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Olympics And FIFA Enmeshed In Intolerance, Lies, Deception, Greed, Corruption And Human Rights Scandals Globally

Olympics And FIFA Enmeshed In Intolerance, Lies, Deception, Greed, Corruption And Human Rights Scandals Globally
Once upon a time, long ago, the Olympics were a place where cultures exchanged ideas, and nations showed off their best athletes, and that was true up until about the 1960’s. Olypics were still amateurs, consisting mainly of students or soldiers. 
Company logos and advertising or sponsorships were unknown and not considered in good taste. There were no 100 MILLION dollar huge corporate sponsors back then. 
Things have changed. Now the Olympics is more like a professional wrestling event, set up for show, with corruption, intolerance, human rights scandals, petty politics, profit and greed all showing up as the norm, not the exception.

FIFA is another global organization mired in corruption and scandal just like the Olympics, as it tries to explain away a 1 BILLION dollar ‘reserve’ fund, taking all of the profits from it’s events all for itself and more.. 


A report looking at the corruption that tarnished Sydney’s bid to host the Olympics.


Canadians are rightfully upset when it is discovered that Utah used bribery to get the 2002 Winter Olympics. If Utah or the IOC had any integrity at all they would have revoked Utah’s bid & held the games in Calgary. 


Most corrupt Olympics ever: Why Sochi’s “above and beyond” what we’ve seen before
Olympic-sized corruption plagues Sochi Winter Games, report claimsThursday May 30, 2013
MOSCOW — Russian businessmen and officials close to President Vladimir Putin have stolen up to $30 billion from funds intended for preparations for.. Sochi Winter Olympics, according to a report released on Thursday by opposition leaders. 




Supposed to, anyway. Because as University of Toronto sociologist Helen Jefferson Lenskyj points out, Olympics that aren’t beset by funding and human-rights scandals have become more the exception than the rule these days. In Sydney in 2000, it was Australia’s horrible treatment of its indigenous peoples, andthreats to deal in force with aboriginal protestors who planned demonstrations during the games. In Beijing in 2008, it was China’s record of repressing all dissent, not to mention its forced relocation of perhaps 1.5 million people to make way for all those shiny new Olympic facilities. For that matter, Atlanta officials displaced an estimated 36,000 people to clear the way for the 1996 Games, while arresting homeless people to ensure that they wouldn’t sully their city’s TV image — something that’s become a bit of a tradition for Olympic host cities.



The Olympics in Tokyo were awarded only after PM Abe promised the Olympic Committee that all ‘radiation stayed in the harbor’ and none reached Tokyo. This absurd and nonsensical farce and lie convinced the FIFA committee to ‘award’ Japan the 2020 Olympics. 
Cancel 2020 Olympics In Tokyo Japan – Dr. Mita Calls For Evacuation Of Tokyo; via @AGreenRoad


FIFA corruption arrests: All you need to know about the scandal surrounding top officials in Zurich
Seven FIFA executives arrested on corruption charges
The officials are suspected to have received millions in paid bribes
FIFA vice president Jeffrey Webb among those detained after hotel raid
Criminal proceedings launched into award of 2018 and 2022 World Cups
Electronic data and documents also seized in raid on FIFA headquarters
Who is Jeffrey Webb? Background of FIFA vice president
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3099161/FIFA-corruption-arrests-need-know-scandal-surrounding-officials-Zurich.html#ixzz3bMWe0ZAy




Just like politics is muddied and corrupted by money, so is sports. The only way to clean it up is to take the money out of it. If the participants do not get paid, if the events cannot be sponsored and if advertising during the event cannot be sold, then the only people participating will be more likely to do it for the love of the game, rather than being involved due to the money and power. 
FIFA and the Olympic Committee could do a lot to clean up their image and reputation. How about sponsoring community events that promote interfaith relations, peace and human rights, as a REQUIREMENT to host the games? 
How about offering talks and workshops before, during and after the games, about how sports can help bring a community together instead of dividing it into the haves and the poor have nots, who are excluded from the games and often bear the brunt of relocation, retribution, arrests, etc? 
When greed, corruption and absolute power is the only game in town, with a label of sports attached to it, what message and lesson is sent to the kids, who will make up the next generations?

At the very least, both FIFA and the Olympics could be based on a completely transparent set of financial disclosures. Anyone and everyone should be able to see all of the financial transactions going on around and within the organizations and their events, as well as who is getting the money in the end. Trust is built through disclosure and transparency, not through secrecy, bribes, corruption and lies. 


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Olympics And FIFA Enmeshed In Intolerance, Lies, Deception, Greed, Corruption And Human Rights Scandals Globally

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Scientific Nuclear Fraud At Major Universities; Uncovered And Analyzed

In the above video, Dr. Helen Caldicott MD explains the health dangers of low dose radiation. Her views are contrary to the nuclear industry viewpoints and beliefs, as expressed by nuclear pundits and experts at universities funded by the nuclear industry all around the world. Why would a medical professional have the exact opposite viewpoint, when compared to nuclear regulators and scientists?

Dr. Janette Sherman MD explores and explains the dangers of low dose radiation on fetuses and infants in the video above. She is also an expert about nuclear radiation, but she and Dr. Caldicott MD deal with kids, infants, sperm, eggs and fetuses, not cold, dead radioactive material. Who are you going to listen to? Could this hint at a reason why there is such a disparity of beliefs? 

