Agenda 21 is right on track in NZ … Key’s legacy

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

John Key’s legacy spelled out in scathing terms by Green Party MP Gareth Hughes on February 11th this year (2016). “Hungry kids … up, inequality … up, pollution … up, electricity costs … up, housing costs … up, foreign ownership … up, debt … up, corruption … up … “. His legacy if you like, epitomizes everything Agenda 21 is about.


NZ Green Party

Published on Feb 11, 2016

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes, Debate on Prime Minister’s Statement – Part 48.

See a full write up of the speech on our blog here…

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Pale Blue Tesla: Most Beautiful Fan-Made Car Ad Ever

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

What does it mean when a car inspires spontaneously created fan-made vids like this?


A fan created Tesla commercial uploaded by Loren Booker is simply awesome. It features the voice of Carl Sagan narrating his 1980 television show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Cosmos was a thirteen part PBS series that covered a variety of scientific topics. It attempted to demystify them and make the knowledge that was unique to the scientific community at the time understandable to the general population. To this day, Cosmos is one of the most frequently watched programs ever aired on PBS.


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Jedi Mind Trump: This is not the Drought You’re Looking For

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Video from 2014 still holds up.

Associated Press:

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told California voters Friday that he can solve their water crisis, declaring that: “There is no drought.”

Speaking at a rally in Fresno, Calif., Trump accused state officials of denying water to Central Valley farmers so they can send it out to sea “to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish.”
supportdarksnow“We’re going to solve your water problem. You have a water problem that is so insane. It is so ridiculous where they’re taking the water and shoving it out to sea,” Trump said to cheers at a rally that drew thousands.

Trump said he spent 30 minutes before the rally meeting with more than 50 farmers who complained to him about their struggles.


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A call to do things differently

IPPNW peace and health blog

The A-Bomb Dome seen through the Cenotaph. The A-Bomb Dome seen through the Cenotaph in Hiroshima.

President Obama made an historic visit to Hiroshima today—the first sitting US president to do so since the US atomic bombing of that city on August 6, 1945, followed three days later by the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.

As he did in Prague, in 2009, President Obama gave a very moving and meaningful speech about the impact of nuclear weapons, reflecting upon the experience of the victims of nuclear warfare—the Hibakusha.

“Their souls speak to us,” he said. “They ask us to look inward, to take stock of who we are and what we might become.”

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US Military Budget And Top Secret “Black Budgets” Keep Growing, Money Cannot Be Accounted For, 6.5 TRILLION Dollars Missing From Secret CIA, NSA, NGIA

US Military Budget And Top Secret "Black Budgets" Keep Growing, Money Cannot Be Accounted For, 6.5 TRILLION Dollars Missing From Secret CIA, NSA, NGIA

Weaponising the planet – the Pentagon’s secret “war budget”


secret-agent-Smweapons1The Pentagon’s War on Accountability: Slush Funds, Smoke and Mirrors, and Funny Money Equal Weapons Systems Galore By William D. Hartung, Tom Dispatch, Reader Supported News, 24 May 16 How to Arm the Planet

“……..In recent years, keeping tabs on how the Pentagon spends its money has grown even more difficult thanks to the “war budget” — known in Pentagonese as the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account — which has become a nearly bottomless pit for items that have nothing to do with fighting wars.  The use of the OCO as a slush fund began in earnest in the early years of the Bush administration’s war in Iraq and has continued ever since.  It’s hard to put a precise number on how much money has been slipped into that budget or taken out of it to pay for pet projects of every sort in the last decade-plus, but the total…

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Will the Citizens’ jury be able to say NO to nuclear waste importing for South Australia?


citizen juryJust how strictly controlled the process is becomes obvious when it emerges that the task of those 50, during two weekend meetings in June and July, will be to produce ‘a short independent guide to help every South Australian understand the recommendations raised’ by the report.

ABC news dubbed this whole process the Premier’s ‘public relations exercise’, and surely they’re not wrong. 

The Premier is urging all South Australians to remain ‘open’ about the proposal. But are they, including the Citizens’ Jury, allowed to be open to refusal?

