6.1M Taiwan Quake Near 3 Nuke Plants

flying cuttlefish picayune

Thar She Blows!



RSOE REPORT | MAP|Volcano List

About the Chi-lung Port there (black square on the map).

About the nuke plants:

rad33redChin Shan NPP – built in 1978

rad33redKuosheng NPP – it’s a Mark III – what could go wrong?  Bonus:accident simulation paper

rad33redLungmen NPP – a GE-Toshiba-Hitachi brainchild

Mining Awareness says it’s a 7.2M!

Taiwan Reports 7.2 M Offshore Earthquake; An Exceptionally Bad Location for Nuclear Power Stations Due to Earthquake-Tsunami Hazard


South China Morning Post7.2-magnitude earthquake shakes parts of Taiwan, including Taipei

Focus TaiwanMagnitude 7.2 earthquake strongest since 1999 killer quake: CWB


Meanwhile in Japan …

Hope we don’t have more updates here!

See May 27 post –7.2 Quake South Sandwich Is. + 6.6 Quake in Fiji (after the 6.4 Quake) + 4.5 Quake Off N. Calif.

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Greenland Melt Season Off to Wild Start

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Another view:


Below, Dr Box explains the multiple pathways to increased Ice Sheet loss.

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Record Rain Events a Global Pattern

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

rainrec_globalThis weekend’s record flooding in Germany was a reminder of one of the most basic, first-order-physics predictions of climate science – warmer air holds more moisture.
The pattern of increase in record breaking precipitation events is well documented and global, as my friend Stephan Rahmstorf reminded me this morning with a graph from a recent study of similar events.

Potsdam University:

Heavy rainfall events setting ever new records have been increasing strikingly in the past thirty years. While before 1980, multi-decadal fluctuations in extreme rainfall events are explained by natural variability, a team of scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research detected a clear upward trend in the past few decades towards more unprecedented daily rainfall events. They find the worldwide increase to be consistent with rising global temperatures which are caused by greenhouse-gas emissions from burning fossil fuels. Short-term torrential rains can lead to high-impact floodings.



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May 31 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶ The currents of the Bay of Fundy would easily generate enough power for all of Atlantic Canada’s needs, but have been too monstrously strong to be tamed. Now, Cape Sharp Tidal is betting on two turbines it will start installing in June. Each 2-MW turbine weighs 1,000 tonnes. [Globalnews.ca]

A turbine being built for the Cape Sharp Tidal project. Andrew Vaughan / The Canadian Press. A turbine being built for the Cape Sharp Tidal project. Andrew Vaughan / The Canadian Press.

¶ UK-based company Renovare Fuels Limited has co-invented technology which can convert landfill gas into high-quality clean energy in the form of liquid diesel and gasoline fuel suitable for all motor vehicles. This would allow landfill operators to sell the fuel for vehicles. [Renewable Energy Focus]


¶ Battery storage technology has the potential to reshape not just the energy sector but also Australian elections. An Australia Institute report includes polling indicating that 71% of Australians would…

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5.3 magnitude earthquake injures 28 people in Algeria’s Medea

The Extinction Protocol

Algeria EQ
May 2016AFRICA At least 28 people were injured; including three who were left in a serious condition following a 5.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Algeria’s province of Medea on Sunday. Algeria’s press agency said the three suffered from fractures of the lower limbs and were evacuated to Mohamed Boudiaf hospital in Medea.
The quake, which occurred some minutes before 1 am, was located 10 km northeast of Mihoub, said the same source. The US Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Information Center said the epicenter was located 19 kilometers southwest of the city of Lakhdaria, and 56 kilometers southeast of the Algerian capital, Algiers. The center lies at a depth of 7.5 miles.
The Mediterranean region, to which Algeria belongs, has been seismically active for decades, with a number of earthquakes having resulted in tsunamis. The North African nation experienced one of its deadliest earthquake in 2003 that struck…

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Scientists prepare for Lake Taupo eruption – supervolcano eruption would destroy North Island