Dr. Caldicott teaches for example, that just one ‘hot’ particle of plutonium or uranium, or cesium, or strontium, or one of 1,200 other radioactive decay daughters can cause birth defects, or health issues/death from one of 2,000 genetic diseases. The nuclear industry claims this is not possible, at all, ever. They further claim no one has died from this, nor gotten sick from any ‘hot’ particles that the nuclear industry produces. 

Now let’s explore why the public runs into two different and opposing belief systems. Did you know that scientific nuclear related research is full of fraud, and much of it cannot be relied upon, especially when it comes to radiation? Scientific fraud is rampant in research papers. 

Scientific fraud is now rampant in research papers:

More to the point, the whole nuclear scientific community is ‘controlled’ by the money flowing to them. They are universally told what to publish, how to research things, and what the final report will say. They also get ‘muzzled’ and told NOT to speak to the press, or to anyone else for that matter, especially if what they know would ‘harm’ the nuclear industry. 

Don’t talk to media about your research, scientist says she was told by Ottawa The Canadian Press –

Does this sound scientific to you? Whatever happened to the pursuit of truth, and letting the chips fall where they may? Isn’t this what universities and colleges are supposed to be all about? It seems that these days, universities and colleges are more about following the money, and squelching the truth. 

Now let’s dive into just ONE ‘official’ Tokyo University study around the Fukushima disaster and pull it apart to see how well it stands up to more than a brief one paragraph mention in most mass media news outlets. 

Official Nuclear Radiation Study; Tokyo University

Hayno, R.S., et al (2013) Internal Radiocesium Contamination of Adults and Children 7 to 20 Months After the Fukushima NPP Accident as Measured by Extensive Whole-Body-Counter Surveys, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser B, 4, 157-163

30,000 people were given a whole body radiation scan, and the conclusion from this team of supposed nuclear ‘experts’, scientists and professors was that no radioactive cesium was found in 99% of the residents living close to the Fukushima ground zero nuclear plant. (Thus, no one was harmed, and no one will die from radiation as a result of Fukushima. This is also why the government is saying everything is back to normal, and people can move back into areas right around Fukushima.)

Fumikazu Asai (2013, April 11) Study: No radioactive cesium in 99% of Fukushima, Ibaraki residents

However, this supposed scientific ‘study’ or research has severe problems both in the collection of the data and the conclusion that was reached. There is a computer model axiom that applies here; ‘garbage in = garbage out’.  The following links and articles deconstruct the study and show why is it nothing more than very bad, nonscientific nuclear industry propaganda. 

Japanese study heralding no contamination from Fukushima DECONSTRUCTED by Pink Flamingo and Majia here:

30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via @AGreenRoad 

A Primer In The Art Of Deception; via @AGreenRoad

Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via @AGreenRoad

The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science; via @AGreenRoad

These nuclear industry funded ‘experts’ that were part of this study and set it up concluded there was ‘no harmful radiation’ detected. They came to this conclusion because ‘only’ 1% of those tested had cesium levels of 300 Bq/kg or over, out of the 30,000 participants tested. 
The only problem with this conclusion is that post Chernobyl studies by independent scientists showed that as little as 10- 50 Bq/Kg of cesium caused physical lesions in the heart and other organs, plus major diseases and/or death from heart attacks in 100% of children studied.

As little as 10 Bq/Kg of cesium has been shown to cause physical health problems. How many people in this study had 10Bq/Kg or more? How many of them had health problems that developed after 3/11? No one knows, as that was not allowed to be asked, is our guess.

Our guess is that most if not all of those participating had at least 10Bq/kg of cesium in their whole body scan, indicating they would more than likely experience a negative health effect of some kind.

Another thing to realize is that Cesium CONCENTRATES in certain body organs and glands. So if you take a 100 Bq/Kg level in the heart or in the bones and ‘average’ it out over the whole body, which most pro nuclear apologists do to make things look better for their industry, that ‘average’ looks like a lot LESS of a radioactive load than it actually is, when it is concentrated in one or a few small glands or organs.

This study and the nuclear industry in general completely ignores the radiation concentration effect in glands or organs, and focuses instead on the theory that radiation is absorbed ‘equally’ by all cells of the body. Of course this theory has been proven false, so false that anyone spouting that radiation is always equal in all parts of the body, is putting out pro nuclear industry propoganda.

This means that the basic premise of this supposedly ‘scientific’ university study is so flawed, that it is completely worthless. In other words, it is garbage, or worse yet, outright propoganda, meant and designed to deceive the whole world.

This study in effect makes up part of the nuclear industry propoganda effort that Fukushima never happened, no one was harmed and here is the scientific ‘proof’, direct from Tokyo University. The study cannot be disputed in court because it is based on all of these expert ‘scientists’ at all of these prestigious educational institutions… The problem is that many, if not most or all of these radiation studies are shams, frauds and propoganda at best, designed to make the nuclear industry look good, rather than to discover the TRUTH.

Never mind that the nuclear industry controls what is taught at these universities and colleges. Never mind that the funding received by these same places is tied to the nuclear industry. Why would these scientists sell out like this? For that we have to follow the money, which is the root of all evil.

If for some reason, a study comes out that is even minutely critical of any part of the nuclear industry or any accident, the funding to that nuclear scientist is CUT OFF immediately.

That nuclear scientist is also put on a black list, so that no one else in the industry will hire him. That ‘expert’ then starves to death, because no one else will pay him or give him a job. Or, if the funding is not cut off, his contract is not renewed and/or he or she is fired for some other reason, such as unsatisfactory job performance, or ‘not a good fit’. This is a description of the stranglehold that the nuclear industry has on scientific researchers that only a few brave souls dare to take on… like those medical doctors above. But as we already pointed out, they get no research money to do their jobs, either from the government, or the nuclear industry.

