The Psychopath in Chief – GEN

Trump revels in attention, domination, and cruelty. “The sociopath wants to manipulate and control you,” explains Martha Stout, “and so you are rewarding and encouraging him each and every time you allow him to see your anger, confusion or your hurt.” Even so, in order to protect our democracy and our shared humanity, it’s critical … Continue reading The Psychopath in Chief – GEN

The Psychopathy Of Corporations; I Am Fishhead

The Psychopathy Of Corporations is explained in this video...Dr. Caldicott MD also mentions the suicidal nature of the human race in the video below, starting with just a few individuals who are at the top of the power pyramid. ENDShare this blog post by copying and pasting the following into email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or click … Continue reading The Psychopathy Of Corporations; I Am Fishhead