The Cradle: Routes of US tankers stealing Syrian oil unveiled


November 15, 2022

Source: The Cradle

ByAl Mayadeen English

An investigation carried out by The Cradle reveals that the US occupation forces in Syria are on a looting spree of the country’s resources, including gas and oil and wheat.

Americans continue stealing Syria’s resources while the country is suffering from a 10-year Western war and draconian sanctions

In its latest episode of the long series of theft of Syria’s resources, the US occupation pillaged on November 14 a new quantity of oil from the Syrian al-Jazira region.

The looting came only one day after occupation forces stole and transferred to Iraq a load of 94 tankers holding massive amounts of Syrian oil and wheat, as the country struggles with energy shortage and skyrocketing food prices due to the ongoing West-sponsored war and the embargo that was launched over 10 years ago.

The illegal operation came in cooperation with the US-backed…

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