This is also the control method used to make sure that expensive radiation testing equipment is NEVER used for the purpose of protecting public health, monitor fallout, monitor food radiation contamination, or to study the effects on fetuses, babies or infants.

Take a look at all of the holy nuclear club institutions that will never say a critical word against anything nuclear…


For all of the scientific, medical and other studies that prove that low dose radiation does cause harm, both internally and externally, click on the following links…

Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

Animals and Low Level Radiation Effects

Uranium Mining and Enrichment – Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

Nuclear Reactor Recertification

Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste 

Why All Nuclear Power Plants Must Be Shut Down

The nuclear industry promotes the industry propoganda that only very high doses of EXTERNAL radiation can cause harm in any way. They claim that internal radiation at doses under 300 Bq/kg cannot do any harm and thus all people contaminated with internal radiation at levels under that, will not be harmed. This means that according to these paid off nuclear experts, millions of radiation victims around the world cannot blame the nuclear industry for their health problems, or take them to court.

These supposed education and scientific nuclear ‘experts’ support the nuclear industry position in a quid pro quo relationship, which means they receive financial or other perks such as political positions, for giving a certain prearranged outcome or beneficial to the nuclear industry result.

All data received is massaged via computer models or ‘estimates’ to fit this preconceived notion that bears little or no relationship to reality. Those that come up with different conclusions other than what nuclear companies want get their funding cut off, and thus cannot make a living. 

These supposed nuclear industry funded ‘experts’ draw no distinction between the effects of low dose radiation on mature healthy adults, an egg, sperm, a fetus and small children.

The fact that one almost undetectable nano particle of plutonium inside the body, lodged next to or inside of a cell can have mutagenetic or cancer causing effects on surrounding cells, including an egg or sperm, simply does not register on them. They will not go there. Internal low dose radiation is not acknowledged as a potential source of harm, unless it is registered in massive amounts that will kill a person in a very short period of time.

This ONE university study only measured for extremely high levels of cesium that would mean quick death, but ignored low levels of plutonium, strontium or 100 other toxic and deadly radioactive isotopes that they also could have looked for and found, which cause negative health effects, and long term cancers or death.

The nuclear industry paid off ‘experts’ go off in all kinds of directions with their propoganda and claim all kinds of hogwash, such as the following;

In another example of nuclear industry propaganda, a nuclear ‘expert’ claims that “Fukushima Daiichi plant “did amazingly well” — “Performed beyond its best expectations”

The only problem with this positive ‘spin’ is that the nuclear industry experts knew very well that these nuclear reactors had a number of FATAL design flaws, such as the following, outlined by PhilliUpNorth via Enenews; 

“15 Design Flaws In GE Mark 1 Reactors

1. Containment Vessel is too small to contain a nuclear meltdown.

2. Torus, added to fix containment issue, failed when molten corium melted through steel pipes.

3. Stack Venting, added to fix containment issue, failed when valves stuck closed during power failure.

4. Zirconium fuel cladding gives off explosive levels of hydrogen when heated by melting fuel.

5. Vapors of zirconium and cesium formed an explosive mixture during a reactor meltdown, destroying the buildings, controls and safety systems in huge hydrogen explosions. 

6. Spent Fuel Pools are located 100′ high in the reactor building, making removal of melted fuel nearly impossible in destroyed buildings.

7. MOX fuel was used in an old plant, pushing temperatures and pressures higher then reactor design, causing failure and criticality explosion in #3 at Fukushima. 

8. Diesel generators, pumps, and fuel tanks vulnerable to tsunami.

9. Reactors require electricity to shut down, melt down if without power. 

10. Temperature and pressure gauges require electricity to operate.
11. Without power, control rooms cannot tell what is happening inside reactors.
12. Without power, operators are powerless (literally) to control reactors.
13. Mobile backup generators were wrong voltage to connect to switchgear.
14. Mobile pumps and fire engines do not have enough pressure to get water into the reactors.
15. Control rods insert from below, and leak molten corium through many holes in the bottom of reactor during a meltdown.”
There are potentially 100-200 additional flaws, weaknesses and/or bad designs in this particular brand of nuclear reactor made by GE. Nuclear engineers quit rather than continue to work on it. But when these flaws and poor designs result in a massive accident, the best that the nuclear experts can do is to say that it ‘performed better than it’s best expectations’. Maybe they mean to say that they had zero expectations for it, so anything is better than nothing.

Nuclear engineers that worked on this design warned GE about the flaws, but nothing changed. Those that really cared quit rather than to keep working on it and building more plants that they knew would blow up, as Fukushima did, multiple times.

People who care about our future and community keep warning us, but very few people seem to want to listen or care..

Little or nothing is done about the 20 plus nuclear reactors of the same design operating in the USA, in order to address the obvious problems found. The companies responsible seem to not be learning the lessons needed from this disaster. 
Nuclear Disaster Lessons NOT Being Learned By GE, Westinghouse Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba; via @AGreenRoad

Greg Palast; The Lies and Fraud Behind Nuclear Plant Emergency Diesel Generators; via @AGreenRoad 

Gorbachev; Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Was Real Cause Of The Collapse of Soviet Union; via @AGreenRoad

The Nuclear Industry And Cognitive Dissonance; via @AGreenRoad
Hijackers Took Oak Ridge Nuclear Reactor Hostage; We Are All Hostages To Nuclear Power And Military Industry; via @AGreenRoad

Bottom line,  human civilization is on a collision course with a catastrophic global nuclear disaster, if humanity does not change the current power structure, which is based on greed and control from the top down. Huge corporations are owned and controlled by a 1% that are acting more like serial psychopaths than human beings with a heart.

Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

This global disaster is being created by the corporate owned nuclear, mass media medical and military industrial complex. Almost all of these corporations operate together in a monopolistic manner; one industry lobby and corporate network supports and contributes to another, while ignoring, denying or covering up their ‘sins’ of omission and commission performed by each one alone or by acting or omitting data together.

Drugs, Medicine and GMO’s

What will it take to change this course that our ship has taken to a disastrous reef, that will eventually tear the bottom out of our civilized world?
As the Dalai Lama says, TELL THE TRUTH, be transparent and WARM HEARTED. Forgive everyone, and do not be attached to power and money. These things you cannot take with you. You are a soul in a physical body.

Spiritual, Interfaith, Consciousness; How To Create Heaven On Earth

Holistic Living And Green Energy

What you do in this lifetime affects not only the whole world for seven future generations, but also your own future, as a soul. Whether you believe in a Heaven or Hell, or of future lives that you will reincarnate back into, you create the future that you deserve. This life is a grand mystery, meant to be explored and discovered, not covered up and denied for short term selfish profit and ego reasons.

Exploring the Inner and Outer Mysteries of Life

Peace, War, Human Rights, Justice, Prisons

If your life is based on lies, greed, power, controlling others, and hatred of xxx groups, then that will ensure Hell or devolving into an animal, insect or rock as a future for those involved, because we humans only evolve based on love, not hatred or fear. All ‘true’ spiritual masters teach love and forgiveness for this reason. We can and do create Heaven or Hell on Earth with each action, each job, each thought and word we speak.

Let’s finish with another nuclear expert who sees the results of radiation on his patients, and they are not pretty… 

He reports that; 
“Government “experts” are actually misinterpreting the standards used world-wide as the common basis for radiological protection standards……The concept of “permissible” or “acceptable” level is derived from toxicologic assumptions and extrapolations which do not constitute a valid rationale for a conclusion of “safety”……The “small” amount of radiation, claimed to be “safe” by authorities, added to our increasingly fragile environment will cause serious harm to the health of human beings and other living organisms all over the world. Radioactive particles, especially Plutonium, Strontium, and Cesium are bioaccumulative, extremely persistent and highly toxic…..Particularly devastating would be the inevitable damage to the genetic pool which will lead to an increase in the number of seriously defective offspring who will be born in future generations.”

Even a Japanese former prime minister describes this conspiracy between education, regulators, media and the nuclear industry. He says that they support each other. He used to be part of this cabal, but now has dedicated his life to exposing it and warning people of the danger of nuclear power.

So now, who do you believe? 

Scientific Nuclear Fraud At Major Universities; Uncovered And Analyzed; via @AGreenRoad

Gun Lobby and Paid Off Political Allies Willfully Lied While Voting Down Universal Background Check Bill

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

From the video above; “the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. They claimed that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry, even though the bill did the opposite. This legislation in fact outlawed any registry, plain and simple, right there in the text.”

It seems that the Senate And House of Representatives (of the people, by the people and for the people) is no longer interested in debating bills. It seems that it is no longer about saving kids lives. It seems that it is no longer about weighing the pros and cons of any particular issue that affects our communities, our families and our children. These corporate paid off ‘reps’ no longer care about freedom and democracy.  90% of the public wanted this universal background check law passed. But that did not matter.

It seems to be all about getting money to be re-elected, because enough money seems to be all it takes to create a fake reality in the two weeks before an election, so that people will vote for the ‘chosen’ one that huge corporations back with huge $$$’s.  Once elected, these corporation hacks just get paid more, to vote the way that the corporate bosses want them to.. Where is the evidence of this?
“How much does it cost to block a bill in the U.S. Senate? What about a bill that’s supported by an overwhelming majority of the American people?

45 Senators voted to block a bill to expand criminal background checks, and the gun lobby spent at least $8,165,490 to support their campaigns.
91% of Americans — including 74% of NRA members — support universal criminal background checks for all gun sales. But these senators ignored the will of their constituents and gave in to the money and influence of the gun lobby.
See how much each senator received and spread the word:
Thank you for holding our elected officials accountable,
Mayors Against Illegal Guns”
It seems to be all about saving the fake reality created by 30 gun manufacturers, so that they can keep selling mass shooters as many guns, as much ammo and and as many bullets as they want.  
Of course, these senators will more than likely claim that they never read the bill, so they cannot be held responsible for understanding it, or even for their vote.. They say that a lot these days. 
Many politicians will actually come right out and say in public that most bills coming before them are never read before being voted on. So what are these legislators actually doing, other than trolling for money, like some street hooker?
90% of legislators pass legislation with no debate, while not even reading the bills that they are voting on. 
Now you know who is telling these ‘reps’ to vote on these bills that they do not read. Now you know what kind of money is behind the scenes, pulling the strings to buy off the votes of these political prostitutes, who sell votes for blood money, and sell your freedom and democracy to the highest bidder. 
The support for lone super SWAT style armed assassins bent on taking out people in kindergardens, theatres, and colleges seems to be almost unlimited in the halls of Congress, among those receiving blood money from the NRA.  
Guess what? The NRA members, the 30 gun manufacturers and those that support them got their wish. The mass killers are still on the prowl. Any crazy loon can still go out and buy a military assault rifle, arm himself to the teeth and go assassinate a bunch of people with absolutely no background check at all. 
The hounds of death and suffering are loosed. Human blood sport is what they want, and human blood spurting at the rate of 30,000 people a year is what they will continue to get. Congratulations.  Enjoy the blood stained money. Good luck with that.
When law makers just rubber stamp whatever the huge corporations and their lobbyists say they want, without reading the bills, what do we call that? Is that democracy? 
If only corporations get what they want, but taxpayers get reamed, shafted and get more of the bill for the messes that these corporations create, what does that say about not just democracy, but also capitalism in general? 

