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Certainly, you do not always have to have your nose to the grindstone. Sometimes it is good to take a leap. Yes, there is an adage for everything. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” has its merit.

It can be worth while to move your furniture even when, later, you put it back the way it was. Pretty much, you can’t just stay immobile in Life. Where does that get you?

Nor do I say that you can never take a pause or even a nap where you happen to be.

At the same time, Life on Earth does change willy-nilly. The middle of the road isn’t always the best scenario. There is more to Life than standing still. Nor does Life have to always be jumping from one peak to another.

Let go of fear in Life. Fear is not to rule your Life. Yes, take a chance on Life. What the heck. On the other hand, you don’t always have to be a wild card. Nor am I saying that moderation is always the way to go. Safety first may be excellent advice, yet not every time any more than never.

Go ahead and turn your Bright Lights on. Go ahead and give Life a whirl. You don’t always have to prevent yourself from Flying High.

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