5 Misunderstandings About Spiritual Freedom

 Spiritual Freedom Takes a Long Time and a Lot of Work No. Spiritual freedom is here now. Time and work actually don't have anything to do with it. The amount of time and work needed have everything to do with individual resistance and sincerity. The insincere seeker tends to build more ego, and then needs even … Continue reading 5 Misunderstandings About Spiritual Freedom

Breastfeeding Facts – How To Get Started

This time we discuss and bring some light to some of the areas of the breastfeeding business that are most prone to misconceptions.And these misconceptions undermine a mother's belief in herself and in the breastfeeding process.Dr. Adepeju Oyesanya shows you how tiny your newborn's stomach is and once you see this video you'll realize why … Continue reading Breastfeeding Facts – How To Get Started

The Universal Golden Rule; Moving Towards A Global Ethic

The "Declaration Toward a Global Ethic"[28] from the Parliament of the World’s Religions[29][30] (1993) proclaims that the Golden Rule ("We must treat others as we wish others to treat us") is a common common principle for not only religions, but also all other belief systems.  Main article: Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declarationhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIpf8JUqLK4All faiths, belief systems … Continue reading The Universal Golden Rule; Moving Towards A Global Ethic