Fascism is a form of so called government where corporations control the government and daily life. Ordinary citizens have little or no role in fascism. Are we heading there? Are we there already? What do you think?

According to Wikipedia; “One of the most common and strongest criticisms of fascism is that it is a tyranny in practice.[218]

Fascism is commonly regarded as deliberately and entirely non-democratic and anti-democratic.[219][220][221] Scholar on democracy, Anthony Arblaster has recorded fascists’ policy claim about the ideology supporting a form of democracy, but Arblaster regards the claim as a deliberate lie and empty rhetoric, claiming that fascism never intended to put such claims of democracy into practice, and thus he categorizes fascism as non-democratic and anti-democratic in practice.[222]  …..
Riley in analysis accepts that fascism can be identified as an authoritarian democracy, and claims that in particular the fascist and quasi-fascist regimes in Italy, Spain, and Romania, replaced multi-party based democracy with corporatist representation of state-sanctioned corporate groups.[224] 
It was claimed that this system would unite people into interest groups to address the state that would act in the interest of the general will of the nation and thus exercise an orderly form of popular rule.[224] 
Riley notes that fascists argued that this authoritarian democracy is capable of representing the different interests of society that advise the state and the state acts in the interest of the nation.[225]
Riley also notes that in contrast, fascists denounced liberal democracy for not being a true democracy but in fact being un-democratic because from the fascist perspective, elections and parliaments are unable to represent the interests of the nation because it lumps together individuals who have little in common into geographical districts to vote for an array of parties to represent them that results in little unanimity in terms of interests, projects, or intentions, and that liberal democracy’s multi-party elections merely serve as a means to legitimize elite rule without addressing the interests of the general will of the nation.[225]

If this does not get you mad and willing to do something, like voting for someone who does not take corporate money, then the US is basically just a corporate colony, controlled by the 1%. Voting for the Dualopoly is voting for corporate speak.
All that is left is your vote and freedom of speech. Use it or lose it. Guess what? Only the Green Party does not take corporate money. The Internet is just about the only place left for free speech, because the mass media is little more than a corporate speak propoganda outlet with a taboo against airing anything negative about Capitalism and corporations.

What is truly ironic though, is that they tyranny that the pro gun folks are so afraid of and that they project onto everyone else, is actually part and parcel of the very organization (NRA) that they belong to. They are unknowingly supporting the corporate tyranny that they fear so much (as proven above.) Denial and projection is a strange and mysterious thing, isn’t it? 

Gun Lobby and Paid Off Political Allies Willfully Lied While Voting Down Universal Background Check Bill; via @AGreenRoad

Violence Prevention

Gun Lobby and Paid Off Political Allies Willfully Lied While Voting Down Universal Background Check Bill; via @AGreenRoadhttp://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2013/05/gun-lobby-and-allies-willfully-lied.html

Merchants of Death And Suffering Selling Guns To Five Year Old’s, Who Shoot and Kill Two Year Olds; via @AGreenRoad

Tagging Bullets, Guns, Gunpowder or Explosives Can Help Catch Terrorists And Criminals, But NRA Is Opposed To This; via @AGreenRoad

Juarez Mexico; Murder Capital of the World; Vanguard Documentary About the Mexican Drug War; via @AGreenRoad

3 People Killed By Terrorists? Go All Out, Problem Solved! 30,000 Murdered Per Year? Do NOTHING! via @AGreenRoad

Lawrence O’Donnell Interviews Head Of NRA Paid For School Safety Taskforce Leader Asa Hutchinson, via @AGreenRoad

Mayor Bloomberg; 34 People A Day Are Murdered In The USA; via @AGreenRoad

Gun Myths About Switzerland And Israel; via @AGreenRoad

Absolute Constitutional Gun Freedoms/Rights, Or Slavery To Gun Violence And Deaths? via @AGreenRoad

Rachel Maddow; Gun Industry Using “Heat Shield” Defense; via A Green Road

Guns Do Not Stop Dictators, Informed People Voting Peacefully Do! via @AGreenRoad

8,000 Toxic Waste Sites Ignored by EPA; Massive Lead Contamination at Shooting Ranges; via @AGreenRoad

Lessons From The Tragic Shooting in Newtown, Conneticut; via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/12/lessons-from-tragic-shooting-in-newtown.html

Gun Ownership Rates Declining For Many Reasons; via @AGreenRoad

America, You Must Not Look Away From Gun Violence; via @AGreenRoad

Bowling For Columbine;  Michael Moore; via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/05/bowling-for-columbine-michael-moore.html

30% of all Guns Used In Crime Come From Gun Shows; via @AGreenRoad

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Solutions To Gun Violence

After Sandyhook Massacre, Connecticut Passes Comprehensive Gun Violence Reduction Law; via @AGreenRoad

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Mahatma Gandhi – His Life, Truth, Peace, Non Violence Teachings And Successes; via @AGreenRoad

President Obama On The Rights Of Freedom Of Assembly, Happiness, Speech, Life, Liberty And Peace; via @AGreenRoad

Should Mandatory Gun Registration, Education And Insurance Be Required? via @AGreenRoad

What The Writers Of The Constitution Meant When They Enshrined Gun Rights Into The Constitution; via @AGreenRoad

Truth Telling And Nuclear Radiation Experts/Specialists

The Role of Specialists: Dr. Kodama vs Dr… by tokyobrowntabby

One expert is a scientist, the other medical expert is like a politician. One has truthful things to say, the other has things to un-say. 