The Extinction Protocol

Lake Taupo
May 2016NEW ZEALANDThere is only a very small chance the volcano that is now Lake Taupo will erupt, but researchers are planning for a worst case scenario in case it does. A team of researchers is studying the volcano so better response plans can be put in place in case of a large eruption. The Earthquake Commission said damage from the last time the volcano erupted – almost 1800 years ago – would be large enough to destroy the central North Island.
The commission is funding research that will map out where ash and debris would travel in an eruption. The research is led by Simon Barker from Auckland University. He said it will help emergency services in a worst case scenario, although the chances of a large eruption are very slight. “We want to see what the thickness of ash will be in the various…

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Atomic Testing Compensation For Veterans and Communities Long Overdue Say Australian Greens

Mining Awareness +

Australian and British veterans who were exposed to nuclear blasts are not eligible for the kind of gold card support that we have been debating in the Senate this morning, because their exposure was at the hands of an ally. Had they been bombed by imperial Japan or Nazi Germany, they would, as a right, be entitled to this support. They were bombed by the British government at the express invitation of the Australian government, and then we have hung them out to dry.” (Sen. Ludlam, W. Australia, 25 Feb. 2016) 

Australian servicemen, often clad only in shorts and t-shirts, were exposed to nuclear tests while the British scientists in charge looked on wearing protective full body suits.” (Australian Greens)

* 1892 veterans were exposed to radiation by British Nuclear Testing between 1952 and 1963, but…

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You Have Already Won. Save our Planet!

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


A friend has received this.  Really.

Slow day in Nigeria?

Washington Post:

So why don’t Internet scammers try to change up their tactics? Everyone knows about the Nigerian prince. It’s tired and cliched. Why don’t more scammers try to dupe us with the fake inheritances of a Kazakh prince instead, or with Greek bonds or fancy credit default swaps or something clever like that? Something we haven’t seen before?

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Michael Mann Defamation Case Rolls On

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Damn this is getting good.

Climate Science Watch:

Briefly, on how this case got started, from a post at Climate Progress:

The kick-off for the lawsuit was actually a piece written by Rand Simberg at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), which referred to Mann as “the Jerry Sandusky of climate science” because he “molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science.” The editors eventually removed the offending sentences, but not before Mark Steyn picked them up at National Review’s online blog. Steyn said he wasn’t sure he’d have “extended that metaphor all the way into the locker-room showers with quite the zeal Mr Simberg does, but he has a point.” He then went on to call Mann’s work on the famous “hockey stick” graph “fraudulent.” So Mann sued Simberg, Steyn, CEI and National Review for defamation.

Also see Rabett Run: Mann vs Steyn Lurches Forward.

Accusing a scientist of…

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The Weekend Wonk: The Utility Death Spiral has Begun

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Caution – Earthquake in Progress.

The Energy Gang on Soundcloud:

Nevada Power is likely doing a lot of soul searching.

Last week, two of the biggest Las Vegas casino companies — MGM Resorts and Wynn – filed to leave Nevada Power and set off to buy wholesale electricity on their own. MGM has particularly strong renewable energy goals, and this move signals that the company thinks it can procure clean electrons cheaper than the utility.

As more large corporations make similar moves, will it lead to a financial disaster for utilities? This week, we’ll discuss the implications with Cory Honeyman, the associate director of GTM’s US solar research practice, who has been following the commercial customer class closely.

A big deal, as the discussion points out – this is a big deal because MGM alone accounts for 5 percent of Nevada Power demand – and MGM was willing to pay…

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Oil Giants Ponder the End of Oil

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

A development that might have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago is rapidly entering mainstream thinking.

Of course, if the Financial Times had been reading this blog, they might have been quicker off the mark.

Financial Times:

The annual meetings of some of the world’s largest oil companies this week were like therapy sessions for an industry that is suffering from existential angst. The international objective of holding the increase in global temperatures to “well below” 2C, agreed at the Paris climate talks last year, implies the obsolescence of all fossil fuel production within the next few decades. The oil companies have not yet reconciled themselves to quite what this means.