SA Premier coopts democracy for nuclear nefariousness Michele Madigan |  25 May 2016 

Madigan, MicheleI was trying to think what the invitation reminded me of. It took me a moment, but then I had it: the Project for the New American Century, the neo-conservative think tank and ‘educational’ organisation that went on to play a key role in shaping the foreign policy…

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Xenophon wants nuclear waste referendum, but only AFTER a dump site is selected


Independent Senator Nick Xenophon might vote against company tax cuts, seeks referendum on nuclear waste dump, The Advertiser May 26, 2016 Political Reporter Peter Jean  INDEPENDENT Senator Nick Xenophon wants a referendum to decide whether South Australia should be home to a nuclear waste dump……

Xenophon sitting on fenceAfter a South Australian Press Club election debate on Thursday, he told The Advertiser that a waste dump referendum should happen once a location was decided.

“The people of SA should have a direct say on it,” he said. If the state referendum passed, it is likely the federal Parliament would pass the legislation needed at that level…..

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Peace Action Praises Obama’s Hiroshima Visit; Pushes for Action on Nuclear Abolition


For Immediate Release:  May 27, 2016
Contact:    Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action, 951-217-7285 cell,
Peace Action Praises Obama’s Hiroshima Visit; Pushes for Action on Nuclear Abolition
Washington, DC — May 27, 2016 — Moments ago President Obama reflected on visiting Hiroshima Peace Park.  Paul Kawika Martin, senior director for policy and political affairs, with Peace Action (the nation’s largest grassroots peace organization which has worked for nuclear abolition since 1957), who has been to the same park three times, made the following statement:
“I commend President Obama for being the first sitting President to visit Hiroshima and reaffirm his commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons.  It is significant that he spent time with Hibakusha — atomic bomb survivors.  Obama is right that we need to do more to avert war and civilian suffering.  That should include more investments in diplomacy, a reduction…

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Science Friday: Stephen Colbert, Brian Greene, and Galileo’s Cannon

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Stephen Colbert once again flouting the conventions of media by assuming his audience is smart, curious, and wants to know stuff.

More please.
And if you’re that type of person, you probably enjoy what you get here and no where else. Hope you’ll support it.


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May 27 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶ Cutting edge progress in flow battery technology is taking place in such areas as nanotechnology, membrane improvements and membrane-less systems. A more mundane energy storage breakthrough, from a research team at MIT, focuses on a way to eliminate the pumps. [CleanTechnica]

MIT gravity flow battery. Image courtesy of the research team. MIT gravity flow battery. Image courtesy of the research team.


¶ More than 10 diving sites in Thailand’s national marine parks have closed due to widespread coral bleaching, amid the country’s continued efforts to protect the environment. At its worst in over six years, coral bleach has spread widely between 40% to 80% of the Thai reefs. [CNN]

¶ All references to the impact of climate change on Australian World Heritage sites have been removed from a UN report. The country’s Department of the Environment requested they be removed because of an expected impact on tourism. They included a chapter…

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Houston, You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

At some point after your 5th 100+ year rain event in one year, dim awareness may begin to arise that something has changed. Houston, we have a planetary emergency..

Why does climate change make for stronger storms and more intense precipitation?
It’s one of the clearest, most elementary predictions from fundamental physics, that a warmer atmosphere holds more water. In addition, this is one of the easiest to document changes that has been observed as climate changes.


Below, interviews with scientists explaining the hows and whys – the kind of succinct explanation that moved Slate’s “Bad Astronomer”  Phil Plait to write: pays to keep things on-topic, short, and sweet. That’s why I love the “This Is Not Cool”…

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A dreaded superbug found for the first time in a U.S. woman

The Extinction Protocol

May 2016HEALTH The United States’ first known case of a superbug that cannot be killed by a last resort-style kind of antibiotic was detailed in a report by the U.S. Department of Defense on Thursday. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden announced the case at the National Press Club in Washington.
A 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman showed the presence of a rare kind of E. coli infection that is resistant to antibiotics, even Colistin, which doctors sometimes use as a last resort when other antibiotics fail.
The woman went to a clinic in Pennsylvania, and a sample was forwarded to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Walter Reed found the bacteria in her urine. No other details were available, including how the woman became infected. She has not traveled outside the United States within the past five months.
The CDC and the Pennsylvania State…