The first speaker is Professor Tatsuhiko Kodama, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, in a TV appearance in the summer of 2011, who is known for his brilliant speech at the Diet (the video to be uploaded soon). 

The second speaker is Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, whom some Japanese have started to call Dr. Shunichi “Damashita” Yamashita – Yamashita, the one “who tricked” us, Vice President of Fukushima Medical University, in and after one of his lectures (date/place unknown). You can find the videos of some of his remarks in this channel. 

Translation by EX-SKF blog and captioning by tokyobrowntabby. 

What does this video teach us? First.. it is critical that all ‘experts’ tell the truth. However, as the second speaker teaches us, not everyone tells the whole truth for ‘political’ reasons, which may have to do with one or many hidden motivations, such as profit, power, or even unconscious motivations such as not wanting to look ‘bad’ or incompetent. An industry may desire to keep up false appearances, rather than tell the truth and ‘appear’ to look bad. 

Especially in an industry such as the nuclear industry, the foundation of which is built on secrecy and coverups, it is much harder to tell the truth about anything. Once a person  or an organization starts on the path of constant lying and secrecy, it is much harder to switching to start telling the WHOLE truth at any given future point. 

Because the nuclear industry started during the war, when secrecy was absolutely required, and lying about everything around it was considered advantageous, it is now considered normal and convenient to continue doing so. 

The nuclear industry is not alone, and there are other organizations where the truth is also hard to come by, where secrecy is the normal way of operating. 

Would you like to read more detailed articles about this? Here you go….. 

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%   http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/p/corporations-art-and-science-of.html

To get more information the nuclear industry and learn how it is structured to deceive the public, click on the following links; 

The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/primer-in-art-of-deception-cult-of.html 

IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via A Green Road

Ann Harris; Exposes TVA, NRC, And NEI Corruption And Coverups; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/11/ann-harris-exposes-tva-nrc-and-nei.html

The difficulty with the nuclear industry, is that they have trained themselves to NOT tell the truth. The whole industry is built on a foundation of sand, because their basic assumptions and what they teach or say to the public about radiation is not true. 

Here are some specific examples; 

30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/primer-in-art-of-deception-cult-of.html

A Primer In The Art Of Deception; via A Green Road
Greg Palast; The Lies and Fraud Behind Nuclear Plant Emergency Diesel Generators; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/11/greg-palast-lies-and-fraud-behind.html

Gorbachev; Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Was Real Cause Of The Collapse of Soviet Union; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/12/gorbachev-chernobyl-nuclear-accident.html

Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via A Green Road 

After you have read at least some of the above articles and watched the videos, do the following exercise. 

Pretend you are in a relationship or marriage. Now pretend the nuclear industry is the person you are dating or married to. You want to find out everything about them, and a friend is willing to tell you all about them, or you hire a private eye detective, who gives you the following report at a private lunch meeting. 

Nuclear Power; EXPENSIVE, Dirty, Dangerous And Toxic; via A Green Road

You now realize that your whole relationship or marriage is based on nothing more than lies and secrecy. Of course, none of the lies and secrets are ‘good’.  

The nuclear industry claimed that they were cheap, clean, green, and that radiation was ‘safe’. So you married yourself and devoted your whole life and energy to them, literally. You trusted them with the financial and physical health of your family and community.  Now you realize that none of these things that they promised are true and that your whole relationship and history with this person was based on lies and secrecy. Your family is being hurt or killed by them. Your community is threatened with being destroyed, or has been in the case of many communities around the world. 

Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel
How would you feel about that person? Would you want to spend any more time with them? Would you invest money with them? Would you vote for people who worked with this person and supported them in any way?

A healthy person with healthy boundaries is NOT willing to enable a dysfunctional relationship. They will leave a person like this, or get a divorce, because they know that it is not going to end well, if they continue on with a person who is so deeply in denial and who lives his or her whole life on unhealthy lies and deception.  

An unhealthy person who is in denial will stay with that person who is lying to them. An enabler will continue to allow that person to continue abusing them and covering up with secrets. The enabler will even defend the abuser passionately, possibly right up to death. 

What kind of person are you? Do you have healthy boundaries? Are you psychologically healthy? Can you leave an unhealthy ‘relationship’? Are you ready to go beyond denial?

So far, we have talked about the past. We have learned how just about everything and everyone involved at the top levels is involved with secrecy, lies and cover-ups in a very general way. Now let’s talk about the future. 

What is sustainable for seven or seventy future generations of YOUR children? Would you trust the future and many  generations of children to come to an industry that only cares about short term profits, and does not care about the health of community, your children or you specifically? What is the healthy alternative? Click on this link to find out more. 