One option for escaping those limits is for the big oil companies themselves to take part in the energy transition. Total, which has the most ambitious plans for diversification, has set a goal of having

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Friends of the Earth tracking the progress of South Australia’s Royal Commission into Nuclear Expansion

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill launches nuclear propaganda campaign


Weatherill glowPremier Jay Weatherill Sunday, May 29, 2016  Consultation on nuclear future to extend across all of South Australia  http://assets.yoursay.sa.gov.au/production/2016/05/29/01/29/06/0cee3e94-ed82-4dfa-992e-a44d25cec636/nuclearconsult.pdf
Over 100 sites across more than 60 South Australian towns will be visited during an extensive three month state-wide nuclear engagement program later this year.
Teams from the newly formed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency will begin visiting communities from late July, travelling across the State to explain the Royal Commission’s report and gather feedback from the community.
All major regional centres, more than 50 remote towns and all Aboriginal communities will be visited in a dedicated program to ensure all South Australians can get involved in the conversation about the State’s future involvement in the nuclear industry.
Major suburban shopping centres and events, such as the Eyre Peninsula Field Days in Cleve (August), and the Royal Adelaide Show (September) are also included.
 On Friday…

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Pro coal, nuclear John White still quietly running Liberal govt’s resources policy


White,-JohnTurnbull’s #Innovation and #IdeasBoom is to flog fossil fuels. KaBOOM! Independent Australia Tracey Anton 28 May 2016 “………In an article in Crikey by Paddy Manning, entitled ‘Hunt pins hopes on uncompetitive clean coal technology’, Manning writes:

John White chairs the DICE network of companies and agencies developing the technology, and is an executive and founding shareholder of Ignite Energy Resources,(IER)’ 

White told Manning:

‘..It halves CO2 emissions and will be eligible for Emissions Reduction Funding under Direct Action policies.’

Not only was White in financial trouble prior to receiving over $20 million in “grants” for the DICE project but he had also incurred a loss of $6 million in the 2012 calendar year.

White,John1White is an old Liberal heavyweight who was former Prime Minister John Howard’s right hand man in developing the Uranium Industry Framework for Australia’s nuclear future and just happens to hold dominion over…

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Australia covered up plight of Tasmania wilderness and Kakadu in UN Report


see-no-evilAustralia covered up UN climate change fears for Tasmania forests and Kakadu
Fears about damage to the Great Barrier Reef were removed from UN report along with concern about a threat to the environment in two other heritage sites,
Guardian, Michael Slezak, 29 May 16, A draft UN report on climate change, which was scrubbed of all reference to Australia over fears it could deter visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, also outlined possible threats to the Tasmania wilderness and Kakadu.

The draft report contained a chapter on the Great Barrier Reef, which described climate change as “the biggest long-term threat to the [reef] today, and to its ecosystems services, biodiversity, heritage values and tourism economy”.

It concluded that “without a comprehensive response more in keeping with the scale of the threat, the [reef]’s extraordinary biodiversity and natural beauty may lose its world heritage values”.

But before it was…

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Greens energy plan to generate $53 billion of investment in Queensland


greensSmUSA election 2016Greens announce $53b clean energy plan http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2016/05/29/greens-announce-53b-clean-energy-plan The Greens have announced a clean energy plan for Queensland which it says will generate $53 billion of investment in projects over 15 years. “This would be delivered through a combination of direct government investment and ownership, and reverse auctions which provide bankable incentives for private sector investment.”
Senator Di Natale said the plan would create between 3000 and 5500 full-time jobs in design and construction each year from 2017 across Queensland, particularly in regional areas hit hard by the mining downturn.

Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said delivering a clean-energy economy would also safeguard Great Barrier Reef tourism jobs and agricultural jobs that were threatened by coal mining and coal seam gas.

“The old parties are leaving Queensland at risk of missing out on the job-rich clean energy revolution,” she said.

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May 30 Energy News



¶ “State Senate energy bills threaten many, starting with solar workers” • If you like clean energy, you won’t like the two energy bills the Michigan Senate Energy & Technology Committee sent to the floor last Wednesday, especially if you want your own solar energy. [Crain’s Detroit Business]

Power plant at Michigan State University. Photo by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. CC BY-SA 3.0 unported. Wikimedia Commons. Power plant at Michigan State University. Photo by Michael P
Kube-McDowell. CC BY-SA 3.0 unported. Wikimedia Commons.