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New South Wales lags behind in renewable energy use


NSW last in class on Climate Council report card for renewable energy use
South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory take the green podium for their efforts and policies pushing renewable energy targets,
Guardian, Michael Slezak, 26 May 16. New South Wales is the worst Australian state at driving renewable energy, and South Australia and the ACT lead the pack, a report produced by the Climate Council has found.

The results came just weeks after South Australia closed its last coal power station, and the ACT announced a target to source 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The report examined state and territory percentages of renewable electricity, the amount of large-scale renewable capacity per capita and the policy settings driving renewables.

NSW was bottom of the class in every category except rooftop solar. But it beat only Tasmania, which receives less solar radiation than…

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Greg Hunt “didn’t know” his favoured climate report written by former Liberal candidate


Hunt-Greg-climateClimate policy report hailed by Greg Hunt written by former Liberal candidate, , May 26, 2016 –Peter Hannam Environment Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald The lead author of a consultants’ report hailed by Environment Minister Greg Hunt as supporting the government’s climate policies is a current member of the Liberal Party and former candidate for the federal seat of Sydney, prompting questions about its independence.

Gordon Weiss is an associate of energy consultancy Energetics and was one of three authors of a report commissioned by the Environment Department exploring how Australia could meet its 2030 carbon emissions targets. The report did not disclose his affiliation.

The report drew criticism from groups such as The Climate Institute for its findings, in particular that Australia could achieve the Abbott-Turnbull government’s goal of cutting 2005-level emissions 26-28 per cent “under the current policy framework”…….

A spokesman for the minister said Mr…

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Australia now a plutocracy – don’t let fossil fuel lobby run this election!


USA election 2016To win on the climate we have to take our democracy back from the corporates who have bought it. That means making the urgency of the climate emergency, the need to keep coal, gas and oil in the ground, political donations reform, fossil fuel subsidies and a national Icac, red hot issues in this election.

Our democracy has been bought. To win on climate, we have to take it back, Guardian, 26 May 16  Christine Milne A majority of voters are in support of more government action on climate change – and yet somehow it’s not an election issue. Let’s make it one The current dissonance between election campaign rhetoric and the facts of climate change is unfathomable, that is, until you dig a little deeper.

This month, the world passed a disastrous tipping point from which there will be no return: the Cape Grim Air Quality Monitoring Station registered a…

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Australia – free of coal-fired electricity by 2030 – it can be done


Australia-solar-plugHow Australia can eliminate coal-fired electricity by 203 0  Canberra Times, May 26 2016 Andrew Blakers  Australia has agreed to limit global temperature rise to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius. The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources will be much easier, quicker and cheaper than many people realise because the technologies required – solar photovoltaics (PV), wind power and pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) – are affordable and are already deployed on a large scale.

PV and wind energy are price competitive with new-build fossil and nuclear power in most parts of the world, and price reductions continue. PV and wind constitute all new electrical generation capacity installed in Australia, and half of new generation capacity installed each year worldwide, more than fossil, nuclear and hydro power combined.

PV and wind are being installed at 20 times the annual rate worldwide of all other non-hydro renewables combined. Other low emission energy technologies…

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Politicians selling out Australian ports to nuclear waste transport


text-NoDarwin at Center of Nuclear Waste Controversy The Maritime Executive, By MarEx 2016-05-23 The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has said it will fight any plans to allow the world’s spent nuclear fuel rods and radioactive waste to enter Australia through the Port of Darwin.

The MUA is outraged that Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has offered to accept the waste which would then be transported thousands of kilometers to South Australia.

“Mr Giles is happy to sell out Territorians so that Malcolm Turnbull can use them as a dirty rag for his own personal gain and to benefit his top end of town mates,” MUA Northern Territory branch secretary Thomas Mayor said.

