ministry (MEXT) radioactivecontamination in tap water information: (English)http://www.mext.go.jp/english/incident/1304083.htm
I have not had time to thoroughly investigate it, so Ididn’t report on it, however, going through the .pdf archives of radioactiveiodine and cesium in tapster I was unable to find any reference of 210becquerels/liter which was a high that the Tokyo tapster hit as reported bymany local and foreign news sources when it happened. Here is one of manymainstream western media references to it(http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42225380/ns/world_news-asia_pacific/t/radiation-fears-spread-tokyo-drinking-water/)
Japanese Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry March 17,2011 document detailing new safety limits of radioactive contamination in foodand water:
WHO, Germany, and U.S. radioactive iodine and cesiumpermitted levels information source: http://simplyinfo.org/group/?p=1897
It’s difficult to find references to the pre 3/17 safetylimits. Here is a document from March, 2002 from the Ministry of Health, Labor,and Welfare web site. It is a testing manual and not a publication aboutlimits, but page 10 number 4 shows the limits of 20 bq/kg (water, milk) and 50bq/kg solid foods:”http://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/houdou/2r9852000001558e-img/2r98520000015cfn.pdf
I would venture to guesstimate that we are going to seean exact repeat of Chernoby in Japan.. Doctors blaming women’s stress and worryfor all radiation caused problems, nuclear experts saying there is no harm withradiation, especially INTERNAL radiation. Meanwhile, everyone will be avoiding bananas, because we all know theyare FULL of radiation. This would be funny if it were not so tragic.
Gratefully, not all medical doctors are suffering fromwhat I would term Foolish Elitist Misogeny or FEM.  Title: TEPCO urged to compensate fortainted building material in Fukushima Source: Kyodo Date: January 20, 2012
Government Meters Not Reading Radiation Correctly?
The following is a story about how 10 governmentofficials went to a quarry and measured radiation there. They found 4microsieverts per hour radiation, in Namie town, town located in FutabaDistrict, Fukushima, Japan. A reporter was also there, at the same time,in the same place. His meter read above 20 microsieverts, which was the maximumhis meter could detect, in the same place, measuring the same rocks.http://enenews.com/kyodo-reporter-measures-radiation-5-times-higher-than-govt-officials-same-time-same-location-device-maxed-out-at-20-microsvh
In another direction, who is monitoring radiationexposure of people in Tokyo? In the case where someone tested positive for over7,000 Bq of radioactive cesium and they never went to Fukushima, how did thathappen? How many other people may also have this type of internal body level ofradiation? Unless there is massive testing of the population, no one willknow. http://enenews.com/tokyo-man-tests-positive-for-over-7000-becquerels-of-radioactive-cesium-during-whole-body-counter-check-never-went-to-fukushima
The province of Chiba has been surveyed for radiation andhas been found to have levels of radiation that exceed those around Chernobylcontamination zones. “The two prefectures, neighboring the municipal areas ofTokyo, are located about 200 kilometers from the disabled Fukushima No. 1 nuclearpower plant. The measurements for Chiba and Saitama prefectures were taken fromSept. 8 to Sept. 12 using helicopters.” Portions of Chiba are considered to bea suburb of Tokyo’s metropolitan area and includes TokyoDisneyland. We had an unconfirmed report of high radiation readings on outdoorseating at Tokyo Disneyland in July. See the map of high radiation levels inthe vicinity of Tokyo at this website; http://houseoffoust.com/group/?p=3419
There are many parallels between Chernobyl and Fukushima.This documentary explores and explains quite a few of them. It is well worthwatching.