Holistic Living, Green, Renewable Energy

Would you want an unhealthy lying, deceptive person or industry involved with your children in the future? Would you want your children to be married to them? Would you want seven future generations of your children to work for this industry? Would you buy their product or service? Would you give them taxpayer subsidies? Would you want them teaching your children about how to lie and deceive others? 

Draw your own conclusions based on watching the videos and reading the articles above… plus others in the A Green Road Library… The medical industry has tentacles in the same radioactive pie with the nuclear industry, and is based on many of the same belief systems and dogma. 

Drugs, Medicine, GMO’s, Education

Click on pages in the upper left hand corner to become an expert on all things nuclear and to find out more about what works for seven future generations in different directions.  

Like a relationship or marriage, there are healthy choices and unhealthy choices. To find out more about what a healthy energy choice might look like, and what may work for seven future generations, click on the following link.

Holistic Living, Green, Renewable Energy

Denial is very strong, but truth is even stronger. Denial and lies may live for a time, but their foundation is built on sand, so they cannot last. The only thing that lasts and is worth being involved with is the truth, and what works for seven future generations. 

Truth tellers have always been attacked and killed. The messenger is not the problem. Those in denial and those who choose to hide the truth have plenty of motivations to accuse truth tellers of being the liars, and of starting conspiracy theories with no basis in reality. This process has always happened throughout history. 

Now that same process is happening with the energy of the sun, and how to use it. You get to decide which way the future will go, by supporting, using, voting for and teaching either renewable energy truths, or monopolistic nuclear industry news bites. Make your choice wisely and carefully, after investigating deeply in both directions.

Never give up. Never. Dalai Lama 

Truth Telling And Nuclear Radiation Experts/Specialists; via @AGreenRoad

Governments Covering Up And Minimizing Nuclear Accidents

Around the world, the nuclear industry works inside government agencies such as NISA, IAEA, WHO,  and others via revolving doors that go from industry to government regulators, and back again. The USA is no exception to this ‘rule’ of corporate takeover of each country, and specifically the corruption, and/or takeover of specific goverment regulators, including but not limited to the nuclear industry regulators. For an overview of how the details of this global takeover works, read/view the following;

The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science; via A Green Road
IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via A Green Road

For more on the specifics of how the nuclear industry covers up, spins or minimizes the dangers of nuclear power see; 

93 Long life Radiation Contaminants; via A Green Road  http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/93-long-lived-nuclear-elements.html
Tokyo; is it safe to live in or visit? via A Green Road  http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/tokyo-is-it-safe-to-visit-or-live-in.html
30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/primer-in-art-of-deception-cult-of.html
Fukushima; Today’s Titantic and Costa Concordia; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/fukushima-todays-titantic-and-costa.html
On 3/11; 15-28 Nuclear Reactors/SFP’s In Japan Were Damaged, Not 3 or 4 ; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/14-nuclear-reactors-at-4-japan-sites.html
Dr. Chris Busby; Consequences of Burning Radioactive Waste In Japan; via A Green Road
Lessons From The Only Sea Coast Village In Japan To Survive Tsunami; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/06/lessons-from-only-sea-coast-village-in.html

Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/06/fukushima-crisis-total-cost-up-to-10.html

Karen Silkwood, An Anti Nuclear Industry Matyr; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/09/karen-silkwood.html

For more information about how CORPORATIONS in general take over governments around the world, including the USA, see the following; 

JFK’s Speech About The Danger Of Secret Societies And Huge Monopolies http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/08/jfks-speech-about-danger-of-secret.html
The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science; via A Green Road
IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; A Web Of Deception? via A Green Road
Human Radiation Experiments Performed Without Consent Or Knowledge; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/09/human-radiation-experiments-performed.html
TEPCO Controls Mass Media, But Loses ALL Nuclear Plant Insurance Coverage; Via A Green Road
How Corporations Control Governments, Media, Politicians; Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-corporations-control-governments.html 
Bill Moyers; How To Buy Your Own Election And Politicians With Dark Money; via A Green Road
Catherine Austin Fitts On A Tapeworm Economy, How The 1% Strangle USA; via A Green Road
Cancer – The Forbidden Cures; via A Green Road
ALEC Exposed; How Corporations Buy, Corrupt, And Control The Federal And State Governments; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/alec-exposed-how-corporations-buy.html
The Psychopathy Of Corporations; “I Am Fishhead”; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/psychopathy-of-corporations.html
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/05/outfoxed-rupert-murdochs-war-on.html
How Do Corporations Dominate Elections With Money In the US? via a Green Road
Classified, Top Secret, Classified, Top Secret; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/classified-top-secret-classified-top.html
Mother Beats Monsanto in Court; Indian Farmers Committing Suicide By Drinking Product; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/mother-beats-monsanto-in-court-proves.html
How To Identify GMO Foods; Found Even At Health Food Stores; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-identify-gmo-foods-found-even-at.html
George Carlin -“Who Really Controls America”; via A Green Road  http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/05/george-carlin-who-really-controls.html

Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road 


How To Prevent Any New Nuclear Power Plants From Being Built, Shut Down Old Ones, Switch To 100% Renewables; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-to-prevent-any-new-nuclear-power.html
Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/06/top-global-warming-denialists-funded-by.html
Gross National Happiness – Bhutan; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/06/gross-national-happiness-bhutan.html
PBS; The Secret Government – The Constitution In Crisis Bill Moyers; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/06/pbs-secret-government-constitution-in.html
How To Commit Global Financial and Economic Suicide – Keiser Report; via A Green Road
Karl Rove; The Secret King Of The USA; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/09/karl-rove-secret-king-of-usa.html 

Specifically, the Japanese government has been taken over by the nuclear industry, so BOTH major political parties are complicit in the denial of any harm done to civilians by the Fukushima accident. Here are more details about how this worked, and specifics involved in the coverup, minimization, and takeover by the nuclear industry. 