“It’s like putting Homer Simpson in charge of nuclear waste and his big business “Mr Burns” mates are rubbing their hands together. All the while Chief Clancy, aka Natasha Griggs, is none the wiser.”…….

Turnbull has already…

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The School of Hormesis and its terms of abuse, stigmatisation, and political and social isolation

Nuclear Exhaust

Published by Flinders University in the public domain.

Notice to Flinders University:

May 26th, 2016 at 1:59 pm

I am now at the point where I am fully prepared and able to present a complaint to both State and Federal human rights and EEO authorities about the impacts of the 2011 Sykes article here. The basic infringements being the exclusion of people deemed to be, judged to be or actually suffering mental health issues, whether radiophobia or any condition is actually (unlike radiophobia,an invention of the school of Hormesis. It does not appear in any relevant diagnostic manual such as DSMIV), with a primary breach to the rights of dissidents who disagree with the concepts of hormesis as a means of social control (as evidenced by the Sykes piece) or as a method by which alleged safety can be imposed upon populations.

In combination, in fact and in theory…

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Franco on the March in France 80 Years After the Fascist Rising in Spain?

Mining Awareness +

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic and the 80th anniversary of the Fascist rising of 18 July which overthrew the democratically elected republican government and sparked off a civil war which subsequently led to a 40-year period of cruel dictatorship… More than one hundred thousand Spaniards were murdered between 1939 and 1975 and the remains of more than 35 000 people have yet to be uncovered in ditches and fields throughout the length and breadth of Spain, … Torture and extra-judicial killings and other mass violations of human rights were common practice during the long period of dictatorship. Half a million Spaniards were forced into exile, … hundreds of thousands were imprisoned and detained in concentration and work camps, the last of which closed in 1962.” (Yrs modified from “Condemnation of the Franco regime on the 70th…

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Interview: Granddaughter of Exxon Climate Scientist

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Hear Anna Kalinsky’s questions for Exxon CEO – and his answers.

Kalinsky is the daughter of an Exxon scientist James Black,  who warned management in 1977 that humankind had “5 or 10 years to begin making hard decisions about climate change”.

In listening I’m finding this extremely heartbreaking and excrutiatingly sad.


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Matt Pearce: I was just another reporter sent to cover radicalization in Minneapolis. Then 2 local Somalis took me on a tour

Rise Up Times

An LA Times reporter in Minneapolis. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s eyes to see what’s happening in your own city, your own state, through a different lens.

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Your Vote: Raped and Pillaged – OEN Interviews Greg Palast

Rise Up Times

GP: It’s uglier, more widespread and the racism in the latest purges of voter rolls is far worse in 2016 than in 2000.

By Joan Brunwasser  Exclusive to OpEdNews  Life Arts   5/12/2016

Greg PalastGreg Palast
(image by Daragh McDonagh)

My guest today is Greg Palast, famed investigative journalist, whose first book was New York Times Bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization, and High-Finance Fraudsters. His latest is Billionaires & Ballot Bandits.

JB: Welcome to OpEdNews, Greg. You’ve been exposing election fraud for many years. In fact, one of your early election stories was the Bush family role in stealing Florida, and therefore, the general election, for W back in 2000. Here we are in the midst of the 2016 presidential primaries. How’re we doing since then, in terms of election integrity?

GP: It’s uglier, more widespread and the racism…

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Dark Snow 2016: Phase Two – Tracking Sea Level Impacts

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Thanks to all who have helped out thus far in the fundraiser.

I have not had a detailed update in a few days on donations, will share as soon
as I do – but things are looking good.  You’ll be getting real results for your donation, so if you’re still on the fence about it, no reason to hold back.  Mainstream media is not going to help us on this – so we’ll all just have to jump in and do it. Thanks for all your support and good will during this time of rather annoying necessities.


(remember, click above to go to the Dark Snow support page in order to get tax advantages)

Now as promised, I want to share some details of the next phase after
observations in Greenland this summer.
goodellheadI will be looking at the other half of the ice sheet equation – the impacts of…

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#ExxonKnew – and Chose to Lie

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

What climate deniers call “Free Speech”, the rest of us call lying.