Tokyo; Is It Safe From Fukushima Radiation?
via A Green Road Blog
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For those who are interested, here are some  links to more specific information andstories about radiation and Tokyo from April 2011, to present day;
Almost half of Japanese women tested show radioactiveiodine-131 in breast milk — Highest contamination found 150 miles fromFukushima April 21, 2011 http://enenews.com/almost-half-of-japanese-women-tested-had-radioactive-iodine-131-in-breast-milk-highest-contamination-was-found-150-miles-from-fukushima
Radioactive iodine found in breast milk near Tokyo —Mother of 8-month old baby has 980 pCi/kg http://enenews.com/radioactive-iodine-found-in-breast-milk-near-tokyo-mother-of-8-month-old-has-980-pcikg
Highly radioactive substances detected in Tokyo — Higherthan what was found near Fukushima plant May 15, 2011http://enenews.com/highly-radioactive-substances-detected-in-tokyo-higher-than-what-was-found-near-fukushima-plant
Experts detect 5 times higher radiation levels in Tokyothan announced by government May 20,2011http://enenews.com/experts-detect-5-times-more-radiation-levels-in-tokyo-than-announced-by-government
Japan bans radioactive green tea from area 40 milesSOUTHWEST of Tokyo June 2, 2011  http://enenews.com/japan-bans-radioactive-green-tea-from-area-40-miles-southwest-of-tokyo
Radioactive tea above legal limit found 100 milesSOUTHWEST of Tokyo June 9, 2011 http://enenews.com/radioactive-tea-above-legal-limit-found-100-miles-southwest-tokyo
Tokyo: 230,000 becquerels per square meter of Cesium onathletic field in Koto — 6 times as high as limit set for radiation controlzones June 9, 2011    http://enenews.com/tokyo-230000-becquerels-square-meter-cesium-athletic-field-koto-6-times-high-limit-set-radiation-control-zones
“Experts don’t know” how radioactive cesium fromFukushima ended up so far southwest of Tokyo, says radiation monitoringspecialist June 14, 2011http://enenews.com/experts-dont-radioactive-cesium-fukushima-ended-southwest-tokyo-radiation-monitoring-specialist
Gov’t: South of Tokyo 12,400 becquerels/kg of radioactivecesium found next to children’s swimming pool — Radiation measurements nearlydoubled over recent 5 day period August 19, 2011 http://enenews.com/govt-south-tokyo-12400-becquerelskg-radioactive-cesium-found-next-childrens-swimming-pool-radiation-levels-doubled-recent-5-day-period
Tokyo tea leaves with 2,700 becquerels/kg of radioactivecesium — Picked by elementary school children July 1, 2011http://enenews.com/tokyo-tea-2700-becquerelskg-radioactive-cesium-leaves-picked-elementary-school-children
Report: 50,000+ Bq/kg of radioactive cesium found in soilnear Tokyo — “Terrifying” that sample was from side of street where childrenwalk everyday July 13, 2011   http://enenews.com/report-50000-bqkg-radioactive-cesium-found-soil-tokyo-terrifying-sample-side-street-children-walk-everyday
Internal radiation dose of around 80 microsieverts fromeating 2 pounds of radioactive beef July 22, 2011  http://enenews.com/eating-2-pounds-radioactive-beef-equal-radiation-dose-around-80-microsieverts
Japan Professor: Gov’t afraid to tell truth — Radiation10 times higher than officials claim on Sept. 30 near Kyoto, 500 km frommeltdowns October 1, 2011 http://enenews.com/radiation-10-times-higher-japan-govt-claims-sept-30-kyoto-500-km-meltdowns
Tokyo gov’t finds at least 5 times higher cesium levelsthan Japan gov’t — Over 50,000 Bq/m² near city center (PHOTOS) October 8,2011 http://enenews.com/tokyo-govt-finds-5-times-higher-cesium-levels-japan-govt-50000-bqm-city-center-photos
Mainichi: Worries are growing — Every rainfall brings anew batch of radioactivity — Radiation levels HIGHER afterdecontamination October 11, 2011http://enenews.com/mainichi-worries-are-growing-every-rainfall-brings-a-new-batch-of-radioactive-substances-radiation-levels-higher-after-decontamination
WSJ: Tokyo-area officials say park has radiation levels 5times higher than previously detected in city October 14, 2011 http://enenews.com/wsj-tokyo-area-officials-say-park-has-radiation-levels-5-times-higher-than-had-been-previously-detected-in-city
Neutron ray measured in Tokyo — Uranium-235 found inChiba — Can’t be detected by most geiger counters (PHOTO &VIDEO) October 19, 2011 http://enenews.com/breaking-neutron-ray-measured-in-tokyo-uranium-235-found-in-chiba-cant-be-detected-by-most-geiger-counters-photo-video
Group finds 7 microsieverts per hour just outside Tokyoin Matsudo October 21, 2011http://enenews.com/group-finds-7-microsieverts-per-hour-just-outside-tokyo-in-matsudo
Local Gov’t: 276,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium fromsoil sample near Tokyo, in Kashiwa — Almost 18 Million Bq/m² October 22,2011 http://enenews.com/local-govt-276000-bqkg-in-soil-sample-near-tokyo-in-kashiwa-almost-18-million-bqm%C2%B2
Gov’t confirms 57.7 microsievert/hr near Tokyo is linkedto Fukushima meltdowns — “Highly likely” it came from rain tainted withradioactive fallout October 23, 2011 http://enenews.com/breaking-govt-confirms-57-7-microsieverthr-near-tokyo-is-linked-to-fukushima-meltdowns-highly-likely-it-came-from-rain-tainted-with-radioactive-fallout
Group finds 7 microsieverts per hour just outside Tokyoin Matsudo October 21, 2011 http://enenews.com/group-finds-7-microsieverts-per-hour-just-outside-tokyo-in-matsudo
Local Gov’t: 276,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium fromsoil sample near Tokyo, in Kashiwa — Almost 18 Million Bq/m² October 22,2011http://enenews.com/local-govt-276000-bqkg-in-soil-sample-near-tokyo-in-kashiwa-almost-18-million-bqm%C2%B2
 ‘Daiichi’Elementary: 4 million Bq/m² of cesium in soil sample from school in Chiba, 20km from Tokyo — 10.1 µSv/hr at another elementary school nearby October 26th,2011http://enenews.com/daiichi-elementary-4-million-bqm%C2%B2-of-cesium-in-soil-sample-from-school-in-chiba-10-1-%C2%B5svhr-at-another-elementary-school-nearby
Local TV: 120 microsieverts per hour at major Japanesetrain station — “The color of the trees were changed” (VIDEO) October 27,2011 http://enenews.com/local-tv-120-microsiverts-per-hour-at-major-japanese-train-station-the-color-of-the-trees-were-changed-video
Radiation from gamma rays alone at almost 4 µSv/h infront of elementary school in Kashiwa, near Tokyo (VIDEOS) October 30,2011  http://enenews.com/gamma-rays-alone-almost-4-usvh-front-elementary-school-kashiwa-tokyo-videos
Radiation of 2.2 uSv/hr detected by school in Katsushika,Tokyo (VIDEO) November 3, 2011 http://enenews.com/radiation-of-2-27-usvhr-detected-by-school-in-katsushika-tokyo-video
21.4 µSv/h measured at Koriyama school as students walkby — 60 km from meltdowns (VIDEO) November 5, 2011  http://enenews.com/please-share-save-children-21-44-%C2%B5svh-measured-at-koriyama-school-as-students-walk-by-60-km-from-meltdowns-video
33.53 microsieverts/hr in Koriyama city(VIDEO) November 19, 2011 http://enenews.com/33-53-microsievertshr-in-koriyama-city-video
Strontium detected at several locations in Central Tokyo— Highest radiation of survey found outside Gov’t building November 21,2011 http://enenews.com/strontium-found-at-several-locations-in-central-tokyo-highest-radiation-of-survey-found-outside-govt-building
Gov’t Survey: Shinjuku, Tokyo has third highest cesiumlevels of all testing locations throughout Japan — “Large amounts ofradioactive dust fell in Tokyo” November 27, 2011http://enenews.com/govt-survey-shinjuku-tokyo-has-third-highest-cesium-levels-of-all-testing-locations-throughout-japan-large-amounts-of-radioactive-dust-fell-in-tokyo
Jiji: High radiation levels near Tokyo linked toFukushima — Rain caused 29,250,000 Bq/m² in soil says gov’t — Almost DOUBLElast gov’t test November 28, 2011 http://enenews.com/jiji-high-radiation-levels-tokyo-linked-fukushima-rain-caused-29250000-bqm-soil-govt-almost-double-last-govt-test
Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo snow on Jan. 20 January20, 2012 http://enenews.com/iodine-131-detected-in-tokyo-snow-on-jan-20
High levels of cesium detected in Osaka Bay soil — 600 kmfrom meltdowns  January 16th, 2012
Osaka grab bottom sampler, December 29 2011 KansaiInternational Airport near the seabed soil
Cesium 1,347,271 Bq?Kg 
Cesium 137,705Bq?Kg
2 / Bay / Osaka grab bottom sampler, December 29 2011seabed soil near the river mouth of the Yamato
Cesium 1,348,924Bq?Kg
Cesium 137,762Bq?Kg
3 / Bay / Osaka grab bottom sampler, December 29
An Zhichuan estuary to pay near-bottom soil reel
Cesium 1,343,527Bq?Kg
Cesium 137,269Bq?Kg
Tsuna / Awaji
Cesium 1,342,590Bq?Kg
Cesium 137,172Bq?Kg
Part 4 / Osaka Bay, Whangarei / Nippon December 29
Cesium 134,783Bq/kg


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Total Fukushima Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks, etc

What is the Total Radiation Released Into Ocean, Air, Groundwater,Storage Tanks, etc, starting on 3/11/2011, from Fukushima Daichi, and 13 other nuclear power plants in Japan? According to a Japan Nuke Agency, 14 reactors at 4 sites were affected by the earthquake.  Fukushima Daiichi was NOT the only one. Others were negatively affected as well; Daini, Onagawa, and Tokai. How much damage did they sustain, and how much radiation did they release? Did they all melt down? http://enenews.com/us-commission-14-nuclear-reactors-at-4-sites-in-eastern-japan-were-affected-on-311-according-to-nisa-fukushima-daiichi-had-the-most-serious-damage-daini-onagawa-and-tokai-were-others/comment-page-1#comment-217193

Why is NO ONE reporting about this? Why are the nuclear experts  and regulatory agencies not demanding answers and radiation release reports, as well as reports about conditions at these plants? 

Why are there no investigative journalists researching these damaged or destroyed and melted down plants and their associated spent fuel pools? Why is there still no definite answer about the current state of these 14 reactors and 14 or more spent fuel pools at all of these nuclear power plants, approximately ONE YEAR after the accident happened?

Here is one researcher’s opinion that attempts to answer the above questions, by searching out the global information around these questions. If you have anything to add, feel free to add to the information found here in the comments section, or by contacting the author directly. 

TOTAL OceanRadiation Release

“In October, a U.S. study – co-authored by oceanographerKen Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit Woods Hole OceanographicInstitution in Woods Hole, Mass., – reported Fukushima Daichi alone caused history’sbiggest-ever release of radiation into the ocean – 10 to 100 times more thanthe 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.” http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/After%2BFukushima%2Bfish%2Btales/5994237/story.html#ixzz1jfk19Yl6

Read more: Fukushimaalready ten times worse than Chernobyljust with what went into the ocean waters, suggests data
Saturday, June 11, 2011

Of course, these radiation releases continue throughleaks from the basements of Fukushima,and from radiation releases from the site, so it is only getting worse. Thereis no total yet, because the disaster is not over yet and accidental ‘spills’are still happening from the Fukushimaplant, with unknown amounts ending up in the ocean..

The nuclear explosion at Unit #3 spent fuel pool blewuranium and plutonium pellets as well as particles, dust and melted fuel in aradius of up to 3 kilometers. Since the plant sits right next to the ocean,much of this highly radioactive fuel went into the ocean, and is sitting on thebottom, radiating all of the ocean water that is going by, plus all of the sealife. What Really Happened At FukushimaReactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? 

