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Saudi Arabia threatens response to “any action” over Jamal Khashoggi – Axios

Saudi Arabia threatens response to “any action” over Jamal Khashoggi – Axios

Saudi Arabia is doubling down on its denials of allegations that it is responsible for the disappearance and possible murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, saying in a statement Sunday that it will respond to any “threats” made against it, the Associated Press reports.

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Living joyfully and abundantly

Many of you, due to the old conditioning that glorified martyred service, believe that you can either be of service, or be prosperous, but you cannot be both.  Can you shift into accepting that abundant service is something that is completely available to you?  The more you can express your true essence, which is a beloved and essential part of all that is, the more you will be able to move into your highest service, whatever that may be, and also experience all of your needs being met with ease because you are no longer denying your soul’s desire to live your purpose joyfully and abundantly. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Stop Trump’s “More Usable” Warheads Insanity – Tri-Valley CAREs

Trump willing to use nuclear weapons bombs phillip george

Stop Trump’s “More Usable” Warheads
Monday, October 8, 2018
Posted by Marylia Kelley

The Trump Administration is pushing ahead with the development of a new, dangerous and more usable nuclear warhead. With your help, we can stop it!

As described in the President’s Nuclear Posture Review and fiscal 2019 budget, the new nuke will be a submarine-launched “low yield” variant to sit atop Trident D5 missiles. According to Trump it will make a U.S. strike more “credible.” In actuality, it lowers the threshold for nuclear use and makes nuclear war more likely.

Representatives Adam Smith (D-WA), Ted Lieu (D-CA), John Garamendi (D-CA), and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), along with Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), have responded by introducing a bicameral bill, the Hold the LYNE – Low Yield Nuclear Explosive – Act. This crucial piece of legislation, if passed, would prohibit any funds from being used for the research, development, production or deployment of this new warhead.

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Officials, Public Call for NYPD to Arrest Proud Boys Involved in Brutal Attack on Protesters

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Officials, Public Call for NYPD to Arrest Proud Boys Involved in Brutal Attack on Protesters

The Proud Boys subscribe to “Western chauvinism”—in which (mostly white) men “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world,” writes Proud Boy Magazine (via Rewire). As the Federalist reports, one of the central tenets of the organization is to refrain from masturbation (the “no wanks rule”) because it helps members “go out, talk to women, and then marry them, procreate, be strong American family men, help restore the natural order of things that had been knocked out of wack by feminism,” McInnes said.

This isn’t the first time a police department has been accused of acting slowly in pressing charges against violent alt-right groups. As Monique Judge reported for The Root back in August, Portland police were accused of singling out counter-protesters at an alt-right event, the Patriot Prayer rally.

“Ultimately, all of those injured [by police crowd control munitions] during the rally—as well as the four people arrested—were reportedly identified as counter-protesters,” wrote Judge.

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How Capitalism Torched the Planet and Left it a Smoking Fascist Greenhouse #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #ClimateChange #WentworthVotes #Genocide #Ecocide


How Capitalism Torched the Planet and Left it a Smoking Fascist Greenhouse

By Umair Haque

It strikes me that the planet’s fate is now probably sealed. We have just a decade in which to control climate change— or goodbye, an unknown level of catastrophic, inescapable, runaway warming is inevitable.

The reality is: we’re probably not going to make it.

It’s highly dubious at this juncture that humanity is going to win the fight against climate change.

Yet that is for a very unexpected — yet perfectly predictable — reason: the sudden explosion in global fascism — which in turn is a consequence of capitalism having failed as a model of global order.

If, when, Brazil elects a neo-fascist…

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Quick Thoughts: The Thing About Being a Victim – BROTHA WOLF

Victims white evangelicals extreme right wing Trump Republicans

Quick Thoughts: The Thing About Being a Victim – BROTHA WOLF

Even though there are tons of proof of racism against POC, there are people who think the real victims are whites who actually have privileges given to them that everyone else don’t have. As such, any group or movement out to challenge racism is met with outrage. The same goes with sexism and misogyny. Feminists are seen as the true enemies while men are seen as the real victims. It’s the same story with other marginalized groups. In the end, some people think that the most oppressed group in America are straight, Christian white males.

Again, I’m not saying that there haven’t been victims who are straight, white, Christian, men or all four. But standing up to injustice against people who are none of these is not an assault against them just because of what they are, but it’s a call for accountability and responsibility to make things better for us all, not just for some.

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Got white fragility?

Got white supremacy?

Got projection?

Got denial?

India Sealed Deal For Russian Air Defense Systems, Six Nuclear Power Stations, And More During Putin Visit; US To Be Held Financially Liable For Disaster Caused By Defective Russian Nuclear Parts Under CSC

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India is the world’s largest purchaser of arms and Russia its biggest supplier” (Anjana Pasricha-VOA news)

India signing the CSC (Convention on Supplementary Compensation) was pushed for by the US-India Business Council when Asian Indian-American Richard Verma was their lobbyist. It finally was ratified a little over a year after Verma became US Ambassador to India. The CSC is supposed to make the US liable for picking up part of the cost of a nuclear disaster in India. The only beneficiaries of this Convention are those selling defective nuclear equipment (including fuel), which Russian government owned Rosatom and/or its affiliate companies have apparently done in India at Koodankulam. Since Russia is not member of the CSC they would apparently pay nothing for disasters caused by their defective equipment.

During the Cold War India was allied with the Kremlin, which is why the US ended up allied with…

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Persecuting Evangelicals Play the Victim Card

Nel's New Day

Evangelical Christians are expressing their dismay with the “grotesque caricature” of their faith as they worship Dictator Donald Trump (DDT), a viciously cruel man who ridiculed the victim of sexual assault so that he could “win” and has a long history himself of sexual assaults, even during his three marriages. At a meeting on the campus of conservative Wheaton College, leader Doug Birdsall lamented that the term “evangelical” has negative associations, including its connection with racism and white supremacy. He would like to see the term used for “a person who believes in the authority of the Bible, salvation through Jesus’ work on the cross, personal conversion and the need for evangelism.” Instead, “evangelical” refers to a selfish, power-hungry political movement that takes the side of the devil to be victorious.

In 2008, John McCain described evangelicalism as “agents of intolerance,” and that image has only worsened in…

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