¶ Saudi Arabia’s planned privatizations represent the biggest investment banking opportunity in emerging markets, according to Citigroup. The shakeup of the biggest Arab economy has been unprecedented, as the country seeks to reduce its reliance on oil after prices went low in 2014. [Bloomberg]

¶ The Dlouhe Strane pumped storage plant in the Czech Republic was built to balance electricity demands between day and night, but as renewable sources of energy have taken an increasing share of electricity…

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Major political parties downplay environment as election approaches


USA election 2016Parties yet to turn on the green light http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/parties-yet-to-turn-on-the-green-light/news-story/33847ddc845b64eaffc5a62566d89188  May 28, 2016  One of the key issues missing from the election campaign so far is the environment.

The economy, health and education have been the focus of the first three weeks of the campaign.

However, the environment has proven to be a well-trodden battleground in federal elections over the past two decades.

Tony Abbott’s crusade against Labor’s carbon tax helped propel him into office in 2013, despite Kevin Rudd’s best efforts to bring forward the start of the emissions trading scheme.

In 2010, both major parties made announcements on climate change, the health of the Murray-Darling system, marine parks, Queensland’s controversial wild rivers laws and forestry.

In 2007, Rudd’s promise to ratify the Kyoto protocol and take strong action on climate change helped convince thousands of voters to unseat the Howard coalition government.

John Howard himself kicked around…

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Up to 20 USA nuclear stations headed to close, as uneconomical


nuclear-costs1Economics Point Toward Closure for Up To 20 U.S. Nukes, The Energy Mix, May 24, 2016 A leading nuclear industry lobby group in the United States says its members aren’t being paid enough for their power, threatening the shutdown of 15 to 20 generating stations in the country………

Speaking at a U.S. Department of Energy summit last week, Marvin Fertel, president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, said more than a dozen plants face possible early closure because they are uneconomic at today’s market wholesale power rates……..

The message appears to have reached U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who told the summit that “the importance of incentivizing continued [nuclear] operation is very clear. Solutions are less clear.”

Earlier this month, the Omaha Public Power District proposed closing its 478-MW Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, the smallest in the U.S., and the Tennessee Valley Authority gave up on its unfinished Bellefonte nuclear…

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Exposing Turnbull’s deceit on fossil fuels and climate change


Turnbull liarTurnbull’s #Innovation and #IdeasBoom is to flog fossil fuels. KaBOOM! Independent Australia Tracey Anton 28 May 2016 Transitioning the economy away from fossil fuel dependency is now the global catchcry. So why is Turnbull funding DICE-y coal technology at the expense of renewables whilst claiming to mitigate climate change? Mining reformist, Tracey Anton reports.

CLIMATE CHANGE has quickly become an economic and energy policy nightmare for Government but what Turnbull is presenting to the public is based on deceit. The LNP’s mishmash of policy contradiction and current economic mismanagement of fossil fuel extraction is to defraud the public of billions of dollars.

Turnbull states:

“we transition from an economy that has been fired up by an unprecedented mining construction boom as we transition to the new economy of the 21st century.”

The great disparity between saying you will reduce emissions but then stealthily grow a new and bigger fossil fuel…

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Radio Ecoshock scrutinises James Hansen’s promotion of nuclear power


ice-sheets-meltingICE MELT CONTROLS WORLD WEATHER Radio Ecoshock 29 May 16  More on super storms, ice melt & James Hansen, from climate expert Dr. David Archer & the late anti-nuclear activist Michael Mariotte. New Antarctic melt science w. Dr. Tony Worby & Dr. David Etheridge – some surprises in role of Antarctic ice in world weather.

Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show in Ecoshock 160525 Lo-Fi (14 MB) or Ecoshock 160525 CD Quality (56 MB)

Welcome to a third program where we look into claims Earth will experience rapidly rising seas and super storms in the coming decades…….

I have trouble with James Hansen’s promotion of nuclear power as a solution for climate change. In Hansen’s book “Storms of My Grandchildren” he advocates for Generation Four nuclear reactors, new designs that are allegedly safer. But now he’s gone a step further, teaming up in an unlikely alliance with Michael…

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Coober Pedy headed for 70% renewable energy


renewable-energy-pictureLocal jobs out of Hydro Tasmania project in Coober Pedy http://www.examiner.com.au/story/3934449/local-jobs-out-of-hydro-project/   Toli Papadopoulos 29 May 16. 

 A new project will inject millions into the Tasmanian economy and create local jobs, according to Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy.