High-level radiation found over 300 km stretchoff Fukushima …
May 28, 2011 … Formore information see: Fukushima I Nuke Plant: High Concentration of RadioactiveCesium in the Ocean Soil in 300-Kilometer Strip Along …

Chernobylexpert: Fukushima is “largestdelivery of radiation into the …
Sep 29, 2011 … “Whenwe saw the numbers — hundreds of millions of becquerels — we knew this was thelargest delivery of radiation into the ocean ever …

‘Sobering’ Results: Ocean currentskeeping radiation from being …
Sep 29, 2011 … ‘Sobering’Results: Ocean currents keeping radiation from beingdiluted — Highest cesium values not necessarily closest to Fukushima …

Scientists: Radioactivity in sea NOT falling off —Hypothesis says …
Sep 29, 2011 … Thescientists had expected to find ocean radiation levels falling offsharply after a few months. “Rather than leveling off towardzero, …

Groundwater a likely source for continued flowof radiation into ocean
Dec 8, 2011 … Groundwatera likely source for continued flowof radiation into ocean — “ Complete melt through” so “notsurprising” discharges continue, says …enenews.com/unconstrained-radiation-discharge-ocean-coming-groundwater-reactors-complete-melt-surprising-study

AP: Radiation contamination detected 400 milesfrom Fukushima …
6 daysago … Title: Radiation detected 400 miles off JapanesecoastSource: … has been detected as far as almost 400 miles off Japanin the Pacific Ocean, …

Marine Chemist: “I’m convinced there are ongoingleaks”– A century…
Jan 12, 2012 … KenBuesseler, a marine chemist at Woods Hole who is involved withresearching ocean radiation off of Fukushima.”I’m convinced there are …

JapanGov’t Data: 65% of marine life test positive for cesium inNov …
Jan 15, 2012 … Itmeant the ocean wasn’t diluting the radiation as expected.If it had been, cesium levels would have kept falling. The findingsuggested …

There is also the matter of what happened to the nuclearfuel that got blown out of Fukushima Reactor and/or spent fuel pool #3. Reportsfrom numerous sources say that the nuclear explosion that happened at thisbuilding blew nuclear fuel rod pieces for 1-3 miles around the plant, INCLUDINGINTO THE OCEAN. The radiation from these highly radioactive rod pieces isentering the ocean even to this day, polluting and contaminating the oceancurrents going by Fukushima, forpotentially millions of years.
The authorities have started cementing over the bay rightnext to the plant, so this may start cutting down on the amount of radiationreleased from these highly radioactive pieces of toxicity, but until they areall found, gathered up and properly stored away from all living things, theywill probably continue to cause problems with ocean radiation for tens ofthousands of years.
Could these fuel rods be the reason for the highradiation readings found by very recent ocean monitoring 20-400 miles off thecoast of Fukushima? 

TOTAL GLOBAL Air Radiation Release

FUKU released 73.47 BILLION lethal doses (by inhalation)
AND 15.53 BILLION lethal doses by ingestion
88.00 BILLION Total lethal doses of alpha radiation only

UN Agency’s Fukushima Report: “The total release amountwas equal to that of Chernobylnuclear explosion” Summary Report of RSMC Beijing on Fukushima Nuclear AccidentEmergency Response, WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION (United Nations), Oct. 27, 2011:

“The Fukushimadisaster has proved that nuclear industry should be controlled only by thestate and not by private companies. The outcome of this tragedy has turned evenworse than it was in Chernobyl.Graphite which was part of the reactor`s core, burnt out and vanished in theatmosphere. But at Fukushima the reactor`s core melted.” The Voice Of Russia http://english.ruvr.ru/2011/05/24/50766848.html

60 Million Curies Radiation Released At Fukushima,Only 50 Million Chernobyl …Jun 13, 2011 … 60 MillionCuries Radiation Released At Fukushima,Only 50 Million Curies At Chernobyl.60 Million Curies Radiation Released At Fukushima, …

“Regarding the radioactive noble gas Xenon‐133, theresults indicate an emission of 16700 Peta‐Becquerel (1 Becquerel is oneradioactive decay per second, 1 Peta‐Becquerel equals 1015 Bq). This is thelargest civilian noble gas release in history, exceeding the Chernobyl noblegas release by a factor of 2.5|” http://enenews.com/just-in-nilu-study-release-of-radioactive-xenon-from-fukushima-is-more-than-double-chernobyl-largest-in-history-started-immediately-after-quakehttp://enenews.com/just-in-nilu-study-release-of-radioactive-xenon-from-fukushima-is-more-than-double-chernobyl-largest-in-history-started-immediately-after-quake

According to one expert who actually included the #3reactor and spent fuel pool blowing up, :”under the Conservative Estimate, andusing .89% Plutonium per Table 1, this would be 640 pounds of Plutoniumaerosolized.”  It only takes about 200pounds of plutonium dust distributed globally to kill everyone on the planet.This very dangerous radioactive plutonium release has been totally covered up,with very good reason. Of course, this radioactive air release is still goingon, despite claims of ‘cold shutdown’. Fukushima;Is It REALLY In ‘Cold Shutdown’? Plus; What Is The Rest Of The Story? See other blog posts from A Green Road Blog to find out the details about this.

TEPCO does not know where the melted through 65 ton corium blobs are from ANY of the otherFushima Daichi reactors 1-5. ALL spent fuel pools and reactors are OPEN TO THEAIR, and some are melted down either partially or completely, which meansradiation is coming out of melted corium, ongoing criticalities, etc. So it isnot over yet. #4 spent fuel pool is in danger of collapsing.. THIS IS NOT OVERYET.  See other blog posts from A Green Road Blog to find out the details about this.

“A recently disclosed Tepco documentation indicates totalemissions estimates of both plutonium 239 and neptunium 239 for the first 100hours of the catastrophe.  This leaked Tepco document [19] suggests arelease of 1.2 trillion bq of PLUTONIUM – p-238,p-239,p-240 and p-241collectively and 76 trillion bq of NEPTUNIUM – Np-239 within the first 100hours of the catastrophe” http://www.datapoke.org/blog/89/study-modeling-fukushima-npp-p-239-and-np-239-atmospheric-dispersion/

TOTAL Radiation In Water Stored On Site

After the tsunami and reactor meltdowns at Fukushima,  they ran out of fresh cooling water, so theybrought in a huge amount of water via a barge, that was then used up, andfilled with radioactive waste water coming out of the reactors.  They injected 10-15m³ per hour of fresh orsea water at 8 points in 4 reactors plus 4 spent fuel pools. It is now down theroad about 10 months. The total amount of water injected calculates out roughlyto 300 day`s x 24 hours x 30000- 50000 liters per day. 
By these calculations, what is the total amount of waterused? 

“The tanks were installed to contain an increasingamount of water with …radioactive substances. About 1,000 tanks contain anestimated 120,000 tons of contaminated water.“ http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/national/T120227004796.htm
A dosimeter installed in the Mirai aircraft detectedradiation measuring as high as 0.9 microsieverts per hour northwest of theplant.”

In ONE YEAR, they accumulated 1000 tanks with 120,000tons of water. If this keeps on going like this for thirty years, that willmean 30,000 tanks… Are they all earthquake proof? How long will they last?How much radiation is in those? What happens if they leak? Are they guarded?What happens if a terrorist blows up some of them, or a plane crashes intothem?

What is their volume, and what kind of radiation doesthis water contain? There is one estimate of beta radiation in at least onetank… Jiji: 5 billion becquerels of beta radiation in 10 liters ofdecontaminated water — Includes strontium and cesium January 10, 2012http://enenews.com/5-billion-becquerels-of-beta-radiation-in-just-10-liters-of-decontaminated-water-includes-strontium-and-cesium

Nikkei: Two sieverts/hr of beta radiation emitted from asingle liter of leaked water
So how much radiation does that calculate out to onsitein these storage tanks, given the above facts?

How long can they continue to do this?  They cannot release any cooling water to theocean, because the reactor cores are all leaking and the cooling water iscoming in direct contact with melted corium, which it is not supposed to bedoing in a normal reactor. Everything running through the reactors and/or spentfuel pools is highly radioactive. Plus, all of the Rube Goldberg plastic pipesare leaking continuously, and the tanks are leaking as well.