Anna Kalinsky, the granddaughter of former Exxon climate scientist James Black, has berated the company for bankrolling climate change denial despite her grandfather’s attempts to inform the company of the risks of burning fossil fuels for the global climate.

In 1977 my grandfather was a senior scientist at Exxon. He warned Exxon executives that the world was just a few years away from needing to rethink our energy strategy to prevent destructive climate change,” Kalinsky says.

black_exxon“Instead, Exxon chose to mislead people about the risks of climate change – and continues to mislead people today. The company says they value their scientists and all the work they do, but that’s pretty hard to believe when they continue to fund organizations – both publicly and anonymously – that spread misinformation about the science.”

Kalinsky’s comments came during a call with media prior…

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May 26 Energy News



¶ Queensland is likely to get its first large scale wind farm. Ergon Energy offered a 12.5 year power purchase agreement for the 170-MW Mt Emerald wind farm. The wind farm, to be located about 50 km south of Cairns, is one of seven renewable projects Ergon Energy is considering. [RenewEconomy]

Australian wind energy. Australian wind energy.

¶ The price of oil has gone above $50 a barrel for the first time in 2016 as supply disruptions and increased global demand continue to fuel a recovery. The rise followed US data on Thursday showing that oil inventories had fallen, largely due to supply disruptions following fires in Canada. [BBC]

¶ Respondents among energy executives surveyed for KPMG’s 2016 Energy Business Outlook were much more bearish than last year on energy commodity prices. More than four out of ten expect distributed systems to cause big changes in utility business…

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WikiLeaks Exposes Text from Secretly Negotiated TISA Trade Deal

flying cuttlefish picayune

The classified annex to the draft “core text” of the Trade in Services Agreement is part of what is being secretly negotiated by the U.S., EU and 22 countries.

More:WikiLeaks Exposes Text from Secretly Negotiated TISA Trade Deal

cliffSEE ALSO – Greenpeace Netherlands: TTIP Leaks

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Solar Now Employs More than Oil & Gas in US

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


The number of U.S. jobs in solar energy overtook those in oil and natural gas extraction for the first time last year, helping drive a global surge in employment in the clean-energy business as fossil-fuel companies faltered.

Employment in the U.S. solar business grew 12 times faster than overall job creation, the International Renewable Energy Agency said in a report on Wednesday. About 8.1 million people worldwide had jobs in the clean energy in 2015, up from 7.7 million in 2014, according to the industry group based in Abu Dhabi.


Solar Power now has more employees than either the Oil & Gas or Coal Extraction industries in the United States. The solar industry employed approximately 208,000 individuals at the end of 2015 versus 185,000+ in oil and gas, or 190,000 in coal extraction. Solar power employment is expected to grow an additional 15% in 2016 to almost 240,000 individuals…

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WikiLeaks Exposes Text from Secretly Negotiated TISA Trade Deal

Rise Up Times

The classified annex to the draft “core text” of the Trade in Services Agreement is part of what is being secretly negotiated by the U.S., EU and 22 countries.

WikiLeaks releases latest documents from TISA negotiations.

WikiLeaks releases latest documents from TISA negotiations. | Photo: Reuters May 25, 2016

 The website WikiLeaks released on Wednesday classified documents from the Trade in Services Agreement, or TISA, which is a huge trade agreement being negotiated in secret by the United States, the European Union and 22 other countries.

The documents include a previously unknown annex to the TISA core chapter on “State Owned Enterprises,” which imposes unprecedented restrictions on SOEs and will force majority owned SOEs to operate like private sector businesses.

What Drives Governments to Keep TISA, TPP and TTIP Secret?

The leaked documents show how stipulations outlined in the TISA documents advanced the “deregulation” of big corporations entering overseas markets.

Media for the people!  Bringing you the best of the alternative…

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From the Heartland to Jihad: How a group of young men from Minnesota were drawn into ISIL’s campaign of terror

Rise Up Times

This story, from September of 2015, provides background on the young Somali men entrapped by the FBI. Three, who have refused to accept a plea bargain, are currently on trial at the federal courthouse in Minneapolis.

