Letter by Dr Marc Wathelet, PhD, to the Belgian Minister of Health

Pharmacovigilance databases around the world are all reporting an increase in severe adverse reactions and deaths from COVID vaccines ( http://www.vigiaccess.org/ [WHO]; https: //vaers.hhs .gov / [United States]; https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/the-yellow-card-scheme/ [United Kingdom]; https://www.adrreports.eu/en/search.html [Eudravigilance, European Union]). Analysis of VAERS data, for example, shows a much higher incidence for COVID vaccines than for influenza severe adverse events (28 times more) and deaths (57 times more, see Appendix B). What’s the use of these pharmacovigilance sites if such data are brushed aside as irrelevant, when on the contrary, they should call for the suspension of the vaccination campaign?

A rotavirus vaccine was withdrawn from the market in 1999 because of only 15 cases of intussusception. The swine flu vaccination campaign in 1976 was halted after 25 deaths. We are at about 3,000 times more at the minimum (appendix B). How many more deaths will it take before we realize the obvious?

Children deaths due to COVID are extremely rare and observed exclusively in individuals suffering from severe co-morbidities. Therefore the deaths of healthy children already recorded following vaccination should lead to an immediate moratorium on the vaccination of children. This should also apply to pregnant women, especially given the absence of information on the long-term effects of these injections.

Letter by Marc Wathelet, PhD, to the Belgian Minister of Health