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Five Times The US Almost Nuked Itself – Drugged, Nuked, Chemed, Injected, Chipped, Dipped, Screened, Tagged, ID’ed, Marked, Sold, Mortgaged, Antivirused, Cloned, Cut, Burned; What’s Next?

Five Times The US Almost Nuked Itself – Drugged, Nuked, Chemed, Injected, Chipped, Dipped, Screened, Tagged, ID’ed, Marked, Sold, Mortgaged, Antivirused, Cloned, Cut, Burned; What’s Next?



20+ Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far, What Happens AFTER A Global Nuclear War? via @AGreenRoad

Every Nuclear Reactor Is A Military Industrial Complex Weaponized With 1,300 WMD Nuclear Bombs Worth Of Radiation

84 Missing Russian Suitcase Nuke Bombs – The New Post Cold War Threat Posed By Mini Nuclear Bombs

First Strike Policy, Nuclear Bombs, Down Winders, Acute Radiation Sickness, Nuclear War, Dirty Bombs, Bomb Shelters

The whole nuclear fuel chain from one end to the other is toxic and deadly, with no positive use in the human body or any other living organism on Earth.

Uranium Mining, Enrichment, Nuclear Fuel Chain, Open Air Testing, Fracking

The number of nuclear accidents is staggering, and most of them have been covered up, denied, hidden or minimized.

Nuclear Power Plant Threats, Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Fuel, Movie Reviews, Next Generation Nuclear Plants, Terrorists

Don’t you feel better now that you have been run through the Matrix and had all of these wonderful things done for you or to you, all in the name of the holy ‘profit’ motive?

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Super Bugs, Cloning, Flouride, Vaccines, Education, Chemicals

Only high profit, patentable, obscenely expensive medical things are allowed, but the free, non patentable, free of harmful side effect modalities are excluded, attacked and vilified.

Corporations are on a path to take absolute power and control over the whole world, especially if the TPP agreement passes, as it looks like it will with Republicans in control of both houses.

Censored, Top Secret! Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%, Whistleblowers, And Solutions

The pro nuclear apologists say all man made radiation is good for you, and the more you get, the healthier you become.

Children And Adults – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation Exposure

Sleep with radioactive Americium smoke detectors tucked in all around your body is their advice. Live close to a nuclear reactor and go visit uranium mines and spend lots of time breathing in uranium and radon dust and gas. According to them, the hormesis theory will get you healthier..

Negative Effects Of Internal Radiation Exposure, Risk Models, Hormesis, Radiophobia, Radiation Monitoring Networks

If the hormesis effect is true, why don’t the animals, insects, birds, fish and trees seem to be getting this same beneficial effect?

Animals, Insects, Birds And Plants – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation

Be careful what you bring into your home, where you live, and what metal products you buy, because they may be contaminated with radiation, especially if they are from areas like Belarus, Japan or around TMI.

Radiation In Food/Water/Products, Geiger Counters, Dosimeters, Test Labs, Radiation Readings, Conversions


Humans living on Earth and nuclear technology is not compatible long term. Eventually, something really horrendous will happen, even worse than Fukushima. A complete extinction level event of most or all humans and pretty much all other life on Earth is very possible, in many ways, thanks to the extreme hazards of radioactive elements. Either humanity gets rid of nuclear bombs, nuclear plants and nuclear ships/subs, or they will eventually get rid of humans, one way or the other. 


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Five Times The US Almost Nuked Itself – Drugged, Nuked, Chemed, Injected, Chipped, Dipped, Screened, Tagged, ID’ed, Marked, Sold, Mortgaged, Antivirused, Cloned, Cut, Burned; What’s Next?

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