Mr Davy said the new project will use local manufacturing suppliers, and aims to turn South Australia’s Coober Pedy into a renewable township.

Hydro Tasmania’s manager off-grid solutions Simon Gamble said a number of Tasmanian companies would be involved in the project, including Doric engineering and Southern Prospect out in Wynyard.

He said the containerised systems and electrical equipment would be designed and tested in Tasmania.

Hydro said it was engaged by project developer Energy Developments Limited to develop technologies previously used in King Island.

They said Energy Developments Limited received a grant of $18.4 million by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency for the project.

“This is second project using this containerised modular system, the first was Flinders Island, but this one is by far the largest project we’ve…

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Azolla as a Natural Bio Fertilizer

A natural fertilizer used in the Northern Cordilleras tribes of the Philippines... The coffee mountains are a picture’s place on planet earth. Panoramic scenery and ancient forts, steep green valleys and imposing peaks. Mountain tops painted with tall evergreen trees, shade the coffee plantations below. This describes Coffee County at its best. It is indeed … Continue reading Azolla as a Natural Bio Fertilizer

Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act and Honors Should Extend to All Exposed Veterans

Mining Awareness +

Atomic Veterans VA 2012
US Congressman Jim McGovern recently got an amendment through the House which would create an “Atomic Veterans Service Medal”, but it seems to still exclude those involved in removing radiation testing filters from surveillance aircraft; mechanics; and most cleanup crews. Congressman Takai is trying to get health-care parity for Enewetak Atoll cleanup crews. Why this piecemeal approach? The law in place gives the run-around to many Atomic Veterans who have the “wrong” type of cancer or disease. Ionizing radiation has been long known to cause skin cancer. And, yet it is not on the list of the “right” cancers. It is increasingly realized, including by the ICRP, that radiation exposure can cause heart disease too. Why give elderly veterans the bureaucratic run-around? Apart from ethical considerations, bureaucratic run-around itself costs money. Give them blanket coverage.

The US Government must stop throwing away billions per year as hand-outs to the nuclear…

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20 Miles from Keswick as the Crow Flies: Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe


As the Crow Flies

Join Us in Keswick – on Tuesday 31st May 2-4 outside the Skiddaw Hotel

Lets Expose the Sham CONsultation

Ruskin, Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth are Lake District icons.   Not one of these icons would have separated the West Coast of Cumbria from the Lake District as we have been taught to do in the nuclear age.  Why?  The Lake District spread across the boundaries of three counties: Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire.  The Lake District National Park is an artificial construct which does itself or us no favours in its readiness to publicly disown West Cumbria rather than publicly oppose the diabolic nuclear developments in the Lake Counties.  This is what they said in 2012 about the plan for a geological dump for heat generating nuclear waste …..”It remains a concern that significant media interest highlights the potential location of the geological disposal facility in the ‘Lake District’ rather than ‘West Cumbria.”

The Lake District…

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Tesla gigafactory grand opening event to be held July 29

Tesla gigafactory grand opening event to be held July 29 Tesla will open the doors to its massive battery "gigafactory" to the general public July 29. The company will host a grand opening event attended by, among others, owners who won tickets by participating in its most recent referral program. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1104196_tesla-gigafactory-grand-opening-event-to-be-held-july-29

Chelsea Manning is Courage’s newest beneficiary

Rise Up Times

Snowden: “Chelsea Manning is the first American to be sentenced to decades of prison for revealing truthful information to the press. Her conviction — under a law even the ACLU says violates the constitution — is not just an injustice, it’s a threat to journalism.”

Chelsea Manning

Six years ago today, WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning was arrested in Iraq and shipped to Kuwait, where she endured brutal treatment in a metal cage, while awaiting transfer to a military prison. With preparations now underway for her appeal to the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals next year, the Courage Foundation is naming Chelsea Manning as the organisation’s newest beneficiary.

Media for the people!  Click here to help Rise Up Times continue to bring you vital analysis of and commentary about current issues you won’t find in the mainstream corporate media.