Gulad Omar

The FBI finally came for Guled Omar on a Sunday morning.

A squad of agents crashed through the front door of the house on Columbus Avenue in south Minneapolis, raced up the stairs and burst into the room where the 20-year-old Omar slept. Guns drawn, they screamed for his phone, demanding that he give it up before he could alert his friends.

Similar, carefully choreographed arrests played out across the Twin Cities and in San Diego that day in April. By day’s end, Omar and five other young Somali-American men from the Twin Cities were in jail, and Minnesota and its Somali community once again found themselves in the international terrorism spotlight.

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IARP|The Fifty Generation: A man born in Iraq the 1950s reflects on a life in exile (Video)

Rise Up Times

A man born in Iraq the 1950s reflects on a life in exile.

IARP | Iraq and America | Reconciliation After the Iraq War

The Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project (IARP) creates bridges of communication, understanding and support between Americans and Iraqis.

Media for the people!  Bringing you the best of the alternative media and original articles and videos.  Click here to help by learning more about Rise Up Times, spreading the word, and making a donation. 

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Pentagon Official Once Told Morley Safer That Reporters Who Believe the Government Are “Stupid”

Rise Up Times

Safer’s death should remind us of what the media consistently forgets.

Jon Schwarz  The Intercept  May 20, 2016

MORLEY SAFER, who was a correspondent on CBS’s 60 Minutes from 1970 until just last week, died Thursday at age 84.

There will be hundreds of obituaries about Safer, but at least so far, there’s been no mention of what I think was one of the most important stories he ever told.

In 1965, Safer was sent to Vietnam by CBS to cover the escalating U.S. war there. That August he filed a famous report showing American soldiers burning down a Vietnamese village with Zippo lighters and flamethrowers as children and elderly women and men cowered nearby.

The next year, he wrote a newspaper column about a visit to Saigon by Arthur Sylvester, the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs — i.e., the head of all the U.S. military’s PR.

Sylvester had arranged to speak with reporters for…

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Indian Point Nuke Plant has Massive Bolt Fail

flying cuttlefish picayune

Counter Punch –
Indian Point Nuclear Plant: It Doesn’t Take a Meltdown to Harm Local Residents

oldNPPsmThe Indian Point nuclear power plant is located just 35 miles from midtown Manhattan. About 18 million people live within 50 miles of the site. The two reactors at the site are over 40 years old – ancient in nuclear years. Recently Indian Point has been plagued by increasing problems;nearly 25% of the bolts in the reactor vessel were found to be damaged or missingand 65,000%spike in tritium levels [in] one of its test wells. These mechanical problems raise the concern of a catastrophic meltdown. . . .

Nuclear foes renew push to shut plant near Manhattan

white_redRADEnvironmentalists urged US nuclear regulators Tuesday to shut down a nuclear plant near New York after inspections showed an unusually high number of degraded bolts in a reactor.
The problem—uncovered during a…

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The Intercept: What It’s Like to Read the NSA’s Newspaper for Spies

Rise Up Times

An internal website was surprisingly forthcoming about NSA activities.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Peter Maass  The Intercept  May 16 2016

THE MEN AND WOMEN who work at the National Security Agency were greeted, on March 31, 2003, with a cheery notice on their office computers. “Welcome to SIDtoday,” a new internal website announced, explaining that the communications team in the Signals Intelligence Directorate, the heart of the NSA, was launching the publication to keep employees abreast of what was happening inside the spy agency. The website, SIDtoday, started modestly. Its inaugural article blandly described what it called “the analyst cockpit,” a portal for intelligence experts to access their data. The following day, which was April Fools’,SIDtoday posted an offbeat story about practical jokes, recounting how the Germans in World War II built a decoy air base, complete with planes, out of wood; the kicker…

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Fukushima clean-up chief still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel — Mark Willacy, ABC

Japan Safety : Nuclear Energy Updates

” The operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has revealed that 600 tonnes of reactor fuel melted during the disaster, and that the exact location of the highly radioactive blobs remains a mystery.