Tepco: New leak releasing enough beta rays to causeradiation sickness — Leakage in at least 30 locations found recently

10L of water leakage “500,000Bq/cm3?, Fukushima Diary, Jan. 10, 2012: http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/01/10l-of-water-leakage-500000bqcm3/
* Water leaking from the tank to storage abandoned saltywater after purifying system of highly contaminated water
* It was 10 L[iters] to leak
* It’s supposed to contained a portion of radionuclidessuch as Cesium or Strontium, which is 500,000 Bq/cm3
Conversion: 500,000 Bq/cm3 = 500,000 Bq/ml = 500,000,000Bq/liter = 5,000,000,000 Bq in 10 liters of wate

 They say this willcontinue for 30-40 years. Realistically, how long can they continue thisprocess before they are overwhelmed?

Over 100,000 tons of highly radioactive water is in thebasements of DAINI, which is down the road from DAICHI about ten miles. Bet younever heard about that either. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SCD_SOl12E


TOTAL Radiation Released Into The Groundwater Under Fukushima

UNKNOWN  – Noestimates, no one studying it, no one monitoring it. So far, no one seems tocare. 

There are two main concerns. First, if the melted 65 tonblobs of highly radioactive corium got out of the 1-3 reactor buildings, andwent underground, they will be moving deeper and deeper underground.

The Fukushimasite is turning out to be much like Hanfordwith all of its cover-ups and secret spills, leaks, and underground aquifercontamination. http://youtu.be/hv73MfgZWdg

Mainichi: Radiation detected in drinking waterfrom underground …
Dec 26, 2011 … Mainichi: Radiation detectedin drinking water from underground source — Over 15 miles from Fukushimameltdowns …

German Radiation Expert: No way to stop nuclearfuel that’s melted …
Dec 4, 2011 … German Radiation Expert:No way to stop nuclear fuel that’s melted-through — Can only pray it does nottouch underground water vein (VIDEO) …
NHK, Tepco finally confirm steam came upfrom underground at …
Oct 17, 2011 … 1detected radiation of 4.7 Sv/hr, almost a 20% increase overJune’s … “It is assumed that melted fuel rods are sinkingdeep underground, …

NO ONE is counting the total of ALL OF THE ABOVE. No oneis counting or tracking ongoing radiation releases. We are NOT counting what isin the large radioactive water storage tanks on site. We are NOT countingradioactive water that went underground, or the two nuclear explosions #3reactor and spent fuel pool.. Both of these have way more tonnage of Plutoniumand Uranium MOX fuel, about 1 million times more dangerous than plain old Chernobylstyle fuel, and they went up into the air.. This is NOT in any calculations orguesses I have seen yet. 
Under Reporting Of FukushimaRadiation Released
From video above; He found serious under reporting ofradiation levels even 100km away from Fukushima.He found radioactive Cesium at 1000 times higher concentrations in places like Tokyothan the air concentration at the peak of nuclear weapons testing fallout..This is serious fallout, but is being ignored by Japanese authorities, who arelooking only at exterior dose rates, and nothing else.
There is a very serious radioactive contamination. Therewas a place in Tokyo that hadhigher levels of radiation than in the Chernobylexclusion zone.
I have not seen any counts yet, that total ALLradioactive emissions from FUKU, based on realistic scenarios. NO actual datafrom monitoring equipment has been released yet. There are NO monitorsdownwind, and none on the ‘vent’ stacks.
How much radiation has been released?
On site water storage tanks
Air over ocean, all nuclear materials, not just 2 out of100
Japanese ground
Groundwater under plant
Sprayed radioactive water on forests
Water in tanker boats, taken where????
GAS emissions
Dust emissions
Nuclear explosion(s) emissions and dust from MOX fuel
Hydrogen explosions emissions
Emissions coming from spent fuel pools
Radioactive releases from criticalities in spent fuelpools and/or hydrogen and/or nuclear explosions
Emissions going up vent stacks at all reactors 1-5?
Filter emissions filtered out of vent stack
Ongoing emissions into air, water, see above
NO ONE has yet even attempted to TOTAL ALL OF THE ABOVE…
Anything less is NOT SCIENTIFIC, and that is all that hasbeen done.. 


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The Myths Of Capitalism Exposed


The only part I disagree with is the ending.. Let your life be a friction in the machine. It sounds like a very unhappy place to be, full of anger, bitterness and loneliness perhaps…

I would end by saying; live life from the heart. Live each moment fully and find what makes you happy, inside. Ask the question; what would love do? We can catch more flies with honey/love than with protest.

The distinction is that happiness cannot be found outside, in shopping, more possessions, more money, more power, more control over countries, religions and peoples.

Hapiness is found inside. We are each on a journey into the heart. This is where true happiness may be found.

Sadly, this is the last place most people look for it.

Search and you will find.

Knock and the door will open.

Ask and the answer will be given.


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Chernobyl, TMI and Fukushima Bird Radiation Studies

The nice thing about science is that if you get a certain result from a study, you would be able to duplicate it by replicating the same circumstances that caused the results in the first study. Well, we know have three well known examples of bird populations plummeting after a nuclear accident, with Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now Fukushima. In the following material, we will explore studies done on birds in all three radiation contaminated areas. 

In all three locations,  Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now Fukushima, the same results are being found. Not only did the numbers of birds reduce, birds also were affected in many ways in a negative manner. Negative effects of radiation on birds included; reductions in longevity and in male fertility, more birds with smaller brains,  “dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates, developmental abnormalities, elevate cancer rates, extinctions of bird species, higher rates of deaths of young birds.

How many more times will these types of bird and human studies have to be done before we learn, that low level radiation is dangerous and harmful to both birds, and humans? 


Fukushima Bird Studies


Study finds Fukushima worse than Chernobyl on bird population — “Dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates and extinctions — Insect life significantly reduced — Shows immediate consequence of radiation. 

Amateur Videos; not studies  

Birds not flying away, radiation sickness, Dec 2012
Video of Birds That Don’t Fly, in June 2011 Somewhere in Fukushima, EX-SKF, January 4, 2012:


Three Mile Island (TMI) Bird Studies


“CBC on TMI: Reports of enormous increase in cancer deaths — Infant mortality rates doubled — Birds disappeared — Many mutations observed” (VIDEO)

Chernobyl Bird Studies

Much greater frequency of mutations and other problems in birds (barn swallows) within contaminated areas – “Directly proportional” to radiation. These birds were not ‘healthy’ or doing well… They had shortened lifespans, higher death rates, fewer young made it from one year to the next, much more disease, tumors, missing digits on feet, deformed feet, deformed beaks, deformity, illness, etc. Genetic diseases were passed on from one bird parent to the next generation and the next.

Professor Timothy Mousseau received his doctoral degree in 1988 from McGill University and completed a NSERC (Canada) postdoctoral fellowship in population biology at the University of California, Davis. He joined the faculty at the University of South Carolina in 1991 and is currently a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Professor Mousseau’s past experience includes having served as Dean of the Graduate School (2010-11), Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Educaiton (2010-11), Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences (2006-10), as a program officer at the National Science Foundation (1997-98), on the editorial boards for several journals, and on NSF, USGS, and a variety of international grant foundation advisory panels. He has published over 120 scholarly articles and has edited two books (Maternal Effects as Adaptations, 1998, with Charles Fox; Adaptive Genetic Variation in the Wild, 2000, with Barry Sinervo and John Endler; both published by Oxford University Press). He is currently co-editor (with Charles Fox) of the annual review series, The Year in Evolutionary Biology, published by the New York Academy of Sciences. He was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2008, a Fellow National of the Explorers Club in 2009, and a member of the Cosmos Club (DC) in 2011.


Chernobyl – US Bird Studies


There was also a 10 week gap between the time Chernobyl fallout rained down on Northern California and reproductive failure in USA area bird species (via The Institute for Bird Populations).

Dr. Dave DeSante is the founder of the Institute for Bird Population in Point Reyes, California. After the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl passed over the U.S. West Coast in the spring of 1986 his research uncovered a severe die-off of young birds. 