The Courage Foundation will focus on European…

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Smart Power and “The Human Rights Industrial Complex”

Rise Up Times

One difficult aspect in analyzing this struggle for ‘perception management’ is that most human rights and aid organizations are staffed and run by good, hard-working and extremely well-educated individuals, many of whom carry out their roles with an altruistic heart and with the best of intentions. For the most part, many remain unaware or uninterested in who actually funds their organisations…

Human rights in the West: does the reality live up to the rhetoric? On the surface, the cultural narrative seems innocent enough: billionaire philanthropists, political luminaries and transnational corporations, along with legions of staff and volunteers – all working together in the name of social justice, forging a better, fairer and more accountable world.

The story reads well on…

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Renewables Overtaking Coal and Nuclear in Midwest

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


For a snapshot of the woes of the U.S coal and nuclear industries, take a look at Illinois.

Following a four-year drop in electricity demand, power companies there announced the closing of coal and nuclear plants that account for more than 10 percent of generating capacity. The shutdowns come amid a fourfold increase in cheap wind from neighboring states and growing competition from generators burning low-cost natural gas.

Exelon Corp., the operator of 11 nuclear reactors in Illinois, and Dynegy Inc., which has 10 coal-fired plants in the state, are asking lawmakers to bail out their money-losing assets to prevent further job-cutting, closures and, in Exelon’s case, preserve carbon-free electricity production.

“You’ve got free wind power coming from the west and cheap gas coming from the east and that’s not a good place to be for coal and nuclear power plants,” said Travis Miller, a utility analyst for Morningstar Inc., an investment…

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Bob Inglis on Trump’s Climate Denial

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Bob Inglis is a heck of a nice guy, and I’ve interviewed him at least once. The former Congressman was defeated in his conservative district when his children awakened him to what science is telling us. He remains a Republican, but is working to find conservative solutions to climate change.

But what I really keep thinking I’d like to ask him, is – what do you think your grandchildren will make of today’s Republican climate denial?

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Will Hoover Dam go Bust?

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

As the Southwest continues in historic drought, Hoover Dam’s reservoir, Lake Mead, is at historic low water levels. What are the ramifications?

NASA Earth Observatory:

The last time Lake Mead was this low—in 1937—water managers were still filling the reservoir and putting finishing touches on the Hoover Dam. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the water level has now reached a record low for the second year in a row.

On May 25, 2016, the surface level of Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam stood at 1,074.03 feet (327.36 meters) above sea level. The previous low of 1,075.08 feet (327.68 meters) was set in late June 2015. The lowest water levels each year are usually reached in late June or July, after water managers have released the yearly allotment of water for farmers and cities farther down the Colorado River watershed. That means water levels are likely…

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Clinton Sheen is Wearing Off as Hillary Campaign Stalls

flying cuttlefish picayune

Today some headlines are telling. Well known crimes and self-serving unethical actions by Bill and Hillary Clinton have been ignored until now.

Here are a few stories trending now – – –

The National Review
The Clintons: New York’s Sixth Crime Family

“While Hillary was at State, Bill was a speech-making machine. He charged up to $750,000 per appearance, often paid by Ericsson, TD Bank, the United Arab Emirates, and other entities with business before the State Department.”

Clinton pal, The New York Times gently scolds:
Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race

” . . . anxiety is spreading through the Democratic Party that Mrs. Clinton is struggling to find her footing.”

The Chicago Tribune opines:
Clinton’s style of deception more insidious than Trump’s

“The State Department’s inspector general just released a report concluding that Hillary Clinton is a breathtakingly brazen and consistent liar.”

NY Post

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Your Radiation This Week No 58 – We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat.

All Reactors Leak All The Time

Your Radiation This Week No. 58

Excerpt: “No action has been taken by the US Government, nor is it expected. They are the biggest Cowards of all. The nation destroying strength of Big Time Rads cannot be denied; but, the Rads can be ignored till they kill you. You can run; but, you cannot hide, the Rads always win.”

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.”

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2016. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols

eagle storms and flying above it

See NETc.com for an Animation showing leaking nuclear sources of last night’s Rad leaks. The Animation is on the Free public page. Pretty good first page on the site, it kinda takes your breath away.

How Cities Cheat on the Rad Reports

By far the easiest lie to pull off is to omit the higher of the two counts. Now…

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When the Police Came, I Didn’t Risk Arrest. So What Was My Role at the Break Free Climate Action?

Rise Up Times

I had held at bay the question of whether I wanted to participate in direct action. But I also knew it was the heartbeat of this diverse movement.