 In an exclusive interview with Foreign Correspondent, the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s chief of decommissioning at Fukushima, Naohiro Masuda, said the company hoped to pinpoint the position of the fuel and begin removing it from 2021.

But he admitted the technology needed to remove the fuel has to be invented.

“Once we can find out the condition of the melted fuel and identify its location, I believe we can develop the necessary tools to retrieve it,” Mr Masuda said.

“So it’s important to find it as soon as possible.”

Clean-up to take decades, cost tens of billions of dollars

Reactors 1, 2 and 3 at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant suffered catastrophic meltdowns in the hours…

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Noam Chomsky on Corporate Media and Activism 2016

Rise Up Times

In this interview, Prof. Noam Chomsky talks about the Corporate Media, their institutional role and which interests they serve in society. Chomsky also touches on how activists should react when they face harsh condemnation from the Corporate Media.

acTVism Munich

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Fukushima flunks decontamination — Robert Hunziker, CounterPunch

Japan Safety : Nuclear Energy Updates

” Japan’s Abe administration is pushing very hard to decontaminate land, roads, and buildings throughout Fukushima Prefecture, 105 cities, towns, and villages. Thousands of workers collect toxic material into enormous black one-ton bags, thereby accumulating gigantic geometric structures of bags throughout the landscape, looking evermore like the foreground of iconic ancient temples.

Here’s the big push: PM Abe committed to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which shall be a crowning achievement in the face of the Fukushima disaster. Hence, all stops are pulled to repopulate Fukushima Prefecture, especially with Olympic events held within Fukushima, where foodstuff will originate for Olympic attendees.

The Abe government is desperately trying to clean up and repopulate as if nothing happened, whereas Chernobyl (1986) determined at the outset it was an impossible task, a lost cause, declaring a 1,000 square mile no-habitation zone, resettling 350,000 people. It’ll take centuries for the land to return to normal.


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German Activists Protest Transport of German Nuclear Waste Across Germany and to America, while Americans Sleep

Mining Awareness +

While German activists protest the possible transport of German nuclear waste across Germany and to America for processing and probable burial, what are most Americans doing?
Actor Joseph Jefferson as Rip van Winkle, photographed by Napoleon Sarony in 1869
Wake up America! Wake up!
Ahaus to Charleston
Last Saturday, some Germans protested the potential movement of nuclear waste from Juelich to Ahaus and possibly on to America. However, the larger amount of German nuclear waste, which may get sent to America, is already at Ahaus.
May 22 2016 Anti-Castor transport protest NRW Germany
It’s truly absurd that most Americans are depending on Germans to protect America from German nuclear waste. As Bernie Sanders’ clear lack of qualms about sending Vermont radioactive waste to be buried in Texas shows, most people are happy to get shot of the waste from their area. And, don’t care what happens to it afterwards. Even Bernie is too foolish to see that waste buried out west may land on top of Vermont, after it blows up. Willingness to shut…

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Defending Science with Michael Mann

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

A great example of the reporting you will see at this site and – no where else, are the half dozen or so videos I’ve made responding point-by-point to the climate denial jihad against scientist Michael Mann, author of the now-many-times-replicated Hockey Stick graph of global temperatures.

Mike’s one of the dozens of leading experts who have been my coaches and mentors in areas of climate communication, – I’ve interviewed Dr. Mann numerous times, and shared the podium with him at American Geophysical Union, and the University of Iceland.

supportdarksnowFor the anti-science community, Dr. Mann became a target for the simple reason that his graphical image of warming temperatures over the last millenium was precisely what the PR specialists at right wing think tanks fear most – a simple, clear, understandable and “sticky” meme showing the effects of fossil fuel burning over time.


For producing effective science, Dr. Mann had…

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Adelaide: opportunity to question Nick Xenophon on his nuclear waste (lack of) policy


Xenophon sitting on fenceIf anyone wants to ask Nick Xenophon why he doesn’t oppose nuclear dumps in any part of SA, here’s your chance if you are in Adelaide week after next.