Later, researchers Gould and Goldman duplicated his results with human mortality data from both the U..S. and Germany.  The young, the old, and those with weak immune systems were the main casualties – an estimated over forty thousand in all. In mid-March of 2011, as the nuclear disaster in Japan deepens by the day, scientific predictions of fallout again crossing the Pacific are being made.  In this in depth interview EON producers Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle ask Dr. DeSante to explain his findings and their implications for today.

The Condor, published by the Cooper Ornithological Society, is one of the two most prestigious peer-reviewed ornithological journals published in North America, the other being The Auk, published by the American Ornithologists’ Union. DeSante & Geupel (1987) was the runner-up to the 1991 H. R. Painton Award for the best paper appearing in The Condor in the previous four years. DeSante and Geupel (1987) showed that the number of young birds produced in 1986 at the Palomarin Field Station near Bolinas, CA, was 62.3% below the previous ten-year mean and fell well outside the relationship between annual rainfall and productivity established during the previous ten years. The timing of the reproductive failure, its geographical extent in California, and the landbird species most affected are all consistent with the following hypothesis: that the greatly elevated levels of radioactive iodine from the massive April 26, 1986, Chernbyl nuclear plant accident that fell-out over portions of northern California coincident with rainfall on May 6, 1986, were responsible for the landbird reproductive failure by adversely affecting the thyroids and, thus, the development of the young birds during their first nine-twelve days after hatching while they were being fed by their parents in their nests.

The major findings presented by Gould; Deceit revolves around statistical estimates of excess deaths following Chernobyl and other releases of radiation, and indicate that low-level radiation from fallout from nuclear testing and from nuclear reactors may have done far more damage to humans and other living things than previously thought. In particular, they show that the arrival of radiation in the U.S. in early May, 1986, from the Chernobyl disaster “was followed almost immediately by an extraordinary force of mortality, amounting to perhaps 40,000 excess HUMAN deaths in the summer months, especially in the month of May.” Also, please note that Chapter 3 of Deadly Deceit, titled “Silent Summer” and authored by Kate Millpointer, is a lay person’s account of the story behind DeSante; Geupel (1987).


As FUKU keeps spewing radiation ad nauseum, I wonder what the future effects will be as we get into a second, third, fourth and more years of continuous radiation releases? Will birds expire and not be able to reproduce at all? How long to adult song birds live? If they cannot bring any chicks to adulthood, what happens then?

It was bad enough that Chernobyl killed a whole generation of birds in the US and assumably globally. Now we have a global radiation disaster that seems like it will just keep on going and going and going forever. Can the birds, much less humans put up with this, and if so, for how long?


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Chernobyl, TMI and Fukushima Bird Radiation Studies; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/02/chernobyl-tmi-and-fukushima-bird.html


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The top 5 foods to avoid if you have gluten intolerance and wheat allergies

(NaturalNews) Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, semolina, kamut, barley, spelt, triticale, bulgur and rye and forms an elastic-type protein that helps bind molecules, causing flours to rise during baking. Its presence in certain flours contributes to food allergies. 

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The top 5 foods to avoid if you have gluten intolerance and wheat allergies. via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/02/top-5-foods-to-avoid-if-you-have-gluten.html


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What Really Happened At #3 Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3?

How would you feel, if someone tried to hide a nuclear accident that resulted in a release of 200-600 pounds of plutonium dust, and an estimated 20 tons of uranium dust? What if a potentially global life extinction event was also being covered up? 

Here is one version of events surrounding the Fukushima disaster, making it sound like it was just a minor event, no more than 10% of Chernobyl, by comparison…. 
The above could be considered the ‘official’ TEPCO press release version of events. 

Now let’s talk about what really may have happened, since every time TEPCO says something, they seem to have to take it back or change it radically to something completely different at some point in the future. I have never seen so many stories and news reports and official numbers change so often, from a supposedly professional organization made up of nuclear experts. 

So let’s save them some trouble and see what reality and evidence may bring to light. It has gotten so bad, that even the mayors in Fukushima are refusing to meet with the government officials in charge of this accident.. Read more at; http://enenews.com/momentous-decision-mayors-refuse-meet-japan-officials-strongly-mistrust-government-kyodo
So what can we all agree on? First, everyone agrees there was an initial explosion at Fukushima Daichi Unit #3 at 11:01 AM  JST on March 14th. This explosion was seen by the whole world on television. Details were also recorded in the reactor log. The government was notified as they are required to, by law. The Japanese government was told about the release of nuclear fuel material, which “fell all over the plant site”. The only disagreement about this is how far the pieces of nuclear fuel from Reactor #3 were blown; 1 mile, 2 miles or 3 miles? (see links below) Both the New York Times and the NRC stated that #3 had a nuclear explosion and that it spread nuclear fuel fragments a mile around the plant. http://vimeo.com/28222223
A BBC report also suggests that nuclear fuel fragments were tossed all around the site. Watch BBC Clip: US video suggests flakes of nuclear fuel were scattered around Fukushima reactors — Secret plans to evacuate citizens from Japan (VIDEO) February 24, 2012  http://enenews.com/video-suggested-flakes-deadly-radioactive-fuel-scattered-around-fukushima-reactors-secret-plans-evacuate-90000-citizens-japan
Other reports claim that the nuclear fuel fragments from #3 flew out two miles and few reports even claim that they went out three miles. This point totally refutes the official TEPCO for public consumption press release, where they still claim to this day that there was no fuel release, no reactor damage and no nuclear explosion, just a hydrogen explosion. 

How will the fuel scattered on the ocean bottom affect the ocean for the next 1 million years? How much radiation will contaminate how much ocean, as the ocean circulates water over this several square miles of scattered nuclear fuel debris?
The #3 reactor building explosion was VERY different from the other kinds of hydrogen triggered explosions in all of the other buildings. When #3 exploded, it triggered the evacuation of the whole complex. The hydrogen explosions from the other buildings did not trigger evacuations, by comparison. Also many more people were injured and/or killed with this #3 explosion, even though TEPCO denies that as well.  TEPCO decided to abandon the plant shortly after this explosion.  However, based on an order from someone high up in government, a small crew of 50 returned to try and save the plant. New York Times: Broken pieces of nuclear fuel rods found outside Reactor No. 2, says nuke executive — Covered up by bulldozers April 7, 2011 http://enenews.com/nytimes-broken-pieces-nuclear-fuel-rods-found-reactor-2-nuke-executive-covered-bulldozers
Whether or not the power was maintained to instruments, gauages and recording equipment is in dispute. TEPCO claims it never lost power, but other reports say that power was completely out for many days, and there was no way TEPCO could know anything about any reactors for a certain period of time, due to loss of ALL power to the whole complex.
The explosion at Unit #3 was HUGE. The vent tower behind #3 was 700 feet tall. When Unit #3 exploded, its contents of MOX fuel went up into a gigantic plutonium laced mushroom nuclear radiation filled cloud. When Unit #3 exploded the mushroom cloud went up so high that it made the tower look like a tiny flea on an elephant. Report: Nuclear fuel fragments found over a mile away were “ejected from the reactor cores in those explosions” not spent fuel pools, according to NRC (VIDEO) August 18, 2011 http://enenews.com/report-nuclear-fuel-fragments-found-mile-away-ejected-reactor-cores-explosions-according-nrc-video
This explosion was unlike the horizontal, low to the ground, white smoke hydrogen explosions in the other units that exploded at this complex. When Unit #3 exploded, it also carried a huge amount of radiation filled debris along with it, while also spreading pieces of nuclear fuel rods around the plant anywhere from 1-3 square miles. (See analysis links below)
Nuclear engineer: NRC now says reactors and containments have breached and released plutonium off-site — “Much worse” than if from spent fuel pools (VIDEO) August 22, 2011 http://enenews.com/report-nuclear-fuel-fragments-found-mile-away-ejected-reactor-cores-explosions-according-nrc-video
Assuming that the plutonium/uranium nuclear fuel was scattered in a 3 mile radius from the blast zone, then approximately 7 square miles around the Fukushima plant were highly contaminated with fragments of nuclear fuel, including parts of the ocean floor. (Maybe this is why the radiation readings offshore in the ocean are not going down as expected?) Mag: Curium and plutonium outside Fukushima plant indicate nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — Broken spent nuclear fuel rods may have been scattered December 17, 2011  http://enenews.com/mag-curium-and-plutonium-outside-fukushima-plant-sign-of-nuclear-explosion-at-reactor-no-3-broken-spent-nuclear-fuel-rods-may-have-been-scattered-around
Bottom line; Fukushima Reactor #3 was loaded with MOX fuel. According to nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson, #3 was an old, poorly designed Mark I reactor design. TEPCO may very well have pushed it too far by loading highly unsafe and very dangerous plutonium containing fuel, which it was NOT designed for. This load of MOX fuel was an ‘experiment’ to see if they could ‘safely’ do this with Mark I reactors. These reactors are all over the world, including 21 of this same type of reactor in the United States.
This Mark I Unit #3 reactor melted down 9 months after it was loaded with MOX fuel, when it exploded, releasing up to an estimated 500 pounds of plutonium nano particle sized dust into the air, plus an estimated 20 tons of nano particle sized uranium dust. This may very well be why the company and Japanese government as well as nuclear regulators pushed so quickly for ‘cold shutdown’ and why no ‘official’ press releases from the company include any mentions of plutonium, nuclear explosion, uranium, or anything else that may sound scary.