AP Headline: “Japanese govt kept meltdown risk secret” — NISA spokesman replaced after letting it ‘slip out’ during press conferenceMarch 10, 2012
*Webcam Mystery Man at Press Conference* Media banned from Fukushima plant — TEPCO: “We can not disclose the actual situation inside” (VIDEO) October 5, 2011
Mainichi: Nuclear scientist/Nagasaki survivor canceled Fukushima press conference because gov’t officials worried about causing widespread fear January 15, 2012
Tokai Mayor: “We don’t trust the govt’s nuclear policies” — “We cant feel safe unless the mistrust is resolved” (VIDEO) October 27, 2011
WATCH: 10-fold spike in Fukushima radioactivity discussed at Tepco press conference — I suppose it was blown up by wind says spokesman January 10, 2012
Japan TV: Monitoring posts show far lower radiation dose — Levels shoot up just steps away August 1, 2012
Press Conference: “Japanese gov’t kills our children, still now” — “I am very worried and afraid” (VIDEO) May 24, 2012
Japan Press Conference: People who work for Tepco are not human; They have neither tears nor blood — Gov’t are liars (VIDEO)September 12, 2012
Member of Japan Parliament: I now believe Tepco was trying to hide radiation levels measured after quake — People in Japan deceived (VIDEO) January 31, 2012
Vast underestimation of radiation levels by Japan gov’t — Blames “calculation errors” June 3, 2011

Please feel free to share this information by copying and posting the following link; 

Governments Covering Up And Minimizing Nuclear Accidents; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/10/governments-covering-up-and-minimizing.html
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The following links can be saved on your computer and used to ‘debate’ even the experts. Just copy and paste the following links into the comments sections below articles online.

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Los Angeles Nuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up

Did you know that the Los Angeles-area had a nuclear plant meltdown not too long ago? It was 300 times worse than Three Mile Island, but the whole thing was covered up. 

Even today, Cesium-137 is still being found up to 1,000 times higher than standard. Plutonium is also being detected. 

This nuclear plant was located between Chatsworth and Simi Valley. For more information and documentary videos, go to; 


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Los Angeles Nuclear Plant Meltdown; Completely Covered Up

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The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science

There are 30 scams that the nuclear industry uses to hoodwink, lie, coverup and deny the truth.. I highly recommend everyone read the book by this author, in which the author lays out the 30 scams that the nuclear energy and weapons industry uses.. Here is just one of the 30 scams that the industry uses, EVERY TIME. 

“SCAM NUMBER SIX: Beguile the public with inappropriate comparisons between external irradiation and internal contamination.
The proliferation of nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power plants has succeeded in deluding the public of the hazards of internal contamination. Covering up the danger of radioactivity within the body from human-generated radioisotopes is the bedrock upon which the entire nuclear behemoth is secured. 

A common tactic used to dupe critical thinking on issues of radiation safety is to liken the dose received from internal emitters to the dose received by natural background radiation. This is very sophisticated flimflam. To the uninformed, it appears perfectly logical that dose is dose; regardless of how the energy is delivered to the body, the end result will be the same. 

If we receive small doses of radiation naturally just from dwelling on planet Earth or while flying in an airplane, and if these are harmless, it seems quite reasonable to conclude that the same doses delivered by internal emitters will likewise be inconsequential. 

By now the reader knows the con hidden within this line of thinking. It was extensively explored in Exhibit A. The biological effect of a dose of radiation depends totally on how that dose is delivered to the body. By natural background radiation, ionizing events are widely distributed both in space and time throughout the mass of the body. 

By contrast, internal emitters have the capacity of repeatedly hitting the same cellular structures within a small volume of tissue. In instances where “doses” are comparable, the hazard posed by internal emitters will be greatly enhanced.”

From the book “A Primer in the Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science.” by Paul Zimmerman. (I highly recommend ordering his book) here is;

Scam Number Six.
Here is Scam Number One;  
Feel free to educate yourself and others about these nuclear industry scams, because they are no different than any other scam or fraud going on out there. As we all know, there are plenty of scammers out there, in all directions. If you do not know about these 30 scams, it is very likely, that you will be scammed. If you know about these scams, you CANNOT be scammed anymore, because these scams depend on people being ignorant. 



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The Art of Deception: The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science, via A Green Road Blog


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Frontline’s Fukushima "Meltdown" Perpetuates Industry Lie That Tsunami, Not Quake, Started Nuclear Crisis

The nuclear industry, regulators, Japanese government and nuclear apologists like to claim that the Fukushima nuclear meltdown crisis did not start until AFTER the tsnami hit, which destroyed the generators. 

It is just a little surprising that the Frontline show on PBS took the industry lie as truth. The show bit on the bait, hook, line and sinker, swallowing it all whole and then presenting it to the PBS viewing public as truth. Through the Frontline movie, PBS is speaking as if they are the industry marketers, promoting the safety of nuclear power plants from earthquakes.

It seems like the nuclear industry has taken over the public broadcasting complex in addition to their mass media corporate control through GE and a few others like it. 

Actually, what caused the multiple reactors to melt down was the earthquake, not the tsunami. Read more at Truth Out…. 



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