I woke up Sunday at 5:15 a.m. to police in full riot gear shouting from every direction, “Get out of your tent! Hands in the air!” More than 60 police officers, who had arrived in two buses, flooded a camp of more than 100 activists who had been occupying the railroad tracks leading to the Shell and Tesoro Oil refineries in Anacortes, Washington.

I wasn’t really prepared to be arrested—not yet anyway.

My adrenaline immediately spiked. My heart was pounding. This was a first for me. My hands were shaking as I put in my contacts; I stepped out of my tent…

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Iraqi Voices | Iraqi Art Project: Iraqi’s in Minnesota (Short Videos)

Rise Up Times

In Their Own Voices: A series of short videos by and of Iraqi’s in Minnesota, sponsored by the Iraq and American Reconciliation Project and filmed in 2012 through 2014.

Media for the people!  Bringing you the best of the alternative media and original articles and videos.  Click here to help by learning more about Rise Up Times, spreading the word, and making a donation. 

About Iraqi Voices

Iraqi Voices is an ongoing collaborative mentorship program that gives Iraqis in Minnesota support and training to produce high-quality documentary video shorts. The films are written and directed by Iraqi-American participants and are photographed and edited by Nathan Fisher. Operated by the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project, this activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Based in Minneapolis, the Iraqi and…

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Exxon Turns Back Shareholder Revolt – For Now

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Above, in a recent interview for a Northern Michigan TV station, I described where I thought Exxon-Mobil was following revelations, that continue, about their awareness of climate science realities even in the 1970s, and before.
Recent developments show that I was pretty much spot on.  I take ClimateCrocks on the road frequently, in places as far away as Denver, San Francisco, and Reykjavik – so supporting with donations here helps put boots on the ground, as it were, as well as videos on the web.


Shareholders of Exxon Mobil and Chevron have voted to reject a series of resolutions aimed at encouraging the companies to take stronger actions to battle climate change.

But Exxon Mobil shareholders voted in favor of a rule that could make it easier for minority shareholders to nominate outsiders to the company’s board, a potential victory for environmentalists.

Activist shareholders at both companies had placed…

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Electric Trainer Breaks the Flight Barrier

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

planeBusiness Insider:

A small Denver, Colorado, manufacturer has rolled out the first prototype of a new all-electric aircraft, suggesting that the same revolution currently sweeping through the auto industry may soon become airborne.

The Sun Flyer, the brainchild of engineer and pilot George Bye and his Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. (AEAC), is designed to be the perfect training aircraft with three hours of endurance and a 30-minute recharging time.

The change could very soon have profound effects on general aviation — a term for the world of private and non-airline aviation — and, one day, proper airlines.

Energy costs for an hour of flight training could be as little as $1, while maintenance costs on an engine with a single moving part could be significantly lower, Bye told Business Insider.

The aircraft has yet to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, a long, exhaustive process that Bye believes will be completed within three years.

He also estimates that the final unit cost will…

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USA disarmament process slowest since 1980s – while Obama calls for end to nuclear weapons


Obama calls for end to nuclear weapons, but U.S. disarmament is slowest since 1980 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/05/27/obama-calls-for-end-to-nuclear-weapons-but-u-s-disarmament-is-slowest-since-1980/ By Philip Bump  Speaking from Hiroshima, the site of the first war-time atomic weapon detonation, President Obama on Friday called for the pursuit of “a world without nuclear weapons.”

Only a few days prior, his Department of Defense published new data revealing that the government Obama oversees — a government which manages the second-largest nuclear stockpile in the world — had dismantled fewer of its nuclear devices than in any year since at least 1980.

Every year, the Department of Defense declassifies data on the size of the country’s nuclear stockpile and the number of warheads dismantled. Its most recent data, released this week, shows that the U.S. stockpile numbered 4,571 at the end of 2015, about 15 percent of its size at its peak during the Cold War in…

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Nuclear America: Special Report


Nuclear America: RT special report on state of US nuclear facilities 27 May, 2016 Over the past 18 months, a number of nuclear facilities across the country have experienced problems. From the Hanford Site in Washington state to Indian Point in New York, RT America takes a close look at the disastrous conditions at US nuclear sites.