NYTimes flashback: Broken pieces of nuclear fuel rods found outside Reactor No. 2, says nuke executive — Covered up by bulldozers February 25, 2012  http://enenews.com/nytimes-flashback-broken-pieces-of-fuel-rods-have-been-found-outside-reactor-no-2-covered-up-by-bulldozers
No one in the industry wants anyone to know that both highly toxic and dangerous plutonium was released from this explosion, and that may very well be why you will not see this on any GE controlled mass media outlet or even on Wikipedia, which to this day, still claims the ridiculous assertion by ‘experts’ that Fukushima only released 10% of Chernobyl radiation. (GE owns a LOT of subsidiary news companies and has a lot of ‘experts’ hired to refute any non-experts logic, like that above.)
How can a nuclear explosion and multiple spent fuel pools plus leaking reactors only manage to release 10% of what Chernobyl released? Even an average person can see through this obvious fabrication and manipulation. For starters, all of these supposed experts rely on ‘official’ reports that do not include #3 nuclear explosion, and further, they also do NOT include the entire contents of the spent fuel pool also exploding in that same nuclear explosion. The numbers exceed Chernobyl by a huge amount, if we end up with this scenario.
How can we allow a corporation that makes nuclear reactors and nuclear devices and sells them, to also own all of our news outlets and to staff the regulator that is supposed to ensure public safety with a revolving door, just like the FDA and drug companies? Is this not an example of very unsafe conflict of public and community interest? Now let’s turn our attention to what happened at the spent fuel pool at Unit #3.
First, let us prove that SFP #3 Contained MOX Fuel, since many experts claim that #3 spent fuel pool had no MOX fuel in it, and many of those same experts also claim that this spent fuel pool was not damaged in the explosion at Unit #3. TEPCO further put out a video that claimed the pool is full of water, and it appears that little or no damage was done to the fuel rods. This video and their press releases give the impression that nothing happened to reactor #3 and little or nothing of interest happened at the #3 spent fuel pool.
“Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 According to the results confirm the soundness of the new MOX fuel in the long-term storage” July 31, 2010 NISA – Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
Introduction: Analysis of this document began under the premise that MOX fuel could in no possible terms be viable and intact after spending a period of 10-11 years in the spent fuel pool.  Documents show that 32 Mixed Oxide Fuel Assemblies were manufactured and sent to Fukushima-I in 1999.  These fuel assemblies were then stored in the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 3 pending local government approval.  This approval did not come until late summer of 2010, at which point arrangements were made and the fuel assemblies were loaded into Fukushima I-3 in September 2010.” http://archive.greenpeace.org/pressreleases/nuctrans/2001jan28.html 
What have we learned so far? The experts claiming that the #3 spent fuel pool never contained MOX fuel were ‘mistaken’. According to the above documentation, #3 spent fuel pool DID CONTAIN MOX FUEL.
Now let us determine if the fuel in this pool was damaged or melted, since TEPCO and many nuclear experts claim that nothing happened in this pool, and some claim that all of the rest are perfectly OK as well. They even released an ‘official’ video claiming to show that the pool is intact and full of water, filled with spent fuel rods. This is a TEPCO provided video of Reactor Unit 3 spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi 8 May 2011 http://youtu.be/KugIrnThul0  (TEPCO claims this is a video of an intact spent fuel pool #3)
Could it really be that #3 spent fuel pool sustained almost no damage and is still full of water, with a full load of undamaged spent fuel inside of it?
“New TEPCO data measured on August 19 & 20, 2011 shows severe damage to the spent fuel in Fukushima Daiichi Units 1, 2, and 3. The adjacent TEPCO table posted on the front page shows incredibly high levels of Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 in all three spent fuel pools of Units 1, 2, 3.
This TEPCO data clearly contradicts and refutes the July 2011 assertion by the NRC the Fukushima Daiichi spent fuel pools were not damaged in this tragic accident. Crytome has a new high resolution photo, also uploaded, that shows the extensive damage of the Unit 3 spent fuel pool and the reactor building.”  http://vimeo.com/28222223
We also have this report showing high levels of iodine being produced from spent fuel pool #3. This indicates an active fission process, and melted fuel. This sets the stage for the next Highest Yet: Iodine-131 in No. 3 spent fuel pool at over 1,000,000 times normal — “Generated during nuclear fission” (VIDEO) May 10, 2011 http://enenews.com/iodine-131-3-spent-fuel-pool-1000000-times-normal-suggests-nuclear-chain-reaction-nuclear-expert-video
At the very least, we have proved with direct evidence provided by the company itself, that the #3 spent fuel pool was AT THE VERY LEAST EXTENSIVELY DAMAGED, and the fuel was melted. Uncontrolled nuclear fission was happening, (producing radioactive iodine).
So now let us continue on with our detective work, since the nuclear regulators seem to be unable to even accomplish this. Remember that the IAEA visited the plant, along with the NRC representatives and found nothing amiss. They are all still officially reporting no nuclear explosion and only 10% of Chernobyl radiation released.
If we are not afraid of finding out what is really going on, then we have to ask a scary question. Is it possible that #3 spent fuel pool does not even exist anymore and that all or most of its contents were blown sky high in the massive mushroom cloud explosion that everyone saw? Some reports and a few experts who are not afraid to tell the truth indicate that this is the case.
According to a “US nuke industry report,  explosions at Fukushima Units 1, 3, 4 may have caused inventory (nuclear rods) to be lost from spent fuel pools — “Debris” on ground near Unit 3 was extremely radioactive after blast” November 11, 2011  http://enenews.com/nuke-industry-report-explosions-fukushima-units-1-3-4-caused-additional-inventory-nuclear-rods-be-lost-spent-fuel-pools
Lets have a few more experts weigh in, shall we? One Japanese Expert said; “It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool.” http://enenews.com/alert-japan-expert-nuclear-explosion-reactor-3-believe-fuel-rods-blown-spent-fuel-pool
The link above consists of a story with Japan nuclear expert Setsuo Fujiwara, who did an interview with SPA magazine. He worked at the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES). He was a nuclear plant inspector and he knows these plants inside out, backwards and forwards. He also claims, as other experts do, that the explosion at reactor #3 was a nuclear explosion.
He described the flicker of fire and the vertical black smoke rising up. But he goes on to say that the spent fuel pool at #3 was destroyed and the contents of the pool were dispersed by the explosion. Specifically he asserts that there was an explosion INSIDE the #3 spent fuel pool and the melted or whole fuel rods inside of it were blown out.
He explains the sequences of events by saying that the water level decreased in the spent fuel pool #3, which caused fuel rods to melt down. Hydrogen gas was produced from the zircaloy water reaction. Inside the spent fuel pool (SFP), the water boiled above the melted fuel, and at some point, a hydrogen explosion happened.
He describes that the hydrogen explosion caused the water to compress downwards, which also compressed the hydrogen bubbles in the boiling water. This created a negative void coefficient so the “reactivity of nuclear fission was suddenly heightened. This resulted in a nuclear explosion of prompt criticality.” 
“Nuclear expert: Powerful explosion at reactor No. 3 may have been from “prompt criticality” in spent fuel pool” (VIDEO) April 26 http://enenews.com/nuclear-expert-powerful-explosion-at-reactor-no-3-may-have-been-from-prompt-criticality-in-spent-fuel-pool-video
In the video above, provided by Arnie Gunderson, he goes into the explanation about what caused the devastation everyone sees at Unit 3. He explains the difference between a detonation and a deflagration. He reports that there is a huge difference between the explosion at #3, and the hydrogen explosions at the other buildings. He reports that nuclear fuel rods were found as far away as TWO MILES from Unit #3.
Uranium, plutonium and americium has been found around the world as a fine dust. He says that the only way this can happen is if nuclear reaction happened, and that this fuel was volatized and thrown out. He says that the fuel pool exploded, and it accounts for the muzzle shaped explosion. He says the rubble coming back down were fuel racks, fuel rods and debris from the building. The blackness of the cloud were evidence that uranium and plutonium were volatized and turned into dust that traveled all around the world.
He continued by saying; If it were just hydrogen, the explosion would just be under the speed of sound, but the #3 explosion was faster than the speed of sound. A detonation does not cause a flash of red, but a deflagration does. He says that a hydrogen explosion happened, which caused a distortion in the pool, which caused the prompt critical explosion. There is a way to test this hypothesis, and that is to test the smoke. There are two xenon isotopes and depending on their relationship, we can determine if this was a prompt criticality or not, but no one has released this information yet. (end of video) 

