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Secrets Of Vatican Exposed; Pope Francis Says 2% Of Catholic Priests Are Pedophiles, Which Means 8,000 Priests Worldwide Are Sexually Abusing Children


He told Italian newspaper La Repubblica in an interview that was published Sunday that “reliable data” pointed to the estimate — which, if accurate, means roughly 8,000 priests worldwide are sexually abusing children.



Let’s not make this just about Catholics, because this is a universal truth, in all religions where male priests are in a similar position. What are the church followers in all religions doing to protect their children from the 2% pedophile rate, who look, sound, act and feel like they kindest, gentlest and best people on Earth? Transferring the problem to another church is not the answer.
More and more churches are creating policies for their spiritual/religious leaders to follow, which means for example, that they can never be alone with children, as one example. If a church group cannot protect it’s own children from their own pedophile leaders, how can a church do anything positive or meaningful for the world?


Frontline Secrets of The Vatican Full length History Documentary


Watch the full-length program at 

http://video.pbs.org/video/2365187642… (US Only)

The Catholic Church is an example of absolute power expressed by the 1% at the top, accountable to no one, and independent of any country or court. It could possibly be seen an absolute and corrupt top down patriarchal monarchy. The documentary illustrates how corruption and child sexual crimes with both boys and girls were denied, hidden and investigations suppressed. Whistleblowers were either expelled or side lined. 
Church dogma teaches that priests are next to God and are to be holy, pure, and abstain from sex. But in reality, most of the hierarchy at the top and many priests around the world are homosexual (despite clear doctrine against this). But they have no problem living double lives; railing against homosexuality by day and on Sundays, but at night going to homosexual bars and nightclubs and enjoying the pleasures of anonymous gay sex. (there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, of course, but pretending that it is a sin, railing against it during the day and then practicing it in secret at night is quite sociopathic, wouldn’t you agree?)
The Vatican is not just a church. The Vatican Bank was known to ‘handle’ the money of drug dealers and the Mafia, a criminal organization. (53 min into video) Account holders included the Iranian and Iraqi governments. The Vatican refused or resisted all efforts to clean up the bank operations and halt money laundering by criminal organizations. Whistleblowers trying to reform the bank and expose the corruption were expelled. Jesus expelled the money changers from the temple in his time. Nowadays, the corrupt money changers are in control of the Vatican and church operations. 
Once exposed, the church went after the moles who exposed the corruption and crimes rather than just dealing with it in a healthy way. After all, the 1% have to be protected at all costs. Cardinals that asked to remove the head of the money changer vipers were kicked out of a meeting with the Pope and whistleblowers were punished. Once the mole was found, he was charged and taken to court in a show trial. The butler of the Pope was sentenced to 18 months in jail, but the real criminals stayed free and kept right on doing the same things with no restrictions.  
The Pope than appointed a team of Cardinals to find and expose the ‘real’ corruption within the Vatican, and the purpose was not to reward them, but to punish them in whatever way possible. The butler was eventually pardoned by the Pope, but the Pope kept on searching, by appointing a very secret team to find and expose corruption. The focus was no longer on finding moles, but on uncovering deception and corruption. He found that there were entire dossiers of information that would be used against any whistleblowers, where the information contained in them was all based on lies, in exactly the same way that it was used against the butler for example. 
The corruption had to be hidden at all costs, so a mountain of lies and deception had to be created to cover it all up. There was a whole network of corruption that was held together by homesexual relationships, blackmail and more and this information was all given to the Pope on Dec 28th. 2012, based on the testimony of Cardinals and priests.  On Feb 28th, 2012, The Pope Benedict resigned, the first Pope to do this in 600 years. 
Pope Francis came in as a leader who served the people. He went to a jail and washed the feet of convicts as one of his first visits outside of Rome. He is the first ‘outsider’ Pope in history. 
Pope Francis is urging followers to not judge abortion, homosexuality and other sins, but to forgive them. He is adament about one thing though, and that is the worshiping of the golden calf, money. He is against the world of money without ethics or morals. He talks about the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and injustices suffered by poor people at the hands of the 1%.  He says men, women and families must be at the center of what God wants, not money. 
Pope Francis appointed a commission to investigate the Vatican Bank and another commission to investigate the Red Dossier given to the former Pope. Two after that, the senior accountant at the Vatican Bank was arrested. This was the first time that someone at this level had ever been arrested for a financial crime. The Pope said he had a few options; close the Vatican bank, fix it and then fix it some more. By October, the bank was moving to close 900 suspect accounts. 
A prosecutor said that if the Pope keeps on going, the Mafia will not hesitate to stop him, by whatever means are required, because he is dismantling ‘centers of economic power’. 800 years ago, another person gave away all of his wealth and dedicated his life to helping the poor and oppressed, and that person is who Pope Francis is named after. Pope Francis visited the place where this now famous person lived as a symbolic gesture of where he wants to go with the Catholic Church. 


And the leader is a sociopath, is it worth staying in that organization, whether it is non profit, for profit, religious, or spiritual? How does one tell if there is a sociopath in charge at the top? 

How To Spot A Sociopath Or Psychopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job; via A Green Road
Studies also show that very often, sexually abused children grow up to do the same thing to children themselves, by acting out the abuse on others that they received as children.  Let’s all work to end this circle of abuse and violence. Children deserve better than this never ending problem, don’t they? What is your church doing about this issue? What policies are in place to prevent or stop this issue?

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Secrets Of Vatican Exposed; Pope Francis Says 2% Of Catholic Priests Are Pedophiles, Which Means 8,000 Priests Worldwide Are Sexually Abusing Children

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