Wednesday, June 1 at 7 PM    Wheatsheaf Hotel  39 George St, Thebarton, South Australia 5031

Join Senator Nick Xenophon, Joe Hill, candidate for Adelaide and Daniel Kirk, candidate for Hindmarsh, for an evening of lively conversation in one Adelaide’s best pokie free pubs.
Free entry – all welcome.
RSVP: Joe Hill – or 0438 894 863
Daniel Kirk – or 0421 692 835

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72 Minutes That Changed The World.


By Jerry Alatalo

“The chief duty of the historian is to judge the actions of men, so that the good may meet with the reward due to virtue, and pernicious citizens may be deterred by the condemnation that awaits evil deeds at the tribunal of posterity.”

– CORNELIUS TACITUS (55-117 A.D.) Roman historian

aaa-38Alphabet It felt like synchronicity after posting University of California – Santa Cruz Professor Danny Sheehan’s surprising and revealing lecture on the history of what many call the “deep state” in America that Gary Null had just interviewed him on his radio program, part of the popular Progressive Radio Network.

The interview took place as part of “Conversations with Remarkable Minds” series on Dr. Null’s show, and titled, “The Masters of Wealth and Their History of Domination Over America”. Some of the discussion overlaps with the previous post featuring Mr. Sheehan’s university lecture, beneficial for review and retention…

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The Intercept: The Most Intriguing Spy Stories From 166 Internal NSA Reports

Rise Up Times

We combed through more than 160 internal NSA documents and found disclosures about interrogations at Guantánamo, the Iraq War, satellite-communications monitoring, the challenges of spying on the internet, and much more.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesPhoto: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Micah Lee, Margot Williams  The Intercept  May 16, 2016

IN THE EARLY months of 2003, the National Security Agency saw demand for its services spike as a new war in Iraq, as well as ongoing and profound changes in how people used the internet, added to a torrent of new agency work related to the war on terror, according to a review of 166 articles from a restricted agency newsletter.The Intercept today is releasing the first three months of SIDtoday, March 31 through the end of June 2003, using files provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. In addition, we are releasing any subsequent 2003 installments of SIDtoday series that began during this period. 

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Kennedy, Bush, Sanders, And The Organization. — THE ONENESS of HUMANITY

Rise Up Times

By Jerry Alatalo “The power to destroy the world by the use of nuclear weapons is a power that cannot be used – we cannot accept the idea of such a monstrosity… The time has now come for the nations of the world to submit to the just requisition of their conduct by international law.” […]

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HEPA Filter Failures at Nuclear Reactors or Other Nuclear Sites Can Lead to Increased Radiation Exposure for the Public and Workers

Mining Awareness +

The information notice below was in 1999, but the problem remains with the topic showing up in the US NRC “DRAFT 10 CFR Part 21 Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance, Meeting with the Industry and Stakeholders March 16, 2016“, where they note that a HEPA filter failure may mean that radioactive discharges are less filtered than usual, leading to higher levels of exposure to radiation by the public and environment (20 times or more greater than allowed by the US EPA).

In March of 2016 the USNRC states: “High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and/or dust collection systems on airborne effluent stacks. The equipment failure of a HEPA or a dust collection system on a high-flow airborne effluent stack could result in a release of licensed material“. [i.e. more Radioactive Discharges than legally allowed] “If the equipment failure is unidentified due to an unrelated failure…

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Close calls: We were closer to nuclear destruction than we knew.

IPPNW peace and health blog

The proposition that nuclear weapons can be retained in perpetuity and never used — accidentally or by decision — defies credibility”

This unanimous statement was published by the Canberra Commission in 1996. Among the commission members were internationally known former ministers of defense and of foreign affairs and generals.

The nuclear-weapon states do not intend to abolish their nuclear weapons. They promised to do so when they signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1970. Furthermore, the International Court in The Hague concluded in its advisory opinion more than 20 years ago that these states were obliged to negotiate and bring to a conclusion such negotiations on complete nuclear disarmament. The nuclear-weapon states disregard this obligation. On the contrary, they invest enormous sums in the modernization of these weapons of global destruction.

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