Another nuclear expert; Dr. Christopher Busby weighs in and says that the #3 explosion may have been a nuclear explosion criticality. FIRST PROMPT CRITICALITY NUCLEAR EXPLOSION At #3. His Analysis of #3 Explosion is detailed in this video; http://youtu.be/1Q3ljfLvHww
Even a former Tepco employee has reported that the government and TEPCO are lying about all of this. He says that “plutonium and uranium in Reactor No. 3 has all been blown out — This was no ordinary explosion — Gov’t is concealing truth” (VIDEO) November 12, 2011 http://enenews.com/former-tepco-employee-plutonium-uranium-all-blown-reactor-3-ordinary-explosion-govt-concealing-truth-video
Some nuclear apologist ‘experts’ claim that there was no nuclear explosion at #3, because there was not enough concentration of enriched uranium/plutonium to support such a reaction. But the evidence of history supports the conclusion that it is possible, and that it has happened more than once in the past, in exactly the same way that it happened here at Fukushima. See ‘Prompt Criticality: Capable of sustaining a chain reaction without the aid of delayed neutrons’. at-McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Dictionary http://www.answers.com/topic/prompt-critical
In their article they are quoted as saying that “nuclear reactors can be susceptible to prompt-criticality accidents if a large increase in k-effective (or reactivity) occurs, e.g., following failure of their control and safety systems. The rapid uncontrollable increase in reactor power in prompt-critical conditions is likely to irreparably damage the reactor and in extreme cases, may breach the containment of the reactor. Nuclear reactors’ safety systems are designed to prevent prompt criticality and, for defence-in-depth, reactor structures also provide multiple layers of containment as a precaution against any accidental releases of radioactive fission products. With the exception of research and experimental reactors, only a small number of reactor accidents are thought to have achieved prompt criticality, for example Chernobyl #4, the U.S. Army’s SL-1, and Soviet submarine K-431. In all these examples the uncontrolled surge in power was sufficient to cause an explosion that destroyed each reactor and released radioactive fission products into the atmosphere.” Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/prompt-critical#ixzz1nasr9yRO
Now we have multiple nuclear experts, all in agreement. All of them are saying a nuclear explosion happened at spent fuel pool #3. If you are not convinced yet that there were nuclear explosions, feel free to follow these links and read more about it..
Two explosions may have occurred early on at Reactor No. 3, very similar to Chernobyl — Likely at least several hundred pounds of plutonium ejected (VIDEO) June 3 2011 http://enenews.com/explosions-occurred-early-3-reactor-very-similar-chernobyl-several-hundred-pounds-plutonium-ejected-video
Nuclear expert: Powerful explosion at reactor No. 3 may have been from “prompt criticality” in spent fuel pool (VIDEO) April 23 2011 http://enenews.com/nuclear-expert-powerful-explosion-at-reactor-no-3-may-have-been-from-prompt-criticality-in-spent-fuel-pool-video
Japan Expert: It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool December 13, 2011 http://enenews.com/alert-japan-expert-nuclear-explosion-reactor-3-believe-fuel-rods-blown-spent-fuel-pool
UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF
Worker at Reactor No. 3 says nuclear fuel gone from Spent Fuel Pool — “Great skepticism” that any pellets remain (VIDEO)
NYTimes on “Ejection of Nuclear Material”: Confidential US doc suggests pieces of fuel blown up to a mile away — Some between two units bulldozed over April 6, 2011  http://enenews.com/highly-radioactive-pieces-spent-fuel-pools-blown-mile-away
So now that we know this massive nuclear explosion was not only possible, but highly likely, can we find evidence that there were three explosions, which would indicate that experts were correct in claiming that both the reactor and the spent fuel pool are gone?
We started this detective journey by asking if a nuclear explosion was possible. We found out that it was not only possible, but that the explosion actually consisted of at least two and quite possibly three separate explosions, one feeding and causing another and then another, in quick succession.
Now we have two or three explosions to deal with and explain. First, we have a hydrogen explosion at the spent fuel pool, and then we have a nuclear explosion (deflagration/prompt criticality) coming out of the spent fuel pool.
This in turn, may have triggered the nuclear explosion(deflagration/prompt criticality) in the #3 reactor, in quick succession. Is there any evidence of three explosions happening at the #3 building, all at once? 
Starting at 20 minutes in, an interview with a nuclear expert on Coast To Coast explains how two explosions may have occurred early on at Reactor No. 3, very similar to Chernobyl — Likely at least several hundred pounds of plutonium ejected. Most of it will circle the globe and settle out. It only takes one tiny particle of inhaled plutonium to cause cancer and possibly die eventually. Just like in Chernobyl, there were two explosions within milli seconds. He describes Fukushima as a Level 8 event, way about Chernobyl Level 7. A Level 8 is Multiple Source Event, with leaks in multiple reactors, requiring international assistance and cooperation. This will easily be a TRILLION Dollar disaster.
The reactors were worth 38 Billion each, before they melted down. (As of Feb. 2012, only two out of 54 nuclear reactors are still operating in Japan. Multiply 40 Billion each times 54 reactors and that is the total cost so far, assuming they all stay shut down, but without any cleanup or compensation or lost income/taxes). The mass media is NOT covering this, ABC, NBC, CBS and others are avoiding any coverage of this event. (VIDEO) June 3rd, 2011. http://enenews.com/explosions-occurred-early-3-reactor-very-similar-chernobyl-several-hundred-pounds-plutonium-ejected-video
Hartmann – Fukushima…is this the China Syndrome?, The Big Picture, August 18, 2011. In the following video, at 4:15 in, “Paul Gunter, director of Reactor Oversight Project with Beyond Nuclear: We were involved in an Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] hearing on July 28 of this year where the NRC basically admitted that (radioactive) fuel fragments found over one and a half miles away from the facility did not come from explosions from the spent fuel pools, according to the NRC those fuel fragments were ejected from the reactor cores in those explosions. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baya8-agPs4
Now we have evidence that both the reactor AND the spent fuel pool exploded and spread highly radioactive fuel rods for over a mile around the plant, including into the ocean.
From another source that would lend more weight of evidence that a nuclear explosion happened, and that fuel got scattered more than mile away; “According to the reports by the Ministry of Education and Science, curium-242 (242Cm) has been detected at a location 3 kilometers from the plant, and plutonium-238 (238Pu) has been detected at a location 45 kilometers from the plant. […]242Cm’s half life is short (about 163 days), and the deposition of 238Pu around the plant is far greater than normal, leading the Ministry of Education and Science to conclude these were emitted from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. If that’s the case, pieces of broken spent nuclear fuel rods may have been scattered around the plant, and it is extremely dangerous.” http://enenews.com/mag-curium-and-plutonium-outside-fukushima-plant-sign-of-nuclear-explosion-at-reactor-no-3-broken-spent-nuclear-fuel-rods-may-have-been-scattered-around/comment-page-1#comment-211945
Once the explosions happened, we would expect to find evidence of the destruction of both the reactor and the spent fuel pool, correct? So where is there evidence that both the reactor and the spent fuel pool blew up? We can go further now. Let’s take a look at the evidence directly with our own eyes. See if you can find the reactor and spent fuel pool in the wreckage that was left after the explosion. http://youtu.be/0ZBYQ5opMLs 

