Not Giving Up! Letter to Government Office NW: pg 25 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

Wastwater Chronicles

pg 25 Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

July 23rd 1996

Not giving up!  Letter to Government Office NW

Dear Mr S. A. MacDonald,

Further to our telephone conversation, I am writing to you concerning the proposed felling of the Rusland Beeches.  On Friday 19th July the Lake District Planning Board rode roughshod over public opinion and disregarded a report by two highly regarded experts which concluded that the majority of the trees are healthy.  The ‘Save the Rusland Beeches’ campaign presented the Planning Board with 3,200 signatures (and rising) and the report commissioned by objectors confirming local feeling that the National Park is going over the top.

The fact is that these trees have withstood the severe storms  of 1987 and 1988 which flattened both young and old trees in the Lake District.  Last winter we had exceptionally heavy snowfall.  The Rusland Beeches survived these events, which in a trees life was only a second ago, only…

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Bernie Supporters Boo, Jeer After Call To Vote For Clinton-Kaine | Zero Hedge

A gathering for California delegates at the Democratic National Convention took a chaotic turn Monday morning as Bernie Sanders delegates booed and chanted over speakers. At a breakfast for California’s 551 delegates, Sanders supporters made their ongoing support for the candidate known with T-shirts, “Bernie or Bust” signs and loud jeers every time presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or her newly announced running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), was mentioned. Progressive favorites like U.S. Reps. Mike Honda and Barbara Lee, both from California, were at times drowned out by chants of “Bernie!” or jeers when they advocated for party unity.

Source: Bernie Supporters Boo, Jeer After Call To Vote For Clinton-Kaine | Zero Hedge

From Ego Self to Absolute Self

Openhearted Rebel

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I feel the need to clarify the notion of “ego” for myself. We who need to learn write.

Ego is simply a Latin word for “I.”  Self-Realization is the purpose of life so what harm is there in focusing on and burnishing the self or “I” that the ego is? Is not the deepest realization of that the fulfilment of life?

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USA nuclear weapons base in Turkey – a target for terrorism « Antinuclear

Coup attempt in Turkey raises a nuclear concern at US air base. Incirlik Air Base was an operational centre of the attempted coup. It is also America’s largest foreign stockpile of nuclear weapons.

A little more than 100 miles from the territory held by Islamic State, there is a little piece of Americana. It has an eight-lane swimming pool, a baseball diamond and housing tracts built on carefully manicured cul-de-sacs.

The Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey has some other American assets: several dozen B61 thermonuclear warheads. The base has been a linchpin in Nato’s southern flank for more than half a century, the staging ground for US anti-terrorism missions and the fight against Islamic State.

But the failed military coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has increased long-standing concerns about the military usefulness and security of the Incirlik armoury, America’s largest foreign stockpile of nuclear weapons. Security remains at the highest level. Electrical power was restored Friday after a weeklong blackout that strained living conditions at the base. The 3,000 US service personnel stationed there have been ordered to remain inside the gates. Hundreds of dependents were sent home months ago because of fears of a terrorist attack.

Source: USA nuclear weapons base in Turkey – a target for terrorism « Antinuclear

New Zealand sticks to its anti-nuclear resolve « Antinuclear

NZ’s nuclear resolve, Otago Daily Times, 25 Jul 2016 “……In 1987, Labour passed the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act, meeting an election promise.In a largely symbolic response, the US Congress retaliated with the Broomfield Act, downgrading New Zealand’s status from ally to friend.Former prime minister David Lange said if the security alliance was the price New Zealand must pay to remain nuclear-free, it was the price the country was prepared to pay.In 1989, 52% of New Zealanders indicated they would rather break defence ties than admit nuclear-armed ships. By 1990, National had signed up to the anti-nuclear stance.

Source: New Zealand sticks to its anti-nuclear resolve « Antinuclear

In time of nuclear war – women and children – last! « Antinuclear

BBC staff offered chance to survive nuclear holocaust – but wives left at home—but-wive/ Telegraph Reporters 23 JULY 2016 • 7:56PMBBC employees were offered the chance to survive a nuclear holocaust by broadcasting from an underground bunker, but they could not tell their wives, newly released files reveal.The broadcaster secretly drew up plans during the Cold War for how it would run a Wartime Broadcasting System in the event of a major disaster.Early versions of the plan – known as the ‘War Book’ – say that staff were “assigned” or “designated” to go underground, but later editions suggest they were “invited”. Chosen workers were informed not to tell their wives or bring them to the bunker, the files released by the BBC reveal.

Source: In time of nuclear war – women and children – last! « Antinucleard

The military top brass all have bunkers to go to..

In any natural or human caused disaster, usually it is the women and children who are saved FIRST. But when it comes to nuclear disasters or nuclear war, women and children are not even considered or thought about, and they are LAST.

The leaders of the nuclear industry all left the country or went into bunkers during the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters. But the women and children were left to fend for themselves.


In 2013, GMO Free USA sent a sample of Froot Loops to a certified lab to test for the presence of GMO material. The quantitative PCR test verified, by DNA analysis, that 100% of the corn in the Froot Loops was GMO, containing DNA sequences known to be present in insecticide producing Bt and Roundup Ready corn. The soy contained DNA sequences known to be present in Roundup Ready GMO soy. This year we plan to continue testing for the presence of GMOs in various food products and now we have expanded our testing to include glyphosate.

GMO Free USA plans to further expand testing to include 2,4-D, dicamba, atrazine, and neonicotinoid insecticides.The corn in Froot Loops produces insecticides from inside every cell of the plant that can’t be washed off and is regulated by the EPA. The FDA, EPA, and USDA allowed the insecticidal GMO corn discovered in Froot Loops to be commercialized without ever conducting human safety tests.

An in-vitro study found that the insecticides in this corn may be toxic to human cells (1). Feeding studies conducted on mammals found adverse effects, including immune system disturbances (2), blood biochemistry disturbances (3), male reproductive organ damage (4), disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system (4) and signs of organ toxicity (4)(5)(6). Industry claims that these insecticidal proteins are broken down in the digestive tract, yet a study found the proteins circulating in the blood of pregnant and non-pregnant women and the blood supply to fetuses (7)


July 25 Energy News | geoharvey

“Why fossil fuel industry needs South Australia ‘experiment’ to fail” • Price spikes, such as what recently happened in South Australia, used to be an important part of the business model for coal and gas generators. With the advent of renewable power, the spikes have all but gone away, so when one comes, they blame renewables.

Source: July 25 Energy News | geoharvey

5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness | Culture of Awareness

Spirituality has become increasingly popular among people today; it has become a huge topic of discussion as more and more people awaken to a higher sense of truth and curiosity concerning the nature of our universe. You might hear folks talking about the “Expansion of Consciousness,” but what does that mean?

This generally means that one is raising their awareness; it is through awareness of great truths that one discovers freedom in the understanding. You do not have to change yourself or alter who you are, but you do need to realize that you are not your body or mind, but the observer, and you have a lot to learn.Here are five ways to become more free, and less constrained by the issues that crop up in life:

1. Trust your inner voiceThe subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) voice that occupies your mind is very important. When it is speaking to you, listen. It is your subconscious, and as such, it is greatly intuitive and should be trusted. It is more finely attuned to the world than your conscious mind is.

Source: 5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness | Culture of Awareness

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