Nuclear America: Special Report

Taking a look at the past, present and future of nuclear facilities in the US, Friday’s special report seeks to fill in the gap about America’s crumbling radioactive infrastructure that the mainstream media has ignored….https://www.rt.com/usa/344636-nuclear-america-special-report/

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Queensland wind farm creating jobs, powering a city


green-collarWind farm at Mount Emerald, near Cairns, set to create 150 jobs  http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/wind-farm-at-mount-emerald-near-cairns-set-to-create-150-jobs/news-story/6ddd2419660c8f1666822dfde3024a8f May 27, 2016  A WIND farm to be built in far north Queensland will generate enough renewable energy to power a regional city. Ergon Energy and proponents Ratch Australia and Port Bajool on Friday signed a power purchase agreement to build the 170 megawatt Mount Emerald Wind Farm, near Cairns.

About $400 million in total expenditure is projected during the project’s two-year construction phase and 25-year operational period.

The project is also expected to boost the region’s economy by $900 million through direct and indirect flow-on impacts.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said the project would mean the state’s wind energy production, which sat at 12 megawatts, would be increased by 15 times.

 “It will not only create 150 jobs in far north Queensland … it will also generate enough power to power a city the…

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Examining the myth that since Hiroshima, nuclear weapons keep us safe


nuclear-weapons-3The Manhattan Project Myth http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2016-05-27/nuclear-myths-began-when-the-us-dropped-the-atomic-bombs-on-japan

America’s use of the atomic bomb started the dangerous narrative that nuclear weapons keep us safe.

By Erica Fein | May 27, 2016   Today, one of the world’s greatest concerns is the unconstrained advancement of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. Yet, for the most part, the leaders of the eight other nuclear-armed states cling to their own weapons with the belief that the nuclear game of chicken – also known as deterrence – has worked.

The narrative that nuclear weapons are the “ultimate guarantors of security” is powerful and comforting for many. The flip side, that only luck has prevented World War III, is almost too horrible to contemplate.

Nuclear myths extend back to dawn of the atomic age. In 1945, very few people knew about America’s secret project to build the atomic bomb. The Manhattan Project’s purpose remained a mystery even to most of…

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Trump Ignorance has even his Allies Agassed

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Above, chart shows how leading traditional importers of LNG (which most of my readers know means Liquified Natural Gas) have cut usage so much as to become net exporters.(more details below)

The current oil glut has turned thinking upside down on the idea of how the Oil age comes to an end. Classically, we’ve always supposed that at some future time we run out of oil and gas, and they become so expensive so as to be prohibitive. (archetypical Mad Max scenario)

But as I’ve discussed here before, instead, the abundance of oil being produced, leading to a glut and collapse of prices, and flameout of plans to expand drilling to ever more exotic resources,  may actually be what ushers rock oil the way of whale oil.

Could something like that happen to LNG?

And if it did, would Donald Trump ever know?


Robert Murray is…

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Mark Fiore | The Blood Never Dries (Video “Cartoon”)

Rise Up Times

Mark Fiore: I apologize for politicizing a mass shooting tragedy before the blood has even dried, but sadly, the blood never dries. We now have at least one mass shooting incident every day in the United States, besides the big one in San Bernardino, four people were also shot in Savannah, Georgia today. When I started this cartoon, it was mainly focused on the shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, but then San Bernardino happened.

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Mark Fiore

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Grassroots Power at Work: U.S. Ends Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia


Secretary of Defense Ash Carter places his hand over his heart as the National Anthem is played during an honor cordon welcoming the Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud to the Pentagon for a meeting May 13, 2015. DoD Photo by Glenn Fawcett (Released) Secretary of Defense Ash Carter places his hand over his heart as the National Anthem is played during an honor cordon welcoming the Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud to the Pentagon for a meeting May 13, 2015. DoD Photo by Glenn Fawcett (Released)

Today, in the latest shift in U.S. policy towards Saudi Arabia, the White House put a hold on the transfer of cluster munitions to the Kingdom. For decades, the U.S. has approved massive arms transfers to Saudi Arabia, and since March 2015, the U.S. has been providing military support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. In 2013, the U.S. authorized the transfer of $641 million worth of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia.

As we previously reported, cluster bombs are banned by over 100 countries and for good reason:

By design, these weapons disperse bomblets over large areas, making their use…

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