Watch the following video and tell me what you see.. Does it show a hole in the ground, with smoke coming out of it?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dfFhvu8Q0M
So how much radiation was released when spent fuel pool #3 blew up? No one knows, since the officials will not go there and none of the popular mass media radiation release figures include this. Most figures are still stuck on 10% of Chernobyl radiation total release, but this figure is laughable at this point.
We all know that these out of control nuclear melt downs, explosions and melt throughs released massive amounts of radioactive noble gases, many times more in total than Chernobyl. There is no way this could not have happened, since at least three reactors were confirmed to be leaking, melted down, melted through, and at least one spent fuel pool and possibly one reactor had a nuclear explosion, with many times the total tonnage of nuclear fuel, plus is was MOX fuel, which is many times more dangerous per ton than the equivalent Chernobyl radiation, which only had uranium releases.  
The three melted down corium blobs also release radioactive gases and dust, resulting in a bunch of radioactive isotopes that float out into the air. What is this total? No one knows… as they are not counting this.
TMI lost 20 tons of nuclear fuel into the air from ONE reactor core partially melting down for 1 day. How much has been lost from multiple reactor cores over all of this time at Fukushima, in addition to the multiple FUKU spent fuel pools that blew up, melted down, or etc? Any guesses?
The heavier elements melt DOWNWARDS, as proven by Chernobyl, TMI and other nuclear accidents. Just having something blow up does not mean everything disappears into thin air. At Fukushima, the ‘experts’ and nuclear apologists have to admit that do not know where the melted corium blobs are or what they are doing, much less how much radiation they are releasing into the air on a daily basis.
Chernobyl blew up, and still had massive corium meltdown and meltthrough going down through multiple floors under the reactor, combined with massive amounts of sand, boron, lead and God knows what else. The corium at Chernobyl is all melted and fused together down under the reactor. Luckily, Chernobyl was diluted with sand, boron and lead. It cooled on its way down. The corium stopped several floors down inside the building, in the basement. In Russia, they made HUGE efforts to stop that downward movement of corium by utilizing an army that consisted of over 500,000 people, and closer to 1,000,000 people.
In Japan, there is almost ZERO effort to stop the melted corium from going down into the ground. They did not even admit it was happening, and then only slowly managed to admit that it was POSSIBLE that it melted through MONTHS later. Even now, they are having trouble even talking about it, much less investigating it or trying to figure out anything around it. The danger is that there will be a massive explosion when a corium blob hits groundwater and take out the whole complex, thus causing a global life extinction event. The consequences of the nuclear corporate, regulatory body and government coverup/denial strategy may doom the human race. Time will tell. This is NOT over yet.
Very little has changed since Chernobyl blew up and radiated everyone, except that many more nuclear accidents, meltdowns, melt throughs and ‘accidental’ radiation releases happened, plus way more radioactive substances are now in the air, on the ground and in the ocean as well as inside all of us.
How many radioactive elements and isotopes are released from something like Fukushima, some of which eventually end up inside all of us?
According to Asahi: about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials have been released from Fukushima reactors. http://enenews.com/asahi-sources-reveal-about-1000-kinds-of-radioactive-materials-released-from-fukushima/comment-page-1#comment-195658
Let’s focus on just 93 out of the 1,000 total, shall we? There are 93 different long lived radioactive elements that hang around and pollute both the environment and us for at least 17,000 years and up to BILLIONS of years in total decay life. Want to see the list of all 93?
How much sense does it make to heat water for only 30 years, when these insanely dangerous radioactive elements will affect millions of future generations in a negative way, and quite possibly cause the extinction of the entire human race? If you want to know what happens when a Super Solar Storm hits and knocks out all power, read this… It is predicted to hit in 2013. The Carrington Effect May Cause Year Long Power Blackouts http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/3107047 
The potential life extinction question scientists should be asking is; what happens when all 400 nuclear power plants around the world no longer have power for weeks or months, just like Fukushima?

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What Really Happened At Fukushima Reactor And Spent Fuel Pool #3? via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/02/what-really-happened-at-fukushima.html


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How To Combat Terrorism Without Trashing The Constitution And Giving Up All Our Rights

How can Israel get away with no X-ray scanners in ANY of their airports? They have the safest airports and no bomb incidents, as opposed to the US, which has had several, even WITH these scanners. There is also a dispute out how dangerous these machines are, and how much they take away our Constitutional right to not be searched, unless there is court ordered search warrant. Is the fear of terrorism worth trashing the Constitution?

Could the Israeli way of combatting terrorism a model we could follow in the USA?

The ‘Israelification’ of airports: High security, little bother – thestar.com

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How To Combat Terrorism Without Trashing The Constitution And Giving Up All Our Rights via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2010/11/israelification-of-airports-high.html


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12 surprising reasons to eat more blueberries

12 surprising reasons to eat more blueberries http://tinyurl.com/2v9bl2u

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Survey shows many are still clueless on how to save energy

Survey shows many are still clueless on how to save energy

The survey shows how things that really make a difference are ignored, while doing useless and ineffective things are focused on; such as sleeping more, and turning off lights.

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Survey shows many are still clueless on how to save energy, via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2010/08/survey-shows-many-are-still-clueless-on.html


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Study: Solar industry poised to create 60,000 jobs in California – Sacramento Business Journal

Study: Solar industry poised to create 60,000 jobs in California – Sacramento Business Journal


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Housing market recovery potentially threatened by foreclosures

The housing market recovery is potentially threatened by foreclosures http://bit.ly/c4mSVo

My note; there is wave of REO’s coming, but the homes sold at the bottom of the marketplace (the cheapest homes) are getting multiple CASH offers.

For those with 10% down and loan subject to conditions, it is almost impossible to compete with investors who offer all cash for a house priced at 50% of value. Many homebuyer’s spend many months making multiple offers all to no avail.

A better strategy for those with loans, is to aim higher in the market where the competition for homes is not so fierce. There is still a discount, and the process of buying is much easier.


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Manufactured Homes And Communities Go Upscale

“Payne Creek Village is like many subdivisions – speed-bump-quietened roads with names such as Quail Run, Fawn Lane and Mallard Drive. A brick entrance monument greets visitors adjacent to the management office.

By the numbers;
Cost Comparisons between New Site-Built and Manufactured Homes
(Site-Built excludes land; Manufactured include installation costs)

Site-built average price:
2000: $159,524 ($70.43 per square foot)
2006: $225,927 ($91.99 per square foot)

Single-section manufactured average price:
2000: $30,200 ($26.73 per square foot)
2006: $35,900 ($32.64 per square foot)
Street lights dot the roads that lead to a community playground. Evergreens edge the subdivision and rows of red maples are found within. Most homes have three bedrooms and two baths. It also has a home of the month award…..”

Source and link;  http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20091113/ARTICLES/911135024/1011/NEWS?Title=Manufactured-homes-communities-go-upscale

Manufactured homes can be designed and built green, very easily in fact. So combine the low price of manufactured homes and the green aspect, and what do you get? I get a winning combination… how about you?

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